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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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finding food. mornings on 2 continues. thank you for joining us and welcome back if you've been with us fora little while. wednesday, september 30th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. steve is off today. mark is here. >> stepping out today you might see the umbrella in the corner of the room, pick it up. you might need it in san jose, morgan hill, gilroy, basically the south bay. we have clouds over the bay area. on the radar, activity showing up as well. right now, clouds streaming in this direction and the main target is closer to monterey bay, but we bring in the chance. closer look at the radar with activity closer to monterey and some green showing up. not reaching the ground yet, but something to be watching midmorning this morning and the afternoon hours. there is a chance through the day today, especially down towards san jose and gilroy and salinas. rest of the bay area we could have a few sprinkles, mostly
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just clouds up in marin and sonoma counties. current numbers, santa rosa checking in 50 and san francisco downtown in the upper 50s, 57. you can count on lots of clouds for today and possible shower. the highest chance in the south bay. the temperatures here, no major heat, 60s and 70s. mostly cloudy skies today, partly to mostly cloudy this afternoon. temperatures from the low 60s to the upper 70s for the afternoon highs. we have cooled down quite a bit over the past few days, but as you can see here, few showers popping up across parts of the region. you can see here down towards the south bay for 11:00 this morning. keeping an eye on the shower chance today and tfz, tracking a bit -- temperatures, tracking a bit of a warming trend. sal standing by, actually we're going to toss it to break while
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sal has another update on traffic coming up after the break. is ♪
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and stayed for all the yummy sausage. feel bad about lying. nap time. i got her. seriously? i feel like i just woke up. ha ha ha! fully cooked johnsonville breakfast sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. . vigil schedule for east bay artist killed while painting a mural. al ras is in oakland with a look at what happened. allie. rarz pam, more than 1 --. >> reporter: pam, more than 150
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candles here lit and burning bright. some of the candles, just this morpg we saw a man pull over, get out of his car and light a new candle at the site. i had a chance to speak with him. he said he didn't know antonio ramos personally but he was moved by the sadness of what happened here. ramos is a murallist, killed yesterday at this site, 35th and west when he was working on a mural with he 0 artists. a man who -- fellow artists. a man got into an argument with ramos and gunshots rang out. ramos was fatally struck. >> he's just an amazing spirit. he was just out here because he loved painting and he loved being out in the community. >> the man who shot ramos took off running and oakland police
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are still looking for him. they haven't provided us a detailed description of a suspect just yet. but the nonprofit group behind the mural is called attitude healing connection, ramos worked with them on several mur al's since 2012. group fund raised the money for the supplies and middle scoot students designed how the mural would look. friends and family planning another vigil this morning at 9:30. we have a link to the crowdfunding site to help with funeral expenses. time is 6:06. autopsy will be conducted in the next few days on an inmate who died monday at the santa clara county main jail. we're told the man was housed on the eighth floor of the jail wherein mates with serious psychiatric issues are kept. the 33-year-old inmate had a
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history of violent behavior. deputies used force to remove him from his cell last week after efforts to subdue him with pepper spray and shooting plastic projectiles didn't work. >> do you believe the use of force used the week prior had anything to do with his death? >> we are not going to speculate on that. that is absolutely you to the medical examiner to determine cause of death. >> death comes just weeks after three correctional deputies are arrested on suspicion of killing another inmate with health issues. county forming a blue ribbon commission and hopes to increase mental health training for new correctional deputies. time 6:07. scientists really concerned about the growing number of seals turning up dead or dying along the california coast. alex savidge joining us live to explain what is happening and why. good morning, alex. >>reporter: dave, good morning to you. unusually high number of guadalupe fur seals are being
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found along the west coast. they apparently can't seem to find enough food to eat and scientists blame warm waters in the pacific for this troubling trend. since the beginning of this year, 80 of these seals have been found along california beaches. that includes here in san francisco, marin and san mateo counties. that is eight times as many seals as scientists would normally see in a given year. now, the an malsz found this year were emaciated, many did not survive. some, however, were successfully rehabilitated in sausalito. this particular species primarily breeds on the gud lup island off the coast of baja, california, mexico. scientists believe the fur seals are are having to travel farther north to find food as the first species they normally feed on escape unusually warm ocean waters in that area. ocean temperatures along the west coast have been 5 to nine degrees warmer recently, part of
