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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  September 30, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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do you believe that the drugs used the week prior had anything to do with the his death? >> we're going to leave that up to the medical examiner. i am not going to determine
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cause of death. >> county is forming a blue ribbon commission in hopes to increase mental health training for new deputies. a vigil is scheduled at 9:30 this morning for an artist shot to death in oakland while painting a mural designed by school children. he was working on a 4,000 square foot mural at an underpass when he was gunned down yesterday. friends gathered yesterday. he was a talented artist and looking to give back to the community. witnesses say that the incident began with an arguement between him and another man and all the sunday there was gunfire. >> we were all busy painting and we heard the gunshots. and antonia was one of the volunteer artists that went down. >> and the police are looking into what led up to the dispute.
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the artwork is part of the superheros project. they are vowing to finish what he started and some of the school children are expected to attend this morning's vigil. we'll switch gears and get your day started with weather and traffic. and mark is in for steve. we're talking about the chance for a few showers today. and i was watching the news yesterday and steve was talking about the chance. >> yesterday, late afternoon it felt like it and the sky got a little dark. and it is starting to feel like it. >> past few days it is starting to feel like fall. and the weather is changing with the pattern. so we have mostly cloudy skies over the bay area. and good morning to you. and you can see this is to the south and to the west. and a lot of this not reaching the ground. this is approaching the bay and parts of the south bay as well. so that will be the highest
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chance of picking up a few showers in your wednesday forecast. and the main action is in soledad and south of gilroy. but still lots of clouds in the bay area. we have right now san francisco 58 degrees, san jose 59 and livermore 60. outside right now looking to at&t park, last night was not great news for the giants. but we'll focus on the weather and mostly cloudy skies and a chance of a shower and tomorrow the skies partly cloudy and more sunshine into the week. temperatures 65 to 63. and on track, the warmest location is not excessively hot, mid-70s on the coast and mainly in the 60s with partly to mostly crowd cloudy skies. and we'll track that in the forecast. sal is standing by with an update on the roads. we have a nice looking commute around the bay area. we'll start off with the east
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shore freeway and 80 westbound would be. it does look good. it is a long stretch. and it is take being 18 minutes to drive that stretch right now. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see the traffic is light getting into san francisco. no major delays there. and the traffic continues to move along nicely. and if you drive in the livermore valley, westbound 580 looks good and a little slowing already. but it is a nice drive into dublin. and now back to the desk. one of the men charged with assault after a 49er's game will ask a judge to reduce his bail. the prosecutor said that eric martinez here on the right and two other men attacked a minnesota vikings fan in the parking lot two weeks ago. and the incident was captured on cell phone video all three defendants are charged with assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury.
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martinez's bail was set at $75,000. the man suffered a concussion in the fight. two men that were beaten badly in the bathroom are suing the 49ers and the venue. the team failed to provide adequate security and had a responsible to screen people for security he said that he energid a man to let him know that a -- nudged a man to let him no that a stall was open and he and his brother attacked him. a spokesman for the 49ers said that the team does not commitment on pending litigation. a huge crowd turned out for a community meeting after a report of a sexual assault. they talked about the incident that happened more than a week
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ago. and they have received many phone calls from people wanting to know about the case. on september 18th, a woman reported that someone broke into their home while she was dropping off her kids at school. when she returned home, she was sexually assaulted by a masked intruder. >> there's understandable fear in the community. >> i'm in my 50s i learned to be very aware and protective of myself. >> the police said there are no similar crimes in the area but they called the meeting because they wanted to address the concerns of the community. both parents and sports psychologist called the coach's behavior unacceptable. the coach should not have put his hands on the senior. it is unclear what prompted the confrontation after a game on september 19th. but on the video the student
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appears to get out of his see the and anderson is telling him to sit back down and the situation escalate. >> you should never, ever hit someone else's child. >> he's in a position of power and it can be misused. >> >> coach is on paid leave till as the school investigates. we have been unable to reach coach anderson for a comment. but they stay is uncharacteristic of coach anderson. a new housing development in dublin is moving forward as planned. but many people are worried it may cause overcrowding in the city's schools. and more than a hundred parents, teachers and community members met about the issue last night and the school superintendent said that enrollment at its only high school will reach capacity in a few years. but there's been a dramatic
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drop in funding for the facilities and there's new construction to happen without requiring more schools to be built. >> it is not controlled, the traffic is out the control. >> and thousands of new housing units have been approved, including nearly 2,000 units at cam parks. critics say that the construction should be put on hold till the city can figure out a better plan for schools and infrastructure. san francisco supervisor david campo for law enforcement to store their guns in locked boxes and cars. stine lies with killed on san francisco peer 14 with the gun stolen from a car with agent with the u.s. bureau of land management. and the gun had been left unsecured in the backpack of and agent's car.
