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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 1, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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you're breaking it. you're breaking my kayak. >> if you're a loan lone in the with a bear. >> you're supposed to be asleep. why are you here. >> the story of a woman becoming unhinged. ♪ it's a glorious day on the gulf coast for a guy out kite surfing with his meate. it's called pizza rats. a video that had a million means. > if you own a phone and an app called pizza rat.
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>> i am like holy crap there are a million of people coming to my website. plus the buzz word to win a new ipad mini. >> ask then it's a social experiment. >> why hitting on mom is not okay. stop breaking my kayak. >> a very in tense and dangerous black bear encounter is caught on video in alaska. this woman was kayaking and this woman decided to stop for a break. the good thing is that she has
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bear spray. >> i am going to pepper spray you in the face. >> the threat is real my friends. >> she has bear spray and has plans to use it. >> go away. >> get away from the kayak. bear. bear you're breaking it. you're breaking my kayak. why are you doing that. >> she just pepper sprayed the bear. >> why are you breaking my kayak. what am i going do? >> i should not be laughing at this. >> why are you here. it's the end of september, you're supposed to be asleep. >> i can think the woman is thinking please do not put a hole in my kayak. >> but the bear is doing some damage for sure. >> it's not even food. it doesn't even taste good.
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>> apparently the bear did this after a few minutes after it ended. she was able to get some help and was able to get a ride with the kayak to get it fixed. when he posted it, it was getting fixed. a man was in this marketplace and he captured this man walking back and forth with a helmet. he has a gun in each hand. he is in front of a jewelry shop. he even points it at some people. that's glass breaking because three other people that were in on the crime were inside of a jewelry store taking hammers and breaking glass and stealing $135,000 in jewelry. here you see them getting away on two bikes. at one point he fires a gun up into the air. that's in credibly danger oous.
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all had on motorcycle helmets and no way to be identified. police said that there's one arrest in the case. i hope that the there's no honor among the thooefs and they get caught. now in russia there's a couple at a self-serve car wash. they're upset with the man in the shorts. the husband is the first one to take a swing and swings at the guy. there's soap on the floor and they all go to the the floor. you guys, this is not over. you see that. they kick the husband that's wearing long sleeves. >> i would grab the power hose and say stop it. >> what is it over, the car wash itself? the soap is not soapy enough. >> somebody cut in line. >> after the husband is pulled away by the other people you see the wife still want toss go at the guy and she hits him. the guy takes a swing and she
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falls to the ground in the soap. >> despite all of that, it's still a dirty fight. strap it on as we head out and it's the gold coast where a guy is out kite surfing and having a whale of a time. >> a whole bunch of whales out there. he gets a little bit scared as the wind is pushing him towards the whales. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> can you bhaj that's like. you're in the water and then a big whale breaches the water. >> the cool thing is that there's an up close and personal look that not a lot of people get to see. >> yeah, this second video is just crazy. it's really started to trend and you will see why we're on board
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i believe a rushing fishing boat, and as you can see you you have the catch. they caught something that they did not expect. if you look to the bottom left hand corner, you will notice that it's bulking and you can see that it's moving and going around. you're wondering and it gives birth too to a giant sea lion. somehow i think must have got caught for him in a vegas buffet and then scoops out of the water with the lunch. >> think of that he had the food brought to him on a plate. >> does not seem to want to leave. even when the dog comings comes up to make fun of him. eventually he slides down.
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it's give away time. >> you need the buzz word and 18-year-old age. >> the buzz word is coming up in just a little bit. >> hang in there for the rtm ipad give away. we were all a pit er patter of the rabbit is a rat carrying a slice of pizza down the subway in new york. people loved it. it spawned all types of thingings. now, if you happen to own pizza, you were about as lucky as that rat. the app tells you you what restaurants are good and what the grades are. we have this guy here.
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>> it's crazy and like a title wave. i am caught up in the amazing amount of attention giving this little rat who loves pizza. it's a labor of love to have a personal thing and the focus of a planet that goes for if first 235 few days and then ongoing. this rat is the greatest mascot. >> did you see the video first or were you you called out by the huge numbers? >> i got alarms saying this there's a slow down and i would go on and look and i cannot see what's going on. i came on and my wooif is like have you seen the video for pizza rat. i went and did some
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investigation and i was like holy crap there are a million of people come to go the website. i was like that was it. >> are more people downloading your app? >> it's the constant in sane amount of searching. >> did you happen to take your wife out for pizza after this. sn. >> this is is going to get pizza and campaign later for sure. ♪ the guys from dude perfect got baby oil and a few footballs and then a few games. >> what happens with the battle begins? plus see the adorable reaction when this little sport's fan gets a big birthday surprise. >> we're going the game? >> yep. >> no you didn't.
