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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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it was. so far no word on what caused this fire. our chief meteorologist bill martin, what are the conditions like out there? >> all around the bay area, hot again. a heat advisory, spare the air day. how hot and dry it is, hot and dry over the weekend, today so exception. inland today warmer than yesterday. 100 degrees right now in concord. it is 101 in livermore valley. it is hot. take a look. the departure from yesterday. cooler around the bay. this is the beginning of the change. you see this sea breeze is kicking in. oakland minus 11 degrees than last noth at this time. -- night at this time. cool around the bay but hot inland. we have a cooling trend that will help with the air quality, the heat advisory won't be needed tomorrow as temperatures go away. when i come back we will talk about that. >> thank you.
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now to danville. a teenager is looking at felony charges after he beat a manane school parking -- man in a school parking lot by the iron horse trail behind san ramon valley high school. ktvu's john sasaki is live that iron horse trail. >> reporter: people on the iron horse trail all the time. man got into it with the teens in that parking lot. the iron horse trail doesn't get more peaceful. >> perfectly calm. safe. i see the same people every day. >> reporter: midnight sunday morning a fight erupted. >> worrisome. you have to watch out. >> reporter: a father was heading home from work when he encountered teenagers. the man and one teen got into an argument. >> words were exchanged between the two parties and then it turned into fight. >> the man ended up with the
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hospital -- ended up in the hospital. >> if someone ends up in the hospital, doesn't matter what started it. the end result should not be hospitalization. >> reporter: he was in the group that had the conflict with the man. he said something to set off the man but the man would not leave them alone. >> he was -- sorry, we didn't mean to disrespect you. just kept coming at us. walking towards my friend. my friend got tired and decked him. >> reporter: police said the teenager is charged with felony battery that causes bodily injury. >> i feel like the man should be charged. we told him we were 16. he didn't care. he threatened to kill us. we were like all right, you know? i feel like he should be charged. >> reporter: people are concerned for their safety. >> it is alarming to know that you can't ride down something,
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you know, around in your neighborhood without having to look around and really wonder whether you are safe or not. >> reporter: i talked with the police, the investigation is ongoing and they are still trying to determine who is at fault. the man is out of the hospital. this trail is safe and this was an isolated incident. >> thank you. the valley fire has been burning for 10 days and it is now the third most destructive fire in california history. they counted 1800 structures destroyed by the valley fire. more than 1,000 of those structures were homes. despite the hot weather crews managed to increase containment of the valley fire. it is now 70%. and look at this into. even with all the losses the incredible losses, people are still giving thanks. we found this sign in
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middletown in the front yard of a home that was destroyed. thank you firefighters, we know you tried. the death of a man found near the fence fault route a-- near the tassajara fire has been a suicide. it burned 1,000 acres and destroyed 10 homes. cal fire hasn't determined the cause of the fire. the fire is now 30% contained. the butte fire in amador and calaveras counties is now 74% contained. this fire killed two people, destroyed 545 homes. hundreds of other buildings. it burned 70,000 acres. there is good news tonight. all evacuations have now been lifted. today we reported the twin pine casino was offering hotel rooms for evacuees. they are allowing the red cross to use its event center, not
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the hotel to provide the accommodations. memorial is in place where kate steinle was shot and killed. there is a bench dedicated to her. in july she was walking with her father when a bullet hit her in the back. on the bench there is a plaque, whatever is good for your soul will do that. juan francisco lopez-sanchez is her killer. he pleaded not guilty to murder but a judge ruled there was enough evidence to try him. traffic is flowing on interstate 680 after a crash about 4:30 a.m. this morning on the southbound side of the highway. the highway patrol says a car rear ended a big rig. a motorcyclist plowed into the car and thrown from his bike and killed. he was 39-years-old. >> we have an accident
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involving a car and a truck. and then another collision involving the motorcycle following the collision. >> a second big rig hit the crashed microscope and caught fire. two other vehicles crashed. one lane was open during the investigation. that led to major back ups. the teenager accused of killing a 8-year-old girl pleaded not guilty today. ktvu's janine de la vega tells us maddy middleton held a rally outside the court. >> reporter: an emotional morning that courthouse. the family of maddy middleton is still mourning her death. they handed out these stickers because they want the focus to be on her, not the suspect. many came to honor the memory
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of his daughter maddy middleton. he organized a rally because he felt today should be about love, not hate. >> i understand people will have their feelings about it. some people will want blood, i don't want that because then that just does it in her name. it taints her memory. justice will be served. >> reporter: he chose not to go inside to face the teenager who is accused of raping and killing his daughter. adrian gonzalez faced a judge and entered a plea of not guilty. he is charged as an adult. he luredhair into the apartment, carry -- lured her into the apartment and carried out the attack. it shocked neighbors. friends say he was contemplating suicide and depressed. he still shows compassion.