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a developing el nino pattern. now many of these seals are winding up stranded, some of them up in this area, northern california, more than 600 miles away from home. now, in response to all of this, this die off, the noaa has declared this an unusual mortality event and what that essentially does is helps to free up more money and resources to study this problem, dave. >> alex savidge. thank you. we'll talk to you later. 6:09. one of the men charged with assault at levi's stadium after a 49ers game will ask a judge today to lower his bail. the prosecutors say eric martinez, who you see on the right, along with felix and wanna tacked a minnesota vikings fan two weeks ago in a levi's stadium parking lot. that incident was captured on a cellphone video. all three defendants are charged with assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury. bail for martinez was set at
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$75,000. the two other defendants bailed out. they have a hearing scheduled in november. that vikings fan suffered a concussion in the fight. the two men who were beating at a bathroom at levi's stadium last year, they're suing the san francisco 49ers and the companies that run the stadium. here's the video from the incident last october. two cousins say the team failed to provide adequate security and had a responsibility to screen the fans for drunkenness and affiliations to gangs. one says he nudged a man to alert him that a stall in the bathroom was open. that man he said and his brother then attacked him and his cousin. now he pled guilty to felony assault in the case. he was sentenced to five years in state prison. brother has pled no contest. spokesman for the 49ers says the
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team will not comment on pending litigation. oakland city council voted to lower garbage collection fees. the fees skyrocketed last year when the city negotiated a new contract with waste management. the cost for commercial compost went up by so much that some restaurants stopped using the compost bins. now there is a new agreement with waste management that lowers those fees by 30% until next summer and then 25% after that. in order to get the lower rates, the city allowed waste management to drop some community outreach projects. time is 6:11. we got an up close look at tesla's all electric suv and the features that really set it apart. the tesla rolled out signature edition of the model x at plant in fremont last night. even with a price tag of $130,000, this top of the line tesla is already sold out. tesla's ceo elon musk talked about the safety features of the model x, called it the safest
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suv ever made. then demonstrated a feature called auto presence. it senses when the driver is near. >> i will sit down and it will close the door, like an invisible chauffeur. [ cheering and applause ] >> what do you think, pam? >> it's nice. >> okay. >> it's a little slow, though. i get in and out of my car quickly. >> the standard model x has a long waiting list. expected to get about 250 miles per electric charge. it will cost you $80,000. tesla says next car less expensive with a price of $35,000. scheduled to be released in 2018. baseball fan with pretty good seats had had an embarrassing night at yankee stadium. he missed one foul balls.
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first he couldn't catch that pop up, missed a grounder, finally, the ball boy flipped a ball to him, hit him in the face. wife or girlfriend saying i can't believe this. he finally ended with a souvenir. >> in front of her too. >> just burying his face. >> sal, have you ever seen that? the ball boy flipped one, but two going to the same person in the game? >> it's a good thing that he's not a baseball player, i guess. he might be brilliant at what he does. >> he's getting a lot of grief from his friends right now, you know it. >> boy you know it. >> but he's a great accountant, man. he really nails that accounting, man. you should see had his spreadsheets, i tell you. >> you're going to hear from accountants, now, sal. good morning, everyone. traffic is -- i don't know what he is, but could be an
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accountant. westbound bay bridge backed up to mcarthur maze. it's going to be a little slow as you get to the toll plaza, which is the normal traffic flow. san mateo, same thing. westbound 92 looks pretty good getting out to the high-rise. accident in campbell, san tomas expressway, mine orz injuries. southbound 101 sloug down past the 280 interchange. let's go to mark who is filling in for steve. >> he could have been a meteorologist, sal? >> he could have been. getting off his ship and joining ace baseball team. >> he could. we're busy here in the bay area tracking clouds and possibly a few showers moving in from the pacific as you can see on the satellite. look at the moisture stream here
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and green showing up here. this is kind of impressive for this kind of year. it's not going to be a significant rain event, but possibly a few scattered rain showers, especially in the south bay closer to monterey bay as well. radar increasing in coverage over the past hour, closer to sanity cruise and closer to montana -- santa cruz and monterey, caramel valley as well. over to the south of the bay area. lots of clouds over a good portion of the north bay, possibly a few sprinkles in parts of sonoma valley. san jose 59 right now. santa rosa 50. san francisco, 57 degrees. main headline today still clouds out there. in fact here's our live camera. temperatures this afternoon, 60s for the beaches, low to mid-70s for the rest of the bay area. you may have noticed minor flooding near the bay because we
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have pretty extreme tides. 1:44, early afternoon, once again could have minor flooding out in because the tide is kind of exaggerated this time of year. that could be the case laeter today again. hurricane joaquin to talk about, winds of 75 miles an hour. could produce problems into the bahamas and early next week could be rain producer for parts of the eastern see board. we'll have to keep an eye on for for sunday and monday of next week. high clouds streaming in. today we have to bring in the chance of a few scattered showers. the highest possibility will be in the south bay. but even a few sprinkles closer to san francisco and oakland. model showing you where it's expecting 11:00 this morning, at least the activity out there. and then once again by 4 and 5:00, still lots of clouds paint us a visit. we'll have to keep on eye offshore tomorrow morning, could
