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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  September 23, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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♪ butt holy father had, on behalf of michelle, myself, welcome to the white house. >> pope francis just made his first public address to the
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american people here in the united states. we'll have more live coverage of his historic visit. >> reporter: plus, a san francisco firefighter, in trouble this morning accused of being drunk while on duty and missing an emergency call. we'll tell you how many delegations came to light and the disciplinary action that firefighter is now facing. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." we're taking you right back to the white house with these live pictures. just a few minutes ago, pope francis made his first address to the american public after president obama spoke. the pope touched on themes familiar with the american people, climate change, immigration, the migrant crisis in europe and equality. we'll be following the pope's visit from here from the spectacular setup. the pope is now going to be
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taking a bit of a tour on a parade in the pope mobile going past, i believe, the national mall, the washington monument, some 15,000 people gathered here. thousands more in the streets, hoping to catch a names of the pope. our own tara moriarty in washington, d.c. tara has been busy talking with people waiting hours to see the pope. we'll bring tara into our coverage in a couple of minutes. it's wednesday morning, september 23rd. good morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. weather-wise, first day of autumn, steve. >> that's correct. started early this morning. it feels like it for some. very cool lows. now fog is showing up. petaluma, you can see some of that. rancon valley. salinas valley. napa airport. that's right about when they hit 43 degrees. now they are 46. but 49, half moon bay. a lot of low 50s.
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49 also out towards la fayette. and it's close for others, including blackhawk, alamo. had a couple of 40s. cooler lows. after the fog burns off whatever it is, sunny and nice. temperatures, lower coast and bay. inland temps, maybe 90 far enough inland. for most, 70s and 80s. by the water, 60s. sal, you have an update? something you want to tell us. that's right. we're following the freeways. we're also following that amber alert and we're gonna have more information periodically to let you know who police are looking for and the license plate. we're looking at the east shore, 42-minute drive, carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. that's getting busier. a few moments ago, it was 20 minutes. it's growing rather quickly when you go to the bay bridge. san mateo bridge, doesn't look bad. it's very crowded. headed out to the peninsula. it's kind of obstructed there.
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you can see the amber alert signs are up everywhere on those message signs letting you know what to look for in this amber alert. also looking at the commute here as we go to concord. southbound 680 very slow. now in pleasant hill, walnut creek as well. highway 4 has been super slow. pittsburg to baypoint. by the way, vasco road is a mess. awful getting to 580. 7:04. back to the desk. pope francis starting his first full day in the united states at the white house. that's where he is right now. at a welcoming ceremony we brought you live that just wrapped up, the pope said he was happy to visit a country built by --
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>> safeguarding the rights of individuals and communities and rejecting every form of injustice discrimination. >> in his remarks, the president praised the pope's humility, his embrace of simplicity and his generosity of spirit. he said the visit to cuba before arriving here in the united states offers the promise of better cooperation with that country. more live pictures here from washington. tens of thousands of people hoping to catch a glimpse of the hope this morning -- pope this morning. it was a fairly brief ceremony we brought you live. it's ended. the pope has gone inside. soon, he will be taking a tour of washington, d.c. after leaving the white house, he will take part in a parade around the national mall. the parade is set to start at 8:00 our time. so less than an hour here. we do know that people have been lining up well hours before it starts, as early as
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1:00 a.m. our time. one witness tells us that they are very excited to see what's coming and that the rush to get a good spot after the gates opened was like a black friday sale at a department store. tara moriarty got there early, i'm sure, to secure a good spot. you've been talking to people waiting to see the pope, haven't you? >> reporter: yes, we have and the excitement is definitely building. we joined the thousands of people. we met people from as far away as norway, guatemala and any brats cau -- nebraska. >> how are you doing? the pope is here. are you going to mass? i'm guessing right now. >> reporter: vendors are selling t-shirts and rosary beads and buttons. security is tight. there are officers from tsa,
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border patrol and the military and the police departments. people started to line up at 4:00 in the morning. they say they are excited to witness history. >> i'm really impressed with him. i think he's a holy person. i'm really proud to have him as head of the catholic church and really proud that we have him to share with the rest of the world as well. >> i think he's very down to earth. he's very -- he loves everybody, especially the poor people. he's more of a people person. >> reporter: now, after the pope's meeting with the president, the parade will be getting underway. after that, pope francis heads to saint mathews for a prayer service. speaking of bishops, i ran into san francisco's own archdiocese at the airport. he sat right next to me on the plane, actually right in front of me. he said he's attending that prayer service. he's quite excited. one thing he mentioned, he said what i really like about this
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pope he puts people, everyone at ease. back to you. >> all right, tara moriarty live in d.c. we'll be checking in with you all morning long. thank you. later today, pope francis will officially declare junipero serra a saint. he will celebrate a canonization mass at catholic university in washington, d.c. for junipero serra who founded spanish missions, including dolores mission in california. today, the mission in california will be showing a live broadcast of the canonization. that will be at 1:00 on a jumbotron in the courtyard. protesters are expected to be there. many feel that father serra should not be canonized. >> i think it's important to
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understand what being declared a saint is. >> now, a native-american group s to hold a silent prayer vigil today there at the mission cemetery. tara moriarty, who you just saw live, will have another live report for you coming up in our 8:00 hour. you can also find a special section on the pope's visit at back to the breaking news we reported about 15 minutes ago of an amber alert in san mateo county for a child abduction. the chp says it's looking for jake steele. at this point, the oeentry description we have -- only description we have, he's a white 5-year-old boy. he was not wearing a shirt whens wake taken.
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he was wearing what jam ma pants. he's believed to be taken by michael steele, 34. we're hearing reports that michael is jake's father. we have yet to confirm that. police are looking for those two. they are believed to be traveling in a 2015 gray toyota tacoma truck with the license plate on your screen, 22682 r 1. and as happens after an amber alert, there are signs up on the freeway, like this one. one of our staffers took a picture of this about getting the word out about the child abduction . people are asked to be on the lookout. anyone with information about the whereabouts of the two is asked to call police. we're following this and will update you throughout the newscast. there is a report that a san francisco firefighter is facing possible disciplinary action. he's accused of drinking while on the job and missing an emergency call. alex savidge live where the
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firefighter works. that's at the fire station just north of the panhandle, right, alex? >> reporter: yeah, it is. good morning. station 21. the firefighter is accused of getting drunk in the middle of his shift and then allegedly staying behind here at the firehouse while his firefighters responded to an alarm call. this was early last month. according to the croppicle, when the fellow firefighters returned, this firefighter was banking erratically and his blood alcohol level was allegedly four times higher than the level allowed for on- duty firefighters. that unnamed firefighter was then driven home in the middle of his shift. now, according to the chronicle, the firefighter was upset because he had been ordered to work a 24-hour overtime shift. he had requested that day off for a medical appointment. but the request was denied. the firefighters' union says the department should not have denied the request. chief joanne hayes-white said there was no excuse for
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drinking on the job, although she admits the matter could have been handled differently. the firefighter has completed a rehab program. this is the latest case of a san francisco firefighter who is suspected drinking on the job. michael quinn was accused of driving a fire rig while drurblg and striking a motorcyclist back in june of 2013. in march a judge dismissed those dui charges against the former san francisco firefighter. the judge in that case ruled that the investigation had been poorly handled and there was no way to know if quinn was drunk at the time because the blood alcohol test had -- they had taken too long to administer those tests. another firefighter in trouble here in san francisco. >> thank you. still ahead, we just got in new numbers about the valley fire. in 20 minutes, why some of the victims who had been staying at
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ax centers -- at evacuation centers, they will soon have to find a new way to go. we're looking at the bridge commute. things are not going that well here on the san mateo bridge. it's very crowded over to another crowded freeway, highway 101. it's cold out there for some this morning. also the fog is kind of dancing around a little bit. we'll have your wednesday forecast, see if this first day of fall will feel fall-like. it does so far.
