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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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puts him at ease. >> he certainly has captivated the world's attention. he has this amazing ability to accomplish a personal connection with people. cut through filters, cut through media. cut through spins and he has this ability to people feel like they have a personal connection with him. kind of like your big brother. it's really kind of a style that is, down to earth and easily relatable. >> on his flight to the u.s. from cuba pope francis held an impromptu press conference on the plane. when he was asked if he was a liberal. francis said no. but this is a pope who has certainly bucked tradition of the pope before him. he doesn't wear the ruby slippers, he doesn't live in the basilica, but a modest apartment. and he has been known to sneak
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out at night to feed the hungry. on thursday he will address a joint session of congress. the first pope ever to do so. live in washington, d.c., i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> tara, thank you very much. students and staff at st. mary's college in moraga rang the school's historic bronze bell at 1:00 p.m. to mark the pope's arrival. several other catholic churches around the country also rang their bells in honor of the pope's visit. you heard tara mention it a few moments ago. the pope will cannonnize father serra. father serra is buried at the carmel. the ceremony begins at 1:00 p.m. and will be broadcast on a jumbotrom. as many as 400 people are expected to be there.
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>> the little that i know he's done a lot of great work putting the missions together. and in order to be a saint you also have to do a miracle. so there must have been some miracle so he's not just an ordinary man. >> reporter: the ceremony is also expected to draw protesters from people who say father serra interfered with the lives of native americans. the carmel mission was the second catholic mission established by father serra. pope francis has a long schedule. he will visit the white house, address congress and take part of a capital mall parade. he will head to new york and hold a multi religious meeting . the pope then departs back to rome on sunday night. stay with ktvu for
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continuing coverage of the pope's visit. tara moriarty will bring us live reports on the evening newscast tomorrowment you will also find a special -- news cast tomorrow. you will also find a special section on the lawrence livermore national lab confirmed its chief financial officer was killed in a crash. kathie baker was taking a class at the gym when a car slammed into the building. it happened at the lifestyles rx gym in livermore. that's where we find ktvu's john sasaki who says the 80- year-old driver hit the wrong pedal, john. >> reporter: it's the kind of thing we often hear about. usually an older driver slamming on the gas instead of the break and slamming into a building. this time it was fatal. people in livermore were in stunned silence after the incident. around 60:00 a. -- 6:30 a.m.
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an suv slammed into the gym. six people were injured and 49- year-old kathie baker of livermore was killed. >> terrible. i mean it's a terrible shock. i mean, you can't prepare for something as tragic as this. i mean, it's just something that happens in the blink of an eye. and the rest of us are left to deal with it. so you know it's going to be a hard road. >> reporter: one of bakers friends talked with us while not showing his face. >> kathie was a good person. she came to the lab about 15 years ago. >> reporter: police say the crash happened when the 80-year- old driver was just trying to park her suv and she suffered what's called pedal confusion. >> when you think your foot is on the break and you push it harder to stop. that's probably what happened she pushed the gas pedal harder and accelerated. >> because it went 70 feet into
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the building. >> correct. >> reporter: lab officials told me they would be announcing her death to the staff. baker's friend also works at the lab. >> very well liked by the people who work for her. above and below and that's a rare commodity when you find someone who's liked from all sides. >> reporter: i talked to a family member of the driver. and told me she is devastated over what happened. police officers told her she is not allowed to drive and her license has been suspended. after i posted this story on facebook, one of my facebook friends said quote, she will be deeply missed referring to kathie baker. she will be deeply missed, she was a very sweet woman. >> just a tragedy allaround, thank you. a wild chase and shoot out in the east bay early this morning ended with deputies shooting and killing an armed
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suspect. the man was killed in an alley off of highway 238 in san leandro after exchanging gunfire with deputies. investigators say prior to that the suspect carried out a spring of thefts this morning. at one point he led police on a pursuit driving the wrong way on the freeway. he ditched the car and then ran off. investigators say he opened fire on a highway patrol officer who tried to take him into custody. that officer wasn't hit but a bullet struck a passing car. >> it almost seems like he was involved in his own real life game of grand theft auto. expect he's using real bullets and he has real consequences and he doesn't get to hit the reset button. >> the man was in his early 30s with an expansive and extensive criminal history. president obama declared the valley fire a major disaster that's a big deal
