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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 10, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] wiy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. the 10:00 new zone ktvu fox news starts now. hello, san francisco.>> president obama with a brief stop in san francisco for a fundraiser, taking aim at the republicans. i am heather holmes.
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president obama is enjoying a high job approval rating. he had a little fun while fundraising. he shared billing with kanye west, which made for a very lively mix of fans and commentary. deborah villalon is in the newsroom with how it went over. >> it was quick. the president spent 20 minutes, and then jetted off to more fundraisers. while here, he was relaxed and spent time we're being what he calls grumpy republicans.>> why are they so grumpy?>> reporter: the president reminded the crowd he inherited two wars, financial collapse, and bin laden on the lose.>> according to them, those were the good old days. the golden years. then i came in and messed it up.>> reporter: humor from the president. then entertainment from kanye west, who came on afterwards and performed for an hour.
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he and the president did not share the stage so did not banter about whether west will make it to the west wing. >> i have decided to run for president in 2020.>> up presidential ambition he announced that an award show. the president talked about gun reform and in other -- immigration and his own future.>> it doesn't mean i stop working on these issues. i'm just getting started. we're going to be working side- by-side. you're going to have to stay active and involved. not just add events -- at events like this where kanye is.>> reporter: people paid between up to 10,000 -- up to $10,000 for tickets.>> each time i see him, it inspires
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me.>> reporter: best the president's energy he is talking about. the kardashian west family simply strolled up, much smaller entourage. for some, the headliner.>> we are here to see kanye west.>> if he free sales -- freestyles with kanye, i will like that.>> it is a good opportunity to see an artist we are a big fan of while supporting a political movement>> america's greatness comes from opportunity.>> reporter: california's voters give the president a 60% approval rating. 15% higher than nationally. west led his music speak and did not comment on politics. perhaps not wanting to upstage the leader of the free world.>>
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this is a party that stands for the idea that everybody deserves an equal shot.>> reporter: obama encouraged the crowd to keep democrats in office.>> that is what is at stake. that is why i need you to be part of this process and team. i love you, san francisco. let's get to work.>> those who attended the pun -- fundraiser also got a surprise warm-up act. stephen curry and the warriors carrying their championship trophy. the president will golf tomorrow in san diego, then head back to washington. that new poll shows the approval rating is at its highest level in more than two years. the poll surveyed registered voters and found that 60% approved of the job the president is doing while 33% disapprove that is up a bit from a year ago when his rating in california was 45%. the president is popular in the
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bay area with a 72% approval rating. those numbers are sharp contrast to the national job approval rating, which stands at 45%. 50% disapprove of his performance. from hosting the president to hosting military ships, fleet week is in full swing in san francisco. we were on the waterfront as the blue angels took flight over san francisco bay.>> reporter: next craned, cameras out. eyes and lenses to the sky. the blue angels performed their aerial acrobatics above the bay. >> i love the energy and the sound of the planes. it is brilliant what they do.
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>> reporter: drawing gasps from the crowd and inspiring future generations. >> you want to be a pilot someday? >> yes. >> would you be scared? >> no. not really.>> reporter: the performances one of the main attractions of fleet week, the celebration of the navy submarines, and coast guard. >> it is our 15 minutes of fame. we love it. you go to the stores and everybody comes up to you and say thank you for your service. >> reporter: the more than 2000 service members are here to work, too.>> while we celebrate, we also take the opportunity to train. that is what's different about fleet week. >> reporter: earlier in the week, agencies practice disaster drills. >> they showcase capabilities they have in the event of a disaster. >> reporter: as the skies roared this afternoon, crowds were more focused on stunts
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then disaster. and with good reason. >> i try to be here every year. it is always a show, a beautiful show.>> reporter: if you missed the show today, you can catch it again tomorrow. another air show starts at 12:30. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2news.>> tomorrow's show will be the third and final for fleet week. the blue angels will perform around three. there is also a fleet fast where you will find food and art by veterans. the navy ships are docked at various spots along the waterfront and are open for tours through monday. let's check in with mark tamayo to see what the weather will look like tomorrow.>> waking up this morning in san francisco, you looked at a solid deck of overcast and fog. a little nervous, but the clouds cleared out.
