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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  September 23, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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thousands at the united states. mornings on 2 starts now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning, i'm claudine wong. yogi ber rah has -- berra has died at 90. he was famous for playing baseball. he was famous for a lot of his sayings.
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>> hello, claudine. has you on your toes at 4:00 a.m., brian when claudine is here. the breeze is still there. a bigger fog bank. the inland has plunged about 20 degrees. west 18. wind gusts, about 35, 40 miles an hour. it is a cool one. we'll see these drop another few degrees. digging out in the pacific and the desert in the west, it will be a fight between the two. breezy today. mostly sunny.
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temperatures will start off in the 50s, 70s, and 80s. we are looking at a commute that is not bad at all. you have a little bit of time to hang out and watch us for a little bit if you want. there's our spider if you can see it. boris the spider. it's aays funny to see. at fremont, it is a nice- looking drive. new reports about a san francisco firefighter about drinking on duty and missing a call. the firefighter had requested
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that day off for a medical appointment, but that was denied. at some point in the night, he missed a truck run. when the other ones returned, he was behaving erratically. they had no reason to deny his absence request, but the chief says there's no excuse for drinking on duty. he has already attended a rehab facility. a man accused of driving a fire truck drunk in june of 2015. a blood wasn't administered until 6 hours after that crash though.
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so there was no way to prove it. there was a robbery in sausauto yesterday in a woman's home. she describes him between 5' 8' and 5' 10'. also a tib ronuron 49-year-old cathy baker was working out with a group of people when a mercedes plowed through the gym in livermore.
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>> it's just something that happens in the blink of an eye. >> 6 people were also hurt in the crash. she mistook the gas for the brake. her license has been suspended, and officers have told her not to drive. >> livermore lab said, we grieve the loss of one of our own. cathy baker. it is 4:05, and we are looking at the pope's agenda. he officially kicks off the visit to the united states. the pope has decided on a more modest ride on his visit, a fiat.
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caroline? >> reporter: good morning, to you, claudine. the pope has never shied away from issues where the two leaders are definitely split. president obama gave him a warm greeting this morning. he will join congress, the first pope ever to do so. >> with the government shut- down looming, they will continue this week's relentless attack on women's health care. >> reporter: he will speak in
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d.c. and philadelphia. >> it is to illustrate the deep admiration that people have for pope francis and his leadership. >> reporter: it's designated as a national security event with security taking the lead. pope francis will officially declare junipero ser ra a saint. he is buried at caramel. it will show it at 1:00 on a jumbotron. many people feel he should not
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be honored because of the harsh treatments of native americans. >> it doesn't mean that someone was perfect. we know he was there to evangelize, to help the natives, but i'm sure there were mistakes, and for that, you know, the church apologizes. >> the church plans to hold a silent prayer vigil today. people we spoke with in the bay area say they are excited about the visit because of how humble he is. >> you just want to make him part of your family. >> i think all of us who are catholic are praying for him to
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have a beautiful visit. >> a commemorative candle is a popular item in gift shops there. live coverage this morning. you are also going to find a special section on the pope's visit at uber is coming to oakland. it is planning to take over the old sears building. uber will likely take up the entire building. it has scheduled a press conference for 12:30 this afternoon. coming up in 20 minutes, a
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declaration by the president that is going to allow folks to rebuild. but first, the president of china visits the u.s. as a way to reduce tensions between the two countries. the 180 split there. we'll tell you more about traffic ahead. it's going to be sunny, but will it stay warmer or cooler? we'll have your forecast coming up.
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welcome back. time now, 4:12. chinese president is here to visit to reduce tensions between u.s. and china. he arrived yesterday with washington state officials greeting him warmly. human rights protestors also lining the streets. cyber attacks from china will be a major topic of discussion. >> government-sponsored cyber conferences. >> the chinese president says his country is a strong
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defender of safety and a defender of hack attacks. he does not support attacks. volkswagen is expected to hold what's being called a crisis meeting because the emissions scandal is continuing around the world. they already face as much as $18 billion in fines alone. germany is looking into the problem, and france is calling for an investigation across all of europe. other auto makers may have done the same thing. >> it's much bigger problem than you think it is. >> investors are showing a lack of faith. stock prices are down for other car companies as well as parts
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manufacturers. samsung has just moved into its new state of the art campus. a ten-story tower on townsend drive. it's home to 700 employees who work on developing smart phones and tv sets. they have more than 2,000 employees there. grew upon has announced major layoffs. about 10% of its staff. it's going to affect their customer service and deal staff team. the company's also shutting down its operations in several places like the philippines and thailand.
