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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 25, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. we begin with breaking news in san francisco. that's where a downed tree is causing some major problems on a busy street. you see the tree here. it's on mission street in front of -- of mel's diner. this is on fourth and fifth. some people say a big rig tripped a branch of the tree pullth entire tree down on muni lines. traffic in the area just a mess. so far no word yet on when that stretch of mission is going to reopen. shock waves in washington as peeker of the house john boehner said he's stepping
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down. a shakeup in the republican party. mike me hack has -- mike mibach has more. >> you heard me when i asked eric swallwell, he was on the floor. he said he's leaving to spare the turmoil of his party of a leadership fight. he said he woke up, said his prayers and made his decision. it comes as et -- as he faces a defor the tea party. he wants a decision for planned parenthood. boehner said he's at peace with miss decision -- his decision. >> i don't want my members to go through this. i don't want the institution to go through this especially when i knew i was of this -- thinking about walking out the
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door anyway. it's the right time to do it. >> the announcement comes one day after what was one of the saddest fine days of 25 years in congress after two failed attempts over the years. boehner convinced a pope to come to washington and april dris congress, a dream fulfilled. now democrats say he leaves that congress in disarray. >> the american people are even now more closely watching what happens here because they've seen the speaker step down because those in his caucus are demanding a shutdown of government unless there is a defunding of planned parenthood. >> just a few minutes ago, speaker boehner announced he will be resigning. [ cheers ] >> you hear there and see there, the conservative value voters cheering in florida as republican presidential candidate marco rubio announced the news. boehner's right-hand man, kevin mccarthy is considered the lead
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candidate to take his place but some say he may not be conservative enough to win. president obama called boehner a good man and somebody who understands in government and governments you don't get 100% of what you want. in the coming weeks, there will be a battle on the house floor, a very lively debate about who should be the next speaker, expect tea party conservatives that would field a candidate. >> another big issue a lot of people asking, where does this leave budget talks? these are things we hope to learn today. >> exactly, gasia and our political reporter, ross, will join us for more on the 4 later on with queen ba arnold -- keba arnold. pope francis continues his visit to new york with a service at the 9/11 today. he said a silent prayer and laid a white rose on one of the pools where the world trade centers once stood. he spoke about the thousands of lives that were taken that day
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and of meeting with the families of first responders. >> translator: but at the same time, they were able to show me the other phase of this attack, the other side of their pain, the power of love and remembrance. ♪ >> following the service, pope francis toured the 9/11 museum which is philed with personal momentous found after 2001. earlier in the day, the pope spoke at the united nations and made a plea to world leaders to provide for the poor and protect the planet. >> translator: the eclogical crisis together with the large scale of biodiversity can threaten the very exist tense of the human -- existence of human species. >> this afternoon central park
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will be shut down while some 80,000 people with tickets watch him drive through and then he will celebrate mass at madison square garden. stay with us. we've posted the ent tire address -- entire address on our youtube channel for you. the u.s. and china have agreed to not to carry out crimes against each other. the announcement was made as president obama posted the president of china, xi jinping. president obama said the meeting between the two leaders has been extremely productive and they discussed a climate plan. a state dinner will be held at the white house. the prime minister of india is making a stop in silicon valley this weekend. the prime minister will be visiting google and tesla as well as joining mark zuckerberg for public q and a to discuss how communities can work together to address social and economic challenges. he will speak to thousands of india startups in san jose. this is the first time an indian prime minister has visited california in 30 years.
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uc berkeley are looking for two men who police -- police at uc berkeley are looking for two men suspected of sexually assaulting a woman on campus. the woman told police had happened wednesday night when she was with the men and they offered to walk her home. she said when they he entered the campus that's when the men attacked her. the women knew one of the suspects prior to the attack. a san francisco comum is heartbroken. they say a kye -- couple it heartbroken. they say a coyote killed their dog. >> reporter: this was an afternoon stroll during sterngrove that took a sad turn. they were walking with their dog buster. he was offleash. the dog heard a noise in the trees and bolted in the direction and they say that's when a coyote pounced. >> we could hear him squealing. we were already running up the hill. >> reporter: they watched the coyote run off clutching their
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7-pound dog in its mouth. they chased after buster but never found him. this is not the first time something like this has happened here. just last month, another small dog was attacked in stern grove and the lows say the coyote problem has gotten out of hand. >> i don't know when they decide that too many are too many. there are people that are elderly that walk three, four little dag us. >> reporter: the coyote population has exploended in san francisco in recent years as more of the k-9s migrate from the suburbs into the city. experts say to reduce the threat to your pets, it's a good idea to keep those dogs, especially small dogs, on a leash and try to keep your cats and other pets indoors. one woman out walking her dogs is concerned about the coyotes r. >> i kind of feel like they are here, too, and little dogs, you
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know -- you have to be careful but i feel terrible for the people and their dogs. >> reporter: now the lowes are urging the city to trap the coyotes who they say have taken over this park. the heartbroken couple is hoping smb is done before another beloved pet gets hurt. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. now to the south bay where police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that's landed one person in the hospital. it happened about 6:30 last night after police were called to check on the well being at a home monterey road. an unidentified individual confronted them when they arrived. that person was shot once. investigators have not said what prompted police to open fire. we're still waiting to hear the condition of the person shot. san jose police today confirmed an officer charged with raping a woman while on duty has been fired. jeffrey graves is accused of raping a woman who called police for help in 2013 after a domestic dispute. he's been in jail and on paid
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leave since march. he's pleaded not guilty and faces more than 50 years in prison if convicted. the california highway patrol is investigating a bizarre incident in walnut creek where a man was stabbed alongside interstate 680. chp officers responded about 4:30 yesterday where two vehicles stopped on the right shoulder of the northbound lanes near north main street. investigators say there was some kind altercation before the victim was stabbed. the suspect drove off in a dark colored sedan with tinted windows. the chp is hoping any witnesses will call them. four people are dead and more than a dozen others are still in critical condition after a duck boat plowed you into a tour boat yesterday in seattle. people through the bus went through the windshield and landed on the concrete. >> what we're learning about the victims. another day of warm weather around the day. rosemary is the here to tell us what to expect. two people rescued from a house fire after good
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samaritans ran into the burning home.
