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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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little hint of fall in the air for everybody. took a long time for some inland temps to start coming down but they have been over the last few days and today will really continue that because there is a decent breeze. 59, 62, 65 that is san francisco today at 7:00 a.m. 62 at noon and 65. that is it. temperatures starting to come down. low clouds underneath this vail of high and mid level clouds and they continue to stream in. breeze is okay. 50s on the temps to near 60. i doubt they move too much. the key has been 23 gusts to 31. travis has been about less than ten for a week. the moisture is not going anywhere at least for a couple days and then we have a low coming late wednesday into thursday. a lot of cloud cover. maybe some rain up in the sierra. a lot of cloud cover for us. plenty of clouds cooler and breezy. low clouds, cooler. in fact the cooling continues for inland areas. 70s for many. 60s and 70s coast and bay. san francisco sal?
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better. we -- not we. i like to say we. chp has removed the crash southbound 101 at the 80 split and traffic is going to be busy as you drive through but it's getting better and now that is going to help the commute getting off the bay bridge and also getting into san francisco in general on 101. that is good they have removed it and the sig alert has been canceled. let's two to the toll plaza where traffic is busy. we're also looking at the commute on the south bay drive. northbound 101 is slow to 280 and there are no major problems on 85 or 17. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. a football coach from a bay area high school is under investigation. that is after a video taken on a team bus has surfaced showing the coach pushing a player.
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alex savidge is joining us now in the studio. alex, people who know the coach say they are surprised. >> reporter: yeah. good morning to you. surprised and disappointed. those who know the coach in question can't believe what they have seen on this video. it was taken on a cell phone and it was sent here to ktvu and also sent to the oakland unified school district and after watching it, district officials have launched an investigation. this is the confrontation between a coach and one of his players captured on camera. the dispute begins on a bus as the mcclymonds high school football team is heading home from a game. the guy in the baseball cap is junior varsity football coach decarlos anderson. the coach can be seen pushing the student and the altercation escalates from there.
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the district has placed anderson on administrative leave without pay. many students we talk to say the coach is a great mentor who respects his students. >> he was a really good coach because he pushed us to do better and he told us that when we thought we were doing bad, he made us feel like we were doing really good. >> reporter: this confrontation happened back on september 19th. 39-year-old anderson the 39- year-old coach worked at mcclymonds for four years. first as a substitute teacher and now as a pe teacher. the student is a senior but he is not being identified at this point. the districts hr department and the school police force both are investigating what happened here. >> all right it's going to be
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very interesting. i'm sure we will hear a lot more. >> hopefully we will hear more from the coaches per specktivity on what led up to this. as we know with these videos. there is always what we don't see. >> one lesson we have learned everything is caught on camera. it's 6:04. richmond police are asking for the public's help to solve a double homicide. just before 8:30 last night the city's shot spotter system detected four gunshots right near san pablo avenue. officers found two men with gunshot wounds in a car and they were pronounced dead at the scene. richmond police hope anyone with information about this double shooting will come forward. a man is being questioned by alameda county sheriffs dep dids about two deaths in castro valley. investigators say a man and a woman were found dead at the
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che twood crest mobile home park. the man went inside the home with the bodies he was taken into custody. a friend says the man being questioned is the female victims son. investigators are not saying much else about the case. los altos is the safest bay area city according to a new fbi crime report. the chronicle is reporting the crime rate in los altos dropped 70% between 2013 and 2014. even though there was a spike in burglaries this past spring. oakland had the most crimes per capita with 17 violent crimes per 1,000 residents. that is number three in the country. but the report says the crime rate in oakland did drop in almost every category. the cities of richmond, berkeley, and east palo alto saw their violent crime rate go down. federal prosecutors say they can link raymond shrimp
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boy chow that chow arranged the predecessor but chow has not been charged with either of those homicides. he was arrested in the racketeering case that included former state senator leland yee who pled not guilty. staff picketed outside meridian in the financial district and the hyatt at fisherman's wharf. workers say they requested a vote to unionize but they never heard back from the company that owns both hotels. guests and people who live in the area had different reactions to the protest. >> we are a union town. the only way that low wage
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workers -- is if they have a union contract and able to collectively bargain. >> it's just he or she. >> some told us they do support the workers or plan -- ktvu news has called the hotels corporate offices but we have not heard back yesterday yet. now to the latest in the valley fire. firefighters expect to have it fully contained by friday. as of this morning it remains 97% contained. 76,000-acres have burned. almost 2,000 buildings including 1300 homes have been destroyed. the valley fire is the third damaging wild fire in california history. the 1991 oakland hills fire was the worst. today will be day two of classes for students in middletown since the big fire started september 12th.
