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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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an eight-year-old girl accused a part time teacher's aid of molesting her on campus. the talk of the weekend was how hot it was and how warm it is right now. >> it's still pretty warm pip can't find much of a sea breeze yet. there is a little bit at sfo. yesterday was a hot one. today will still be hot but probably a little cooler coast and bay. inland temps pushing upper 90s to near 100 degrees. kevin in sausalito yesterday he has a home weather station. today was 99 president 1550. that is hot for anybody. 60s to near 70 degrees for some. it's very warm. lots of 70s in san francisco at this hour as well. 60s to the north. even calistoga is 66.
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a lot of that high cloud deck starting to work its way toward southern california. can't find much of a breeze. sfo west at three. a lot of cloud cover and rain will move into southern california. we have one more hot day here. tomorrow we will drop 20-25 degrees. a little cooler by the coast. 90s to 100s but still a lot of 80s and 90s around the bay. all right sal 4:31 on a monday. >> yeah and still so far so good, steve on the roads. good morning to you. and even. if you are driving any time soon. let's take a look at what we have. san mateo bridge does not look bad as you head over to the high-rise. it is a nice looking drive. we've had some crashes over night but they have not caused any major delays. as you take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza there is a little backup. maybe people can't sleep it's so warm. there are no problems in the south baby the way as you look at all the freeways.
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you can see green road sensors. for the most part it's a nice start. 4:31, let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. the teenager accused of assaulting and killing eight- year-old mady middleton will make an appearance in court this afternoon. >> reporter: maddy middleton's father reached out to us to tell us he will be here in front of the courthouse. he wants people to bring signs and posters to remember his son. adrian gonzalez will be arraigned at 8:15. he's been charged as an adult in the murder and rape of maddy middleton. her body but found hidden in -- her body was found hidden in a
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dumpster there. he lured the eight-year-old to his apartment and carried out the attack. gonzalez was suicidal and killed maddy to see how everyone would react. he lived in the same complex that she did and everything that unfolded devastated the community there. maddy's father told us he wants today to be about love, not negativity. he has appreciated all the support and kindness that people have shown and he would like people to come down and join us in front of the courthouse to remember his daughter. pam. >> quite an amazing thing to do. thank you janine. 4:33 is the time right now. the man accused in a kidnapping for ransom in vallejo is set to make his first appearance in a federal court today. a federal complaint accuses matthew muller of kidnapping denise huskins. she later turned up unharmed and they called this story a hoax. months later the fbi said it found evidence that it actually
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happened. muller is expected to plead not guilty. last week he was also in court in connection with a home invasion robbery in dublin. he pleaded no contest in that place. a 17-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a 14-year- old girl in richmond. a 14-year-old boy was also questioned by police but was released to his parents. according to the contra costa times, it took east bay regional park police 45 minutes to respond to the scene. officials are investigating why the response time was slow. the paper also says the three teenagers are all classmates at kennedy high school in richmond. when it comes to car theft, the bay area has the highest rate in court history. according to the data, car theft is up 10% this year in san francisco alone. if the trend holds, the city could see its highest number of stolen cars in nearly a decade. police tell the paper they suspect a number of cars are
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stolen by police to be used in robberies and a number of crimes. two people say they are lucky to be alive after their plane went down in a field in contra costa county. it happened last night near the byron airport. the pilot and passenger were able to walk away unhurt. davis police are look for at least two more people who they say stabbed another man to death outside a nightclub. davis police say they got calls about a fight on g and third streets at about 1:30 saturday morning. when they got there they found a 23-year-old that had been stabbed several times and that person later died at uc davis hospital. they charged contreras with the crime but believe two other suspects are out there. time is 4:35. two lawmakers in new york want to create the first national park that honors the gay rights
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movement. back in 1969 bar patrons resisted a police raid and helped touch off a more aggressive phase for gay rights. the federal park there would help give proper ever -- jill brand and jerald plan to introduce legislation. volkswagen is being ordered to fix 500,000 cars in the united states. vw is admitting it rigged u.s. admission tests for 500,000 diesel cars during the last seven years. the environmental protection agency says volkswagen used software that submitted less smog. it will recall the effected cars. it is not uncommon for
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university students to study a foreign language. in fact, at some schools it's required. as ken wayne reports uc berkeley is going beyond the typical languages. it is offering a language that is pretty obscure. >> reporter: it's estimated three out of four meshes don't speak a second language. >> americans have the advantage or disadvantage that the entire world learns english and wants to practice. >> reporter: wolf is the director of the institute of european studies at cal. he says in a native belgian students are taught three languages. >> by the time you are ten or 12 years old you are fluent in three languages. french, german, and dutch and on top of that english. >> reporter: and now cal is learning a language that is spoken by less than half. >> now we are going to learn a
