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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 6, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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a controversial bill signed into law by governor jerry brown. we are talking to the widower. >> plus a threat of a wet
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winter could effect your produce selection. we'll take a look at what will be available and look at fruits and vegetables that are best for your child's lunchtime menu. >> he's on tour for a solo album. appearing on a new fox show and working on a movie with james franco. and feeling good on a tuesday morning. the warriors starting off their defense of the nba title may have something to do with that. a nice victory for golden state. they looked very good. very sharp. a lot of stories we're following this morning. we heard dave talking about the homicide in marin county. 67-year-old man you live near fairfax. >> this is the last area i used to hike on that trail all the time. that is the last area i would think there is any sort of violence. everyone is friendly and everyone says hello. it's not really a high crime area. >> so we will get more details on that story later in the morning. gasia have a lot of papers had
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this on their headline. assisted suicide. big story across the state of california. >> we will be talking to dan diaz the husband of brittany maynard. >> and also this morning we are following news of allegations of abuse at another bay area jail. three santa clara deputies were charged with murder in the death of a mentally ill inmate. and last week two more deputies were arrested for misconduct. one was accused of workers comp fraud and the other for illegally looking at people in a computer data base. the fbi has launched an investigation into how deputies treat jail inmates and now the sonoma county sheriffs department is facing allegations of abuse. there are reports that inmates were beaten and tortured. ktvu allie rasmus is joining us now. you have been following this story all morning. if these allegations are true, oh my goodness. >> it's right now in the form
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of a lawsuit. a 14 page complaint. it was brought by two former sonoma county jail inmates. they say they and 19 other inmates all in the high security part of the jail was subjected to a five hour beating spree. they said it started with the guards getting angry at one of the inmates for arguing with them and then the other inmates could hear the guards according to the suit beating and stripping him of his clothing. humiliating him. and then the suit says when the other inmates started on thing and speaking up for the one inmate getting beaten, they said the guards systematically went cell to cell and targeted the other inmates. here's what their attorney describes it. >> they came to their room one at a time, unlocked their doors, tortured them, beat
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them. and then went to the next door one at a time. >> city though ma county sheriff is not talking about the suit. he did not say anything on camera about this. his office did send out a statement saying the guards were responding to what they describe as a coordinated mass disturbance and they had to react and do something to maintain the safety of the jail. but they denied any quote sadistic action. >> it seems like it was an isolated incident. >> it depends on who you are talking to. i would say the sheriff office says it's an isolated incident. but the attorneys for the inmates say they have reason to believe this may not have been the first time something like this happened. and they also say in terms of evidence that this incident back in may was according to them filmed. so they say there is some video that exists of the alleged beatings. >> filmed by the guards?
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>> by the guards. according to the attorneys in the suit. the jail officials have yet to turn that video evidence over to them. that is one piece of evidence they are waiting to find out. >> i was just going to ask about surveillance video. it sounds like they filmed with their phone. or is it surveillance video from the jail? >> i believe according to the suit the jail itself has cameras inside. i think that is the video they're trying to get ahold of. and a lot of people understanding that this increased scrutiny what is happening in jail may come about what happened in south bay the three security officer there is accused in the beating death of an inmate michael tyree. that happened in san jose. the minute that came out the whole awareness of what is happening behind bars. >> the story is not over yet because later this morning there is supposed to be a press conference with the attorneys for the inmates and also we're hearing some of the family members might be there as well. speaking about possibly having witnessed some of the bruisings
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and beatings that their loved ones experienced. >> allie rasmus, thank you very much for the report. another story we are following this morning is the controversial right to die issue. the governor signed the end of life option act yesterday. it takes effect in 90 days. in his signing letter to the state assembly, governor brown wrote quote i do not know what i would do if i was dying in prolonged pain. i'm certain how far it would be a comfort to be able to consider the options afforded by this bill. and i wouldn't deny that right to others. >> california joins oregon, virginia, washington, and montana. montana's law differs though in that patients must first obtain a court ruling. this comes as a new field poll shows almost two-thirds of california voters port the right to die legislation. the poll shows 65% of voters
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were in favor of the bill. that is the red part. the poll also shows 55% of catholic voters support the bill. the poll was conducted after lawmakers passed the bill last month. people opposed to the bill say they plan to fight it. the group says this will lead to weak and vulnerable people dying prematurely. the rights fund in berkeley is speaking out about the new law. >> where assisted suicide is legal, some people's lives will be lost without their consent through mistakes and abuse. >> the bill was spurred by bay area woman brittany maynard. she suffered a brain tumor and moved to oregon to avoid an a pain al death. >> britmy maynard's husband dan diaz is joining us live.