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the fog will be regrouping first thing in the morning. on the satellite, a few high clouds approaching the bay area, but that is about eight. underneath,'s patchy fog will regroup offshore and push locally back into the bay. our forecast model will put this in motion in the morning hours. there's the fog of the coast and around the bay itself toward san francisco, a few patches around oakland. patchy fog making a comeback. it could be locally shallow. that will reduce the visibility stop pushing us into the afternoon hours with patchy fog on the shoreline. that should break up over san francisco. here is the forecast for tomorrow. some morne fog -- morning fog. temperatures mainly in the 60s. by 3:00, 70 in san francisco with clouds mixing into the afternoon hours. the forecast should pan out as you head into your forecast for
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sunday. we will look at the five day in a few minutes and a few changes coming up. developing news that we are following in south lake tahoe where a plane has crashed into a home. officials at the faa says the plane went down just after takeoff from lake tahoe airport. there were two on board. as you can see, when the plane crashed, it started a fire. crews were able to quickly extinguish it. we don't know if anyone on board were hurt and we don't know if anyone on the ground was hurt. both the faa and the ntsb are investigating. we will bring you more information on the crash as soon as it is available. in the bay area, a rowan oak park man has been arrested for planting two homemade bombs on a golf course in the north a. -- north bay.
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a bomb squad from the university of california detonated one of the bombs found late this morning on the 18th green. a second device was found but it had been detonated overnight. the golf course was evacuated as soon as they were found. no one was hurt. kevin hornbuckle was arrested on charges related to possession and manufacture of a descriptive -- descriptive device. a suicide billion -- barrier is being built and will go out to bid tuesday. the construction from will be chosen by mark. the design -- march. the design calls for cable nets reaching out 20 feet from the bridge. it should cost about $76 million and take three years to complete. or the 1400 people have jumped to their death since the bridge
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opened in 1937. jerry brown has signed legislation restricting the use of antibiotics on livestock. the law will prohibit farmers from administering to them -- them to healthy animals. livestock can develop resistance to antibiotics, increasing chances of infection. the cdc says the overuse of antibiotics in animals is to blame for many foodborne illnesses and 23,000 deaths each year. jerry hill of san mateo sponsored the legislation.>> there is a study in the united kingdom that said by 2050 if we don't do anything more people will die from antibiotics than from cancer. it is a serious problem. this legislation is the first in the country, hopefully it will set a path for the rest of the nation. their antibiotics could only be used on animals under the care of a veterinarian.
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the law goes into effect 28. the tobacco industry is taking aim at a ordinance that raised the minimum cigarette age to 21. lawyers representing attack by co--- tobacco outlets have sent letters saying that the state's minimum age preempts the new law. it also said if the law is not rescinded, the group will ask the deeds -- district attorney's office to take action. officials are looking into the matter. bay area police are giving hope to victims of domestic violence. handbags of hope was held today . associations teamed up to collect handbags to be distributed to women escaping domestic valley -- violence. it is part of the kids national campaign called handbag hope
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across america. it is effort to uplift and encourage women living in domestic violence shelters all across the country.>> so they can attempt to normalize themselves or at least get back on track. it is something to show that there are people that care. >> more than 80 handbags were selected in san francisco. the handbags of hope campaign began nearly 10 years ago at a women's shelter in dc. it is a night that shark fans have been waiting for. first home game of the new season. thousands headed to the shark tank in san jose to catch the open them -- opener against the ducks. the lines stretched all the way around the building as fans waited for the doors to open. we spoke to some shark fans who are expecting great things this year from the team.>> i know they made a lot of changes, coaching changes, and they have a lot of new players.
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it seemed like they really did well. i think a lot of fans are encouraged. >> we will have the highlights coming up later. a highly organized crime ring operating within the internet. see how companies are working to fight back against the dark web. a rally for peace in turkey turns deadly. who is behind the explosions that left nearly 100 people dead? from state to local levels, see the most recent steps taken to prevent campus shootings across california.
