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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 21, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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maternity ward nurses try to grab a giant rat. >> yes, it is inside that incubator. >> the shocker of what happened before they got it. >> there's never just one rat. come on. don't be afraid. >> dude's going deep to find -- >> all kinds of treasure. >> why gopros and cell phones aren't the only riches in the river. welcome to the figure eight challenge. i can't imagine the stress of driving in this race. >> why it's three hours of terrifying close calls. >> oh! plus, the buzzword for your chance to win a new ipad mini.
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and do not adjust your glasses. >> you do not have double vision. >> how to unveil a halloween look that will have everybody tripping. >> wait until the end of the night and freak people out. if you've ever delivered a child or your wife has in an incubator, this is going to blow your mind. watch what was in the incubator of this hospital in belize. >> that's not human. >> oh, ooh. >> that is an enormous rat. yes, it is inside that incubator, and yes there was a newborn in that incubator just moments before this video started rolling. the nurses figured out that there was a rat in the incubator because they heard the baby cry. when they came to check on the child, they found there was company they didn't want. they're trying to get it out of there. they grab it by the tail but they keep letting it go. >> it looks like it's got trouble.
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>> you've got this thing in the nicu and it's the thing you put in so a baby can be safe. and you've got basically the carrier of the bubonic plague in there. >> the worst part is the rat did bite the toe of that newborn child. no word on the status of that child now. you see that it looks wet. and it looks a little lethargic. that's because it's already been sprayed with poison. >> just lock the incubator up, roll it outside, and set it on fire. >> they managed to eventually grab the rat by the tail. they do exterminate it on the spot. this hospital is under fire because apparently this is the second time they've had a rat problem. some time before, apparently they ended up exterminating 15 rats that were found in their pantry. so that's a big problem. >> there's never just one rat. demonstrations of driving skill and the variations in between.
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we'll start with the lower level. guy here on the motorcycle who has a helmet cam on. he's going to filter through some of this traffic. so he stops where he's supposed to stop. did you notice the car next to him? i think you call the drivers of those cars a total -- >> or boy racers. >> when he gets the green light, off he goes. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, oh, oh. hey. >> oh! >> he's not drifting. he's just saying bye-bye. thankfully it doesn't look like he hit anything or anybody else. >> it looks he hit an island. >> might have run over there. i don't know. but the biker has the last laugh. you guys remember a hot wheels track that was called crisscross crash? >> this here is the hot wheels crisscross crash set. to avoid the high speed crash on a figure eight track.
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>> check out this juken video in indianapolis. this is the 2015 world figure eight three-hour enduro race. look at the madness here. i can't imagine the stress of driving in this race. >> oh, my gosh! >> oh! >> how do you do three hours in this? >> i guess you've got to have the nuts to drive on through and time it just right. some of the other cars are too sheepish. they stop. >> did anybody crash? >> yes, gayle, there was a small incident. surprisingly not at the crisscross. over on the side somebody got into it. but in the opening four minutes of this race, nobody smashes into each other. a newly formed well was kryptonite for daisy the horse. this horse rescue comes to us from sast cash wan in canada. as you can see you have something wrapped around the front legs of that horse because
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they are lifting daisy. daisy has been in there for a few hours. they called brad's towing company. and the veterinary clinic to assist with daisy in the well. let me show you a picture of daisy while she was in there. that is poor daisy. she was trying to hold herself up and not fall further into that well. but they got some assistance. and as you can see, they are slowly lifting her out of there. she wasn't moving for awhile because she was sedated. but eventually she kind of wakes up like wait a minute, i don't think i'm supposing to in this contraption. >> i feel somebody needs to be standing by right now to shove a piece over that hole. you don't want to see her fall back in. >> the good thing is that daisy is on the mend. what we have here is a bird rescue. albeit brief. >> no. >> oh. >> i felt so bad.