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>> i have forgiven him. i don't want -- i don't want il- will. things will work themselves out. it is not up to me. >> reporter: he says the community has been amazing with all the support. he is not sure if he will be at all of adrian gonzalez's court hearings but the next one is october 29. we asked his defense attorney if she plans on filing for a change of venue, but she refused to answer. janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. the man accused of a kidnapping for ransom appeared in court today to face charges. new at 5:30 p.m. we break down what happened. >> and a charter school forced to school amid concerns about a lack of employee background
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checks. >> video of this fight outside levi stadium made headlines around the country and now the city would like to see major changes in the caul policy at -- alcohol policy at 49er games. >> hot today, a heat advisory but it changes into the next 24 hours. i will have the specifics. ♪
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one week after this fight outside levi stadium the city is considering changing its alcohol policy during 49er games. tomorrow the city counsel is set to debate whether alcohol sells should be stopped after halftime. ktvu's tara moriarty found out, the police chief says he doesn't think that will solve the problem. >> reporter: it got thousands of views on social media. >> seeing the things made me
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sick. >> reporter: last monday's brawl with four 49ers fans atacked a vikings fan. >> your behavior will not be tolerated. . >> reporter: they are asking the city counsel to consider banning alcohol sales after halftime to help curve violence like this. >> it is a cooling down period. if it givers you an hour to sober up. >> reporter: some don't think it will fly. >> beer and sports go together. >> i think the owners will protest. the fans won't show up. you could sit in your living room and drink beer. >> levi stadium will lose money. >> i am not against cutting out alcohol early but i don't think it will solve the issue. i think we are dealing with a small percentage of fans. >> reporter: he says staffing levels -- [ indiscernible ]
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>> reporter: fans need to understand the consequences. 49ers said as a result of the behavior the stadium authority is terminating his season tickets. the others will not be allowed back into the stadium. the chief said it was 49ers fans that helped catch the suspect. he wands to re-- wants to remind fans to use -- fans to use their cell phones if they noting any bad behavior. -- notice any bad behavior. the issue goes before the city counsel tomorrow night. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. in southern california yesterday, take a look at video that was taken.
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we will have that video in a moment, hopefully. several 9ers fans challenged the steelers fan to a fight and the steelers fan walked away. here is the video. the 9ers fans challenged another group and that is when new york giants fans jumped in. so far no arrests have been made. we are following developing news where there is a fire burning near north texas road and empire street by the railroad tracks. there are road closures. you can see hear from this video, the roof of one of the homes was on fire as well as the backyards of several other houses. all back up to the railroad tracks. the fire department hasn't confirmed how many homes are involved and how the fire started. back now to the fire, the valley fire in lake county. hours after the fire began
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donations started pouring in for those who lost momes some people looking to help -- homes but some people looking to help couldn't find any takers. ktvu's tunnel v has more -- tom vacar has more. >> reporter: this is where the red cross distributes aid to people woo need it -- who need it. but they tell me as do manies or, this fire came so hard and so fast and so quickly that it is unlike anything they have seen before. >> reporter: within thundershowers valley fire starting the red cross -- within hours of the valley fire starting the red cross was setting up. . >> get themane place -- them in a place. . >> the place was buzzing with people. thing there boosters who -- the boosters opened up their stand at 5:30 a.m. and began cooking.
