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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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assignment. how to heather and frank. more on the deadly shooting. >> an artist working on a project in oakland shot and killed. >> what we are learning about the moment before the shots were fired and the nice things people are saying about the victim. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> good evening everyone. i am frank somerville. >> i am heather holmes in for julie. the shooting happened on west street under interstate 5-80 over pass. ktvu's rob roth is in the news room. >> reporter: police say they don't know why a gunman opened fire this morning but whatever the reason those who knew him say he was dedicated to preventing violence and bringing life to a struggling neighborhood. >> we are devastated. >> the gree is raw. -- the grief is raw.
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gunned down while they were painting a mural. this is where artists were painting a artist on a graffiti scared world. a mural designed by students. a man began arguing with an artist. >> we were busy painting and we heard the gun shots. >> the gunman ran off while the artist lay dying. >> an amazing spirit. he was just out here because he loved painting and loved being in the community. >> reporter: police officers seemed shaken by what happened. >> how did it come to be where a person felt the need to solve their difference of an argument by using a firearm in the middle of a busy intersection during broad daylight. >> reporter: it is part of the
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oakland super heroes project. they raised the money and students designed the mural and the artists were working on it for a week. they already created three other and despite what happened today they have no intention of stopping work on the project. >> we have to keep doing this work. this incident is why we are out here in the first place. >> reporter: the middle school students planned to paint part of it tomorrow, it is uncertain whether that will be postponed. >> hope police receive tips on this case. thank you. also in oakland police are investigating another death. in this case a body found wrapped in plastic and left on a street in west oakland. police are investigating this as a suspicious death. the body was found on union street. police say they received a call about 8:00 a.m. this morning about a possible body and people say their
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neighborhood is used as a dumping ground. >> people dump in our community and now you are seeing more and more dumpy of bodies. >> police haven't released information about the person or how they died but anyone with information is asked to call them. a mail inmate found dead inside the santa clara jail. this is the same jail where three santa clara county jail deputies are accused of beating an inmate to jail. ktvu's azenith smith has more. >> reporter: deputies found a 33-year-old inmate not breathing 10:30 a.m. monday morning. >> we are looking at everything. we are looking at any use of force, looking at criminal history, anything that could have occurred. >> reporter: the inmate was in custody for 9 days after being
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arrested for assault and battery. he was on the 8th 8th floor. this comes after michael tyree was found beaten to death two floors down last month. hree santa clara county jail deputies are accused of the murder. following michael tyree's death they announced forming a blue ribbon commission, and increasing mental health training. he says the hold up for the commission is determining who and how many should sit on the panel. >> i think what we will find out through work that will we will do is we need more in terms of mental health training, mental health programming, mental health
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facilities. >> disbelief, not again so soon. what is going on inside our jails? >> reporter: civil rights groups say the latest death marks a sense of urgency for better training and support. >> we want to start looking in, want outside eyes looking inside the giles change whatever problems might be -- jails to change whatever problems might be. . >> we will bring you more coming up at 6:00 p.m. a third jail guard is set to be released within hours. a bail hearing for matthew farris determined he is eligible for release this evening after his family posted watch $.5 million bail -- posted $1.5 million bail. the other two deputies already posted bail. police identified the victims in the double homicide
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last night. the 31-year-old and 33-year-old were found shot to death inside a car. officers responded after a shot spotter alert. both men were pronounced dead at the scene. police are looking for possible suspects. two men beatenane bath room at levi stadium are dash beaten in a bath room at levi stadium are suing the team. they claim the team had a responsible to screen franz drunkenness -- fans for drunkenness. they were injured by two intoxicated men. he has already pleaded guilty to felony assault. his cousin pleaded no contest. a spokesperson for the 49ers said the team does not comment on pending litigation.
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judge ruled the first trial in the freddie gray killing is november 30. the judge decided the officer will go on trial first, he is accused of failing to provide or request medical care for freddie gray and not securing him inside the van. each of the six officers arrested in freddie gray's death will get their own trial and they will be held in baltimore, the five other trials are set to begin next year. police in minnesota arrested three women for vandalizing the office of the dentist who killed cecil the liin. it hap -- lion. it hap end yesterday morning. a sign was spray painted. he returned to work earlier this month. he went into hiding after the killing sparked a back lash. i am worried he might do
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something crazy to himself. >> he left work sunday and went to a casino and hasn't been seen sense. tonight at 5:30 p.m. we talk to the man's wife and find out more about a tip that could lead to a new search location. >> a big night, tesla introduces its new model, the northern california couple first in line to buy the first suv and they started paying for it three years ago. plus -- >> a tense hearing on capitol hill, the back and forth between the president of planned parenthood and leaders. >> and cloud cover right now. you can see it getting in there with the sun getting lower. a beautiful sunset tonight but the clouds bring showers to the south of us.