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both students and teachers say it's going to take a long time to feel normal. school supplies were donated to help students ease back into the class. 25% of students in the middletown school district lost their homes in that fire. >> it's good to see my friends again. it really is. it's so hard to go b out there -- it's so hard to be out there by yourself and not know anyone. >> $5,000 in gift cards have been passed out to students that did lose everything. the school is also raising money by selling these t-shirts middletown strong. homeowners in areas at risk for wild fires could have trouble finding fire insurance. california's insurance commissioner says more people may be dropped from fire coverage or could see their rates go up dramatically.
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sacramento tv station reports nonrenewal letters have gone out to homeowners who don't live near either the valley or butte fires. another inmate has died while locked up in a santa clara county jail. coming up at 6:30 the circumstances of the three deaths in the past two months plus the hearing today far correctional deputy accused of murder. up next an internet search may be more risky than you think. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic will be okay in many areas. this is 280 in san jose. not a bad drive. >> cooler for everybody. even well inland. the sea breeze has kicked in. there is a lot of cloud cover.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a woman who is on death row in georgia will make a new bid for clemency hours before she is due to be executed for planning her husband's murder. kelly was convicted of the 1997 murder of her husband at the hands of her lover who is serving life in prison. now this morning her lawyers will go before the state board of pardons and paroles arguing it's not fair.
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the person who carried out the crime got a less severe sentence. they also say she was talked out of a guilty plea for a life sentence by her trial lawyer. hundreds of clergy have pled for clemency. a dutch dj and music producer tops the list of the most dangerous celebrities online. intel security says people who search for war monovan buren has an 18% chance of landing on a website that carries a virus or malware. luke bryan, usher, brittany spears, and jz round out the top five. on a lighter note, coffee. we get to talk about coffee because there is something special about coffee today. today is national coffee day. ktvu fox 2 allie rasmus is joining us live to show us how some businesses are celebrating this day.
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good morning, allie. >> reporter: good morning. if you didn't know it or heard about it, today is national coffee day. a lot of the national food and restaurant chains will be doing some promotions and discounts. it's just another day for them. they have this roving coffee truck that will be area today. a little later this morning they'll have bates la dewool know coffee is a daily ritual. about half of all terns have to have least one a day. it's it is a huge business. and specialty coffees like lattes they are growing in popularity at a rate of 20% a year. according to fortune magazine, we do spend a lot of money on
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cough tee. the average person in the u.s. spends more than $1,000 on their coffee and people do drink a good amount of it. an average person in the u.s. drinks at least three cups of coffee a day and dave, i know you said in the last live shot you are good with just one cup of coffee. i'm the same. pam, where do you fall? are you more average three cup a day? >> i used to be sensitive but i felt the need for coffee with the earlier and earlier work. i drink a mug on the way to work. and then i usually do green tea. i tend to get the second cup about 5:30 here. >> i can drink a cup of coffee at 1:00 in the morning and lay down and go to sleep. it doesn't keep me awake. >> i cannot do that. >> i can't drink any caffeine including tea after 3:00. i won't be able to sleep. >> yeah my cut off is even
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earlier. noon. if i have anything after noon i will be up wide awake. it is essential. i think everyone on the morning show would agree you have to have some kind of caffeine. >> wait until you have a few more kids and their activities go later and later. >> we'll put it to the test throughout the day. thank you. 6:16 is the time. let's check in with sal. that is my problem, sal. people say oh when the kids get bigger. no. my daughter has things that go until 9:00 at night sometimes. >> don't i know it. and if you want to do anything at night with this job, in the morning you are going to need coffee. good morning everyone. let's take a look at the commute. i hope you're grabbing whatever you are drinking. maybe coffee on the way out because you'll need a little extra time. let's start off in the east bay and traffic will be busy in some of these areas. highway 24 westbound you can see traffic is going to be a
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little bit slow already. in lafayette, in orinda it's not bad here. also taking a look at the bay bridge. we have stop and go traffic here. about a 20-25 minute delay before you make it on to the bridge. stop and go traffic in livermore as you drive. at 6:17 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. good morning everyone. a lot of cloud cover over us. any rain out of this? probably not here. maybe south. up in the sierra it's possible. yosemite possible. cooler is the main message for us here as the on shore breeze that is a westerly component. and the clouds low clouds and higher clouds are all paying a visit here. and the temperatures have finally started to come down for inland areas. took a long, long time. 50s and 60s. 60 seems rather popular there.