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because it will free up funding. nearly 2,000 structures have been destroyed. making it the third most destructive fire in california history. more than 75,000 acres have burned in the valley fire. it's now 75% contained. today we're also getting a look at two people who haven't been seen since the fire. the lake county sheriff's department says deputys are still looking for 66-year-old robert fletcher and robert richmond of lower lake. the fire department says they've conducted a search of both men's homes but were unable to locate any remains. evacuations are still in place for some evacuees but the evacuation center in calistoga is set to close this week. tom vacar now with what's next for the thousands of people who may no longer have a place to live. >> reporter: calistoga shutter camp officially closes thursday as lake county residents return
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to the near by lake county fire storm area. there's the appearance there's still quite a few people here at the fairgrounds, the fact is many of these tents have been abandoned in place because they were donated anyhow. >> working very closely with the other partners in running this area to make sure the folks have some where to go. >> reporter: those shelters may be open for a long long time because according to century 21 north bay alliance realtor jane mullin. >> i think it's going to be very difficult because we're limited on the rentals available and homes for sale. >> reporter: according to hud, there are only 42 foreclosures in all of lake county and just a meager 13 in the fire area that includes middle town, hidden valley, lake and cobb. fortunately as folks acquired trailers, large tents or other living spaces, the tidal wave of donations is being moved
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from calistoga to lake county. so people can set up housekeeping. linda davis is with the center for volunteer and nonprofit leadership that's heading up that part of the recovery. >> not only all the stuff that's here but we also have other people that want to give doe nations -- donations of furniture. >> everything that is being donated is going to the evacuees. >> i really am grateful. and i hope we have something we can accept. >> reporter: rebuilding could take years. a high school will be shutting down. >> i would be losing a lot. i found my voice at that school. the money problem that may be forcing hundreds of students to a new school. >> is part of san francisco now a no tech zone. this sign certainly make it
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look like that. what police and transit officials are telling us about this sign. >> a significant cool down today. will you notice it tomorrow? there's some fog at the coast. i'll let you know how much longer it cools off and when it heats up again.
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some fake street signs have been put up in san francisco banning cell phones and tech devices. today city workers took down the signs but you see them there they sure looked real. they were posted in san francisco's alamo square and they said no cell phones, tablets, laptops or smart devices allowed and are subject
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to fines. phase two of california's highway safety program begins today the first phase from 2006 to 2012, highway fatalities were reduced by 20%. still some 8,000 people die each kwrao√°er and more than 10,000 others are injured. the california highway patrol says it wants to do more to help bicyclists, drivers and pedestrians safer. >> trying to tie it to something specific statistically that you're going to be able to track. >> reporter: the chp says one of the hardest things about safety is you have to be vigilant about it so you get to your destination safely. a judge scolded a neighborhood over a lawsuit
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against a autistic boy. the judge told them they should resolve this without litigation. both families are no longer living on arlington court. new at 6:00, an east bay art school at risk of shutting down and it could force more than 100 students to find new schools. a lack of money and low enrollment could force them to close their doors. >> rob roth now with the effort to try to keep the school open and why students say this school is so special. >> reporter: when students from the east bay arts school in hayward talk about the very real possibility of the school closing in june they get emotional. >> when i first heard the news i broke down. i would not be where i am as a person like this mature if i had not gone to east bay high. >> the students say this is the school where they found their voice and the courage to
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perform. east bay hire offers an arts curriculum as well as college prep. >> the current enrollment is 186 students. for the high school in order for it to be fiscally viable we're looking for around 400 students. >> reporter: the school district says closing the school and moving the arts program to another high school would save hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> i would be devastated. >> reporter: cynthia torrez graduated from the school six years ago and is now a classroom teacher in oakland. she and other allumns accomplished a go fund me site to gather money to keep the school open they also want to actively recruit students to boost the numbers up. >> we're not asking the district for money. we're not asking the district to add more students we're not asking them to do any hard work. everything we're doing, we're doing ourselves. >> i would be losing my family. my second family. >> reporter: the students and
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parents plan to plea their case to the san lorenzo school board at a public hearing scheduled for next month. then the board is expected to make their final vote in november. rob roth, ktvu news. fall is on the way and it certainly feels like fall. >> sure does today. >> we're checking in with bill martin. what a difference. >> it is. tomorrow is the first day of fall and it does feel like fall out there. today the last day of summer. temperatures dropped a good 20 degrees. with the cloud coming in from the south feels like fall around here. with fire danger taking a bit of a break today. when you see moisture set up like this coming from the pacific, that's always great. it drops temperatures and increases the atmosphere. these are the temperatures we had today. it was 84 in fairfield.
