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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 8, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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republican led congress went into chaos when the california congressman stunned everyone and dropped out of the race. >> if we are going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> reporter: good evening and
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thank you for joining us. a shocking decision involving one of the most powerful jobs in the nation. kevin mccarthy has pulled out of the race to replace john baird as john boehner, saying the gop needs a fresh face. ken prichard is here with how a group of 40 conservatives sparked the turmoil. >> reporter: representative mccarthy was the odds on favorite, but he did not think he could win without a damaging fight. the majority leader and he knew it, kevin mccarthy dropped out moments before he was expected to be announced speaker. he said his decision was about the numbers, with 40 members of the freedom caucus supporting daniel webster, who says he
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wants a more inclusive house. >> it does not change what i am running, which is a principle based member driven process. >> reporter: skeletons in his background caused him to withdraw, but he said hillary's poll numbers armed his candidacy. >> this benghazi committee was only made for one truth, - - one purpose, to find the truth for those dead americans. i should not be a distraction for this. >> this was a loss as kevin mccarthy could have delivered the bacon back to the district and back to the state. >> reporter: the infighting that led to his withdraw could have lasting effects and could impact republican control if not take care of soon. >> you are not organized.
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republicans are not in a position to do well in 2016. >> reporter: john boehner says he will stay on until the house picks a new later. >> if it is - - a new leader. we heard from daniel webster already, the you, - - utah congressman jason chaffetz has announced candidacy and there is a baiter - - a greater push to recruit. the obama white house also chimed in and the press secretary said that the administration was surprised by the decision. he told supporters house republicans should team the forces of that small but local group. >> reporter: he has been called an american hero and now he is a crime victim. spencer stone spot - - stopped
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a gunman months ago. now he is recovering from stab wounds suffered in a brawl outside of a bar. noah walker is on the story. >> spencer stone is in serious, but stable position. he is heavily sedated and is recovering from a street fight that almost killed him. it was a - - in order neri night until this surveillance video showed a street fight that did not end until the victim was stabbed and bleeding. another video also captured suspects getting into a car and driving away. the fight just after midnight outside of a sacramento bar put spencer stone into the hospital. stone was one of three sacramento men given the highest honor. they boarded - - thwarted and
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armed terrorist attack and they were hailed as heroes. >> this is not terrorist related or related to the incident months ago. >> he was stabbed three times and his wounds were considered life-threatening before he underwent surgery. >> he has sustained significant injuries and the care team anticipates he will make a full recovery. >> that prognosis may be due to his natural instinct - - instincts. >> he is quite a fighter. >> police are looking for a pair of suspects described as asian men. they fled after a fight in it dark colored car. and his friend tweeted today everybody send prayers out to the stone family today. san francisco animal
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control workers are asking for your help to find a puppy that was stolen from a shelter. an animal care spokesperson - - spokesperson says that louis was taken from the shelter at 2:00 this afternoon, and was available for a job as an option and was taken in his cage. authorities released surveillance photos of a pair of people they want to talk to. one of them accompanied by a young man wearing a white v- neck t-shirt and hatch. - - hat. anyone with information is asked to contact and will control. three young people were arrested for killing a man who was walking his dog on a scenic trail. and he may not be brought back until next week. we gave - - we gave you the mugshots of them. portland police say he has been booked on live different
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locations. the charges involve marijuana, criminal mischief and graffiti. investigators are now in portland, interviewing the three. they are still building a case. and we learned that a gun was found with the suspects when they were arrested. >> it appears we have three lost souls and we are trying to identify exactly what the motivation, state of mind, all of those things are going to come into mind. >> they are looking for any evidence that may have been put away. there is no word yet on the shooting victim services. his dog was also shot on the trail, but the dog is recovering. carter and his wife were staying there to receive cancer treatment. california residents just got new information for the cloud.
