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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a bunch of people said they with woke up with us at 4:00 and 4:00 in the morning. thank you. >> someone said they were up at 4:00. i said go back to sleep. >> no, it's nice to see. >> we did have mostly clear skies. our system did really well in the rain department in seattle. there were some that had one to two inches of rain. there were some thunderstorms that popped up. at about 5:30, we had some hail. all that is gone now. it's into nevada and out of the picture. it looks like a warmer day. in the sea year -- sear i i can't, there was some rainfall totals over two inches of rain. that's pretty good. fiftys on your temperatures. everyone is pretty close. we'll get a couple of 40s. locations are running. three, six, seven degrees cooler. you expect that under clear skies. there is not much of a breeze yet. it might pick up a little later. on its way out, high pressure builds in. by late saturday, sunday, we'll
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start looking to the north. the system drops down. it will give us a change. today, sunny side up and warmer. seventys and 8 0ás. speaking of the 80s. hi remember the 80s. i was in college part of the 80s. good morning, everyone. i don't want to talk about that. let's go right out to -- let's start again. let's start with the interstate 880. somehow we -- shall we? let's get that train on the track. no major problems on interstate 880. it looks pretty good. it's a very nice-looking commute all the way down to hayward. when you get to the toll plaza, we don't have a crowd yet. we have a little bit of crowd in some of those cash lanes. if you are using fast track you, you can get through without stopping. we have been looking at the south bay here, and traffic continues to look pretty good
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on all the freeways. 880. 105. 4:31. let's go back to the desk. >> we are continuing the coverage of a shooting rampage in southern oregon junior college. ten people were killed including the gunman while seven people were wounded. at least one victim is in critical condition. investigators are now looking into the background of the shooter trying to determine what set him off. they say he wore body armor and carried three pistols and a rifle, enough for prolonged gunfight. survivors say he targeted christian students and told them he had been waiting to do this for every years. >> people in running every direction. everybody was just running everywhere. >> what was going through your mind? >> i hope i make it. ho. >>reporter: the shooting happened during first week of classes at umpqua community college. there is a student population of 3300 full and part-time students.
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in many are military veterans. they helped fellow stunts to to safety. twenty-six-year-old chris harper mercer. did you have any inclination that your son had problems. >> i can't answer any questions right now. i don't want to answer any questions. >> police spent all night searching the apartment of chris harper mercer. multiple media outlets are reporting he uploaded video of the sandy hook elementary school shooting on a social media account earlier this week and blogged about the virginia television news crew shooting. one of the three americans who stopped a terrorist attack onboard a train bound for paris, france this summer attended that same community college. he was heading back home to roseberg and asked
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everyone. he attended the community college before enlisting in the army national guard. well, the community college had only one unarmed security guard on campus at the time of the attack. this shooting and the others before it raises questions about how much security is needed at our schools. ktvu fox 2 is at a community college in freemont with a look at student's safety. jeanine? >> we are here this morning in freemont. they have many campus security officers. there are emergency phones as well as surveillance cameras. that is the case at a lot of community colleges here in the bay area. california has more than 100 community colleges and some 2 million students. some schools have their own police force while others contact the sheriff's department. police can't be everywhere when something happens. the shooting sparked a lot of talk about unpredictability of when somebody is going to snap. students stay it's worth
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-- it's worth being aware and reaching out to the classmate. >> the answer as much as people don't want to hear this is not crucify this kid. it's learn this kid. why did he do there? >>reporter: a lot of times when this happens, students talk about what more can be done? using better locks, cameras in alert. many run active shooter drills too prepare students and staff. yesterday's shooting was the worst this year on a college campus. there have been 16 others less serious. forty-five if you count all types of schools. pam? >> just very scary for everybody. 4:35 is the time. the fbi is looking into complaints about how sheriff deputies treat inmates at the santa clara county jail. eight santa lara deputies have been put on leave with pay since mentally mill inmate died in his jail cell on august 26th. among those on lever, the egg three jail guard ascussed of