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in washington the house and senate are expected to pass a spending measure tomorrow that will keep the government running through december 11. this comes as there is heated debate over funding for planned parenthood. today the president of planned parenthood testified on capitol hill. joel waldman has the back and forth from washington. >> reporter: tension on capitol hill. the head of the house over sight committee accusing planned parenthood of misspending $40 million in federal funds from travel to parties and a manhattan office. >> what i don't like, what i don't want to become numb to is wasting taxpayer dollars. >> reporter: the grilling comes after 10 videos surfaced showing planned parenthood employees negotiating over the
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price of organs and tissues. planned parenthood's president questioned the authenticity of the videos. >> the accusations against planned parenthood based on doctored videos are offensive and untrue. >> reporter: as conserves continue threats to defund planned parenthood the president argued most of the federal funding is reimbursement under programs for healthcare services like birth control and cancer screenings. she made it clear no federal funds pay for abortion services except under limited circumstances permitted by law and democrats stood with her. >> republicans are doubling down on their war against women. >> reporter: while the federal government remains open for now he fears the flap over planned parenthood could cause a shut
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down come december. joel waldman fox news. funeral service for yogi berra today in his home town of montclair, new jersey. >> a u.s. navy bugler played taps. he was in world war ii. he died last week at the age of 90. he won 10 world series championships and mvp 3 times. >> friends of my contacted me when he passed to thank me to introducing them to him, for being in the same room with them, he effected so many people in such a positive way.
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>> there is the quoted it ain't over till it is over and he didn't say everything you said. professors at cal and stanford are among the winners of the genius grants. he received the prize for his work in extracting hidden data. university of california at berkeley professor was chosen for his work using nano wire technology for renewable energy and san francisco native was also honored. they received $625,000 with no strings attached. our bay area weather. and check in with our chief meteorologist bill martin. it is feeling more and more like fall out there. >> doesn't it? >> i like it. >> crazy. a week after fall begins it is full on fall with temperatures in the 70s. cloud cover that looks like it wants to rain. it is raining to the south --
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raining, drizzle to the south of us -- drizzling to the south of us. sunset will be money. fog at the coast, it is out of there now and now you have beautiful cloud cover. this is the area right here. the swath of sub-tropical moisture. delivering sprinkles or showers, south of monterey. wouldn't that be nice if it shifted north and get us wet? eventually it will. encourage tog see that much -- encouraging to see that much moisture. a signature of el nino. moisture plumes getting further north. all that moisture, if that happens in november when you have a plume of moisture, it gets sucked in to a low- pressure system which is what
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we get in the winter and they bring significant rainfall. you have the tropical storm go through, rains, but you have the extra tropical storm go through and hook into that, there is one now, it is weak, but you get a stronger one you will get rain. 2, 3, 4 inches. this is what el nino does. gets them going. low pressure there. continues to keep us cool. tomorrow as well. probably into bay area thursday as well. and then warms up on friday, upper 80s. highs tomorrow 78 brentwood. 77 livermore. good pattern. telling you cal fire loving this pattern. looking at the long range models, as you look at highs tomorrow, i am looking for northwest winds or rain. right?