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. >> the local people will start helping. that is what good neighbor dos. >> reporter: others laid out -- neighbors do. >> reporter: others layed out clothing and food. it was a hodgepodge of help. but to some it seemed like no one was in the time the red cross became operational, complaints have been made, including an unwillingness to accept more donations of foods and goods. >> we have a surplus of items and we are encouraging cash donations. >> the volunteers may have layed a lot of things out, the red cross says it has to itemize, sort and inspect them so people who have specific needs could have the needs fulfilled. >> with the regulation we are under to respond, we have to be careful. that takes longer to do. and you have a lot of
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volunteers that need to coordinate that. people can say things that seem unsensitive. >> reporter: the red cross says it takes all of this to heart. doesn't agree with all of it and will try to make changes necessary -- changes necessary to improve things. the first 48 hours were chaotic. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> we can understand that. our chief meteorologist bill martin. firefighters making progress on containment despite the hot weather. glad to see that. >> absolutely. the fire danger is high because it has been a drought and it is hot and dry. but the winds aren't there. looking in the north bay. air quality. spare the air day today. won't have it tomorrow. the winds will start blowing
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tonight. out of the west, northwest. that will clear out the atmosphere. drop the temperatures too. tomorrow will be -- temperatures will drop off. 10, 15 degrees cooler inland. instead of triple digits, 80s and upper 80s. pleasant. and we are a couple hours way from the official fall beginning. on wednesday. 40s inland. along the coast, no fog. that fog off shore will work its way back to the beaches tonight. and that will be a mechanism for cooling. 92 san jose. over night lows upper 50s. and low 60s as you go into the evening hours. tomorrow, you see the fog in the morning hours.
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along the coast. right? right there. dense. marine layer is squished down. 84 vacaville. these numbers are down from the triple digits of today inland. good 15 degrees cooler in some places. you will notice it. still warm around the bay. not as hot. a nice day tomorrow. fire danger falls away. heat advisory goes away. pair the air goes a-- spare the air goes away. five-day forecast, temperatures back into the 90s inland throughtume here. tomorrow is the cool down -- through time here. tomorrow is the cool down. next week temperatures will begin to warm. temperatures warm. tomorrow cooler by a few degrees. >> thank you. the owner of a food
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processing company will face a long term in prison, details butt how long -- about how long he will spend behind bars after a salmonella outbreak killed 9 people. >> and new at at the 6:00 p.m. common core at the center of a new lawsuit. why parents say officials broke the law when they implemented the testing program. >> new development in the push to ban fire places from momes. >> and the commute home is a -- homes. and the commute home is a slow go. sky fox 2 above highway 4. a car on fire. crews on the scene trying to put this out. traffic in the area along highway 4 moving slowly on this monday night.
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four people injured when a home exploded this morning. you can see why these pictures blew apart. one woman heard an explosion and rushed over. she got there before first responders and found one of the injured. >> there was a young man, maybe had down syndrome sitting down. bleeding, burned, i knelt down and prayed for him. >> 10 other homes were damaged.
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investigators are looking at a gas explosion as a possible cause. a judge in georgia sentenced a former peanut company owner to 28 years in prison for a salmonella outbreak that started 7 years ago. a jury convicted the 61-year- old of faking lab tests for salmonella and knowingly shipping contaminated peanut butter. 9 deaths linked to the outbreak. in st. louis police have no plans to arrest uber drivers who defy taxi cab regulators. uber started operating in st. louis friday and they provided 5,000 rides on the first weekend. they demanded more background checks that includes finger printer but uber said the their
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process is -- sufficient. the dow is up 125 points. the nasdaq is up 1 point. the s&p is up 8 points. kidnapping for ransom case heads to court. the suspect made his first appearance in a courtroom today and coming up, we will tell you about the request his attorneys made. >> another republican candidate dropped out of the race today and there are calls for another republican to quit the race because of what he said on the campaign trail. >> and a charter school closed after an investigation found it did not complete all the property background checks. what the superintendent said he would do next if the school doesn't take immediate action.
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matthew muller made his first appearance in court today. ktvu's henry lee was that hearing. >> reporter: he showed up in court, he did not enter a plea. this was his first time to answer to the charges to the kidnapping. and at this point this was the first time we saw friends and family pack the courtroom.
