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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 23, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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pope francis kicked off his historic six-day three-city tour today at the white house. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. let's begin with live pictures from washington, d.c. that's where pope francis is leading a prayer service. he's meeting with bishops at st. mathews just ahead of a canonization mass. you see jubilations, song and music. this is just the beginning of the pope's three-day visit. earlier today, the president officially welcomed the pope to the white house. here's more from our reporter.
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>> reporter: some 11,000 guests packed the south lawn of the white house this morning to get a gyms of pope francis. he then met behind closed doors with president obama. in a ceremony fit for a pope, president obama joined by the first lady and members of his cabinet officially welcomed pope francis to the white house. >> in your humility, your embrace of simplicity and the gentleness of your words and the generosity of your spirit, we see a living example of jesus's teachings. >> reporter: while the president largely used his speech about compassion, he did touch on issues where the two leaders agree. >> we're grateful. >> reporter: for his part, pope francis's public remarks were limited to areas of agreement as follow. the public speeches were
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followed by a closed-door oval office meeting. >> it seems clear to me also that climate change is a problem we can no locker be left -- we can no longer leave that to our future generation. l at the white house, fox news. >> tara moriarty is in washington, d.c. for the pope's historic. she shows us the excitement at the capitol. >> reporter: thousands of the people lining the streets. we were down at the security checkpoints a little bit earlier where people had been waiting as early as 4:00 in the morning to get in. >> the pope is here. >> reporter: vendors were selling t-shirts for $10, $5 for rosary beads the pope will
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be blessing for mass. people say they are fired up for the pope because he's turning the catholic church on its head. finally, a pope getting it right. >> the way he cares for the poor and pays attention to the prisoners, people who are sick. i love how he talks about loving our enemies and stop promoting war and stop selling arms all around the world. hopefully we'll learn to embody that. >> reporter: i'm tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. >> pope francis will officially declare father junipero serra a saint. he will celebrate a canonization mass at catholic university in washington, d.c. for junipero serra who founded spanish missions, including mission delores in san francisco. today the mission will show a live broadcast of the canonization mass at 1:00 on a jumbotron right there in the courtyard.
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protesters are planning to show up at the mission as well. many people feel serra sh should not be honor -- should not be honored. >> i think it's important to understand what being declared saint is. it doesn't mean that someone was perfect. we know the intention was there for blessing junipero serra to evangelize. that was the intention. i'm sure there were mistakes. for that the church apologizes. >> a native-american group is planning to hold a silent prayer today. we'll carry the canonization mass live on our sister station, tv36. if you can't get to a tv, you can watch our coverage live on our website or through the ktvu mobile app. now to new developments in the valley fire. lake county authorities say remains found in the town of cobb are presumed to be that of
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66-year-old robert fletcher. he was last seen september 16th. fletcher's home was destroyed. his death brings the valley fire death toll to four. another man remains missing today. 61-year-old robert liveman of lower lake has not been seen since the fire started. a search of his property by dogs turned up nothing. the sheriff's office wants anyone with information about his where about thes to contact them. president obama has declared the valley fire a federal disaster. calfire now says more than 1900 structures were destroyed, including more than 1200 homes. the fire has burned more than 76,000 acres since it started september 12th. containment is now at 80%. the president's disaster declaration will allow federal funds to be released for the fire victims and to help firefighting efforts. a child and grandmother expected to be okay after they were hit by a car in san francisco today. police were called to 44rd and rivera street around 7:45.
