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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 28, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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believes the two people were killed and right now investigators say they ever one person in custody. ktvu fox 2 news paul chambers live now with more on this story. >> reporter: deputies been out here for four hours investigating the case. the scene is behind us. it is on the other side of the mobile home park. deputies came out here to do a welfare check. >> deputies got here, they found a man and woman murderedane trailer home -- murdered in a trailer home here. there was a third person in the house and that person has been taken in for question. >> reporter: from sky fox 2 you can see crime scene tape here in castro valley. deputies are being tight lipped on this. they won't say what kind of weapon was used to kill the
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couple. there is confusion on the relation opthe three. some -- on the three. deputies say there is a relationship between the victims and the man in custody. >> he has a mental thing going on. i don't think it is bad. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: i just learned from one of the witnesses they say the young man in custody, believed to be the son of one of the victims, released from mental care within the last few days and the female victim in the case is a cancer survivor. we will have more coming up at 5:00 p.m. back to you. >> do they know how long ago they were killed? [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: my guess is one of the questions we asked, he can't tell us when the incident happened, but that is something we will continue to ask. i am sure as more information
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comes out he will release that information to us. right now they want to keep everything underwraps. >> paul chambers lives, thank you. other stories we are following, a sail boat wash ashore at ocean beach. sky fox 2 was over head as police arrived on the scene. we saw one person in handcuffs. it is unclear if that person was arrested although he was put in to an officer's car. at this point we are waiting to find out more information from police. students in middletown returned to school today two weeks after the valley fire. most of the campus were not effected by the fire but cobb elementary school has smoke damage so classes were held in mortable classes -- portable classes. the continuation high school lost a classroom. that program will be moved to another classroom. firefighters now have the
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valley fire 97% contained. 76,000 acres burned. 2,000 homes and buildings were destroyed. firefighters say if the weather continues to cooperate the fire should be contained in a week. a disaster recovery center opened up for the victims of victims of the butte wildfire. this is located at the government center on mountain ranch road in san andreas. the bute fire in -- butte fire in amador and calaveras counties started on september 9. the cause is still under investigation. cal fire says the butte fire is now 95% contained. >> big changes on muni, starting today they were hoping to give passengers a better experience. they rolled out new connections between neighborhoods. some of the most popular routes are running buses more frequently or with longer trains. mayor ed lee said today that
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engineers have been working all summer on the improvements. >> we predict with this, and it has been tested out, 20 minutes on some people's driedride on that -- ride on that route will be saved. >> 30 new buses and 7 new trolleys went into service earlier this month. for more go to and click on web links. you may have seen them on the children's hospital, super heroes. they were washing the windows and waving. they made their way inside to hang out and have fun with the patients battling to get better. cool surprise. >> great to see. a part of the child life children's program.
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they do other things there rather than just being a patient. >> fantastic. especially when you are sitting in a hospital bed. >> there is super man. water flowing on mars. nasa made the announcement today. because liquid water is essential to life it could have marriage implications for the possibility of life forms on mars. fox news in miami explains more. >> reporter: scientists make a out of this world discovery. >> under certain circumstances liquid water has been found on mars. >> reporter: nasa's reconnaissance orbiter finding evidence of hydrated minerals. they change with the seasons.
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>> for four years the scientific community has been unable to explain the dark streaks on the surface. there have been no evidence of water until now. >> reporter: the water is briny, not sure and scientists believer it is located beneath the surface. nasa calling this a marriage finding. >> water is an essential ingredient for life. our results may point to more habitable conditions. >> reporter: while they can't say whether there is life on mars they are planning on sending scientists there in the future and the presence of water may make that effort easier for the travelers. >> when you have water, hydrogen, oxygen, that is what we make rocket fuel out of. the space shuttle, boosters are
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aluminum perchlorate. >> reporter: where the water comes from, from above with rain or from underneath the ground is still unclear. in miami, fox news. donald trump unveils his new tax plan, we will break down the new tax brackets and tell you what the polls reveal about the race for the white house. >> and tracking a mild pattern this week and clouds too, more clouds, i will have the details on your tuesday forecast. >> a fire erepresents next to a man pump -- erupts next to a man pumping gas. stay with us. we will explain what the man was doing that may have sparked this -- [ talking at the same time ] >> and a live look outside. interstate 880 at the coliseum. not too bad. but probably going to get worse as we get into the evening commute. the four on 2 will be right back.
