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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 12, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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monday, october 19. i'm bryan floor residence. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us on this monday morning. thes going to be a hot one. >> for most. that is correct. >> like 9 0ás. >> yes, for many. >> i'm going to go with it. we want to know. we need to know. you know how to dress. >> it doesn't last long. at least the nights are a little longer. they do get into the 50s here. so it does cool off a little bit. overall, lots of sunshine today. warm to hot tomorrow. we will see an increase in high clouds to the south which will throw higher humidity. a little bit of fog down towards santa cruz. since i'm little, there's just
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not many much. a pretty interesting low. now moving off, it's on its way northward. it will start to spin in some clouds tomorrow. today, it's 50s and 60s. a couple of low 50s. napa and santa rosa. fifty and 51. any breeze now. i wouldn't expect much to develop. much later in the week will come in for probably the weekend to cool us off. i doubt we get any rain out of it. we'll keep an eye on that. it's possible we could get some out of this guy tomorrow and wednesday. more on that in ten minutes. eighty os and 890 9 0ás. we're hoping, steve. thank you i don't very much. traffic is pretty quiet, and it may not stay this way. steve and a, our optimism aside. i have a foaling it's going to get a little busier as you drive on the east bay freeway. a 17-minute drive.
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taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic here is looking pretty good as you come out to the toll plaza, and no trouble on antioch to concord freeway. highway 46789 traffic looks good from 680 all the way to the walnut creek interchange. and here is a look at some of the top stories. if you have a flight on southwest today, you're being told to print out your boarding pass from home and arrive at the airport two hours early. southwest airlines says hundreds of flights have been delayed by technical problems. the airline says it's using back-up systems so check in traveler who is don't have printed or mobile boarding passes. iranian officials say washington post reporter has been found guilty. details about the verdict have not been released. he has been held in iran for # months.
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a cyclist was killed after being hit by a muny bus. it happened yesterday everyone aon market and first. alex salve is live to tell us what police say happened. alex savidge. >>reporter: good were monthing. the man who was killed yesterday afternoon was not riding in one of the marked bike lanes here on market street. instead, he was out in the middle of the street. that is why he -- where he fell from his bike and was hit by that muny bus. the bicyclist got his tires stuck in a steel track, one of the ones used by the streetcars here in san francisco. his bike stopped and he tumbled off. this happened after 3:00 sunday afternoon. the entire street was shut down as san francisco police came in and gathered evidence and pieced together the accident. investigators say the bicyclist who died is a 48-year-old man whose name has not
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yet been given out publicly. others who ride market street, other bicyclists say they sometimes don't ride in the bike lane because there are so many hazards. cars turning, doors opening, people stepping off the curb. sometimes cyclists feel like the center of the road is a bit safer. >> the goal is to try to stay safe. they better know what buses they are and which way they are turning and what the traffic ahead and behind them in. i don't you have to be aware at all times in every direction. >> it's very dangerous over here at market street. >> now, the pass senniers who onboard that muny bus at the time of the crash. they were taken off and put on another bus. they were interviewed by police to figure out what people saw before the crash. there is also surveillance video, we're told, from some of the other coaches that were on market street at the time. also some nearby businesses. san francisco police are figuring that video will help tell them what took place
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yesterday afternoon. the muny driver involved has a year experience on the job. he was tested for drugs and alcohol. results have not been made public as of yet. this is muny's second fatality of the year. and the san francisco so far is 23. of course, here in the city, they have a goal vision vision zero. and they talked about it quite a goal is to end a traffic. bring them to zero by 2024. this is an unfortunate accident here especially for the family of this man who was killed yesterday. >> indeed. >> all right, alex savidge. thank you very much. police say a man who abandoned his daughter after a police chase. i told you about this story. twenty-nine-year-old turned himself in to oakland police yesterday. he was transferred into the custody of san leandro police. he ran off after a
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high speed crash on oakland on thursday. he left his six-year-old daughter who was injured in the crash. she is expected to make a full recovery. the three former santa clara county jail correctional officers charged with the murder of an inmate are due back in court tomorrow. rafael rodriguez and matthew ferris are scheduled for a plea hearing. they were arrested last month on charges of beating an inmate, michael ty areree to death. the three have each posted $1.5 million bail and face possible life sentences if convicted. federal investigators are look into what caused a plane crash in south lake taloe and killed two people on the weekend. the single engine beach bonanza crashed saturday evening killing the two people onboard. records show there were 41-mile- per-hour wind gusts at the time of the crash. the accident has heightened the fares of some people in the area. >> it's nerve- racking to leave here and know that planes are dropping