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that's where the 6-year-old and grandmother were struck. at this point, police are investigating to see who is at fault. mill caltrain service was halted after a train hit a man standing too close to the tracks. the man was hit about 7:45 by a southbound train at the san antonio station in mountain view. caltrain says the man is alive and is being treated for his injuries. service was restored a short time later but some trains were delayed by up to an hour. big news for the city of oakland. uber moving in downtown oakland turning into -- >> reporter: it was most recently the home of sears. for years prior to that, the emporium. in 2017 it becomes uberville
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uptown. the 86-year-old, four-story, 400,000-square foot building has been empty since last year when sears called it quits. after a $40 million restoration, uber will house as many as 3,000 employees on the upper three floors making it one of the city's largest private sector employers if not the largest. >> one in five employees currently is an oakland resident. it seems like a natural fit. the bay area is our home. uber is a game changing company and it's moved to oakland as a game changer. it really solidifies eye status as the -- our status and provides that confidence of other tech companies that this is a great place to be. >> reporter: most of the street level will be dedicated to retail establishments lodge needed in this part of broadway. >> these are more authentic mom and pop creative type retail spaces, street level smaller more intimate. >> reporter: early opinion on
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the street appears to be divided. >> i want there to be more businesses in oakland. >> i'm sorried about rents rises and it being crowded and how crowded the b.a.r.t. station will be and stuff like that. i'm a little bit hef tant. >> i think it changes the landscape of the community because everybody is investing in it. there's opportunities for everybody. we want to be part of that. >> reporter: now, the mayor vows that while free speech will be protected, vandalism will not r uber joins two companies that have joined here. sunset magazine and then the california stem cell research facility also coming to oakland. big moves. tom vacar, fox 2 news. >> thank you. an investigation is underway today following accusations that a san francisco firefighter got drunk on the job and missed an emergency call. according to reporting, the
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firefighter was ordered to work a 24-hour overtime shift despite having requested the day off for a medical pointment -- appointment. he missed the truck run and had a blood alcohol level four times liar than the legal limit. they say the department had no reason to deny the absence request. the fire chief said there's no excuse for drinking on duty. the firefighter has reportedly attended and completed a rehab program. police in sausalito are investigating a home invasion that happened yesterday. they say a masked gunman walked through an open door at a home on central avenue and confronted a woman in her living room. police say he pointed a gun at her and demanded money. when she screamed, he knocked her down and ran away. the victim says her attacker had a slim build and was clean 5'8" and 5'10". a sister who never gave up learns the truth aboutler brother's dis-- about her
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brother's disappearance. how rbl a breakthrough in the cold case. and a little cooler for the first day of fall. steve paulson will tell us what to expect for the rift of the week and how long this pleasant cooldown will last. and remembering the hall of famer known for his phrases such as it ain't over until it's over. a look back on the life of baseball legend yogi berra and how he got that nickname.
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the sister of a teen now missing 23 years now knows what happens to her brother. he disappeared in 1978. investigators in chicago trying to identify victims of serial killer john wayne gasey reopened several cases in 2012. relatives of missing young men were asked to submit dna. one woman who gave dna didn't match any of the gasey victims but was a match for an unidentified teen found shot to death in san francisco. >> believe me, although i'm terribly sad, the knowing is so much better. no matter how invisible you think your relative may be there is likely a good amount of information that can be found. >> andy's dna was provided to the federal database by the san
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francisco medical examiner. employees at lawrence livermore national lab are mourning the loss of their chief financial officer. she was identified as the woman hit and killed when a car plowed through a gym in livermore yesterday. kathy baker was exercising with a groom of people including her husband when a mercedes suv drove right through the lifestyle rx gym. one of baker's friends says everyone is in shock. >> it's something that happens in the blink of an eye. the rest of us are left to deal with it. it will be a hard road. >> six other people were also hurt in the crash. police say the driver was trying to park and mistook the accelerator for the brake. her family says she's devastated at what happened. her license is being suspended. officers have told her not to drive. we do have part of the statement from laurbs livermore labs who says "we afree with the loss of one of our own.
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thank you for your condole condolences." volkswagen's ceo is out. winterkorn stepped down saying was taking responsibility for the cheating scandal while indissing he was not -- insisting he was not aware of any wrong doing. volkswagen is under investigation in south korea, france and germany. last week, the epa that the software allowed cleaner engine during tests. over the weekend, someone took more than 12 bikes and ten toolboxes from a locked shipping container at the east bay innovation academy. the bikes were donated to the school for students who were
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part of a bike club to learn how to repair bicycles. once they were fixed, the students donated the bikes to the community. there is an estimate worth of $500 each. the toolboxes worth about $150 apiece. >> why would you take it when you can just ask us? because after we finish fixing them we give them to people in find. >> i don't like the fact that somebody stole it. very rude. >> the stolen bikes have some distinguishing features. they are yellow in color and have the words lockheed martin below the handlebars. the ceo says he hopes the thieves have a change of heart and return the bikes. b.a.r.t. is planning to update the aging ticket machines with equipment that will set more forms of payment. the machines are scheduled to be installed in the spring. the new readers will accept master card, vita and euro pay. customers will be able to add
