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it is tuesday, october 6th. steve is here with the weather. more sun and nice weather. >> that about covers it. we have good news. at least charleston was now. out of the rain. the greatest one-day, two-day, three-day, and four-day for the charleston airport. by the way, this is the 49 wettest month ever. pretty early in the month. i would have to go to 1973 i. let's hope they get about two to three weeks.
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some low clouds in place. not much, but a little bit. low churning heading towards arizona though. southern neff neve. that will be very active as it heads into the four corners. it is moving out of california. fiftys and 60s. i'm sure there will be a few host. a little bit more fog than i had yesterday. and a slightly stronger breeze. i believe temperatures will stay the same as yesterday. and nice inland. temperatures very low 80s. all right. 4:31. and it will are still good. i we're looking at the list. let's take a look at what we have. the look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is looking good heading out to two. westbound 102 over at highway 101, there's some debris in the lanes. watch out
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for that if you are going all the way to the peninsula. i have a map i can show you. and you can see traffic is light here, and there are no major problems. i was talking about debris. and that is the area we are looking for. that is -- i'll keep an eye on that for you. and a hiking trail closed this morning closed this morning as sheriff deputies. what they are calling a possible homicide. and ktvu near the town of fairfax. a hiker found in body on this trail just west of fairfax where we are. the you area blocked off this
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morning. and sheriff deputies continue to search for everyday here. a hiker came across this victim at around 6:00 last ninety. the purpose here has been shot to death. investigators are not saying if that victim was a man or a woman. authorities also say there was a dog found here at this scene. the dog was turned over to the humane society. an parent homicide according to the sheriff's office. if you have any information, put in a call to the sheriff's office. they are certainly searching for everyday in this case. we can also tell you we are expecting to get an update from the sheriff invest gait remain silent at some point you later on this morning. they do expect to be out here for the rest of the morning. >> i know it's a huge pop you already hiking area.
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a lot of people go out hiking alone and feel very safe. a lot of people -- everybody is going to want to have nor in-- more information. >> yeah, very disturbing you have to imagine for people who you live close by. this is something that is quite unnerving, to say the least. >> claiming exerciser force. deputies went sell to sale back in may and beat them for five hours. the suit is seeking damages in jail reforms. i police in freemont, social media and online dating sites to sexually assault women. twenty-year-old of san ramon is accused of drugging women he met on tinder and facebook and then sexually assaulting them. anyone who thinks they may be a victim is being asked to come forward. and police have released a photo of what they are calling a person
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of interest in last week's shooting death of an artist in oakland. the victim, antonio, ramos, was in the middle of painting an antiviolence mural. the group of artists are finishing up the work in ramos' honor. oakland police are offering $10,000 in reward money for information leading to the arrest of a killer of a popular ice cream vendor. the 45-year-old was shot unipath street near 94th avenue at about 4:30 saturday afternoon. neighbors say they heard several shots. >> i came out. >> the van is still in gear. and i put it back in part i. called 911. >> police have not identified any suspects. it was the 17th homicide in oakland this year. fifteen more than at this same time last year. we have new details on the body of a canadian woman found did during
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the blue grass festival over the weekend. a report fayes the victim as 23-year-old audrey carrie. now, investigators say she was found by a passer by saturday morning right near bernice rogers way and jfk driver. that's near the park's golf course. police say she had serious head injuries. they are calling her death a homicide. carrie was backpacking across the west coast. and so far, police have no suspects. and a new report from cal fire revealed details of how four firefighters ended up battle -- badly burned battling the valley fire. they found themselves in danger once a helicopter dropped them in the fire zone. now, the winds picked up and turned a small grass fire into a raging inferno. firefighters called in a may day and set up their portable fire shelters to shield them from the flames. all four firefighters ended up accept veerly burned.
