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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 18, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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a suspect refuses police commands to -- >> stop stop stop. and then -- >> the moment the talking stops and the shooting starts. what i have here is an infrared beam. >> a photographer sets up an elaborate camera system. how it paid off with some amazing portraits. the dog in that cage really -- >> wants to get out. >> what happens when a hero comes along? plus it's bonus giveaway day with your chance at a new ipad mini or a flat screen tv.
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and a prankster's egging cars before saying it's a prank. why for some it's not enough. >> fight me. >> why would i fight you? police received reports of a stolen vehicle. it was located shortly after and the police gave chase. it's what happened at the end of the schas which is causing this to go viral across the internet. as you can see the car is boxed in by police. but you hear them say stop stop stop. and then -- [ gunshots ] >> firing almost a dozen bull t es into the engine block of that car to get it to stop and disable it. >> that's dangerous for the other officers around him, i'd imagine. there's an officer clear will i in that one car that's moving. there's one right behind, two to the side. those bullets could ricochet.
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he could miss. >> in fact, you can actually see from this footage from cbc, sort of the grouping he got. they needed to disable the car. as the shots continue, you can see the level of instruction that was caused by this chase when you see the front of another police car that's completely lost its front end. >> in that moment, the car was a weapon if the driver chose to drive and hit the other officer. >> the alleged suspect edward michael scott, he's 60 years old. he's facing numerous charges. he does have a history of this kind of crime as well. in this situation, police made a snap decision to end a dangerous situation. fortunately nothing went wrong and it looks like everything east okay. this photographer is very passionate about capturing images ut in the amazon. in this video he's showing us
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how he builds an epic camera setup out in the amazon in peru. >> check this out. >> in the video he's shows us how he sets up a trig per. >> i have an infrared beam here. it will send a signal to the camera. >> he has two nikon flash units. >> flash units meaning one animal is going to get a really big surprise. >> the camera i'm using it's a canon 6-b. you can see i have a plastic bag on here to protect it from the rain. >> he does also bring a camera he's used in the past. termites had gotten to it and had started to build a nest. >> even know i had a lens on, they found a way to get behind and got to the mirror and sensor and destroyed the camera. >> he's got to know that the animals are going to come through here.
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because the amazon, pretty big. >> i'm always out in the jungle walking around. >> trust me, he does get some really great photographs. a puma. he did look right at the camera. >> the flash surprised that puma. >> he also gets a margei, an ocelot, a giant armadillo, and this. so he set up in the exact right spot to capture some of these really pretty cool looking images. this footage posted by queensland police, you can see this man in the pizza shop, he's got a gun. and he's not afraid to point it at the heads of these workers in the shop. they do exactly what he demands. he tells them to open the drawers and hand over the money and put it in this red bag. these people must be terrified. >> i wish there was somebody to the back of the shop with a big,
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hot, boiling pot of pizza sauce that they could whack over this guy's head. >> unfortunately nobody was there to stop this guy. they got away with the money. police are still looking for him. but this guy in the uk, he was caught after this incident. you could see this man on the train. the train is empty, it appears. he reaches up to the shelf and pulls down a viola case. that is a 16th century viola inside worth about $560,000. there are also two 19th century bows in there each worth $54,000. >> had they been left on the train? >> they had been left on the train. after he grabs them he's waiting at the door to get off the train. then the person in the back, that person works for the train service and you see him. he moves away instantly. but guess what, police looked at the video and two days later they went to the train station and id'd this guy.
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he admitted he had them in the possession because he took them to his car. he said he wasn't stealing them. let me tell you what they found in that backpack. >> half a million dollar? >> a teen's homework. the guy got three months suspended sentence for the back pac but six months suspended sentence for the viola. it's time to give away another ipad mini. today is bonus day. >> two winners today. you'll need the buzzword, be at least 18 years of age and a legal u.s. resident. >> the rtm buzzword coming up in just a bit. >> stand by for the rtm ipad mini giveaway. you're going to which you have to dramamine or one of those bracelets. you may be nauseated. it was trying to make its way into the harbor but mistook the entrance and got into some shallow water. so now it's stuck as the tide is coming in.