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on the regular basis. >> i have been told it's a difficult area to fly especially if you are not real experienced or if the conditions are really hard. >> the national transportation safety board says it will review data recorders, work with the plane's manufacturer, and analyze the scene to determine the cause of the crash. the eldorado county sheriff's office has not been able to identify the victim. a tree in san francisco's north beach is slated to be removed. instead, it feel into the street. it happened saturday morning on columbus avenue. it's a big tree there. the ficus tree hit overhead muny wires. no vehicles were damaged, and no one was hurt. a spokeman for julie christiansen saw it happen. he testimonies bay city news that the tree was one of nine scheduled to be removed in the next few months. christianson is working with the city to insure the trees are removed quickly. los angeles has passed the toughest earthquake retrofit law in the country. the sweeping legislation requires
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about 15,000 buildings in the city be retrofitted to better bit stand violent shaking. property owners of wood frame or soft story buildings as they are calmed will have seven years to do the work. owners of concrete buildings will have 25 years to make upgrades. l. a.'s mayor says past experience shows that voluntary retro fitting does not work. >> remember the sanoma quake. that was a voluntary program and they didn't do it. >> well, the retrofit work can be expensive from 60,000 for wood apartments to millions or large concrete towers. the law allows owners to increase monthly rent by up to $75 to pay for those improvements. a street in salt lake city may soon be named in honor of the late san francisco supervisor and gay civil rights leader harvey milk. they have been working with lgbt groups on the initiative. the proposed street would be near other thoroughfares named for civil rights icons such as martin luther king jr., rosa
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parks, and cesar chavez. the mormon temple. gay rights advocates protested the church's efforts to pass proposition 8, the former gay marriage bans in california. uc davis police are invest gaiting another possible hate crime on campus. police say someone damaged several cars in a parking lot at a university apartment complex saturday morning. tires were slashed. religious slurs were keyed into several cars. a man was seen running through the complex at the time. >> it is pretty shocking. i hope it doesn't happen again. hopefully, they find whoever caused that. >> last week, the university released statistics showing there were four hate crimes reported for the 2014, 2015 school year, including a if spraypainting of a swastika on the wall of a jewish fraternity. across the country, the price of gas is leveling off. ae ae areports the national average is $2.31 a gallon. that is down just now cents in
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the past four weeks. industry analysts say small and city increases in the cost of crude oil are the reason prices are not dropping more quickly. they had drop first degree 50 cents in the last to hour to -- four months. it's quite a different story here in the bay area where prices are down 230 cents in the past month. average price in san francisco is $3 a gallon. that is $2.86 everywhere else around the bay. that is down more than 75-cents from this time last year. a winning $15 million super lotto ticket was sold at a san jose grocery store. safeway on branham. soul-winning tickets to saturday night's drawing. that is branham lane. sorry. the winner has not yet come forward. but by the way, the winning numbers are 21, 28, 33, 34, and 37. the meganumber 17. check your ticket. not your number. i wasn't even in soon jose.
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winners do have 180 days from the day of the draw to claim their prize. >> the navy's blue angels leaving the blue area. the pri situation flying team gave another spectacular performance over the skies of san francisco today. fleet week wraps up today, but there is still plenty to go. tours of navy ships will continue at piers 30 and 32 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. today. there's also the high school band challenge and the golden gate park music concourse, and that is at 10:00 this morning. >> a lot of fun this weekend. fleet week. >> beautiful pictures. i loved everybody's pictures on instagram. >> great weather. time is 4:41. experts say it is something that has never been seen before in san francisco bay. >> that's a great white. you heard them right there. coming up in 20 minutes, what experts say this rare great white sighting reveals about the health of the bay. >> and a suspect is in custody after a memphis police officer was shot and killed right near his home. up next, we're going to have the very latest on the
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investigation. >> good morning. we're looking at a commute. that doesn't look too bad as we look at 101 in san francisco. it is a nice-looking drive. >> mostly clear skies. just a little bit of fog. it will be warm to hot today. then we'll focus our attention on the low coming up in the south. we'll see if that is going to bring some rain.
