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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 29, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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. welcome to the 4 on 2. i am kibe quiche. >> and i am michael moss. a man -- i am brief pursuit and police . kibe quiche. >> and i am mike mibach. >> and a man appeared and began arguing with an artist and shot him to death. the gunman ran off in the case of the muralist shot to death. the mural they were working on was designed by oakland middle
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school students part of the oakland super heros problem. the artist wanted to help the community by painting over graffiti scared walls and bring a little beauty into the neighborhood. the coroner did not release the name of the artist killed, but say he was committed to helping. . >> the students out there were helping as well, right? >> yes. tomorrow they had planned to be out there, a group of about seven of eight of them to do some of the paints and check out on the progress so far. it is unclear whether that field trip will still take place because of what happened. we are told eventually this project will continue and be
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completed. >> rob, no word from police about whether he was targeted or if this was random or fellow artists saying he had been in trouble recently with other individuals. >> yes. police say they don't know what precipitated the argument. it appears though in talking to some of the artists there, the give upman did target the artist shot -- gunman did target the artist shot. it was not necessarily a random shooting but the facts about what happened needs to be determined. >> and in broad bailout at that. >> right. >> all right. rob flu shot the newsroom. thank you. a video fight between a coach and high school football player has sparked a new conversation about abuse in athletics. >> yes. the video obtained by ktvu shows a coach shoving a football player during a road trip. it is hard to hear what the argument is about but by the end of the video it is very clear that people are saying that is enough.
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[audio difficulties -- interrupted or lost audio. please stand by] there are folks on the bus saying that is enough right there. this happened on september 19th as the team was headed home from an away game. late in the afternoon the video was given to ktvu. since then the coach has been identified as 39-year-old decarr lows anderson. the school -- decarr lows anderson. the district says he has been placed on administrative leave while the school investigates. >> decarlos anderson was such a
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good coach. even when we weren't doing that great he made us feel oo like we were doing good. >> anderson previously worked for alameda county as a youth development case manager, youth and family counselor and even a project manager for gang intervention and prevention. and erika carlson of erika carlson sports in carlton is a coach and she has more on coaches and the abuse of power. >> the video makes me a little sad to see players being treated that way. i don't think it is acceptable for a coach to ever put his hands on kids. i tonight though what led up to that moment but it is tough to watch. unfortunately we are seeing too much of that these days. >> let me ask you this in general term, not specifically about this case. a coach's abuse of power can do
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what to a student athlete? >> it can be psychologically really difficult for a kid. a coach is in an authoritative position, a position of power. it can be misused. kids are very motivated to perform, to play well, to earn a starting position and try to get in the next level of their sport. that create as lot of power issues. >> i played high school football for four years. i ran track for four years. i never had a coach the physically touch me but i have had coaches scream in my face, nose to nose, telling me to pick it up, telling me i was terrible, not doing my assignment. never for once did i think this guy is being a bully. it made me work harder. do you think the verbal technique is effective these days? >> it is an interesting question because, first of
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all, it depends on who you are and a little about your background, how you interpret that. you know, in these days one of the advantages that we have as athletes and as coaches is a lot more education about alternatives. so, as we were growing up there was a lot of that going on. and quite honestly coaches didn't know a lot about alternative, other ways to get to kids, to create more positive ways for motivation. a lot of us grew up with those old school coaches. there are still a few of them out there today. but certainly kids and parents alike have different expectations that there is a better way to get to a can i had. >> the more the coach says hey, great job, even though maybe i didn't do a good job, is it better to say that and kind of fib to give the positive reenforcement in hoping he or she will play better? >> absolutely not. >> no?
