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or learn more at . he's a hometown hero. now a decorated air man is hospitalized after a stabbing early this morning. good afternoon. i'mlast year he and two of his friends were honored with stabbing an attacker on a train in paris. now he is injured in what appears to be an alcohol fuelled fight. >> right now, air man stone is at uc davis medical center where doctors say he is in serious condition. sacramento police just wrapped up a news conference with not a
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lot, but some details on what happened. police said it all started with an argument between two groups people who were out at a midtown nightclub, just about 12:45 this morning, officers got a call about a stabbing. they're at 21st and cane streets. stone was found with nonlife threatening but significant stab wounds to the torso. it was the only person hurt. the attackers described by police as two asian men. they got away. investigators say the air man was out with a group of friends, one man, and 3 women. >> this incident is very unfortunate altercation between two groups of folks who were enjoying the night life in midtown sacramento. it is not related to terrorism in any way and we do not believe in any way, we know it is not related to what occured in france months ago. >> police also say there is no indication that the attackers
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actually knew about known. his story made headlines around the world when he and his childhood friends subdued a gunman on a high speed train in europe. stone's hand was severely injured by a box cutter when he took down the gunman, the three were honored by french authorities as well as president obama and with a parade at home in sacramento. police also said the air man is not in any legal trouble because of this incident and his friends are cooperating and gasia, they're looking to see if there is any surveillance video of what happened in the area. >> okay. mike, i'm sure you'll be talking about this with keba coming up on the four. >> we will. major twist in the on going race for the house speaker after the favorite unexpectedly dropped out of the rachlts the abrupt about drawl -- of the race. the ab rubt withdrawal by mccarthy surprised. heading into the closed door
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house republican meeting, majority leader kevin mccarthy appeared optimistic. >> general manager. how is it going to go? >> great. >> just hours later, the california congressman who was the favorite to replace john boehner pulled his name from the race, stunning many, leaving today's vote postponed. >> the one thing i've said to earn this majority was service, we should put this conference first. i think there is something to be said for us to unit, we probably need a fresh face. >> for now, leaving just two other candidates vying for the speaker ship. florida congressman daniel webster and utah representative jason chavez. >> i will support the nominee on the floor and you put your hat in the ring and fight and if you fall short, then you unit. >> chavez, thought to be the underdog promised if thosen he
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would bridge the divide among house republicans. mccarthy's candidacy showed signs of trouble. out of the gate he stumbled when he appeared to link hillary clinton's poll numbers to the benghazi committee and the house freedom caucus made of up 30 to 40 members announced it was backing daniel webster. 218 is the magic number with victory and with 248 republicans in the house, the winner is all but assured to be a gop member much the final house vote is set for october 29th. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. >> here in the bay area, there are new details now in the shooting death of a yoga instructor. sheriff deputies recovered the weapon used in the killing. the suspects were captured hundreds of miles away in portland, oregon. they're being held and interviewed by the county investigators who travelled to
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portland. i've been identified as 24-year-old shawn michael. 23-year-old motorcyclin hayes and leyla scott -- morrison hayes and leyla scott. carter was killed on a walking trail near fairfax earlier this week. they're drifters and caught with the help of surveillance footage and gps system in the car they're accused of stealing. >> we knew to look in all directions. you never know which flight of travel anyone will take. in this case, we located and contacted many gas stations, private businesses and so forth throughout the community and it is because of this effort that we were able to obtain this photograph. >> sheriff deputies are working with portland police to bring the three back to the bay area but it likely won't happen until next week pending a court hearing. police in san hose are on the look -- san jose are on the look out for a suspect who escaped before he was about to
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be booked. it is 30-year-old david juanoy with a thin build with a tattoo on the right side of his neck. two bail bonds men tracked him down and took him into the lobby of the main jail for booking. some how he happened to run away while still handcuffed. he was previously arrested on two felony warrants, bailed out but never showed up in court and is that why bail bonds men were trying to find him. >> he was on bail for two san jose pd cases, one for residential burglary and another for assault with a deadly weapon. bail amount$400,000, each was $200,000. we believe it is important enough to take him back into custody. >> a perimeter was set-up in the neighborhood surrounding the jail. a swat team and k-9 unit searched for several hours. anyone with information about the case is asked to call police. we now know the name of a suspect wanted in connection with the killing of a popular ice cream vend glor oakland.
