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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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an inmate to death will appear in court today. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us this friday, september 18th i'm pam cook. >> we're ready. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve paulson our weather authority. >> yes, he is. >> we're going to warm up. i mean really warm up. if you want to make plans for the beach this weekend, it looks good. i hate to put in forecasted highs 48 hours out. i like to do it the morning of. there will be a lot of 90s around. upper 40s for some. 50s for others. santa cruz mountains checking in.
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cool morning. temps will give way to sunshine and warmer temps. high pressure there and the high will fill it with a breeze. 80s for the temps if more. more on that in ten minutes. here is sal for what is a friday light. somewhere mostly good traffic. although things will be getting better. if you use 237 right now is a
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good time to go. we have an accident in the noncommute direction. traffic will be slow as you approach that scene. a motorcycle accident in the fast lane. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. in the valley fire news this morning it's going to take days before firefighters get a firm handle on that fire. it's still only 35% contained. hidden valley lake may start opening up today and through the weekend. the 5400 people who live there were forced to evacuate last saturday when the fire exploded. right now the valley fire has burned 73,700 acres. still just 35% contained. now people in the fire zone are also mourning the deaths of two men who's bodies were found on wednesday. we told you yesterday during mornings on 2 that the lake county sheriffs office confirmed the bodies of 69-year-
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old retired newspaper reporter leonard neft and burns was found. now three deaths are blamed on the fire. one other thing a coup until lake county is is still listed as missing. evacuees are receiving some assurances that government help is on the way. but they also warn it will take years to rebuild middletown. one of the communities hardest hit by the fire. that is where alex savidge has been most of the week. you're at the napa county fairgrounds where many people have stayed all week as well. >> yeah they have been here and they are growing tired of living in tents. people are ready to return home. that will be a slow patrol syces. especially for some people if
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they live in the area's hardest hit by the valley fire. they may not be able to return for another week. that is the word from officials here on the ground. they held a briefing last night. about 500 people forced out by this fire. they were on hand here at the evacuation center for this very important terror were here. there were elected leaders that helped if it's going to happen in stages. the people that live in the areas, the worst areas of the fire zone will be heading back home last. and of course everyone wants to get home even though they know their homes have burned down. they want to get back and see what they may be able to salvage. jim com stock last night he promised a crowd at middletown and surrounding communities will rebuild. >> i love you guys.
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thank you for who you are and what you do. you are tough. you are wonderful people. we want to get owe home. >> officials told the crowd that it's just too dangerous to allow people back in. you have a lot of tree trimmers still trying to deal with trees that fell down. one big reason to get evacuees back home as soon as possible is the lewding situation. they believe that once you start letting people back in, law enforcement officers believe once you let beam back into that area, hopefully it will deter some of the lewding law enforcement officers have been trying to deter thieves that are trying to take
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advantage of this disaster. >> yeah it is hard to imagine. we are talking about some of the people that will be allowed back in for the first time as early as today. some people don't even know if their home is there. >> it all depends. you remember earlier on this week there were the escorts. sheriffs deputies were escorting people, families one at a time up in the fire zone to take 15 minutes to find pets or check on livestock that that had to leave behind.
