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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 23, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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a bike shop does a favor for a guy for free. he decided he's going to pay them back. what cameras caught him doing instead that leads to one angry showroom showdown. a helpless steer has a rope around its neck. how some brave rescuers pull off a tough save. she's not going to starve to be thin. why molly sota's refusal to be a slave to beauty is taking the
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internet by storm. and a chance to win an ipad mini or a flat screen tv. and a prankster tries this old bit. see who does not find it funny. >> that's why you don't play games in the hood. >> you're looking at the inside of an independently owned bike shop in illinois. this guy decided he's going to pay them back. no, he's not. he likes these lights. i think i want them. fortunately this place was looking right at him, because the reaction comes quick, comes hard, comes awesome. >> get the [ bleep ] out of my
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shop. >> he says, no way, you are stealing from me. the guy just did him a favor. he's just letting all the rough out, starts grabbing the stuff, picks up his bike and shoves it out of the shop. >> wow. that must have felt good. >> will you help me? oh, by the way, i just stole your wallet. >> good luck getting my credit card. >> this armed robbery gets real, real quick. >> as the door opens, watch what happens. a guy comes through with a gun. in fact he actually fires the gun into that guy's shoulder. it's not firing bullets, however those things can hurt. it obviously scares the guy. he's wearing a halloween mask which is in itself quite terrifying. he comes in, asks for an undisclosed amount from the till, gets the money emptihe wa
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then back out the door. >> with the hat he's wearing, the hoodie, the mask. i hate little weasels like that. i want somebody to realize it's a fake gun and thump the guy. >> you need the guy from the bike shop. it's typical sunday in the uk when the folks at this wildlife sanctuary got word that an animal was stuck. you're going to see ms. theresa here, she puts on a wet suit and looks into the situation, if you will. >> good to do that without being able to spot that. >> in the water, you don't see what's happening under it. so the crill rope was wrapped
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around its neck. >> the seal was going to end up drowning. had to just live in the water, they have to go back to land to sleep. >> they used a grapple hook, a regular hook, and a rope to finally cut her loose. >> look at the people dedicating hours and hours just to help an animal in need. we need more of that. i need a cop here right now. they stole my motorcycle. >> we got ourselves a high speed chase through the streets of river side, california. but if you notice right away, we're not in a police car. we're in an infiniti where a few guys claimed a motorcycle was stolen out of their apartment
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complex. when they looked outside they noticed a couple of guys throwing a motorcycle into that trailer up ahead. now they are in hot pursuit and on the phone with police, demanding police. >> oh, my god, they're going to crash. they're crashing into our car. oh, my god. >> he now knows the suspected thieves know they're being followed. >> they're crashing into a bunch of cars. they're crashing again. oh, my god. there's in the carl junior's parking lot. >> now you see smoke coming off of one of the trailers. one of the tires has blown. >> they're not going to get away. it's not getaway material. >> you might be surprised, my friend. >> no! >> eventually they meet up with police.
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but in the description of this video, they say they recovered the truck, they recovered the trailer, they recovered the motorcycle which was extremely damaged because it was flopping around the back of the trailer. the guys got away on foot. if you have information, call riverside police. >> they stole my motorcycle! >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. it's bonus day. that means we're also giving away a flat screen tv. >> that's right, two winners today. you'll need wednesday's buzzword, be at least 18 years old and a usa resident. >> stand by, everyone, for the mini give away. keep a close eye on this tram in kazakhstan. right off the bat, we have an incident involving the tram running right into that vehicle.
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but the tram keeps going. it doesn't stop. and a person recording the video notices and starts chasing after the tram. >> is this a runaway tram? is this thing out of control? >> that is exactly what's happening. the tram is unmanned at this moment. and it's going very fast through the streets, hitting cars along the way. >> are there passengers on board? >> it's not clear whether there were any passengers in the tram. it's possible that there were. >> you notice the doors were open. those doors shouldn't be open while it's moving. >> the operator of the tram got out, some reports say to fix something. the tram is going. it's not stopping. and watch what happens as we start nearing a very densely-packed street. >> oh, gosh. >> it starts hitting one car after the other after the other.
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>> oh, gosh. >> there's no way to alert people up ahead. there's no way to clear the path. >> look at this vehicle right here that looks like it was hit from behind. the tram finally right here is able to stop. over a dozen cars were hit and five people were injured. >> that's scary. >> this entire incident is still under investigation. they're trying to figure out exactly what happened. a sweet home coming. >> he came home for a little r&r. >> a father/daughter priceless moment. plus this drone is taking flight. but -- >> may day. may day. >> it's a little breezy. >> find out if it manages a perfect landing.
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little kids love drones. you of put those two together, you're going to attract a crowd. that's what this guy did, flying his drones, he's got the red shirt on, having fun with the kids. but you also notice -- may day, may day. we've got a little turbulence, it'll breezy for my small drone. and it's off. the drone now flying on its own. it needs to find a landing spot. >> suddenly someone notices, what was that noise? and they spot this drone, still recording, blinking and beeping. now it's kind of neat because we get to see the people who rescued this drone. it gets passed from a young boy to who i assume is his mother. this guy picks it up, and that's
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where the video end. thankfully chris speaks spanish and can help me translate. even though it crashed down, the camera and gimbal work well. it took him a while to track down the people who found it but in the end he was able to locate his drone. >> are you sure she translated it right? i'm pretty sure it said "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away." florida is walt disney world. you see in that chair is a princess. there's daddy. she wasn't expecting him. >> she's like oh, is that a tiara in his hands? she had on a tiara, but dad brought one for her.