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winds are scary because of the fire danger. there is nothing out there. 14 days of data shat shows southwest -- that shows southwest winds. prohibits northeast high fire danger. and at this point not seeing significant rain. you look for two big things. rain or fire danger. we are running in the middle of both. >> if el nino comes through like we hope, we were talking last night, interesting butt the last -- about the last el nino and how many days it rained. >> over 100 days. el nino is here. it is happening. now it is will the storms latch into the moisture, the moisture now, that is made possible by the warmer water. get real storms, it will go off. >> thank you. a football coach at on oakland high school is -- at an oakland high school is being
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investigated after he was caught on video fighting. ktvu's paul chambers with the questions and concerns raised by the coach's actions. >> reporter: this cell phone video showing a confrontation between a senior and a football coach has people talking. >> you should never ever hit someone else's child. >> that coach is in an authoritative position and it could be misused. >> reporter: she says the coach is wrong for putting his hands on the student. >> i don't think it is accepteddable for a coach to put -- acceptable for a coach to put their hands on kids and i don't know what led up to the moment but it is tough to watch. >> reporter: it is not clear what led up to this but as the
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student gets up he tells him to sit down and he pushes the student. the video has parents taking sides. >> the coach should not have put his handoon child, peer -- hand on a child period. >> reporter: do you think it was wrong for the coach -- >> yeah. but it was also for wrong for the teenagers -- also wrong for the teenager to antagonize him too. >> make him sit out. call his parents. >> reporter: the coach is placed on paid administrative leave while the school investigates. paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. amazon introduces a service like uber but instead of delivering people to their destination it is delivering something else. >> new at 6:00 p.m. develops on a story ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36 uncover -- story 2
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investigates uncovered. >> plus folsom lake running dry, the efforts to keep what little water there is left from evaporating. after many months of traveling the world... ...jack was longing for something familiar. home. he was welcomed with grandma's southern-style chicken.
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at that moment, jack knew what to do. share it with the world. southern-style breaded all-white meat chicken on a gourmet signature bun. the homestyle ranch chicken club.
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amazon is trying out a service likeuber to deliver -- like uber to deliver packages within an hour. it will pay drivers 18-$25 an hour. it is being tested before the holiday shopping season but not in the bay area yet. amazon has been expanding its
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prime now service for people who are members of the loyalty program. it was a mixed day on wall street with small gains and losses. the dow is up 47 points. the nasdaq is down 26 points. the s&p is up 2 points. and a big change at the top in the fashion world. ralph lauren is stepping down as ceo but plans to remain active in the company. two dating services are angry at a southern california health group that links the two to sexually transmitted diseases. it shows a man labeled tinder with a woman labeled chlamydia. it was paid for by the healthcare foundation. they have sent a cease and desist letter but they have no plans to take down the ad. >> two police dogs got the day off this morning. the chp posted this picture on
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twitter. the tweet says it all. if you walk by a patrol car and it smells like wet dog, this is why. they thought it would be fun to go swimming in the creek and then hay went on a walk -- they went on a walk. sea turtle seen floating, it had ropes around its neck. fishermen use that gear. whale watchers spotted the dead turtle from a cruise on sunday. it is california's official state marine reptile and is considered to be endangered. new tip to track down a facebook employee who hasn't been seen since sunday and why the information may take investigators to the other side of the country. >> and tesla rolls out its newest model, meet the northern california couple that put down $40,000 for this car three
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because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. police get a possible new lead in the case of a missing
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facebook employee. he disappeared on sunday. he was last seen at a casino in san jose. ktvu fox 2 news tara moriarty spoke with his wife. she is here now with the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: police say that they believe he may be in the new york city area. tay received a -- they received a type. his wife says she just wants him to come home. >> the past 48 hours have been agonizing for her. she doesn't know how to tell her daughter that her father disappeared. >> she doesn't know yet. so i hope he will come home for her. if not for me. because everyone is worried. >> reporter: he was last seen sunday. he clocked out at 5:00 p.m. and sed to the seen -- headed to the casino in san jose and then vanished. no trace of debt cards, cell
5:29 pm
phone calls, nothing. >> i am worry heed might do something crazy. >> reporter: her husband suffers from depression that could trigger gambling. >> the fact that he has potential issues regarding his health is a great concern for us. we are trying to locate him before anything serious does happen. >> reporter: the family just got home from a wedding in hong kong and his job was going well. then this morning a tip. >> during a broadcast on ktvu, a caller called us saying he just flew in from new jersey yesterday and he swore he saw him at the airport at 8:00 monday morning. >> reporter: detectives are following up on that lead and others. she just wants him home. >> i won't know how to face my