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>> thank you for following that for us. 6:06s is time. this is some of the good that has come out of this. people just helping out. a group of bikers helped treat evacuee. numbers of the hills angels lord of iron. food was provided by north baboucher shop. >> i think some people don't expect this from motorcycle clubs. >> service growns and restaurants are serving meals to help supplement the red cross. three jail guards accused
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of murdering an inmate will be in court this morning. the hearing comes after very disturbing new evidence in the case was reveals. janine de la vega is joining us live now from san jose. so tell us about that and what will happen today janine. >> these deputies want to get out of jail. they have been held at the santa rita jail without bail. they will be arguing why that should stand. they are all charged with murdering mentally ill inmate michael ty row last month. court papers filed with the santa clara county courthouse reveal evidence of text message among two of the guards. farris writes odd. just twist fulls pup be. don't trust those people up there. another text refers to 6a which is a pod area that tyree was
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citing. i love 6a no cameras, no groups. i hope i keep it. but rodriguez says. no way. the head of the local naacp agrees with the da's office that the guards need to be kept in jail. >> you see the text message that means it's planned, methodical and ongoing. >> attorneys argue they should be able to post bail because they do not pose a danger to others and not a flight risk. the wife of one of the guards says they have an 11-month-old with healthish eyes that needs
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care. police in the netherlands evacuated a high speed train that was heading for paris after a man locked himself in the bathroom. police arrested him. they say the situation was quickly controlled by security forces. stand off however did disrupt train traffic all across the netherlands. still not clear who the arrested man is. the three sacramento area men that stopped that gunman back then they president obama. >> because of their courage, team work it's fair to say a
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lot of people were safe. >> they showed the world the very best. they were honored at an award is ceremony. this time it's what he didn't say that is drawing criticism this morning. >> some warning signs at another popular east bay lake the latest area effected by toxic algae. >> we are looking at a commute that is not too bad so far. behave a couple problem spots but here on the sunol grade it looks pretty good heading to san jose. >> and the weather looks pretty good later today and into the weekend unless you don't like hot temperatures. they're on their way up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. add least 12 people confirmed dead in chile from wednesday night's powerful earthquake. it was magnitude 8.3. look at the pictures. small tsunami waves triggered by the quake reached all the way to japan. the quake also calls for tsunami warnings here in california and hawaii. but advisory for 300-mile stretch of california coast has
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been canceled. that quake is having a ripple effect on chileans living here in the bay area. in san francisco the chilean council general says people have been calling his office worried about their families. >> i was really afraid. and my dad tried to call them and yeah, he couldn't communicate. >> the damage from that quake in chile is expected to reach several billion dollars. democrats are denouncing donald trump for failing to correct demand. and accused president obama of being a muslim. >> we know our current president is one. he's not even an american. but any way. we have training camps where
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they want to kill us. that is my question. when can we get rid of them? >> trump told the questionnaire he would be looking into the camp. trump's campaign manager told reporters later that trump did not hear the question about president obama being a muslim. time is 6:16. developers behind george lucas' museum in chicago unvailed new and more detailed plans for it. here's a drawing of the revised lucas museum of narrative art. it features a smaller building and more green space than first planned. critics are comparing the look of the building to star wars character jaba the hut. they are trying to block this project. but construction is expected to begin early next year.
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the >> it is an interesting look along that when you see it there with the skyline of the other buildings. sal did you see that? >> i did see it. it does look interesting. i can't wait to see what it really looks like when it's built. you are looking at a live picture of the bay bridge toll plaza with no majorrish use. we also do have a look at interstate 880 north and southbound. the traffic is moving very well heading past highway 92. a little bit of slow traffic as you get into hayward. interstate 880 there is a crash and traffic is going to be a little bit slow eastbound as
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i'm circling it there but westbound is not effected. at 6:17 let's bring steve in here with today's forecast. we start off clear. in fact a little cool. 40s for a few. 50s for almost everybody else but it won't take long to warm up here. if you want to sneak over there, it will be even warmer. today will be a good day to go. north wind will kick in here. knoxville creek. those are signs that temperatures will start warming up. what a roller coaster ride on the temp. 47 kelseyville. what about down toward santa cruz mountains? a lot of low 50s.
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49 scotts valley. so there are some cool readings but high pressure says i'm kicking. san francisco buoy 58. that allows the coast to cool down. 28 up in truckee. 48 arcadia and 51 in ukiah. high pressure nosing in. it will be warmer today. upper 80s for some. and then tomorrow even warmer as the offshore wind kicks in. the hottest day looks to be sunday. it's not going to last though. that low the aforementioned one will draw in moisture coming in from baja and there are projections of really heavy rain. for southern california and a lot of clouds for us. it won't be until tuesday or wednesday but sunday we're good to go. watch what happens on monday. start to increase the clouds. it could be 1-2 inches of rain by southern california. it will be close for us on
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tuesday or wednesday. all the forecast models are on their own here. a warmer weekend and clouds from the south. so a lot going on. sunshine and warmer today. 70 and 80s on the temps but today is the day where we start to get near average to slightly abah. as we head into the weekend they will go well above. this will be the last weekend of summer and it will feel like it. but then next week we start to clear it up. >> then it will feel more like fall. >> fall starts wednesday morning. >> seeing leaves on the ground? >> i saw a lot of things. >> i'm getting a couple fall pictures. we were talking about the leaves turning and everything. i forgot to send you mine. i may have to go on a walk tonight. >> i may not sleep tonight. you forgot me pam. 6:20 is the time right now. the next big thing from amazon.
