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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 24, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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a guy's car is attacked with a brick. >> hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. >> see the video that proves it. >> didn't compliment her outfit. >> we're not that easily offended. scientists catch an octopus in air form. >> i learned something today. >> how it creates its own quick sand cover. a skydiver makes a maneuver, but -- >> it was a little too late. >> why this landing is going to hurt. plus the buzzword for your shot to win a any ipad mini. and a prankster shows his bizarre modeling shots. the awkward photos that did less
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than impress >> this one's called dad bod. >> i got to catch a bus. >> oh, my gosh. you know the old saying, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? >> uh-huh. >> check this out. in china the flames tend to seem a little hotter. old girl has her brick and she's taking it to her boyfriend's audi. >> what did he do? >> we don't know. we don't know, but you and i both know that when it gets to code red like this, he did something. she smashed the right window. she goes to the left window. this is a brick. she hits the back window. what would you guess he did? because i don't know. >> he didn't compliment her outfit. >> oh, we're not that easily offended. >> it's got to be another woman. it's got to be you cheated, i busted you. and she's like, i'm taking it to
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the car. >> there are very few instances where you could see behavior like this come into play. i really do believe intfidelity is involved. >> honey, i know my man's car. i might not know a lot -- well, his password too. so everybody stayed and watched until the cops came and she stopped. the local media says that she was uninjured. just a few cuts. >> the car, however, not so much. >> that's what i call gangster. you've ever had one of those really crummy mornings? you get up, turn on the water, no hot water. you can't take a shower. could have something like this happening in your neighborhood. this is a russian neighborhood. the dude opens up the window rocketing water into the air gushing out some broken pipeline. the weather just started to turn, started to get cold.
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it's hot water spewing up into the air flooding the streets, damaging cars. all these people around are thinking well there's a monday for you. >> all he has to do a stand a little ways off and let the warm stray on him. i feel bad for the person in that car. it seems to start underneath the car. >> yeah. i think that car's got a bit of flood damage there. surprisingly a routine pressure test is what caused this pipe to burst. here a lot of people on the street catching videos of this. this guy you can see now how high the water is stretching up above that building. >> what if your window was open? >> right. well, you know it's causing damage to this building whether your windows are open or not. along with the water you see rocks and other debris. it could have broken windows. look at the hole between the two cars here. it's just barely to the side of that car. >> any bigger, that car would have fallen in. >> take a look at some of the aftermath. it's devastating.
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the hole was huge. they're trying to lift a car out of there. and look at the water damage to some of the nearby apartments. it's time to venture into the animal kingdom. we start with this video. i have so ai learned something today nap is an octopus. this one digs a burro. it creates a type of quick sand and then it coats it with mucus and it spits out the sand to keep it clean. >> oh, wait. what? >> you know, it just exhales deeply to push all the sand out. >> and that's it? that's like for dinner? >> that's what i was thinking. a hole far nap. he's not trying to hunt? >> this is his place to hide and have alone time. nature, amazing. now, this second video i found, i didn't even know this creature existed. this is a cicada hawk. this thing feeds are regular cicadas. check this out. notice the cicada she's dragging
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around, that is her prey. this is something that typically happens. she's dragging this thing back to her nest so when her eggs hatch, they can feed on it. the problem is this nest is underneath the porch. she can't fit the bug through there. look how many bugs are stuck in the deck. i would have look at my deck saying how are they ending up right here? i never would have known that the cicada hawk tried to bring it back and got it stuck. it's giveaway time again. we're giving away an ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need tuesday's buzzword, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. stand by, everyone with fthe "rtm" giveaway. that moment you're on the plane all geared up for your skydive just like these guys, but of course -- >> there it is.