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beating tyree's death. since the death, they are reviewing up to 100 complaints and taking it very seriously canning the fbi to help with the investigation. >> our willingness to bring in an outside agency to assist us in these investigations i hope is a real clear sign to the public that we are committed to making sure that as a result of these investigation that they're credible and really will stand up to scrutiny. >> all them comes as another mentally ill inmate, 33-year-old was found dead in his jail cell on monday. preliminary autopsy results do not indicate foul play, but an exact cause of death could take weeks. court documents obtained by ktvu say that he had schizophrenia. we now know what caused the recent outbreak of legionaire's disease. the federal receive in charge of inmate healthcare reports that the bacteria was found inside towers on the roof that are part of the prison's cooling system. prisoners evidencely inhaled
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contaminated mist. eighty-one inmates got sick. the tower has since been cleaned out. a former san francisco police officer has now been arrested and charged with stealing thousands of dollars from an organization that represents lgbt officers. ktvu first broke the story back in february. mike evans was the treasureer of the pride alliance group. he's accused of using the organize in iization's funds for himself. the missing money was discovered during an internal audit last year but wasn't until ktvu started asking questions that a criminal investigation was launched. evans play paid back the 15 now and quietly resigned from the force. on wednesday, he was arrested in texas and brought to san francisco to face two felonynies. no officer is above the law. >> i want to reasure the public how seriously we take these things and the 99.99% of the police officers that conduct themselves just so would have it no other
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way. >> lieutenant who was president of the bride alliance at the time came under fire for failing to report the missing funds. he says instead he wanted to handle the case internally. he has since retired. evans is due in court next week. we are now hearing from the women behind the $11 million racial discrimination lawsuit against the napa valley we first told you about yesterday morning here on mornings on 2. >> it was the most humiliating experience that i have ever had in my entire life. >> eastbound -- the women of a book club were kicked off in august accused of being too loud. the women who range in age of 26 to 85 says the staff -- 36 to 85. the staff forced them off the train parading through several cars. they say it happened because the group is mostly african american. >> we're educated and smart, so for this to happen in 2015 is extremely
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unacceptable. >> well, sam singer, spokesman for the napa valley wine train issued a statement "the wine train takes the allegations of discrimination very seriously. we are conducting our own investigation into the matter. we have hired former fbi rick smith as an investigator to machine the incident." cal tran has inthe environmental permits to explode the old eastern span of the bay bridge. cal tran has released this animation of what the implosion will look like. they plan to use 400 controlled small explosives to remove the equivalent of a five-story concrete building from the bay in just seconds. the charges will be under water. they probably won't be visible to the surface. cal tran does plan to stop traffic on the new eastern span in case any debris comes loose. the blast is scheduled forn month. were. also new this morning, financial experts are predicting positive numbers when
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the september jobs report comes out in just the next hour. analysts expect u.s. companies added about 200,000 workers last month. the unemployment rate is expected to remain at 5.1%. now, due to the uncertainty and the financial markets and jitters about a global slow-down, investors do hope that this morning's report will provide a window into how the american job market is faring. time is 4:40. the mayor of stockton is speaking out after he was detained at san francisco international airport. anthony silva was returning from china on monday when he says agents confiscated his electronic devices. silva says two computers and cell phone were seized without explanation or a warrant though he was never questioned or arrested. neither homeland security or the u.s. attorney's office would confirm an investigation. >> it is said that the united states that you think you live in. it doesn't exist here. look around. other people are going through this surge. it's routine. they said it's routine and so just
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cooperate and give us the stuff. >>reporter: well, silva was visiting china as part of a mayor's conference. he says he doesn't have anything illegal on his devices. silva and his attorney are scheduled to meet with the department of homeland security today to see if he can get his electronics back. it is 4:41. bay area students are on edge. coming up in 20 minutes, the attack in san francisco state that now has police looking for a suspect. >> this is why we live -- this is the beauty. >> amazing site from highway 1. what is happening in the water that is drawing huge crowds along the bay area coastline. good morning. we have the san francisco commute right on your screen here. you can see the traffic is moving along very nicely getting up to the '80s split on northbound 101. we'll tell you a little bit more about all the commutes coming up. well, a rather active couple of days here. it looks like things are calming down on this friday. a little cool this morning. we have changes for sunday.