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california now has a new cat -- concealed weapons ban. the ban applies to k-12 schools as well as college campuses. firearms are already banned on those facilities, but this fall extensive to concealed weapons, requiring anyone with a weapon to stay 1000 feet away from a school or college campus. retired law enforcement officers who are authorized by their agencies to carry weapons are exempt. money is being ported to preventing school shootings. a spokespersons for the uc system says $17 million has been spent to beef up security at its 10 campuses.
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>> a spokeswoman says that each of the 23 campuses have a strategy based on size and location. california's community college system is the only group not required to have a shooting plan in place. it is the nation's largest higher education system. to turkey and the death toll in the capital city, arising to at least 95 today. 200 others were injures -- injured. we have more on what is behind the attacks.>> reporter: the blast happened during a rally of activists in turkey. according to witnesses, the attacks happened within seconds of each other. and explosion was captured on camera.>> the rally called for an end to the violence of turkish security forces. the peace process between the two new groups -- groups broke
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down because of the surge in violence. the turkish prime minister condemned the attack.>> this attack was carried out against our country and all people. this attack was carried out against democracy. >> reporter: officials have been on alert after turkey agreed to take a more active role in the battle against isis. turkey opened up its basis aircraft to launch air raid on the extremist group and syria and carried out a limited number of strikes on the group itself. the leader of turkeys policy says those responsible will be brought to justice.>> those who are in favor of peace, we will win this. you can remain calm. we are in great pain and anger, but we have the strength and the courage to bring them into account.>> reporter: the turkish government has declared three days of mourning and a
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media blackout prohibiting broadcasters from showing scenes of the explosion and aftermath. benjamin hall, fox news. another side of relations between the us and cuba warming, flights landing in the caribbean nations -- nation. planes land today 90 miles east of havana today. relations have improved since last december when diplomatic ties are restored with raul castro. the 20th anniversary of the million man march. demonstrators were out in force on capitol hill. this time, the message was about more than equal rights. republicans looking to replace john boehner find a new speaker of the house. that searches become tougher than many imagine. the latest next.>> a few high
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clouds in the bay area right now and patchy fog regrouping overnight. when 90s return and the one day we could be tracking showers in your five day forecast.>> engage in, unique, fun --
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republicans are scrambling to regroup on -- after mccarthy's withdrawal as house speaker. there is no -- new pressure for paul ryan to step up to the plate even though he does not want the job.>> reporter: the congressman who has found himself at the center of this leadership vacuum is spending the weekend far away from washington with his family in wisconsin. paul ryan has said his wife and children are a huge part of the reason he would not want the job as demanding as speaker of
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the house. divisions in the party also make the job unappealing. the next speaker will have to unite republicans in the freedom caucus. many believe if anybody can do it, it is paul ryan. he is facing enormous pressure to run, even from potential candidates. >> i am a huge fan of paul ryan. i would support him and hope he would do it. >> he has perspective all of us, even the ones who won't vote for him. he is reasonable and it is that rational thinking that will cause him to be a candidate that he will run and bring us together. >> he would be an amazing speaker. he has got to decide on his own.>> ryan still says he is not running. a spokesman said, chairman ryan appreciates the support from his colleagues but he's still not running for speaker. privately, members of congress say he may be reconsidering.
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a show of unity on the national mall on the 20th anniversary of the million man march. thousands of african americans met to mark the anniversary of that gathering. it was a return to washington -- washington for louis farrakhan, who spearheaded the original margins -- addressed the crowd today. >> it is critical for us to say that we are citizens. and we are still trying to get civil rights while at the same time we are denied human rights. >> farrakhan called for more responsibility in the inner- city, calling the black lives
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matter the next leaders of the civil rights movement. gov. brown just signed the voter act which eligible -- registers eligible voters when they get their driver's licenses or renew them. critics say automatic registration could lead to voter fraud if people who are not eligible are registered. gov. brown vetoed several bills, including one authored by david hsu which would have increased funding for low income housing credit. there >> a worldwide problem with high-stakes. we will tell you how much money companies are spending to fight hackers and cyber criminals.