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democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is back in the bay area today for a series of private fundraisers. an event with the south bay community and a family event in marin county and is expected in the east bay this evening. tomorrow she wrap ups with a fundraiser -- wraps up with a fundraiser in san francisco.
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some say fundraiserring is more -- fundraising is more difficult as bernie sanders gains support. today republican presidential candidate donald trump outlined a clear tax plan. big breaks for a lot of americans. why not everyone likes it. >> reporter: donald trump unveiling a tax plan, promises to simplify the tax code and lower tax rates. >> we will cut the individual rates from 7 brackets to 4. simplification. 25%, 20%, 10% and zero. >> reporter: zero, 75 million people. as for businesses he calls for a 15% tax rate down from 35%. many criticized him for not outlining specifics while claiming he will make america great again.
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>> he makes me laugh but i don't think i want a clown for president. the numbers are changing. >> reporter: a new poll shows donald trump's time at the top might be numbered as ben carson moves to within one point. bernie sanders who continues to close the gap on hillary clinton is also promising more money to low and middle class families. >> we have cities in america that have raised the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour and i am going to do my best to make that happen nationally. >> reporter: two former presidents are hoping to boost certain bids. bill clinton will make an active role in his wife's campaign and george w. bush campaigns for jeb bush. >> and majority leader kevin mccarthy announced his candidacy to replace speaker of the house john boehner.
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he promises to lead the fight for conservative principals and we will have the wisdom to listen to his constituents. john boehner resigned on friday. he will leave the end of october. money monday. finance literacy, saving money. i have a five-year-old and tell him to keep three piggy banks. my first question is, what are you telling people who live in the bay area, because it is so expensive, they are living pay check by pay check and not able to save. >> all the financial planning have to do with creating a plan you can live with and we do it
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through a digital means so you can go home and take a look at bicycle official and create a plan that is based on your life. if you have kids you should have life insurance. if you have kids you should start thinking about college savings for them. [ talking at the same time ] >> i am not -- [ talking at the same time ] >> yes. [ talking at the same time ] >> exactly. bicycle financial is free. you can get on it on the internet. it is web browser based. you can actually get a finance plan. -- financial plan. you can get content for financial literacy. and you can do open accounts. a savings and investing platform. if you start with a plan you can make head way.
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>> i saw this today, less than 40% of americans keep track of the money they spend. they don't look at their bank accounts. >> we have a relationship with a third party provider for debt counseling. we have people with medical debt, student loan debt and credit card debt. people get out of hand because they don't have a separate piggy bank to put emergency savings in. >> so do you think people don't look at their money because they are scared to look at the reality -- say they are married, one thing we have a problem with is sitting down and talking about our finances. i am usually to blame. deal with it later. but that is stress. >> it is. [ talking at the same time ]
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>> very stressful. better if you don't avoid it. [ talking at the same time ] >> that is how you save. sit down -- especially if you are married you have to talk to each other. we have a great article that talks about the 7 deadly sins about being married and not talking to each other. we have 75 articles and 15 tools, very easy to use. very simple. we wanted to change the narrative of finance from what said show me the money to tell me about your life, your kids, how much you save and how much can you save every months and if you figure that out you can make head way. >> more people are coming out of college with debt. do you recommend -- not wrong with staying at home and saving money, could that be part of a plan. >> it could be. it could be you decided to bite
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the bullet and you want to go into debt for you to go to college but you have to talk it through. you have to have the confidence. it is not about as much money as you have as what is your life -- what are your life goals. talk about plans and goals. >> should i have a goal? okay, i need to have this amount of money, or should i take it year by year? >> you have a plan. at least a plan on an annual basis -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i have a 400 were k -- h that is -- 401(k). >> that is a good start. over time it will help you move forward. the goal of bicycle is to give you a finance plan. and to monitor the targets every single month. so that you know where you
