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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 29, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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security cameras catch a man taking a package off/porch. >> the amazing turn of events into a hero. >> get him. >> a voter heads for the tangle in fishing line. >> it was wrapped around four or five times. it's a pain staking process to save a bird. a disturbing scene as a would be asasassassassin. >> the crazy story that's all
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about cucumbers. >> your shot to win an ipad mini. and the kid that might be the -- >> baby einstein is in a move to get off the bed. this kid is ten steps ahead of everyday else. date line in concord, california. there's a car pulling up, and pay attention to what the man does. when ever you order anything, this is the fear when you have something delich vered to the house. that man runs up to the door and takes the package with him. >> the guy inside said that his daughter saw the car passing the house. he said that woman inside the car made contact with the homeowners daughter. she said somebody is taking the package off the porch. now you see the man dropped thing package, but watch what
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happens first. >> he was grabbing evidence or anything that will identify her is in the bag. >> it's still risky. >> yeah, you don't know what they're capable of, but it worked out in his favor this time. good for him. >> you bont believe what happened here. a man said that he was getting off a bus and he told the guy to be careful, and the guy wanted to get into him. the guy in the striped short walked into tliquor store and h tried to take the man's watch off his arm, but he was like no you're not taking my watch, and they start to fight in the liquor store. the person that you see is the store owner calling police saying that we have trouble. look at this guy, he lift it is hood
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hoodie. this next video is a reminder to clean up after yourself. >> you're lucky to feel good. >> you guys were out fishing when they noticed this little guy. >> it's tangled when it comes to the man grove. >> i am here to help. >> it took time because he was stuck in the fishing wire. it was wrapped around four or five times. as always the animals are stressed and they're trying to calm them down.
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>> they went out and go and make it happen. >> wow, it was all around him. >> of course they set it free, but again on the video. >> this is one of the most in credible dash cam video that i have mp seen. it was five of us researching a story that you have never seen. this is from 2014, and it gets dramatic instantly. you see in the video the say lent pulls out in front of the car and opens up with an automatic weapon. you start to hear the crack crack of a shotgun.
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shoot out in the street. >> it continues before he starts to drive away. >> this is an attempt of a russian business man. this is the third attempt on his life. they're all convicted and going to be sent down and the driver getting 12 years, but the story continues. over the weekend two days before these guys were convicted, these happen. pulling up at the home on the 26th of september. this was the fourth attempt on his life. he was seriously injured and in fabt a couple of days later, he died. this is all over supply of
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cucumbers from iran. this has cost the lives of four other people over five years. the latest thing. it truly is unbelievable. >> after the first i would be like fine, you have the cucumber and i take the turnips. i will not sit around -- >> this latest attempt and he did survive. we're not hear thag the guy is former of russian or whatever. we're hearing that he is a cucumber sales man. guess what, it's give away time. we're giving you a chance to win a brand new ipad mini. >> yeah, you need the buzz word to be 178 years old. >> the buzz word coming up in just a bit. >> stand by everyone for the ipad mini give away.
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it's two videos coming straight out of the extreme. i go t it. i got it. i got it. >> that's a big boulder. >> this guy on the atv is going up the hill. he has got it. he's got it. no he does not. and the atv comes rolling down and crashing on top of him. p this guy also felt that. check out this hang glider here and it looked beautiful accept for the landing part. he is coming down way too fast and gets his legs out of the pod
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but watch. >> look so close. >> yeah. >> it's like we had a little rope across it. you finish it off with a beautiful. >> no, it does not look like he was hurt in this. maybe the ego. >> this is breakfast, lunch and dinner and desert. >> find out what this does that reeks it out. >> we're going do it hot on the web right this minute. >> the treat that's as easy as one, two, three. >> it brings up the sweetness in the flavor. still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay
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>> and we're getting friendly. >> hey, this is how the baby portions are made. >> it's just a strange incident. you watch it over gain from the outside and you see that one red car nudges the car. he spins around. now that forms and he just parks
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himself perfectly. >> it's unreal. >> here is the angle from inside of the car. here comes the nudge. >> sur were prizing that jewels was interested in this. he is expected to be okay. ♪ >> you know what is delicious? delicious food is delicious. i have some delicious food for you to try. >> hi everybody. it's jessica and we're going to do a recipe that's hot on the web this minute. >> thanks to jessica, we have the apple chips. >> in this video jessica walks us through how to make the apple
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chips. >> let's bring her in and try the delicious apple chips. she is going to tell us exactly what she did. >> yes, i tried them already, and they're delicious. >> now i know why the kitchen smells so good and cannot go in there. >> tell me about the idea on where it came from because it's literally apples. >> yeah, it's just apple. nothing else. you put it in the microwave then they come out and nice and crunchy. they last for a little bit and then it's a snack and you eat it. >> how did you get it so thin? >> i used a slicer and if you want to slice it with nice really thin and be really careful because it was not as careful and sliced myself. >> the guys are going to get mad if we do not invite them over. >> i am going make you try something delicious. >> it's apple chips.