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hayward and fremont. palo alto. mountain view. san jose 60. napa at 53. one of the coolest around 58, 59, 60. 23 gusts to 51. west at oakland. west, southwest concord. a lot of that crowd cover coming up from the west, southwest. funneling around one low there. that will be here late wednesday and thursday. the cloud cover is over us and it's finally starting to put a little moisture in. maybe some of the lower layers of the atmosphere. what does reach the ground could start to fall toward mammoth. but for us i doubt anything happens. if it does it will be thursday morning or late wednesday into thursday and could be monterey to santa cruz. and in the meantime it's a lot of cloud cover and forecast does call for that cloud cover to continue. the cooler pattern here not only today but into wednesday and thursday. a lot of 60s and 70s.
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with low clouds and high clouds. we'll just paint a lot of clouds in the forecast. cooler breezy pattern. the cooling continues for the inland areas. 60s and 70s and now 80s for some that have been very, very warm for the longest time. only a couple 80s and i think by tomorrow they will all be in the 70s. san jose only 76. that is the spirit. what comes after 71? 76. that sit. >> what is that from? >> three substantials. 60s and 70s. mostly cloudy. wednesday into thursday. does look a little warmer on friday and saturday but then we're leaning on the cooler pattern. >> i'm not a big sewage person. >> it's in a mans list.
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it's the jay leno line. the death of actor paul walker. the car defects his daughter is claiming that contributed to that firey crash that took his life.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the daughter of late actor paul walker now suing porshe. she has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against porshe. there was a number of design defects that kept walker trapped in the car. walker was burned alive when the porshe he was riding in crashed and burned into flames nearly two years ago. new this morning the recall of cars that have takata air
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bags could be expanding again. seven more auto makers including the bay area's tesla motors received those motors. more than 19 million cars, trucks, suvs have already been recalled in the u.s.. so far only 4.5 million air bags have been replaced and dealerships blame a shortage of replacement parts. critics of the golden state warriors plans to build an arena in san francisco are offering an alternative location. the mission bay alliance says the arena could be built a mile to a south. the a 21-acre site near pier 80. the warriors want to build an 18,000-foot arena on a 12-acre property. but critics say that location will cause traffic brooks especially for the nearby ucsf hospital. the warriors will begin to descend their nba title just
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four weeks from tonight. the regular season opener is tuesday, october 27th against the new orleans pelicans. yesterday was media day. players took part in photo shoots and interviews and say the goal is to repeat as champs but it is going to be tough. >> mentally for us it will be the biggest thing of how we approach this season, keeping our hunger and fire and how we are going to go through the season as the defending champs and what that is going to mean. >> you'll have somewhat amnesia and forget about last year. teams don't really care that we want last year. you know they want it just as bad as we do. we have such a talent the group of guys. what is great about us we are competitive. >> think teams care. >> yeah they do. >> the warriors first preseason game is next monday. they host the toronto raptors at the sap center in san jose.