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dan, thank you for joining us today. tell me your reaction to yesterday's signing. >> a great sense of relief and also just a huge sense of gratitude to the governor. the comments he made in that statement from his office recognizing that while he as an individual may not know what decision he would make, he should not stand in the way of somebody like brittany who is terminally ill to make that decision for themselves. very appreciative of his thought process and statement and the eventual conclusion of him signing this bill into law. >> dan, i read an article that brittany's contribution to this issue is she brought it to the forefront and she changed the national debate to the point where now many americans favor a right to die in the state and
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it's because of her and her bringing it to the forefront has changed public opinion. >> brittany's voice made a difference. since she smoke up there are 25 states and the district of columbia that introduced or will be introducing legislation. the impact that her voice made it just goes to show that one voice, one person really can make a difference and brittany's certainly did. >> i got the letter that the governor wrote in front of me to the assembly. he does mention brittany's name. but he also talks a lot about his religious faith. he is a devout catholic. i know i have spoken to you about this issue. were you in any way surprised about his decision based on his faith? >> the faith side of it and also i'm catholic. i went to catholic school. i was an alter boy.
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bishop john kum minings meanted me with the award. but applaud the governor understanding that this is a decision that needs to be left to the individual working with their own faith, their own belief system. and somebody should not be imposing their doctrine on say someone like brittany. i was very happy that the governor included in his statement his rational and how he came to the decision to sign the bill and just so grateful he made the decision. >> brittany was so young when she died. can you you tell me about the decision made as a young couple. when she said i don't want to go like this.
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want to be in controlled. it seems you had no choice. >> when someone is terminally ill, my role is to support the person i love but also from my own perspective if i was in that situation, i would have been saying the same thing to brittany. hey, you know what, this tumor left to run its course will kill me in a very brutal fashion. i simply want to know i have the option to have a gentle passing. and sol once brittany once it was apparent that brittany did have only six months to live, we were still going to fight the tumor but we would wage that bat from oregon. because at least there she has the option to control her final days and not have to suffer needlessly. >> i've got to ask you what about the low income person in california? someone who is buried in medical bills. doesn't this open the door for them to throw their hands in the air and give up and not
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hold out for a cure for whatever disease they may be battling? >> i disagree with that. i think for the first time this program now creates a structure where it doesn't matter what social economic status you are that a person has control, can work with their physicians can apply for this program. all of the treatment options that are available have to be explained to that individual. chemotherapy, radiation, clinical trials that are out there. for the first time i would say we have a structure in place that will protect an individual. now without this law, i would say is where we are writing the issue that all of that is happening behind closed doors. that type of abuse, that type of coercion we had much more lethal medications in our house
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before -- those are drugs currently used behind closed doors and nobody knows anything about it. i would say this legislation for the first time brings it to the light of day where the patient is truly being listened to. what are their intentions? how do they want their end of life to go? >> dan, thank you so much for join joining us live. our condolences on the loss of your wife. it is important to note on the death of dignity there are three main requirements. there has to be a confirmation in writing from two physicians. and there have to be long medical records for the request in aid for dying drugs. it's not as if you can say you know whack i want it i will take it. you get it that day. there is a process to follow. if anything this does open up that what would you want done? what would i want done? just that conversation itself is a good first step. i they lot of people don't want to think about dying. don't want to talk about dying
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so we don't confront it until we have to. >> that is what the governor said in the letter. he said in the end i was left to reflect on what i would want in the face of my own death. when does it go into effect in i believe the beginning of next year. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9 we will talk about a change in the weather that could mean a change at your local grocery store. i see you steve. steve paulson is taking a look at what is is available and delicious in the produce section these days. this is the dawn of an old day.