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coming up the tablet computer making waves because of its low price. misswill turn anan asphalt parking lot into a new neighborhood for san franciscans. a vote for "yes" on "d" is definitely a vote for more parks and open space.
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a vote on proposition "d" is a vote for jobs. campos: no one is being displaced. it's 40% affordable units near the waterfront for regular people. this is just a win-win for our city. i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city. and disneyland is ours!" my frightful fiends, "going down!" "boo!" screams don't miss the wicked fun of halloween time at the disneyland resort, dazzling brighter than ever during the diamond celebration! visit "trick or treat."
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tv theme songs. this one is by frank is city natura. pam got it right away. yes, this was a very popular song. this guy here has a future in the business. he sounds really good. so love and marriage. and the theme from married with children. we are doing tv theme songs today because fox is hosting the emmys this sunday. if there is a special song you want to hear, let us know. i will play your request every friday morning. tvu an twitter and instagram. >> love it. thank you, sal. it always brings a smile to my face. millions l of people will have their eyes on pope francis. starting tomorrow the pope will spend four days traveling through cuba before heading here to the u.s.. on sunday he leads an outdoor mass in havana. pope francis played a key role
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in reestablishing ties urging both leaders to end their cold war dispute. pope francis is expected to draw massive crowds. d.c. is the first stop. and workers at the washington, d.c. facile coo is preparing. >> he is also running into criticism for refusing to meet with disdents. a federal appeals court blocking sam suck for selling some of its older smart phones in the u.s.. it's the latest twist in the long legal battle over how much of the phones technology
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mimicked the iphone. now the ruling vined kales apple but it might not hurt samsung too much. that is because this applies to phones that are no longer popular. the most recent phone effected is the galaxy s3. that was released in 2012. amazon released a new tablet computer. it's making waves because it has a low price. it's called the fire. it's just $50. amazon says this 7-inch screen has front and back cameras and a fast quad core processor. though they are not saying which brand they are using. the company says it does not expect to profit from the tablets themselves but they hope customers will use them to access like amazon prime. there is a controversial lawsuit in sunnyvale. coming up in 18 minutes the reason neighbors accuse a little boy of being a public nuance. >> plus banning sugary drinks in drinks in the classroom.
6:27 am
why some parents are upset. >> good morning. we are looking at this morning's commute and not bad. northbound 101 i have to say it looks pretty good approaching the 80 split. we'll tell you a little bit more about this commute into the city. >> and the friday morning weather looks pretty good. it's clear. it's a little cool but it will warm up and get warmer.
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welcome back. we're live in berkeley. there are signs out there right now. warning of toxic algae. just the latest east bay lake to be closed. christien kafton is out there. he'll tell you more about what may be causing this. >> particularly dangerous for pets so he will be talking about that. good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here for mornings on 2. it's friday, september 18th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's 6:30. it is friday. we're looking for the weekend and i guess we will get some hot weather. >> yes, we are. this is the last full weekend of summer. next wednesday we say goodbye summer early and hello fall. haven't found any fog if there is any it's hiding out and it won't last long because it will start warming up. slight easterly or northerly breeze. by sunday we might have some
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record highs. warm, warmer, warm to hot. but by monday it starts to cool it down. plenty going on. 47 chilly degrees. 52 san ramon. sunshine, most locations are running much, much cooler than 24 hours ago. clear skies verses low clouds yesterday. that is a big difference. low southwest of l.a.. high pressure to the north. that will give us a northerly breeze and thiamines temperatures are on the way up. 80s for many. 70s and 80s for others. here he is on a friday with your traffic. >> nice easy back swing. easy. thank you. good morning, everybody. we are looking at a commute here if you are just about to leave the house and take you to the east shore freeway. 24 minute drive to the carquinez bridge and mccarthur
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maze. no major problems here as you drive through. there are no problems if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. it has been backed up though for a 20-25 minute delay. as we go to the maps, we're looking at the bay point commute. highway 4 is slow out of pittsburg to bay point. when you get to 680 it does look good. and then the middle of the bay there is slow traffic on 880. now 6:32 let's go back to the desk. the valley fire is far from over but evacuees in one community in lake county may be able to go home as early as today. hidden valley lake may start reopening today and through the weekend. the 54 people who lived there they evacuated last saturday when the big fire exploded. right now three deaths are blamed on the valley fire. also a couple is still listed as missing. the valley fire has burned
