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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 28, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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ktvu fox news at noon starts now. i'm gasia mikaelian, a major discovery on the surface of mars. for the first time, researchers have identified liquid water on the red planet. researchers say the salt water flows show up as dark streaks on the martian canyon. analysis found the presence of salt, which keeps the water from freezing. the source of the water, that's still a mystery. scientists say their research shows mars was once covered with oceans and lakes, much like earth, but then for some reason, the water dried up 3 billion years ago. today's discovery greatly increases the possibility that some type of life exists there.
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>> anywhere where you find water is important because water is an essential ingredient for life, so the fact that we found it on the surface of mars leads us one step close tore understanding the habitability of present day mars. >> nasa researchers say this discovery could have huge implications for future human exploration of mars, and they say it opens many new avenues for research. here on earth traffic is recovering on the bay bridge after a car fire closed down several lanes. take a look at this picture tweeted by the chp. this happened in the westbound direction, just east of treasure island. the number four and number five lanes were closed but have since reopened. crews are still working to clear the area. lest take a look now at what's happening on the bay bridge. traffic was heavily impacted and it is slow going somewhat right now into the city. this is a look at conditions on the bay bridge. muni riders may notice more elbow room on their commutes this week. some of the most popular routes on the system will either have
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extra trains or buses run more frequently. the 43 masonic will have a bus coming every 9 minutes instead of every ten. muni is changing the routes of other bus lines to make new connections. riders, and workers say these changes will help ease overcrowding. >> i would love to see more change, yeah, anything they could do to add more stops. >> reporter: there's definitely the demand for it? >> definitely, yeah. >> they get pretty packed, up to the gills. >> standing room only? >> standing room only. >> there are 30 now hybrid electric buses and trolleys this month. for a look at the changes go to click on web links. anxiety investigation is reportedlyunder way into possible ticket theft by a b.a.r.t. employee. according to the san francisco chronicle, a b.a.r.t. manager who works at a customer
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service center is on administrative leave. the alleged theft was discovered over the summer and some of the tickets may have been resold. b.a.r.t. would only confirm there's a currently investigation into what it calls possible misuse of public funds. today students in middletown returned to school more than two weeks after the valley fire devastated their community. class began at 9:00. most of the campuses were not affected by the fire, but cobb elementary school did suffer smoke damage. classes there are being held in a portable classroom behind the middle school. thethat program is being moved to another classroom until the building is replaced. fire crews now have the valley fire 97% contained. more than 76,000 acres of burn, though, nearly 2000 homes and buildings were destroyed. firefighters say if the weather continues to cooperate, the fire should be fully contained in about a week. hillary clinton returns to the bay area today. in just over an hour, she's
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expected top attend an event in saratoga, held by the south asian community, and a marin family event geared toward women as well as an event in the east bay at a tech fundraiser. her business comes as her campaign struggles as bernie sanders has seen his poll numbers increase. republican presidential front runner donald trump released his tax plan. hehe says people making less than $20,000 a year would pay no taxes. the tax rate would top out at 25% for people making $300,000 and businesses would pay 125% compared to the current top rate of 35 percent. trump says his tax plan would make up for the loss of revenue, and a new tax on overseas corporate profits. president obama made remarks at the opening session of the united nations general assembly today. as eric shaw reports, he then met with his russian counter part for the first time in almost a year. >> reporter: leaders from around the globe gathering at
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the united nations in new york. among them, president obama who addresses the general assembly on the 70th anniversary of the un. >> we live in an integrated world. one in which we all have a stake in each other's success. we cannot turn back those forces of integration. >> russian president vladimir putin addressing the gathering. he and president obama holding talks after their addresses in their first face-to-face meeting in nearly one year. the focus, what the white house says will be the crisis in the ukraine, what the kremlin says isis and the situation in syria will be the main topic. >> the reaction we're seeing from the russians is responding from weakness. they are concerned about the investment there. >> reporter: russia maintains the military present is meant to help, the u.s. is leading a separate international collation conducting air strikes on isis and supports