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because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. welcome back to mornings on 2 the 9. we are following stories around the bay area. let's go to our newsroom with dave clark. >> thank you. here's some of the top stories we're following. just about a half hour ago we
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received an update from a marin county sheriffs office about a homicide last night at a popular hiking trail near the town of fairfax. >> we don't know what the circumstances were. the motivation leading to this attack yesterday. and sadly this murder. >> the 67-year-old victim the man was walking with his dog a doberman pinscher when both were shot. that dog was wounded. he was taken to the humane society for treatment. a hiker found the man and dog about 6:00 last night. deputies received a call about gunfire 45 minutes earlier down the road. they didn't find anything. at this point they don't know if those two incidents are related. in the meantime authorities are out there looking for the victim's car. it may have been stolen. now that car described as a silver volkswagen hatch back. license plate 6ppg662.
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meantime police in fremont have arrested a man that used social media and online dating sites to sexually assault women. investigators say 20-year-old kwangmin jin of san ramon drugged women he met on tinder an facebook. he was captured in illinois where he was going to college. he is now awaiting extra diction. investigators say there are four known victims but there could possibly be more. those are just some of your morning headlines. we'll take it back to gasia, mike and sal. steve paulson is outside with more on the produce options available to shoppers and how the rain is effecting what makes it to our table. hi seve. >> hi gasia and sal. this is my good friend bob from taylor farms. back in august we went to the walnut creek farmers market. we talked about some fruits and vegetables. we thought we should shift gears and talk about if and when it starts raining what fruits and vegetables would be
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impacted. let's start with the lettuce. >> the biggest impact would be on leaf products. it includes your row main, kale, green leaf. right now the growing season is ending in the salinas valley. >> and it goes south. >> it goes south. but as you know, steve if el nino hits like anticipated, the southern jet will go through that area like it did in 96, 97, and in 98. >> what is the price let's talk about regular lettuce. >> a head of lettuce on sale for approximately $0.99. $1.50 maybe. $1.99 max. in the drought scenario like we had 20 years ago you could go up to $5 a head. >> but if this goes down to yuma now and starts to rain, how much would this go up? >> it would probably go up to $2-$3 a head. >> what else impacted? >> cauliflower and broccoli.
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bell peppers and strawberries. strawberries are some hot house grown. >> are these from watsonville? >> it's right at the end of the season. oxnard again is right in that bulls eye of potential rain for el nino. it appears as though hot house growing is taking over large segment so the impact on strawberries may not be as significant. >> if el nino kicks in, which one would have the biggest impact for people in the pocketbook at the market? >> i would say it would be your leaf products. it would be your iceberg and roe main. and they will show the most increase in cost for two reasons. number one there will be a shortage of supply and there will be quality issues which is going to drive that cost right up. >> okay so keep that in mind. that is if it starts raining. right now we are sitting here and it's very warm. we'll have more on that. and gasia will be talking to bob a little later.
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you discussed about putting fruits and vegetables in student lunches. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, he is singing, acting, and judging reality tv. up next we talk live with nick jonas about his busy schedule and latest project that includes a show right here on fox. >> and sexy ads may get viewers hearts racing but it turns out consumers brains may not be playing along when the 9 returns.
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nick jonas has been busy promoting his solo album
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touring. this is video for his song jealous. he has a reoccurring role on scream queens. and right now he is gearing up for the second season of kingdom for direct tv. >> why don't you tell this guy what hours you want to work? >> it doesn't work that way. haven't you ever had a job? ha is actually not good. >> that first episode of the second season is going to premier on october 14th. nick jonas is joining us live this morning. nick, you have been obviously keeping pretty busy. first question i've got to ask you, can you take me into the core of your thinking when it comes to taking on these recent rolls? i asked that because in the bay area we have a strong lgbt community and a lot of people wondering why you are taking on those roles. you do play a couple gay men in these shows. >> you know it's good to talk to you this morning. and then yeah. with these roles it is incredible to be able to take
9:25 am
on the responsibility. i really do feel that both are a different tone. with scream queens it's fun and light hearted and comedy and it's ryan murphy so it's got a real sort of good spot in pop culture. and with kingdom it's really in depth and dramatic and tells the story for my character of someone that is having a hard time dealing with who he is and being okay with himself and specifically related to his sexuality. i've heard from a lot of people in the community that it's really helped them. but there is strength in feeling like you're not alone. and we all go through things and i'm honored to tell these stories and carry it with a lot of responsibility. >> nick, they wrote an article about you in rolling stone. i don't know if you saw it. they highlight your successful transition let's say from a guy who appealed to like tweens to a guy that is going mainstream.