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greeting. >> reporter: iceland has become a popular tourist destination and located in an area of growing international attention near transatlantic trade routes and valuable energy reserves. having cal students learn the language could help improve the communication between the two countries. >> it's not just a matter of how many people speak a language but what is the impact? what do you get from being able to get underneath the surface of a culture? get underneath a surface of a political system. >> just about every student we talked to on the cal campus is learning one other language. dimitri is learning russian. >> i think it will have really positive effect. i think being bilingual is becoming important because of the various events in global
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warming. >> when you know swedish you are also learning danish because they are quite similar. >> knowing japanese helped me get into a program overseas to go to japan and study some of the research they do over there. >> reporter: cal is expanding its kurdish and turkish programs too all in an attempt to broaden student horizons no matter what their geographical interests. >> right now uc berkeley teaches 59 different languages on campus. officials city they are always open to the idea of teaching even more languages. >> very cool. i like that. time now is 4:39. coming up a booze ban at levi stadium. coming up in 208 minutes the changes being considered in the wake of last week's attack on a vikings fan. >> apple's app store hacked. up next the damaging mall ware
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discovered that could impact your iphone. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is actually doing very well if you are driving on interstate 880 it looks good heading south. >> still holding on to summer. one more day of really warm temps.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we could learn more details about the death of a two-year- old girl in boston after she was dubbed baby doe after her remains washed up.
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she has been charged as an accessory after the fact and they are due in court today. investigators have not publicly speculated on a motive. but bella's biological father says he punched the girl because he believed she was possessed by demons. that was just before 12:30 in the afternoon. police say both men involved wounded in that shooting are expected to survive. a person was arrested in the latter shooting. police have not said if the shootings are kicked. there is a new tool thames to prevent mass killings. it's called the early warning product. it's housed at the u.s.
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holocaust memorial museum. that is where the tool was developed. the tool is a first of its kind and hopes it would be able to create more policies to prevent violence. chuck schumer says calls to poison control centers about the effect of the drug are surging. synthetic marijuana is sometimes sold under the name k2 or spice. despite state bans dealers are allowed to sell it online. experts say the drug can cause extreme anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations. the president of the san francisco fed is call for a little more patience. john williams has already said it was a close vote. now he is telling fox news he should wait for the city to sell l overstays.
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williams says the fed is trying to make the right decision and balance inflation risks. the fed could still raise rates at its meeting next month. it may be harder to get rebooked on a flight after bad weather. dell tam blames the break on american airlines. saying america was sending five passengers to delta to every one flier that dell tool sends to america. a charity swim was canceled because of rough waters. only 50 elite or competitive swimmers were able to take part. organizers canceled the event for 600 amateur swimmers because of unusually strong current. that event has been going on for 15 years.
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this is the first time it was canceled because of the dangerous current. the race raises money for two nonprofits. hospice by the bay. the nonrafts will still get the money raised and discussing the possibility of leaving the right. >> the next -- >> i had my to young boys and they're all ready to cheer for us and we have training. i train with the masters public north bay up here. we were disappointed but safety first. >> jordan of malibu won the elite men's race. swimming the nautical fire in just 20 minutes. i've been out there for that. not swimming. i interviewed some of the athletes. they've had olympic swimmers
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participate in that. it's amazing how fast they can do that swim. >> beautiful out there. >> it's gorgeous. highway 4 still looks pretty good coming up to concord. highway 24 looks good after you use 680. if you are driving in this general area, it looks good. as you drive to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see traffic is light coming into san francisco there is no problems going the other way either and the traffic once you go to san francisco looks pretty good. we are off to a very nice start. if you can only cool the weather down a little bit. steve. >> get in line, sal. >> i know. >> you and all the people of the city are having a hard
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time. 93 yesterday. we are still holding on a couple more days of summer. starting tomorrow everything starts to cool down. no fog yet. i can't find much of a sea breeze. we are starting off really, really warm. it's been warm since friday when our good friend mr. john burrellly. good morning mr. b. returned from las vegas. it was warm never san jose than las vegas. 66 and clear. it is very warm for many here. there are a lot of 50s. it's hard pressed to find any 50s here including the east bay, pittsburg, antioch, lafayette, alamo and danville are all in the low to mid 50s. that is really warm. we do have a lot of tropical clouds working their way toward southern california. our water temps are still pretty cool. no change there. there is just a puff of a westerly breeze at sfo at three. that won't do it.