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to allow evikd. the chronicle reports eviction for nuisances or lease violations jumped 50% from 2010 to 2014 just as rents were spiking. the san jose city council approved a plan to convert an empty downtown hotel to housing for the hole les. it's the plaza hotel. it's been vacant for seven years. city officials tell the mercury news the $2 million that will cost to convert the hotel, it's cheaper than building new housing. now, state agencies still has to approve this plan. the city council also approved using modular units for temporary homes for almost 100 homeless people. the tribute in the sports world pouring in about the baseball legend, yogi berra. he died yesterday. he was 90 years old. it was the same date he broke into the major leagues.
7:17 am
he won ten world series championships with the series. he went into the hall of fame in 1972. he died of natural causes at his home in new jersey. he was a very quotable man, famous for sayings like, it's deja vu all over again. and when you come to a fork in the road, take it. yogi berra was 90 years old. late last night, the yankees tweeted out this -- we've lost an icon. also their twitter avatar was changed to yogi berra's number 8. the kiss cam popular at many sporting events is being suspended at one sports center. the university's athletic department said it has suspended the use of the kiss cam while it assesses concerns
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expressed in the letter. if you have been watching nfl football teams, you probably noticed the gold markings celebrating super bowl 50 at levi stadium. that is unless you are watching games at the oakland coliseum. the raiders are not playing along with the other 31 teams in the nfl. the coliseum is the only nfl stadium where the 50-yard line is not painted gold. see? here's what it looks like at some of the other stadiums. the raiders aren't saying why they won't use the gold markings. some of the critics speculate the raiders could be bitter about the 49ers stadium hosting a super bowl. i don't know. we're just noticing. >> if you are the only team to hold out. >> i don't know. >> let's go over to 7:18. it's time to check in with you. what do you think of that? should it be gold or silver or -- >> if you give a team an option
7:19 am
and they don't do it, you have to be prepared. >> true. >> if you mandate it, you can penalize them. >> it's just like little children, isn't it? you can't say can you put on your shoes. you have to say put on your shoes. [laughter] >> a voice of experience, gasia. thank you. my shoes are on, by the way. >> i'm sure they are. let's go to interstate 280 in san jose. northbound 28 olis slow. all over the south bay, we have slow traffic. it went from really good to really good in a matter of moments it seems. maybe over a half-hour. all of the freeways are slow. i got a tweet saying what is wrong with highway 8 a. it's messy. it's the morning commute, i'm afraid to tell you. the traffic will be very slow in many areas. let's take a look at the concord to walnut creek commute. you will see the traffic is going to be slow there as well. highway 4 is also super slow as you come down to the area. we're looking at 80. west is slow from highway 4. 37
7:20 am
is slow out of vallejo and 101 from novato to san rafael is also slow. the nimitz freeway from 238 all the way down to fremont is stop and go. out to the bay bridge toll plaza we go, traffic will be busy. that's a 30-minute delay before you even make it onto the bridge. at 7:20. let's go no steve in the weather center. >> thank you. well, kind of snaking its way around and making for a very cold morning. the fog is showing up. it was late to get here. it is here now. it started in rohnert park. we are gating reports -- getting reports of it now. santa rosa to rankin valley, cold. this is antonio, daly city. he said currently clear. 51 degrees and chilly outside.
7:21 am
calistoga, 45. 49 petaluma. i did see a 47. there is a lot of fog from that 101 corridor. probably all the way up -- as we saw to santa rosa and then southward. it's pretty thick. you can see it there. there are a couple of reports there. it's cold and foggy for some. for other area, it's clear. 47 napa, 40s for some, including palo alto at 49. half moon bay at 49. plenty of 40s to go around. otherwise, it will be sunny today but because the lows are running about 5, 10 degrees cooler, i think that will translate into high temps that were very crows to yesterday. system in the gulf of alaska will send in higher clouds out ahead of it that will be on thursday. after that clears, we'll be warmer into friday. but the weekend will start to cool down. cloud it up. any rain, don't see it. it's being held offshore. as it moves in, it will start to drop temperatures as we go into sunday and monday. kind of bouncing around. subtle changes. a little warmer inland. but the cooler lows, even as the temperatures warm up, they
7:22 am
don't stay there long. nothing like monday or sunday. that's for sure. a little breeze in there. 70s to near 80s for some. temperatures, again, start to tail off pretty fast. once you have the front go through, that sets the same for the cool lows. that's what we have here. it's chilly this morning. first day of fall. high clouds thursday. warmer friday and then a cooler pattern on the weekend. >> all right, steve. thank you. breaking news. that amber alert we just talked to you about, it's now been cancelled. the little boy has been found as has the man. they have been found. they are said to be safe. i don't know the circumstances of how they were missing or where they were friend. but the good news, the amber alert has been canceled. 7:22. a unique selfie causing a copyright controversy. here is that -- look at that
7:23 am
face. in 20 minutes, we'll tell you why the fight involves a monkey and the legal rights of that photo. their iphones were supposed to be arriving on friday. there is now a potential delay. how the pope's visit is putting iphone deliveries on hold.