9:26 am
a guy that has made that transition successfully because a lot of people can't do that. they stay a teen idle. but that rolling stone says you have done it well. >> cool. i haven't seen that. ly have to check it out. >> got to check it out. >> what is the best part of your life? what is the best part? all the things you do, you get to do, the people you hang with. what is the best part? >> the best part is tough to say i feel really fortunate to be in a position to do what i love. i know a lot of people my age 23 are just out of college and figuring out what they want to do with their lives. here i am in the second wave of a career. 12 years into it. it feels great. i'm really, really fortunate and i love making music. it kind of comes first and very naturally for me. but i also love these acting projects and getting to dig in and find some things that take me away from being me and help
9:27 am
me grow and you know i think it has an effect on my creative life as a whole. both on the actor side and music. >> for the ladies in the bay area are you still single or dating anyone? all of this talk about kate hudson. >> i'm single. i'm single. as you can tell i'm very busy. so it's hard to find time. love meeting people and hanging out and looking to enjoy life and keep it simple. >> all right nick jonas congratulations on all the success acting and singing you are doing it all. thank you for taking the time to join us. >> thank you guys. have a good one. >> thank you you too. see you on scream queens. coming up on mornings on 2 the nine. it's a case that left oakland art community heartbroken. we will talk about a person of interest. police are look for the deadly shooting of a muralist. >> pocket dialing is posing a problem for san francisco 911
9:28 am
dispatchers. the research that shows accidental calls are straining the system. the 9 will be right back. heir s has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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steve paulson with us from the deck. do you have a favorite piece of produce you like? >> he usually has very good stuff. but the lettuce looked really good. >> i like cucumbers, mike. >> thank you sal. >> i do too, steve. >> produce wise it's beautiful weather and also if you like it out there because temperatures are warm. in fact, temperatures on the coast were pretty mild this morning because the water temps went up so there is not much to talk about expect for low clouds and fog. we are looking and staring ahead toward a warmer pattern. starting tomorrow we will kick it in a little warmer wednesday, thursday, and friday. i hate to say it but there is no rain in sight.
9:31 am
things could change but so far i don't see anything. >> thanks, steve. san francisco's 35th annual fleet week celebration is under way. the navy brings some of its ships and the blue angels flying team to the bay area. that draws hundreds of thousands of people to san francisco but the navy and city leaders say there is a serious side to this event as well. it's a chance for the military and city agencies to conduct emergency drills in case of a majoret quake. >> the faa has a special safety message for drone operators. there are flight restrictions in place to the blue angels practices and performances and those restrictions apply to drones. starting thursday no aircrafts are to fly.
9:32 am
and of course that is at >> i will repeat the advice i gave yesterday when it comes to fleet week. take mass transit. we drove in from the east bay. will is no magic spot. if you do find that magic spot it will be $100 so take bart if you can. we ended upturning around and driving back home that is is how bad it was. let's stay in the city of oakland and talk about a major investigation about police and they are asking for the public's help in solving a deadly shooting that has upset a lot of people. police are releasing this photo. it's of a man they are calling a person of interest. officers describe them as a
9:33 am
thin african american who is about 6 feet tall with a dark complexion. he is probably in his 20s. >> artist antonio ramos was arguing with a man last week moments before the shooting. ramos was painting an antiviolent mural designed by middle school students at the time. >> if we keep making murals and clean up the streets, we might have a chance to make it back as a thriving community. >> that mural is part of a project called oakland super heros in which students create characters or images aimed at helping their community. students will send cards to the artists this week to thank them for completing the community mural. president obama is going to roseburg, oregon to meet privately with the families of the shooting victims at umpqua community college. authorities say the 26-year-old gunman who killed nine people at the school was angry he didn't have a girlfriend.