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cal fire will release more in depth review of its response to the fire in the next few months u. happening today, some faculty members at san jose plan to rally in march calling for wage increases. the engineering faculty, technicians and their supporters are expected to take part in the events. they are calling it five is fair which they say is to support a 5% pay raise over eight years. the rally will will be held up at noon near clark hall followed by a march around the campus. up to 100 people are expected to join the march. a cal state university's faculty strike authorization vote is set to begin late they are movement. well, it's been five weeks since soon jose launched a new pilot program that allows ride share companies to operate at the city's airport. so far, no one has signed up for it. according to the mercury news, the main reason is a requirement that calls for fingerprinting autopsy participating drivers. now companies such as lift and uber already put their drivers
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through background checks, but fingerprinting is not required. city officials now plan to revisit the airport's ride share requirements. a french company plans to bring driverless shuttlings to the business park next summer. easy smile announced it wants to have two of shuttles at bishop ranch. the shuttles are designed to take passengers short distances at low speeds and work with existing public transit. this would be the first place in the country where shuttles operate. california law enforcement agencies will have to publicly report the race, ethnicity, age and gender of any person stopped by officers under a bill signed by governor brown. members of the youth justice commission gathered at the state capitol to thank the governor for signing the racial and identity profiling act. civil rights activists say it's a big step toward protecting minorities from racial profiling, but many law enforcement organizations oppose the bill. they say its reporting requirements will be
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a burden to police and costly to taxpayers. some of the largest police departments will start reporting the data in 2019. smaller departments in 2020 -- 2023. chelsie clinton will be in san francisco today to meet with students who find new bo. she will visit with middle and high school students this afternoon. the school says that she will hear from some of the student loss did class projects based on her book. it is called "it's your world. get informed. get inspired. and get going." which is aimed at young readers. the event is scheduled to start at noon. and there's a campaign in place to eventually restore the alkatraz island lighthouse. contra costa times reports four groups have come together to commission a $25,000 ark techtial studty. it's the figure out what is needed to rehabilitate the structure and how much that will cost. the paper reports the groups are the national park service, the coast guard, the united states lighthouse society, and lands
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end clothing company. the 161 year-old lighthouse was first one in california. time now is 4:39. san francisco's 35th annual fleet week celebration is underway. of course, the navy brings some of its ships and blue angels precision flying team to the bay every year. it draws hundreds of thousands of people to san francisco, but the navy and city leaders say there's a serious side to the event as well. it is ape chance for the military and city agencies to conduct emergency drills in case of a major earthquake or other disaster. >> never introduce yourselves in t battlefield. get together. train together before you have to go fight. and then you'll fight together as a team. one team, one fight. >> organizers want the public to enjoy the ruer of the blain gems and the pageantry of the parade of shifts, but they say it's also a chance for people to thank service members who decided to serve their country. now, the faa had a special safety message for drone owners for fleet week.
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it put flight restrictions in place during the blue angels practices and performances and they apply the other aircraft. starting on thursday, no aircraft are allowed to fly within a 12-mile area that is centered near the bay brid1500 feet in altitude. that is unless they have specific permission. the san francisco, bay ferry is expanding service this weekend to help people get to and from san francisco fleet week festivities. on saturday and sunday, there will be 11 round trip ferries. that is four more than usual on the weekends. on, you'll find more information. look for the link on the front page of our home page. muny buss will now have cameras to catch drivers that block transit-only lanes, crosswalks, intersections, and bus stops. governor brown signed a legislation, and muny says significant progress has been made in speeding up muny along the most
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congested borders. a ticket for stopping at a bus stone will cost you $279. don't stop in the bus zone. >> don't stop in the bus zone. exactly. time now is 4:41. a group of east bay nurses go on strike today. their two-day walk-out begins at 7:00 this morning. coming up in 25 minutes, the hospitals that could be affected. >> all of a sudden started descending pet the i quickly. no one thought anything of it at first. >> scary moments for passengers on an american airlines flight. what happened that had the co-pilot making an emergency landing. >> good morning. we're looking at the commute. and right now, the traffic is not too bad here on 280 as you head up to highway 17. >> there's a lot more fog up towards the north bay especially up sanoma and 101. south of that is patchy. what about the temporarilies on tuesday? we'll take a look coming up.