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>> one of the issues was whether or not he should be shackled. his attorney said he doesn't think that is necessary. >> one thing to argue he is a danger, a flight risk, there is a presumption they are a flight risk and a danger but shackling in court is very difficult to work with them as your client and they didn't produce any evidence that he was a problem in court. he acted appropriately at all times there. >> did the judge decide anything? >> reporter: no. that will be tabled for a couple weeks. today the attorneys haggled over whether this is a situation where he is a danger to the public and a flight risk. the judge said it is clear from the complaint he is a danger so he will remain in custody. >> we were talking earlier, you said it looks like -- looks
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like he works out. >> reporter: you could see his muscles. this is the first time i could see him clearly. in state court he was covered up by the courtroom box. today we saw him. physically fit. very easy to believe he could be capable of committing a kidnapping as the prosecutors say. >> you mentioned for the first time his friends and family were inside the courthouse. i know you weren't able to talk to the family, but you spoke with a friend? >> reporter: the friend said everyone who knows him is devastated. they do not recognize the person in court as the person they know and love. they suspect mental illness may be responsible for these actions. at this point they are standing behind him and he will be in court. >> what happens next? >> reporter: within two weeks we expect the prosecutors to return a grand jury verdict and
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at which point he intends to plead not guilty. >> henie l -- henry lee, thank you. police are searching for a mugger who stole a woman's purse. happened before 7:00 p.m. last night on middlefield road. she was attending to her baby when a man tried to grab her purse. he punched her in the side of the head, and ran away. witnesses tried to run after him but couldn't catch him. >> reporter: apple is pulling dozens of popular apps that had been developed in china after they were infected with malware. dozen of apps were infected after developers used corrupted software. we chat is a chinese mobile messages app used by 600
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million users. >> the developer had their apps infected and that it made it on to the app store. >> all of the aches were -- apps were developed in china and used in china. apple said they have taken steps to address the problem. there are new developments in the republican presidential race. wisconsin governor scott walker announced he is dropping out and he urged others to do the same thing to simplify choices for voters. some are calling for ben carcken to quit -- carson to quit after remarks he made about muslims. >> he is wrong to assume and say -- >> reporter: calling on ben carcken to step aside -- carson to step aside after he said he would not support a muslim for resident. they said he is unfit to lead
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the nation and others argue he was goated into a game. >> this is a question to paint republicans as the bickted side of the issue -- bigoted side of the issue. >> reporter: carly fiorina shot ahead of him after winning praise for her performance in the last debate. >> that is going to mean more scrutiny for her. already you are seeing more critsome of her. >> donald trump -- criticism of her. >> reporter: donald trump remons in front -- remains in front. >> you develop a headache. >> reporter: good news for hillary clinton. her lead widened over bernie sanders. hillary clinton in louisiana today warning republicans against repealing obama care. >> i am not going to let them rip away the progress we made. >> reporter: today donald trump
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pledging not to take a salary if elected president. in washington, joel waldman fox news. >> donald trump is still the frontrunner. 24%. carly fiorina has jumped into second place after her strong showing in last week's debate. 15% after being 3% at the beginning of the month. ben carson now third. 160 students did not go to school this morning. why their school was shut down and what the superintendent threatened them with today. >> and the pope in cuba, the policies he has been critical of. >> and back flow to the car fire on highway 4. you can see it spread to the hillside along the eastbound lanes. live pictures from sky fox 2. this is between concord and antioch. as you can see there it is creating a big traffic jam tonight on highway 4.
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pope francis is due to arrive in the united states tomorrow after wrapping up his visit to cuba. today he celebrated mass outside doors in cuba. his sermon touchdown on politics. -- touched down on politics.
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>> reporter: the pope's air mass, including cuban president razl castro, saying jesus christ calls on them to be open to change. [ speaking foreign language ] >> jesus is love. pushes us to look beyond. not to be satisfied with appearances or what is politically create. >> reporter: the pontiff meeting with both brothers sunday. he also criticized cuba's government indirectly. >> he talked about people -- >> reporter: he heads to the united states tomorrow. his first stop is washington, d.c. to meet with president obama and to speak to congress. next he will visit new york and address the general assembly, visit ground zero and celebrate mass in madison square garden. the mayor says the city is
5:39 pm
prepared. >> of course there will be inconveniences. it is worth it for such onomassing and historical moment. >> the last stop, philadelphia. he will celebrate mass while there. the pope who played a role in reowning relations between -- reopening relations between cuba and united states will continue to push for the relations in cuba and the u.s. . >> ktvu's tara moriarty is heading to washington, d.c. and you can see her live reports starting tomorrow. why cal is offering classes in a language that is spoken by fewer people than the population of oakland. >> a heat advisory today but that goes away, big changes tomorrow with a cool down inland.