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officer terrence allridge was heading to work in uniform when someone shot him multiple times in his home. the 31-year-old allridge joined the memphis police department just over a year ago and had a fiance who was four months' pregnant.
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the male suspect is in custody, but no charges have been filed. >> details are now very, very sketchy. the investigation is ongoing. we do have one suspect in custody. >> allridge is the fourth memphis police officer to be fatally shot in the last four years. his death comes two months after officer shawn bolden was killed. a suspect was arrested two days later. in texas, a man was critically shot and injured outside a stadium where the dallas cowboys had just played. arlington police say they were called to a fight at at&t stadium after the cowboys lost to the new england patriots last night. a man was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries according to the dallas morning news. police do have a suspect in custody. the denver broncos still undefeated after beating the raders despite a less than stellar performance. the quarterback is intercepted twice by charles woodson. woodson had never intercepted manning
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before, be but now he is the oldest player in nfl history. will he be 39? >> 39 years old. the oldest guy in history. to have more than one interception in a game. but oakland's defensive efforts were wasted when the broncos return. all the way down for a touchdown in the fourth. yeah. that to two missed field goals from sebastian and the broncos won 16-10. and despite some improvements, the 49ers losing streak continued on sunday against the new york giants. quarterback seemed to find his footing in the second half. he threw for two touchdown passes including this one. but the niners took the lead late in the fourth with a touchdown run. but giants quarterback eli manning threw a game-winning 12-yard touchdown pass. twenty-one seconds left. the giants won 30-27. the 49ers host the baltimore ravens on sunday. >> yeah.
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not good for the bay area. >> that was an amazing catch though. >> it was. >> 21 seconds. >> it's so weird to see sebastian miss a couple of field goals. he's usually so solid. time now is 4:46. you don't want to hear those -- hear the news there? >> you saw enough. you have seen enough. you have heard enough; right? >> no, no, no. i don't want to hear that. good morning, everybody. it's monday. and right now, there's not a lot going on. you can see the traffic on our traffic cameras. we're going to start on the east bay on highway 4. not bad. when you see highway 4 looking good, that's off to a great start. steve and i are hoping for the optimistic for a really good commute, but i just think it's a little early. we don't know yet. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic here is going to be light so far getting into san francisco. i think what it is that
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autothis hour, we don't see a lot, but at 5:30, everybody getting on the road at the same time. it the a very nice-looking drive. we see that all the way red. we see any red. there is a little bit of red. and there do you go. at 4:48. let's bring steve in here. >> that was a pretty good game. >> look at those bengles coming back just like they did. >> and i was very calm. >> i tweeted that. i appreciate that. >> and we do have an interesting pattern this week. and one system coming not from the south. it won't be today. warm to hot today. muggy. mainly some rain to the south. we'll focus an attention to affluent. an old egg witherman you most signs.
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>> and warm to hot into wednesday. and sunny today. then clouds roll in tuesday, wednesday. summer into the south is possible. probably monterey looks to be the cut-out. and the humidity will go up. the moisture is coming up from the south. fifty-eight in soon francis co. 08 today in san francisco. also santa cruz. a little bit on the san mateo coast. that is about all we can find. pretty excessive. and came down to the pacific northwest. over us, southern california. four corners. it's going to eject the northeast. southern california over us. when it finally moves through which will be around wednesday or thursday. possible rainfall to the south. and 50s on most of the temperatures. a few low 50s.
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i can't find any 40s yet. it doesn't mean it won't happen. zero sixs for some. very mild air mass m. 36. speaking of 54, high pressure wins out. # louts of sun. warm to hot. way above average on this temperatures. about 10 to 14. 170s and 80s on the coast looks pretty good here. high and mid-level clouds start to roll in tuesday. tuesday night and wednesday will be our best opportunity for any rain. san jose south will probably be the cut-off. mostly sunny thursday. looks nice friday. it does look cooler on the weekend, but that's all i'm going to go with. >> maybe an opportunity for some rain. >> a panel.