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>> absolutely not. what we know from research -- there is a lot of research that has bullpen done on this -- positive -- that has been done on this -- positive reenforcement can be effective in limited quantities. if coaches are constantly giving out positive reenforcement, it becomes quite meaningless to athletes. >> all right. thank you very much mental skills coach erika carlson right here in the bay area. i appreciate you taking the time, erika. >> all right. thank you. >> so, i also asked about social media and the role it plays today compared to 20 years ago when i was playing sports. she said it definitely create as lot more transparency. it has the coaches a little bit more on edge. they know they are being watched. it doesn't mean that they can get away with it anymore. >> okay. well, this video, speaking of social media, sparked a lot of conversation on our pages. take a look at some of these
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comments. sha comment from mar -- this comment is from mario... >> and here is another comment... >> also there is a new sports illustrated article about power of coaches and abuse of power. article it discusses specifically the research on how the negativity affects the players. >> there is a new sports illustrated podcast called this is your pertain on sports. they discuss the very article and the culture of tough coaching. i remember they quoted a psychologist that says in terms of bopping as a team. neffty doesn't work as -- bonding as a team, negativity doesn't work as well as
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positivity. well, friends and family are hoping help find this man right here, the disappearance of christian mayrena and what police are doing to find him. >> and we have seeing a colder pattern that may bring us a few scattered showers. we will show you when and the numbers, coming up. >> and there is i-80 and berkeley. how about the cal bears breaking into the top 25. not bad! more on 2. we will be right back.
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. all right. taking a look at the other big stories we are working on today. the wife of 35-year-old christian may rethat reported him missing to the -- mayrena reported him missing to the daily pd after he didn't come home from work. he owns a recording studio. he was seen at the matrix casino in san jose and he may have been spotted in another state. >> we don't see it as him being abducted or kidnapped or any indication that the public should be concerned. but for what it is worth, we have a missing person. we have his wife who is obviously extremely concerned
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and we are doing everything we can to find out where he is to make sure that he is okay. >> we spoke with may reason in a's wife today. -- mayrena's wife today. we will have her plea for her husband's safe return at 5:00. and now more on the extreme sports parachuter at a celebrity golf tournament. he hit a tree and was tangled above the ground. the other three jumpers did land safely. he was part of the nightly show on mtv. he grew up in northern california and has bay area ties. and the 49 err entered a not guilty plea after the home of 49 err ray mcdonald. surveillance video at mcdonald's house showed brook groped her in a sexual manner
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while she was unconscious. the nfl and 49ers are reviewing the case but brooks has been allowed to play with the team. he was not in court for today's hearing. his attorney entered the plea on his behalf. >> reporter: all right. we are joined by ryan eldridge. we are talking about wireless networks. wifi at home. unfortunately those dead spaces. you know which area is not as good as other areas. >> yes. this is one of the biggest calls we get. how do i get wifi to my back bedroom, what do i need to do? one of the easiest things to do is log on to your router and check the settings. 80211g or 80211a. what you want to do is turn off the g. it is old and slow. most people don't have anything in their house worthing g anymorement you want to use the n stand. there is a new standard,
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80211ac. >> what if i have the n, do i need to go out and get the ac? >> no. i would not get it. the tv and computer -- most things won't support it yet. plus it is a little cheaper. >> how do i find them? >> you can open any browser on a connected computer of the network. we suggest you plug it in ma'amly instead of wirelessly because as soon as you changing the settles you will get booted out. type in this address... it will take you right to your router. if it doesn't there is a 1.1 instead. >> you can memorize all that. >> you can go to and look up your router and see how to change your settings. >> and you get this mow dumb and route -- modem and router and there is not the best place to put it. >> it is so ugly. who wants it on the panel. >> you put it in the back.
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>> that impedes the snag. this gets you a hundred feet of -- the signal. this gets you a hundred feet of range. you can do a couple cool tricks. one is these unscrew in the back. you can get a high gain antenna and put it on the back for $10 on you don't even have to do configuring. >> that will give you more range, an anomaly ten in a is this. >> -- an anomaly ten in a? >> yes. >> and we used to say beer can. foil will work.