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h & m getting a lot of attention for its newest campaign. it features the first model to wear the traditional head scarf worn by many muslim women. 23-year-old mariah appears in h & m close the loop campaign. she was discovered by way of instagram. several news websites are reporting that she is the first model to wear a hijab. in an interview with fusion she feels women who wear the head scarf are ignored when it comes to fashion so it's amazing that a brand that is as big has recognized the way we wear that traditional head ware. a push for both cash and support. what is on hillary clinton's schedule today. >> we are live in daly city where the search continues for
6:27 am
a man. coming up the very latest details and the push on social media to help find him. >> we're looking at the south bay commute and right now 237 you can see traffic is slowing down. we also have a request not for a song but for the highway 4 commute and that is coming up. >> i've had many requests for cooler weather. we'll talk about that and also about any rain in the forecast.
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black to mornings on 2 -- welcome back to mornings on 2 i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. almost 6:30. steve is here. a little cooler today. >> it will be a lot cooler for some inland. coast and bay started a couple days ago. but it took awhile to get to the inland areas and they have now. cloud cover is in place.
6:30 am
mid level clouds and low clouds and a rather robust breeze. so a fresh breeze as made it. we do have a lot of cloud cover over us. san francisco starting off 59. we will go 62. and a high of only 59 degrees. no rain yet. 50s and 60s on your temps. gusts to 31. that is a strongest we have seen in a long time. a lot of cloud cover. over all cloudy to mostly cloudy. lots of clouds cooler and breezy. cooling continues here. 70s for many that have been very warm for a long time. 60s and 70s over by the water. all right sal what do you have for us? you had one in san francisco. that is gone. that is gone.
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we have traffic at the toll plaza. the accident in san francisco didn't seem to effect too much on the bridge. it didn't really city there long enough. traffic will be slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. not really a big surprise as you drive into san francisco you can see slow traffic there. we also want to mention that traffic is slow on highway 4 westbound highway 4 near the harbor exit. there is a crash in the center divider. once you make it into concord it gets better and 680 is slow. i also want to mention traffic will be busy in the south bay and i want to go to something that we just found out about or a little bit ago. westbound 92 on the way to the san mateo bridge there is a crash. so that crash is going to effect not only 92 but also 880 as a lot of people take 880 to get to the san mateo bridge.
6:32 am
let's go to 280 in san jose. it's getting a little bit slower coming up to highway 17. sheriffs office is investigating another inmate death at the main jail in san jose. the department is already on the hot seat after three correctional officers were charged with murdering an inmate last month. ktvu janine de la vega is joining us live. you're at the jail. you just talked to the medical examiner's office. >> reporter: yeah i did check in with them. they are still working on trying to reach the family. an autopsy has not been performed yet. i was told it may happen today. it may happen tomorrow. until that examination is done, that is what will really give us more answers. sheriffs officials told us that a correctional deputy found the inmate unresponsive in his cell at 10:30 yesterday morning. sheriffs officials are not releasing his identity.
6:33 am
how he died or any other additional information. this department has come under scrutiny since the three deputies were arrested and charged with killing mentally inmate michael tyree. the da's office says that tyree was beaten to death and one of the deputies ferris will have a bail hearing today. two other deputies charged posted the $1.5 million bail yesterday and released from custody on monday. since their arrest, the sheriff has implemented mandatory training for new recruits in the academy on how to deal with mentally ill inmates. she's also called for funds top date the camera system in the jail. think this is the third inmate death in recent months. a woman died of natural causes in august. as for the latest case, we are going to have to wait and see what the autopsy says.