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even the president has been caught belting it out a couple of times. >> happy birthday to you. >> the song happy birthday to you does not hold a valid copyright. it has been having an on going issue for around 80 years. it has long been in the public domain making it fair game to use. sing away, sal. >> you know what? i'm not going to do it, but i was always aware of it. you see that movies, and they
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always cut away from the song at birthday scenes. this is a nice-looking drive. you can stick around and watch them anchor all morning long. it looks good all the way in. nice-looking drive when you get into the toll plaza. barring anything would happen. if something does happen, we will let you know. now, about the weather. >> our spider's up early. >> yeah. he's out doing a little work. a little web design.
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chilly in the upper 40s. a little bit down towards monterey. temperatures really took a plunge. that's taking care of any fog there. some kind of component for that. yesterday was a lot stronger than this. it is on the cool side. 40s in napa. 50s in others. probably before anything's said and done, heelsburg in there. water temperatures are 40s and 50s. in the four corners, moving out. it will be a slow-mover into the weekend. a little warmer for inland areas.
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80s on some of the temperatures. temperatures will just kind of work their way up a few degrees. >> there was a nice breeze yesterday when i went to the gym. you didn't go? >> no. >> that's a first. if you've been thinking of signing up for amazon prime, friday would be a good day to do it. it's a $32 discount. free two-day shipping, video streaming, and it's celebrating
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its video series transparent, which took home two grammys on sunday. battle of the former teammates. battle of the bay game. but first, taking a step back. how a drug company is responding for a price hike for certain drugs.
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a woman was hurt after her car was hit by a cal train about 6:30 last night. she was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. it is still unclear why that car was on the tracks. the fire department has been awarded money for san jose. staffing for adequate fire and emergency response. this is the third grant since 2010 for a combined total of almost $27 million. a company that sparked an
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angry backlash that treats an ugly parasitic infection. the new price would make it more affordable. they rose it to a whopping $750 per pill. hillary clinton is outlining a plan for prescription drugs. she spoke in iowa laying out a plan encouraging the development of generic drugs and more restrictions on drug companies. >> drug companies should have to explain why their new drugs are better on the market. i don't want any of us paying
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for some fancy pill that's no different than another pill. republican presidential campaigner donald trump says he's no longer interested in talking about one topic. he spoke with stephen co bert colbert. >> barack obama born in the united states. >> i don't talk about it anymore. >> in a recent town hall event, he was criticized for not responding when a man said president obama was a muslim and not a u.s. citizen.
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preparing to sing for the pope. he is just one of the singers on saturday. he said it will be a spiritual moment for him. >> when you sing in front of the pope, it's not a performance. it's a prayer. it's a different condition. >> some 750,000 are expecting to attend the festival of families. coming up, we continue to follow the pope's visit. what's on his schedule today that already has folks lining up to see him. and a san francisco firefighter accused of being drunk on the job. why the firefighter's union is defending him. right now, traffic is moving well on the 80 down to
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the mack arthur maiz. a few 40s popping up. a few showers could be coming our way. we'll look at them coming up.
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welcome back everybody to mornings on 2. it's wednesday, september 23rd i'm brian flores. >> good morning, to you i'm congress congress. pope francis is waking up in the united states this morning. his first visit here. it's going to be a whirlwind three city tour. his first stop today the white house. >> that is where we find doug luzader this morning with the pope's very busy agenda. >> reporter: it's a beautiful day at the white house. the white house is expecting 15,000 people for the pope's visit here which would include a relatively lengthy one on one with the president. pope francis stepping off of his plane from cuba at andrews
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air force base. greeted by president obama and the first lady. the plane side welcome is a rare courtesy extended to a pope who has generated excitement around the world. and keeping true to his humble image, he drove around washington in a tiny fiat. his stop at the white house this morning as a meeting of like minded leaders. >> this is an opportunity for two men who have so many values in common to talk about the efforts that they are taking in their respective and quite different roles. >> reporter: he is expected to push for action on climate change, immigration reform, and income inequality. it's worth noting that this pope can be difficult to pin down. >> the pope is an equal opportunity pleaser and offender. he will say


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