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fare and validate parking at the same machine. good afternoon, everyone, on this very, very first day of fall. it started early this morning. most of you probably snoozing, 1:21 in the morning. it felt like it this morning. 40s napa. napa airport dipped to 43 and then the fog formed. most has burned off. it started to develop around santa rosa, petaluma, calistoga, napa. it will lift. yesterday was howling. that's not the case. today the breeze -- the breeze has collapsed. water temps are still pretty cool north of san francisco. san francisco buoy 59 bodega bay, 58 monterey 64 and now 65. we'll keep an eye on that. they've been quiet the last few weeks. fog is out to sea. it will be severe clear as we say. higher clouds may be on the
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move. system deepening in the gulf of alaska. that will be a slow mover as it starts to move towards us it over the last five too seven days. ahead of that it will probably warm up. but then this will move through and there's some of that cloud cover coming on thursday. it will be high clouds and then friday looks warm. after that, here comes the system starting to work its way over us, not expecting any rain. an increase in low clouds, higher clouds and a cooler pattern. just seeing subtle changes here. a lot of sun today. nice, mild, warm. maybe a late breeze for some. there's not much one here. 60s, 70s and a few mid- to upper 80s. the extended outlook calls for high clouds. not so warm except around the bay maybe on friday. then a cooler pattern as we go into the weekend. especially on sunday. yogi berra has passed away at the able of 90. he -- age of 90. he was one of the most respected players on the field. last night the yankees tweeted
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we've lost an icon and changed there avatar to his number 8. here's more. >> reporter: he's enshrined in a tradition and his unique brand of wisdom will live foregeferrer. he was born may 12th, 1925. his parents raised him in the hill district in the south side of st. louis. the son of a brick yard worker, he left cool after 8th grade to work in a coal yard. he said that beryou are looked like a yogi in a hindu themed movie and it stuck -- berra looked like a yogi in a hindu themed movie and it stuck. he joined the navy and was discharged in may of 1946. by the end of that baseball season, he was wearing pinstripes and hitting a home run in the first game with the yanks. >> he swings and -- he swings
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and it's a home run t . first game, what does he do? he hits a home run. >> reporter: during his 18- year tenure with the team, he was a 15-time all star, a ten time world series champion and a three-time league mvp. all of these accomplishments made him a shoo-for the hall of fame induction in 197 -- a shoo- in for the hall of fame induction in 1972. phrases like it ain't over until its over have given him more entries into bartlett's familiar quotations than any other player. throughout his wife, he was renowned for his selflessness
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giving generosity of his time. a hallmark of his spirit was his annual golf tournament which raised more than a million dollars for special needs students in new jersey. back to you.
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this is a look at the opening bell today on wall street. stocks traded in a somewhat narrow range and just ahead of the close, we see the dow is down, less than 50 points. nasdaq in the red ever so
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slightly. s&p dropped a few points ahead of the close. no major swings on wall street today. gmail users are able to block unwanted e-mail. it's called block here and it lets users block specific e- mail addresses with two clicks. if the user has a change of heart there is an option to unblock previously blocked users. the block feature launched yesterday should arrive on android devices sometime this week. for those considering signing up for amazon prime, friday might be a good day to do it. for one day only, the online retailer is lowering one-year memberships to a cost of $67 down from the usual $99. prime members get free two-day shipping as well as video streaming. amazon is offering the deal to celebrate the series transparent with the five emmy awards on sunday. sam stung has moved into their new campus on sunday. it features a ten-story tower at north first and tasman
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drive. samsung broke ground for the device division two years ago. now it is home to 700 employees who work on developing smartphones and tv sets. samsung plans to have 2,000 employees there. earlier this year, samsung opened up a new facility in mountain view for its consumer products division. well, the wait is over for "empire" fans. we got a special tour from the character joaquin. >> let's go to lucia's bedroom. he might be in there. >> all right. so this is lucia's bathroom. master bathroom. >> okay. >> this is his shoes. >> yeah. >> okay. >> shoe direction -- collection. this this the eating room. we have a lot of discussions, a lot of family conflicts.
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we can't do it by ourselves. we have a great production and great team. >> this is where they make the set. these guys work extremely hard. >> season 2 will have a lot more drama, good music, more guest stars. i love cookie. it premieres tonight at 9:00. california is facing a double whamfy. a fierce fire season and extreme drought. but did you know that the u.s. forestry service has been working with native-american services. today at 4:00 we're comappening this tribal partnership. and coming up at:15, we'll carry pope francis's mass from if washington, d.c. live on our sister station, tv 36. this is the ceremony where it junipero serra will be canonized. you can watch it live on tv36. we'll be streaming it for you
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live on our website and through our mobile app. thank you so much for making ktvu your choice for news. we leave you today with these live pictures of what's happening in washington, d.c. a number of people gathered hoping to catch a glimpse of the pope. we're staying on top of his visited the live streaming -- visit and the live streaming begins in 45 minutes. see you back here for the 4.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: holy smokes. kylie jenner actually is an 18-year-old. dax: no makeup on, no fake hair. kelly: she's trying to sell this image of how good i am at makeup and boobs and bras. mike: it's already worked. charlie already bought makeup from their website. harvey: you guys got taken? charlie n.: yeah, we want to look like sex kittens. [laughter] mike: crazy video of azealia banks on a flight and screams at this flight attendant. >> give me my [beep]! mike: and then calls him, homophobic slur. harvey: she grabs her bag, runs off the plane, drops her cell phone which apparently the cops still have. kim: like cinderella.


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