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governor brown signed legislation to require law enforcement to get a search warrant before looking at private e-mails, text messages and text data. they introduced the bill. google, and apple supported the measure. google said they have seen a large increase for consumer data over the last year. maine and utah are the only other states to offer these protections. opponents of the new mandatory vaccination law failed to get enough vaccinations on the ballot. the law takes effect next july. some groups say the bill infringes - - infringes on choice. but today the secretary said the opponents only submitted about 230,000 signatures, far less than the 366,000 that they needed. >> the roar of the blue angels
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asked the scene over san francisco. the lead navy flyers are always the highlights. the jets flew in formation ahead of a big heirs - - air show that starts tomorrow. and more on fleet week and a touching tribute tonight. >> the ships that you see out here are some of the most popular parts. and tonight we saw another important tradition. in evening of remembrance dedicated to the fallen heroes in iraq and afghanistan. the first marine division band played a concert in san francisco. >> it is a wonderful way to show that we are not going to lose the memory of those who have given their lives to serve the country. [ music ] >> reporter: they performed
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popular favorites. sailors and marines got a chance to mingle with the crowd and the community got a chance to say thank you. >> and my dad used to be in the navy. it just makes it worth it. >> reporter: and of course the highlights, the blue angels. the hornets come roaring across the sky, with spectators going up and down. the aerobatics were breathtaking. >> things are warming up. they were following each other up in the air and it was awesome. >> reporter: this is the
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somerset, and this is one of six active naval vessels that will be brought here for fleet week. >> weather is certainly a big factor this weekend for the blue angels. >> clouds and fog can certainly be a problem, but organizers expect great weather and hopefully that is the case. >> thank you. here are some of this year's highlights. tomorrow's parade of ships will kick-off the weekend for 11:00. they set off tomorrow, saturday and sunday. organizers promised a family friendly event and art with veterans. tonight, the barracudas and how the coaches son serves as a source of inspiration in the
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locker room. patchy fog, and the friday forecast, what you can expect in your neighborhood. >> a lot of people are alarmed about the housing situation. >> the struggle for affordable housing, and how music is being used to spread the message. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street
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i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. music with a mission
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tonight, the call to support a proposition on the november 3rd ballot, suspension for 18 months as they plan more affordable housing. debra has the concert raising money and awareness for the measure. debra? >> reporter: it is - - will they make the problem that are or worse? the benefit concert was billed as legend. and a celebration of cultural roots. and both sides are stepping up spending to get the messages out. >> we are asking for a delay so we can make a plan. >> reporter: supporters want to hit hard on development like this, selling and renting high.
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i would prohibit multiunit construction unless it is affordable housing. >> we are making sure that neighbors determine the element of housing and not the market. >> a lot of people are getting pushed out of housing and we do not like it. >> reporter: proponents argue that they already have a plan for growth and a construction halt is overkill. >> we hope if they bolt was build a wall, the people will go away. the solution is not to say let's stop building everything, that is exactly the wrong thing to do. >> the changing face of the mission is on full display, young professionals are flooding the neighborhoods. >> there was a discussion about moving in and we have some of those people, we hope that we are giving something back to the community.
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>> reporter: this couple is trying to vote against the moratorium. >> in order to get housing for the crisis we are in, everything needs to elements. >> reporter: yes voters include the many who missed the mission. >> if i cannot afford living here, your children will not have daycare. >> reporter: the battle for the mission, campaign flyers already filling mailboxes. and they are talking about how much housing would be shelved and how much would be lost. and it is always best to do your research. >> great advice, thank you debra. a four-point spread among the top republican presidential candidates, the top three are lyrical outsiders. ben carson follows with 15%. and carly feel when a has 15.
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- - carly fiorina has 13. and about 13% of california republican voters are undecided. a progress report shows problems. they are trying to track the safety of the natural gas system and tom has the details on the report that comes five years after the explosion and fire there. five years after the deadly explosion, the neighborhood still bears the scars of the disaster. since then, they have spent aliens upgrading natural gas and livery systems. >> we are maintaining a system that goes back 100 years. >> reporter: after a report, they still have not peter eyes records and maps showing the exact location, type, and condition of pipelines. >> we have incremented significant improvements to enhance and digitize records
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associated with 6000 miles of pipeline and 40,000 miles of distribution. >> reporter: the report shows that they have failed to restrict operating pressure. >> to me it says they have not changed. they are still trying to do it they are way rather than the legal way and the regulatory way. >> other violations include failing to consider how to properly mark the location of pipes when a third party needs to dig in the area. there was an important silverlining. and the majority of the process has been identified. >> senator hill says silver linings do not make safe pipelines. >> they may be too large to succeed and it may be time to create one gas division, one electric division or move to a
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public utility. >> reporter: the reforming of the neighborhood has taken many years and the rebuilding of trust will take a lot longer. >> a beautiful night this evening, some patchy fog is trying to form, but it is mostly clear. let's take a peek, this was sent in by kim schaffer. this is another shot from clayton. travis sent this in, it was all over the bay area. as you look here, you get a shot from kensington looking back toward the setting sun. tiburon is beautiful. as he looked out driving home, you saw it turn orange. sunset tonight, tropical clouds lingering and missing us, but
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certainly bringing showers up to the northern areas. as we head into friday, 70 degrees at lunchtime, 74 degrees for the daytime high, mid-80s and low 90s inland. around the bay, just like san francisco, upper 70s and lower 80s. friday looks good, saturday, changes. and just know that your friday is going to be great. coming up, 100 pounds of pot goes unnoticed. >> and the sharks minor-league team has just moved to san jose, and tonight, the touching story about the coaches son who has down syndrome. they call him mo and he is their secret weapon. >> the text and who had to defend this hail mary at the half.
