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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 30, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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a pilot is about to get the scare of his life. >> the sudden change of scenery coming right at him. are you a police officer? >> a couple is blocked by a woman. see the most passive road age ever. >> that was nice. >> i would say so. mom's reaction to her gift is about to change. >> in an instant. >> why she got more than a t-shirt. plus the buzz word for your shot at a new ipad mini, and a frankster arranges for a girl to find. >> herman is in bed with the
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ex-girlfriend. >> see the crazy twist after all of the tears. >> yes, you could die. . this all happened at a beautiful mountain range and getting attention because let's be honest it's a guy flying through the air, and it has everything that we love to see. beautiful views. it has high seceiling s and the on the bottom left hand. one thing that we're used to seeing as well is the proximity flying. it's close to anything and the ground is a long way away. there are no tears to be weaving in and look directly ahead. that's cool. >> tell me that was an accident. >> i am hoping. it was fun. one guy had the scare of his
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life while enjoying the views of northern italy. it's close to 120 miles an hour. come close to the guy and continues to fall holding the record and going back to the ground. that changes. >> they had the plan this. these guys are all about safety. >> at the same time they jumped on this. they buzzed the tower a bit. >> it's risky do but you do see on video that give us you the rush. that's why this video is getting attention. it's a really bazaar hostage situation here. check out this video. >> is this your car? >> the couple in the car claimed that the woman is holding them
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hostage. they say that she has parked the car in the middle of the road and she will not let them pass. she is asking for their information. >> move that. >> no, not until you -- >> no, you have not right to -- >> she claims that she owns the property that they're driving down. there are some other cars behind this car as well. they say that they were going for a horse back ride and the property just up the road. they claim that the road they're using is a public road. the woman here says no and the woman posted a sign near the house saying that it's not a public house so on the way out, they encountered her. >> i will have the police here in 15 minutes. >> please get them. >> get the police. >> in the video here we never see the police show up. >> you're visiting here. >> you're not a regular.
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>> that makes you -- how are you supposed to get through. >> isn't that nice. >> yeah. >> since you're from massachusetts and not from new jersey where this is happening you're eligible to leave. >> what is this woman up to. everybody refuses to give them woman any information. we did talk to the horse ranch and claim that all of the roads leading into the property are public. we spoke to the person who posted this said video and she said that this is a public road. we put in a call to see is this public or not. >> when she left the couple out, what about the people behind her. >> good question. she is waiting for us to go and you're going to stop the car and i am going get behind her car, and she is not going run me
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over. >> are you sure. >> oh my gosh. that's an in tense plan. >> they call her bluff. >> i am going stand here. you're not going to back up. you're going let the people through. >> pretty interesting dispute and hopefully this gets involved without agitating this woman anymore. i don't know about you two but i love surprises, and this mom is about to get a surprise from her kids that she won't forget. she is a huge fan, when you look at the video it's an obvious gift. >> sure. >> it's a jersey or t-shirt since he loved the team so much. >> yeah, but her kids have something else in store. >> do you know where you're going wear it to. >> as i going to the browns game? >> tomorrow. >> am i really? oh my god. >> that's the kind of reaction that you hope for when you give
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a thoughtful gift. >> hey mom, try on this. you're going to wear this to the game. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you. thank you. >> turn it off. up next this guy is about to surprise his dad in the uk. he had no idea that he was there. he went there without rining the er rands and he has no ychltd he had to take a slight step back when he saw his son. what are you doing here. who picked you up from the airport. why did you tell me? it's all of the things running through the head. >> yeah, that's awesome. >> i love the hugs like that and the men that give the hug and affection. >> he is trying to make it. >> that must have been a long time. two winners are the latest
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winners of the ipad mini give away. >> keep watching. all you need is wednesday's buzz word. you need to be 18 years of age and a u.s. resident. >> it's coming up in a bit. >> stand by for the rtm buzz word of the day. this happened and not too far if melbourne. as you can see that man walking around the parking lot set two of the blood transport vehicles on fire. >> for what? >> wow. >> police have no idea why this person did that. they just said that maybe it was a crime of opportunity. they just hope that somebody was walking by and saw something and can identify this man. >> i understand this and a will the of the time they're the ones that get fired. why tart those. >> i cannot believe that someone would target a health clinic.