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police are searching for joevan lopez. he is described as 160 pounds with dread locks the ice cream driver was killed on pearl street on saturday. he crashed into a car after he was shot. they're trying to figure out a motive in the shooting. a former nanny is suing two bay area tech executives claiming she was under paid and harassed. she worked for uber executive cameron poucher and his wife, an executive at air b and b. she accuses the couple of failing to pay her the required minimum wage and claims the husband sexually harassed her. in a statement to the chronicle, they write we're deeply shocked and saddened by these allegations. a bay area rapper is creating a buzz after seen confronting the mayor. he bumped into mayor lee in a
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san francisco coffee shop. take a look. >> you have no heart. the people that live in the city, you're getting them all kicked out of here. you're a part of it and i know you are. >> the rapper was upset about the displacement of people in san francisco due to development. members of the mayor's staff appeared to be close to intervening but in the end they don't. we reached out to mayor ed lee's office for a response on the encounter this morning, we haven't heard the blue angels start their practice and navy ships are ready for tours the they will perform friday through sunday. ship tours start at 9:00 a.m. saturday but today, we got a behind the scenes look on the uss stock tail. >> this is mark 35, 5-inch deck gun and basically this is our primary means of conducting surface warfare so with this
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weapon we can put five-inch projectiles to the horizon. >> for more information about fleet week, head to top executives volkswagon are facing tough questions. the headquarters were raided by investigators what the prosecutors were looking for, next. it is sunny and warm around the bay area we'll have the end of the weekend forecast. the rain stopped in south carolina but more and more people are forced from their homes by flood waters. latest on deadly flooding there and the one piece of good news residents got today. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
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. german prosecutors raid volkswagon offices today. they were targeting documents and data storage devices that might look with the inquiries. it was supporting the investigation and handed over a comprehensive range of documents. meanwhile, volkswagon top u.s. executives facing tough questions on capitol hill. jolene kent has more. >>reporter: nat u.s. house sub committee grilling volkswagon ceo michael horn on thursday.
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this is the emission rigging scandal rocks the world's largest auto maker. >> why you did it, how you did it, when you did it, when you knew who carried this out. >> i want to tell you, mr. horn, i don't buy it. the american people, the epa and their counterparts around the world have been defrauded by volkswagon. the company's word isn't worth a dime. >> the panel is investigating last month's admission that volkswagon had installed on board computer software designed to cheat on u.s. government emissions tests. >> i would like to offer a sincere apology, sincere apology for volkswagon use program that served to defeat the emissions testing. >> they will withdraw applications seeking u.s. emissions certification for the jetta, golfs, passat and beatles with diesel engines.
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they are being stranded at ports giving them no more vehicles to sell. they're working with regulators to get certification. >> we will rebuild the reputation of a company that more than 2 million people world wild including dealers and suppliers to rely upon for the lively hood. >> government prosecutors say they searched the headquarters in germany. the company says it handed over a, quote, comprehensive range of documents that will support the prosecution's investigation. for more on this and all of your top business stories, find fox business on fox in new york, i'm jolene kent. senate democrats are preparing to push for more gun control legislation. the renewed effort comes one week after the mass shooting in oregon. democrats want to expand background checks to cover sales at gun shows and online. they blocked similar legislation after the newtown school shooting with the republicans controlling houses of congress, the democratic effort is not
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expected to be self this time around -- successful this time around either. the gunman last week in oregon shot and killed himself in front of a classroom full of students after two police officers wounded him. they say when officers arrived at the college, they saw christopher harper mercer standing in a doorway. they shot at officers who returned fire. >> one round struck the shooter in the right side. once the shooter was wounded, he entered the classroom again, he went to the front of the classroom and he shot and killed himself. >> investigators say harper mercer was enrolled in a writing class at college and opened fire in the classroom, killing his teacher and a class mate. the fortune -- and eight class mates. the funerals started today and will continue through the weekend. the president is travelling to oregon to meet with the families. he got emotional speaking on the day of the shooting and renewed
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his call for tougher gun legislation. it is not being supported by many people in roseburg despite the shooting. it is about honoring the victims and not about the politics. the president will come to the bay area he is set to arrive at 8:45 tomorrow night. he will attend a private fundraiser for the democratic national committee and saturday, the president will attend a fupd raising concert at war field featuring a musical performance by kanye west. the president will hend to los angeles and san diego to attend private fund raising events. .. the casualties toll on afghanistan may be far worse than expected. they say it was requested saturday by forces under attack by taliban sources. 22 people were killed, including children. the hospital set-up by doctors without borders say 33 patients and staff members are still unaccounted for. the head of the organization is renewing her call for the u.s. government to allow an
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independent investigation. tensions remain high between the u.s. and russia over a conflict, the conflict in syria. defense secretary ash carter is month the officials gathering at nato headquarters. moscow's military intervention in syria is among the main topics of concern. >> nato secretary jennen gathering at lion's defense ministers. it comes as a crucial time as nato is facing crucial center as fighter jets crossed over to turkey over the weekend. >> the violations of turkish air space are unacceptable. >> it is occurring after moscow launched air strikes to syria which they say are against isis. they claim the attacks are focussed on rebels trying to over throw bashar al a sad. they started linking crew missiles into syria some may have hit targets in isis