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rebels he can topple the assad regime. putin criticized that move ahead of his u.s. address. >> in my opinion, provision of military support to illegal structures runs counter to the principles of international law and the united nations charter. >> reporter: president obama also meeting with cuban president raul castro while he's here and iranian president is attending the gathering, we're told there are no plans for president obama and mr. rahini to meet. at the united nations, i'm eric sean, fox news. >> president obama also met with the prime minister of india, who was in silicon valley other the weekend -- over the weekend. >> some 20,000 people turned out to hear the prime minister speak at san jose's sap center yesterday. thousands more were watching on a big screen next door. many in the crowd were tech workers who say they support
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the prime minister's push for a digital india. >> he was giving a speech toward technologies, using technology for government. that impressed me a lot. >> the prime minister also had a private meeting with governor brown and visited with the ceos overgoing and will -- of google and apple. he prayed the benefits of social media. >> i think i would say to leaders all over the world that you're not going to gain by running away from social media. you must join it, try and join it. >> the prime minister's visit attracted protesters at several of his stops. members of the sikh community accused of him of human rights and religious intolerances. the tibetan buddhist spiritual leader is in the united states for a check up, and hasn't
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elaborated on his health but did apologize to the public and those who organized the visits. he had appearances planned in colorado, massachusetts pennsylvania, and utah. pope francis is now back at the vatican after his whirlwind 6 day visit to the united states. we have video here of the pope on his plane last night just before landing in rome. when asked what surprised him most about the trip the pope said the warmth of the people. he also said he received three different types of welcomes in the three cities he visited. he said in washington, d.c., the welcome was warm but more formal. in new york, he said it was exuberant and in philadelphia, very demonstrative. the statute of junipero serra is back in its original state after vandals defaced it. police say a number of graves and statues in the courtyard were damaged. the canonization was controversial because opponents say he committed atrocities against the native americans. police say it appears the
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vandals didn't damage statues or gaves of native americans. they recently held protests across the state. a warning for people about tickets to an all you can eat crab festival. while some are calling calling it a scam, and the investigation now into the organizers behind the event. also cooler temperatures around the bay area today. steve paulson will tell us how long that's going to last and when to expect another warm up. and one quickly growing east bay city is causing problems for the school district, now the steps happening to try to p -- to find a solution to prevent overcrowding. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
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are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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the woman who helped two convicted killers escape from a maximum security prison in new york will spend up to 7 years behind bars. joyce mitchell was sentenced for her role in the prison escape. she pled guilty to providing tools to inmates richard matt and david sweat. they broke out of the clinton correctional facility in june. mitchell admitted to knowing the pair and agreed to being their get away drive before backing out of the deal. a 5th person has died after last week crash involving a duck boat. the boat did not have an axel repair that was recommended for the vehicles in 2013. the ntsb says the front left
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axel was sheered off in thursday's crash. it's not clear if the axel broke before or after the collision. ride the duck seattle has been suspended until all of its vehicles are inspected. as the population of dublin continues to grow, $concerns that it's schools are being overcrowded. the district is gathering input from the public on how to deal with the increase of children in its schools. the meeting is set for tomorrow night at 6:30 at dublin high school. right now the high school has more than 2200 students. it's projected to increase to 3300 students by the year 2019. there's also a small continuation high school in dublin. some of the ideas being discussed include expanding dublin high or adding another high school in the years to come. >> one of the things that we're doing s we have hired an outside consulting firm that's going to be helping us with the facility's master plan for all of our schools. the focus will be on the high school for the first round. that's what the meeting tomorrow night is all about. a committee has come up
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with ideas ideas to handle more children, crewing portable classrooms and classrooms classrooms and exming the construction of the plan. the district is surveying the public, in order to fund some of the expansion plans. they sound like fun events and all you can eat crab festivals, halloween costume parties. some ticket buyers are wondering where the money is going. there are serious questions being raised about several bay areas, which was supposed to happen on august 29th in great america. it was billed as a monumental night of comedy, music and celebrityings. the party never took place. people who bought tickets are trying to get their money back. the hot garlic crab festival in san francisco is facing scrutiny. the all you can eat affair is set for november 14th. city leaders have never heard of the event. the organizers haven't filed for the necessary permits to close streets in that area.