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your bengles are playing great, by the way. >> a lot of players are playing great. >> we'll see how the, county of los angelesers are doing. >> big game. >> yes. >> u. 4:50. it's called the superbomb of the pumpkin weigh-off and it is happening today. coming up, we're going to talk to one of the growers who is competing the win the top prize. >> it's a popular doll among young girls. could the new high-tech barbie doll put your children at risk. the hidden danger that has some parents concerned.
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barbie doll raising concerns. hello barbie connects to wifi and has speech recognition which allows children to have conversations. this means barbie listens and reportedly learns from the child. it was developed by matell and toy talk. but there is some concern over safety and privacy. it comes after security researchers prove that they could hack another doll called my friend kayla which has similar functions. the morning herald reports that toy talk ceo says they have quote given a lot of thought to the security, and we've done all we can to make it as unattractive as possible for people to crack into it. hello barbie will cost
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$74.99 when it goes on sale next month. well, time is 454 the imtim. the final leg of the american idol auditions wrapped up this weekend in san francisco. thousands of hopefuls came out to audition over two days hoping for their chance in fame and foreign. keith urban, harry connick jr. and j-lo picked up the final patch of -- batch of ting singers. they have been conducting auditions in cities in small towns since july. >> it's not just about finding someone who is going to make a great record or be an incredible live act. i think it's finding interesting people and talent and putting it all together and make a great show. >> urban says the season san francisco auditions were some of the best he's seen since being on the show. the final season of idol me meres in january right here on ktvu. meantime, kim kardashian and kanye west maid a special trip to idol auditions. this picture was posted autopsy ryan seacrest's i -- on ryan
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seacrest's insfagram page. kanye was in town for a fund-raiser for the president. homecoming games are being played all across the country. one school in denver has a beautiful homecoming queen. she just turned three years old. she goes by abbie. she was born with several complications. she has undergone multiple open heart surgeries. her mother says she is not expected to live past six weeks. this summer, the manual high school football team met her while doing some community service. they were asked to install grass in her family's backyard. she ended up having just as big of an impact on the team as they did to her. >> we saw the little girl walk up on her new lawn. it touched my heart so much. i wanted to cry to see this little girl walk oud and -- walk out and be crowned queen. something she probably won't experience ever. it really means a lot to us. >> the team did not win their
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momcoming game. i don't think it matters. more importantly, they definitely made a very big impact. little abbie. great story there. coming up in our 5:00 hour. new information this morning surrounding a marin county native and washington post reporter jailed in iran. up next, what we are learning about his constriction. -- conviction. >> and a rare sighting near the waters near alkatraz. a great white shark feeding on sea lions. this attack is unique for the area and may be good for the bay. >> good morning. we're looking at a commute here where traffic is going to be busy u. if you are on the san mateo bridge, it's not stop and go heading off to the peninsula. >> not much fog. there's going to be plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. we'll have those for your monday and see what is in store for tuesday and wednesday. we do have a change for the south.
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a computer glitch caused delays. we are live at the san jose airport monitoring the situation this morning. we'll have an update coming up. >> and big cuts to twitter. the report that could lead to company-wise lay-offs. mornings on 2 continues.
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approximate. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome back. good morning to you. it's monday, october 12th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check your wealther and traffic. steve paulsen is ready with a forecast for a monday. >> pretty warm. >> yeah. really warm for today. humid. >> tuesday and wednesday, more likely wednesday. >> we say cools down overnight this time of year. >> it does cool down at night. thank goodness for that. pam and david, we do have mostly clear skies. i say that because there is a little hint of some fog. speaking of the fog, the fog lifted on saturday and that allowed the blue angels to fly and wannest many pictures from joyce after the fog lifted. a photo from saturday. that is a pretty picture there. thank you, joyce. believe me, i was a little concerned there for a bit. but i did what it usually does. speaking of that fog, this one won't have much of a chance. there's just too much in the way of warm air. our system to the south will start to give us cloud cover late tuesday and wednesday. fiftys and near


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