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the full story for sports tonight. >> a killer whale plan gets the green light, but with one key restriction. more on that coming up next. tax laws
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seaworld gets the go-ahead for a $100 million expansion of killer whale take us. they approved the expansion to triple the size of the current enclosures. but they are banning the park from breeding. they say the vote ensures that no more organize will be condemned to loneliness, aggravation and misery. they have not captured wild orchids in more than 30 years. jerry brown just signed a bill that will gradually phase out the use of microsoft fis microscopic elastic beads in personal care products.
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they are exfoliants found in soap scrubs that can pass through water treatment plants. the new law allows the use of natural exfoliants. but it and the use of the plastic beads by 2020. a chiropractor has been convicted of sexual battery and faces four years in prison. he was found guilty of a felony involving a 21-year-old patient. he was the owner of good life chiropractic in campbell. he is scheduled for sentencing on october 30th. a family whose 8-year-old daughter was allegedly molested are planning on suing the school and the office of education. the attorney filed claims seeking damages of at least $10,000. they claim that the girl was molested in a - - in a secluded
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part of the campus. he was arrested and faces five felony charges. they claim the school was negligent in how they hired and supervised him. days after his arrest, they discovered the school had also not completed background checks and fingerprint clearances. a man is behind bars in boston, accused of flying out of the airport with 100 pounds of pot. he was arrested at - - last night. an ongoing investigation revealed that he was flying in with a massive amount of marijuana. and police say this drug sniffing dog detected the pot. police did not say how the suitcases went unnoticed. a collision happened late last night when a train struck
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a vehicle. the driver managed to escape and no one was hurt. but this is the sixth craft since august. now the agency is making changes, planning a social media campaign to educate the public with an increased presence of transit police and more enforcement efforts such as warning and citations. and it could cost you more to ride as of next year. they want to raise fair by 50% per trip. daily fees would go up i 50%. and despite record ridership, they have faced a deficit and it is approaching $30 million. volkswagen in the hot seat after dodging admissions - - emissions rules. is a new season with a new home. and it makes the bay area debut. more on that coming up next.
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he is a real inspiration in the locker room who helps to keep the players grounded before and after. the minor-league team has made the move west. they relocated to make the debut friday nights. but as amberly found out, the heart and soul of this team he does not want to escape. >> here we go, here we go. >> reporter: the pace is passed - - fast. and the stakes are high. each player with the minor- league team is looking for a chance to move up and earn a spot on the sharks roster. >> when you are losing or not
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playing well. >> these players have an edge over other teams in the american hockey league. a young man named marley, affectionately known as mode. >> they keep it pretty loose and that is what we need. >> they take care of player gear and the head coach. >> palmer is a fourth generation oakland native. he said he has been bringing his son to work as a hockey coach for 18 years and it has helped marley, now 25 years old, to become more social. >> how do you say that? ice hogs. >> thank you. >> his speech is limited.
