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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 28, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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it's a strange scene as the guys start losing bricks. >> he pulled them apart for a reason. see who is trapped underneath and has to get out quick. an atv rider makes a jump. >> can he hang on? can he hang on? >> i think he can get into the tree. >> bartenders reveal what you do that drive them crazy. >> i cannot give you a loan. quit breaking them in pieces. >> not too sweet. >> your chance to win a new ipad mi mini. >> a weekend of concert tickets held off in style.
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and, a golden couple. >> just being themselves. >> how their adventures are inspiring others to dream big. >> you can go out and do the same thing. three weeks ago at this russian apartment complex, these bricks kind of collapse. so, workers come in and put them back. if you notice, some guy is pulling them apart. he's pulling them apart for a reason. they believe something is trapped in there. two couples were coming up the steps and heard barking. they said i think that barking is coming from under that porch. they started working on their own to see if there was a dog under there. guess what? there was. so when the bricks fell apart the first time, the dog could have snuck in there, they came back and sealed it up and now the dog is stuck in there. >> they think the dog was in
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there three and a half days. >> incredible they were able to figure it out. i would have assumed it was the sewer. >> the dog was buried alive. they were barking like, help. >> no food, no water for three days and guess what? when they pulled this girl out, they discovered she is pregnant. >> oh, my gosh. she was probably just trying to find a home so she could be safe, right? be a safe, pregnant dog. >> that dog was taken to a shelter. i say kudos to these four people for being aware enough and going through all that effort to get that dog out. >> her tail is wagging. >> that is incredible. >> the skies are gray and the surf is starting to come in pretty heavy. guys here launching a boat in
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india. the first boat seems to get away. breaks through the rollers and off they go. the second boat here, coming into the left of the screen is going to have trouble. they begin to start. but it looks like the two guys working in the back may be having trouble getting them going and the surf and the swell start to come in stronger, higher, heavier. starting to push the boat around. >> i don't know if i would go out there on a day like that. >> uh-oh. >> launched the boat straight up and back down into the water. >> it doesn't capsize. >> it doesn't. another one comes in. grabs the concessions and still looks like he can't quite get the motors going. >> it was a whole set of waves
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came in after that first boat. it was terrible timing. miles has been on unemployment nine months, one more mission to go. he's gone behind the lines and now he's skyping his son. >> i got to talk with you. >> like all children, to the announce of mothers and fathers is skyping, but with a batman doll torks start with. >> hold it up for daddy to hold it up. you, not batman. >> mom is getting frustrated. >> they think it's thousands of miles away. then he notices something. >> why are you in my bedroom? >> a big smile on his face, he's going upstairs. dads upstairs! dad's upstairs. >> i see you daddy.
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>> he gets under his knees, looks under the crack, under the door, trying to see dad. finally, mission accomplished. time for hugs. >> oh, my god, that was brilliant. of all places. >> he's very sharp. he figured it out quickly. cocoa is in the corner. a typical moment where a dog is overwhelmed by it's you. it's you. i know that smell. i know everything about you. i love you. >> very successful mission there. operation come back home. let's hope they do it many, many more times. >> the one who watches us on wkrn in nashville is the latest winner in the ipad mini give away. >> you can win if you are 18 years old and a u.s. resident. i have two fails.
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this first one, check this guy out, coming around the corner on the atv. >> oh, no. oh, oh,. >> oh, yeah. >> he lands it and goes into the tree. it looked like he's doing so well. he's got great form. looking good up in the air. then, when he lands, he lands so hard it ended up costing him a back tire and he bent his tie rod. >> i know atv all terrain, but i don't think it meant drive-through bushes. >> ready when you are. >> things are going sideways for these guys as well. playing with their bicycles, let's tie the wagon to the bicycle and put little brother on the wagon. that's a great idea. >> their plan is to go downhill while the big brother uses the
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bicycle to push the wagon really, really, really fast. >> the little boy goes crashing toward the wall. gets right up. >> sorry, want to do it again? >> it's possible. >> she thinks she's helping her mom out for this competition. see the actual purpose for this picture perfect moment. >> and, stylish game. >> it's the red neck batting cage. >> why sparks fly dur thg recreation of basketball. >> oh! dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles are so soft they make your feet feel outrageously comfortable. i'm gellin you're so not gellin' dr. scholl's
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hethat's it. night, i need to kick acid with rolaids® advanced. it goes to work instantly on your worst heartburn, bloating, and gas. that's better. kick acid and gas with rolaids® advanced. the video is palpable. you can feel it. you can see it. and it's being captured for a photography contest. that is la tasha.