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a charter school in sunnyvale is shut down after a teachers aid was arrested for molesting a student. that prompted an investigation which revealed not all staff had property clearance be working there. ktvu's keba arnold with more on what officials are saying. . >> the problem background checks, finger prints were not completed on all employees
5:43 pm
before the school opened. we are told a delayed state i.d. number is why it didn't happen. parents were not satisfied with the answer. the spark charter school has 160 students. last night parents crowded the school, they wanted answers as they learned the school will be closed starting today till all background checks are in order. this started wednesday when police say a girl told a staff member that jonathan chow molested her. he is 18-years-old. he was arrested at school that same day. when authorities looked into his records, that is when they found background checks and finger prints were not complete. last night the president said the school is take steps to correct the issue and the staff had background checks friday. parents want to know why the
5:44 pm
school opened without required documentation. today we heard from the superintendent, he said he told the school if they did not take immediate action he will revoke the charter. >> we will be taking a look at our processes to see if there is something we can do to make sure this doesn't happen again. it is the responsibility on independent schools -- [ indiscernible ] >> the suspect faces several counts including lewd contact, morning and molestation. the question -- lewd and molestation. it usually takes the state 1-3 days to run background checks but sometimes it could take 30 days. keba arnold, ktvu fox 2 news. a server is back in the water after a shark took a bite -- surfer is back in the water
5:45 pm
after a shark took a bite out of the board. she tumbled off the board and passed out but made it back to shore. he went back into the waters yesterday. her employer bought her a new board. she plans on hanging the red board with the bite in it in her house. back now to the developing news. a fire near north texas road and empire street by the railroad tracks by highway 4. there are road closure and one home was burned. it looks like the train traction aren't effected. -- tracks aren't effected. from the looks at the pictures firefighters made good progress. we ever been watching as firefighters throughout the east bay and in fairfield jump on a series of fires. our chief meteorologist bill martin, we know it is hot out
5:46 pm
there, you were saying that not so windy. >> yeah. that is the key. as we get into fire season the winds start to become more of a factor. today is not windy. that is why we are not having a problem containing the smaller fires. into the next few weeks or months, october and november, we get the winds. that will create higher fire danger. with winds, temperatures up there. 101 fairfield. these are the numbers from today. inland temperatures came up. along the coast, along san francisco, they came down a few degrees. you see fog off shore, there is fog out there. salt evaporated -- the ocean is warm. the salt gets into the lower
5:47 pm
atmosphere. you see the haze. but tonight and tomorrow morning the fog will be back. a lot of stuff going on. tropical storms continuing to pump moisture -- listen, this area, phoenix, el paso it will go off, flood concerns, again into utah, where the tropical moisture drives north. they are experiencing issues with heavy rain. tropical moisture pinches off here. that is is humid -- south of the area. tomorrow cooler for us. fog returns to the coast. you see the greens and the yellow. cooler, moisture air. tomorrow i will show you the greens greens greens greens and yellows. over night lows in the upper
5:48 pm
50s and low 60s. the fog product tomorrow morning shows fog along the coast. highs tomorrow, heat still inland, around here, cooler. fire danger goes down. winds come up. they are go the right way. -- going the right way. we head for a cooler day. with the spare the air day and the heat advisory we are over that. 84 vacaville tomorrow. 83 clear lake. these are drops. 10, 15 degrees from today and yesterday. 78 milpitas. along the coast, mid-60s instead of mid-70s. high for tuesday. wednesday temperatures will be about the same. maybe warmer. temperature comes back up thursday and friday. wednesday the official beginning of fall, equal days and equal nights. >> yesterday, the first thought was i feel like i was hit by a
5:49 pm
blow torch. so hot. >> this last heat we had cost me 7 grand. pam wants air conditioning. [ talking at the same time ] >> i am not living like this anymore. okay. >> my kids kept wanting to flip it on. dad, you are acting like your dad. what am i the power company, what is the point of having it -- [ talking at the same time ] >> no argument in my house because we don't have it. >> is there any sign of rain? >> yeah. not in our area, the moisture, that is generated by el nino, hurricane, tropical storms, it will get into the pipe. we got it into the pipe last week. i would say it will start raining within a month.
