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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 25, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> it is. okay. >> i thought this sunday the harvest moon, the super, and lunar eclipse. and the good news is the eclipse will be in the evening and not the morning. >> most people will get to see it. >> youngsters can stay up and watch. >> what time? >> like me. it starts from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00. >> that is a great tile. -- ha that is a great time. it's pretty quiet out there. there is no delta breeze that is for sure. maybe a little breeze will develop over san pablo bay. otherwise clear. we had the higher clouds yesterday they are gone, gone, gone. 50s and 60s on your temps. they had been running a little bit warmer because the afternoon highs are a little warmer. higher clouds yesterday. cool photos. as far as the coast goes it is mostly clear. west at 12. but that is it.
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after that calm, calm a little easterly breeze. it will be sunny today. it will be mild to warm but cooler as we go into the weekend. sunshine, warm to hot. a tiny bit of fog in the next couple of hours. 90s inland. 70s and 80s by the water. >> thank you. the theme is songs with the title fall. fall in the title or the artist or if you are really stretching in the lyrics. but we will give the nod to someone who thinks a bit. can't help falling in love. fall or falling in the title. we are in fall now. >> i got you. >> i'm glad we had this conversation. [ laughter ] san mateo bridge.
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we are going to start there. hey, we don't have awkward tv moments here at ktvu channel 2. westbound 92. [ laughter ] westbound 92 looks pretty good as you head out to the high- rise. no major problems driving through. bay bridge toll plaza is still light. you might have time to stick around. hopefully you will stick around with us for a little bit because there is no need to run out of the house. the traffic is looking good. probably will stay this way for another hour. at 4:32 let's go back to the desk. here's a look at the top stories we're following for you this morning. we are waiting for an update on the condition of a suspect who was shot last night by san jose police. officers were called to a home on monterey road to check on the welfare of an individual.
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police say the suspect confronted him when they arrived. it's unclear what prompted the shooting but it happened when an officer made contact with a suspect. anderson springs reopened last night. the fire destroyed close to 200 home there is. in the meantime more than 1,000 evacuees attended a meeting at middletown high school. it was intended to introduce them to fema contractors and charity agencies that can help them rebuild. and just a few hours from now the newest iphone hits stores in the bay area. and people are already lined up outside the apple store on university avenue in palo alto waiting to get their hands on the iphone 6s and 6 plus. one of those people ktvu ck otherwise known as christien kafton is looking for what the people are look for. >> reporter: i felt cool and i can stay cool for another couple hours because i have the
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iphone 6. if you take a look inside the apple store here. employees are getting the store ready for the release of the 6s plus and the 6s. that is the latest and greatest from apple. fans lining up for it. we almost speak with one of the fans. i think i will call you a super fan for right now. you have been waiting here. when did you get here and what are you waiting for? >> i got here wednesday at night. >> reporter: so since wednesday you have been here. what are you looking for? what do you want to get? >> i'm look for the iphone 6s plus. the new color rose gold. i owe my mom a birthday present and id want to get -- and i want to get it for her. >> reporter: you are fantastic. are you going to pick one up for you and her? >> maybe. i will probably get it for my
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mom and maybe for me. >> reporter: and what are the big features? the 6s and 6s plus has new features. what are the features you are looking forward to? >> because my mom will love the new color of the phone. and maybe a better camera. >> reporter: all right. congratulations. you're first in line. you will get the new phone pretty soon. there is a pretty substantial line out here. you can see folks lined up here at apple store. this is all along stockton. in case you don't know, they are working on the third street, the third street subway project so stockton is shut down. we will be a little quiet as you walk through this area. you can see folks sleeping out here. a lot of folks again super excited about the release of the 6s and the 6s plus. some of the new features that they have been talking about and & one of the big features they have been talking about is the press to touch feature on