9:34 am
christopher harper mercer thought other people were crazy and he was the sane one. investigators say they learned this from writings he left at the shooting scene. his mother told them he was struggling with mental health issues. >> the shooting in oregon is reigniting a national debate about gun laws at a rally in new hampshire yesterday. hillary clinton called for action. and she got emotional as she introduced the parent of a child that was killed in a new town connecticut school shooting. and questioned whether all gun owners agree with the group. >> i mean ideally what i would love to see is gun owners, responsible gunners, hunters form a different organization and take back the second amendment from these extremists. >> clinton said she would support more gun control and repeal a law banning people from suing gun manufactures.
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emergency dispatchers dealing with an increasing challenge related to cell phone use the accidentally dialing of 911. accidental calls make up a pretty significant percentage of 911 calls. you probably heard the phrase blank dial. that is what we are talking about. they found 30% of wire lease calls received were accidental. dispatchers they hear an open like but don't know if the call is the real deal or a mistake so they have to use up their valuable time and effort to call back to see if it's a legitimate call for help or not. >> sal, can i have $5? >> why is that? >> i just want to make a point i don't have a problem asking you for money. but some people do. there is a new app that suggests it can remove the awkwardness of asking friends for money. it's called ledge and aimed at helping people who need smaller microloans like $5 but also
9:36 am
this includes from anywhere of $50 to $5,000. it could be used for crowd funding, living expenses. money doesn't actually extend hands until the loan is fully funded. the apses specially targeting millennials by turning the whole process of borrowing money into this type of social interaction. >> well the old saying goes if sex sales but a study of tv ads finds that may not be the case. researchers at ohio state university looked at consumer studies going back 50 years. racy tv ads do get people's heart racing but they forget what the ads were about. >> i think the thing with sex it's so over used.
9:37 am
you have the bikini clad girls on the sandwich. i think it's funny but i don't remember them. if you can come up with a clever ad. just a one little quick line that makes me think that is it, you've got my money. >> i remember the carls junior ad but i don't eat it. >> geico, those tend to be remembered more because you know they are funny. >> i remember the warriors. >> who can forget? >> let's talk about the warriors. the golden state warriors picked up where they left off in june with another win. they beat the raptors 95-87 at the sap center in san jose. steph curry, clay thompson each had 14. the next preseason game is in
9:38 am
portland against those trail blazers. fans obviously wanted to see the northbound a champs back on the court and then there was this special giveaway steph curry bobble heads. but look closely. he is wearing a sharks jersey. the game was played at the sharks home. 10,000 bobble heads were given away. some sellers were asking for as much as $200 on e-bay. >> i'm interested to know if the warriors shorter rest time will impact them. because it's such a long season. they had a lot less time to rest because they were playing up until just yesterday it seems like they won. >> it is a good problem to have. >> probably same thing with the giants. >> some of the other teams were also in the playoffs. a scandal is brewing in the world of fantasy football. pam cook is joining us live with why the popular past time is being compared to insider trading scandals. >> it is interesting. i have learned a little bit more about fantasy football.