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american airlines praising its crew after taking quick action when a pilot fell ill and died in mid flight. the plane was heading from phoenix to boston when the pilot suffered a medical emergency. the co-pilot took over, safely landed the flight in syracuse, new york. now, the captain has been identified as 57-year-old michael johnson. news of his death left passengers on the flight visibly shaken. >> we thought that he just wasn't feeling well. we had no idea he had passed. it was extremely shocking. >> i really think he had -- you have to hand it to the co-pilot, i'll tell you. i don't know what i would have done in that situation. >> a preliminary investigation shows that captain johnson died of natural causes. he lived in utah. he leaves behind his wife of almost 35 years, eight children, and five
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grandchildren. crash investigators will be back out this morning trying to figure out why an amtrack train in vermont derailed. it ran off the tracks yesterday in a remote part of the state after hitting a rock slide. the amtrack was heading to washington d.c. with 98 passengers onboard. seven people were injured including one crew member who was very seriously hurt. the federal railroad situation says the derailment happened on a section of track that had just been rebuilt as part of a $220 million program. san francisco and the state of nevada have agreed to settle a patient dumping lawsuit. nevada will pay the city $400,000. san francisco sued nevada back in 2013. the suit came after it was discovered that patients discharged from a las vegas psychiatric hospital were given bus tickets to here in san francisco and directed to seek further care here. did settlement won't pay the cost connected with care. the city of san francisco
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is changing when it comes to treating patients living with aids. a new york times report finds last year, san francisco had just over 300 new hiv cases. that is the lowest number on record. back in 1992 at the peak of the epidemic, more than 2300 new hiv cases were reported. city health officials say deaths from hiv/aids have dropped dramatically by nearly 1500 since 1992. reduced numbers come from improved medical and treatment. >> time to check in with a look at sal for traffic. >> it's my turn. >> how it -- now it is my turn. >> looks pretty good. bryan and i know that word. it's my turn. i hear that a lot. >> oh, yeah. it's my turn now. traffic is moving along pretty well adds you drive around the bay area. let's start off and take a look at some of the east bay commutes. in is a look at the
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east shore freeway. eighty westbound as you head to the mc arthur made. it is a nice drive. highway 24 also looking good from walnut creek to oakland. when you get over to the san mateo bridge, that's a nice-looking drive. we were cheque out some debris on highway 91. and it turned out to be not a major deal. at the bay bridge toll plaza, there it is. traffic is moving along very nicely with no problems on the bridge. so right now, we have a pretty good start for this tuesday commute. at 4:48, let's go to today's weather. here is steve. >> thank you, sal. >> we do have a little bit more fog towards the north bay especially around the sanoma coast and also moving inland. south of that is not as bad. morning fog. cool lows. again mainly 50s. a few 60s. some of that fog holding up a few of the north bay temperatures. sunny and nice. high clouds expected over the next few kays. there's no rain, at least not yet. we'll keep an eye on things to the north and then to the south. low clouds making a little bit more
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of a push compared to yesterday. still about the same. south of that. san mateo not as bad. just patchy fog. rain around flagstead. south of las vegas. around the phoenix area again. move ago way from l. a. and san diego. fiftys on most ovines temperatures. a few 60s. sixty-two at sfo. fifty-five at antioch. close to alamo and la fayette. that's okay. they are probably about the same. about 546789 any breeze? a little bit. stronger than yesterday. by about ten miles per hour. fairfield hardly anything yesterday. so still southwest 15. we'll see if it holds or farms apart. i expect the breeze to pick up. thirty-two. fifty-seven. and it's 59. so running a little warmer there. there is our system in southern california. it will be a big weather maker as it moves into the four corners. get a good look at it right there as it starts to move towards new mexico and also into texas. a big system gulf of alaska. a lot of high clouds coming up out ahead of it. they are heading towards portland. not here. patchy fog, sunny
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and nice after that morning of low clouds. might take a while to burn off. seventys and 8 0ás. temperatures about where they should be. sixtys and 70s for others. a little bit warmer here each day as we go into the thursday and friday time frame. there could be some higher clouds. it does look cooler as we go into the weekend. >> you seem bored, steve, when it comes to the weather. glime not bored. it's just i want something to happen. i get it for june, july, and august. but october, okay. let's go. something needs to go. >> yes. >> but sometimes in october we can have another heat wave. >> that is very true. you can get one stream or the other. >> yeah. exactly. >> you can get both in a week. >> you did. >> we are counting on you day- to-day with how we need to dress. do we need the sweater. all those layers. still important. >> always. >> thank you, steve. 4:50 is the time. if school district will cover the entire cost. other important achievement
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tests. the school district wants to make sure that no student misses out on educational stunts because of the cost of exam. will offer the test to juniors for a $5 fee. the district will cover the cost of advanced placement and international back lawsuit exams for high school students. a disaster has been declared in south carolina. >> this is completely unexpected. not anything that we would have ever thought happen. >> coming up in 20 minutes, we put the latest on the recovery efforts. days of flooding on the east coast. >> the golden state warriors. for the first time since bin winning the -- we're going to have the highlights in soon jose.
