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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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tough on firefighters. now to our chief meteorologist bill martin. what made it easier for the firefighters walk the lack of wind. >> yeah. lack of wind. firefighters, all the fires today, the spot fires, firefighters dialing them in. there are changes coming. hot now. you see haze at the gate. fog tomorrow. you know that changes things. the highs from today. buck three fairfield or livermore. 100 napa. cooler around the bay. little sea breeze. heat advisory today. spare the air day today. current temperatures, you can see, which is typical, little cooling along the coast. already 11 degrees cooler in oakland right now. what happens? the marine layers stretches out into the next 24 hours and it will provide cooling into your
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bay area tuesday. when i come back we will talk about that and what this means down the road, towards the bay area middle of the week. updates on the valley fire this afternoon. acres, to the missing and how things are developing for the people. ktvu's tom vacar has new information at 6:15 p.m. neurat 6:00 p.m -- new at 6:00 p.m. a mystery surrounding the disappearance of a family and a possible linked to two burned body found 100 miles away. >> the only way the family is going to have complete resolution is to know what happened. >> the coroner hasn't been able to identify the remains but questions are asked about the couple. ktvu's rob roth is in the news room now. >> reporter: they be not yet identified the renines two
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people found inside the cabin -- the remains of the two people found inside the cabin. >> reporter: for neighbors it is a mystery that is leaning towards a sad outcome. >> i think everybody is horrified. really saddened by the possibility of a tragedy here. >> reporter: no one is able to say sure for what has become of the family. we found these pictures on their facebook pages. the three family members have been missing since a fire destroyed their cabin on september 13. his son stayed behind. >> the fire department didn't get out to the cabin until it had been completely burned out. >> reporter: the sheriff's department released a statement saying they found the remains
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of two people and they are working to identify who they are and how they died. neighbors say investigators came down and began asking them questions about the couple's relationship. >> they had a rollercoaster ride of a relationship. >> reporter: how so? >> times when they seemed fine and others when they were at odds at each other. >> reporter: he owns a construction business in town. and he pulled together $100 which he donated to the police department's k-9 unit for bullet proof vests for dogs. >> the only way that the family is going to have complete resolution is to know what happened. if it takes a criminal investigation then they are willing to support that and participate and cooperate in any way they can to get the
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answers. >> reporter: a neighbor says authorities also empounded a truck that had been -- impounded a pickup truck that had been parked in the driverway. a teenager is facing felony large the beating a man near the iron horse trail -- charge for beating a man near the iron horse trail saturday night. police say the man was riding his bike home from work when he encountered several teens. the man was hospitalized. the teen said they apologized but he kept walking towards them and the teen hit him. >> we told him we were 16 and he didn't care. he threatened to kill us. all right. >> the man is out of the hospital and recovering and the teen is facing felony battery
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charges. adrian gonzalez pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting and murdering maddy middleton in santa cruz. adrian gonzalez is tried as an adult and faces a life sentence if convicted. outside the courthouse maddy middleton's father organized a rally. >> i have forgiven him. i don't -- you know, i don't have any il-will and, you know, things will work out. >> investigators say adrian gonzalez used ice cream to lure to girl into the apartment. a former attorney and harvard grad facing chargesane kidnapping case -- charges in a kidnapping case pleaded not. matthew muller is accused of kidnapping denise huskins.
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police announced the kidnapping was a hoax but retracked that claim. an indictment is expected within two weeks. lawsuit filed by parents over the state's common core testing. ktvu's keba arnold with why parents in southern california say they were not informed of their rights about the assessment. >> reporter: parents in los angeles county claim they were not told they had the right to opt out. the group filed a lawsuit against the district saying the letter excluted information on dechaining dash excluded information -- excluded information on excluding from the test. >> we are hoping to vindicate the right of parents to be able
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to exercise their liberty interest in educating their kids and monitoring the education of their children. >> reporter: the superintendent claims the district fully complied with the law when notifying parents before the tests were issued in the spring. the lawsuit asks the district to comply with the law and award attorney fees to the parent group. according to numbers just released, 19,000 had exemptions from the tests. the final numbers are expected to be released next month. keba arnold, ktvu fox 2 news. the latest on the valley fire, the third most destructive wildfire in state history and the efforts to help those displaced. >> and new developments in the push to ban fire places places and the decision that was just made today. >> a live look at the monday
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evening commute. interstate 80, it is jam packed. >> a look now at highway 4 in contra costa county. earlier we told you about a car fire that spread to the dry brush. you can see firefighters are still on the scene and they made good progress. the problem is there is a back up and traffic is very slow in the area. at least it is moving.