5:50 pm
[ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. learning a second language took a new twist at one university. >> good morning. go on diet. >> why cal added that language. >> and in minutes, new at 6:00 p.m. a mystery surrounding the disappearance surrounding a family of three. >> the only way the family is ever going to have complete resolution is to know what happened. >> what authorities are saying and what we are learning about the family.
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after a meeting with the peep president obama will feces his -- will focus on the president of china. they will meet at the white house on thursday and friday. discussions about cyber security and hacking. chinese hackers are suspected of stealing data from government employees. today national security adviser said it is critical that china join the u.s. in promoting responsible behavior in cyberspace. >> many challenges today can only be met with china and the
5:54 pm
united states working in concert. >> climate change, military objectives and china's economy troubles. studying a second language is required but university of california at berkeley is going beyond, ktvu's ken wayne has more. >> reporter: estimated that 3-4 americans don't expect a second language. while half of europeans do. >> americans have the rage is ordis-- the advantage or disadvantage -- [ indiscernible ] >> the director of the institute of european studies at cal. he says in belgium students are thought three official languages. >> by the time you are 12 years old you are fluent in three
5:55 pm
languages. french, german, dutch. and english. >> now we are going to learn greetings. good morning. >> reporter: iceland sapopular to aest nest -- is a popular tourist destination. having cal students learn the language can improve understanding between the two nations. >> using their language skills, i see tremendous advantages. >> it is not just a matter of how many people speak a language, but what do you get from being able to get underneath the surface of a culture, of a political system. >> reporter: every student we talk to on the campus is already learning one other language. he is learning russian. >> i think it will have a
5:56 pm
positive effect. it is becoming important. >> when you know swedish you know norwegian and danish because they are similar. it opens up the world. >> knowing japanese helped me get into a program to study the research they do. >> reporter: cal is expanding kurdish and turkish programs too in an attempt to broaden student's horizon no matter what their interests. >> right now university of california at berkeley teaches 59 different languages on campus. more than most universities and it is always open to the idea of teaching more. the future for syrian refugees, hundreds of thousands
5:57 pm
' futures are still murky. >> reporter: a state of uncertainty. on tuesday they will try to figure out what to do about 120,000 asylum seekers. [ indiscernible ] in hungry lawmakers approved the use of the military to help police keep order. they will be doployed along the -- deployed along the borders. officials are vowing soldiers will only use force as a last resort. >> miserable. war. islamic state. all are fighting. civilians are lost. >> reporter: over the weekend the obama administration committed to admitting a much larger number to the u.s. but there a limit. >> most people assume that most
5:58 pm
want to return to their homes, bringing them to the united states doesn't make sense. >> reporter: the u.s. has committed to spending $4.5 million on the crisis. it won't have to get congressional approval. fox news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> we are following developing news right now in fairfield. a grass fire burned within home and threatened several homes. good evening everyone. i am heather holmes. >> i am frank somerville. that developing news started 3:45 p.m. this afternoon on taft street, southeast of interstate 80 in fairfield. live pictures now from over the scene. you can see what is left here. firefighters made very good progress on this fire.
5:59 pm
that is good news. i talked to our chief meteorologist bill martin, he said the temperatures are over 100 degrees.  it is very dry. the good news is that there is no wind. you can see that one house with serious damage to its roof. the fire grew quick lay and at -- quickly and reached four alarms. the fire burned one home. we are working to confirm whether other homes were burned. and one woman described what she saw. >> i saw the fire. next thing igue it was -- i knew it was in my backyard. >> several streets are closed. no word on what started the fire. we are following more developing news. another fire in contra costa county. this is video from highway 4 camera. a vehicle on fire there. it sparked a grass fire. firefighters have it contained and it burned an acre. today heat is making it
6:00 pm
tough on firefighters. now to our chief meteorologist bill martin. what made it easier for the firefighters walk the lack of wind. >> yeah. lack of wind. firefighters, all the fires today, the spot fires, firefighters dialing them in. there are changes coming. hot now. you see haze at the gate. fog tomorrow. you know that changes things. the highs from today. buck three fairfield or livermore. 100 napa. cooler around the bay. little sea breeze. heat advisory today. spare the air day today. current temperatures, you can see, which is typical, little cooling along the coast. already 11 degrees cooler in oakland right now. what happens? the marine layers stretches out into the next 24 hours and it will provide cooling


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