6:33 am
close to 74,000 acres. it is 35% contained. meantime state attorney general kamala harris is vowing to prosecute anyone trying to make a profit off the valley fire. her office has been getting complaints that some businesses including hotels are price gouging fire victims. it's illegal for victims to raise their prices by more than 10%. some hotel rates are $100 more than before the fire. stay tuned. we'll have much more about the fire throughout mornings on 2 including we'll get another live report coming up at 7:00. a man accused of a home invasion in dublin and kidnapping in vallejo is due in court today. matthew muller is facing federal charges in the kidnapping case as well as state charges in the dublin home invasion case. now investigators say a cell phone found in that dublin home invasion linked muller to the vallejo kidnapping case. earlier this week muller's
6:34 am
lawyer withdrew a motion asking for evidence for muller's evidence to be thrown out. de nice huskins says she was kidnapped from her home back in march. she later turned up unharmed with her parents lived and police called her story a hoax. but months later police found evidence that it really did happen. huskins and her her boyfriend say the police department damaged their reputation and emotional distress by calling them liars. >> when law enforcement officers place a verbal tattoo on someone and says you are a hoax store, you imagined a crime and you're the victim of the crime, the law will hopefully provide compensation to that person.
6:35 am
the man accused of killing kate steinle is due in court today. the lawyer says he found the gun and it accidentally went off when he picked it up. the judge say there is is enough evidence for lopez sanchez to stand trial on second degree murder charges. he will be formerly arraigned today. warning signs have gone up telling people not to swim because of a toxic algae. christien kafton is joining us from tilldon park this morning. >> reporter: we've heard steve talk this morning about that warming trend we are looking at for this weekend. so a lot of folks might be trying to squeeze one last gasp out of summer with a nice dip in a swimming hole. unfort fatly one of the places they will not be able to swim is at tilldon park in berkeley.
6:36 am
east bay collegial park kit be head flair dog. . proposaltist despite that we saw people jumping into the the leak. no word on when they will park. the quarry lakes andship pond and fremont and lake shibo are all closed because of that blue, green algae. now until last year, east bay regional park says they have never seen blooms like these and then there were three of them last year. this year five lakes and ponds have been effected. east bay regional park says it is likely the result of the ongoing drought. for now we are live here in berkeley close to lake ansa, back to you guys. >> thank you christian for that update. a major new san francisco
6:37 am
development has gotten approval of the planning commission. according to the chronicle the vote came after a nine hour meeting in which hundreds of people sounded off against the proposal. but in the end the commission voted to approve the project at fifth and mission streets which includes luxury condos, low income housing, and office space. the board of supervisors is expected to vote on the plan in late november or early december. our time is 6:37. a school in the east bay is the latest to make a stand against sugary snacks. brian flores is live in orinda. parents are upset how school officials made this decision. so what is going on? good morning. >> reporter: some parents have gone so far to start a petition on urging the orinda superintendent to recall the span on sugary foods. according to the bay area news
6:38 am
group many found out on back to school nights. that cools put on. reportedly some parents are upset. allegedly this was a decision without any public input to parents. parents upset over this ban started again that petition asking the superintendent and the district to recall the ban on birthday treats in classroom and so far 185 people have signed it. some of the parents say it's the one time of year the kids can share a treat while other parents support the ban. one parent wrote i do not want the district or other parents to tell me what to feed and not feed my kids and asking my child to sit out. >> it's unclear if the district will be taking this up in a future school board meeting but we are reaching out to the school board as well as the superintendent and we hope to speak with some parents later
6:39 am
on this morning as well. dave, back to you. >> thank you. time is 6:38. congress will have to decide whether it wants another food fight with first lady michelle obama and the administration over what is served in the school lunch line. last year school food rules pitted mrs. obama against republicans who wanted full exemptions for some schools. they hope a bipartisan compromise for the nation's child nutrition programs before that law expires. for those in the market for a new home prices went up last month. the average price for a home or condo in the nine county bay area was $650,000 last month. that is down 1.3% from july but when compared to last august, prices are up more than 6%. the cheapest county to live in
6:40 am