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>> do you see that man. >> >> that's a 12-year-old and he borrowed the bike from his brother. according to his parents he was afraid to tell them. they put it on twitter and it has 1,500 retweets. >> people are trying to protect their little brother. >> yeah, it's bad enough that she stole the bike, but he did it from a kid. >> yeah, what a dirt bag for steeli stealing it. once he looks at this and seeing it on social media, maybe it will change his life. massive producer and bmrider. >> hits the street to record the
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video and puts it to the test. >> the iphone videos do take it to the next level. dogs will be dogs. >> do you ever wonder if your dog understanding what you're saying to it. >> what they did for the walk of shame. >> if they hung their head in shame, they know. company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. new car replacement is just one of the features that come standard with a base liberty mutual policy. and for drivers with accident forgiveness,rates won't go up due to your first accident. learn more by calling
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] the rage these days is new iphones can record in 4 k. fancy cameras, so the guys at mashable and the producers that happens to be a bmx rider and puts the camera to the test just to see how it would do. >> to be honest no joke i got an iphone this week. the iphone videos take it to the
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next level. that's why i got one too. >> i spent most of my career behind the camera, and to see what is capable now to quality and image stabilization, this kind of stuff you would have to spend hundreds of thousands and now you can do it for a thousand dollars. >> you can edit it on the phone and send it to whoever you you want. >> not to mention it does all of the other things like keep track of the calendar and order things. >> is that why. >> yeah, ridiculous. >> yeah, he makes the note if you want to put it on-air plane mode, the battery last longer. ♪ so you bought have dogs. >> yes. >> do you ever wonder if he understand what you're saying to
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him? >> yeah, daddy is home. >> this next video is going viral. >> these dogs are greating the owner as they come home. they're sweet until this happens. >> daddy loves you. >> who tore my pants up. >> look, that was a hung their head in shame. they know. >> who tore my pants up. y'all don't want to talk about that. >> yeah, it was not me. don't worry about me and that one. >> yeah, it was cast. >> yeah, they say it. >> who tore my pants up? >> y'all don't want to talk about that. >> meet this cuety. she is a french bulldog puppy. >> it's hot out there. >> she is like put some water in it. >> yeah, i can't see. >> apparently this pup likes to swim and she is trying to get him to do so. >> does it feel really good on that. >> yeah, that's a good point.
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>> she is back. this time she is going to help us create what she is calling queen of darkness. >> the one thing that improves. >> plus it's wednesday, and we all know what that means. happy hump day. make it a better one and make an ipad mini. the buzz word is coming your way. ♪
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the cameraman. check this out. this is going to have you shivering because he runs into a shiver of sharks. yeah, that's the noun for a school of sharks. >> yeah, that's a great one because that's all that you feel when you see a bunch of sharks. >> yeah, i would be shaking. look at all of them. >> what an odd evolution for an animal. when you see the head of that thing and the eyes separate. it's so prehistoric and cool looking. >> yeah, it's cool. the next set of videos is going to help us get ready for halloween. you remember the promised fans. >> yeah, she has some really cool make up ideas. >> yes, this time she is going help us create what she is calling queen of darkness. >> i want to take this
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foundation because the skin should be ghost like, and i am going to arch the brow and it gives me the arch look. >> you have to add a little bit of glitter. >> yeah, it's glamourous. >> above the cheekbones i am going use the blush, and it adds more color. the eyes are the main focus, and i am going to take this and now she is creating the next piece. >> that's actually kind of cool. >> wow, this takes a lot of time. >> yeah, that's cool. i like that approach. >> finally i am going to take the black feather lashes and i trim them to make them more spider like. >> and of course it's the wig. >> only thing left to do is put on my white contacts.
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>> are those lenses. >> yeah, they're contact lenses. >> yeah, that looks cool. i want to do that. >> that snap chat filter. >> snap chat and make it up. >> that's right. mrs. brittney is showing us how to make the rainbow snap chat filter. this is easier than the promises. >> so she is going as the snap chat for the halloween. >> yeah, you can be anything and make it up and make that possible. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need the buzz word and be 18 years of age and a legal resident. >> head over and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzz word on facebook or twitter or both and you can win each day. >> let's reveal the buzz word.
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it's vine. >> head over and click on the button and enter the buzz word vine. >> one day later this week we're also having the bonus give away and we're giving someone a flat screen tv. you're very lucky people. good luck. he takes it to a level that no one wants to be on. >> he is going to prank his girlfriend in a pretty oh, well that's a good price.
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suitcase for all of the chocolate that i am going move back. he won't play.
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pranksters love to prank and they know the pos bltd that they are going get pranked and it's there. >> we have seen these guys and brothers pranking the heck out of each other. in this case, he is going to prank his girlfriend in a mean way. >> this is time for a cheating prank. >> he is going to have his ex-girlfriend from years ago over to the apartment. that bff is in on the prank, so when his girlfriend get toss the
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location, she is going to cancel and say go back home. back home is herm man is in bed with the ex-girlfriend. >> this is a risky prank. >> yes, you could die. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> they're fully dressed, but watch when the girlfriend finds out. >> yes. >> she is -- >> this goes way too far. >> this is just that she is dating him. >> yes, she is dating -- >> this is going way too far. >> she is like are you kidding me. he was like i am sorry. i did not mean to do it. >> she is telling him she's pregnan pregnant. now he is like what did you just say. he grabs the camera, starts
2:57 pm
following her, but that's not the prove that this is just a prank. >> now, you have to keep in mind that she is datding a prankster, right? she is very keen on the whole swit switching. >> i don't know. all of the crossing and double stabbing and all of the girlfriends. i don't know what is happening. >> neither does he. he does not know are you pranking me or is it real or not real. is it happening. i don't know anymore. >> worse than reality tv. my head hurts. >> she says this is not how i wanted to tell you, but i am pregnant. >> the most wonderful moment is standing right there. >> not only is she standing right there, she comes in and congratulates them.
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>> oh. >> in the end he makes her take it and shows him the test and turns outs that the cheating prank is a pregnancy reveal to him. thanks for watching. we will see you on the next "right this minute."
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welcome to tmz live. what do you do when you get kicked out of your house and you live in l.a. and you a big star? ? you get another house. >> you get an awesome house. i am sure he is not thrilled about getting divorced but when you -- >> by the way can i stop jew, looked a i amazing on the -- you, looked amazing on the voice last night. >> she always looks amazing. anyway -- but yes you can take the sting out


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