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bill cosby was questioned about a decades old molestation cannot -- case. he was disposed -- deposed as part of all lawsuit when he was accused of molesting a 15-year- old girl in 1974. some of the deposition could become public>> on december 22, 2015, judge harlan will take these concerns into account when he makes a further decision regarding which portions of the transcript of the depositions should remain sealed and which portions, if any, should be made public.>> judy half, the accuser, is one of 50 women who have claimed sexual abuse by cosby. he has denied the allegations. it costs the global economy
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$1 trillion every year. cyber attacks by crime rains -- rings continue to happen. we have an exclusive look at the dark web. >> reporter: fake passports, drugs, credit card numbers all for sale on the dark web. so, too, are the people needed to launch cyber attacks.>> you can get passports, id cards.>> reporter: this is one of many researchers who make up a group working undercover in web forums and discussion boards where cyber attacks are born.>> my purpose is to understand what criminals were talking about, who they are planning to attack, how they are planning to do it.>> reporter: ibm says anonymity allows cyber hackers -- cyber criminals to recruit
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hackers. caleb barlow is the vp of ibm security. he says corporations need to share information to combat his attacks.>> that is not what happens. if someone finds out about the attack, information is held privately. maybe it is shown -- shared with their customers. it is not shared on a global basis.>> reporter: that is why this database has been launched, keeping track of the 15-20,000,000,000 attacks a day against customers. data sharing is not without risks.>> the good thing is everybody can learn from anybody else's mistakes. the bad thing is that sometimes an attacker can also know when they have been detected and when they have not. >> reporter: allowing the criminal to alter their attack, a reminder that in cyber war, we are all equally vulnerable.>> something that is affecting a small clinic in germany today may affect a very large bank in missouri
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tomorrow.>> reporter: ibm believes the bad guys are organized and corporations need to work together. brian yanez, fox news. new york's top cop caught a young pot smoker by surprise. the police commissioner entertain lawyers as he talked about his in corner -- encounter with a schoolgirl smoking pot. he and his security detail followed the scent of marijuana and found the girl puffing away on the street corner.>> my officers came out, i came up on the other and tapped her on the shoulder. she looked over. i wish i had a photograph of that face. she instantly recognized me.>> i bet she did. she through the but in the sewer.
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the young schoolgirl did not get a ticket. the commissioner let her go with a pretty stern warning. people in south carolina working to clean up after historic floods. the major rains have passed. see the worries of officials in that state. the fog gave way to a beautiful afternoon and night. what can we expect tomorrow? markel have a look at what you can expect for the weekend.
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a tree came crashing down in north beach neighborhood on columbus avenue. it struck overhead wires used by the mta. look at the large traffic snarl
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in the middle of the road. no one was hurt. this tree was one of nine scheduled to be removed by the city over the next few months. now the south carolina, where the flood ravaged state received more rain after the historic flooding. janice dean tells us there are concerns about the strength of the dams in the issue of state -- safe drinking water.>> reporter: the river of misery continues for south carolina.>> water was up to the door. they had to take a boat to go to the door to help me get in there. i still got soaking wet.>> reporter: more rain hit the palmetto state saturday, making recovery guilty -- difficult. nikki haley is promising the state will recover.>> this is what south carolina's heart and soul looks like. i remind you that as we go through this in the -- as the
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days get longer, we will get through this. >> reporter: president obama has ordered federal aid for south carolina. as rivers continue to rise, close attention is being paid to the dams in the state and clean drinking water.>> there are 20 dam breach is to date. these include the 129 dams now being monitored. i understand that some are regulated and some are not. our job is to check on concerns. we're watching the public and private water systems.>> reporter: the governor says there have been 850 rescues as a result of historic flooding. the system producing rain will be gone sunday, and drier conditions are in the forecast for the rest of the workweek. i am janice dean for fox news. in the bay area, we had
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some fog this morning, but lots of sunshine this afternoon. parts of the shoreline lingering. temperatures ranging from the beaches, lots of 70s in pacifica. the warmest locations were in the mid to upper 80s. a very nice saturday afternoon across the region. a few high clouds paying a visit as well. let's put the satellite into motion. high clouds moving in over the past three hours. below them, patchy fog regrouping for overnight. some of the current numbers, santa rosa checking in at 61 degrees. a fairly pleasant saturday night. here is our live camera looking toward san francisco. a nice saturday night out there. a fog regroups overnight near the coast in the bay. we will do it all over once again for your sunday forecast.
