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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 30, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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it's a dramatic scene as cops try to free a hostage. this is a tense situation. the story before the hero that did not get the memo. what happens when he backs up but they don't back down? >> oh no. >> put your phone in there. it's about seeing how far you can go. >> without dropping the phone. >> why the phone pinching trend does not end. plus the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini. and the lab inspired a young food challenge.
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>> this guy has skills. >> how we're cheering him on for the ghost pepper challenge. we've come to get used to security cameras all over the place. this traffic camera caught an ain credible scene unfolding right in front of it in russia. watch this. this guy has a hostage and two undercov undercov undercover policeman have the guns drawn and this is an in tense situation. the officers trying not to let this guy take the woman any further and cause the unnecessary violence. he sneaks up and puts him in the arm bar. i know what you're thinking, this looks fact. >> yeah, it looks like something happened on the television. >> this has bits of fake and real of this.
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>> what you you see here is a film crew. this scene is not real. this is not part of skaen for a russian tv guest. the cameras were up above and out of sight. what is completely real is this soldier who saw what was going on, and did not realize that it was a set and really came out and put the actor in an arm bar and nearly breaking his arm. >> how did they go from all over the permits that you have to get the film, and not tell the armed guard where they're filming. >> this is true. >> now how many times have we been on a live shot and not told the security guards. >> the reports point to this actually happening. whether being fooled or not has
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yet to be scene. it's all fun and games when you're in the car and observing elephants walking across the road until they don't think that it's fun anymore. >> back up. >> the guide is backing up and the elephants keep on following. >> i would have thought that it would be easier to go forward and try to race past them. >> you would be a terrible guide. >> you can see there are a lot of little el fapts there. you have to assume he is going to protect the little family. >> did you notice the guys hand on the back. >> that's the way that you do it instead of going to the zoo, it's standing there. >> more elephants here and you can see quit a few babies, but it's this baby and mom.
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she is an elephant and in the roadway and blocking traffic. in the park, you have to wait until they get by. i am going take a break right here. >> this is so cool here. >> you get the see a baby and it's a moment with it's momma. she is angry and sorry about that folks. up next we have a new graze that i don't think that any of us are going to participate in. it's called phone pinching. it was started by tyler joseph and josh dunn. >> put your phone in there. careful. careful. >> they're in a group called pilots. they drop them in stairwells, and it's just to see how far they can go without dropping the
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phone. >> hold it. hold it. >> it's russian roulette with the phone. it's like who is going to push it far enough. >> this is the new rock star behavior. instead of trashing hotel rooms, it's like i could lose the phone. >> it involves iphonineiphones. it has people up in arms. it starts at about $600. if you drop that, how silly are you when you say that you were phone pinching. >> i want them to see it on top of the building and you mix it up a bit. >> here is what is going to wind up happening. a lot of people are going to do this thing and the copy cat and the kid that can barely afford it is going to go oops. >> yeah. >> apple is going keep going. >> oh my gosh. dude. >> no. no. >> be careful.
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♪ two woman rebecca and veronica are the winners for the ipad mini. >> keep watching. all you have to do is get wednesday's buzz ward. >> the buzz ward ord is coming n just a bit. >> stand by for the rtm give away. this video is so darn spectacular. this is volcanic lightening. it's erupting and it's sending debris into the atmosphere and creating the clouds of ash over it and then it's the gorgeous lightening display. >> it's the the next hollywood block buster scene. >> it's like mountain dew and they pop up there in the middle.
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>> yeah, it's like jesus is coming. [ laughter ] >> or the theory is that they're caused by positively material being ejected by the eruption of the volcano and then it happens as a result of the charge separation. >> that's really cool. >> yeah, the framing of the cloud and the volcano and the lightening, it's magic. >> it's difficult to capture the thunder bolts and it happened at the beginning, and that means that send the lightening display is gone. >> it's totally alien looking. a man on a motorbike goes towards a stop sign. then why the drama does not stop after the hit. and this dude sets outs to find out if hitchhiking is still a thing. >> in all places los angeles. >> can you give a ride that
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closed captioning provided by. by switching to progressiv. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] this guy on the way home from work got caught up in the rain, and he is approaching a stop sign. >> that call. >> the person in the suv is at fault. blew a stop sign and never touched the brakes. bl blew through the stop sign. i will show you, you see that car on the left. it stops and then the car on the left stopping. that's a stop sign this this person goes cruising right through and to add insult to this, the driver takes offe.
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does not stop. >> oh no. >> this was posted and someone said do you recognize the car. thankfully they were not injured, but the bike is a write off. >> that's a bummer. now, this next dash cam the light is red. very red. it's been red for a while now. watch what happens with the scoot er. it comes to make a left hand turn. the light like i said was red and red for a while. it does not look like there are two lanes. i think that this person was in patient and went around the person that was stopped at the dash cam and went right over that scott ot er. >> yeah, it's unfortunate. >> looks like the woman on the scoot er got pushed off. >> looks like the car is up on
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the motorcycle and that probably stopped the car from rolling over. >> yeah. . how does hitchhiking back and work? >> well, this guy decided to go and test it? >> i would say not well. bad idea. >> yeah, i am going to say that yeah, it works. exactly like he would expect. >> do you think that you can give me a ride. >> i don't have much room. >> i can squeeze. >> no. no. no. >> sorry. >> i think that's a no. >> the crazy thing about it from then on is that it works a lot. >> if you want to get a ride, you have to go out there and knock on the windows and get guy in the beat up cars. they're the people that are most
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recepti receptive. >> is in a way to you can give me a ride that way. >> are you going the beach? >> yeah. >> >> can you give me a ride down that way. >> do they watch the news. >> it's refreshing and nice. it's a dude in the car, right? as a woman, i don't know that i would do that. >> it's an interesting point because i was wondering the same thing as well. he is a guide and white. i think it would be really interesting to have men and woman of different ages and races as well. >> i am not surprised. you access the level of the risk. >> thanks. >> thanks guys, i appreciate it. >> an interesting experiment i think that all of us here are seeing a broad er experiment. if you're in la, you're not going win those. s. >> five dudes playing football on a big slip and slide.