6:34 am
>> all right janine de la vega, thank you. we'll talk to you later. time is 6:33. a rescue operation involving a beached sailboat at ocean beach in san francisco yesterday it became a criminal investigation because of one of the men on board that sailboat. it's a 46-foot boat. it was getting knocked around and washed ashore. park police were called in. they rescued two men and a dog. it turned out one of the men had an outstanding warrant. he was placed in handcuffs and taken into custody. no names have been released. concerns are grow about a man who has been missing for more than 48 hours now. brian flores is joining us from daly city with details on where the man was last seen. brian. >> reporter: good morning. friends and family are very worried and trying to go on social media now to find out his latest whereabouts and
6:35 am
asking for him if he does see any of those social media sites to reach out to many of the friends and family who are very worried. we want to go to a picture of who police are searching for. according to the daly city police department he was last seen on sunday september 27th at 3:00 in the morning. he is described as 5'3". his family is very concerned for his well being. we understand chris owns a recording studio on the 900 block of market street and according to his facebook page, he also works for the social media site facebook as an audio video engineer. we are yet to confirm those details with daly city police.
6:36 am
we hope to at least later on in the morning. as we take you back out here live, friends and family on facebook and twitter are urging chris if he sees us to contact us as soon as he coo. we will keep you updated here. pam back to you. >> thank you, brian. arraignment is scheduled in santa clara county court. he faces a misdemeanor charge of sexual battery. the lawsuit filed by a come claims surveillance video at mcdonalds house shows while she was unconscious brooks groped her in a sexual manner. both the nfl and 49ers are reviewing the case but brooks has been allowed to play with the team. time is 6:36. later today the u.s. senate expected to pass a spending bill that would keep the government from shutting down on october 1st. that is after the senate
6:37 am
overwhelmingly -- today's vote would be on a short term level. if the senate passes the short term budget, the house is expected to vote on it before thursday's deadline. that would buy some time for negotiators to work out a longer term budget deal that would run through september of next year. house majority leader kevin mccarthy has officially announced he is running for speaker of the house. republican from bakersfield wants to replace john boehner who is stepping down. during a policy speech yesterday in washington mccarthy said america's role in the world is to leave and do it from a position of strength. he criticized president obama saying the president has not been able to improve the nation's reputation around the world. >> what he has yet to learn in office is respect is not bus toed upon those who asked for it but granted to only those
6:38 am
that earn it. >> so far mccarthy is up against only one challenge daniel webster of florida. john boehner plans to step down as speaker of the house and resign from congress on october 30th. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton wraps up her latest fund raising swing through the bay area with a breakfast reception in san francisco this morning. clinton appeared at three different fundraisers. the candidate answered questions from the kids and posed for selfies. >> it was kind of cool. i want to be president some day. >> how presidential races work. the stage hillary is in right now. where we are with everything. she is not yet the nominee so this is a great opportunity to learn about her. >> i'm super excited to meet hillary and i want to learn about what she stands for and kind of what she is here today. >> clinton also attended fund
6:39 am
raids in orrin that and saratoga. critics of the new vaccine law they turned in thousands of signatures at county offices yesterday. just ahead of last nights deadline. they hope to qualify for a ballot initiative asking voters to repeal the law that requires mandatory vaccine for school kids. 366,000 valid signatures are needed. if opponents have enough signatures, the new law would be put on hold until november of next year when that referendum would be on the ballot. state senator richard pap he is a pediatrician and sponsor of that bill says delaying mandatory vaccines is not in the interest of public health. >> it means our state remains vulnerable for a longer period of time. >> we don't know yet if supporters have enough signatures. clerks have until next week to count, verify, and report how many were received. ed lee says he will veto
6:40 am
legislation allowing bicyclists to treat stop signs like yield signs. in a let tort board of supervisors, mayor lee says the ordnance directly endangers pedestrians and other cyclists. he says it would still require bicyclists to stop for pedestrians and vehicles with the right of way but he told the bay area news group he is not certain he could muster the eight votes to overcome a mayoral veto. people in one east bay city say they are doing their part to save water during the drought but coming up in 20 minutes a very important resource they have been using that is about to disappear. >> but up next a monkey was on the loose in florida. take a look at that. >> we are looking at a commute here where traffic is going to be busy if you are driving at the maccarthur maze. no major problems on the bridge but there is a big backup that
6:41 am
is stretching out to interstate 80. >> i'm not monkeying around it will be cooler. even out there. way out in the back 40 it will be cooler. ♪ ♪ what can i make for you? how about our new flavor-packed italian hero? with three authentic italian deli meats; spiced capicola, a cracked- pepper-seasoned mortadella and spicy genoa salami. enjoy it while it's here! subway. eat fresh.