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and two other officer has weapons stolen from parked cars since stinely's shooting. we're learning the size miss retro fit of the golden gate gate bridge will not be done for seven years. both the approaches to the abridge have been retro fitted. they were considered the most vulnerable to and earthquake. and the goal is to have the entire bridge to withstand an earthquake up to a magnitude of of 8.3. she rolled out its signature edition of the model x last night. it has a price tag of $130,000. the top of the line sold out.
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ceo first talked about the safety features of the model x. he calls at the time safest suv ever made and he demonstrated a feature called auto presence that senses where a driver is near. >> i will sit down and it will close the door like and invisible chauffer. [ cheering ] >> that is like having your own chauffer. it has a long waiting list. it is expected to get about 250 miles per electric charge. and the next mod additional the model 3 will be -- model, the model 3 will be less expensive. the next one will have a price tag of $35,000 and that is scheduled to be released in
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2018. it wasn't the only new car unveiled. google unveiled its new car. google is predicting that the self driving car will be on the roads by 2020. more seals are dying off the california coast. and why more are being discovered on the bay area and what scientists say could be to blame.
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starting tomorrow, businesses must be prepared to handle transactions with the new chip imbedded cars or finding themselves paying the bill in the event of a fraud. >> reporter: and swiping your card may be a distance memory. >> they have a computer chip in them instead. so it is a little square that you see on your card. >> reporter: known as emv technology. it helps prevent thieves from producing copycat cards. >> instead of passing your
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credit card information to the merchant, it passes a unique transaction code that the merchant gets and if a hacker gets in, they will not be able to get in and use it. >> reporter: bank have been sending out millions of new credit and debit cards. and analysts estimate that more than half of u.s. consumers have not received the replacement. regardless, the consumer's liability for fraudulent purchases has not changed. >> banks have not gotten enough of the cards into people's hands and there's just a lot of confusion. >> reporter: and the new terminal that's the retailers must install cost a few hundred to more than a thousand dollars. a price putting a strain on smaller businesses. >> some merchants are not going to bother with it because they don't necessarily think that it is worth their money. >> reporter: retailers that don't install the new terminals
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by thursday could be liable for fraudulent transactions a cards with chips will continue to work till they expire or consumers activate the new ones. new this morning, starting tomorrow, target will start matching on line prices with more than two dozen of its rivals. till now it only matched prices at its stores. and target is allowing 14 days up from 7:00 for shoppers to get a price adjustment. and they are adjusting the on line rivals from 1 to 29. >> that is pretty big. >> that is pretty big. >> you're done with christmas
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shopping? >> that is a funny story. >> that is funny. we'll be out on december 24th together about 7:00 p.m. and we'll have enough time to have a nice dinner afterwards. >> let's do that. >> you guys. >> good morning. traffic is doing very well. if you are driving the freeways right now, you can see the traffic on highway four is off to a good start. and there are no major problems over the hill and traffic continues to look good on 680 near. if you're going highway 24. that is a nice looking drive between walnut creek and oakland. it is nice on the roads right now. when you get to the toll plaza of the sam ma te'o bridge, it looks good. and we're looking at the bay bridge and things are nice and light. i'm here to tell you about
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unexpected delays and right already no delays. >> today is the last day of the month. >> where has 2015 gone? >> it's zoom ago long. we're talking about -- zooming along. we're already talking about holiday shopping. and we have a chance for a light shower out there. you see lots of clouds over a good portion of central california and a about portion of the bay area as well. you can see the echoes and the returns about 70 miles to the south wet. and a lot of -- southwest. and a lot of this not reaching the ground yet. and we cannot rule those out. and liver more checking in at 60 so here is the plan today. mostly cloudy and a chance of a shower. and the highest chance will be
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down in san jose and it will be temperatures in 60 to the mid- 70s. we'll continue to cool things off. and the life camera in san francisco. and the coast in the 60s and low 70s. inland, no 90s or 80s, we're thinking mid-70s this afternoon. the high clouds continue to stream into the bay area and the chance for a shower on the light side. and then we'll warm things up most notably friday and saturday. for today, you can see the clouds significant paying us a visit. look at what happens by 3:00 and 4:00. the highest chance is in the south bay. temperatures this afternoon, sanna rosa, 70s, oakland 72,
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and san francisco will go 66. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast, the temperatures not changing too much for tomorrow. but we have a slight chance of a sprinkle for your thursday morning. and friday, a big bounce in the readings. the locations back up into the upper 80s and we'll cool things off for the second half of the weekend. i have something to talk about today, at least some high clouds. an alarming new report claims that the threat from isis is getting worse. and why the u.s. is failing to stop americans from joining the terror group.