is solano county where the average price of a home is $340,000. the most expensive real estate in the bay area probably would guess san francisco. that is the only bay area county where the average home sold is more than $1 million. san mateo also nearing that $1 million mark. santa clara county has fired construction company behind the $380 million expansion at valley medical center. that site has been formerly closed the county is suing turner construction. turner is blaming the county for the problems. santa clara county is negotiating now to find a new contractor. it's 6:40. it was one of the most talked about moments of the gop debate. carly fiorina shocking accusations about planned parenthood. coming up in 20 minutes, we'll tell you how planned parenthood is firing back. >> but first the debate over
6:41 am
women in front line combat jobs. what one branch of the military is is expected to do that could cause tension between leaders. >> we're looking at a commute that is getting busier. it's crowded on the way to the peninsula. >> clear skies all signs point toward a warmup. in fact temperatures will a little cool now but they will be warming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:43. park officials have now identified seven hikers killed in that flash flood in utah earlier this week. six of the hikers are from here in california. the last body was found yesterday a few miles from where the group was trapped during that violent rainstorm. the rest of the victims were discovered earlier in the week. the flash flooding killed at least 12 other people including nine children. park officials are looking into exactly what led to all of the deaths. new this morning the marine corp expected to ask a controversial question about whether women should be on the front lines during combat. u.s. officials say the marine corp is expected to ask the pentagon to ban women from several front line jobs. now this could put the marines at odds with the three other military services. the army, navy, and air force they are expected to allow women to serve in all combat
6:45 am
jobs. officials say defense secretary ash carter is aware of the dispute. he will examine the marine's plan. the federal government has reached a huge settlement with general motors. gm is expected to pay a $900 million fine to avoid prosecution. now it will also pay $575 million to settle hundreds of civil lawsuits. causing the cars to stall turning off the power assist for the steering and brakes while driving. your time is 6:45.
6:46 am
from the time a child was between 3-9 years old. now it alleged the parents did not prevent harm to other people. jill usher is shocked. >> at first i thought it was a joke. they say this lawsuit has take an heavy toll anthem and they are doing their best within the legal system. now the next hearing in this case is set for tuesday in santa clara county sue peer corral court in sunnyvale. it's 6:46. we want to check in with gasia. good morning. >> reporter: hi pam and dave. coming up we are bringing in a financial expert to break down
6:47 am
how the feds decision not to raise interest rates effects you. we'll talk about timing if you are considering buying a house and other big ticket items. also talk about being the big man on campus. you see steph curry here went back to college. had a meal in the cafeteria there. brought along the championship trophy and worked out with the basketball team. and he took questions from students as well. we will tell you what else he gave to his old college to make this all happen. we can see sal right now. >> yeah. >> he knows what is happening on highway 24 and everything else. >> highway 24 dave and pam. good morning. we will start will. highway 24 is getting a little bit crowded. there are no major problems there. moll problems on 680 nearby but it is getting a little bit slower. i want to take a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up for a 30 minute
6:48 am
wait. southbound 680 they have been clearing that accident and traffic coming out of san ramon is uncharacterristically slow. and 880 oops i didn't mean to do that. 880 if you are driving southbound on 880 it will be slow from 238 down into union city. 6:48 let's go to steve. >> sal, thanks. we have mostly clear sky. there is a little bit of fog along the bay bridge. patchy fog will give way to sunshine for most. napa airport says 49. san ramon and palo alto at 51 cool degrees. half-moon bay is there. everyone is pretty close here. it's on the cool side. a little easterly breeze. a little northerly breeze and with clear skies most locations are running anywhere from 2-7 or 8 degrees cooler than they
6:49 am
were 24 hours ago. speaking of cooler 28 up in truckee. a little chill. a little bite to the morning air. high pressure is building in to the north. look at this little low breaking off. i know it's that far away but i will feel that with an easterly breeze. that same low may tap into moisture coming up from baja. and the weekend forecast will be warm to hot. the hottest day will be sunday and then bring it back down on monday. again a lot of this moisture making a beeline for southern california. not until probably & and tuesday for us. everyone looks warm to hot and then by monday afternoon we start to cloud it up and the rain in southern california could be extensive. don't think it will get here but it might be close. until then, it's sunny side up and warm. warm to hot but not today. today will be warmer. late breeze but it's favoring an area to the north and east. that will chew up any beach
6:50 am
weather. i would think 70s and 80s will cover the spread from the north way to the south bay. and tomorrow we crank it up. a couple of degrees. last weekend of summer and it will feel like it. >> we have to take advantage of it. thank you. it's 6:50. one man's attempt to open a gun store misfires if you will. coming up in 20 minutes the reason he says he's being treated unfairly despite going to great lengths to comply with the law. >> but first just letting you know you may have more problems than usual finding a parking space today in some bay area cities.