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have a few sprinkles. lots of clouds, a few with scattered showers, especially towards the south bay closer to monterey bay. forecast highs this afternoon, no major heat. warmest locations in the upper 70s, that's about it. five-day forecast, holding on to that rain cloud thursday morning. lots of upper 80s out there for the inland neighborhoods, more sunshine on a saturday and then definitely clouds into sunday for the second half of the weekend. if you want the sunshine and warler temperatures -- and warmer temperatures, plan on friday. i'll be watching the sky all day today. >> it's kind of nice to have a little rain on the weekend this time of year. >> we get all sorts of different weather events this time of year. lingering end of summer and preview of winter. 6:17 right now. following a developing story out of syria this morning. russian government just announced that its war planes
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are bombing islamic state positions in syria, moscow also backing the syrian army and it's offensive operations against isis. a new congressional report finds more than 200 americans may have traveled overseas to fight with militants. 25,000 fighters have joined iraq and syria since 2011. most from the middle east or north after kashgs but a number from the u.s. homeland security raises concerns that the fighters are now returning to home countries. >> we have had 250 americans travel from the united states to the region, many of whom have returned to the united states. >> the study says u.s. officials caught 28 of those people before they were able to travel to syria or iraq. the report calls for improved koorpgs between the u.s. and
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intelligence agencies overseas. 6:18. possible major policy shift, u.s. military leaders want to keep at least a few thousand military troops in afghanistan beyond 2016. unstable there still and the taliban captured a northern city this week. president obama planned to leave only about 1,000 military personnel by the end of next year. now the pentagon is recommending keeping 10,000 groups. world leaders gathered in new york for the united nations general assembly. more than half a million crossed into europe. leaders speaking at the un called for global action to end the conflict in syria and elsewhere so that people aren't forced to flee their homes, seeking safety in other countries. time is 6:19. back here at home, sounding off
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about growth in a bay area suburb. the worries parents have about a new housing development and how it will affect local schools. new service from amazon. how it's taking its cues from uber to deliver certain packages. san fwhile this parking loting lies still. life, proposition d and mission rock will create a new neighborhood right here
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. costco warning customers personal information may be at risk. costco's online photo center was hacked between june 2014 and july 2015. credit card numbers, e-mail addresses, physical addresses and pass words were compromised. company says it will pay for one year of identity protection for photo center customers. big changes coming for credit card carriers and retailers. what those new cards you may have been getting in the mail later do. retailers supposed to be able to accept the new chip-enabled cards. if they don't and your card information is stolen, the retailer as well as the bank could be libel for any fraud. new technology supposed more secure than the magnetic strip card. >> instead of passing your
6:24 am
credit card information to the merchant, it passes a unique transaction code that the merchant gets and that if a hacker gets into and tries to reuse, they won't be able to use it. it's basically like stealing an expired password. >> the analysts estimate more than half of all u.s. consumers haven't received new cards. it could take until next year to replace all of them. cards without the chips still work. target matching online prices with more than two dozen rivals. marks a big step for the retailer which until now only matched prices at stores and not online. targeted also allowing 14 days, rather than seven, for shoppers to get a price adjustment and adjusting the number of rivals from 5 to 29. they include amazon, walmart, costco and sam's club. google showing off one version of driverless car. it happened on the roof of the
6:25 am
mountain view headquarters of google. that bubble shaped car maneuvering through things it could face on the road, pedestrian, bike rider veering into lane and another car. google predicting it will be on the roads by the year 2020. amazon testing service like uber, but to transport products. drivers use own cars to deliver one hour prime now packages. drivers have to be at least 21 years old, pass a criminal background check and have their cars checked out too. they'll be paid between 18 and $25 an hour. drivers are being recruited only in seattle, but amazon expects to roll out the program to other cities soon. 6:25 is the time. p people crowded into a
6:26 am
community meeting in petalulma. recently reported sexual assault that has neighbors concerned. live in san jose where city leaders are going to meet to discuss a controversial proposal that gives landlords more power to evict tenants. explain it and tell you why it's being touted as crime fighting tool. good morning. looking at a commute that's going to be okay in the east bay, but very slow coming to the bay bridge. and in weather, lots of clouds continue to stream into the bay area and look what's offshore, some green. we could be talking about a few showers in your wednesday forecast. ♪ at grocery outlet, they sell the brands you love. ♪ ♪ the brands you love. ♪ the brands you know and love. ♪ ♪ even name-brand natural foods and organics. ♪ ♪ at prices up to 60% less than you'd spend ... ♪ ♪ at those "big-name grocery stores." ♪ and did you know right now at grocery outlet, avocados are just 99 cents each!