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she's left in the arms of her loved one. >> and his beard. >> and his beard. this is not just a photo shoot. in fact,itis not a competition photo shoot at all. this is the fence where he proposed to la tasha. look how priceless it turned out. by the way, the photographer is her mom. la tasha, this whole time is thinking she's helping her mom out for the competition. but mom was helping ben put the proposal together. watch the shot. as she's facing the beach, friends and family behind them with signs saying will you marry me. someone tells her to look behind her. she sees it sign, ben goes down on one knee and she says yes. >> he's got that smug grin on his face. you have no idea. >> it's a perfect shot. >> such a beautiful moment. they have been planning this forever.
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>> look how beautiful she looks. we found out, years ago, when she was a kid, she used to be bullied. they told her she was ugly. she overcame that. look how beautiful she is now. >> and the mother-in-law is on board with the relationship. score. >> then ben toured with the band that plays the song in the video. >> back in the day -- >> i actually had a real job. that was as a bartender. i was terrible. a lot of stuff you are about to see. >> you should challenge and put together some of the best bartenders in america to find out what grinds their gear. >> i would say the most anowing thing customers do is -- >> what do you reckon is the most annoying thing to a bartender? >> tips. >> no. it's this. >> snapping or waving money. >> almost like they are calling an animal over. >> it seems we look at you 15 times.
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what is a good way to get their attention? >> hey. hey, guys. >> there's one phrase i wish i could banish. >> they are all at the top of their game. >> not sweet. not sweet. not too sweet. i get told that more than hello. >> why are they making sweet drinks? >> they aren't. the reason they are asking for drinks that are not too sweet -- >> if i'm paying for the drink, i want it made the way i want it made. >> they are not cheap, either. >> no. >> shut up and drink it. >> this one used to drive me crazy. >> waving at me for attention. they get your attention before they know what they want. >> one guy will order. >> what do you want? >> order one drink at a time. >> we want two. then we want three red bulls. goes on and on. you can see the bartender is
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like -- >> i don't blame him for that. that is irritating. >> they will get to you eventually. >> i promise you, we are not going to forget about you. >> they say they know jokes. >> i'll introduce you to these two fellows. they have a youtube channel where they take on challenges. >> they are going to fire this water at the guy. he's going to try to hit it with a baseball bat and he's just got a bill helmet on. >> it's a little mat. >> oh! >> it gets better. >> i mean, i wonder, at what point during this experiment did he say this is a bad idea. >> let's be honest, he didn't come close. it's a fail. >> fastball and fireworks to straight up rocket. >> oh, man. >> oh!
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like lawn darts kind of thing. >> you pump them up with water. the best part is, he just gets it out. >> oh, man. >> hold on. >> this is the thing. when you are filming stuff, we talk about how it separates you from the situation. instead of moving out of the way, he says oh, i'm going to get hit by it. >> i'm okay. >> it's monday. that means it's time for real or fake. starting with the whistling walrus. then this chicken gets a little out of hand, so -- >> this man, trying to hip motize this chicken. >> plus, if you missed your favorite football team over the weekend, it might be time for you to get your hands on an ipad mini. the buzz word is coming your way. [ announcer ] cortizone-10 eczema relief
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for fast, lasting relief. cortizone-10 eczema relief. feel the heal. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ the superfantastic, wonderful, matt. >> i like that. let's get rolling on real or fake. >> here we go. >> ooh. >> they want us to believe this walrus is whisling. >> i believe it. >> i do, too. >> blowing the air up. i think we are all in agreement here. matt, what do you say? >> i'm with you. that's a real walrus whistling. it's hard to say. try it at home. >> let's see what's in video number two.