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volkswagen has a new ceo in the wake of the scandal. volkswagen today appointed the head of its porsche division as the new ceo. he's pledging to do everything
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to win back the trust of the public. vw's former ceo, martin winterkorn stepped down saying he was taking responsibility for the cheating scandal. last week, the epa revealed that the software allowed diesel engines to run cleaner during emissions tests. we're learning that all four people killed in the collision between a duck boat and charter bus in seattle were college students from overseas. we showed you the pictures. they were live yesterday from right above the scene. officials say the bus was carrying about 50 studentses from north seattle college's international program. witnesses say the duck boat suddenly swerved and crashed into the oncoming bus. >> coming around the curve. pointing out the harbor, the next thing i know the traffic slowed down and veered out of the control and hit the bus here and to spin around and people were being thrown out of
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the duck. >> people in the bus flew through the front of the bus and landed on the concrete. >> four students killed are from as you trina, china -- austria, china and indonesia. there was a shooting last night on crosby avenue. despite medical aid they were both pronounced dead at the scene. police have not released their identities. no arrests have been made. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch will visit richmond as part of her tour around the country to improve police community relations. she's set to meet with the city's police chief, the may hoar as well as teenagers from a local youth center. richmond gained national attention for reducing homicide rates through a variety of community police strategies. richmond is also one of the recipients of a federal grant to hire more police officers and buy more body cameras. just an incredible act of
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bravery in vallejo after three people ran into a burning home to rescue an amputee and his caregiver who were trapped inside. brian flores has more on the heroic acts. >> how did you get pulled out? >> thy pulled me out -- they pulled me out. >> reporter: that was michael mcintyre describing how two people pulled him out of a burning hole. miken tire and his -- home. mcintyre and his caregiver were stuck in thick smoke when a fire broke out yesterday afternoon in a building on kentucky street. one of the people who pulled them out was working at a home next i next -- next door. >> i heard somebody calling for help. i ran into the house. i see the amputee on the ground. i picked him up and carried him outside of the house. >> reporter: he and two others went back inside the home to
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see if anyone else was inside. that's when they pulled out mcintyre's care gaver who got second and third-degree -- burns. >> i could barely see. hy to feel my way in there. when i was in there and i was feeling my -- my way, that's when i bumped into the amputee. >> reporter: firefighters were able to have the fire under control about an hour after it started. the cause san fernando -- the cause of it remains under investigation. more evacuees of the valley fire finally allowed to return home. containment of the valley fire is up to 90%. full containment expected next week. still, the fire has burned through 76,000 acres has destroyed more than 1900 buildings. most of them homes. now to martinez where a baby beaver rescued has died.
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rescuers say the beaver appeared to be on the mend but died last night. wildlife experts say the cause was likely a respiratory issue. since july, four beavers have been found dead in the alhambra creek in downtown. experts are not sure what's causing the death. let's take a peek outside and turn to rosemary. this weekend looks pleasant. >> you are right. we have a cooldown on the way for your bay area weekend. some of us feeling it already. the bay bridge there into san francisco, what a beautiful view there. machines around the bay area. as we get into your afternoon, we'll remain with mostly sunny skies. not going to have the cloud that brought us the beautiful sunrises and the beautiful sunsets of recent days. but we do have a cooldown underway. as we take a look at the temperatures. half moon bay, 64 degrees right now in and around the bay, they mild for your afternoon. 74 in hayward. 74 redwood city. you go inland, it's 89 degrees in livermore.