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>> normally before people are selling tickets, the organizers do have the street closures spread away before they get going. but, you know, smaller events, you know, they do come in at the last minute. we do ask for a minimum of 30 days before we process an application for a street closure. >> now, police in modesto have launched their own investigation. they're looking at whether the company promoting these questionable bay area events is the same one behind the modesto beer and bites festival that was supposed to happen in a park this past weekend but the organizers never got approval for such a large scale event. after four years of drought, through fewer apples on the trees. ktvu fox 2's ken wayne went to one of the oldest apple farms to see how they're holding up. >> reporter: 84-year-old lee walker has been in the apple business most of his life.
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his grandfather started walker apples planting this tree back in 1910. the 55 acres he farms in sonoma county are home to 27 different varieties of apples, including the prize grabenstein, known to cooks around the country as one of the best apples for sauces and pies. >> demand is wonderful. it's supply. >> reporter: the drought has hurt apple farmers across the state. production of orchards in the watsonville area is down as much as 40%. it's the same story at the walker farm. >> we're going to have about 30%. >> reporter: less? >> yeah, look at these. this is what's on there. and there's hardly anything on these trees. >> reporter: not only are there fewer apples, but they're smaller, too. walkers apples are dry farmed. they rely on rainfall, typical about 44 inches a year. this year, he says only 33 inches fell, most during a wet december. it's not unusual to have a little dust in the orchards, but this is different, and it shows just how dry it's been
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around here. apple leaves are starting to turn yellow, a sign of stress, and more apples are falling before they're picked. >> the trees are protecting themselves. they're dropping the fruit. and that's a problem. >> reporter: that doesn't usually happen? >> no, not like this, no. >> reporter: not only has it been destroyer but warmer, especially at night, meaning a smaller crop. >> apples take 900 and some chill hours in the winter, and they had 600 and something this year. >> reporter: walker sells many of his apples to the processing plant just down the road. business there is still good because there are plenty of apples to be found elsewhere, especially arizona. >> they have a huge crop, so they're five times what they had last year. it's making up for what they lost here, we're very fortunate. >> reporter: the quality can't compare. >> no apples match the apples here. >> reporter: and that's what's keeping sonoma apple growers alive. >> we had to pay more this
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year. they have less apples and we want to keep the farmers in business, especially in california, and to do that, you have to pay more money. >> reporter: four years of drought has hurt but not killed the california apple business. predictions of an el nino are a hopeful sign of a wet winter ahead, but there's no guarantee. >> reporter: we're in for the long haul. we have been here since 1922, and we hope to be here for a long time. >> maybe as long as the walkers. >> thank you. >> see you next year. >> walker says he's hoping the el nino predictions don't bring too much rain. that could cause erosion in the orchards which could cause more problems. october 1st marks the official start of the rainy season, but the national weather service says there's no rain in the forecast for at least the next 16 days. forecasters say they're getting the word out because so many people are wondering when the wet weather is going to start. the weather service says it's really not unusual for the first two weeks of october to be dry.