7:24 am
7:25 am
apple is warning its customers in new york that
7:26 am
iphone deliveries may be made because of pope francis. apple ordered customers. the devices that were supposed to arrive on friday may come several days later because of traffic restrictions. there were warnings issued that this could impact deliveries in new york, washington and philadelphia where the pope is visiting. big layoffs for groupon. the company will cut 1100 jobs over the next year. about 10% of the work force affecting the customer service and deal factory teams. these job cuts are part of a bigger plan to consolidate its technology systems and its operations. the groupon will shut down the operations in several countries, including morocco, pan na ma, the philippines and thailand. samsung has moved into new state-of-the art campuses in silicon valley. it features a ten-story tower
7:27 am
at north first and tazman drive. it's already become a landmark in san jose. samsung broke ground for the new headquarters for the new electronics devices division. they are working on developing smartphones and televisions. samsung eventually plans to have 2,000 employees there. earlier this year, samsung opened a new facility in mountain view for its consumer products division. pope francis is in washington, d.c. speaking out about issues close to the heart of president obama. >> we are at a critical moment of history. >> what else the pope had to say at the white house about climate change. >> reporter: the building that uber is reportedly moving into. and we're looking at the commute and looking at some slowing in the south bay on 237
7:28 am
as you head into the valley. we'll tell you more about this commute and also the east bay drive. well, for most it's clear. but for -- but for areas of fog, it's not
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wednesday, september 23rd. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark. let's check weather. i just ran outside. it feels like fall. >> well, it should. there's 40s out there. it's pretty chilly for some. some areas are getting fog. others are clear. a lot of 50s and 40s. if it weren't for the fog coming into the napa airport, they did dip to 43. it will be a beautiful day here. wet on the web camera there. i can't tell. maybe it is. take a look here. one of our favorites. napa valley chick. that's her twitter handle, fog rolling in here in napa. it's cold. this is in west napa. thank you for that. national weather service tweeted that. along 101 very foggy. gary, santa rosa up to rankin valley. after the fog cools off, 40s,
7:32 am
50s. 48 morguen hill and gilroy. 46 scotts valley. santa cruz mountains. santa cruz itself, 51. hardly a breeze. and there's -- i mean, yesterday was howling. that's not the case the it expect it to pick up a little bit today. once fog burns off, it's moving up to the napa valley. mostly sunny, breezy. a little warmer inland but because of cooler lows not much of a change, 60s, 70s, coast and bay. here is sal. got busy all of a sudden. >> yes, very busy. almost every commute. that's the thing these days. there isn't a commute that's worse than the others it seems all of them are bad. southbound 242 near concord avenue, there is a report -- there is a crash there. but there's also been a lot of slow traffic even before the crash was there. we had a lot of people that were slowing down. so the crash is backing up 242 from highway 4. 680 is also very slow in the area and we're also looking at a lot of slow traffic in this part of the
7:33 am
bay. 101, south from novato, westbound 80 from pinole. all very slow on 80 and 101. let's move along to live pictures. this is the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up for a 25, 30-minute delay. no major problems. we're looking at the south bay now and the traffic here is going to be slow. northbound 280 jam packed as you drive up to highway 17. very, very slow traffic. we've also found out about a brand-new crash reported in san jose. this is reported northbound 101 before 880. and the traffic is going to be slow. thanks for putting up the maps. the guys put it up for me. the crash is right there northbound 101 at 880. let's go back to the desk. >> let's go back to the big story. the pope's visit. he's in washington, d.c. a big crowd has gathered to see the
7:34 am
pope. >> as you can imagine, security is extremely tight. no one is gonna be allowed back out until the event is over. a few minutes ago, we brought the address to you live as the pope made a strong statement about global warming right after the president welcomed the pope to the white house. >> it seems clear to me also that climate change is a problem. we can no longer be left to the future generation. >> the pope praised president obama for the efforts to address global warming staying there's still time to leave a better world for future generations. >> this some lining the streets, just before 6:00 a.m. our time, shaking hands with people eagerly happy.
7:35 am
they are taking photos, waving flags before he leaves the white house. >> you can see everybody holding up their cell phones. i want to show you a picture taken by our sister station in washington, d.c. that's a pope selfie. the pope pauses to take a picture with youngsters. all of this as the official business of the pope's visit to the united states continues. >> it doesn't happen every day and ktvu's tara moriarty is in washington, d.c. tara will have another report. you will also find a special section on the pope's visit at 7:35. in other news, uber apparently is about to shake up the oakland real estate market. the san francisco business times reporting the ride sharing company is moving into a huge building that's been empty for years. cute fox 2's allie rasmus is
7:36 am
live live-- ktvu fox 2's allie rasmus is live in oakland. good morning. >> reporter: as many as 3,000 people could being in this new office when it opens. that's more than the number of employees that clorox and pandora and this is where they would come to work. this old sears building. the iconic sears building on 19th and broadway is apparently where uber would be moving into in a couple of years. sears sold it to a developer about a year ago. they rebranded it as the uptown station building. san francisco business times is reporting the ride share company would take over all of the office space in this building and there would be some retail and a gourmet food market on the ground floor. it will still be another two years before it reopens -- before it opens the office, it will take another few years before the renovation project to be complete.
7:37 am
un. this is the latest company to expand to oakland. earlier, sunset magazine, based in menlo park, announced it was moving its headquarters to jack london square with a 20,000- square office in that neighborhood. commercial real estate experts say that's one of the big reasons why a lot of these companies are coming to oakland. the rent is cheaper, and there's also the question of access to public transit. the sears building sits right on the 19th street b.a.r.t. station. that's another big draw for companies. >> thank you. 7:37. going back to the breaking news on the peninsula. we've been following it for the past hour.
7:38 am
police now say a 5-year-old boy who was abducted was found safe in sacramento county. now, highway signs like this one here alerted drivers this morning about this amber alert. we don't know if there are any signs still up saying amber alert but we can tell you the amber alert has been canceled. the san mateo county sheriff's office said 5-year-old jake steele was taken by michael steele reportedly his father. but the chp told us a couple of minutes ago, little jake was found safe in sacramento county. we don't know what may have happened to michael steele. this is a story we're following for you. we'll bring you more information when we get it and it becomes available. 7:38. we also want to update you on a story we first reported yesterday on "mornings on 2." lawrence livermore national lab is in mourning today after its chief financial officer was hit and killed by a car driven by an 8-year-old -- 80-year-old woman. kathy baker was exercising with
7:39 am
a group of people when the suv plowed into the lifestyle rx gym. a friend of baker's says everyone is in shock. >> it's just something that happens in the blink of an eye. the rest of us are left to deal with it. gonna be a hard road. >> six people were hurt in the crash. police say the driver was trying to park and mistook the accelerator for the brake. her family is devastated. her license is being suspended. lawrence livermore lab tweetedded a statement about the crash that reads in part, we grieve the loss of one of our own, kathy baker, killed in a tragic car accident. thank you for your condolences. 7:39. president obama made it official. he declared the valley fire a federal disaster. calfire now says more than 1900 structures were destroyed, including more than 1200 homes. the fire has bushed more than 76 -- burned more than 76,000
7:40 am
acres. the containment is up to %. that declaration by the president will allow federal money to be released for the fire victims and also to help the firefighters. the lake county sheriff's department said two men are missing in the valley fire. 66-year-old robert fletcher of cobb and 61-year-old robert lickman of lower lake have not been seen since the fire started. both of their homes were destroyed but a search of their property by dogs so far have turned up nothing. if you have any information, call the sheriff's office. well, the people still at the evacuation center in calistoga, they will have to find a new place to go. the fairgrounds is scheduled to close tomorrow. while most people took refuge there have moved on, some don't have anywhere else to go. danielle fletcher was homeless before the fire camping with her boyfriend and her dog. but their car containing all of their possessions was
7:41 am
destroyed. >> we're gonna go to hidden valley because we have an animal. we'll start on the resources again there. >> for others, there aren't many rentals available in lake county. some people are living in trailers donated by friends. one realtor says it may take a year or two for people to rebuild. more than a dozen bikes stolen from an oakland school. next, a live report on why it's not just a big loss for the students there. but for so many in the community. good morning. we're looking at very slow traffic on highway 24. it is very crowded in la fayette, orie -- orinda. if you are just waking up, it's a little chilly. what about the afternoon temps? warmer? cooler? we'll take a look.
