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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 19, 2015 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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the 10:00 new zone ktvu fox two starts now. two men shot, a freeway interchange shut down. what led up to the violent confrontation and traffic jam that followed. i am ken wayne. heather holmes is off.
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a brazen shooting on a san francisco freeway injured two men just before five today. ktvu's deborah beale alone -- deborah villalon with what we know. >> reporter: two men firing handguns from their car. >> unusual to happen on a freeway.>> it looked like -- >> reporter: it looked -- first responders found it was much more than a crash. >> they both suffered gunshot wounds.>> reporter: both men had been shot, one in the lower body, the other in the neck and head, by someone gunning for them on the freeway.>> no idea what led up to the event. >> reporter: not just a crash but a crime scene swarming with
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law enforcement. the victims went to the hospital. their ambulance caught in the tangle of traffic for more than an hour. the 101 connector was shut down for the investigation. the two -- >> they were out of the vehicle. i don't know the extent of the conversation.>> reporter: what looked like a road rage situation may be a gang-related assault. it could have set off a change reaction crash. -- chain reaction crash.>> when he was shot, he collided into another vehicle. >> reporter: no injuries in back collision, but a moving target and a major freeway, it could have been so much worse. orr gunfire anywhere, especially on the freeway is extremely hazardous and could be lethal. >> reporter: the men who welch
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-- were shot will live. they are not providing much help to police and are in stable condition. ken, all we know about the car is it is an older white sedan. >> we are fortunate no one else was hit. now to the valley fire. it was an emotional day for evacuees who are allowed back home today. it is been one week since the fire erupted. cristina rendon reports on the journey home. >> reporter: when you look at what's left behind, it's hard to stay positive.>> i could possibly pull out my lawnmower and finish mowing.>> reporter: he knew what was made in for him -- waiting for him.>> we got to watch our house burn on
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tv, which is a double-edged sword. number one, you don't want to believe it, number two, you don't want to not believe it, because you want to be prepared. it's different when you get here in smell it. >> reporter: going back to middletown is a relief at the fairgrounds.>> today is seven days last saturday. >> reporter: hundreds lined up to get a peak pass, like a golden ticket, to return. >> also, like i won the lottery.>> reporter: i'm serious. -- >> i am serious. >> it has been a tough road for these people. it's tough to see what they have gone through. we are here to get them back, normalized as best we can. >> reporter: highway 29 was packed with cars making the journey home. for this community, getting back to normal will take time.>> i was hoping that
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california and fema gets involved now. >> we are survivors. we are going to start over and get over -- going again.>> reporter: cristina rendon, ktvu 2news. some in the kelsey bill school districts plan to start classes monday. another district is looking for buses who are staying outside the fire area. this is -- officials say the cal -- the fire is 50% contained. cal fire officials raise the numbers of -- number of homes destroyed in butte count -- the butte fire.
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an additional 250 homes were lost in that fire, bringing the total to 511. the increase comes as crews and teams gain better access to fire damaged areas. the butte fire started 11 days ago and has claimed two lives in burned 71,000 acres. crews have that fire 67% contained. smoke combined with high temperatures this weekend prompted officials to issue a spare the air alert tomorrow. the bay area air quality management district said today poor conditions addicted for tomorrow may cause problems for people with respiratory issues. this was the scene over san rafael. officials say it will get worse tomorrow. people are asked to take public transit. this is the eighth spare the air alert for smog so far this year. we want to check in now with mark tamayo for more on the conditions. warmer temperatures in the forecast. we started the warm up those numbers today. whenever you have heat like this, it traps the air and pollutants close to the surface.
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a layer of haze forms. take a look at the highest today. on wednesday, we have the clouds in the rain showers across parts of the bay area. today, we have the degrees backup to the 90s towards livermore, antioch, and the north bay as well. we will have some more 90s in the forecast for tomorrow, even if you triple digits out there. as we mentioned, that's basically a lid over us, that layer of warm and hot air. you can see the air quality numbers are going up. that's not good news. with that air quality coming down, it decreases quite a bit with an air pattern like this. today and sunday will be the hottest day of the period. look at an early peek at some of the numbers tomorrow. san francisco, 90 degrees. livermore, 101. san jose, 96.
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this leads to an increase to the fire danger as well. we do have a cooler forecast in the five day outlook. we will have more coming up at about 10:35. a suspected drunk driver was arrested today accused of hitting and killing a caltrans worker. it happened in oakland after midnight on interstate 580. the highway patrol identified the caltrans contractor as 33- year-old miguel a rod jury guess de la cruz oakland. he was working on a paving project when he was hit. orr i couldn't definitely say whether or not the vehicle was beating. at some point, he veered to the right and struck the right wall. that caused him to lose control, which cost him to beer left into the cordoned off enclosure. >> de la cruz died at the scene. the driver was not hurt and was arrested. his name has not been released.