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that's a fact. closed captioning provided by. fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ if i told you guys that i had a video, don't orworry it's not that kind of video e. >> it's the first slip and slide football battle. >> this time they're making football even harder by getting a slip and slide and more baby oil than men have needed and then came up with three ridiculous games. >> i can't wait to see the injury report. >> first up is the slip and
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kick. . in to the face and cuts the lip open. we have two more round toss go. it's the feel and catch. >> i have a feeling that there are going to catch it with their teeth. ♪ it gets crazier for the final round and it's the kitty pool. >> so there you have it. let's see what happens. in come pleemt aplete. tony is the winner. >> yeah, he is a big winner.
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you you know a kid is deserving when he react like the kids in these two videos. she at this moment thinks that she is pulling out her homework to do another day of home work. >> atyeah, taylor swift tickets wh there is a tom brady jers jersey. she is a huge patriot's fan. >> really. >> look at her face. she is super stoked. it's her birthday. >> am i going to the game? >> yep. >> in you didn't. >> tickets. >> look at her face. >> it's awesome. i love to see stuff like that. >> awesome mom. >> happy birthday. >> the greatest thing is that the patriot's saw this video on
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facebook and invited her to the field before the game, so she got the met her favorite player on the planet and the cheerleaders gave her a pompom. >> you're welcome. >> i think that you can say that this girl is surprised by this. >> she has been asking for a puppy and finally one came. >> i love you. i love you. >> wagging the tail already. >> she instantly fell in love with that puppy. you can see it in her face and tears. >> i love you. going to a whole new level. it's on the next right this minute. >> still to come and strap it. see what happens when the test drive takes on water. plus the thursday buzz word that you n the shot to
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win an ipad mini.
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if you can't shut down at you're not alone. get non-habit forming unisom to fall asleep fast. unisom a stressful day deserves a restful night. [ female announcer ] gold bond rough & bumpy skin therapy. used daily, it reduces bumps 72%. gold bond. we maybe years aa from the car but the floating car is something that we have had for a long time. it's back from a couple of years ago it surfaced and they turned it and put the body and turned it on to a boat. now you have a floating fiat. >> is the pope in there? >> no. >> it's a 2016 facelift, and
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since the last model worked so well, they tried it again. does not look like it went so well this time. the engine may have gotten tangled up in the grass and that may have caused the thing to sink. when they toed it, it rolled over and really sank. they got the manpower and boat point of impact er together and right and put it closer to shore. >> that's how you get a piat not to shrink and how you take apart a truck. >> yeah they made it look easy and they do so that it took them hours to undue every last bolt to make sure that was nice and loose to make sure that they yanked it right after off. >> quinton turner came aupon
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this thing. >> it looks like such a lame fight. it's like don't get me in the face. >> not the teelth. >> when they get the legs involved and balance and kick themselves in the man jewels, it's not so fun. >> it looks like a couple of drunk australians having a fight outside of the pub. they don't care. the headlights are on them. they're not like others that scurryoff to the woods. now it's that time of the year with wild turkeys. now this one from the viral video uk has not notice that he
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has a stalker. >>. [ laughter ] >> the guy finally noticing. there's a turkey chasing me. >> yeah, he is a training turkey. >> did you notice mr. unpatient almost caused an accident. >> there were almost two car accidents because of this. nick it's time to give away another ipad. >> you need the buzz word. >> and then head over to right this and enter the word. >> you can enter on each everyday. >> let's reveal thursday's buzz word. it's kitchen. >> so get over to right this and click on the ipad
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but t button and enter the word kitchen. >> and tomorrow is a bonus give away. we're giving away another flat screen tv. tune in and good luck everybody. it's a video experiment where sons get to see their mothers -- >> so how
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rate. just use a bind er clip. >> the beer never lasted that long. remember when you called a lady on the streets, she is somebody's sister or daughter or mom. we have seen different videos of the social ex per skpmt in this video sons get to see the mothers being called. the first pair is mom and donov donovan. >> she is pretty. obviously it's going happen. >> you can see that she is
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already uncomfortable. >> i mean my mother is beautiful. it happens. but i hate it. >> here is the next one. angela and max. >> when there's not a male figure there, there's more prone to do it. >> you're really unguarded in their eyes. >> that's just creeping. i think it's interesting the conclusion. >> you don't want to hear anything ability your mom or think about your mom in any sexual way at all. to hear others on camera. oh god. >> yeah, but it's a good lesson. >> the next pair. basically a pastor is hitting on mop.
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that's weird. >> maybe it does work for them or get them booty. hope you meet us again on the next "right this minute." ♪ after many months of traveling the world... ...jack was longing for something familiar. home. he was welcomed with grandma's southern-style chicken. at that moment, jack knew what to do. share it with the world. southern-style breaded all-white meat chicken on a gourmet signature bun. the homestyle ranch chicken club.
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a driver is cruising down the road until. >> listen for the sound. >> why you will never guess what gassed him in the back seat. >> oh no. try to relax as much as you can. >> a test engineer is about to meet the g force. >> this is the first time that he will feel it. >> the moment that it really kicks in. it's not everyday that you see a dog. >> playing jump rope with the kids. the secrete behind a local legend. plus the chance to win a new ipad mini and then buzz seats sit down. >> it's


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