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territory. >> i call on russia to play a constructive role in the fight against isil. but russian actions and the support to the regime are not helpful. >> they also intercepted drones in the skies overseera and there has been one occasion where they needed to be rerouted to avoid the planes. they operated separately from russia's operation. the nato secretary general announcing an expansion today of the alliances rapid reaction course to 40,000 members. at nato headquarters in brussels, fox news. now to the devastating flooding in the southeastern u.s.. at least 19 people are dead. this morning, the governor of south carolina urged people in some coastal areas to evacuate their homes as water from swollen rivers up stream make its way to the shore. governor nikki haley says it is
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expected in georgetown, paulz island and james town. -- pauleys island and jamestown. the electricity today has been restored to most customers across south carolina. a completely different story here in the bay area where we're looking hoping for rain. >> just a few high clouds paid us a visit for today. it is october, and typically at least some years we're talking about the rain, there is nothing showing up just yet. for us, here is a live camera looking out here. wouldn't it be nice to be on a boat thursday afternoon heading out for a great day on the bay. you can see haze in the distance, higher clouds in the region as well for your thursday afternoon. on the satellite, you've heard about the story out towards the east coast. thankfully the weather pattern completely different for today drying out and here across the state. high clouds moving into northern california and the bay area. that is just about it. temperatures out there, fairly mild. you can see it checking in on
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some of the 12:00 numbers. santa rosea. mid-70's and already 80s out toward walnut creek and concord and san francisco. 71 degrees. it is nice for today. the dry weather pattern will stick around but it will be cooling off for this weekend for saturday and into sunday. this is interesting. yesterday this was a hurricane, now it is called a post tropical cyclone. it will lose the tropical characteristics but it is still a storm. winds at 70 miles an hour and look at this path. you can't see over the next few days friday into saturday, in parts of british columbia and alaska producing heavy rain and strong winds and that will generate swells so definitely a bump up in the waves here locally by friday and the weekend we could have waves approaching seven to 10 feet. here is our forecast model, takes us into friday morning showing low clouds and fog and partly cloudy for the afternoon. clouds can fill back into the bay first thing saturday morning and clearing back into the shoreline, of course, let's keep an eye on the skies throughout
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the weekend. there will be fleet week festivities and blue angels as well. we'll keep can with patchy fog for the morning hours. temperatures for this afternoon, santa rosa vacaville mid-80's. 90 degrees inland. san jose 82 and san francisco very nice, 79. here is your five-day forecast into friday. still a few high clouds out. there just a little bit of a drop off in the numbers into the weekend for saturday and sunday, as you can see there it is spelled out. it looks good and we'll warm things back up for monday and into tuesday. looking pretty good out there and it is always nice to have fleet week in town and hope they'll put on a nice show for us. >> absolutely. every time we talk about fleet week, i have to get my plug for mass transit. take bart. don't think about parking along the water front.
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>> friends have the secret spots that aren't a secret anymore. >> that was 30 years ago, 25, somewhere around there. mark, thank you. still to come, she was so furious but so many people were lau. >> stop drinking my things it is not even food. it doesn't even taste good. >> this woman's reaction after she finds a bear eating her kayak. this is the dawn of an old day. because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today.
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. taking a look at the opening bell. the opening bell kicks off 2015/16 season. they traded in the red for much of the morning but the dow is about to close by more 100 points. s&p 500 up by almost 1%. they closed in the positive with a 20 point gain. come tomorrow, local union members will close on a proposed deal between auto makers and fiat chrysler. the uaw says it the bargaining committee was able to achieve significant gain. union announced the gain after midnight which was the dead line-up the upon set to reach a new deal or possibly go on strike. according to a uaw spokesman, if union leaders approved tentative agreement tomorrow, the uaw will release details and the
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areaification process will begin. the video that has gone viral. a woman tries to reason with a bear after he starts to eat the kayak. >> bear, please stop breaking my things it is not even food! it doesn't even taste good! it is just plastic, bear, please stop. please stop, bear! bear! please stop! please, stop! >> the bear doesn't stop and the woman gets more and more upset because she realizes she might become stranded. eventually she swam out to a boat that took her to shore. if you want to see more of this video, head over to and click on web links. it was a movement that went viral and came with the best of intentions, to help those who want out of an abusive relationship. but the black dot campaign has now been taken down from facebook. today on the four, why some worry the idea to put a black
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dot on the hand is a signal for help could cause more harm than good. how you can help those who are victims with domestic violence. that is coming up on the 4's. thanks so much for making ktvu your choice for news today. follow us on twitter and facebook, have a great day. see you back here for the f [ event concluded ] -- see you back here for the four. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our
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gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: good news. beyonce and jay z have place to live. >> it's even bigger and better. they're renting the old frank mccourt house. van: how would you like to move into the house of the most famous nastiest divorces in the history of los angeles. harvey: catherine turner, michael douglas. van: i was specifically referencing the mccourt divorce. dax: tom hanks is starring in the new sully movie. based on the flight 1549 that went down and landed on the hudson. the first shots of him dressed as sully. van: what a thrilling action sequence that's going to be. harvey: how does it end? mike: he lands. harvey: i know he lands. gary: "american horror story: hotel" is about to premiere.


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