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the phone. so if you press harder you can access different features on your phone. you can see some folks here passing the time playing cards. coming up a little bit later on -- yeah they are pretty alert at 5:00 in the morning. coming up later on, we will get a chance to get a sneak peak and demo the 6s and 6s plus. i'm looking forward to it. for now i get to hold on to my cool for another couple hours. the apple store opens up here at 9:00. at 8:00 they will start letting folks in. i didn't show you the whole line. we just stopped here. the line goes all the way to the corner here. a lot of very excited apple fans out here. >> don't break the phone because if you break it you buy it. and you're still cool by the way in my book. christien kafton reporting live in palo alto. a pair of good samaritans pulled two people including a disabled man out of a burning
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home in vallejo. you can see is how much smoke came from the house on kentucky street. we are told before firefighters arrived, a civilian and a city employee heard screams from inside the home. the pair rushed in, pulled out two people including a man who is a double amputee. the other person needed treatment for second and third degree burns. one man is under arrest accused of a violent hammer attack during a police protest last december. this is a picture of the suspect 20-year-old jane waller of oakland. he is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of burglary. video from that night shows the victim wearing a bicycle helmet. trying to stop people from breaking windows at a radio shack. he ended up getting hit in the end with a hammer and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. tests are being done on a young gray whale. it's the second dead whale to turn up inside the bay.
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this one washed up 30 miles south of the golden gate. marine animal experts say it probably drifted there with strong currents. super computer watson will soon call san francisco home. watson is a cloud based artificial intelligence developed by ibm. you may remember when watson won the game show jeopardy back in 2011. now watson is able to understand a persons words and the context. ibm developers say watson will help people analyze data and give answers based on evidence. it may even find patterns that may be invisible to humans. watson's new office will be in the south of market district. the epa says it will change the way it tests diesel engine cars following the volkswagen scandal. it loaded software on its diesel cars that allowed them to pass emissions tests in the lab and then switched off when cars were driven on the road.
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about 500,000 cars in the u.s. have the cheater software. which was uncovered by a team of researchers. the epa says it will do road testing on diesels as well as lab tests. federal reserve chair janet yellen was checked out by medics after having trouble with a speech yesterday. she was toward the end of a long speech when she had to pause a couple of times to collect herself. she did finish her speech before being helped off the stage. yellen said she quote felt dehydrated at the end of a long speech under bright lights. earlier she said she expects the federal reserve to begin raising rates from record lows by the end of this year. >> my colleagues and i anticipate the economic conditions are likely to warrant raising short term interest rates at a quite gradual pace over the next few years. >> the federal reserve chose not to raise rates last week. citing global economic
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pressures and excessively low inflation. india's prime minister will be in the silicon valley. the first stop will visit google and tesla. and then on sunday morning he will join mark zuckerberg for the public q & a. the two will discuss how communities can work together. after that prime minister is expected to speak to thousands about india startups in san jose. this is the first time an indian prime minister has visited the united states in years. bedbugs will discovered at the new mitchell park library. they were found on the surface of two chairs. the city of palo alto says the bugs were isolated to those chairs which were destroyed but that didn't stop the city from shutting down the branch for pest control.
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>> so the chance of you getting a bedbug by coming here and reading a book, it's not very good. >> the library reopens on sunday. and next week they plan to bring the bug sniffing dogs through all the other libraries as a precaution. 4:41. unlikely move by a worker at mcdonalds. up next the acts of kindness that has him going viral. >> a mothers work to raise awareness about childhood cancer. the diagnosis that has a community rallying around his eight-year-old girl. >> good morning. were looking at the commute here and on the golden gate bridge it looks good. i'm hoping to see a little bit of fog here. i don't see much. traffic though that looks good. >> we may have to wait a little while there sal. we'll see if we can find some. right now we will find clear skies. the higher clouds are gone and friday forecast.