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with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better. shop t.j.maxx... and maxx life! ♪moving on up >> the jeffersons. if there is a special song you want to hear today, we are playing theme songs from tv since fox is hosting the emmy's this sunday. >> this is one of my favorite shows by the way. we'll play your requests every
6:54 am
friday morning. a plan to use under water explosives to take down the piers of the old bay bridge it passed a key vote. the san francisco bay conservation and development commission they approved using hundreds of small explosives to take down pier e-3. engineers say it will only take six seconds. caltrain says imploding the pier will save years of time. >> just because something goes faster and cheaper doesn't mean it's of lower quality for the environment. so i want to make sure you understand the genesis of doing this was environmental stewardship. >> caltrain still has to get the approval of the army corp of engineers. if they get that the planned implosion could happen november 7th. finding a parking spot
6:55 am
around the bay area may be even more difficult than usual today. that is because it's parking day. it's an annual event that encourages parking spots into small parks. the event started in san francisco ten years ago. it has since gone global. anyone can participate but organizers do encourage you to feed the meters and abide by the parking restrictions. people were devastated by the valley fire but animals were greatly effected as well. and that includes a herd of camels. a group of firefighters posted this on instagram. they are standing in front of two camels that they saved. now the firefighters checked on the camels on tuesday. they filled their water troughs for them. a go fund me account has been set up to help the camel grounds. in fact, we have posted a news link on our channel 2 website
6:56 am take a look at this seal. it's gone viral. he is hanging ten. a photograph never australia took this photo of a seal riding on the back of a hump back whale. the photographer didn't realize what she had on that photo until she got home and took a look at it and yeah it went viral. >> incredible. today marks the final day of the dream force conference in san francisco. last nighties of -- last night thousands of people gathered to have fun and raise money for sick children in the bay area. gary clark junior opened up the dream force concert for kids. the killers and foo fighters took the stage. they took on this event to raise money for the hospitals in oakland and san francisco. >> we are raising over $10 million tonight. that is a new record in over five years we've raced $36 -- we've raised $36 million.
6:57 am
there has never been a fund raising program for children like this. it's so exciting. >> he's done so much for them. >> the concert is a big draw. it's built as the world's largest software program. it's looking like google is getting bigger in northern california. reportedly not only planning to expand in mountain view but reportedly they are looking at san jose for the first time. sources say google is negotiating to lease two expansion sites in mountain view and may be interested in buying property until north san -- in north san jose. in addition to google, apple reportedly has been setting the stage for a big expansion in north san jose. they acquired 2 million square feet of property that would house about $10,000 employees. coming up next in our 7:00 hour, it could be another week before valley fire evacuees returned home. but up next a live report we'll have from the evacuation center
6:58 am
and also have the latest numbers we just received on the containment of the fire. >> and there is new evidence in the beating death of an inmate at the santa clara county jail. very disturbing text messages just revealed in court.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. thousands of people forced out by the valley fire get a better idea of when they way be allowed to return home. but they warn for some people it could be a week or so and why a popular east bay area is closed. we made it to friday. >> yes, we did. >> 7:00. september 18th. good morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. let's talk about the traffic and weather. [ whispering ] it's pry day. >> your tie matches there. >> but he is smarter. >> we do have a friday forecast for you that has just a teeny we bit of


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