10:31 pm
he has down syndrome and is autistic. >> you cannot keep them in the closet, they need responsibility, jobs, to be part of the fabric of the community, and it makes them feel good. >> reporter: two years ago, marley won hearts when he so much - - summoned the courage to seeing the national anthem. >> for him to go out and do that, it took a lot of courage. he is a big inspiration to everyone here. >> reporter: the 25-year-old has taught them appreciation for imperfection. his - - he - - his pleasure is evident and infectious. >> he told me to enjoy the little things in life and not get so caught up in one i have
10:32 pm
and what i don't have. >> that was the first year in a while. i will give mo credit for that one. >> he does a lot without saying much. >> he is a blessing for us. it does more for us than it does for him. >> his places in the locker room and his gift is comfort and camaraderie. >> he's really coming to the crowd around here. around here. >> that story made my night, that was wonderful. i was going up to berkeley, i was on the b team. roy sommer was on the a-team and he was so good, so head over heels better than everyone else and he went on to play in the nhl for a little bit. just seeing him with his son, it is great. >> it is hard not to agree with him, give them something to
10:33 pm
work for and to live for. amber, thank you. >> netflix prices are going up again, they are increasing the standard monthly plan by a dollar. current customers get a break until october of next year. they say the escalating costs of programming is prompting the increase. at&t is launching wi-fi calling for iphone. customers with last year's models can start making calls with wi-fi. it can be useful whenever there is a week signal or you are in a no coverage area. the dow rose 138 points to close above 17,000 and the nasdaq was a 19. the rally was sparked by the release of minutes from the last meeting showing that they remain hesitant to raise interest rates. the search is on for a man
10:34 pm
who left his daughter behind after crashing his vehicle during a police chase. they just released a picture of the 29-year-old, when police tried to stop him he drove off and crashed in east oakland. then the passenger ran away, leaving his injured six-year- old daughter in the car. police say he agreed to surrender but to do not show up. he is now wanted for evading police and abandoning his daughter. a driver was able to walk away from a crash after her car plowed into a bacon office. the woman drove her car through a vacant office and damaged the wall it shared with an adjoining bank of america branch. luckily no one was hurt, but the cause of the crash is still under investigation. a subcommittee grill the
10:35 pm
head of volkswagen about his companies deliberate cheating on smog tests. the hearings are in response to last month's admission that they had installed on board computer software designed to provide false data on government admissions tests. the ceo offered an apology today. and house members were not satisfied. >> i do not buy it. the american people, the epa and the parts around the world have been defrauded by volkswagen. the company's word is not worth a dime. >> i would like to offer some - - sincere apologies for volkswagen's use of a program that serve to defeat their regular emissions testing receipt - - regime. >> reporter: at the hearing started on the same day that they rated volkswagen headquarters and other
10:36 pm
documents, seizing data storage vices. storage property recovered after a break-in at a south bay drone store. the suspects stole $5000 worth of merchandise last month, that includes an ipad, act packs and a small drone. earlier this week, they were arrested for roles in the burglary. they are both in jail and will be arraigned later this month. calm and cool, when every second counts. the emotional reunion between and 911 dispatcher and a bay area couple in our life and death situation. >> what are we going to see on saturday and sunday? >> i will let you know which day will be the warmest. of fire scorches about five acres. ♪
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a wildfire in the south bay is being investigated as possible arson. san jose firefighters said they responded to three different fires just after 4:00. each fire appears to have been started at slightly different times. fire officials say the flames burned about 5 acres. and investigators from the sheriffs office and arson unit are working to establish the cause. a recent audit could mean bad news for san jose golfers. two of the courses are operating in the red. an audit showed they are losing money, costing the city about $2 million per year. the third course is the only
10:40 pm
one making money, bringing about $100,000 per year. they could be converted for other uses such as a soccer field or even for softball. get into the halloween spirit. there are plenty of fun events in the bay area this weekend. here is rosemary. >> it is october. in 2016 is underway. and the 25th annual san francisco celebration includes a tour, a festival and the highly anticipated blue angels. the air show starts at 12:30. also, the oldest italian american parade will fill the streets on sunday. the parade starts at 12:30 and will move to washington square. the art and wine festival
10:41 pm
is happening this weekend, it features artwork, live entertainment, microbrews, food and entertainment. and how about some country fun in fremont? harvest corn, enjoy magic shows, auld - - old-time music and crafts at the stork farm, with a train and can patch. tickets are $6 for children and $10 for adults. the bacon in brew event returns this saturday from 11:00 until 5:00. tickets are $10 for adults and children 12 and under are free. and the radars are hosting the broncos. - - the raiders are hosting the broncos. a long weekend in store and how long it will last. >> a 911 dispatcher walked a
10:42 pm
couple through life-saving cpr on the phone. get the best deals.
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now to a special meeting in the south bay, for a dispatcher in the man whose life she helped save. the dispatcher helped the man's wife perform cpr after he went into cardiac arrest. his new 911, what is the address of the emergency? truck she worked as a public safety dispatcher over 25 years. she has assisted with countless police, fire, and medical calls. but a call in august she will never forget. >> i was part of the chain of survival and my part helps. his wife made the call, she was the first bar in the chain of survival. >> reporter: she was the calm voice on the other end when she
10:45 pm
called 911 after her husband collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. >> the thought of not having him year, it was unfathomable. i did not want to go there. >> reporter: cheryl did not know cpr. so she was walked through the critical moments before fire and paramedic crews arrived. >> he was not reading. >> reporter: having the first responders get here so fast and being so close to the medical facility i think saved my life. >> i met my patient and his wife. that meant something to me. to me. we are tracking the temperatures that you had
10:46 pm
today, pretty nice, it warmed up, tomorrow is going to be a lot like today and the numbers that i show you here are the numbers that you are going to show tomorrow. - - see tomorrow. and i think we see this in livermore and antioch. those numbers should be a couple of degrees cooler. the rest of the city, san francisco and oakland will be right about there. maybe a degree or two cooler. looking at the flags, they are barely blowing. more beautiful sunset shots. it was that kind of night, shots from all over the bay area coming in. and you can see some other pictures here. it was nice when this son got along the horizon here, everything just turned orange. it's a beautiful night out there. and some of you were saying
10:47 pm
it's like being in the tropics. that's what we said, a lot of moisture coming from the old hurricane. a moist atmosphere makes for a good read sunset. there is the atmosphere, it is cloudy out there. current numbers, 70 degrees in fairfield, 77 degrees in livermore, that is what cloud cover will do, it will hold the heat in. the overnight low will be in the middle 50s and upper 50s, chilly at night in the north bay. the pressure center stays put tomorrow, drops off a little bit, and tomorrow will be very similar. saturday it nudges south. clouds come in and the main impact of temperatures will cool down. the forecast model tries to bring in some fog. and i think we will see some patches elsewhere. there are your 90s, your reds, exactly what we've got today.