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>> are you kidding? >> no way. >> why am i rooting for this guy? >> it looks like he's doing something. >> i'm saying reopen. crazy stuff. i'm not surprised. real. >> i think this is real. definitely. >> this is so unbelievable. if you haven't seen the video, you wouldn't believe it. i'm going with real as well. >> real is ewe unanimous again. >> i don't think we have ever seen a fake video out of russia. if you look at the text in the video, it's russian writing. we know that has to be real. >> it's russia. >> that was crazy. >> all right. here is the last one. back to the animal kingdom. >> what we are seeing is this man trying to hip matize a
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chicken. >> i don't think you can do that. >> he made him go to sleep for a long time. >> your claim is choke the chicken first. >> i'm going to give it a real. >> i think he did go to sleep for a second. i don't know about this stuff. >> i say it's real. >> i had to look it up. i came across, yes, you can hip motize chickens. it's a defense mechanism. they put themselves in a trans. they can stay that way up to 30 minutes. >> he didn't do it, the chicken just innately does this. he was afraid. >> wrong on this particular video. it was a little gray area on that. i'll give you that. >> i'll never go down without a fight.
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this next video shows us why these new cool kids have a way with words and getting what they want. we'll start off with this cutie pie who doesn't quite want to go to bed yet. >> ready for bed? >> wait. no. not bed. >> not bed? >> i want my mom. >> we have to go to bed. >> he's learned at a young age, if you give a puppy dog face, you might be able to stay up a little longer. >> he switched faster than meryl streep. >> get in your bed. >> no. >> i think he might have bought himself a little extra time. up next, this happens to be a family friend. she knows she's not supposed to be on mom's phone. she's a fan of the weekend.
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this is the song. here is the deal. she has a request. >> is she going? >> i think she would get points for being clever, at least. >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter, you need the buzz word, be 18 years old and u.s. resident. >> go to and click on the win ipad button. >> it's time to reveal the buzz word. are you ready? >> i'm always ready. >> it is zipper. >> get over to and click on the win ipad button and enter zipper. >> one day, later this week, we are going to have a bonus give away. we'll give away a flat screen tv. tune in and good luck, everyone.
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this couple knows knnothing ventured, nothing gained. see what they are doing that gets us all highly motivated. >>
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fashion is not her thing. ♪ >> i believe it was charles who said -- >> it's a motion that has the guys. it's so hard when you see the videos. this is jay alvarez. it went crazy viral a few mons
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ago. they are just being themselves. they are back and pretty much what you would expect beautiful people doing stuff we are not doing in countries we are in. followers exploded on youtube. they went from 40,000 to 300,000 plus. instra gram up to 2.4 million. the world lives through this couple. >> it's great. looks like they have having a lot of fun. i hope people remind themselves, they don't have to do this to be happy in their own life. >> you could look at this video. you could go out and do the same thing. you can travel, swim with sharks, grab it by the haorns a much as them. >> go to the next town and see something you have never seen. >> you don't have to go very far to have an adventure. be creiativcreative. >> people live the life they think they are living. >> remember, to get the shots,
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they had a camera man following them all the time. it's not just them together. it is incredible. it's beautiful. don't forget, love what you've got. >> thanks so much for joining us on "right this minute." see you next time.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live," harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: fetty wap got in a really bad, bad accident. charles: motorcycle accident on saturday in new jersey. harvey: there is a lot of controversy about this, a lot of controversy about this, a figures disability. charles: he was riding a motorcycle and of course, you know that fetty wap has a physical disability. he has lost one eye as an infant? i don't know if he was a toddler, but very young, lost one eye. he was riding a motorcycle around with his friends on saturday in paterson, which is


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