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spiced capicola, a cracked- pepper-seasoned mortadella and spicy genoa salami. enjoy it while it's here! subway. eat fresh. just the remnants of a home are left after a fire that began this afternoon. the fire department responded to calls about the fire.
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they found this home fully engulfed. they were able to keep the fire from spreading. no one was injured. two men were killed and two police officers injured during a shoot outane target parking lot. -- out in a target parking lot this afternoon. two gunman had a confrontation with police officers and fired. two men were killed. two officers injured but they should survive. we don't know what led up to the shootings. chp and police as well as the sheriff's department are investigating. now to the valley fire that is still burning in lake county. it is now the third most destructive fire in california history. firefighters made progress over the weekend. ktvu's tom vacar spoke with cal fire this fron. they say -- afternoon. they say the fire is now 70% contained. >> reporter: the camp may be gone by the end of the week or
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sooner. with cooler weather ahead cal fire is closing in on full containment. >> containment is 70. 70%. and there are 4200 firefighters working on fire lines. that number is down from yesterday. and that number of firefighters will continue to drop as suppression efforts are accomplished. >> the death toll is coming into focus. >> as of the start of the fire we had 11 people that have been reported missing. three of those are presumed dead. three have been reunited and we are still looking for 5 more. >> reporter: law enforcement is looking for more luting. one of the worse kind of crimes. >> we continue our luting patrols. we had 32 property crimes reported. >> reporter: the reality of the
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damage and destruction is descending upon the communities. >> mental health issues. distress, among other resources there is a hot line. >> reporter: this is the time when people who need help need it the most. and this is the time when people who want to see their community return to normal, chip in to do everything they can as they rebuild their lives. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. the butte fire in amador and calaveras counties is now 44% con-- 74% contained. the fire claimed the lives of 2 people and destroyed 545 homes. students were able to return to class. 22 students and one staff member lost their homes in the fire. when they got to campus they were greeted by messages of
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hope and strength. administrators school is less of academics and more about being together. and the tassajara fire is now 30% contained. investigators believe the death of a mans who body -- man whose body was found may have been a suicide. it fire broke out saturday afternoon and burned 1,000 acres. the cause of the fire has not been determined. local air quality officials are dropping a proposal that would phase out wood burning fire places across the bay area. under the proposal property owners would have had to convert or seal off fire place physical their homes were -- faces if their homes were being sold or rented, now they only have to disclose the health hazards. and they plan to create a $3 million fund to give rebates to people who replace their fire
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places. new developments, one week after this fight outside levi stadium, levi stadium, the city is considering changing its alcohol policy during 49ers games. tomorrow the city counsel will debate whether alcohol sales should be stoped after halftime. ktvu's tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: it got hundreds of thousands views on social media. last monday's brawl when four 49er fans attacked a vikings fan. >> your behavior will not be tolerated. >> reporter: they are asking the counsel to consider banning alcohol sales after halftime to curve violence like this. >> it is a cooling down period. if it gives you an hour and a half to sober up.
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>> beer and sports go together. >> i think the owners will protest. the fans won't show up. >> i think they will lose money from it. people might bring their own alcohol in. >> i am not against cutting out alcohol early but i don't think it will solve the issue. i think we are dealing with a small percentage of fans. >> reporter: he says officer staffing levels are adequate. the bad fans need to under the consequences. the 49ers said as a result of the behavior, they are terminating the individual's license and the 49ers are revoking his season tickets. the others will not be allowed back into the stadium. the chief said it was 49er fans who helped catch the suspects and he wants to remind fans to use your cell phone if you
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notice suspicious behavior. fans can text or call for help. >> really sad. kids should be to feel safe. >> reporter: he supports the alcohol limit. the issue goes before the city counsel tomorrow night. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. our chief meteorologist bill martin once again, the weather. it was so hot over the weekend and still hot today. >> got to go the other way. temperatures trend down tomorrow. live camera shot. looks hot. air quality issues. spare the air day today. and then a heat advisory as well. looks hot. almost as hot like yesterday. temperatures today hot inside the valley. 102 antioch. 100 napa. cooler around the bay.