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you can set this up and it will repeat the signal from the router and give you the range you are missing. >> okay. we check location. what about interfering signals like your neighbors? >> well, first, if your neighbors are jumping on your network, that will slow you down. you want to make sure you have a password connected on your network. when you are in those settings you can change your network. in my house it is the fbi surveillance plan. put a cool password on it. you don't have to remember it. make it long and complicated. write it on your router sticker so your friends and family can have it. >> and what about the bluetooth or other devices? >> yes. we have a baby monitor. we have a 3-year-old. we like to see her sleep because we think it is cute. if you have it in on the back bedroom, we don't get any signal at all so you want a dual band router.
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get the 5 gigahertz. it will give you a lot more range and it is not isocratted as a 3. >> what if all these -- and it is not as crowded as a 3. >> and what if you have done all those things and you are still having issues? >> well, if you are renting your router, ask your cable company for an upgrade. chances are they have one. or you can download firmware. when they get shipped out to the stores, the firmware is about a year old. >> updates? >> yes. just like your computer. >> ryan with nerds on call. thank you, ryan. >> and rosemary, i bet the wifi signal at this guy's place is unbelievable. >> yes, and the fbi, well, no one will tamper with that. >> yes! and you can't tamper with the weather today. i thought it was perfect today. a nice chill in the air,
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something we haven't felt recently. >> yes, you are right. a night fag day. a live look over -- a nice fall day. a live look over san francisco. in and out of clouds today, tomorrow and even into thursday. perhaps a few scattered showers on the way as well. i will explain that in a moment. let's take a look at the numbers. 75 in fairfield, 75 in walnut creek and 74 in livermore. temperatures in the low 60s in san francisco. hayward is 65 and closer to the water, 63 at half moon bay, upper 60s to 70s in napa to santa rosa and novato. here is a look at the 24-hour temperature change. down by 10 degrees in areas like fairfield, livermore and around the bay we are down here as well with temperatures from 2 to 4 degrees cooler along the east bay shoreline and the north bay santa rosa 8 degrees cooler at this hour than where
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you were at this time yesterday. a live look from storm storm, and a -- stormtracker 2 and the clouds up above. as i back up you will be able to see it better. here is the plume of moisture that stretches back to the tropics moving over the bay area. we will continue to do so over the next couple of days and combining with the low off the coast. the two together could bring us a few sprinkles. not going to pick up on a lot of rain. i will show you our best chance. through the evening hours we have partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies today. take a look at wednesday morning. we are covered in clouds as we start wednesday morning. even picking um on a little blue here. a little blue over the sierra. as with he get through wednesday afternoon weapon continue with just a sheet of clouds, not picking up on the moisture but there is definitely some there. we could squeeze out a few scattered showers. thursday morning we will have another opportunity but by 10:00 a.m. we are beginning to clear out. there will be scattered showers in the sierra. so, for us here at home tonight the clouds will
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continue wednesday to thursday. a mix of the sun and clouds. temperatures will be similar to what we had today and perhaps a few sprinkles falling wednesday to thursday morning before we clear out and warm up if are the start of the weekend. temperatures tomorrow morning as with he get out the door we are looking at 58 for hayward, 56 for san francisco, 56 in concord, to the north bay low 60s in santa rosa. a cool start for you. in the south bay 57 in san jose. afternoon highs under mostly cloudy skies, upper 70s in areas like livermore, antioch and concord. closer to the water 71 in hayward, 71 in san mateyo, 64 in pacifica and the north bay 73 napa, 74 santa rosa. the extended forecast with the bay area weekend always in view, we have sprinkles falling wednesday and thursday morning, then we warm up for the first part of the week on friday and saturday. cool off a bit on sunday. planned parenthood has been
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under scrutiny all summer. the head of the organization faces tough questions on capitol hill about the controversial undercover videos. >> california already facing drought, but a new report digs deeper into the list of factors putting our water supply in pearl and what it will -- peril and what it will take to save it, coming up next.