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wait for that shoe to drop. give it to me. i'm waiting patiently. >> what's the hook? >> there is no hook. >> day four, charity already knows there's a hook. >> this skydiver tries to make a turn right before he lands and it was a little too late. he was way too close to the ground and going way too fast. so his landing goes a little bit like this. >> [ bleep ]! >> he said a bad word. >> [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]. >> he smashes to the ground, immediately starts screaming. and letting the other skydivers know he's hurt. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. i'm surprised he could even talk. looked like the wind was so knocked out of him. how badly hurt is he? >> pretty bad. he's going to spend a couple
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months in bed because he ended up breaking his pelvis in two spots. yeah. really unfortunate situation for him. but relatively speaking, he survi survived, he'll heal, and he'll probably be in the sky doing this again as soon as he can. a terrifying robbery that -- >> lasted about 11 minutes. >> find out what he was after and how they caught up with him. >> got him. and these ladies are in the zone. >> this is marie and her friend reagan. they're singing a song they put together >> when an uninvited gs up. now at chili's, try the delicious lunch double burger. then tap, swipe, and go. ♪ ♪ soil is the foundation... for healthy plants. just like gums are the foundation for healthy teeth. new colgate total daily repair toothpaste. it helps remineralize enamel
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ you immediately begin to feel bad for this 60-year-old shop manager here in this footage from a shop in england. as soon as she opens the door, there is a man there who pushes her in because he wants to rob the place. and he does. she says it lasted about 11
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minutes. this man comes in, he's grabbed had her, he binds her hands behind her back, and he takes her purse and close to $610,000 in gold rings, diamond pendants, bracelets in this robbery. >> what a scum bag. over half a million dollars of stuff? she's not going to want to come back to the shop. for 11 minutes this guy's terrorizing her? >> she did not go back to work. this happened back in march of 2014. but i have a really good news. because police figured somebody may be able to identify him and somebody did. his ex-girlfriend. >> boom. >> got him. >> police caught up with him in belgium. he's now in prison for six years because of this incident. but this poor woman, she says this took a lot out of her. she wasn't a i believe to work after this incident. it's terrifying. here's another brazen robbery, but nobody notices. here you have a room full of people in a gallery in sydney.
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watch that guy over there with the glasses and the black jacket. he takes a painting off the wall and then just walks behind that wall and disappears. the art gallery says the painting is priceless and they've offered a $100 reward. that's $100 australian. >> that's not that much if you really want to piece back. >> yeah. it's only worth as much as somebody is going to pay for it. >> if you look at the video, these cats are over here gaming. he's like hey, sugar, hey boo. >> they were there for the sugar, not the art. now the art is missing. you know when you're at home in the shower and you're in the zone. you're singing to your favorite song and then you realize someone is there watching you, that humiliation that comes. i have a video that bring ths that in. they're singing a song they put
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together themselves. the question is, did they everyone know that their friend becca was going to come? ♪ tell me that you do >> you can see they're really getting into their song. they've got the drama, their hands are moving around. but you see becca in the background going, what's going on here? and sort of is what's going on? with the final flourish down the piano, then they're finished and they were reading this other document on i think a tablet. when they switch windows, suddenly they see the camera and they realize -- [ laughter ] >> you know what? they're a hit. i mean, a standing ovation the entire time. >> exactly. there you go. i really appreciate guys that really know what they're doing.
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the craftsmen. this dude, james carroll, built this buggy by hand over the course of three years he used a motorcycle engine, a thousand cc motorcycle engine. basically he turned himself into like a ken block of sorts. we all know those videos of drifting all over the place. well, he made it himself. and when you hear the angry howl of this little buggy squealing through his property, it's awesome. >> that doesn't look hand built nap looks like he went to some expert. >> the diy folks don't create buggies like that. >> this is well done. >> dude. that thing is zippy. i wonder how fast it can actually go. i wonder if he can tell how many miles per hour he's able to get this thing to go. >> no stats, but i assure you the video has not been sped up. >> don't wrap your car around that pole, brother. >> not only does he have the
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skills to build it, he has the skills to drive it as well. watch this part. >> oh! >> okay. he's showing off now. >> why not? he spent three years, about $16,000 of his own money crafting this machine. and it looks like the balance is perfect, the sound, i love it. good job, james. ♪ i remember the way you went one baby band and daddy are back. >> it's his oh so cute baby girl amala. >> the powerful message behind their song. >> this is one of those good groups to give to and help people out. plus, with football season in full effect, you don't want to miss a play. so get ready to score an ipad mini. the thursday buzzword is up get your fiber.