7:42 am
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welcome back. we're still following the pope's visit to washington, d.c. this morning. live pictures. we're on the streets. thousands of people are lining up to see pope francis as he takes a tour of washington, d.c. he will be riding in the pope mobile in washington, d.c. and along the national mall in a special parade before he goes to st. mathews cathedral. the prayer will be going to a midday prayer with bishops from all over the united states. we wanted to get you a live look of the parade route for pope francis. adam buchanan, his son
7:45 am
gavin and molly have been missing for ten years now. late last night, investigators searched their home and took away computers and documents. detectives also raided buchanan's construction company for bu where the -- where the 16-year-old works. they left for their vacation cabin and then a fire broke out in the cabin. two bodies were found. thieves stole more than a dozen bikes meant to help kids help the community. bribe flores joining us -- brian flores joining us live at the school. this took a lot of effort. what happened out there? >> reporter: it certainly sounds like this took a lot of effort. we're live here at east bay innovation academy in oakland and the bike club here had bikes stolen and because of that, the program, as you mentioned, is in jeopardy. this happened sometime over the
7:46 am
weekend. thieves broke into a locked shipping container at the school that held the bikes. overall, thieves took more than 12 bikes and ten toolboxes. the bikes that were stolen have some distinguishing features. they are all yellow and have the lockheed martin logo on them right before the handlebars. as they were once owned by the company. they were donated to the school for the benefit of the kids. >> why would you take it when you can just ask us? after we finish fixing them, we give them to people in need. >> they were locked up. we thought they would be fine. >> reporter: the stolen bikes are yellow citizen breezers. estimated to cost about $a00 each. the toolbox is about $150 apiece and the bike club instructor says he doesn't care about a punishment. he just hopes the bikes are returned so the kids can
7:47 am
continue with their program. back to you. >> thank you. peta is working to give photo rights to monkey. this monkey made headlines when it took a selfie in 2011. right now, the rights to the photo belong to a british nature photographer who positioned the camera. but peta said the monkey should be named the copyright owner because the animal took the photo. the group filed a lawsuit so any benefits go to him. >> are they gonna make him testify, take the stand? lf -- [laughter] >> i don't know. sal, you are watching 24. that's not sal. [laughter] >> you put a tie on that guy and it could be me. >> you look better, sal. >> thank you.
7:48 am
certainly hairy like i am. let's take a look at what we have. traffic will be slow everywhere. as a matter of fact, if you are driving in the east bay, highway 24 is an adventure. it's very slow. it picks up a little bit. it slows. it's this whole -- in oakland, you will see the slow traffic. the bay bridge is backed up for a 30, 35-minute delay before you make it into san francisco. we haven't had any accidents on the span but it's becoming the normal commute. 30, 45 minutes waiting and another 10, 15 across the bay. i want to show you the trip into the valley. 101 is jam packed from blossom him road all the way up to 237. 280 and 85 are very slow and getting into the south bay on 880 is slow. i want to remind you that northbound 101 and 880, they've just removed an injury accident. this commute is not doing well
7:49 am
at all. 7:48. let's go to the weather. >> that's a very famous photo bomb, i do believe. >> i see. >> guy was taking pictures and -- yeah, he just -- yeah. very nice. thank you, sal. all righty. we have a little bit of fog forming. it was clear for a while, only -- down towards monterey. salinas valley but now a little bit has formed over the bay. there is a lot of reports around rancon valley, calistoga. lee ann varney, the coast is clear in the outer richmond. happy fall, y'all. i like that. it arrived really early this morning. there's that fog -- it looks like it's peeling off from santa cruz. it looks like it's heading back towards watsonville and monterey, salinas valley. you can see a little bit along 101. napa is not showing up there. but i know it's working its way
7:50 am
from the airport up towards west napa. a little line of fog forming there. it won't last long. the lows, they are on the cool side. they really dropped off, clear skies verses fog. 47 calistoga. reports of fog in the hills there. petaluma did have a 47, 50. sebastopol in there. healdsburg, 51. napa, 50. they were 43 of about the fog came in. half moon bay was 49. palo alto was. now they are 50. san ramon at 51. it's cool out there. the breeze was roaring yesterday. it's tailed off today. it's kind of variable. some west, some north. 30s in the mountains. 48 at arcata. a little cool there. we had a couple of 40s. there goes some of the fog. what's there will burn off. we'll have higher clouds tomorrow. rather strong system coming out of the gulf of alaska. this system will topple over. one piece will drag across us
7:51 am
on sunday. another will hang out here. do you see any rain? no, not for us. there are projections that maybe the second, third week of october for very, very wet pattern for southern california. we'll see r the system that moves in will cloud us up over the weekend. we'll drag that into monday. maybe upper 70s. today, a little warmer inland after a cooler morning. some of that patchy fog. 70s, 80s. upper 80s for a few. there was a huge difference in some of the forecast models as much as -- between 82 and 88 on some of the forecasted highs. i split the difference. i'm a little hesitant on some of these highs because the lows are so much cooler. it will be about the same. less of a breeze. high clouds thursday. a little warmer on friday. cooler as we go into the
7:52 am
weekend. real noticeable. >> much better running weather i've heard. >> it's a jog. but the difference of jogging yesterday at 2:00 verses in the middle of the heat earlier in the week, night and day. >> zaps you when it's that hot. >> yeah. >> refreshing when it's that cool. >> yes. feel like a superpower ranger. happy fall, y'all. [laughter] if you get annoying or harassing e-mails, google wants to help you out. how you can block people sending e-mails. first, though. >> let's go to lucia's bedroom. >> we have a special behind the scenes look as season two kicks
7:53 am
off tonight of "empire."
7:54 am
♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
7:55 am
♪ pumping it up. the wait is over. if you are a fan of "empire," season 2 finally starts tonight. now, we received a special tour of the "empire" set from --
7:56 am
from wa dean. >> let's go to lucia's bedroom. he might be in there. this is his bathroom, master bathroom. and this is his shoes. shoe collection. this is the eating room. this is where the family eats, you know. we have a lot of discussions, a lot of family conflicts. we can't do it by ourself. we have a great production and great team. this is where they mate the set. these guys work extremely hard. >> there will be a lot more drama, special music and guest stars and main cars. "empire" starts at 9:00 right here. >> has more shoes than i do. ticket prices skyrocketing for saturday's giants' and as gail. barry zito will start against tim hudson. zito and hudson part of the big three along with moeller from
7:57 am
2000 to 20040. this will be zito's first start since 2013. after making a comeback in triple-a, zito says he's not ruled out trying to return, but hudson plans to retire. if you want to go to saturday's game, a seat will cost you $90 on stubhub. the cheapest site on the giants' website, $90. 7:57. more problems for volkswagen. who else is gonna investigate the automaker and what volkswagen's board is doing about this big scandal so far? we're expecting the parade to start for pope francis as he's in washington, d.c. thousands of people are waiting for a chance to see the pope. more live coverage at 8:00. good morning. we have a lot of slow traffic out there in the south bay. 280 coming up to 880 is going
7:58 am
to be very slow and now we have major delays on caltrain. i will give you an update as to what eshappenning -- what's happening now. rather chilly. it looks like a nice day. we'll see about the temps.
7:59 am
8:00 am
are more likely to have a to frsuccessful future.e born talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at it's 8:00 this morning. we continue to follow the pope's visit to the united states. also getting a look here inside the meeting between pope francis and the president. you see they are inside the
8:01 am
oval office. >> yeah, during the pope's earlier remarks, he expressed really strong support for the president's fight to reverse global warming. pope francis says it seems clear climate change is a problem. it can no longer be left to future generations. and the pope said there's still time to leave a better world for future generations. also developing news following here at home in the bay area, an amber alert has been canceled regarding the abduction of a 5-year-old boy. highway signs quickly reported the alert when it was issued overnight. the chp is telling us 5-year- old jake steele was found safe and sound in sacramento county. authorities say that jake was taken by michael steele, believed to be his father. we do know that jake is okay. we haven't been told about what happened to michael steele. of course, we're following the story and will have more information as soon as we get it. >> thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2." we want to check your weather and traffic. >> temperatures dropped a little bit. we celebrated that. don't celebrate too long
8:02 am
because they will go right back up. >> they will go back i but nothing like they were. first day of fall started at 1:21 this morning. it feels like it. 40s, 50s. it looks like it will be a sunny day. nice, temperatures -- not much change from yesterday, the breeze has tailed off. it will not be breezy or as windy. the fog is patchy. this is from lisa lindsey. she said i'm still in bed but it looks foggy through my curtains in american canyon. lisa, you could get up and look out to be sure. there are areas of the fog, especially around the napa airport. i would not be surprisedded if a little bit of -- surprisedded if a little bit of that -- surprised if a little bit of that made it into american can yub. 40s and 50s on the temps. starting to warm up ever so slowly. it's still in the 50s. alamo in the 50s. now temperatures starting to warm up.