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i mean, they rescued that poor little bird. four seconds of freedom. >> oh, gosh. then the collective aww. >> the man tweeted for the bird, it survived. robert who watches us in sacramento is our latest winner in the ipad mini giveaway. >> you could win too. all you need a monday's buzzword and be a legal u.s. resident. >> the buzzword is coming nup just a minute. >> stand by. the rtm ipad mini giveaway coming right up. footage of a bus accident in india. but you're never going to see this one coming. there's the bus. see if you can spot the woman. >> she hanging on underneath? >> oh! >> there she goes. the floor of this government bus just collapsed under her and she fell out of the bus onto the road. >> wait. isn't there a compartment or
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something between where she was and the ground? >> think about where she is. she's sitting at the back off of the back axle there's no anything. she ended up on the road, broke her shoulder. >> why is this person recording this? or how did it happen to get captured? >> i think this is a mount on top of something on the road. >> it's like the bus gave birth to a woman. >> and now a dash cam in russia. traveling behind a small vehicle. underneath the gigantic red arrow. is the person that's going to cause this accident. coming from the other direction is a motorcycle and side car. pulls out, doink. rolls it and then dumps his mrs. outside of the side car as well. >> and you can't even maneuver a motorcycle like that with a side car. it's so much more difficult. >> you know what i'm thinking happened? that person had been waiting awhile. looked. didn't see anything.
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helen has quite a reputation in her hometown of haslam in north england. this is not helping it. >> you could have hit a car. >> this woman has been involved in a crash. she hit one person who was changing a tire. that woman was injured. she hurt her finger and her shoulder. then she hit another car. >> if you hit that car, you could have just as easily hit me. >> if you notice this incident happened near a park. this man saying you could have hit my kid. but her car did stop. it was damaged. but here, she tries to start the engine and leave. >> you can't drive away. >> it won't go. police eventually turn up. she was arrested because police say she had all appearances she was intoxicated. >> what were you doing drinking and driving like that when you've got two kids of your own?
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because you were trying to take off. >> her lawyer said she was in a low state because the year before, this woman had been on trial for kissing a former student. she lost her marriage. she lost her children. she lost her job. she had gone to a job placement agency and ran into the former students. she ended up with a four month suspended sentence and has to do 100 hours community service. >> pretty lucky escape considering you ran somebody over, you were drink driving. >> the judge said had she hurt somebody more seriously, she would be looking at jail time. when an actor and composer decide to get married, this invitation happens.
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they decided to have a fun, epic invitation in the form of a video to invite their family and friends to their wedding happening in april 2016. >> he's the voice of reason. she's batman. >> but she doesn't really like this idea. >> can we do a different with un? >> they want something bigger, more epic, something that roars. so they came up with this. >> ooh, i know that font. >> depends. >> on what? >> what kind of wife they cooked up in that lab. >> a proposal or wedding 65 million years in the making. >> here's the first scene. you see him running for cover. the dinosaur is coming up right behind him.
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>> ooh. that's terrifying. roar. >> do the sound. >> roar! >> what a gal to play along with this idea. >> she's playing the wife-o-saur. with this kind of attitude, she can't be a bridezilla. and at the end they explain the details of the wedding. they are planning a bigger wedding in 2017, but they wanted to have a smaller event in los angeles this coming year. >> we will get a sequel video for the sequel wedding? that's the question. >> i sure hope so. please make it happen, guys. ever wonder what makes wing suit pilots jump? >> in this case the reward is very refreshing. >> the refreshing reward next "right this minute." and still to come, one of rtm's own whips up a simple fall treat. get the recipe that's sugar and spice and everything nice. >> that's incredible. plus don't miss the monday
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if you had the time to go trolling in the river, i'm sure you'd find all kinds of treasure. turns out this fellow has a lot of time on his hands and it's worth it. >> check it out with me. don't be afraid. >> i love these kind of treasure hunts. >> straight off the bat, it's a home run. it is a phone. >> and it's in a water proof bag. >> and bank card and id in there as well. he's not keeping it for himself. >> looks like some lucky customer is going to get their phone back. >> andic see a couple of empty cans and things like that. finds himself a fishing lure he thinks he could use. >> it's a live one. >> then a couple of minutes later, jackpot. >> oh! >> yes. a gopro on a selfie stick. you were right, gayle. >> my goodness. >> doesn't look like it's been
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there that long. still inside the case. i think that's going to be working when he gets it out. >> all this swimming around is making him thirsty. no problem. find yourself a bottle of gatorade. >> and it hasn't been open. >> see if it's any good. not too much mold. let's smell it. think we should taste it? it's pretty gross. >> doesn't taste great but he's not sure since he's never had it if it's supposed to taste like that. you'll like this one. >> the ring of power. >> exactly. he finds himself a ring on the bottom of the river and he says he promptly loses it. then how about some lunch. >> i hope his eating adventures are over. >> nope. because around here he finds himself some turkey. along with these -- >> it's a megapack too. >>ville to come down here for lunch more often. >> but he's not done we the amazing finds. under this rock he finds himself
2:22 pm
-- >> another gopro. >> and after that finds himself another phone as well. >> here are the treasures for the day. >> look at that collection. two gopros, two phones, a ring at one point, a selfie stick. this is incredible. everybody is loving it as well. already hundreds of thousands of views. i'm actually going to subscribe to this guy. i want to see what else he's got. >> i hope you enjoyed the hunt. i'm about to show you something pretty darn incredible. cheese is going to make pumpkin cheesecake truffles. by cheese, i mean jessica, one of our e-journalists. >> hi, everybody. it's jessica from "right this minute." >> we call her cheese because she likes cheese and likes to cook. >> we're going to make pumpkin cheesecake truffles. so the first thing we're going to do is mix all of our ingredients together. >> cream cheese, pumpkin filling.