9:39 am
usually there is the game you pick players and have them for the whole season but these companies are more about daily and weekly teams and you switch it up. it's draft kings and fan dual are the two we're talking about. insider trading is basically when you have information that is usually a company, an insider has information that the public doesn't have. these employees of these fantasy sports game bling companies they have some information that we don't have but it's really not a lot of information. they have. they can see how many of the sites users are picking a particular player. so we don't have that information. they might say will is 100 people picking this random player that maybe it's not one of the most popular players in the sports. they can use that information to create a power lineup so you and i don't have that. but the bottom line is the players still have to play well. >> got to perform. >> exactly. because these fantasy teams are based on it's a fantasy team but they are real athletes, real stats. so there is an argument is it
9:40 am
really insider trade something not completely because the players still have to perform. and it's not just football it's hockey, baseball, it's golf. so it's very interesting to see for now these two companies have banned the employees from playing. they have been playing on each others sites. >> one guy won $350,000. >> but is it really fair to ban them completely? >> so it's not really regulated >> it's not regulated. i compared it to the teenager that says you didn't say i couldn't go to the party. >> here's the thing let's say we have a contest for something. we are giving away a trip. those of us that wok here can't win it. >> we can't play. exactly. i think in our industry we probably can't play on a lot of other stations and newspaper and television. they are all in the same business. >> so these sites going to take
9:41 am
a hit >> that is a really good question, i don't think so. analysts are saying first of all press is press. we are all talking about it this morning. a lot of people are talking about it this morning. i have never heard of these two sites and now i have. and i see i can win $350,000 if i pick some players. their business will probably go up. >> pam cook probably doesn't listen to sports talk radio where every other ad is draft kings. >> gasia and i are busy moms. we don't have time. [ laughter ] before we get into an argument coming up on mornings on 2 the 9 we're checking in with right this minute. we are look at the clip has will be featured on today's show. >> now you have all day to pick up an egg mcmuffin. >> let's give you a live look into our newsroom. there is the editorial meeting going on that kicks off around
9:42 am
9:30. a couple story yes, sir following -- a couple stories we are following there. chelsey clinton visiting san francisco schools. the 9 is back in a bit.
9:43 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2 the 9. right now one of our favorite segments is talking about what is going to come up on right this minute. we will introduce nick. >> we are just looking for the best stuff for you guys.
9:45 am
the dogs are so happy to seen the owner home and they are wagging their tails and greeting them. that is rogue the little guy. and barry in the background. dad is like hey guys what happened to the doggy bed? did he do this? it's incredible to see the demeanor of the dogs. they change from happy you're home to guilt ridden. the hanging of the heads own the tail starts wagging. what about this epic fail? >> this one you know if you were just driving by just going down the street and you saw this guy right here being towed by a motorcycle, you might say that is kind of the motorcycle rider. what a great guy. or you may think what a lazy
9:46 am
bike rider. down he goes. these two guys had the brilliant idea let's tow the bicyclist up this 11,000 foothill. here's the beauty of right this minute. if you saw that you would say what a lazy bike rider. that guy right there has been riding around the country for two years. he's got a fully loaded bike. on the back he is carrying his dog bigsby along for the ride. this biker thought let's give this bicyclist a break. he was heading up this 11-foot mountain and said i'm going to  be nice but it didn't work out. they got a little slack in the towline there. down mike goes and injured his knee. >> mike get what is he gets. >> you guys have a whole show that is filled up with people's bad decisions. i guess it's not -- you know. >> i'm the guilty one here. i love the fails.
9:47 am
i laugh. i can't help it. i love to see people trip and fall. i can't help it. it's just funny. >> what alabama the dog -- what about the dog? did the dog make that one? >> i'll tell you. because we have plenty more great stuff coming up on 2 at 2:00. the dog landed on its paws like a cat. the dog was not injured. so thankfully bigsby lives to ride another day. mike however is working on his knee. this happened about a year ago. he had to get an mri. he is still injured from this poor decision. >> nick, thank you. by the way nice tease. you're a real pro. tease right this minute coming up at 2:00. you have a future in this business. >> thank you guys. thanks for all of your viewers. you guys have been a tremendous support of our show. we appreciate all the help from ktvu. >> that show is on at 2:00. earlier this morning we
9:48 am
talked about how the upcoming rainy months still effect produce. >> now gasia is looking at the types of fruits and vegetables perfect for your lunchtime menu. >> we are talking about feeding the kids. for the busy moms and dads that want to get the kids to eat healthy lunches, we are joined by bob with taylor farms. thank you for joining us. i wanted to show you what i got from the grocery store. it's an apple. it's a fuji apple but it's the size of a softball. few put this in my sons launch he will take three bites and throw it away. >> we solve that problem for you. now we can put in the kids lunches something that they are going to want to eat in a small portion presliced, easy to eat. either pure granny smiths or grapes and these sliced apples.