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36 up in truckee. a little coolness there. 65 in monterey. which is four warmer than sacramento. any plans down in san diego or los angeles we are dealing with a lot of cloud cover. the low will be kicked inland. high pressure starting to weaken. and 90s and 100s inland but then a 20-degree drop will kick in for tuesday. probably a light breeze for the coast and the city. sunshine warm to hot. a little cooler coast even though they warm up pretty quick here from noon to 1:00. 80s for many. 90s for others and 100s. but cooler, cooler is on the way for tuesday. fall begins. can't get here soon enough. >> i believe it. >> for me. >> as long as fall brings cooler weather. >> that is true. october can be hot sometimes. >> i know it was 70 -- almost 70 degrees at 3:00 in the morning. so that tells you something. >> yeah it's warm right now.
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>> it's warm. [ laughter ] >> we're hearing from some people. >> yeah. people are cranky. >> there are a couple of people. david tweeted me and said i like the heat. there is is a few out there. >> all right, steve, thank you. pope francis continues his visit in dew bam this morning. coming up in 20 minutes, the security preparations under way as he gets ready to head to the u.s.. >> but first week two of the nfl is in the books for the raiders and 49ers. we'll have more on the late drive that gave oakland its first victory of the season.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. take a look at this. state wildlife officials are working on a gray wolf management plan as the animals make a historic return to california. a pack of 7 gray wolfs was spotted in cyst cue county last month. the wolfs are protected under state and federal law making it illegal to hunt or harass them. ranchers want to know how to protect their animals if if wolves attack. environmentalists have suggested that the state repay ranchers for any lost animals as they do in the state of washington. the paper says the management plan should be completed by the end of the year. >> a late touchdown gave the
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raiders a thrilling win over the baltimore ravens yesterday but it wasn't looking so good with five minutes left in the fourth quarter. tried to go deep but was picked off right there. however the ravens were only able to get a field goal out of their insuing drive. that left time for car to lead the raiders down the field and throw a game winning t can d -- game winning td. >> we did it. we haven't had a win in a long time. so it was good to have our coaches with smiles on their faces. leaving happy. >> the raiders travel top cleveland to play the browns next sunday. after dominating in their season opener, the niners didn't get a repeat of that performance against the pittsburgh steelers yesterday. steelers quarterback ben
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roethlisberger threw for 369 yards, three touchdowns in pittsburgh 43-18 win. the niners didn't see a repeat of carlos hyde's week one performance when he went crazy. the running back left the game the second half with a head injury. he was not diagnosed with a concussion and was cleared to return but did not play the rest of the game. >> offensively i thought we really kept fighting back, not blinking. you know. we didn't get it done. bottom line there is no excuses. >> the game was pretty ugly. the niners play undefeated cardinals a very tough team in arizona on sunday. there is a new leader at the weekend box office. >> we've got to go. come on. >> i heard a lot of people talking about this. sequel to the maze runner earned $30 million over the
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weekend. that led to the johnny depp film black mash dropping to the second spot. the visit, the perfect guy, and everest. historic sailing vessel is set to sail in san francisco bay today on a mission of peace. the golden rule will sail under the golden gate bridge at 1:00 this afternoon. it was restored by veterans of peace back in 1963. they ignited an international movement to stop at most for rick testing of nuclear weapons. plus a booze ban at levi stadium. >> good morning. we are looking at the mccarthur
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maze. and you can see traffic looks good here where all these three freeways come together. we'll take a look at that commute coming up. >> sunny and warm. warm to hot. one more day sure looks like it and then a cooler pattern but today might be a little toasty for some of you.
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good morning i'm dave clark let's talk about weather and traffic. you didn't like the heat did you? >> it was a little too hot for me. >> it's summer. what do you want? it doesn't want to let go. tomorrow looks like a very warm day. could be upper 80s to near 90 again. for many. around san francisco and oakland as well. inland temps will be in the 90s to near 100. but it does look like a 20-25- degree drop tomorrow as the fog
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will come roaring back. some of the highs from yesterday richmond 96, sfo at 93. gilroy at 104. we are still sitting in the mid 60s for many. san jose state 72. tropical clouds taking aim at southern california. the trend continues there. there is just no, ma'am breeze yet. hardly any at all unless you are heading to southern california we have lots of sunshine. it will be warm to hot. maybe a little cooler by the coast, late with the breeze but near 100 inland. tomorrow we have a big change and a cooler pattern. i'll have more of that coming up in ten minutes. all right sal still quiet at 5:00. >> it still is. although we're beginning to see a little up tick in the volume, steve. good morning to you. let's take a look at what we have now with the bay bridge toll plaza as you can see traffic is getting a little bit more crowded. it


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