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secretly recorded planned parenthood tape it's are threatening to cut off federal money for the prudent person, all this as the president of the organization testified on capitol hill. we have more now on the heated exchange. >> reporter: we have been extremely cooperative. that is what they said. tension on capitol hill. the head of the house oversight committee, accusing planned parenthood of misspending more than $40 million on federal funds on everything from lavish travel to themed parties and an expensive manhattan office. >> what i don't like and want to tolerate, what i don't want to become numb to is wasting those tax payer dollars. >> reporter: the congressional grilling comes after ten secretly recorded videos surfaced allegedly showing planned parenthood employees negotiating over the price of organs and tissues from aborted fetuses. planned parenthood's president is he seal richards,
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questioned the awe then -- cecile richard, questioned the authenticity of the videos. as conservatives continue threats to defound planned parenthood, its president argued most of the federal funding it received is reimbursement undercade and other programs for health services like birth control and cancer screenings. no federal funds pay for abortion services except more limited circumstances permitted by law, richardson said. democrats stood with her. >> republicans are doubling down on their war against women. >> reporter: while the federal government remains open for now. the on going flap over planned parenthood could cause a shutdown, some say, come december. in washington, joe walden, fox news. for the first time ever african honey bees known as
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killer bees have been found in the bay area. they were found in the regional park in martinez as researchers track their movements around the statement they are called killer bees because of their swarming, aggressive nature when threatened. the bees may be moving to the bay area because of the warmer temperatures. the president sits down with world leaders at the united nations. the openness he is urging for some nations and the tough stance he wants for others. >> and everyone needs water. now a new report outlines the challenges facing our supply and breaks down the billions we will need to spend to secure it.
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across the country, water systems are at risk by aiming infrastructure, contamination and threats to the supply due to drought and depleted aqua firs. many new solutions to the problem are expensive. now to the finding of a new associated press investigation. >> sustaining our water supply is becoming a big problem. >> reporter: water gushing into the street, forcing people from their home, the
4:31 pm
same thing that happened near the you ucla campus in los angeles last year. the massive water mains that deliver clean drinking water are getting old an fragile. >> the infrastructure was put in in the 19th century and 100 years after. the pipes in the united states are reaching the end of their useful lives. >> reporter: keeping water infrastructure working is expensive. the right maintenance can cost the nation $384 billion over the next 20 years. >> unfortunately we have a tendency to run things to fail in this country in terms of infrastructure. >> reporter: des moines water works and other utilitys in the agriculture heartland face an additional challenge with fertilizers flowing from the farms into this river when provides drinking water to half a million people in central iowa. >> we have to deny trough fie it, an expensive step. >> reporter: so utilities have to raise water rates to pay for expensive repairs like
4:32 pm
replacing these fire hydrants and treating contaminants. this plant provides 3 million of drinking water gallons daily. with less snow melt flowing down from the mountains of northern california, utilities are desperate for alternatives.
4:33 pm
24 is one of a growing -- this is one of a growing number of new strategies to keep a thirsty nation from running out of water to drink. >> one question is where does this water go? if you take a look at this map, map of the nation, 90% of our water goes to three main things. >> yes, thermal electric power generation, using water to genuine race electricity. that is seen in the purple areas, a lot of it in the midwest. irrigation is the other big one. that is the one in orange in the midwest as well, and also western half of the united states and the public supply is drinking water that you see in the green areas in california and back east. >> let's look more closely at the california area. >> let's tap that right there. here it comes. boom!