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welcome back everybody. new this morning thousands of american troops stationed in afghanistan may not be coming home next year as planned. the pentagon is considering keeping up to 10,000 troop there is beyond the end of 2016. that is a departure from current plans to leave only a small forest of a few hundred behind. some pentagon officials worry too large a troop reduction could ease the pressure on militant groups including isis. just two months ago doctors discovered the eight-year-old girl has a brain tumor. amber leigh has more. >> reporter: until recently the
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third grader was swinging on monkey parse and running around like any other children but right now she is slowed by dipg. a fast growing tumor in the brain that is resistant to chemo therapy. >> does it make you feel sick sometimes? >> yeah. >> i bet you don't like that. >> she can't raise her right arm. she can't swallow like she used to. >> reporter: her mother tells me during the summer the eight- year-old suddenly started suffering from double vision and had trouble with her balance. >> dipg is so violent and deadly that what happens to a child is they lose their ability to walk. >> reporter: the prognosis from doctors is grim. it's almost always fatal. mom says she is now in what is called the honeymoon period. is it remission? >> no. the tumor has been shrunk down. >> reporter: after six weeks of
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radiation treatment, the eight- year-old was finally able to return to school here at harvey milks civil rights academy this week. and today samora is celebrating her life with family and friends. with the support of her school community, they are taking life one day at a time. >> i just say you're going to fight this. you are. you are going to be one of those statistics. >> reporter: martinez wants to raise awareness for dipg and encourage funding. in the meantime zamora tells me she is glad to be back at school. >> what is your favorite subject? >> writing. ♪ happy birthday to you notice >> that was amber leigh reporting. she does like to write stories.
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a lot of people are talking about an act of kindness spotted at a fast food restaurant. take a look. destiny took this photo inside a mcdonalds restaurant. she saw an employee helping a disabled man in a wheelchair to eat by cutting up his meal and feeding him after the man asked for help. she says quote here it was the kindest most humble thing i have ever seen. >> that is very sweet. 4:47 is the time. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. it is friday, sal. hofully traffic isn't too bad. >> we are hoping for friday light. it doesn't always happen but right now it's light. we're off to a nice start. we're going to start in the east bay. one of the busiest freeways. we are going to go right for highway 4. if there is any slow traffic out there, it would be here. there is a little bit in antioch. it is nothing major.
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i would still call this a decent commute. also looking at highway 24 it looks good as you drive from walnut creek to oakland. it continues to be a nice looking drive all the way through. if you are going to the bay bridge toll plaza, we usually don't get a backup here until 5:30. we'll see what happens today and we are all hoping for an easy friday. an easy friday into the weekend. at 12 minutes before the hour of 5:00. i'm putting my dj voice on. let's go to steve paulson in the ktvu weather center. hello steve. yes, i'd like to make a request please. >> yes. >> hard rains are going to fall. >> yes. thank you. >> because we need it. >> but are they? >> no. thank you, sal. you can tell it's friday. we do have clear skies. any fog? it's trying. it's coming down the coast.