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84 in concord. 87 in fairfield. and we haven't reached the high just yet. 82 santa rosa. we have mid-70s in napa. we're down by 4 degrees inner areas in oakland. sfo, just down by 1. but our inland communities actually a little bit warmer, 4 degrees warmer in fairfield, livermore and 1 degree warmer in areas like san jose. so we have that cooling trend, that takes it time one step at a time. meaning the coast and inside the bay, our inland cities, it will be one more day before you feel it. let's take a look at the peninsula. 84 in woodside. 79 in menlo park. the shift into the inner east bay where some of the hotter weather will be for the afternoon today. 87 danville right now. 93 reported alamo. 86 degrees in pittsburgh. around hayward, onshore around 7. sfo reporting 14. i'm seeing it along the
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coastline as well. this will be what we'll have for the days to come. for today another hot one inland. temperatures will be mild around the bay. cooler at the coast. the bay area weekend, temperatures falling off on saturday. here is a look at the afternoon highs expected for today. 91 in novato, 79 for sausalito. to the east bay, temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. alameda, berkeley, oakland, low to mid-90s expected in danville, livermore, 96 for antioch. as we shift into the south bay, 90 for los gatos. one more stop along the peninsula, 89 redwood city. 75 san bruno. 77 san francisco. 60s along the coast for today. mid- to upper 60s half moon bay as well as pacifica. the extended forecast here with your bay area weekend always in view. there is that cooldown in time for the first weekend of fall. mid- to upper 80s in the forecast for the inland cities. 70s around the bay. 60s at the coast and we'll be cooler as we start next week.
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>> i know it's early to bug you about it. but sunday night talking about the supermoon, cloudy? clear? any thoughts? >> i think inland you will be fine. along the coast, maybe cloudy. >> go inland if you want to see it on sunday. we're talking about the supermoon. you may be able to look at the sky and see something. you won't be able to see it for another 30 plus years. the supermoon will combine with the lunar eclipse. the total eclipse happens when the full moon passes through the darkest part of the earth's shadow. if you want to see it on the bay area, it starts at 9:07 and lasts more than an hour. as rosemary said, inland area, east bay, your best bet, more information go to still ahead, people even a robot line up early to get their hands on the latest version of apple's phone. and from oktoberfest, a lot to do this weekend.
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this is the opening bell today. as we're watching markets, we're seeing a selloff late in the trading day before the stock markets close. the dow is up by 70 points. it was doing gangbusters all morning long but dropped very recently in the past hour. s&p 500, nasdaq, also in the red after seeing gains for most of the day. the latest iphone is officially on sale and many already are in the hands of
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happy apple fanatics. all it took was a lot of time waiting in line. [ cheers ] >> we didn't get trampled when the doors opened up up at 8:00 a.m. crowds rushed in. apple's faithful were looking forward to the new video capabilities. this allows users to access different functions depending upon how hard they push the screen and the new color, rose gold. >> i'm excited about the new 3- d touch feature. i think it seems really intuitive. the new color is kind of exciting. it know a lot of girls are -- i know a lot of girls are excited about it because it's pink. >> there were long lines in palo alto. that's where one woman found a unique way of beating the lines. had a robot do the waiting for her. she's in san francisco but her
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pro device was number 15 in line. robot was able to hold a place like any other customer. oktoberfest, the blues festival and other events all happening around the bay. >> here is your weekend watch -- this saturday it's free national parkway. get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy serenity at national parks including muir woods and yosemite or celebrate oktoberfest by the day. friday through sunday, you can sample german food and beer. the celebration is on pier 48. tickets start at $25. the pacific coast fog fest in pacifica. over 200 booths will fill palmetta street from 10:00 to 6:00. you can party in the streets of martinez. the bay area blues festival is going on both days from 10:00
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to 6:00. the free event features craft beer, fine wines, italian street painting and kids' activities. if you would rather enjoy a free day at the museum. the annual museum day is saturday. make sure to register online at for free tickets. 9ers and raiders are on the road this weekend. i'm rosemary orozco and that's your weekend watch. lady ga da gets a lot of attention for -- ga da gets a lot of a -- gaga gets a lot of attention. there's new a serious subject, a music video that came out this weekend on sexual assaults on campus. today on the 4 we're talking with a documentary filmmaker will the impact this song is having for the fight for the victims of sexual assault. that's coming up at 4:00. thanks for making ktvu your
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choice for news today. always here for you at follow us on twutser and facebook. have a great weekend. see you back here for the 4. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
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at harvey: kind of interesting. >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: kind of interesting. chris brown may not have the character to visit australia. he may be blocked because of rihanna. >> you think they're well within their right to deny entry into their country? harvey: yeah, they can do whatever they want to do. >> it sends a nice message. hate a woman. don't ever see a koala bear, it's perfect. don't ever see a kangaroo. >> we got lil dicky out. he's a jewish rapper. he's incredibly talented. >> money doesn't drive me. it's kind of like legacy and respect. >> he did i a whole rap video with pools, lamborghinis and yachts. and he paid zero money for all of it. >> he goes to a video shoot and goes, cam i shoot my video in the background of yours? >> 50 cent fired back


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