4:34 pm
61% of california irrigation. that is it. only irrigation. 17% of the water used in california is for public supply. if we want to go into the bay area, let's tap on santa clara county right there. the public supply is 81%. you talk about irrigation there. 12%. thermal power 0.05%. let's compare it real quick, keba, to something like the central valley, fresno county, irrigation makes sense. 88%. the population isn't the same, but the ag industry is huge right there. >> we know the problems and where the water is going. the next question, of course, how do we fix this problem? in 2011 the u.s. environmental protection agency released there was a 20 year outlook on what it would cost, the money, to address the nation's infrastructure needs. they actually broke it down by state. >> here in california the
4:35 pm
estimated total cost is $44.5 billion. of that $26.7 billion alone is needed for pipelines and water distribution projects. another $2.5 billion is needed to build the necessary infrastructure and $6.4 billion is needed to create enough water storage. >> a whole lot of money is needed. the question is where to we get that money from. you can take a closer look at the findings. this is an ap report. we put the findings on president obama is chairing a meeting on combating isis and violent extremism. while also meeting with leaders from kazakhstan and cuba. here is more. >> reporter: the general assembly at the u.n. brings together leaders from around the globe and the president will carve out time today to meet with cuban president
4:36 pm
castro. >> change won't come overnight to cuba, but i am confident openness, not coercion, will support the reforms and better the life the cuban people deserve. >> reporter: president obama telling the general assembly yesterday he is confident that congress will inevitably lift the embargo on havana. castro calling to an end to the economic ban and listed other moves he says are necessary for restored ties. >> translator: the return to cuba of a territory illegally occupied by the guantanamo naval base and the destabilization programs against the islands and when our people are compensated for the human and economic damages they still endure. >> reporter: today's talks cover another highly anticipated sit down, the first meeting with vladimir putin in nearly a year. tensions had been high between washington and moscow over the crisis in ukraine and syria.
4:37 pm
the president immediately met with syria's president. at the u.n., kevin cork, fox news. nsa whistle blower edward snowden is now on twitter. he has more than 600,000 followers. i am checking it right now. nearly 700,000 followers but he is only following one other another, the national security agency where he once worked. snowden has been living in russia since leaking thousands of classified documents. he says his goal was to shed light on programs that gathered information on u.s. citizens. he faces felony espionage charges if he is returns to the u.s. . researchers are trying to make the cracked screens on smartphones a thing of the past by making the screens stronger. the cording company makes the touchscreen glass covering leading smartphones including apple and samsung.
4:38 pm
researchers are working to strengthen the glass and see how it responds to pressure, glass and falling objects and even when it bumps up against key, coins and other items stuck in your pockets and purses. >> this is the test that replicates what happens in the field. about 80% of failures are due to drop on rough surfaces. >> the researchers at corning say as the glass getsstronger, the phones get bigger and thinner, offsetting improved strength. well, an app you don't even have to download to benefit from. a life saving app called pulse point, next. >> a cold pattern in place over the bay area. even a shot of a little rain. i will explain that and have a look at the numbers ming up. >> and the tuesday commute starting to heat up. here is 880, oakland coliseum southbound, forget about it. northbound not too bad.
4:39 pm
more on 2, we will be right back.
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. a recall on the airbags from takata is expanding. tesla, mercedes and land rover have received letters asking which of their cars have takata airbags. 19million cars made by other
4:42 pm
manufacturers have already been recalled. that is just in the u.s. more than 4.5 millionaire bags have been replaced. dealerships -- 4.5 million airbags havealready been replaced. well, this is an app called pulse point. how does this work as part of tech tuesday. >> this is one of the great stories i was anal to brick you about tech -- i was able to bring you about tech tuesday. fire chief richard price said one day he was having lunch and the person went into cardiac arrest. later he thought he needed to work on an idea that can help save a man's life. >> like i said, i didn't even feel myself hit before. >> reporter: cory is a man deeply rooted in his faith. >> this church and this spot will always be very special to
4:43 pm
me. >> reporter: that is because on may 24 of this year he had a life altering moment as the church where he was an usher. when he shut the doors of the church that day he turned and fell. for 18 minutes he was unresponsive and unconscious because he went into cardiac arrest. >> i was white as a sheet. there was no response and at some point the priest said we need medical assistance. >> reporter: someone at the church administered cpr while others dialed 9-1-1. pulse point is a mobile app for your smartphone connected to your local 9-1-1 system. it helps get medical care to those who need it quickly. >> somebody collapse, 9-1-1 is called, traditional resources are dispatched and we notify people in the immediate vint. >> reporter: that is exactly what happened to trevan. within 7 minutes of going into cardiac arrest, an off-duty officer nearby that had the pulsepoint app went to can
4:44 pm
church before first responders and shot him with defibrillators several times. >> after four shots there was one little blip, one tiny response. if i didn't have that i probably would have been declared dead. >> reporter: the people with the app are trained in cp -- app are trained in cpr. you have toly within a quarter of a -- you have to live within a quarter mile of the incident to billion notified of the crisis. >> it is a small price to pay to be a fully integrated ems system. >> trevan is one of the lucky ones. the national response time for first responders is 8 to 10 minutes and that doesn't include the time it takes to locate the victim. pulsepoint wants to change that by reducing the numbers and increasing a person's chance to live. incredibly four days after going into cardiac arrest trevan walked out of the hospital with no major complications. he like many people never heard
4:45 pm
of pulse point but this day he had the opportunity for the first time to meet the man behind the app that helped save his life. >> it was technology that saved me but it with us god's decision to turned me around and bring me back to my body. >> if you want to get that app, all you have to do is be cpr trained. you can get the app on google play and apple. it? 1,400 cities nationwide, including here in the bay area, straightline and canada. >> it is -- australia and canada. >> i think about what happens if someone shows up to help and the situation doesn't end well and they are not able to help that person in need, is there any liability? >> thankful will there are good samaritan laws in place that prevent liability. people don't have to worry about that because they are trying to do a good deed and things do happen. >> what if i have my app and a quarter mile away, i have is giant's game, tough call, maybe i will do the next one.