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starting off rather warm again. warm air aloft. although it looks like a little cooler for the coast today as some of that fog works its way in. however wedged it sure feels like our weather has changed. the weather in sierraville has changed as well. we've had many 90-degree days. the sierra has had more of an impact on this drought and the heat than locally. for us we have clear skies. where is that fog? a little coming down from the mendocino coast. 50s and 60s on your temps. a couple locations are running very warm. black hawk 61. danville says 60. lafayette 62. moraga 61. these are rather warm conditions. west at 7. we'll see if it gets over 10 or 15 then we will talk about it. if it collapses again f is a sure sign of a very warm day. napa east at 5. the offshore breeze has not turned off for
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some. higher clouds gone. that is it. that is it. so it may be a sign of things to come as this system to the north inches a little closer. that should help to turn the wind around. so we have two of them over the next few days. today sunshine warm to hot. 90s for some. 70s and 80s be for others. but again most locations running well above normal. a little cool down for some. about 5-7 degrees on saturday. maybe a little cooler sunday and much cooler monday and tuesday. >> all right. >> hold on. bob dylan. >> is that your rain song? >> i will take any rain song right now. just sending the message out. >> i don't know a lot of bob dillon. that is one of his more popular ones. the disabled world water skiing championship is now
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under way. and for the first time it is being held right here in california. 11 teams from all around the world are taking part in the competition. one of the athletes from team usa is 18-year-old connor. he has been competing in this event for five years after he was diagnosed with a rare disability that slowly left him paralyzed. >> people always ask if i can go back to when i was diagnosed, would i change it. i've always said no because i wouldn't be able to work with all the kids i work with and have the companies and be able to do what i'm doing today if i was playing soccer or something like that. >> great attitude. >> team usa is three time winner of the world team gold medal. the competition runs through sunday. >> it looks like a lot of fun too. we continue to follow the popes visit here in the u.s.. coming up in 20 minutes we'll have a live report from new york city where the pope has a very busy schedule. >> if you're looking for something to do this morning,
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we're going to give you a sneak peek at some of the big events happening across the bay area.
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welcome back everybody to mornings on 2. time is 4:54. as steve has mentioned come sunday you may be able to look up in the sky and see something that has not been seen for more than 30 years. according to nasa a super moon will combine with a lunar
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eclipse. scientists say the total lunar eclipse will mass the larger -- it happens when the full moon passes through the darkest part of earth's shadow. if you plan on catching the super moon eclipse in the bay area, it will start at 9:07. it will last a little more than an hour. for more information just head to and new images of pluto's surface has a texture rem any sans of a snake skin. a mountain range known as titarasdorsa appears to be gray and blue. another high resolution image shows colors ranging from brown and white and shades between. new horizons is the first spacecraft to get close enough to take images like this of pluto. the fall season has arrived
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and there are plenty of fun things to do around the bay area. rosemary orozco has a look. >> it's the first weekend of fall and with that here's your weekend watch. this saturday is free national park day. get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy serenity at nationals park. or how about this? celebrate the german way with october fest by the bay. friday and sunday you can sample german beer and food while listening to live german music. the celebration is on pier 48. tickets start at $25. would you rather head to the sand? the pacific coast fog fest over 200 booths will fill pahl meadow street and it's all free. hanging out in the east bay you can party in the streets of martinez. the bay area blues festival is going on both days from 10:00 to 6:00. the free event features blues music, gourmet food, craft beer, italian wine and kids
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activities on for you would rather enjoy a free day at the museum, smithsonian's annual museum day is this saturday. road this weekend. are on the i'm rosemary orozco and that is your weekend watch. >> all right a lot to do over the weekend. concerns over coyotes in san francisco. >> also from faulty rods to flooding. >> good morning. we are looking at 280 in san jose and the south bay commute looks good so far. as you drive up to highway 17. we'll give you another check on this and some of the east bay spots when we come back. >> well the high clouds yesterday made for a very pretty pictures. they are gone now. so will temperatures still be as hot as thursday? we'll take a look.
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good morning. there is growing concern about coyotes here in san francisco. we'll tell you why the number of sightings will be on the rise. we are live until san jose
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where police are investigating an officer involved shooting. we'll tell you what we know about the investigation and the status of the suspect. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's friday, september 25th i'm pam cook. >> you're happy aren't you? >> i'm happy it's friday. let's talk about weather and traffic. i heard you asking steve for some rain. to find some. >> yeah. >> i can't find any. i looked. i look and i don't see anything. >> you would bring it if you could. >> you're darn right i would. [ laughter ] man it's parched around here. it was dry, dry, dry and it was hot, hot, hot. by 7:00 it starts to that sun goes pretty quick now. and the nights are much, much longer. system to the north will help bring in a little bit of coast and fog. it's taking its time. it's out there. it does look slightly cooler for coast and bay. there is still some really warm air aloft. 50s and 60s on


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