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. you can see a memorial set up for the artist shot and killed yesterday morning while painting a mural.
6:29 am
a lot of mementos and messages m his memory. the shooter still on the loose. coming up in two minutes, al how they're remembering the artist and how they're helping family pay for the funeral. good morning. thank you for joining us. wednesday, september 30th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. steve is off, but mark is here. nice to have you here this morning. >> thank you so much. yeah, i've been busy watching the radar, kind of been evolving since we've been on the air. some of the green showing you there. >> which means a little moisture. >> we could have moisture out there to wrap up the month of september. right now lots of clouds over a good portion of the region. good morning to you. as you can see basically the flow heading in from his direction targeting monterey bay and points to the south, but close enough to the bay area as we come in closer. just toughing parts of the santa
6:30 am
cruz county coastline closer to watsonville, change in the past half hour, not too much here, but that could be changing. once again there is the radar showing you at least a few scattered showers approaching the region and possibly a few sprinkles in parts of the north bay as well. current numbers, we have san jose checking in 59. walnut creek 56. friends in napa mid-50s and santa rosa the cool spot in the upper 40s last hour. right now 50 degrees. for today, mostly cloudy skies, possibility of a shower and the highest chance will be focused in the south bay. temperatures no majorer heat out there, just 60s and mid to up arer 70s. here's a plan, definitely lots of plans, no clear conditions. then into the afternoon hours, partly to mostly cloudy, 63 to 78. we have been cooling include off
6:31 am
over the last few days. 10 and 11:00 this morning, highest rain in the south bay. sal right now, he's standing by with an update on the roadways. sounds like things beginning to pick up. >> that's right, mark, it is getting busier in many areas. mcarthur maze, we're going to start there. i want to show you how slow it is coming around that corner to the bay bridge. this is becoming rather typical. it is backed up for a 25 to 30 minute delay just before you get on to the bridge. the toll plaza is rather crowded as you drive into the toll plaza area. move along to the south, a lot of slow traffic there on northbound 101 now, building up to the airport. 85 is also slow from just north of 101. it's been a bad commute in. as you move up to the nimitz, southbound is slower, but it's
6:32 am
slow from 238 down into union city. 6:31. let's go back to the desk. sal, thank you. oakland police are out there looking for a gunman who shot and killed an artist yesterday in broad daylight. that victim was in the middle of painting a giant mural designed by local school kids. allie joining us live in oakland to show you the outpouring of love for this young artist. good morning, allie. >> good morning, dave. even at this hour in the morning, we've already seen a few people come out here just to take in this memorial and look at the candles here, stop and think about the tragedy that happened here yesterday. in fact about 45 minutes ago a man stopped and lit a fresh candle. he told me he didn't know the man personally, but so saddened by what happened here. this is where 27-year-old antonio ramos was shot and killed yesterday. we'll show you his picture as he was painting a mural with local
6:33 am
artists. vigil held last night, another planned for 9:30 this morning. ramos and other artists were with working on the mural yesterday morning when a man they didn't recognize confronted ramos. got into an argument, not clear what. witnesses say shots rang out and ramos was fatally struck. >> how did this come to be? how did it come to be where a person felt the need to solve their difference of a simple argument by using a firearm in the middle of a busy intersection during broad daylight? >>reporter: now, the person who shot ramos took off running and police have not yet found him. despite the fact there were several around when it happened, police not provided a suspect description to give out. the nonprofit group behind the mural is called attitude healing submission. worked on them since 2012, they raised the money for the mural
6:34 am
and middle school students ziepd it. crowdfunding site set up. link on our website, back to you, dave. >> allie in oakland, thank you. 6:34. there are still a lot of unanswered questions about a mysterious death of a person whose body was found in west oakland. the body was found wrapped in plastic yesterday morning in a dumpster on union street. police referred us to richmond police, but we're not sure why. will so far there is no information about the person's age, gender or the cause of death. huge crowd turned out for a community meeting in petalulma after a report of sexual assault. police talked to people about the incident that took place more than a week ago. investigators say they received money phone calls from people concerned and wanting to know about the case.