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>> i can't wait to see the jury report. on the next "right this minute." then they're the guys that stick it to the street and the drivers. why sometimes it's smoothdly and sometimes it does not. plus we have the wednesday buzzword. the need for the chance to win an ipad mini.
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stopping a guy. they're asking this guy to move the car. you're blocking the second lane. this guy is like wow. they plaster one of the giant sticke stickers, and they're not easy to get off. >> those guys. we have seen stuff get very violent for these guys. >> shocking that you could say such a thing. >> they try to put the sticker on the car and they're back and forth and then they both get out of the car and it turns into a pro track tif fight. the guy's driver is back in the car and trying to get them out of there. at one point they do it and drive off. he is in the car and gone. >> wait for it. [ laughter ] >> ten feet later he jumps back out of the car and jumps back after the guys. >> is he still mad?
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>> yeah. here comes the swings and does not connect with nobody. all right. they have already gotten the sting er off t they do. >> they do? >> yeah, the agitated guy connects with a punch and hits his own friend. >> at that time you take the sticker. >> they have a youtube channel and a huge following because there's no end to the amount of d bags in the town. >> i want a sticker. [ laughter ] vh 1 created quit a tv show with twinning. tonight is the final episode. we find out who the twin ers are. >> on the season finale.
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>> so they will just split that in half. >> today is the tense challenge and the final one. >> yeah, keep that a little bit longer. >> and really smart. >> get ready to be born again because we're killing them again. >> just tell us about the show and give us a tease of what ask going to happen. >> we have the host of twinning and welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> did you notice the language between the way that the competitors were reacting to each other. >> they would know things that were happening to the other twins in the house. they have a connection that you and i and regular people understand. they're just connected. the twin thing was crazy.
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>> just for twins. >> it you have must have been twik can i hosting the show. >> some of them had different hair, and a lot of them were exactly the same. i would mess up their names on a daily basis. >> did everybody behave? >> the begins would fight with each other a lot. when you have been with somebody, you have the love hate relationship with them all of the time. there were fights between the twins and within the twins themselves. there was a lot of fighting. >> wow. >> what's the whole thing with the womb? >> we put the twins in this con trarpgs and it's supposed to be the symbolic of being in the womb together. it started to rain during the challenge and that made things extra slippery. we did not know it was going to rain, but we made it harder for him. >> welcome to the final twin
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off. >> what i love is that the three best set of twins are in the finale. the ones that fuought the hardet is in the finale. sometimes it happens and they make it to the end. these three sets of twins deserve to be there and they fought to be there. it's a really really good financitime episode. i am excited. ♪ it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to answer you're going to need the buzz word and be 18 years of age and a u.s. record. enter the buzz word on facebook and twitter or both. >> let's reveal wednesday's buzz word. >> head on over to "right this minute" and enter the word vine. >> one day later this week we're also having the bonus give away.
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we're giving away a flat screen tv. move over la beat. there's a new food challenger in town. >> this guy has skills. >> today we're doing the fiery ghost pepper gum ball challenge. >> see how he e going buy some stuff and
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do this. >> yeah, bye. dog bone to wet bone. >> it's in the water. >> there she goes. >> oh turn. >> move over la beat. there's a new beats in town. this guy has some skills. >> hi, this is vito and today we're doing the fiery ghost pepper gum ball challenge. >> he does love the salutes and
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i think that he is taking a cue from the youtube er. >> in this case someone thought that it was a great idea to do the ghost pepper gum ball. >> for a kid you you have to do broccoli. >> i never had a ghost pepper before, so this is going to get interesting. >> he gives us his last salute before jumping in. >> i am vito the kid, and i am going eat a ghost pepper fiery gum ball. have a good day. >> shout out. >> that's why the crystal pepsi is there. ♪ >> i can't. it's so hot. >> immediately he starts to react to it because it's already burning.
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watch. ♪ >> this poor guy. >> a for effort. >> yeah. >> it's way hot. ♪ >> i failed. >> it's all right man. >> i want to invite this kid and see him on a video together. >> did you have fun? good, we did
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a pilot is about to get the scare of his life. >> the sudden change of scenery coming right at him. are you a police officer? >> a couple is blocked by a woman. see the most passive road age ever. >> that was nice. >> i would say so. mom's reaction to her gift is about to change. >> in an instant. >> why she got more than a t-shirt. plus the buzz word for your shot at a new ipad mini, and a frankster arranges for a girl to find. >> herman is in bed with


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