5:30 pm
daughter and break the news to her to tell her she will never see her dad again. >> reporter: if you recognize this photo or have any information leading to his whereabout contact police immediately. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. >> have to feel for his wife there. how old is the daughter? >> reporter: 9-years-old. when i spoke to her on the phone she said she will break the news to her probably about now or later so she can be prepared for the weeks to come. >> i am curious about the potential sighting. if he hasn't used his death cards and no phone calls -- debt cards and no phone calls, how would he have paid for it? >> reporter: well, you know, he could have had another credit card, that is one thing police
5:31 pm
are looking at. they are not sure. they only have been able to look at what his wife has access to. we will have to wait and see. >> hope they find him. tara moriarty, thank you. san francisco linebacker ahmad brooks pleaded not guilty to sexual battery. the charges stem from an incident at former 49ers defensive lineman ray mcdonald's house. the attorneys say ahmad brooks groped her. this is the same woman that said ray mcdonald rapped her. the nfl and the 49ersare removing the case. a plan to expand oakland's police cadet programs is in the works. ktvu's cristina rendon is in the news room with details on the plan. >> reporter: the mayor is calling this the opd pipeline project to recruit seniors or
5:32 pm
college youth with the hopes they will become police officers. the program is available only for oakland college bound high school seniors or college students between 17-1/2 and 21- years-old. this is a paid part time position. they will be rotated through different divisions and encouraged to become an officer at the end of the program. the police department has 18 cadets and they are looking to expand to 25. that is thanks to money in the city's budget for the year and a donor who contributed $750,000. the police chief was a cadet and he said they will work around their school schedule. >> we know we are recruiting locally and bringing people in to be police officers here. >> we have students who express interest in law enforcement now. and that is one of the reasons
5:33 pm
why this is seimportant. >> the -- so important. >> reporter: the chief says 9% of the officers live in oakland but the number of oakland natives is higher and the goal is to have a police force that is more connected to the community. this is for high school seniors heading to college or college students already. we put the information on our website, and click on web links. >> all right. thank you. the board of supervisors voted to continue funding the controversial urban shield law enforcement training program. the sheriff's department hosted the event for the past 9 years. it gives law enforcement agencies an opportunity to come together and prepare for things. opponents wanted the county to pull funding. they say it increases the militarization of police. 5,000 law enforcement officers took part in this year's event.
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volkswagen announces a recall, the plan to fix it and why bay area owners may be waiting a while. >> edward snowden, edward snowden former nsa contractor edward snowden joined twitter, the huge number of followers he already has. after many months of traveling the world... ...jack was longing for something familiar. home. he was welcomed with grandma's southern-style chicken. at that moment, jack knew what to do. share it with the world. southern-style breaded all-white meat chicken on a gourmet signature bun. the homestyle ranch chicken club.
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another busy day for president obama that united
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nations general assembly. today he led a discussion about how to defeat isis. the president also met with the leader of cuba. >> the united nations general assembly brings around leaders from around the world and the president will meet with cuban president razl castro. it is their second meeting since they began restoring diplomatic tize last year. >> change won't -- ties last year. >> change won't come over night to cuba. and better the life the cuban people deserve. >> reporter: president obama telling the united nations general assembly she confident congress will lift the embargo. cuban president razl castro calling for an end to the economic ban and listed other moves that are necessary for restored ties. >> the return to cuba -- [
5:38 pm
indiscernible ] >> when our -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: today's talks follow another sit down, kicking off the meeting with russian president vladimir putin. tensionshave been high over the -- tensions have been high over the crisis in syria. the president interacted with iran's foreign minister. kevin cork, fox news. a study concluded the federal government has failed to stop hundreds of americans from trying trying to join terror groups. the report says 250 americans traveled over seas and several dozens return to the u.s. without being arrested. all of this coincide with the
5:39 pm
cran -- coincide with the u.n. meeting. . >> been able to atrack adherence, not just from the areas in which they operate but many of our own countries. . >> he said terrorists are taking routes where government failed or where there is several war and he warned the fight -- [ indiscernible ] . edward snowden has a new platform. twitter. former nsa contractor edward snowden sent his first tweet today, can you hear me now and then tweeted i am just a citizen wavoice. -- with a voice. he liked thousands of classified documents. he faces charges of espionage in the u.s -- espionage in the u.s. social media -- edward
5:40 pm
snowden has 690,000 follows. big night for tesla. >> a better car. >> a look at the new suv and the family that is first in line waiting for their car. >> and a bittersweet day for this woman. her decision to retire from the sheriff's department. >> tracking the cloud cover out there right now. sprinkles to the south of us and temperatures really dropped off. what that means for your bay area wednesday, i will let you know.