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good afternoon, everybody. on this monday, change is finally, boy, i tell you it's been a long slow process to get inland areas to cool down. today, though it looks like it's starting. high and mid level clouds. you can see some returns on radar. this is high based stuff. most of it taking aim down towards monterey south. a lot of clouds drifting in, san francisco, oakland, concord, not as manies to north. the fog came back. in fact, it took a while, finally arrived. pretty shallow. made its way toward mill valley, all the way to dry creek, napa airport had a little bit as well. that will lift and burn off. south of that, partly to mostly cloudy north. mostly sunny. look at the swath, high clouds continuing to stream up. they are being drawn by an area of low pressure which has been sitting out here for the longest time. that is finally getting its act together and moving because it has an up stream kicker. high clouds today and tomorrow. then the lull begins to move toward us on wednesday. al finally usher in much cooler
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temperatures for those far enough inland that will probably carry into thursday. the big question toward the weekend. looks like we'll warm up again. can't find much of a breeze. it is showing signs of become more westerly. i expect that to ramp up over the next couple of days. water temps came occupy. bodega bay, 58. half-moon bay, 64. monterey 62. we have seen a lot warmer than that. they are inching up so slightly. a lot of high clouds to the south. that stopped the eclipse last night for some towards the south bay. for others, the clouds cleared and you had a pretty good show. the low clouds starting to stick up on the coast. the higher clouds will be with us today and tomorrow as well. then the low moves in. as that low moves in. we'll push the higher clouds out of the picture, and there will be low clouds and make a pretty good surge as we head toward tuesday night, wednesday, the low will move into the north. there it is. the trend is to bring temperatures down even for those far enough inland. it looks like we'll finally
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start to see out of the 90s. a lot of high clouds today make for a beautiful sunrise. sunset, slow cooling inland. kicked in for the coast and bay. partly cloudy, partly sunny. 60s, 70s. lots of clouds, cool if you're stuck in that fog, also that westerly breeze. cooler coast and bay. noticeably cooler. 60s, 70s for some. 80s for others. did hold onto low 90s for one more day here this week. temperatures, though, look like they're starting their downward slide. a long haul for inland temps to cool down. it took forever. finally beginning. 60s on the coast in the city. 70s, a few 80s. we will cool things down more so on tuesday, and much cooler as we go into wednesday and thursday. the big question is forecast models are not in sync for the weekend. sunny and warm earn. that's been the trend for the longest time. did you see it t stargazers
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treated to a rare site when a lunar eclipse combined with a super moon. it's the first time in 32 years the events happened at the same time. the next time it will happen, 2033. people shared their super moon photos with us. put them up on our facebook page or tweet us using the hash tag ktvu. watching the dow, it's plummeted 300 points, we'll talk about the numbers ahead of the close, and whole foods getting ready to cut hundreds of jobs. why the company says it doesn't think those employees will be looking for a job for too long. this is the dawn of an old day.
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because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for.
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taking a look live at the new york stock exchange. you see here the dow jones is below that 16,000 mark. it is a rough day on wall street as uncertainty about the timing of a rate hike and concerns about global economic growth are driving markets down. the dow is down almost 2%, more than half an hour ahead of the close. below that 16,000 mark, s&p 500 down by 2 1/2 percent. nasdaq taking a similar slide down by more than 3% right now. as we take a look at the dow again, the last time the dow closed below 16,000, that was back on august 25th. we'll stay on top of that and monitor it throughout the afternoon. we have learned whole foods is cutting about 1500 jobs. that's about 1.6% of its work force. the cuts are expected to take
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place over the next 8 weeks. this comes as whole foods looks to lower its prices and keep up with competition. the company says it anticipates workers whose jobs are cut will find other jobs from the open positions across the company. the tokyo olympic organizing company announced what sports it wants to add to the 2020 games. the organizers are proposings return of baseball and softball and the addition of karate, surfing, skate boarding, and climbing. it's the international committee that will make the decision if any of those sports will be included. that will be made august of next year during the summer games in brazil. a first of its kind gathering to take stock to overturn death penalty convictions. on the four by four, we're talking to the northern california innocence project about the work prosecutors and defense attorneys are taking to review criminal cases and uncover possible wrongful convictions. that's coming up on the four
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with mike mibach. thank you for joining us today. always here on, facebook and twitter. have a good one. from the people who brought you underwhelming internet speeds.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: so kim kardashian either wants to kill her sister kylie with kindness and advice -- >> how do you feel that you have dethroned me? harvey: -- or she just wants to kill her. >> kill with jedi, mind-tricking her. harvey: she said i want to teach my little sister. she's going to screw up her mind. >> you know what would be good for you? pregnancy at an early age. [laughter] >> on the "tmz" tour yesterday, that would be really good for you. justin bieber comes out. he walks into a skate shop on miller. melrose. my thing is, justin bieber is really growing up because there was nobody with him. harvey: on the other hand he's walking into a skate shop. [laughter] >> we got nick young out. >> l.a. laker.


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