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and big swells are just pounding this boat. two men aboard. that call for the royal national institution run by volunteers as we know by now. they're out there to try to rescue these guys and get the boat back out to these waters. >> wait a minute. they have to rescue the people and the boat. >> yes. because you don't want to watch the boat get torn to pieces by the tide. >> you almost feel like if you were there you would be vomiting up whatever you had for breakfast that day. >> finally one of the volunteers is able to board this small sailboat. they get on there and begin to work with the yachtsman and a larger boat that was able to make their way over to get this thing tied up and pulled out. it worked. they did suffer some bruising because of this. now let's head to sedona, arizona, where this person found themselves stranded up on bell rock. if you've ever been to sedona and drive in, it's one of the things you see from a distance.
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it looks like a bell. i guess it's not a bad day. not only did you get to climb bell rock in sedona, but now you get an aerial view. >> there's good people in this world. >> is there a cheap way to get the helicopter tour? >> yes. mayhem has taken over the streets of -- >> switzerland. >> when a bad altercation leads to a worse incident. and there's a chance she may put you to shame. lift her personal dead >> almost three times her weight. breathtaking peppermint... rich dark chocolate... york peppermint pattie. get the sensation. daddy! lets play! sorry kids. feeling dead on your feet?
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you may need a little help aftfalling try new unisom sleepminis™ to get a good night's sleep and wake recharged. unisom sleepminis™. a stressful day deserves a restful night. long held animosities between the curds and the turks have spilled over into western europe. this captured something that happened in berne, switzerland. let me explain what's going on. you have a family in a car. that family is believed to be
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turkish and the man is yelling there are children in the car. as you can see these demonstrators who are kurds are attacking them. but watch what happens next. >> oh! >> here you can see it from another angle. [ screaming ] not far away, there was a demonstration of kurds and a counter-demonstration of turks. this is believed to be an offshoot of that where clashes started. it was a turkish driver that drove into those kurds that were attacking that turkish family. >> what kind of injuries? that looked really bad. >> the incredible thing is there were no serious injuries. 20 people were reportedly injured. police have detained some people, but it's unknown if the driver has been detained. >> i never understand the mentality of people doing stuff like that against other human beings. it makes no sense. >> these animosities are hundreds of years old, but it's unusual to see them fight in other parts of europe. and it's sad that these refugees are involved in this.
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this causes a problem for switzerland. not only are they trying to take in refugees, they've also got to police what's going on between them because of what's going on in turkey. are you guys ready for your gun gram? what is a gun gram? this is a gun gram. ♪ charlie loves guns. obviously loves trumpets. decided to put them together. >> can i only receive my gun gram at a shooting range? i'm afraid if this guy shows up at my front door, it's more a hit than a gun gram. >> you're lucky. all you would be getting is a video. you wouldn't actually get charlie at your door shooting at you. >> happy flag day.
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>> this familiar case, he's doing "grand old flag" but he also does indiana jones theme "raiders march." this is my favorite one. >> snakes. why did it have to be snakes? >> how much does it cost? ammo is expensive these days. >> he is charging 30 bucks per gun gram. >> that's not too bad. >> you're going to pay him, aren't you? >> i think you pay up front with this guy. >> here's at one. "three little birds" by bob marley and the wailers. need a little motivation? here's the rocky theme. ♪ at the gym this morning i was throwing weight around feeling pretty good. and then i got these two videos and realized i can do nothing in the gym compared to these guys. this is 33-year-old 5'1," 110
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pound christie percell who is just about to dead lift her personal record. 300 pounds. yeah. >> lock it out, lock it out. >> i feel like my back just broke watching this. >> yes. how did hers not? >> it's incredible. to put it in perspective, that's just under two of me she's lifting. >> almost three times her weight. >> she's aiming at the current body weight to squad 225 and bench 135. dead lifting i'm not quite there, but i'm now inspired to try. i like my pressups and things like that but then this guy shows me i got nothing. this being the hand stand push-up. think of the shoulder strength and then the arm strength, the tricep strength and everything to get all the way back up. >> that just looks like a severe shoulder injury to me. >> and it would be to me too.
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i'm going to stick with what i do. this dude is heating things up. >> in a bunch of hot water on the front bumper of a car. >> see if his hack gets the job done. >> that is gangster. plus we know you've been waiting long enough. but hang in there. it's bonus day. your buzzword for your shot to win an ipad mini or a flat scre. ♪ (it's alive... it's alive!) make your halloween come to life. twizzlerize your tricks and treats with twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] being free from dandruff feels great. maximum strength selsun blue targets dandruff, wiping out flakes and itch. selsun blue. freedom from dandruff. couple of british chaps on a popular tourist destination caught an eyeful when they saw this. look what's happening on the other side of the road. there's a car going the wrong way. it's off to the side at this point and the guys are imagining, good grief. you can see there's a lot of traffic coming against that car. >> [ bleep ]. >> and the car trying to flip around sends chills. >> they think he's drunk, huh?