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los angeles unveiled a new bus stop bench today that will give ridears chance to re-- riders a chance to recharge. riders can recharge and surf the internet and energy efficient lighting and real time bus schedule. los angeles mayor says they will turn the chore of waiting into an opportunity. >> access to the internet is everything. how we connect with each other, with the next bus time and when we will move forward. >> this bench is located at central avenue and 43 street in south los angeles. the first of 15 to be installed around the country. after years of waiting and
5:44 pm
delays, tesla finally crosses over from a car maker to an suv maker tonight. they have a big night planned. it will reveal its highly anticipated model s at 8:00 p.m. tonight. a picture of the vehicle. ktvu's tom vacar found the man who was first on the waiting list for this new vehicle when he put down $40,000 three years ago. >> reporter: 16 years ago before tesla cars existed they drove ev ones. one of the first attempts to build an all electric car. they acquired just about every model of electric car since. >> around 14 or 15. the early cars, the people were willing willing to forgive a lot of rough edges about the
5:45 pm
car. >> reporter: today they have four. a toyota rav 4, an act zero. a roadster and a model s. soon they will take delivery of a tesla model suv, something they deposited $40,000 three years ago to acquire. >> the first electric car that is not a compromise. >> reporter: they figure the costs of ownership differently than most. >> one compromise, the up front cost is higher. the life cycle cost because the fuel is cheaper and maintenance is cheaper. >> reporter: and they are not afraid of running out of electricity. >> i can drive it 260 miles a day. >> reporter: while the power
5:46 pm
grid charges their cars, they see that differently too. >> the dirtiest it will be is the day you drive it out of the dealership because the grid keeps getting better. >> reporter: except for nissan, the company that makes the leaf, they down the sincerity of other car makers. >> i feel they could have done more to make the cars affordable and appealing. >> reporter: before the end of the year when they take delivery of the suv they will have one of the most complete collections of electric vehicles anywhere. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. volkswagen announced a recall of diesel vehicles, a recall that does not include the united states. the repair involves the
5:47 pm
software update for 5 million of the 11 million vehicles involved in the cheating scandal. the fix won't work for the half million sold in the u.s. the spokeswoman says they are working with officials to come up with a fix for vehicles sold in america which has stricter emission standards. forbs came out with their list of the richest americans. microsoft founder number one, $76 billion. warren buffett 62 billion. larry ellen is 47.5 billion. and amazon founder $47 billion. the top 400 richest americans had at least $1.7 billion. mark zuckerberg number 7 with 40 billion. he is only 31-years-old. >> a lot of them are from
5:48 pm
silicon valley. which isn't surprising. >> yeah. [ talking at the same time ] let's check in with our billion dollars -- [ talking at the same time ] >> bill martin to talk about the forecast. rain? not really close to us but kind of close. >> kind of close to us. mark zuckerberg and those guys, we are -- i was reading something, we are at the hub of everything. technology -- microsoft, google, apple. amazing -- [ talking at the same time ] >> like the second gold rush. being in the bay area is a magical time. what's happening now, when they write the history books on technology and the companies, the world is coming here. neat. we are a part of it. neat. look outside, you see the cloud cover. you see nice looking sunset. it will be pretty. i have been doing this thing
5:49 pm
where i have people send pictures of the sunset. once the sun gets below it will be beautiful sunset. i don't know. i have this thing for sun sets. look at this. talking about the east coast. this is sub-tropical moisture that is streaming in into the eastern seaboard. they got hammered today and yesterday and again tomorrow. 5 inches, half foot of rain. what does it mean for you? if you are traveling tomorrow things will be slower. our moisture. again, i pointed this out earlier. low pressure up here. see that? this bigger one. you see this sub-tropical moisture tap. that is not el nino but it is a product of el nino. what happens is in the wintther low will be here, the moisture
5:50 pm
-- winter, the low will be here, the moisture here. nice looking weather forecast with moisture available. 76 in fairfield right now. 73 antioch. the forecast model, this is tomorrow morning. look at that. mostly cloudy. lots of cloud cover tomorrow morning. like today. tomorrow afternoon, cloud cover again. maybe patchy fog as well. yellows are 70s. oranges are 80s. and so tomorrow will be like what we had today. cloudy. temperatures in the 70s. mostly in the 70s. 60s and 70s. the low-pressure system is the culprit. wednesday, oakland 71 degrees for a high. the five-day forecast. san francisco 66 degrees. tomorrow. check out san jose, up to 75
5:51 pm
degrees tomorrow. the five-day forecast now. you will see it is looking pretty good. fire danger takes a break, which is good news. warms up into your thursday and friday. >> not those 90s or hundreds -- [ talking at the same time ] >> yeah. >> thank you. she is the first and the longest serving volunteer but today he is calling it quits. >> love she has for susgreatly going to be -- us is greatly going to be missed. >> how the sheriff's department is remembering mrs. c. >> one police department under fire over accusations of racial profiling. . >> majorities in berkeley -- minorities in berkeley are stopped and frisked -- >> the data just released and what the police chief has to say about it. from the people who brought you underwhelming internet speeds.