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>> caramel is a good idea. apple. >> you can do this for your kids, i assume. they're tasty. >> if you want to make them go to right this and you will get full instructions and the ingredients and the apple. >> rusty cage decides to take it a step further and from the blind fold spreads the handout and replies on muscle memory. >> see what he does that will have you in full panic mode. >> don't go faster. >> plus the chance to win an ipad is coming up. creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess.
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hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate.
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provided by. relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. my congestion's out of my way strong. allegra-d®. a fast non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. breathing free for 24 hours strong. allegra-d®. rusty is on the cutting edge when it comes to music videos. now you might reck needs this video. >> i have all of my fingers. >> over 47 million views and apparently it was a right this minute ved oindividual your. how do you take it one step further? this time he has a blind fold. >> oh, does he have all of his fingers? >> yeah, surprisingly he does. he has all ten there. puts on the blind fold and then
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relies on muscle memory. >> oh i don't need to see my hand p that's because i understand where i am going to stab my knife. what am i doing with my life? ♪ i can breath now. >> yeah, he looks pal. >> yeah, sometimes people don't believe things and he brings the blind fold that he is using. as you can see that light does not get through. he says it one and two a lot of muscle memory involved. he is doing this for a long time and everybody at home, hide your knives from the children.
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time to break some world records. let's start with martin on the back of the snow mobile. he is going go out and ride it on the water. a long distance record. >> when we stop calling it a snow mobile. we're going for 150 miles as long as you have the speed going. speed and wide open water is what he has. he has plenty of it to 111. they customize it and his right hand may have gotten tired by e keeping it pinned. they gave it on the left hand so that they can go back and forth and give the hand a rest. this is where it starts to go. >> up and down morton goes. he did break the world record. he did not reach the goal.
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however, he is not certain if the sbook going expect it because he did not ride it to the shore. so there's a little uncertainty. they were able to recover the snow mobile. >> we can give him the record and stamp of approval. the next one is gary on a 540 horsepower motorcycle. he is going to need that speed because he is not going for a speed record but going do this. >> oh no. >> it's the record for the faster wheely. pop it at 209 miles an hour. >> the speed must be in credible even on the one wheel. >> you hope. >> it's at that time again and we're giving away a brand new
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ipad mini. >> kwlae, all you need is the buds word and to be 18 years old. >> enter the buzz word on facebook or twitter or both. you can enter ordinary reason each everyday. >> let's reveal it. it's collector. click on the win ipad button and enter the word collector. >> and one day later this week it's bonus give away week. we're going to be giving away a flat screen tv. tune in. good luck everybody. he is on a mission to climb off the bed. >> already this baby is smarter than half of the people on youtube. >> what the awesome.
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[ laughter ] ♪ baby einstein videos are poplar among the instant, but i
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have found the baby einstein and this little fellow wants to get down. once he figures out that he needs assistance and it's a little here. he decides that i need more grabbing. grabs every pillow off the bed and dumps it on the ground below him. >> already this baby is smarter than half of the people on youtube. jumping off things and it's probably receiving a knock to the head for a little guy and falling. i don't like the feeling, so i am going present it. >> watch it when they're on the ground and throws down because they're going to need that one. that was the test dummy. >> yeah. he is like that's half of the fire and let me drop that first. >> one leg down first and then he does. falls right on the pillows. >> yeah. >> see as a parent this is a
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really dangerous time. you put them on anything and they're like wee. this kid is ten steps ahead of everybody else. thanks for watching. we will see you next time on right this minute.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. charles: charles here. chris brown i think this is insane. chris brown we have told you maybe persona non grata in australia because of the rihanna beating and they have given him a chance to essentially make an appeal and explain why they should reverse their tentative decision and allow him in australia so he can perform in december. charles: the good news is he's taken it to heart. harvey: the bad news is what he said. charles: his


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