4:46 pm
does the app reach out to me and go hey, we buzzed you, how come you didn't go? >> you don't have to be accountable. >> it is your choice to go. >> they know that everyone -- you may be in a situation that you can't handle. they are no going to out you or say mike didn't go to this one or that one. that won't happen. they just want the best trained person to go to that situation. if you think you are, that is a good thing. >> we are out of time, but what happens? can anyone sign up? how do you prove you are cpr certified, a doctor or a nurse? >> an affidavit. when you sign up they are taking your word on it. think about it this way, if you don't know cpr, you won't go to a seen and try to hurt someone. the affidavit is there to help protect people. >> all right. pulsepoint. a bill game out at the ballpark tonight for the giants. a nice evening for the giants
4:47 pm
fans. >> yes. taking on the dodgers. it will be cloudy and cool. bring along the jacket for the little ones. cloud cover over the bay as well as san francisco. look at the glow from the support. it is will set at 7:00. we have less hours of daylight. it is that time of year. look at santa rosa 73, around the bay it is cooler. 63 in san francisco. 66 in oakland, san jose is 71. most of us are cooler than where we were yesterday. a minor drop in temperatures but for the inland communities 4 to 8 degrees cooler so chances are you are feeling the difference. on shore breezes continue, 18 miles per hour at fairfield. not too strong but enough to cool us if we continue into the afternoon and evening hours. temperatures are very seasonal,
4:48 pm
perhaps a bit below the seasonal average for some. here is a look at the cloud cover. if you look closely you can see a little moisture embedded within those clouds. these clouds retch all the way back to the tropics and the tropical moisture will continue to flow into the area for the next few days. offshore you can see a little more of the green there on the screen. let's tap into this system here offshore. the two combined could bring us a few scattered showers. wednesday and thursday it won't be a big deal but we will be in and out of clouds for wednesday and thursday morning. we will leave if a slight chance for a few scattered showers, as well. by thursday afternoon we are drying out and the start of the weekend looks warmer friday to saturday. for the next couple of days we will remain in this pattern. take a look at the futurecast models as we roll you into your tuesday evening. just the clouds continuing to pull through. tomorrow morning we will have clouds. tomorrow afternoon temperatures will be very mild and similar to what we had today. 60s at the coast. 70s around the bay. 70s and a few low 80s for the
4:49 pm
inland cities. the sacramento valley has no shade of red to be seen. even the sacramento valley will be relatively mild. tomorrow morning as you step out the door a lot of 50s to go around. 57 in antioch. 53 for napa, 53 in san rafael. and along the bay 55 in redwood city. 58 for hayward, 57 in san jose for the start of your morning. tomorrow's highs for the afternoon, we are looking at a lot of 70s for areas over the north bay. 74 for know vat toe. low 70s on the east bay. mid to upper 70s for antioch and brentwood. san francisco 66 degrees. 64 for pacific. a temperatures in the mid 70s for san jose, 76 for morgan hill. the extended forecast with the weekend always in view, leaving in the slight chance for a few scattered showers wednesday and thursday morning. then we are clearing out. if you don't like it this cool
4:50 pm
we have a nice little are he bound coming our way. mid to upper 80s into the city for friday and saturday, cooling off for up. >> people like rebounds. >> yes. let's check in with frank now for stories we are working on for ktvu news at 5:00. we continue to follow the shooting in the east bay. >> it happened at 10:30 in the morning. a man drove up to where artists were painting a mural under an overpass in oakland. seconds later one of the artists was shot at and lay dieing in the streets. what we learned moments before the shots were fired and the nice things people are saying about the artist killed. >> and a feel good story? >> there are those that criticize us for only covering negative stories. this isn't one of them. this is a story that will put a smile on your face. why this was a bittersweet day for an 88-year-old woman volunteering for the alameda sheriff's department for more than 48 years.