9:49 am
the kids seem to really enjoy the red seedless grapes because they are sweet, they are crunchy, and they seem to really like those. >> a lot of people are concerned back in 2012 the federal lunch guidelines changed. and schools started putting more produce, more fruits and veggies in the lunch. they tracked how much of those ended up in the garbage and we are seeing a lot more food being thrown away. the three tips researchers recommend is make the food accessible. that means break it down from a softball size apple into easy -- a kid can pick up three or four out of those and save the rest for later. accessibility is a big, big deal. second of all and you mentioned this could be controversial. they are saying provide a little bit of a dip. peanut butter to go with your apple. cream cheese to go with your celery stick. and you mentioned the peanut allergies is a huge thing. >> some people don't allow
9:50 am
anything with peanuts in the lunchrooms. ranch dips or any sour cream type dip. >> you have to think about the added calories. and third of all the experts are recommending go with the fruits and search guys you know they will -- veggies you know they will eat. you don't want to surprise your daughter with a kiwi. everything i see before me is something my kids are familiar with. >> ha is why we came one the single serve pineapple spheres. as long as you have it refrigerated, it will last well through the noontime. and this has been a huge favorite. >> how are these items preserved? when i cut into this apple at home will will go brown in minutes. how do you keep this fresh? >> apples themselves we use a citrus solution on them which
9:51 am
is totally organic. as long as they are in a vacuum packed bag and processed through the solution there is no issues. >> i know mom and dad you can dip them in lemon juice. if i get a brown apple slice that the boys didn't eat, i will make it into pie. i will use it. i do not throw food away. thank you so much for joining us. get those fruits and veggies into the kids lunches. mike and sal i'm talking to you. >> thank you, bob. thank you gasia. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9 an epic competition of official hair. up next the californians that are coming back victorious in a worldwide beard competition. sal heads up.
9:52 am
hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing sweetie. life is loving nature. wait, where's the... i can't remember... and a place to grow it in. got it.
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spothe good stuff!ves! or the one that does all three! the good stuff! hot sauce! how hot? (both) lava. life is eating take-out at home. dessert! and a home that embraces take-out. happy anniversary. happy anniversary. they are on the holiday wish list of millions of video game players worldwide. a new addition of call of duty and hey low 4 are two of the most anticipated games of the year. they are expected to arrive on store shelves just in time for christmas. through late march. the call of duty franchise sold 175 million copies totaling $11
9:55 am
billion. >> not surprising at all. today is the day many breakfast lovers have been waiting for. mcdomeds will officially roll out its all daybreak fast menu. that means you can grab all of your favorites including the egg mcmuffin, biscuits and hot cakes. and itment cos in response to other restaurants boosting their breakfast menus. mcdonalds began testing the menu until select locations in march and apparently that went really well. >> have you ever had breakfast at mcdonalds? >> yeah a couple times. >> i don't think ever. you? >> i don't think so. if i had the opportunity to have breakfast at mcdonalds i would say at 4:00 in the afternoon, i wouldn't. >> we are dealing with breakfast snobs. >> and you are talking to people who have breakfast very, very early. probably when you're asleep. so for us the breakfast concept. >> i used to do that back in the day. >> i will say -- >> i remember as a kid i got really upset once when my
9:56 am
parents i was about 6 or 7 and my parents said we are going to make breakfast for dinner. i'm like i'm not on board with this. later i love it. >> i've had more of my share of mcdonalds french fries. the future of soft drinks is finally here. if it looks familiar, it should. because you saw it in back to the future part ii. >> really? >> the same soda container the time traveler marty mcfly drinks from the movie. the collectible drink will be available later on this month. pepsi is releasing 6500 bottles online here in the u.s.. and $1 pepsi is $1.50 these day. one of those bottles $20.15 each. >> a little too much. the results are in and golden state has taken home two first place trophies in the world beard and mustache championship in austria. as you can see the competition
9:57 am
was fierce. more than 300 bearded men came from 20 different countries for the hair raising competition. the l.a. times says two men from los angeles won top honors for the best musca tier beard and free style mush tash. >> it has to be hair spray or wham gets it to do the curly q. >> it's that mustache wax. >> i knew he would know it. when it comes to facial hair, sal is your man. thank you for joining us. we'll see you back at noon and talk more about that shooting on the
9:58 am
9:59 am
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. with all due respect. my girls have always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. ♪ >> announcer: now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: yeah! uh


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