8:03 am
it looks like 60s, 70s, 80s. a lot more sunshine after the fog burns off. mostly sunny. the breeze will pick up. temperatures, 80s through the interior. 60s, 70 coast and bay. sal has -- you are gonna start right away. >> we're starting with breaking news, steve. caltrain delays. a person was reportedly hit by a train at the san antonio station mountain view. it's a caltrain delay and when this happen as, usually what they do is they send the trains back where they came. but they will not pass. sometimes they open up one track to let single tracking through. but this causes major delays for caltrain. if you are in a position to make a decision as to how you are gonna get to work. you will get to the station. it will be a major delay for you on caltrain. the roads by the way are already very crowded but driving is not gonna be the best option. let's take a look at the san
8:04 am
mateo bridge. westbound 92. some heavy traffic out to the peninsula. highway 101 and 280 are busy. if i had to choose, i would choose 280 instead of 101 when you get to the peninsula. we're looking at the bay bridge, 30, 40-minute delay before you make it on the span. all of the freeways leading up to it are very slow. back to the desk. ♪ >> in the name of the americans. as the son of an immigrant family, i'm happy to be a guest in this country. >> it was a powerful moment this morning in washington, d.c., pope francis making his first public comments on his u.s. visit at the white house. and now thousands are gathered to just get a chance to see the pope in a parade featuring the pope in the pope mobile by the
8:05 am
national mall. it's just about to get underway. >> it is. in fact, fox 2's tara moriarty live in washington talking to some of the people gathered and hoping to catch a glimpse of the hope. what stories are you hearing, tara? >> reporter: one of the things about this particular pope, he loves to mingle. it drives his security team crazy because he will actually go into the crowd, take selfies, hug people, he's just so hands on. now, we were down at the parade route a little bit earlier and we will tell you that security is tight. >> you want to wait in this line, you are more than welcome to. if you stay here for two hours, don't blame me. >> reporter: thousands of people, some of whom got up earlier than 4:00 in the morning in washington all had to get their bags checked. no lick liquids were being allowed through. we met people as far away from
8:06 am
norway and guatemala all hoping to catch a glimpse of the pope. >> we love all of the people. all people are from the god. all people. americans, mexican, jap, everywhere -- japan. everywhere. >> i think pope is into reaching the people and having a religion for the people. >> reporter: vendors are hawking t-shirts, pins and rosary beads. rosary beads are prayer beads, for those of you who are not catholic. i bought these for my daughter. you hold them up and the pope gives a blessing. it means that your blessed by the pope. this is kind of a unique gift to give to somebody, especially if they are praying for somebody who is sick. i'm tara moriarty, cut -- ktvu fox 2 news. >> how close are you to the
8:07 am
parade route? it seems quiet where you are. can you set the scene? >> reporter: i don't know if you can pan around here and take a look. we're standing on top of the roof of the fox affiliate across the street from the capitol building. look at this. we have reporters from all over the united states and other countries as well. if you take a look over here, you can see the capitol is behind me. unfortunately, it's under construction right now. it's being remodeled. there's some scaffolding. but if you pan to the left, you can't see much from this angle. but that's actually where the parade is taking place. the washington monument is to the right. we are sort of on the north side of the capitol. a very unique perspective from up here. we can't see much. so we're gonna be breaking down. we're gonna be headed over to the canonization mass which begins at 4:15. of course, junipero serra is being made a saint, the first hsht saint ever. he -- hisht saint ever -- hsht
8:08 am
saint -- hispanic saint ever. this man is holding my umbrella to give me shade because the sun is pretty bright. >> i love it. thank you. >> to pick up what tara is staying. pope francis is declare junipero serra a saint. he will celebrate the canonization mass at catholic university in washington, d.c. now, father serra founded nine of the spanish missions in california, including mission dolores in san francisco. today the mission will show a live broadcast to the pope's
8:09 am
canonization mass at 1:00. it will be on a jumbotron in the courtyard. protesters will be there as well at the mission. many feel he should not be honored because of the harsh treatment of native-americans when the missions were being built. >> i think it's important to understand what being declared saint is. it doesn't mean someone was perfect. we know the intention was for blessed junipero serra to evangelize, to help. i'm sure there were mistakes. for that, the church apologizes. >> a native american group plans to hold a silent prayer group at the cemetery. our coverage continues online. we have a special section at pope francis is not the only dignitary visiting the united states right now.
8:10 am
chinese's president is here for a week of talks and events to reduce tensions. he arrived to a mixed reception with washington state officials greeting him warmly but protesters lined the streets as well. he's scheduled to meet with president obama at the white house tomorrow. american officials say cyberattacks from china will be a major topic of discussion. in a speech in seattle, the chinese president said his country is a strong defender of cyber safety and a victim of hacker attacks. he added that chinese government does not participate, encourage or support cyberattacks. back here at home, two separate home invasions in two north bay cities are being investigated right now. in sausalito yesterday, a gunman broke into a house on central avenue through an open door confronted a woman in her living room. police say he pointed a gun at
8:11 am
her, demanded money and when she screamed, he knocked her down and ran away. the victim says her attacker had a slim build, he was between 5'8" and 5'10". a masked gunman broke into a home on reed ranch road on monday night and stole jewelry and forced a woman to get into a closet. the gunman's face was covered up by a bandana. right now, police don't think the suspects in these two home invasion cases are the same person. 8:11. the san francisco firefighter is reportedly suspected of drinking on duty and missing an emergency call. according to the chronicle, the unnamed firefighter was ordered to work a 24-hour overtime shift after completing a regular assignment. he had requested that day off for a medical appointment in the midwest but it was denied. the chronicle reports that he missed a truck run. when other firefighters returned, he apparently behaved erratically and his blood alcohol level was allegedly now times higher than the limit
8:12 am
allowed. the firefighters' union said the department had no reason to deny his initial absence request. the fire chief said the matter could have been handled differently, she did say there's no excuse for drinking on duty. the firefighter has reportedly attend and completed a rehab program. students at an oakland charter school have nothing to do in one of their classrooms because somebody stole their work. it was bicycles. details on why these bikes were so important coming up at 8:30. and the popular deal site groupon, how many jobs will be lost because of it. our live coverage of the pope's visit to the us continues with a live look at what's happening on the national mall. the parade is expected to start any moment. you see security in the streets. a lot of people waiting behind barricades. the morning commute may have been complicated by a caltrain delay. if you are taking caltrain, you need to stick around. i will give you an tiff to
8:13 am
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we just learned that volkswagen's chief executive
8:16 am
officer is stepping down. this comes after a board meeting that was supposed to figure out a way to contain the damage from the emission scandal. he said he was acting in the interest of the company and stepping down even though "i'm not aware of any wrongdoing on my part." just yesterday, vw denied reports that he would leave the company before the end of the week. volkswagen is facing as much as $18 billion in fines in this country and now there are reports of car owners considering lawsuits against vw. south korea and at least two european countries have also launched their even investigation into whether similar software was used outside of the u.s. bank of america's ceo will hold onto his job. 53% of shareholders voted in favor of letting him hold the bank's top job. last year, the bank's board made him the chairman without
8:17 am
consulting share holders. that led to criticism. stock owners split the two positions in 2009. two large pension findz, the california public employees and california state teachers were among those against allowing him to retain both titles. the pharmaceutical company that sparked an angry backlash with a huge price hike of 5,000%, now they plan to roll back some of that price hike. the ceo of the company says the new price will make the drug more accessible. he didn't stay what the new price would be. back in august, the company obtained the rights to sell the drug and then overnight raise the price from $13.50 to a whopping $750 per pill. groupon is announcing major layoffs. the company will cut some 1100 jobs over the next year. that's about 10% of its staff.