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stand. it is automatic. even if you are that way you can -- in the -- in your office -- [ talking at the same time ] >> by yourself look at bicycle financial --. [ talking at the same time ] >> okay. thank you for coming in. appreciate your time. find out more about bicycle finance and check out their tools to help you understand your money on click on the web links on our home page. take it away. epic failure when it came to the moon, 7:30 p.m. couldn't see it. went back to the house, around the -- [ talking at the same time ] >> bumped out. i have to look at the pictures. >> the big mountain -- [ talking at the same time ] >> it was spectacular. it was beautiful last night. some areas had little cloud cover but most of us got to see
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it. there is more cloud cover now. that cloud cover you are seeing will be around tomorrow. tomorrow turns into a partly cloudy day and with that in mind temperatures cool down in those spots. we will see temperatures tomorrow because of the cloud cover instead of upper 80s, mid- 80s we will see temperatures in had 70s and low 80s. good news for firefighters and air quality. if you are traveling tomorrow, check this out. nasty on the eastern seaboard. it is wet. not seeing severe weather. some stuff is heavy. this sub-tropical moisture with this low-pressure system here, the eastern third of the country, the next two days, through tomorrow and wednesday, lots and lots of rain. 5 inches of rain in boston. that will create problems, right? travel problems, new york, washington, atlanta and ripple
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effects into chicago and dallas. flight delays here at sfo because of the weather back east. well, tuesday and wednesday. then it should get better. our cloud cover fog at the coast. high clouds coming in. high clouds. the current image shows fog along the coast. and temperatures 68 oakland. 64 concord. highs tomorrow at this time upper 70s low 80s inland. cooler. today's temperature, six degrees cooler in santa rosa. 3 degrees in hayward. came uncord. same in concord. winds -- same in concord, winds 10 miles per hour at livermore. we are in the season where the winds doy down and the microclimate -- die down and the microclimates washout. most of us tomorrow 70s and
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60s. the forecast into your tuesday in san francisco. 64 degrees for a high in san francisco. partly cloudy skies. oakland 70 degrees in oakland. cloudy skies. san jose, temperatures in the 70s. 77 degrees for a max heating around 3:00 p.m. on tuesday. tomorrow. san jose. the five-day forecast there it is. cooler tomorrow. and mild and then temperatures spike up into the bay area friday and saturday. week trough lingering through wednesday as well. our weather is tied to the east coast because the rain, they are wet till wednesday, we are cool till wednesday and then they will get ridging and we will get ridging as well.
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>> thank you. talking about it earlier, last night's total lunar ellipse has folks talking. here it is if you missed it. more amazing images viewers are sharing and how long you will have to wait to see it one more time.
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a look at stories people are talking about on social
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media. angelina jolie, afc -- she helped educate other women making decisions about her health. she tested positive for a gene linked for a higher risk of breast and orvarrian cancer and wrote -- ovarian cancer and wrote an essay. after that women reported better knowledge of options including the pact that a woman's tissue -- the fact that a woman's tissue could be used to reconstruct the breast. whatever it takes. the celebrities have the power to put information out there. next story, do you like spiders -- [ talking at the same time ] >> no. >> if it is not too big i will go after it myself, if i have to call back up in i will do that as well. >> use tissue --
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>> a shoe. >> this guy did differently. okay? pumping his gas. notices a spider. and that is what happened. took out a lighter to get rid of the spider. when you do that -- [ talking at the same time ] >> right there. at this point where you are pumping gas, it lights up. off it went. >> what were you thinking? >> no one was hurt. good thing. the video, you want to ask him -- [ talking at the same time ] >> what were you thinking? we have seen filths in baseball. usually opposing team -- fights in baseball. usually opposing teams. the last week of baseball before the post season. guys are tired, frustrated. especially the nationals. not geeing going to be in the
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playoffs. in d.c. john than papal pawn telling bryce harper rin -- paplebon telling bryce harper -- teammates try to break up. back story here, a few days ago the closer pegged a player in the box and harper said man -- now they are going to come after me. don't hit guys. that was the back story -- [ talking at the same time ] >> whatever he said to make him respond like that, my goodness. >> so in the post game they were telling reporters, in the house. like a brotherly fight. today the nationals suspended john than paplebon. >> that is not normal -- [ talking at the same time ] >> giants long time ago, back in the day. it happens. [ talking at the same time ]
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>> back then four games, yeah. who is already appealing a three game suspension. a new over sight rolling out at district attorney's offices all over the country and one in the bay area, we will explain how they are trying to eliminate wrongful convictions. babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future.