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we'll talk about that and what is in store for later today.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. service members among 11 people killed in an airport plane crash in afghanistan. now, it went down which is just about 80 miles east of the capitol of cabul. the crash happened about midnight local time there. the six service members were the plane's crew. the five others are only identified as civilians. now, the plane you was a c- 130 aircraft. the cause is under investigation. a military official says no indication of possible fire. the plane was taking off at the time, and the c-130 is used
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primarily to use troops in heavy military equipment. it has been the work force of the hill military since the 1950s. searser. syria's foreign minister will address world leaders at the united states general assembly as tensions continue to escalate in the middle east. russian warplanes have bombed syria for the second day. the cremlin says it's acting on the "osirian government and on the president. it says that its plane hit four isis targets overnight. the pentagon says there's no evidence that russian planes hit any isis targets. >> they're not striking targets in areas that are controlled by isil. that in and of itself is a kip for -- concern for us. >> no youer now, russia acknowledges it has targeted combatants other than just isis fighters. vladimir putin denies that the bombings. >> a real treat for whale
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watchers. large group of humpbacks. and as ktvu testimonies us they're taking full advantage of the food. at bay beach, there's a special attraction. >> our timing is right. just driving by and seeing that. that's amazing. >> a dozen or more humpback while whales. >> we seep them migrate often but there is the first time we are seeing this much activity and day after day, just along the coast. >> the show has people stopping to gawk. >> this is why we live in half moon bay. it's just a beauty. >> we saw some whales from shore along with pour pows and sea lions. to get a closer look, we talked with the harbor master. even the deputy harbor masters who are here every day are thrilled to see the while whales up coast. -- up close. they took us to get a
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specific message across to the public. they want everyone to keep a safe distance from the whales. >> we expect that of our boaters and kayakers. >> after leaving pillar point, it took time to find the an ma'ams, but we found them. they were impressive. you can see them casually swim ago long, not a care in the world. periodically, they would break the surface, mouths wide open faking giant gulps of an cho vies and small mackerel. >> i think it definitely has something to do with the warmer water temperatures and being here later in the year than normal. i think it's kind of a global thing that is happening a lot of places. >> as if to stress the safety message, the harbor master told me after we left, three men in this boat were fishing when a whale came up underneath them disabling their boat and throwing one man overboard. the men were unhurt, but their boat had to be pulled back to court. ktvu, fox tv news. >> they are amazing creatures.
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no mention. >> amazing. a little scary if all of a sudden you find yourself thrown off into the water with them. wow, those are to go gorgeous u. gorgeous video. 4:48 is the time. we have made it and traffic is actually cooperating as we start off. take a look at some of these commutes starting at the toll plaza which is one of the busiest commutes. so far, we don't have a lot going on. every time i look at the car pool lane, there is some kind of baphoonery going on. there is some guy that is stopped there. oh, he's backing up. every day, there is some guy whether or not is backing up. this guy is doing it kind of fast. all right. fail. ail. ou moron, don't anyway, so here we go. hope in i that will turn out safely. let's move along and take a look at
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commute here on interstate north 880 southbound. and highway 101 as you drive past 92, no major problems on the peninsula. 4:49. let's go to steve. >> it always seems to happen about this time. >> maybe it is the same time. -- the same guy. >> and you can hurt someone. >> i agree. >> we have a quieter pattern here on this friday although changes will be. late saturday and no doubt on sunday. today looks to be the best day of the next three. unless you like cooler windy weather. not too many people i know like windy weather, that's for sure. we do have mostly clear skies. a little bit of patchy fog. we'll get to our weather in just a second. let's take a look at what's going on. 14 miles per hour. now all signs. still 130 miles per hour. the all clear is not out yet, but the track from the two main forecast models.