8:18 am
the layoffs will affect groupon's customer service and tales. the job cuts are part of a bigger plaen to consolidate the tick systems and on railickses -- operations. they are closing down operations in other countries. samsung has just moved into new state-of-the-art campuses in silicon valley featuring a ten-story tower at north first and tasman drive. already it's a landmark in san jose. samsung broke ground on the new headquarters about two years ago. it's for the u.s. electronics device division. it's home to 700 employees. they are working on developing smartphones and televisions. samsung plans to have 2,000 employees there. earlier this year, sam success opened a new facility in mountain view -- sam sung opened a new facility in military view.
8:19 am
8:19. hey, sal, cal train and other problems this morning. >> that's right. caltrain reportedly hit a pedestrian, the train did, at the san antonio station. now trains have stopped. caltrain have tweeted there are major service delays. if i were you. i wouldn't bother with it -- if i were you, i wouldn't bother with it. if you have to get a ride, you will be in slow traffic as well. but the delays on caltrain are kind of open-ended. i'm trying to figure out more.
8:20 am
i do know when this happens, delays tind to go on for a long, long time. take a look at live pictures. 280 in san jose is going to be very slow as you get up to highway 17. no major problems, though, on 280. 101 or 85 other than slow traffic which to some is a problem. bay bridge toll plaza, it 30, 45-minute delay. 24, 80 and also 580 are very slow trying to come up to the maze. it's no picnic. haven't been any major crashes. let's go to steve with the weather. for many it's been fog free and chilly. for others, it's been foggy and cold. most of the coast is clear, except down to monterey, salinas and there's some forming it over the bay and in the city. some of that was very late to arrive. it just showed up in the last hour. santa rosa to petaluma to napa to calistoga hills. this is el cerrito. yesterday's high, 30 degrees cooler than monday. 61.3 on tuesday verses --
8:21 am
almost 92 on monday. that's a huge drop. currently winds southwest only 1. i think a lot of people are fans of fall. there's some of that fog. it's already retreating. a little bit along 101, santa rosa, down to about petaluma, very foggy conditions. napa as well. one 60 here. we're slow to recover from the 40s and 50s. east breeze. west-southwest, west-southwest north. it's variable. but it's really been cut in half. 58, 58. water temp. san francisco buoy still cool. half moon bay saying the same. 43 up in truckee. 52 ukiah. i believe they made it to 49. it was 40s also for arcata. the coast is clear. half moon bay as well hit 49. this system will move into the gulf of alaska. will draw up high clouds for tomorrow. today, looks pretty quiet. mostly sunny, the breeze will
8:22 am
crank up a little bit later on. nothing compared to yesterday. cool lows will equal slightly warmer afternoon highs. not that much. some mid-80s upper 80s for some. but they don't stay there very long. once you get a cold front going through, it leaves behind the cool air. the cool lows, nights are so much longer now. we will warm you. without a strong offshore breeze. it's tough to get where we were on sunday and monday. 60s 70s to some very low 80s. high clouds on thursday. maybe a warm up into friday and then a cool down by the weekend. >> got it, steve. >> all right. thank you. 8:22. right now, the pope parade in washington, d.c. is underway . we have live pictures for you. >> this is commonly called the pope mobile. you see the pope waving at the crowd. you can see here a number of security detail, men in suits walking around him and this pope mobile, it's self- contained.
8:23 am
we haven't seen him get out of it and go acshake hands and touch those -- and shake hand and touch those looking to see him. i think that might be a relief for the security officers. we do know that the pope likes to reach out. we showed you a picture where the pope was taking a selfie. people gathered in washington. in this case, he's rolling right along and people are waiting to wave to him. >> there's no glass on the side of the pope mobile. one of the interesting things, he will bang on the pope mobile and tell them to stop. pull over. i'm waiting to see if he will do that. >> he will do that. very noticeable when he's out in the public. it makes the security people stay on their toes. and the other vehicle we've seen him in is a little fiat which is what he left the airport in at andrews. funny to see this big, long motorcade of these big beefy vehicles. he was in a fiat.
8:24 am
very modest vehicle, certainly speaking to the lifestyle he not only lives, talks about. but these are live pictures as pope francis is on a parade. we just lost the pictures. we'll bring them back. the parade has start the -- started. the crowds are cheering. still ahead, during the day, when you get a little sleepy on the job, you may grab a cup of coffee. coming up at 8:30, we'll show you a new company that claims its product will not only wake you up, it will also put you in a better mood. a big announcement may give twitter investors another reason to worry.
8:25 am
8:26 am
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8:27 am
...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ welcome back. tech headlines. twitter still searching for a new ceo and some of their key employees, they quit. they are joining uber. >> it was the senior director of engineer who announced he's leaving for uber and did it with a tweet. he and several others from the engineering department are going to work for uber. >> guard was with twitter for four years. a big change is arriving for gmail users. there is a new feature that lets you block certain e-mails. >> it's called block here. it lets users block specific e- mail addresses with just two clicks. if you get an e-mail from
8:28 am
somebody and you are over it, just click, block here and you will be done. >> but maybe you want to let that person back into your life, you can do that. you can unblock those users as well. block here launched on yesterday. should arrive on android devices sometime this week. let's talk about instagram. they are celebrating huge growth. they now have 400 million monthly active users. we're talking about 100 million more users in the past eight months. >> wow. >> instagram has been around for five years now. mock the new users, caitlyn jenner. >> users are in japan, brazil. >> we've been on for years. >> of course. it's a big day for oakland. here's allie rasmus with what we're working on for 8:30. >> uber will open up a new office in the east bay. the iconic building they will be moving into.
8:29 am
>> reporter: and thieves targeted an east bay charter high school for bicycles. the effect this is something for the kids here as well as those who attend the community.