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talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at after many months of traveling the world... ...jack was longing for something familiar. home. he was welcomed with grandma's southern-style chicken. at that moment, jack knew what to do. share it with the world. southern-style breaded all-white meat chicken on a gourmet signature bun. the homestyle ranch chicken club.
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inside district attorney's offices there are people working to research and understand how people are wrongly convicted. today in the four by four we are taking four minutes to understand how they work. we are joined by lucy carter, policy directer for the northern california innocence project. thank you for coming in to talk about this. we have one of these units, how do they work? >> they vary a great deal. in santa clara county we work with the person in charge of the unit. a da in charge. if we find out about a case that we are concerned about where we think the person convicted is innocent we will contact that da and work with him to decide whether it was a
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wrongful conviction or not. >> are they doing this on their own without you making the phone call? >> it varies. typically we or another innocence project will initiate the contact with the district attorney's office but there are some da officers that are looking at cases to try to understand whether there has been a number. >> since 1989 in california more than 200 people have been wrongfully convicted. talking serious offenses, murder, rape, nationally it is estimated to be hundreds of thousands. how many people who are wrongfully convicted are being exonerated and how many through this program? >> it turns out since 1989 there have been 1,669 exonerations. we know if they were all properly done and they did warrant exoneration that is a
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lot of innocent people who were wrongfully convicted. in the last year there were 125 exonerations. this is nationwide. there were a handful in california. and of those 125, 49 happened through conviction review programs and this is a new trend. in the past the programs haven't existed. most programs have been around for a year, year and a half -- >> what type of crimes? >> they vary a great deal. it could be murders, rapes or other sexual assaults. those are the ones that have the longest sents. >> which -- sentences -- [ talking at the same time ] >> varies. it could be single digits to 30
4:34 pm
years. >> friday, what happened friday? >> friday we had a symposium and we invited leaders from around the country, including california to talk about their programs and -- so that we could exchange information and learn more about what they do and talk about best practices, what should the programs be doing, to learn from mistakes so we can reform the system. >> what did you learn about the latter? >> about reforming -- >> yeah. >> again, varies from program to program whether they are learning from incorporating what they be learned from review into your reform. we know there are practices around eyewitness identification that could be done in a way that reduces the risk of identifying the wrong person. those are the things that are
4:35 pm
coming up as a result of the exonerations and then if we take that information and go back and change practices we hope we will have fewer wrongful convictions. >> who was at the symposium on friday? once someone is exonerated do we know what happens in the district attorney's office's there has to be self-chuck. >> absolutely. we had a great audience at the symposium and wonderful speakers. we had almost as many prosecutors as defense attorneys. we are associated more with the defense side -- [ talking at the same time ] >> so -- we had many people, judges, professors, students, representatives from the california legislator, their
4:36 pm
staff, wide variety of people. [ talking at the same time ] >> you prosecuted the prong person, is there -- the wrong person, is there a self-check? >> some programs are internal programs. it is prosecutors looking at what prosecutors have done. in other incidences they bring in the defense, they include outside reviewers who comment on the case. and we find that that is a preferred model because then it guarantees more neutrality. it is more difficult when you are looking from the inside -- >> if i am a district attorney and i close the door to you, i am sure district attorneys say we are fine, what would you tell me? >> if we are handling the case we hope there would be an open exchange of discovery so we could get to the solution. the goal is to get justice.
4:37 pm
we prefer the doors are own and the exchange of information is open and mutual and that is what we would ask for. >> all right. thank you very much. appreciate you coming in and having the conversation with us. policy directser for the northern california innocence project. >> thank you. you can find out more by visiting, click on web links. reshaping how teachers teach and now we are getting a look at how students are doing under common core. talking to a bay area education advocate about the take aways from the first test results. >> tracking the forecast. it includes cooler numbers. we will have the details on clouds and lower temperatures. >> a live look outside. traffic. 880 in oakland. not bad. 92 across the san mateo bridge. looking good. the four on 2 will be right back.