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the sea breeze beginning to grab hold. you see that here with the yellows and greens. cool, moist air. winds are picking up. good news. it will cool off into the next 24 hours. the marine layer stretches out. it spills inland. good indication. cal fire appreciate this forecast too. we had a number of fires, small fires, without the wind they had trouble catching on. the cool air will have an opportunity to cool things off. the winds come up but it will cool off. humidities come up. 66 degrees tomorrow for a high in san francisco. down from 90s a couple days ago and yesterday. tomorrow, yellows are 70s. lots of 70s. there will be patches along the
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coast tomorrow. nice day. temperatures 10, 15 degrees cooler than today. san jose tomorrow 80 degrees. lunchtime mid-70s. 80 degrees. hot. no heat advisory. 77 napa. 82 fairfield. helps fire danger. we are in fire season. been in fire season last 3, 4 years. now into fire season. the winds become an issue. this is the time of year where it happens. we could see it anytime. be thankful when you get a cooler forecast like this. and like this. a chance to recoup. thursday, friday, saturday, temperatures come back up. the fall on wednesday. the beginning of fall.
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that is when fire season takes off. >> feels like we got a break today. had the fires. looks like one home was destroyed. you think if there was wind it could have been worse. >> yeah. yeah. the fires in lake county, that is all about the wind. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. students at uc davis are taking part in a competition against 19 other schools. the solar decathlon. the goal is to build a zero net home. a house that creates its own power. this uses solar panels. the butterfly roof catches rain water and stores it. the students are designing it for farm workers. >> to make it as much advanced at the same time keep the price
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low. >> students estimate this would only cost $150,000. it ends next month. the competition is held every two years. >> very interesting. the 49ers get back to work after a tough road loss against the steelers yesterday in pittsburgh. >> also former 9ers wide receiver gets accolades from his new raiders head coach. mark is up next with sports. in minutes on ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36, the list of marriage republican white house -- major republican white house candidates is down. wisconsin governor scott walker is abandoning his bid and tmz asked democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton which woman should grace theten dollars bill. -- the $10 bill.
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after the first week the raiders played horrible and the 9ers played great. the second week the opposite. raiders looked great and the 9ers didn't look hot. >> a role reversal. over reaction monday. you know? 49er fans freaking out. raiders getting ready to go to the super bowl. not realee. the -- really. the 49ers disaster. if you look at what the problems were, there were many. another continuing problem for the 49ers, flips red zone. down 8-0 -- problems in the red zone. down 8-0. four plays go backwards. red zone, they get close, they can't push it in.
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today torrey smith, one of thepervs, talks about the -- the positives talks about the offensive o's. >> you want to -- woes. [ indiscernible ] did a good job stopping the run. we had to make plays in the passing game. wasn't enough. [ indiscernible ] >> we moved the ball. got in the red zone. need to score touchdowns and come away with points. >> there you go. for the raiders, good news, they left their opening loss in the rear view merer and took care of things. -- mirror and took care of things. derek carr led a great drive for the game winning touchdown. michael crabtree, resurrecting
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his career. 9 catches, 111 yards and a touchdown. jack del rio definitely noticed his performance. >> michael crabtree had a phenomenal game. he made unbelievable catches. clutch situations. the unselfishness, the way he blocked, just really terrific effort. >> meanwhile, as they celebrate a victory, victory, the raider organization mourns the loss of a man who defined the organization, particularly in the florae years -- glory years, you will see after the sea of fans play, passed away, long time executive with the raiders. 30 years with the team, coaching, management, he was -- there he is.
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he did it all. 82 yearsold. and passing away due to -- years old. and passing away due to -- related to diabetes. great guy. but a hard core football man. you did not want to be on his bad side. >> love that picture of him going crazy. thank you. and thank you for joining us. have a great night. see you.
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