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a new report from congress races questions how many isis americans could be walking among us. many people have returned home after traveling overseas. >> reporter: good morning. the numbers are pretty staggering here. you're talking about thousands of individuals that may have gone overseas to join the fight alongside isis and other terror groups. some of those are believed to be mornings, maybe 250 or so and some of the americans are believed to have returned here to the united states t seems as though as fast as isis targets are hit, the fighters are quickly replaced by other recruits. a new report from congress said
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that thousand dollars of the recruits are for owners and hundreds that -- or foreigners. and many are mornings. >> many any judgment the threat to the homeland has never been greater. >> reporter: a study from congress racings new concerns that -- races new concerns that large numbers of radical fighters could be returning to the country. >> it is of great concern when it comes to visa waiver countries. and we've had over 250 americans travel from the united states to the region, many of whom returned to the united states. >> reporter: and it came on the same day that president obama chaired a you know on meeting to stop what they called stopping the spread extremists. >> we have to prevent it from radicalizing and inspiring others to violence if the first place. >> reporter: but at the same
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time, a congressional hearing yesterday, the director of the nsa was asked if the u.s. has been successful in countering isis on line recruiting efforts. his answer was disturbingly blunt. >> no. >> reporter: that is disturbing for those that are trying to stay one step ahead of isis and people using social media networks. a potential major shift in policy, u.s. military leaders want to keep a few should u.s. troops in afghanistan beyond 2016. and the commander said that the security situation in the country is still very unstable and they point to the taliban's capture of the north city of -- this week. they plan to lead a security operation in afghanistan with about a thousand military personnel. and now the pentagon is
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recommending keeping 10,000 troops in the country. the united nations estimates that half a million migrants have passed into europe since january. european leaders speaking at the united nations this week have called for global action to end the conflict in syria and elsewhere so that people are not forced to flee their homes seeking safety in other countries. 4:26. there's a new push for homegrown police officers in oakland. up next, the program for young people interested in law enforcement. >> reporter: there are vigils and memorials planned for later this morning for an artist killed in oakland while he was painting a mural. we're looking at the bridge right now and the traffic on the span. it looks okay getting in san francisco. we'll tell you about the east bay commute coming up. and still tracking lots of
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clouds in the bay area. look at that green showing up offshore and we'll break down the shower chances in your wednesday forecast.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. wednesday, september 30thment i'm brian flores, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining is us. 4:29 and looking at the top stories this morning. 49ers fans charged with assault outside levi's stadium asked for a reduction in bail this afternoon. cellphone camera captured him and two other men attacking a fan two weeks august. autopsy conducted in the next day or two to determine cause of death of a inmate at santa clara county main jail. died monday after a deputy found
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him unresponsive in his as well. told he suffered from mental illness and correctional deputies used force to pull him out of jail cell last week. very sad story, vigil set for later this morning for a volunteer artist who was shot and killed while painting a mural inspired by school children. alley is in oakland where the victim died trying to give back to the community. alley, there is going to be a memorial. we see it behind you. >> right. there are 150 candles out there lit and burning bright from the vigil held last 9 in honor of 27-year-old antonio ramos. shot and killed at 10:30 in the morning under the overpass at west and 35th when he and fellow artists were working on this mural. a man got into an argument with ramos, we don't know over w


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