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my congestion's out of my way strong. allegra-d®. a fast non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. breathing free for 24 hours strong. allegra-d®. act dry mouth mouthwash can cause dry mouth. and toothpaste relieve dry mouth symptoms with soothing formulas that strengthen teeth and freshen breath. act. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. after watching this video you guys are going to be as hungry and jealous as i was when i saw it. this is the premiere episode of the ninth season of "bizarre foods" on the travel channel. andrew zimmer travels to guatemala to try their traditional foods for this episode called pig parts in paradise and it looks delicious. >> i'm hungry. >> i'm in. >> good glerief, look at all th to choose from. >> imagine the explosion, the fireworks of flavor that you
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get. he goes to a stand on the side of the road to try something that i personally absolutely love. pork skin that's been fried, cut up into perfect little pieces. it's greasy. it's phenomenal. >> are they cooking this next to a hazardous material disposal? >> well, let's find out. let's ask andrew himself because joining us via skype, welcome to the show andrew. what was it like just right off the road eating all this stuff? >> the best eating in is in the markets, the side of the road. in the more humble places where you find cuisine that will blow your mind. it was phenomenal. this guy fries up entire hogs. then you combine it with the company you're keeping, you combine it with the ambience of the place right on the edge of a tropical jungle. it ends up becoming a total experience that changes you. it changes the way you think about yourself.
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even though i'm just sitting at the side of the road eating, what i'm trying to do is teach people about patience, tolerance, and understanding with other cultures. >> i love that. how do you convince people to try something you haven't eaten be fr? >> you don't have to go to guatemala and experience it. you could go across town and dive into a place that another culture is dominating 100% of the landscape. the thrill ride of trying new things is intense because you're rewarded with all these great new experiences. >> tune into the premiere episode of "bizarre foods" which premieres on monday september 28th at 9:00 p.m. eastern pacific time. cutie-pie alert, ladies. >> you guys might remember these two.
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♪ i remember the faces you made ♪ ♪ she way the little hand grasped the index finger ♪ ♪ i think my love got a permanent extension ♪ >> these guys are the hippest daughter/dad duo ever. >> that girl's got percussion down. >> she is bad on the drums at a young age. >> and he's in love with his baby girl. that's what this song is about. ♪ i love you ♪ i love you ♪ more than myself ♪ i want to give you everything you need but sometimes i need a little help ♪ >> so it starts off as a video about his love for his daughter. it's to raise awareness for the national diaper bank. you can donate clean diapers to babies in need. >> i didn't know that welfare didn't cover that. >> they state one in three american families experience diaper need. and low income families might not have that extra money coming in to support their need for diapers. >> it's really brilliant how he is using the attention he and
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his daughter are using to create awareness for other people's needs. >> for more information on national diaper bank network, go to and click on tv show. it's time to g another ipad mini. >> to enter you'll n buzzword, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> and then get on over to and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter, or both. you can enter on each every day. >> let's reveal thursday's buzzword. it's "water." >> so get on over to, click on the win ipad button, and enter thursday's buzzword. water. that's w-a-t-e-r. >> and one day later next week we'll have another bonus day where we give away a flat screen tv. so keep watching, tune in, and good luck. he put together an awkward modeling portfolio. >> can i get your opinion on this photo i took?
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look up close at something simple. that's a pretty big ball. ♪ what would you do if this guy stopped you? >> i'm trying to be a model. can i get your opinion on this photo i took? called like two lions. you know? this one's called dad bod. >> that's my favorite. >> i know, yeah. >> his name is andrew hales and he does awkward things. >> called adam on a chair. >> and what is the purpose of
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taking the pictures? >> for art. >> oh, art. right. >> like that [ bleep ]? >> yeah. >> oh, my gosh. he with this video has reached new heights of awkwardness. because holy mackerel, i thought you couldn't do it anymore. >> he is the king of awkward. just when you think what else could he do? he's at the deepest part of the awkward well. nope. >> now, ladies, would you tell the truth? he doesn't look bad. i mean, i don't know what he's looking for me to say. >> this one's called two tigers. >> beautiful. >> yeah. this one's called dad bod. >> i got to catch a bus. >> boy london here is like, you know what? i'm just not that into you. >> this is on a college campus. you can see people wearing their backpacks. they probably assume it's just another student with an art project. it's not completely out of the
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realm of possibility. >> they're for sale dpop you want to buy one in. >> no. >> have a great day, everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time on thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time on "right this minute." -- captions by vitac -- not any more. are you still waiting to change your bath tub? when i finally did it, it changed everything! only bath fitter can give you the new tub you've been waiting for, in as little as one day. with their unique tub over tub process.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live," harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: so a lot is going on with "empire." we have a lot to talk about today. we're going to start with "empire." so taraji p. henson took a shot or cookie took a shot at 50 cent being thirsty on the premiere episode last night, so 50 has fired back making it appear, i think, that he had a relationship with taraji p. henson. charles: no, no, no. harvey: i believe that is what he is suggesting at the very least. there is evidence they ha


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