6:35 am
on september 18th a woman reported someone broke into her home while she was dropping off her children at school. when she returned home, she says she was sexually assaulted by a masked intruder. >> i think there is understandable fear in the community and especially amongst women. >> i was mugged as a young woman and since i'm now in my 50s, i've learned to be aware and protective of myself. >> police say there are no similar crimes in the area, but they did call the meeting because they want to respond to the concerns of the community. 6:35. demonstrators rallied last night outside oakland city hall upset about recent actions by the police and what they're called the gentrification of oakland. accused police of discrimination during an incident by lake merit. african-american and latino drummers say a white man complained to police about their drumming.
6:36 am
there was a brief encounter between the drummers and the man and the officers are said to have taken the side of the white men. >> we're going to continue beating these vibrations of love, community of joy. we will defeat whatever and whoever is coming for us. >> the drummers say the whole incident is an example of people who are newer to oakland complaining about the activities of long-time residents of color. they claim that man who called police was aggressive. city leaders in san jose are talking about a proposal that would let landlords evict tenants involved in criminal activities. the idea is getting mixed reviews. you're talking to people there in san jose. >> yeah. we've been talking to people. a lot of them have questions about this proposal, what would you need to get arrested for to get evicted, and what if you're
6:37 am
not convicted. here's how this program the typically works. it's called the crime free multi housing program. basically landlords would have tenants sign an agreement that states that they will be evicted if they're arrested for gang activity, drugs, are prostitution, sex offenses, unlawful use of firearms or assault and and battery. councilman proposing it says a new program would allow police to enforce it. would be able to he convict a tenant based on an arrest without a conviction and that is raising some concerns much. >> the judicial system isn't always the best and sometimes people get alleged for things that may not have happened and then court doesn't take place. the law is such that if you allegedly did something and you're evicted, that would not be good. >> says other communities using
6:38 am
the program experienced 40% decrease in calls and 60% drop in arrests. would the person have to be arrested on the property or does it apply to an arrest at any other location? this proposal is going to be discussed at the rules in open government committee today and he's recommending the neighborhood commission review it and then place it on the council agenda. i do also want to mention as part of this proposal, it's an opt-in program, meaning not every single apartment complex would need to participate. it's only if the landlord and management decides that they want to participate in that program. >> that's interesting. then. they would elect to participate but they would have to let their tenants know that they're participating in this? >>reporter: yeah. and then they would present sort of that piece of paper saying you have to sign this if you're going to agree to live here.
6:39 am
>> interesting. the thank you, janine. 6:38. housing development in dublin moving forward as planned. many worried it may cause overcrowding in schools. school superintendent says enrollment at dublin's only high school will hit capacity in just a few years. but dramatic drop in state funding for few facilities is part to blame and blame on the city for allowing new construction to happen without requiring funding from developers to build more schools. >> right now it's not smart growth. it's absolute ludicrous growth. it's not controlled. the traffic is out of control. >> thousands of new housing units have been approved. >> including 2,000 at camp park. construction should be put on hold the until the city figures out a better plan for schools.
6:40 am
now we're learning the seismic retrofit of the golden gate bridge won't be finished for six more years. according to the marin independent journal, the work was to have cost about $300 million, but the new estimate is now more than $900 million. prices have gone up over time. both approaches to the bridge have been retrofitted. they were considered the most vulnerable to quake damage. the last phase of the project involves the suspension section of the bridge. the goal is to have the entire golden gate bridge able to withstand an earthquake up to magnitude 8.3. time is now 6:40. apple's brand new flagship store is beginning to take shape in san francisco, but not without controversy. coming up in 20 minutes, the accusation made about the tech company. first, what we know about a reported meeting between the controversial kentucky county clerk that refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses and the pope. good morning. looking at the south bay commute and right now we have a lot of
6:41 am
slow traffic already getting out of downtown san jose, getting up into the west valley. and in weather, a lot of clouds paying us a visit. look at the radar, could be tracking a few scattered rain showers across the bay area. we'll break down those chances after the break.