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so that's one of the warm spots because you're obviously away from the waters edge. look at the cool down in san francisco. 66 in oakland. we talked about the significant drop in temperatures today. that's because the marine layer stretched out. that's in response to just a high pressure weakening. so you know, this is a repetitive pattern that occurs all summer. as we head into the next couple of days that high is going to reaccomplish itself then we will start to get a little warmer around here. there's the satellite imagine we will take a look at it on the pacific north west. that's in response as you point out the moisture in the pacific. but this is all coming up from an old tropical storm. it gets up here in the deserts four corners. it's basically monsoonal moisture but it's a lot of it. if you have flights out into the four corners area the next 24 hours or so, i would check the carriers just to make sure because there's been a lot of rain down there and it will continue tomorrow. shifting a little further east. the current temperature right now it's 70 degrees in
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fairfield. look at the departure from right now today to yesterday. so the departure yesterday it was 48 degrees. it was 18 degrees warmer yesterday in hayward. 18degrees cooler today. that's the whole story right there. and you see all the greens respecting that cool moist air that's pushed inland. this cool pressure was enough to increase the on shore flow. dropped temperatures and put us in a situation in the next 24 hours that is going to be a little mild. it'll be a little warmer tomorrow. then it'll warm up a little more. but tomorrow, a mild day. not as cool as today but mild. when is the rain going to come? hopefully pretty soon. there's rain down in southern california. the monsoonal moisture being generated by all the el nino warm water pushing storms into the atmosphere then that moisture consequently not in
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the ocean. the ocean currents don't come this far north. the key to the el nino. there's moisture everywhere. if the el nino doesn't die before the october, november, january, february jet stream can dip down and grab it it's game on for rain. and right know it doesn't seem it's going to die. so it's on for rain. and we'll talk about the forecast when i see you again at 10:00. >> when you're looking at the models everyone thinks this is going to be a good winter for us. >> we know it's an el nino year. it's a very strong el nino. the chances of it weakening are limited. if that el nino goes away now and the currents change. now that the winter comes it's just a normal winter.
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but when the jet stream gets to that latitude november, december then it's game on. i would suggest most of us are in concurrent that it's going to be a pretty good year. >> thanks bill. a grape grower in el dorado county waited until the last moment to harvest the last of his grapes. it appears to have paid off. nelo olivo grows 10 different varieties and the last ones to be picked are the sengrantino which comes from the ingro region of italy. olivo held off far couple of weeks to harvest them. >> intense flavors when you let them hang for as long as we're doing now. >> he said last week's rain turned out to be a blessing. the rain washed off the particlates from the butte fire and the summer heat was good for the grapes. the 49ers are preparing for a tough weekend against the cardinals. and steph curry is back on the
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nighttime circuit. mark tells us who he was hanging out with next in sports. >> time now to check in with keba she's live in the newsroom with a look at what we're working on for fox 2 news at 7:00. >> ben carson is doing some damage control now. how carson defended his comments that a muslim should never be president. >> also kylie jenner has a real craving for chinese food. you will not believe how much she paid for take out. these stories coming up.
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looks like the iron man triathalon will be the last one in tahoe. the first year there were freezing temperatures, the
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second year smoke from the wildfires caused the race to be cancelled but at the very last minute the head of squall ski resorts told him that the conditions made it for a tough rally. >> and we saw what happened against the steelers this past weekend. it got ugly after the second quarter. one of the problems for the defense was just giving up huge chunks of yardage particularly on third down. that was just a short touchdown. ben roethlisberger threw for well over 300 yards. 49ers were never in it and the defensive lineman glen dorsey pretty candid in his assessment as to what the 49ers have to do to improve in a hurry. >> you know the majority of the game we did a decent job besides here and there a few
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runs like i said on the one yard line or whatever. but most of all we did a decent job. like i said we put ourselves in bad situations whenever you do that against a good football team a good quarterback you can't win. it's hard to win. we just have to correct those mistakes. >> and fast. meantime if i told you that stephen colbert was ever good as good a shooter as steph curry would you believe it? here's a short clip from last night. >> our moms are coming to visit. and we have to get our dirty laundry off of the door and into the dirty hamper in there. >> first one. >> he took shots in 30 seconds colbert hit one. so did steph so they had a sudden death play off and both of them got a shot a piece. so they wound up tied. if you can believe this. training camp for the warriors opens one week from today.
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seems like they, seems like they just wrapped up the season. >> well, they did. that tells me that both steph and stephen colbert have a lot of dirty laundry. >> they're used to rolling up socks like they did. giants and a's back at it. they were both off and here's kind of a cool rumor that i would like to see come to fruition. dusty baker in giant's history is rumored to be the number one contender for job as manager of the miami marlins. it would be great to see him back in the game. he's been sitting out a couple of years. >> you thought he was going to say giants. >> i was like what is bruce bochey leaving. >> he is not going any where but dusty may be headed to south beech. homeless man turned squatter, we show you how a man became the legal owner of a home after squatting there for years. tonight two investigates on his
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latest challenge becoming an attorney. and the roadblock he's now trying to overcome. that story is tonight at 10:00. >> we're always here for you facebook and twitter. thanks so much for joining us. see you again at 10:00 everyone. good night. >> good night.
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