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she takes that one off. >> that one is way more special. >> that's an original prince charming. >> he came home for a little r&r. >> that was perfect. not too long ago, it was quite a show, because not only did you get coordinated fireworks, you got tinkerbell, you got peter pan flying over the audience. >> it was amazing. >> it snowed. >> it was an incredible show. today i'm using these fake
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eggs to pull a crank. >> we saw him last week pulling that prank with the fake eggs. he decides to do the same thing. he's going to do it in front of the people's houses. >> that is the worst idea you've ever had in your life, brother. >> he starts placing the eggs. hello! he's putting a little bit of a spin on it. he's egging the car because the guy who lives there owes him money. >> i need to show him some things. he owes me money. >> you don't come to my house knocking on my door. that door, no. >> what are you talking about? >> i egged this car. >> clean this [ bleep ] up. >> this is the moment where i would be a little worried because if this guy goes out -- >> james lives here. >> you're in trouble now. >> the plot thickness in this
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video. watch the guy in the green. >> those are fake. those are fake. >> he gets him to play along. he's going to beat you! >> he got so lucky. >> james doesn't live here? >> no. >> that's why you don't play games in the hood. it's not funny when you get molly walked. >> if you pulled this prank anywhere, you're probably going to get a molly walking. if you're a fan of videogames, you hope that your lady likes to play the games. but find out this couple's purpose behind this play. plus it's bonus giveaway. your shot to winn ipad mini or a flat screen tv is up next. any. anywhere.
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back when i went to college, one of my dream jobs was advertising. that's why when i found this video, the hair on my arms stood up. what it is is a two-minute video which takes you through the entire history of honda. this entire thing, guys, there is not one single special effect. dozens of animators and illustrators, thousands of original drawings, four months of work. it is all manipulated by hand, and every single thing you are seeing was shot in the lens. this is truly old school. >> wow, everything is so insanely well-thought-out. >> i can't even begin to process how you even go about this, where do you start? >> that's such a clever idea. you can see on the other side, they're just turning page by page, still collected to the ring binder.
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you'll like this bit as well. this is so clever how they did it. they end it with the sag litag you never know where your dream will lead. this is kind of like my dream. i love this video. we'll stick the entire thing on our website,, or use our mobile app. couples that play together, stay together. this couple will sit down and play some games. >> this is my kind of game. >> it's a classic and all but it's too slow. >> let's try some racing games. >> oh, no. >> not a fan of the racing games. not her cup of tea. >> how about mario cart.
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>> i don't know how to drive stick! i hate this game. >> it's israel's turn to choose. he picks the shooter. >> i don't think i like this game. >> she's not a fan of that one. >> i can't do any of them. >> you have to play them to get better or get someone else to play on your team. >> get someone else to play. he's on to something. >> i know someone who will be instinctively good like you at all these games. >> who would that be? >> our own little player number three. >> it's a baby announcement video. player three coming this spring. the criminal irony is as soon as that baby is born, the gaming stops. >> it's time to give away
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another ipad mini. to enter you'll need the buzzword, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. head on over to and go to ipad. >> are you ready to reveal wednesday's buzzword? it is "periscope." >> head on over to and click on the ipad button and enter wednesday's buzzword, "periscope." >> you'll want to enter today because it is bonus day. that means one of today's two winners will win a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. molly has a unique way of identifying herself. >> she is intentionally trying to make herself, quote unquote, unattractive, because she doesn't want to make her physical several based on what
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seconds. the dash, 2.9. after years of waxing and threading, i'm very tempted to do this. >> this artist goes online as molly sota. he is getting all lot of attentn because she is posting very natural photos of herself and not apologizing for it.
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she's not going to subject herself to beauty standards that make her have to wax her armp s armpits, her safe. >> why not? it's totally her right to do it. it's her body. you don't have to do it. she's got her own beauty standards. >> this is just the way she's choosing to identify herself on social media. >> is she trying to generate a conversation? is she trying to get people to throw hate at her? is it an artistic piece? >> i want people to think i'm artistic. i'm none of those things. >> she is intentionally trying to make herself, quote unquote, unattractive based on what she thinks guys like. >> that's a kind of why i'm with you. she's got the hairy belly with a belly ring, with jewelry.
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she's doing the pretty jewelry with the happy trail. >> she's getting very mixed reviews. some people are all for it. some people don't buy it. as long as she's happy and as long as she's content, awesome. >> thanks for spending part of your day with us again. see you next time on "right this minute."
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: rich homie quan just posted this shocking video of himse himself. it looks like he's smoking a blunt with his 2-year-old kid in his lap. charles: not two. >> 1-year-old. charles: not two. harvey: it is troubling and. charles: he doesn't think it is a problem because he put that out there. here it is.


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