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always a big debut when the new iphone hits stores but today they broke record. sold 13 million over the weekend. the number is a new record for apple that sold 10 million
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during the last debut. smart phone sales make up 2/3 of their revenue. apple ceo called the weekend sales record phenomenal. the results from the first round of testing for common core came out earlier this month and most california students fell behind the standards in math and english and even in area wheres students previously tested well. here are the results here. 44% of california students met english standards. 33 met the math goals. and the gap for low income students, 31% met standards in
4:42 pm
english, 21% met math standards. ryan smith here now. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the results. i am reading educators saying you can't compare these results to past because the testing is so different and it should be looked at as a starting point. do you agree with that? >> it is a baseline year. we can't compare it to the star test. this test is very different. you remember when you used to bubble in tests, that is no longer the case. if you do better you get a harder question, if you don't you get a not as hard question -- [ talking at the same time ] >> we can't just guess the way we used to before. when you look at the results it
4:43 pm
is sobering, not surprising. [ indiscernible ] >> we have work to do to close achievement gaps. >> talk about what do you think the results say about the instruction happening in the classroom to all students and those from low income or minority students. >> i will say this: we are asking our teachers to get our students college and career ready, to do more emphasis and deeper learning. that means we have to support teachers differently. particularly in the highest need schools. we know that our students were behind. in the state of california, california state universities, over half of those students take remedial courses their freshman year. we have a ways to go to get students through college. >> what is missing? are students aren't able to
4:44 pm
learn, teachers don't know how to teach, what is failing? >> never say students are failing. they are the best resource in the state. we have to look at the system. we need to ask our teachers to teach in our toughest communities, that is one. number two, provide more resources. number three, we need to think about how we are going to close achievement gaps. >> the state superintendent said the new standards are a challenge for students to learn and for schools to teach. but we are raising the bar. my question is, is raising the bar leaving children behind? >> i believe that we should have high expectations. i believe they will meet the expectations. we ever to do things differently. we have to look at the best
4:45 pm
practices across the state. there are 20 schools that have a majority of low income children that met and exceeded standards. it is happening -- >> we need to look at those schools -- [ talking at the same time ] >> and share the information. >> and support educators more. i think we did a good job in the first investment but we need to put more money into this. training them. making sure that we have a tip of technology to support this. i believe that we can close achievement gaps gaps, this is an issue in our schools and we need to come together to solve this problem. >> ryan smyth, thank you so much. >> thank you. colorado had a nice victory over the weekend. i wanted to say that.
4:46 pm
your thoughts -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i love boulder. i was thinking about keba missing the supermoon and total lunar eclipse -- [ talking at the same time ] >> bummed she was. [ talking at the same time ] >> i checked it out. my neighbor had a watch party. i couldn't make it because i got tied up with the children. people were into it. >> it was hard to miss. big moon. full eclipse. right time at night. >> for the is the clouds now. you have cloud cover trying to show up at the coast. more clouds tomorrow. more cloud cover we will turn temperatures down. i have been to boulder, love boulder. been to boulder? beautiful town -- [ talking at the same time ]
4:47 pm
>> reminds me of berkeley, san francisco, merged into one. no ocean. along the coast, fog. temperatures the next couple days, flat. not hot. not cold. what is nice about that, fire danger. right? crazy high because of the time of year and because of the drought. this pattern with this trough, lingering out there. this pattern is helpful for firefighters as we enter the heart of fire season. the heaviest part. this low-pressure system wants to linger. it will keep the onshore flow moist, keep the heat advisories away, keep air quality advisories away. it warms up after the low moves off. this pattern you are always worried but they are happy to see this. no rain in the forecast. rain trying to show up next week.