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>> that's what they're assuming in this video. they also are assuming that it's a man. but watch what happens when this car finally sees a break in traffic. >> no, no, no! >> doesn't try to turn around. instead it goes headlong. >> a bunch of cars driving at you, everyone honking at you, what is going through your mind? >> it's a big travel destination for brits. maybe this person was confused? >> happens all the time. there are big signs in the round abouts saying go the other way. >> no, no, no! >> miraculously only one car damaged in this incident. >> what are you doing? >> as the guys pass by, they realize it's a woman. police were able to catch up with this person. it was a tourist. she was charged with reckless driving. >> that's a stupid tourist. >> that person in hot water.
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so is this person. not always a bad thing. pouring a bunch of hot water on the front bumper of a car. trying to warm that thing up and look what he does. goes on the inside and -- >> oh twhab is gangster. >> pretty cool quick little trick. hot water not always a bad thing. i call these videos the great escape. because anybody who owns a dog will tell you they always want to get out. or they might help another dog out. that right there is a yorkie in a cage. thap is a maltipoo. >> no dog leaves another dog behind. >> that's how they tell each other who sex they are or if they're happy or sad. >> yeah. >> here is a hamster, not a dog, but still wants to get out.
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>> this takes me back to being a kid. i had a hamster who spent his entire life trying to break out. did it, died a week later. he achieved his life goal. it was incredible. like mission incredible. then he pushed the thing open. i was impressed. >> think of the incredible strength of that little hamster. to be hanging there by your paws and squeezing up. >> took it a little while, but eventually the escape was successful. >> need some zip ties now. >> this last one, the guy said he put those things on the fence to prevent the dog from sneaking out through the fence. instead the dog gets out easier just climbing over. >> rename the dog houdini. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to answer you're going to need the buzzword, need to be at least 18 years of age and a legal u.s. resident. >> and then head on over to and click win ipad. >> enter the buzzword on
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facebook, twitter or both and you can enter on each every day. >> so let's reveal friday's buzzword. it's quarter. >> so head over to and click on the win ipad button and enter today's buzzword quarter. that's q-u-a-r-t-e-r. >> and you'll want to enter today because today is bonus today. today one of two winners will win a flat screen tv. so good luck, everybody. if you're craving eggs, vitale has your solution. >> coo
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lilly loves spaghetti. vitale has hit a new juvenile low. he's now taken to egging cars. that first guy is not digging it. >> apron and the hat. this is ridiculous. >> the guy runs over to grab the eggs and throw them at vitale. but they are fake eggs. >> my thought would have been are these fake eggs? >> this is what you get for sleeping with my girlfriend, bro.
2:57 pm
>> looks stupid and so funny. >> you need to park better because i just egged your car. >> going to get bunched so hard. >> are you going to egg me? >> then he starts with that. >> he had it coming. >> he wears that villain hat. >> [ bleep ] dirt bag. >> he was running around the whole time just egging him on. >> you want some eggs, bro? >> he gets through this whole video without taking a beating. that in itself would be incredible. >> is this your car? i egged your car. i'm sorry. >> watch what happens when she realizes this is happening. >> some white dude just egged my [ bleep ] car. get down here with the bail money. >> i'm going to remember that one. get down here with the bail money. >> did you egg my car?
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>> yeah. you want some tomatoes? >> you want to fight me? >> i would be ticked. i would be a little ticked at this guy. good times today. we'll see you next time on good times today. we'll see you next time on "right this minute." -- captions by vitac -- not any more. are you still waiting to change your bath tub? when i finally did it, it changed everything! only bath fitter can give you the new tub you've been waiting for, in as little as one day. with their unique tub over tub process. isn't that amazing! bath fitter will measure and make you a new custom bathtub that they install right over your existing one, without tearing out your old tub. what an innovative idea! and every bath fitter installation is backed by their lifetime warranty, plus, 30 years of experience. that's what got me. so i did it. i called the experts at bath fitter, and now i have a gorgeous new acrylic tub, with beautiful seamless walls
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live," harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: big mouth bitch bully is what mickey rourke said about donald trump. it is pretty shocking and pretty intense. he is out on the street out and about, asked the question which we he will get we like him or don't like him, they're kind of wishy-washy. charles: it's a boring question, it's become a boring question because normally we don't get an answer like this. this time it was a great


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