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454. the man accused of killing seven people in oakland in 2012 is mentally competent to stand trial. attorneys for 47-year-old one goh are challenging that decision. now the superior court judge has scheduled a competently hearing for next month. goh has been undergoing treatment since he was declared incompetent to stand trial in
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january of 2013. he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, depression, and a delusional disorder. an arraignment is scheduled at 9:00 in santa clara county for aldon smith. he faces dui, hit and run and vandalism charges stemming from an incident with a neighbor in august. he is accused of parking his suv and clipping the neighbor's car. when smith got out, police say his door banged the neighbor's car causing significant damage. smith's arrest prompted the 49ers to release him. now, he then signed with the raders just before the start of the season. today, lawyers for aarron hernandez will ask a judge to dismiss murder charges against the former new england patriot's tight end. prosecutors say hernandez killed two men in 2012 after one of them bumped into him at a night club spilling his drink. lawyers say insufficient evidence was presented to establish probable cause. hernandez is already serving a life sentence for a first degree murder conviction in 2013. shooting deaths of another man.
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soon jose sharks forward torrez will miss half of the regular season for an illegal hit in the shark's preseason finale. he was suspended 41 games for that illegal check to the head. anaheim ducks right wing on saturday. it's the fifth time torrez has been suspended in his career. he sat out 21 games after a late high hit back in 2012. torrez did not play last season due to injury. he's in the last year of a three-year contract with the sharks. the nba champion golden state warriors picked up where they left off in june. ninety-five-85 in soon jose. lead golden state with 15 points. steph curry and clay thompson, by the way, each had 14. >> a lot of people excited down there. it is a trek for them. it's also a good day if you
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love breakfast. up next, the changes that are happening today at mcdonald's. >> and allegations of abuse at another bay area jail facility. the federal lawsuit now investigating the beating of inmates. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is actually doing very well. there are no major problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge. a little bit of a delay on the lower deck. you do see they are pushing off one of the stalled vehicles on that span. it is not causing a big delay. >> a little bit more fog on this tuesday favoring the north bay more so than anywhere else. what about the temperatures? a little cooler. starting to warm up a little bit. we'll take a look at that.
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a five-hour beating, humiliation. what more than 20 inmates say the guards now did to them and the legal action they are now taking. >> police say a man used social media to meet women and sexually assaults them. he's behind bars. we'll tell you why police are investigating. >> in is ktvu mornings on 2. and welcome back. tuesday, october 6th. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. paulsen is right there. >> you have the forecast?
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nice day. if you like yesterday. and a little bit more fog in the north bay. rather solid to the north. and it will be slower to lift there. temperatures may be held back. overall, some low clouds will give way to sunshine again. just a little bit more fog than we saw 24 hours ago. the low that is southern california rain is moving. still giving some rain, but it's favoring more towards las vegas, flagstaff and phoenix. fiftys and 60s on the temperatures. they are running a few degrees warmer than most. by two to four degrees. a little bit of a breeze by yesterday. it seems to be increasing. there is the low. if you have travel plans south, that is what you'll deal with. for us, high pressure deflecting everything from the north. temperatures warming up tomorrow. today is the same as yesterday. morning fog. sunny and nice. breezy. sixtys 70s coast and bay. seventy was. upper 70s and low 80s inland. these
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are about normal for this time of y


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