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and take it more to the east. and you'll see there are still a couple that hug the coast. the overall trend seems to be to take it out to sea. how much, that doesn't mean areas aren't getting copious amounts of rain. area of low pressure is coming in all the way down to the deep south. and drawing not a lot of moisture. you have high pressure moving not to the north. that's funneling in a rather breezy condition. look at the set-up for rain. now, again, this is just independent. this is just all these forces coming together every. over the carolinas, there's going to be anywhere from three to nine inches of rain. they will going to get hammered. probably some record amounts just going to set up for probably most of today into tomorrow. for us, we do have quiet conditions. the sear i can't very good. a quarter of an inch to two inches of rain and some snow. higher elevations. looks like now on the western edge a little bit of fog. fiftys and maybe a couple of 6 0ás. a lot of 50s under mostly clear skies. some of that patchy fog. not much of a breeze.
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thirty-nine. fifty-four. and sacramento at 57 degrees. seventy-one santa barbara. there were 93 yesterday for a record high. there goes our low. there's out of the picture. so high pressure builds in today. then we'll focus our attention to the north. the system will drop down and come over lance. mostly sunny today. warmer. seventys and 80s. a big change late saturday and you'll notice it on sunday. it's going to be rather blustery and cool around here. could be some shower activity. most of us will be east and south of us. it will be close. eightys on the temperatures. they'll jump up pretty quick here today. the days aren't as long anymore. once you get october. it's pretty tough for a north to northeast wind. increasing clouds late saturday. more of a breeze will clang up. kind of a windy cool day on sunday. there will be some snow in the showers. thunder showers off to the east. should calm down by monday and looks okay on tuesday. >> it is great seeing the snow in kirkwood. >> i am sure there are others.
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>> amazing the, the little p sprinkles. >> you know a guy said that to me. he said you know, we only had a little bit of rain. and everyone went bongers. >> we're excited. >> if you haven't seen it in about nine months. >> kind of forget what it looks like. steve has been talking about. heavy rain causing damage on parts of the east coast. more bad weather is yet to come. in 20 minutes, a life report from virginia where a state of emergency has been issued this morning. >> first, as we switch from summer to fall, there are a lot of events happening across the bay area. up next, our weekend watch.
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take a look to that. and lit up in pink, and it will be for the entire month in honor of breast cancer awareness month. the hotel will also have some pink touches. they include key cards. well, the change in seasons is bringing about a change in outdoor festivals. this weekend, it is all about the fall harvest, sausage. >> and the look at this weekend's watch. >> and the first weekend is october and october fest is in full swing. and we begin your weekend watch. october fest in oakland's diamond district.
4:56 am
and feature live music. dancing, a deejay battle and mountain view will also offer an authentic german experience. the third annual octoberfest includes plenty of -- entertainment including lifesize beerpong, cornhole, and get this. the biggest beer belly contest. plus the 18th annual sausage music festival gets underway in downtown san liandro. the free events will have a kid zone, beer and wine garden, and of course, don't forget one of the largest free music festivals in the country. in san francisco's own hardly, strictly blue grass. it will include over 100 artists sharing seven stages. if you are in the north bay featuring the world championship
4:57 am
in addition to wine and microbrewery tasting. this event is at the sanoma in santa rosa. the cost is $5 or for free if you bring four nonperishable food items. the niners host the packers. giants host the rockies. the raders travel to chicago and the as are in seattle. that is your weekend watch. >> and i have been to that sanoma harvest. >> get a driver to take you home. evidence police say they found? >> alert from police about who they are looking for. >> good in morning. looking at the bridge commutes. right now, the soon mateo bridge commute looks good heading out to the high-rise and to the peninsula. well, pretty good rain and
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people in ran in every
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direction. everybody was just running everywhere. >> it's a scary situation. at least ten people dead following that mass shooting at an oregon community college. what we are now learning about the gunmap man. >> a bizarre sexual battery on a bay area college campus. we'll tell you where it happened and what happened. >> this is ktvu, mornings on 2. >> good morning, welcome back. it is friday, october 2nd. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic which means we go to steve paulsen. a very fall-like change. today, we start off with 50s. mostly clear. a little bit of patchy fog. might be a high cloud or two. overall, a lot of 50s. can't find 40s yet. you may have one in your backyard thermometer. and a very active day yesterday. especially as we head out towards the sear i can't. reports of rain and high mountain snow up there and


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