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welcome back. extreme sports star eric rhoner has died in a sky diving accident at lake tahoe. ski resort officials say rhoner
6:44 am
hit a tree and tangled with his pair shoot high above the ground. the other three jumpers landed safely. an investigation into the accident is ongoing. rhoner was part of a show called nitrocircus on mtv. he is survived by his wife and two young children and he was just 39 years old. so-called killer bees are in the bay area. researchers say the bees have been discovered near regional park in martinez and lafayette. to those that are not bee experts, researchers say they are hard to distinguish between honey bees but they are called killer bees because of their swarming aggressive nature when a colonias threatened. until now the bees have only been detected in more inland communities. they have not been this far north. biologists say the bees may be moving to the bay area because of warmer temperatures. former new york city firefighter who really wanted to meet pope francis over the weekend but was carrying a hunting knife and bullets he is
6:45 am
in jail this morning. he actually drove out on to the tarmac where the pope's plane had been parked. the pope already left for philadelphia. now investigators say he was driving the same kind of black suv the secret service uses and followed a motorcade into a secure area. investigators say they found a knife, ammunition, and marijuana in the suv. kanela told investigators he wanted to change the world. right now it's 6:45. that means it's time to check this with gasia who is in our newsroom. hi gasia. >> good morning, dave and pam. you may be seeing some facebook privacy notice posts. why you shouldn't believe or forward what you are reading and where you should go to control who sees what on your facebook page. also take a look at this. it's kind of hard to wrap your mind around what we are showing you here. this image is a hot air balloon
6:46 am
flying upside down over there on the right. a lot of people were doing double takes. some even called 911 after seeing this in the sky. the explanation as to what is happening here coming up in a few when i join you. pam. >> all right thank you. the u.n. general assembly continues in new york today and this morning president obama is meeting with cuba's president raul castro. it's the second face to face meeting. yesterday the president had his first face to face meeting with vladimir putin in more than two years. the two spoke behind closed doors on the civil war in syria. the u.s. continues to insist that assad must step down as part of any peace process. >> we must recognize that there cannot be after so much blood shed, so much carnage a return
6:47 am
to the prewar. >> reporter: we think it's an enormous mistake to cooperate with the syrian government. >> russia which has sent equipment and troops to syria says it has -- it is considering launching air strikes against isis militants. a bizarre story in one florida city police responded to a very unusual 911 call yesterday. there was a report a monkey was eating the mail from a mailbox in sanford, florida. the animal climbed on top of that police car and started to pull the molding off. police officers were able to distract him with a bottle of water until the owner was able to get him. the owner is properly licensed to have the monkey and zeek
6:48 am
just got out of his cage. >> that would be a very surprising thing to see. hopefully our commute is not so surprising. >> no. that is what we hate about the commute. let's take a look at what we have now. we will start off with a look at highway 4. you can see highway 4 traffic is busy. we had an earlier accident before railroad avenue and that traffic is still way under the speed limit into concord. pretty much from antioch to concord it's not doing that well. there is an accident that crashed from the san mateo bridge area. westbound 92 that is gone. it was removed but the traffic is still pretty heavy in that area. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a big delay. it stretches around the maccarthur maze so it's a 30-35 minute delay before you make it on to the span. today's weather let's go to steve. we have a lot of cloud cover over us.