4:51 pm
she has become friends with everyone there. a nice story you will love. >> thank you. >> and another story, a moving photo that gave her hope as she grew up. that little baby there is now a grown woman that wanted to find a nurse who took care of her when she was badly burned. their reunion when the 4 on 2 returns. babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years
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has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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after many months of traveling the world... ...jack was longing for something familiar. home. he was welcomed with grandma's southern-style chicken. at that moment, jack knew what to do. share it with the world. southern-style breaded all-white meat chicken on a gourmet signature bun. the homestyle ranch chicken club. [no audio] photos take on a nurse in
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1977, this was in new york, she was three months old there. she rolled off of a couch on to a boiling steam vaporizer. the burns required multiple reinstructive surgeries and this took place -- reconstructive surgeries and tis took place over -- this took place over the years. she posted the photos on facebook and within one day a nurse identified the nurse in the photo. today they met again and what an embrace right there. the same hospital where she nurtured her back to health. during the press conference she said growing up as a child disfigured by there burns i was bullied, tormented. i looked at those pictures and talked to her, i took comfort looking at this woman who seemed so since sear caring for me. >> a great -- sincering caring
4:55 pm
for me. >> a great story. >> very cool. tried to build ikea furniture? >> quite the process. >> never have. >> my mom and i -- or my mom and he helping. >> one epic ikea hack. >> his son requested the most awesome bed ever. here is what he did. took the popular bed, storage modules and a slide and turned it into this bed. it has that slide and a hidden club house -- >> wait -- [ talking at the same time ] >> how much did it cost? >> $665. >> wow! >> there are beds more expensive than that -- [ talking at the same time ] >> there is an online community dedicated to the this idea. people, you take the furniture -- [ talking at the same time ] >> make your own. >> repurpose it -- [ talking at
4:56 pm
the same time ] >> funny. coming up after the break. parents outraged, we will explain the curriculum and why parents say the school went too far.
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father is launching a crusade after finding out his daughter is learning about islam. it examines three world religions. the school district says they are taughtane historical context. -- taught in a historical context. parents complained they were not notified. >> my daughter is learning the islamic religion contradicts my faith in general and i would prefer to receiver that information in advance so i could decide whether that goes against my faith. we are seeing one page, five statements of christian faith and we will see 5 or 10 pages of islamic faith. >> the man's daughter was allowed to opt out of the class assignment. he started a facebook campaign to get schools to allow all kids to opt out of religious
5:00 pm
assignment. the school district received two complaints about the assignment. how to heather and frank. more on the deadly shooting. >> an artist working on a project in oakland shot and killed. >> what we are learning about the moment before the shots were fired and the nice things people are saying about the victim. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> good evening everyone. i am frank somerville. >> i am heather holmes in for julie. the shooting happened on west street under interstate 5-80 over pass. ktvu's rob roth is in the news room. >> reporter: police say they don't know why a gunman opened fire this morning but whatever the reason those who knew him say he was dedicated to preventing violence and bringing life to a struggling neighborhood. >> we are


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