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leaders are trying to curve violence with a moratorium. this 45 day moratorium follows a fatal stabbing earlier this month. some people say it will hurt local businesses but other are glad to see the city is doing something. >> doing that for now and seeing how the businesses are
5:55 pm
doing and whether it is helping or not is a good idea. >> it expires november 13. at the same time they will decide -- at the time they will decide whether it should be extended. majority leader kevin mccarthy of bakersfield was once a law maker in sacramento and republicans say they hope he will get the job and give the state a strong position in congress that it hasn't had since a house minority leader nancy pelosi was the speaker of the house. >> he is just really good at figuring out where you can make a difference, what he can do to help you be effective. and how that translates back to helping our california delegation in california. >> opponents of kevin mccarthy says he has a record of voting against anti-pollution
5:56 pm
measures. a bittersweet day for the sheriff's department and a volunteer. she has been volunteering for 20 years now but today she is retiring. ktvu's cristina rendon introduces us to the woman who was honored by the county. >> reporter: not every day you are greeted with applause and hugs at work but the 88-year- old is special. she is the first and longest serving volunteer at the sheriff's office with 22 years under her belt. >> my days off, no school, i come here. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you name it, she helped out. >> they always welcomed me and they were always nice. nice to me. >> i feel blessed we were able to have her for 22 years. she has done a fantastic job for us. she makes us gifts, nits for
5:57 pm
us. she -- knits. she takes care of us. >> reporter: one last picture to capture a memory. >> they are all friends. >> the love she has for us will be missed. >> reporter: cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. >> congratulations to her as well. coffee lovers are enjoying discounts and freebies on this national coffee day. peat's coffee gave out hundreds of cups of coffee for free. coffee is an $18 billion a year industry in the u.s. the average person in the country spends a thousand dollars a year on coffee. >> it is the comfort of getting in, having something nice and warm. i like the taste. >> the taste. i like the sugar taste. mostly i get iced coffee. >> reporter: would it taste as
5:58 pm
good without the sugar? >> no. [ laughter ] >> people coming to the truck could choose between free hot or cold coffee. and the cold brew was the most popular. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> we are learning new details about arth inmate death at the sclera jail. officials con-- santa clara jail. officials confirm. weavers the beating death of another in-- weeks after the beating death of another inmate at the hands of three santa jail deputies. i am heather holmes. >> i am frank somerville. the inmate who died has a history of violent behavior. new developments from ktvu's azenith smith. what else did they say? >> reporter: frank, the sheriff was very adamant the cause of death is to dee determine -- to
5:59 pm
be determined and the autopsy will be done in the next few days. according to the sheriff all protocols were followed and that is why none of the staff is on leave. they prepared statements. they are not releasing his name. he is listed as a transient and housed on the 8th floor. he had been arrested twice this month for assault and battery. one for an attack on a medical staff member at a local hospital. a week ago jail staff noticed he was hitting his door, they tried to remove him from his cell, he refused, after two attempts of pepper spray and subduing him they physically removed him from his cell. >> do you believe that -- [
6:00 pm
inaudible question ] >> we are not going to speculate on that. that is up to the medical examiner to determine cause of death. i cannot determine cause of death. >> reporter: as you can hear the sheriff is tight lipped. he was found unresponsive yesterday morning. it was all captured on video and from the findings again the sheriff says everyone followed protocol. they are working with the district attorney's office and notified the fbi. this inmate was on suicide watch and they asked -- i asked if there were physical signs about suicide and they wouldn't provide information, they are waiting for the autopsy results to be released. >> i am wondering, you mentioned they used a projectile, did they explain what that was? >> reporter: no. they didn't go


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