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tens of thousands of volunteers rolled up their sleeves to help clean up california beaches. dozens were out at crown be in alameda for the 31st annual coastal cleanup day. crown beach was among the most -- almost 900 sites being spruced up. >> we are cleaning up the earth in the community where we live and being a part of nature. >> groups found a lot of cigarette butts and candy wrappers. they also cleaned up creeks and rivers and lakes. hundreds of tons of trash were picked up during the event. look at this out of alejo -- belay hope. a truck rolled over a fire hydrant after the driver park the vehicle. several thousand gallons of water spilled out and gushed into the air as officials work to find -- worked to shut off
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the water. the kaiser permanente dragon boat races were held today. there they go. the peddlers hit the water this morning in treasure island's clipper cove. organizers expected 140 teams from the us and canada and more than 4000 competitors. in addition to the water action, there was dancing and martial arts exhibits on the shore. the dragon boat races and festival runs through tomorrow. admission is free. european officials plan to meet and discuss the massive migrant crisis. how they plan to try to stem the flow of refugees flooding into their countries. a big day on the campaign trail with most presidential candidates taking aim at one man.>> this is not acceptable. this is not a problem just for immigrants. demonstrators gathering in the mission district with one goal in mind, trying to stop the presidential campaign of donald trump.
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demonstrators gathered in the mission neighborhood to try to stop the presidential campaign of donald trump. onlookers had a chance to take a swing at a piƱata. adults heard on more serious message. speakers criticized his stand on immigration. >> we cannot live in a country that legitimizes this kind of white supremacist fascist kind of ideology. this is not acceptable. people are united here to say no way, donald trump.>> reporter: organizers say they considered trump to be a serious threat to people of color. after the protest, there were no reports of violence for arrests. donald trump was among several hopefuls on the campaign trail.
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many appeared in two key states today, new hampshire and iowa. earl cameron has more from the morning.>> trump was at it again. one him of his supporters called president obama a muslim. my friends, what is more important? drawing a contract with republicans? or arguing about debates?>> the head of the democratic national committee wants her people to aim their fire at republicans rather than sniping at each other. a message hillary clinton seemed to have absorbed long ago. >> don't be distracted by their flamboyant front runner, trying to bully and by his way to the presidents. -- presidency. the way he handled the question about obama was shocking but not surprising. >> reporter: sanders maybe competing, but the crowds real objective is to beat the republicans. >> we will not retain the white
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house, we will not regain control of the senate unless we are the party which generates excitement.>> reporter: donald trump has said he his reluctant to talk about his faith, but that all changed sunday night when he pulled out the bible.>> i brought my bible. i am better than you thought. >> reporter: rallying the crowd this weekend, carly fiorina, the only female republican, still riding high following her performance.>> my story could only happen in this exceptional country. >> reporter: this busiest travel week for the candidates of the entire year. a began with a debate in california, then south carolina, then the field split, going to michigan and the morning over the weekend. on sunday, the first polls come out showing how the public feels about this very busy week starting with that debate. karl cameron, fox news. author jackie collins has died.
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her family says she died today after a battle with breast cancer. she sold more than 500 million copies of her novels worldwide. they focused on the glamour and scandal of hollywood. she was diagnosed with stage iv breast cancer six years ago but only told her three daughters. her sister said she only found of -- out about her illness two weeks ago. she was 77. naturalization celebrations welcomed 50 new citizens to the united states at the former immigration stations, sometimes called the ellis island of the west. it processed close to 1 million immigrants between 1910 and 1940, many from china. today's ceremonies were timed to coincide with citizen -- citizenship day in commemoration week. the european union is planning emergency meetings to address the worsening refugee
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crisis there. some countries are closing their borders to the flood of migrants fleeing their war-torn countries. john huddy reports from jerusalem. >> reporter: thousands remain trapped along the borders of the countries that are now refusing to take any more migrants and, saying they are overwhelmed. among those countries, croatia has started shutting down its borders with slovenia, serbia, and hungary. more than 20,000 people have floated to creation since wednesday. now the country's prime minister said that croatia will force hungary into accepting migrants by busing them to the border and leaving them there, whether have been clashes between police and migrants with the least using water cannons and pepper spray in some cases to push people back. hungary has called up 500 army reservists to deal with the influx of people and is also
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reinforcing and blocking office borders with razor wire fences. other countries have also been calling up reserve troops to deal with the growing number of migrants there. so far, close to 7000 people have flooded into the country since friday. john kerry was in london today where he said the migrant crisis cannot be probably address -- properly addressed by dealing with the number of people coming into a country or providing more support for them. >> as to be addressed by dealing with the root cause, the violence in syria and the lack of hope that so many people feel is a consequence of the violence. >> reporter: the european union is planning emergency meetings to address the crisis which shows no signs of letting up as can -- people continue to risk their lives for a better life. today, greases coast guard said it and found the body of a five-
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year-old girl missing after the boat she was on apparently sank. 14 others remain missing. john huddy, fox news. ahead of his trip to the united states, the pope touched down in cuba today. see how the faithful and based -- embraced his arrival. the alleged arizona freeway shooter speaking out in court. the alibi he claims proves he is not the gunman. and whether, the fog his absence from our forecast. -- is absent from our forecast. will cooler temperatures show up in the five day weather app?