8:30 am
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♪ welcome back to "mornings on 2." 8:31. right now, these are live pictures. you are looking at pope francis in the pope mobile. thousands of people getting a chance to see him live and in pin -- and in person in washington, d.c. he's in a parade traveling through the national mall in his pope mobile. this is incredible, a view of the parade route. >> people started to line up well hours ahead of this moment to get into the spectator area. once the gates were closed,
8:32 am
they won't be allowed to leave until the entire event is over. there is a lot of security, not just the men we see jogging alongside the pope mobile. it seals as though the -- seems as though the entire city is on high alert. >> and apple is warning customers in new york that iphone deliveries may may be delayed because of the pope. >> devices that were scheduled to arrive on friday, may come several days later because of the traffic restrictions over the pope's visit. >> the postal service and u.p.s. warned last week that the visit could affect mail and package deliveries in new york, in washington, d.c. and philadelphia. those cities where the pope will visit this weekend. 8:32. it's been a busy morning. let's also talk about the weather and the fact that a lot of us are breathing a lot easier today. >> it's autumn. it's autumn. >> fall began early this morning. >> very early. >> it felt like it for some. the fog has been dancing
8:33 am
around. if you are stuck, it's foggy and cold. a lot of 40s and 50s. patchy low clouds around. if it's in the fog, some of it right down on the deck. it was a chilly, chilly morning. those lows will translate into afternoon temps that were pretty similar to yesterday. not much of a warmup. maybe a little bit inland. a couple of upper 50s, low 60s. but a lot of 50s. half moon bay made it to 49. there were a bunch of 40s. the fog is heading back towards month ray. it looks like it's -- month ray. it looks like it's -- monterey, it looks it's losing ground. higher clouds on tap for tomorrow. today, mostly sunny. a little breeze will pick up later. nothing like we had yesterday. the cool lows and the fog will probably negate a lot of that. 60s, 70s, mainly low 80s. sal, what do you have? caltrain? we have caltrain, slow traffic on the bridge. what don't i have? here we go. let's start off with a look at the east bay commute. it has reached the critical
8:34 am
stage. it's packed up on 80 -- backed up on 80, 580, on highway 24 and on 580 through the lakeshore area getting through the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see a lot of slow traffic here. 25, 30-minute delay at the toll plaza aloin. let's take a look now at san francisco, northbound 101 as you drive from 280. slow traffic. i hope this doesn't become the norm. it was this way yesterday as well. caltrain delays, i'm gonna update it. there was a train that reportedly hit a pedestrian at the caltrain station. the san antonio station, there are major delays on caltrain. usually what they will do, they will start to single track at some point but you can count on major delay. back to the desk. well, president obama made it official. he declared the valley fire a federal disaster. calfire now says more than 1900 structures were destroyed including more than 1200 homes. just this morning, calfire
8:35 am
announced the fire is at 76,000 acres, containment went to 7 -- from 79% up to 89%. that's big. the president's disaster declaration will allow federal money to be released for fire victims and also for the firefighters. now, the lake county sheriff's department says two men are still missing in the valley fire. of-year-old robert fletcher of -- 66-year-old robber fletcher and robert lickman, they haven't been seen since the fire started. both of their homes were destroyed. but a search of their property has turned up nothing. if you have any information about them, get in contact with the sheriff's office. the people still at the evacuation center up in calistoga will have to find a new place to go. the fairgrounds are set to close tomorrow, while most of the people who took refuge there, some don't have anywhere else to go. for example, danielle fletcher. she was homeless before the fire camping with her boyfriend
8:36 am
and dog. but the vehicle containing all of their pole sessions was des -- possessions was destroyed. >> we're gonna go to hidden valley because we have an animal. we're gonna start on the resources there. >> for others, there aren't many rent -- rentals available. >> there are other big figures about the butte fire. containment rose from 82% to 84%. it has burned almost 71,000 acres. smoke is still a big problem. the fire destroyed more than 800 buildings, including 475 homes. two people also died in this fire. it started exactly two weeks ago. how it started, that is still under investigation. the city of oakland is suing wells fargo over claims the bank discriminated against minority mortgage customers. the suit alleges wells fargo steered minority clients into high cost mortgages even when they qualified for more
8:37 am
affordable loans. the suit says that led to foreclosures, abandoned properties and neighborhood blight. a spokesman said the claims in the suit do not reflect how we operate in the communities where we do business. 8:36. uber, based in is expanding the work force into the east bay. we're talking about more than just new drivers. >> a lot more. allie rasmus reports, uber is gonna occupy that space left behind in that huge oakland building, former sears building, that's opinion vacant for -- been vacant for years. >> reporter: we just got confirmation that uber will be moving into the building behind me. this is the old sears building, 19th and broadway. sears sold it to a developer about a year ago. it's been rebranded as the uptown station. as many as 3,000 uber employees could be working here. the san francisco business times is reporting that the ride share company would take over all of the office space and there would be retail and a
8:38 am
gourmet food court on the ground floor. they would still be headquartered in san francisco but this is the latest company to expand to oakland. we had a chance to talk to some people who live in the area and they had mixed emotions. >> i want there to be more businesses in-- in oakland. i want oakland to thish. i'm okay. >> now i'm worried about rents rising and it being really crowded down here and how crowded the b.a.r.t. station is gonna be and stuff like that. i'm a little bit hesitant about uber moving. >> reporter: earlier this summer, sunset magazine, based in menlo park for decades, announced it was moving to jack london square with a 20,000- square foot office in that neighborhood and california tea stem cell funding eaks announced it's moving in oakland near lake merritt. there lee was up in san francisco. and they said oakland is much more affordable. officials say that's a big drop and so is access to public
8:39 am
transit. the sears building is on top of the 19th street b.a.r.t. station. oakland city officials and uber representatives will be making this announcement later today at a news conference. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and coming up on "mornings on 2" the 9, we're sitting down with libby schaaf and someone from uber. we'll talk about the exexamination as well as many other -- expansion as well as many other things happening. we'll also bring up your concerns about possible crowding at the b.a.r.t. station and a lot of concerns about affordability and what's happening with that. uber itself reportedly testing out a carpooling service in china. drivers let uber know where they are going and the app links them up with people who want to go in the same direction. the service appears to be aimeddate drivers who may not -- aimed at drivers who may not want to work with uber but who can still make extra money by taking passengers along on
8:40 am
their regular route. b.a.r.t. will update its aging ticket machines with some new equipment that will accept more kinds of payment. b.a.r.t. will start to install the machines in the sprick. they should be finished by december of next year. these new readers will be able to take master card, visa and euro pay. it includes ticket vending and ad fare machines along with parking validation. b.a.r.t. directors, the current existing equipment is so obsolete, and it's also hard to maintain. thieves in oakland targeted a charter school and stole more than a dozen bikes and it left a popular program in jeopardy. >> those bikes were meant to help students help the community. brian flores live at the school and, brian, the theft wasn't an easy one at all, was it? >> reporter: yeah. we're live here at the east bay innovation academy. and this bicycle club, again, had their bike stolen because
8:41 am
of that the program meant to help these kids may be in jeopardy. this happened sometime over the weekend. thieves broke into a locked shipping container at the school that held the bikes. overall, the efthats took about a dozen -- the thieves took about a dozen bikes and ten toolboxes. the bikes have some distinguishing features about them. they are yellow and have the lockheed martin logo on them right below the handlebars as they were owned by the company. but again, they were donated to the school for the benefit of the kids who were learning to repair the bikes. >> why would you take it when you can just ask us? because after we finish fixing them, we give them to people in need. >> i don't like the fact that somebody stole it. i think it's very rude. >> reporter: now, the stolen bikes are yellow citizen breezers, estimated to cost around $500 each. and the toolboxes are estimated to cost about $150 apiece. the bike club instructor tells ktvu that he hopes the bikes
8:42 am
are returned so that the program for these bicycle repairs can continue. guys, back to you. >> thank you, brian. >> the will, brian. 8:41. there's a move underway to keep the east bay arts high school in hayward from shutting down. east bay arts offers an arts program along with college prep but enrollment has dropped to under 200 students. the san lorenzo school district facing a $2 million deficit said closing that school next june would save hundreds of thousands of dollars. the students we talked to got very emotional about the possibility it might shut down. >> when i first heard the news, i broke down. >> i would not be where i am as a person like this mature if i had not gone to the high school. >> now, the school is where some students say they found the cure an to perform, get out
8:43 am
there. a public hearing is scheduled for next month with the san lorenzo school board about closing in november. costco known for handing out samples of food to -- to shoppers. police say a 78-year-old shopper was reaching for a nutella waffle sample at the same time a 24-year-old shopper was grabbing several samples at once. when the 78-year-old man told the 24-year-old not to take so many samples, the 24-year-old punched him in the face, leaving the man with a big cut over his eye. the 24-year-old was arrested and booked on a single count of elder abuse. still ahead, hillary clinton on the attack against high prices for prescription drugs. what she says she would do to keep those prices down. good morning. we're looking at the south bay commute. it's very slow on all of the freeways, including 280 and now in both directions.