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those were ginger snap cookie crumbles. >> we're just going to stir that all together. >> i'd stop right there. >> eat it with the spoon. >> yeah. >> the funny thing is she did have to stop right there. >> oh, no. i totally forgot the melted white chocolate chips. i'm going to do that. then i'll come back. >> so she does come back and put it in. then she mixes it up and makes a giant ball. puts it in the freezer. then rolls them into balls. it looks like meat balls. nope. she's dipping everything in white chocolate. this is when she makes the important decorative decision which makes it look more like a mummy. >> take the white chocolate and you want something you can go back and forth with to get nice strips on the mummy. >> and she puts red eyes on the mummy. it's just a mummy head. so where'd she put the bodies? >> she ate the bodies. >> let's ask her.
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jessica, would you like to let us sample those? thank you very much. so kind of you to make these for us. >> how long did this whole process take? >> without the freezing time, probably 20 to 30 minutes making them. but once you include the freezing time, maybe an hour. >> that is so good. >> incredible. >> great idea. >> i say five thumbs up. >> you want a list of ingredients and how to make it? go online. >> yes go to or check it out on our mobile app. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter all you need is the buzzword, be at least 18 years old, and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to, click on win ipad. >> enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter, or both and you can do it every day. >> let's do it. let's reveal monday's buzzword. it is janitor. >> so go over to and enter today's buzzword.
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janitor j-a-n-i-t-o-r. >> we'll have a bonus giveaway later this week. we'll also give away a flat screen tv so tune in and good luck, everyone. it's a halloween makeup look -- >> that is sure to freak people out. >> see the steps that will have ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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our website. stay calm, everybody. stay calm. i don't want to freak you out but i promise you do not have double vision.
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>> wow. that's line pans labyrinth kind of skills. >> how gnarly is that? this is makeup -- >> that's not makeup. that's painting. i want to see her go to the club like that. >> go to the rave and freak people out. >> this makeup artist came up with this tutorial that is sure to freak people out. >> i would imagine if you're a woman, this wouldn't be terribly difficult. aren't you just redoing what you would normally do on your eye? >> if you're doing it on your eyes and lips that's like tracing opposed to free hand. >> you do need an artistic skill to pull this off. she does a really good job at shaping the almond of the eye and then filling it in with the right colors. the part that started impressing the heck out of me was when she started doing the eye liner. i can't imagine how hard it would be to recreate an eye on your cheek. >> the symmetry she gets right too. everything is spot on. one's not bigger thatten the other. one is not cockeyed.
2:28 pm
>> fake eyelashes as well. >> she shades it properly. she adds the fake lashes above. >> and now she's ready to star in a "star wars" bar scene. >> she goes out on the scene. and look at people's reactions. people crack up. these kids on the bus are freaking out. >> it is freaking me out. thanks for watching. we'll see you next time on thanks for watching. we'll see you next time on "right this minute." -- captions by vitac --
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it's a neighborhood dispute -- >> that involves a samurai sword. >> see what happens that ratchets things up a notch. [ screaming ] bikers are about to meet a creature in the forest -- >> finally, a video of bigfoot. >> nope. but those big feet can run. do you like your hair? >> dad did her hair, but -- >> it looks good. >> no, it doesn't look good. >> the little girl not loving those curls. plus how to get your chance to win a new ipad mini. an


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