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law enforcement officials in arizona say they linked a man's gone to four of 11 shootings around freeways in
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phoenix. officers arrested leslie merritt last night. will car reports that merritt says police have the wrong man.>> reporter: we have learned a lot in a short amount of time about leslie allen merritt junior during his first court appearance. prosecutors say he is a threat to the community. he wore a black and white strike jumpsuit -- striped jumpsuit to court. he is nord -- ignored advice not to talk without consulting an attorney. >> all i have to say is that i am the wrong guy. i tried telling the detectives that. my gun has been in the pawnshop for the last two months. i have not had access to a weapon. >> reporter: he was arrested inside a glendale walmart. he is forensically linked to the shootings which started back in late august. a councilman tweeted that the department of public safety has
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linked a handgun sold to a pawn shop to the first four shootings. the pawnshop released a statement that police did find a handgun that they believe was used in the shootings. merritt is a landscaper and father of two. he is enthusiastic about guns. as the motivation behind the shooting, it is unclear at this point. several local reporters caught up with his father friday evening, who says they have got the wrong person.>> whoever says he is the shooter is a [ expletive ] moron. have a good night. >> reporter: he is a -- charged with multiple felonies. the prosecutor leaves this is domestic terrorism but cannot charge them with that. authority say there could be more people who are copycats out there. will carr, box news. southern california authorities confirmed a robbery suspect died after a high-speed
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kate's -- chase ended with a bullet fired from helicopter. it is unclear if the man died because of the gunshot. the incident happened yesterday on 215 in san bernardino county. he was wanted in connection with a home invasion and was being chased by deputies when he started driving the wrong way on the freeway. investigators say he reached speeds of 100 miles an hour. when the deputy fired, the suspect jumped out of his suv which crashed head-on into another vehicle. the suspect collapsed and died a short distance away. possible listeria outbreak has prompted a company to recall several brands of soft cheese. the mediterranean-style cheeses were distributed by caroon dairies. 24 people have reported getting sick after eating the cheeses. 14 were in california and five involved pregnant women.
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one case resulted in a miscarriage. new research shows your tweets can reveal political leanings. a new study in the journal +1 said you can get a good idea of whether someone is liberal or conservative even if they are not tweeting about politics. researchers say livers -- liberals are more likely to swear, and conservatives are more likely to tweet about religion. the study looked at 1 million tweets for more than 10,000 users. apple seems to be moving forward with plans for a self driving car. the guardian reports apple executives met with dmv officials to talk about the state rules for testing driverless cars. rumors are swirling that apple will use the concord naval weapons station's as a testing ground. no official comment yet from apple. pope francis today arrived in cuba, the beginning of his nine-day north american tour. the four daytrip will include a president -- meeting with president castro and a massive
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revolutionary square. steve harrigan has more. >> reporter: cuban -- cuba is all set for this weekend's visit of pope francis. he begins his trip as the leader of the catholic church with a nine-day, two nation tour.'s holiness is reportedly instrumental in improved relations between cuba and the us. >> this marks the 80th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relationships between cuba and the holy city. >> reporter: if you are anticipating a trip filled with political moves, you might be disappointed. >> i think he will avoid politics, because that's not generally what popes do. on the other hand, he is coming almost everything he does and says will have profound political implications. it is about building cuba's future.>> reporter: for the catholics of cuba, the island visit is a triumph of fate that will be celebrated on sunday with a massive cabanas
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revolutionary square.>> i dearly hope the pope comes every year to cuba, because things are better. people are happy on the streets. this is incredible. >> reporter: on tuesday, the pope will travel to washington followed by new york and philadelphia. in havana, steve harrigan, fox news. tara moriarty will also be traveling to washington to cover pope francis's visit. her coverage starts next tuesday. it is a vinyl revival. a look at the come back of vinyl records among today's youth and why experts say the medium is growing in popularity. it's television's biggest night. what you can expect as the smallscreen stars shine bright for the emmy awards.
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hollywood is getting ready for television's biggest night. it is the 67th primetime emmy awards. broadcast is set for tomorrow. crews got everything ready this weekend for the big event. andy samberg from brooklyn 99 will host the show. you can watch him and the stars on ktvu channel 2 tomorrow at 5 pm. vinyl is making a comeback. more than 13 million vinyl albums sold last year, the highest number in decades. few remaining vinyl manufacturers trying to capitalize among -- on the trend among buyers discovering vinyl for the first time.>> this is a solo garage punk out -- act. >> reporter: always up on the newest gadgets and sporting the hippest outfits. when it comes to listening to music, joe is old-school. surprisi


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