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monday and tuesday, definitely a pronounced warm-up. tuesday will be the hottest day of the week. >> football for tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny skies. temperatures will be in the 70s. a heads up for anyone visiting the coast, we have a mixture of swells and a lot of water churning off shore. a high risk of rip currents. keep that in mind if you're visiting the short tomorrow. overnight lows in the 50s in santa rosa. santa rosa 55. once we get fogs near the coast -- ponder the coast to start out sunday morning. an area of low pressure towards baja approaching our coastline by late tuesday into wednesday. as a result by that time frame we could be talking about high clouds in the possibility of showers approaching the bay area for tuesday night and
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wednesday. tomorrow, most areas cool off a little bit but not too much. we will have morning fog clearing near the shoreline. into monday and tuesday, we talked about that warm-up. tuesday will be the hottest day of the week that will translate to some mid-90s inland and mid- 80s around the bay. here is our forecast model showing you this. patchy fog on the coastline tomorrow afternoon. that will take us into monday and tuesday looking pretty good, warming backup. look at tuesday night, increasing high clouds. we could be talking about a slight chance of a shower as we head into wednesday. temperatures for tomorrow as you can see, lots of 80s. walnut creek, 83. oakland, mid-70s. these temperatures about the same as today. san francisco, fog in the morning with skies becoming partly sunny for the afternoon hours. here's a look ahead at your five day forecast. monday, tuesday, you like those days, but fire danger.
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slight chance of showers into wednesday. the next five days, some models hinting at an active weather pattern. rainfall about a week from now is still a ways out. there's obviously some confusion with that.>> we at least like the possibility. >> did you go on the roof and see a little bit of the blue angels?>> it was great. i was nervous about the fog, but it cleared up. right conditions out there.>> looks good, sounds good. it is college football saturday. we have a thriller to tell you about. an undefeated season and their biggest test yet against utah. sports wrap is next with bill fonzi.
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fox two sports wrap starts now. good evening. welcome to the saturday night edition of sports wrap. it was a battle of the last two unbeatens as salt lake city took on utah. this game was supposed to provide a spotlight for jared goff. he was on the money with this play. officials -- cal had a hard time holding onto the football. utah has a great running back in boeker. you get it's away the line of scrimmage and runs for a score, 10-7 utah. the bears were burned by big play, travis wilson with butler
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running three. that is a 54 yard play, 17-10 utah. cal may have had control of this game, but not for all turnovers. another utah touchdown right before halftime. the bears went to the locker room trailing by a touchdown. in the third quarter, the bears pull within three. tray watson finds the end zone from 4 yards out, 27-24, utah. cal had a chance for a last- minute drive but through an incomplete and loses by score of 30-24. goff had five interceptions. san jose state trailing unlv with a minute left to play. kenny potter with the past to tyler urban. 21 yards for the score. unlv kicked a late field-goal and sent the game into
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overtime. urban muscles his way into the end zone from 2 yards out. san jose state celebrates a 33- 27 when, the spartans three, the spartans 3-3 overall. on both the pro and collegiate level, jim harbaugh has a reputation as a football team fixer. he is only enhancing that reputation at his alma mater. harbaugh also has the reputation for this, not afraid to put his emotions out there in the open. the wolverines in northwestern, a couple of rain teams. this was no contest. 21-0, the wolverines get a. tim lewis. lewis takes a back 37 yards for a touchdown. michigan throws a 38-0 shutout. urban meyer and the top team in the country, ohio state, getting all they wanted today for marilyn. they were tied at 21. cardale jones found marshall running free. at


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