6:49 am
plenty of high, mid level clouds. but the low clouds has lifted. cloud cover from the west, southwest continues to stream in here and might lead to rain tomorrow. william tweety loves the cooler weather. thank you weather guru, steve. thank you. this is great. i think he's excited by that. cloud cover is producing a little light rain. what? yeah. that will continue and maybe from about san jose south by tomorrow. not today. 50s on your temps to near 60 for some. everyone is pretty close here. even out toward pittsburg and antioch and danville. cloud cover will roll in here and the wind has picked up as
6:50 am
well. 23 sustained gusts to 31 at travis. that is the strongest we have seen this a weeks time. a breeze just hasn't been there. look at the cloud cover streaming up and being funneled in and the low which is on its way for us starting wednesday night into thursday cloud cover continues. mostly cloudy forecast to cloudy probably the farther south you go. and then the low moves in. that will move this moisture out of the picture but not for another day. this is our cloud forecast. there might be a little clearing up to the north but a mostly cloudy south. and then the cloud cover rolls back in. watch what happens. this is tomorrow morning. san jose. santa clara valley. we will continue that theme all the way down to morgan hill and gilroy. and then the low moves in.
6:51 am
lots of clouds here. cooler and breezy. low and high clouds. the cooling continues for the inland areas. now out of those 90s, we are seeing 60s and 70s for many. only a few 80s. these 80s will be gone by tomorrow. the next couple of days we will be seeing 60s and 70s across the board. and that will continue into thursday. it does look warmer friday into saturday. >> it may surprise some people how cool it is. >> there is a little chill in there. time is 6:51 be a bump in the road in the plans to add that third rain to the richmond san rafael bridge. why this long awaited project is now being delayed. >> and next a popular fast food restaurant set to close on the peninsula. what neighbors are doing to try to save is a piece of history from being torn down.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the giants still barely hanging on. the giants won last night 3-2 in a walk off win that prevented the dodgers from clenching the division title at at & t park. alejandro's sacrifice fly scored marlin bird in the 12th
6:55 am
and gave the giants the victory. the dodgers are five games back. there are six games left to play. tonight it's clayton kershaw against madison baumgartner. the oakland a's hope to play spoiler for their division rival l.a. angels. that error by the a's pitcher that allowed the eventual winning run to reach third base in the bottom of the ninth. and then the angels won the game on a walk off single. the angels are two games back from the nl west. they are half game back in the wild card race. millions of people use google map for new directions but thousand there will be a new feature. to show how much smog is in your neighborhood. the devices will monitor smog levels. eventually if the system is successful, the readings could effect real estate values, highlight health risks around schools, hospitals, and parks.
6:56 am
and tell cities where smog reduction is needed the most. tonight is the night for the handful of people who ordered tesla's suv the model x. tesla will start delivering at its plant in fremont. tesla started taking orders for this in early 2012 with a promise of delivery by the end of 2013. people who put down the $40,000 deposit say they are not discouraged. tesla has taken orders for 30,000 of the new model x. they hope to boost sales to half a million in the next five years. the base model sells for $71,000. the top of the line version sells for $132,000. the last foster freeze is set to close its doors tomorrow. the old fashioned ice cream and burger shop has been in menlo park since 1946 and people have been flocking there since the owner announced he is shutting down. he says it's just too expensive
6:57 am
to stay open. some neighbors have raised thousands of dollars to keep the shop open perhaps by moving it to a new location. >> our first choice is to find a new location for the foster frees to move the business there, refurbish it and keep mr. lee and his family in town. >> no word on how much moving the store and its signs might cost. right now there is a farewell party set for tomorrow evening at 5:00. >> you know i'm a big fan. still ahead an investigation at an east bay high school. up next this video showing a fight between a high school football player and his coach. >> and finding alternatives to dealing with the drought. the new technology that is taking water recycling to a whole new level.
6:58 am
6:59 am
an oakland high school community shaken after this video surfaces of a fight between a student athlete and a football coach. the investigation now underway. an alert to car owners. ta nationwide air bag recall
7:00 am
may be expanding. the safety letters sent out to seven more carmakers, including tesla. "mornings on 2" continues. 7:00 on this cool morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark. let's check your weather. how does it feel youth -- outside? >> it's gasia running weather. >> i turnled the heat on in the car. we do have a lot of fog over us. there you go. for those of you listening in the morning, you don't always watch because you're too busy. there you go. a lot of clowks. it's cooler pattern. next couple of day, this is from santa rosa, debbie, i believe that's how you say it. it's a beautiful, cold, autumn day in santa rosa. this is


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