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welcome to subway, what can i make for you? how about our new flavor-packed italian hero?
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with three authentic italian deli meats; spiced capicola, a cracked- pepper-seasoned mortadella and spicy genoa salami. enjoy it while it's here! subway. eat fresh. . welcome back to mornings on 2. 6:43. for the first time in 70 years, the state of georgia executed a
6:44 am
woman. 47-year-old kelly gissendaner sang amazing grace before dying by lethal injection. she was convicted of murder for conspiring with boyfriend to kill her husband. boyfriend stabbed him to death and testified against her in efl change for life sentence. more than 100 people gathered to support her, but her children and recent letter on behalf of the pope were not enough to sway the georgia board of pardons and paroles, denied clem ensy hours before the execution. oklahoma death row inmate set to be put to death this afternoon unless the supreme court int veins. coworker admits to beating the worker to death but because he was told to do it. they have evidence he acted alone. the court of criminal appeals ruled against the appeal monday. his legal team has also appealed to the supreme court. time 6:44. today is the deadline for congress to prevent a federal
6:45 am
government shut down. by the end of the day, both houses of congress are expected to pass a resolution to keep funding the government for at least a couple of months. approval in the house has been in doubt because conservative republicans threatened to out house speaker john boehner. they were opposing him moving that spending bill forward because it included federal money for planned parenthood. but they lost their leverage on friday when john boehner says he would retire in a couple weeks. the moe to de fund planned parenthood would not have made it through the senate. democrats there have enough votes to block it. kentucky county clerk who went to jail for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses says she briefly met with the pope. kim davis says she and husband had a private meeting with pope francis last thursday in washington, d.c. lawyer says it lasted less than 15 minutes. he says the pope thanked her for courage and told her to, quote, stay strong. a spokesman for the vatican says
6:46 am
the vatican will not confirm or deny that the meeting took place. davis was in washington to accept an award from the family research council for her defying the federal judge. 6:45. let's check in and see what's coming up in the next hour of mornings on 2. >> good morning dave and pam. coming up, a great story about students helping victims of the valley fire. we'll show you how their generosity is helping the youngest victims recover. plus a story i totally get. dish washing as therapy. we'll talk about these stories and more when i join you in the next hour of pam and dave. are you with me, pam and dave? >> my sister-in-law told me a while ago, she says one day you'll love cleaning your kitchen. because you're like oh, i got something done. totally with you. 6:46 is the time. sal, kitchen gets messed up
6:47 am
within about ten minutes after cleaning all those dishes, right? >> went from clean to dirty in about ten minutes, maybe a little less when you have a big family. >> good morning. everybody. sometimes, though, i'll get up extra early in the morning to leave everything nice and clean. you get -- anyway. we're digressing. let's go out and take a look at commutes. it's very slow in some areas already. westbound 24 as you drive past lafayette, stop-and-go traffic between walnut creek and oakland. slow getting on to westbound 580. if you're coming down the hill past the mcarthur bart station. when you get to the bay bridge, big backup there, about 30 minutes before you make it on to the span. slow traffic on 680, dublin, pleasant ton. report of a stalled big rig as well, but the traffic continues to be slow. westbound 580 not too bad, but slow in livermore. 6:47. let's go to mark.
6:48 am
morning to you, sal. lots of clouds in the traffic cameras and they're streaming in from the pacific. the last day of is september, as you can see. we're going to come in closer to the clouds and green on the radar. we are bringing in the chance of a few scattered showers for today. the focus will be in the south bay. right now the main action closer to monterey. looks like we could have a few pop-up showers approaching santa cruz county as well. so things will be changing over the next few hours. north bay not much except mostly cloudy skies. but a few sprinkles toward novato as well. numbers updated, showing you 50s, santa rosa the cool spot at 50. mountain view 60 and san jose 59 degrees. the plan for today, mostly cloudy skies. live camera looking out toward san francisco much temperatures no major heat, only in the 60s to low to mid-70s for your wednesday afternoon.