10:48 pm
80 degrees in fairfield and walnut creek, fire danger is reasonable for this time of year. along the coast, patchy fog in the middle and upper 60s. saturday temperatures will trend off a little bit and on sunday, they come up a little and on monday and tuesday, the come up a little. and i cannot get over the sunsets. >> there are so many more. >> you asked for it. it is that kind of night. >> really nice, thank you bill. we will be back in three minutes with the sports director. and first, the search for a black bear that wandered right into a california neighborhood. more on that coming up next. stay with us, we will be right back.
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nature invaded the los angeles suburbs when a large bear was seen snooping - - sleeping. he went over to the homeowners pool and took a drink before he ran away. people searching for the bear have not found it yet. that incident was only half a mile away from another one.
10:52 pm
and a french bulldog chased away bear cubs from his house. they've got tears in that neighborhood, watch out. >> let's talk about the baseball playoffs. >> a lot going on, we've got the one and done. and the really serious starts. it's not long ago that the kansas city royals were the underdogs. kansas city is now so last year, replaced by the astros, watch the groundskeeper. he is rolling out the scarf, he is like settle down, guys, and it's 3-1 for the astros after a break. henry morel is with his second home run of the game for the royals. those were both solo shots. and a houston hero is starting
10:53 pm
to emerge. colby took that big home run against the yankees and ryan got himself a solo shots. he got a series lead and the final. and the astros are still waiting for one of those final pitch encounters. toronto has been waiting since 1993 for any kind of pitch in the post season. and remember carter? no drama in that long awaited return to baseball. and josh, the mbp, blasted here on the fourth play at second base. he stayed in for a little while and later left. he could be back for game two. two on texas, and robinson is adding to it. he clubbers a shot off david
10:54 pm
price, now 1-6, with a 4.79 era. texas at the six, he is weighed down for the solo shot and they are down 4-3, everyone is pumped up. but he just sculpted to the right, again off price, 5-3 is the final, 1-0, rangers lead. and i thought matt half - - hassle back retired years ago. he takes them to victory, a 40- year-old getting a chance to play because andrew luck was out with assault - - a shoulder issue. before the half, brian, even at 42 yards, has it. the colts still lead 13-10. and he was doing that in college ball last year. frank gore, 98 yards, his best as a cold, 98 yards rushing.
10:55 pm
20-10 in the fourth quarter, 20- 17. here is hassle back and johnson had a couple of touchdown catches tonight. 18 out of 29, two touchdowns, no interceptions with luck right now. are you tired about hearing the 40 niners and colin kapernick talk about another unpopular quarterback? peyton manning is going to be open come sunday afternoon. they had a good half against him last year, but manning was now to let - - directed with nine consecutive rate wins - - wins and five touchdown passes. sacked 10 times in four games, he is not putting the blame on his offense. >> i've got five guys fighting for me. at the same time, i do not think it is a test, to see how long they can hold up in pass rotation.
10:56 pm
i have always been concerned about being sure that i am doing my part to help the offensive line. the idea is to work together. >> the warriors are in big trouble. everybody is gunning for them and look at green down the line. taking on the rim, 14 points left from green, this time returning the favor with curry returning to the five points tonight. 22 points for the blazers. paul was there, and the worriers lose by 17 points. >> thank you mark. before we go, a late development involving those three people arrested for killing a hiker. san francisco police say that they will be charged with the killing of a young woman found shot to death in golden gate park last weekend. they found property of that woman in possession of the
10:57 pm
suspects including a backpack from internet. and they attended a concert in the park there last weekend. more on that coming up tomorrow morning.
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