8:44 am
that's 280 north on the right. look at the left side. 280 southbound is also slow. once the fog burns off and for some on this first day of fall, it will feel like it this morning it was cool. the afternoon temps staying on the cool side or warming up? we'll take a look.
8:45 am
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welcome back. 8:46. hillary clinton says she's got a plan to hold down the rising cost of prescription drugs. the democratic presidential candidate was in iowa laying out a plan she said urges the development and use of againerric drugs. also calls for more restrictions on drug companies. >> drug companies should have to explain why their new drugs are different and better than treatments on the market. i don't want any of us paying for some fancy new pill that is no better than what's already available. >> now, mrs. crinton's plan -- clinton's plan would put a $250 monthly cap to limit what insurance companies can ask patients to pay for drugs. well, donald trump was on with stephen colbert on the late show and said there's one topic he doesn't want to talk about anymore. >> barack obama, born in the united states. [laughter] >> let me just --
8:48 am
>> was he? it's a meatball. it's hanging out there. [laughter] >> right there. come on. [ cheers ] >> i don't talk about it anymore. >> now, in the past donald trump had very publicly questioned whether president obama was born in the u.s. at a recent town hall event, trump was criticized because someone in the audience said that president obama was a muslim and not a u.s. citizen and he did not correct that pesh at the e-- person at the event. let's check traffic. boy, sal you have a lot to talk about. >> let's go outside. i want to mention the traffic is going be slow almost everywhere you look. that includes the bay bridge toll plaza delay, which is always this way. traffic is backing up as you get out to the macarthur maze. it's a 25, 30-minute delay.
8:49 am
also looking at at commute here, traffic is gonna be slow on 880, northbound from san leandro all the way up to about high street it breaks up a little bit there. we still have caltrain delays. if you look at the traffic map, you also see some slow traffic all over the south bay, including on highway 101. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. happy first day of autumn. it felt like it this morning on some of the lows. 40s, 50s. starting to warm up. it was very foggy. one more from napa valley chick kathy the she said there's a little bit of fog there. is that a little bit of sarcasm there. it will start to lift here pretty soon. santa rosa, petaluma, calistoga, a couple of reports coming in and then also down towards santa cruz. but that looks to be burning back heading back to monterey bay. 50s and 60s. very low. some of these temps very cool.
8:50 am
we lost most of the fog from yesterday. that allowed temperatures to take a plunge. it will be sunny today. a few high clouds look like they are on the way for thursday. this whole system will start to play into our weather over the weekend and next week. until then, subtle changes. once you get lows this cool, it's tough to rebound unless you get a strong north or northeast breeze. 60s 70s and 80s. high clouds tomorrow. maybe warmer for a few inland but then overall, we're looking for a cooldown as we go into the weekend, dave. happy first day of fall. it felt like it. >> it sure did. there's a new study out suggesting that if you block off access to areas where suicides happen, you could dramatically lower the number of deaths at those locations. a study in australia looked at so-called suicide hot spots, like bridges, cliffs and railroad tracks. they found if you put up physical barriers at the hot
8:51 am
spots like signs and fences, it resulted in a 90% drop in suicides at those locations. one reason behind this, researchers say suicides are often more impulsive than we think. putting up a barrier may cause people to rethink what they are doing. well, here is another reason to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. there is a new study that finds doing that not only helps you lose weight but it keeps the pounds off as well. researchers studied the diet habits of 133,000 men and women, studied them up to 24 years. they found that eating high fiber, low glycemic foods like brussels sprouts and broccoli, also berries, apples and pears, that resulted in greater and more long-term weight loss. nutritionists recommend eating two cups of fruit and three cups of veggies every day. you need another way to stay awake? why don't you try chewing some gum. there is a new brand of
8:52 am
caffeinated gum. one piece of it contains 40 milligrams of caffeine. a cup of coffee typically has 100 mill low grams of caffeine -- milligrams of caffeine. this enhances focus without all of the jitters or crash that often happens a couple of hours after you drink coffee. right now, the gum is available for preorders online. it will cost about $4 a pack. time is now 8:52. the pope is in washington, d.c. with a full agenda of events. here's the pope right here, and while being the pope is a tough job, it's not the only tough job he's held. we'll tell you what he did before he became the pope. that's next. for three years , pay no interest on the best brand name mattress sets. but the best rest event ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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♪ welcome back. 8:55. these are live pictures. again, we're still following the pope and his visit to the united states. you see the pope right here in the basilica in washington, d.c. there's the archbishop right there escorting him through. now, we'll be following what's going on. we'll get a report from ktvu's tara moriarty, who is in washington, d.c. that's coming up at 9:00. stay tuned. did you ever wonder what pope francis did before he became the pope? believe it or not, he used to
8:56 am
guard the door at a bar in argentina. that's right. pope francis used to be a bar bouncer. the 78-year-old pontiff has worn a lot of hats through his wife. his past jobs include sweeping floors, working at a chemistry lab. he even taught literature and psychology. it's a song -- it's a must for anybody's birthday, even the president has been caught singing it from time to time. ♪ happy birthday to you >> yep. guess what. a federal judge just rolled the company that's been collecting royalties for the song happy birthday to you. does not hold a copyright. it's been a big issue going on for 80 years. but a court found the basic happy birthday song derived from another popular song good morning to all has long been in the public domain which means it's fair game for you to use
8:57 am
and sing. well, now we can freely show you stories like this next one, of a toddler who just can't seem to blow out his birthday candles. ♪ happy birthday to you >> look. >> close. keep trying. that's 2-year-old marty. he was so anxious for his dad to light the candle on his cupcake, when the birthday song ended, he tried and couldn't blow that candle out. he tried five times. dad finally said, i will help you. take this straw. >> there you go. >> you did it, smart -- marty. he's smiling, too. no problem doing that. coming up in two minutes, "mornings on 2," today we're sitting down with oakland mayor
8:58 am
libby schaaf who is announcing uber is coming to oakland. we'll be the first to talk with her about the big news. stay tuned. sal, mike, gasia. don't go away.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> big news out of oakland this morning. uber is taking over the old east bay building. we will talk to mayor libby schaaf. >> and the pope has officially arrived at the white house. we will hear more from tara moriarty who was there for the historical visit. >> plus, she was the hero of the women's world cup. we check in with carly lloyd. >>


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