4:48 pm
you see all the clouds. high cloud cover. partly cloudy tomorrow morning. clears out in the afternoon. fog along the coast. that is tuesday. wednesday, clouds again. partly cloudy. upper 70s in the hot spots. fog along the coast. wednesday afternoon. highs tomorrow 83 vacaville. 83 fairfield. 80 pittsburgh. 79 danville. fall too, not seeing the 40- degree bump from san francisco to concord. in some cases there won't be a bump. it will be warmer at the coast than inland. why is that? opposite of summer. ocean is warm. inland starts stooget cold. -- to get cold. there is the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in
4:49 pm
view. people on tv say what people want to hear, you were legit bummed. [ indiscernible ] >> you are really not happy. >> i wanted to see it. we had been talking about it so much. maybe i should have had a better plan, where to go to see it. maybe my neighborhood wasn't the best. >> you have a big mountain. you are against the big mountain so -- >> right. bummer -- [ talking at the same time ] >> how many more years -- >> couple hundred. [ talking at the same time ] >> roll it. there it is. >> with dynamic music. >> if you missed it, next time 2033 -- [ talking at the same time ] >> we will still be here.
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[ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ]
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all right. what a sports weekend it was. scott reiss with this week's rhesus pieces. >> the 49ers defeat in arizona was historically bad. they lost by 40 points for the fifth time in the last half century. the fans appear to be blaming ownership. his page altered yesterday crediting him with a evil plan
4:53 pm
of single handlely ruining the 49ers and then signing over the rights to los angeles investors. in oakland they are saying coop. three games into his career cooper is already a fan favorite and he already has back to back 100-yard receiving game. last one to do that, randy moss in 2005. maybe the rams are more likely to move to los angeles. a fire that delayed kickoff for 28 minutes. one fan tweeting this will be the only time they set the field on fire this season. catch of the weekend, you make the call. mike trout's game saver or tcu
4:54 pm
receiver aaron greene. >> this is a family issue. >> reporter: not exactly a happy family. nationals players jonathan paplebon and bryce harper jawing at each other in the dugout which led jonathan paplebon going to the jugular. washington was eliminated on saturday. and the a's transitioned from big three to rookie, the hazing ritual mandated that first year players dress up for a night out on the club scene. no word on whether the inflatable bird had to pay cover. >> nice work scott reiss. never seen a football field catch fire. >> i haven't either. >> where go with the mike trout catch. phenomenal catch. coming up after the break, more about what went wrong when a charter bus collided with a
4:55 pm
duck boat in seattle. the new information the ntsb is sharing about the deadly accident when the four on 2 returns.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
-- ride with the duck tour bus suspended operateerations follow -- operations. the duck boat collided with a charter bus. the victims who died were
4:58 pm
international students. dozens of others were injured. officials ordered the company to cease operations pending a full investigation. they say the duck boat's axle was sheered off and axle repairs had not been done. the ceo overed his do understand theles and full caption -- offered his condolences to the victims. >> we will not return into service till we can demonstrate it is well maintained, road worth and safe. >> according to the ntsb ride with the duck tour bus identified an axle problem on the vehicle two years ago. at this point it is unclear if the seattle franchise that owns the vehicle was aware of the warning. >> investigators say this could determine a year to determine
4:59 pm
the cause. now to healther and frank. sheriff's deputies -- heather and frank. sheriff's deputies got the call today. >> two bodies found in a mobile home park. sky fox 2 was over the scene. tonight we learned one person is now in custody. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. good evening everyone. i am heather holmes. >> i am frank somerville. two bodies found inside a mobile home. ktvu's paul chambers is live on the scene now and learning more about the victims and the suspect who is now in custody. paul? >> the victims is a man and a woman. they lived in a mobile home here. the scene a s behind -- is behind us. they were together for years. >> haven't had time to process
5:00 pm
-- she was a really good person. she was awesome. good hearted. >> reporter: from sky fox 2 you can see crime scene tape. investigators say they got a call to check on the couple. so before noon sheriff's deputies made the discovery. >> when deputies got here they found a man and a woman murdered here. there was a third person who was in the house and that person has been taken to the substation for questioning. >> reporter: deputies would only say the man is in his mid- 30s. however friends and neighbors say he is the female victim's son. >> he has been having mental problems. he is autistic. and he hasn't been taking his


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