6:49 am
you may have noticed minor flooding near the bay yesterday, that could be the case again because we have some inflated tides this afternoon at the golden gate at 1:44. here's what's happening with satellite. the continuous stream of moisture produces excessive rainfall. of still clouds and possibility of scattered showers today through thursday morning as moisture moves in. 60s and 70s and here's our forecast model showing you the shower chance this morning through the morning hours. you'll notice the best chance will be in the south bay. but even to the north we could have a few sprinkles out there, basically 5 p.m. this afternoon and we're going to hold on to that into thursday morning. then skies becoming partly cloudy by thursday afternoon. once that system moves out, temperatures warming up, especially on friday. but 60s and 70s today for
6:50 am
afternoon highs toward antioch and brentwood. oakland 72, friends in san jose 74 degrees. remember the highest chance of a shower will be from san jose, morgan hill, gilroy, towards los gatos and santa cruz and san francisco forecast high of 66. five-day forecast, holding on to the possibility of a shower thursday morning and then if you want to the warmer temperatures, celebrate friday. that will be a nice day, warmest locations in the upper 80s. lots of sunshine saturday, then thicken up the clouds on sunday. slight chance we might be adding a sprinkle to the sunday forecast as well. weather pattern beginning to change. lots of clouds and keep the umbrella handy. >> it feels like fall. >> definitely. i was on vacation, came back, walking around san francisco, and boy this feels way different. >> mark, thank you. 6:50. still ahead a push for more home grown police officers in oakland much the big donation helping to expand the cadet program for certain college students. ♪ at grocery outlet, they sell the brands you love. ♪
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♪ the brands you love. ♪ the brands you know and love. ♪ ♪ even name-brand natural foods and organics. ♪ ♪ at prices up to 60% less than you'd spend ... ♪ ♪ at those "big-name grocery stores." ♪ and did you know right now at grocery outlet, avocados are just 99 cents each! you can save up to $1. ♪ things that i know ... ♪ and love. ♪ grocery outlet. bargain market ♪ . welcome back. 6:53. two uber executives in france face prison time in convicted. charges include deceptive commercial practices and de september tiv activities over the low cost uber pop service,
6:54 am
uses drivers without professional licenses. last week france top constitutional authority upheld a 2014 law declared super pop illegal. several european countries have banned the company from operating altogether. meantime, in london, transport authority wants to overhaul rules governing uber and other cab companies. company companies have protesting against the companies for the year. include english language requirement for drivers and ban on companies showing immediately available cars on apps. drivers would be required to provide a specific fare before they accept a booking. uber sent an e-mail to those users in london saying those rules would be, quote, the end of the uber you know and love. more fallout over east bay high school football coach captured on video pushing and
6:55 am
fighting with students on a team bus. parents and psychologist called the coach's behavior unacceptable. say the coach should not have put his hands on the high school senior. unclear what prompted the altercation, but on the video the student appears to get out of seat and anderson heard telling him to sit back down. >> you should never, ever hit someone else's child. you're not even a allowed to spank your own children today. >> coach is in an authoritative position, position of power and it can be misused. >> school investigating. we've been unable to reach the coach for a comment, but spokesman says the incident is uncharacteristic of him. supervisor david kom poes requiring off duty law enforcement officers to put guns in a locked box or trunk when left in the car in response to
6:56 am
the shooting of kate steinle killed on san francisco pier 14 with a gun stolen from the car of an agent of bureau of land management. he says two other bay area police officers have also had weapons stolen from parked cars since the shooting of steinle. berkeley police department accused of racial profiling. naacp and berkeley cop watch say they have figures showing berkeley police stop a disproportionate number of minorities. their numbers show about 30% of people stopped by officers so far this year were african-american although population is 8% and two-thirds released with noah rest or citation. >> that means that 66% of the time that black folks are stopped, they're stopped for no reason. >> berkeley police chief says he has not seen any deliberate
6:57 am
racial bias and that some of group's suggestions are being worked on. he says the department will be working with the center for policing equity to ensure the numbers reflect the city's fairness with all residents. oakland police department is expanding cadet program, hoping to increase the number of home grown officers of the three year program previously was for 18 oakland unified school district graduates. now they'll be up to 40 spots. it's being paid for by the city's budget as well as $750,000 from an anonymous donor. cadets are part-time employees, get training and experience in various aspects of police service while going to college. coming up next in our 7:00 hour, tragic story we've been following. artist shot and killed painting a mural in oakland. up next the very latest on this investigation and how friends plan to honor him this morning. plus a growing number of college grads say paying for their education was not worth
6:58 am
it. up next, the reason behind this trend.
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