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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 12, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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approximate. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome back. good morning to you. it's monday, october 12th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check your wealther and traffic. steve paulsen is ready with a forecast for a monday. >> pretty warm. >> yeah. really warm for today. humid. >> tuesday and wednesday, more likely wednesday. >> we say cools down overnight this time of year. >> it does cool down at night. thank goodness for that. pam and david, we do have mostly clear skies. i say that because there is a little hint of some fog. speaking of the fog, the fog lifted on saturday and that allowed the blue angels to fly and wannest many pictures from joyce after the fog lifted. a photo from saturday. that is a pretty picture there. thank you, joyce. believe me, i was a little concerned there for a bit. but i did what it usually does. speaking of that fog, this one won't have much of a chance. there's just too much in the way of warm air. our system to the south will start to give us cloud cover late tuesday and wednesday. fiftys and near 60 it's for some.
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a few low 50s. maybe into the weekend, the new system will come in. that's the end of the week. until then, everybody says sunshine and warmer temperatures until tomorrow. lots of sun today. warm to hot. way above coast bay inland. eightys to 90s. weaver doing okay. richard on twit -- we're doing okay. richard on twitter said remember today is a holiday for some. we might get a better commute today. some people don't have to go. soller some you schools aren't going. some people celebrate columbus day. it might be better for your commute. we're looking at a pretty decent commute. it just takes 10% of people not going and you'll really start noticing what is going on. you start noticing that it's going to be lighter. turn these police radios down. what am i, a convoy? -all right. this is a look at highway 880 both directions.
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that is a nod to my friends over 40. traffic moving well in both directions. westbound 580 as you drive from rivermore to dublin. it looks good. 5:01. >> all right, thank you. if you are have plans to catch a flight on southwest airlines today, this could be another long day. southwest still working on technical problems. ktvu fox news. you're at san jose airport. what is the latest on whether bay area airports are affected. autopsy scheduled southbound airline flight except for one here are expected to depart on time. the one that i was talking about is just running about ten minutes behind. pretty minor. still, the airline is advising all travelers. there were a lot of frustrated southwest travelers yesterday because of computer problems.
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it caused hundreds of delays from coast to coast. the airline was forced to process customer transactions manually. the glitch started sunday morning with an impact autopsy mobile app. the problems continued into this evening. this morning, southwest is urging travelers to check in ask print out their boarding passes at home before exampling to the airport. the airline is still using back-up systems around the country to check in customers without printed or mobile boarding passes. so far, southwest says the cause of the problem is undetermined. but there is no indication that it was the result of a hack. we have been monitoring the flight schedules so far and things looked good. no delays. nothing major. everything, though, is subject to change. we're going to stay on top of it you. we will let you know if anything develops across the country. >> that's a good update. >> a cyclist in san francisco
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was killed. it happened yesterday afternoon. police say the man was riding near the streetcar tracks when miss wheel got stuck and he fell under the bus. he was wearing a helmet, but the 48-year-old man died at the scene. you especially just last week, i also fell on market street. >> the man's name has not been released. it is muny's second death this year. the san francisco new nice -- my mismillion transportation agency city said the we shall wish to express our deepest condolences. >> a marin county native and washington post reporter jailed in iran for more than a year was found guilty. a spokesperson for the iranian judiciary says that
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jason was convicted but he does not have the details of the verdict. rosion has been held in iran for more than 14 months. he does face four charges. the most serious of which is espionage. it's unclear if he was convicted on all charges or some of them. have heavily criticized the trial which was held behind closed doors. he faces a sentence of up to 10 to 20 years. time is 5:05. a rare and very dramatic sight in the waters of san francisco bay. a great white shark in its almost doing what it does naturally. feeding. let this video -- this video was posted saturday on youtube showing a shark eight to ten feet long going after and feeding on a sea lion or a seal. a reserge scientist at the california of -- says this may be a positive sign for san francisco bay.
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>> maybe the san francisco bay is getting healthier that you have top predators like white sharks coming not. >> >> shark experts say this is the first known predatory attack of a great white shark inside san francisco way. there are reports that san francisco bay's twitter melee off employees this week. forbes magazine says -- he said there is good progress with making money but twitter ask not satisfied with the pace of growth of users. twitter executives have not commented on the forbes report. golden gate bridge district officials will begin the process of finding a construction firm to build the suicide barrier. the bidding process starts tomorrow for the $76 million project. the project just got the green light from the national park service on friday. if park service allowed to store on
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parklands. a joint net extending 20 feet below. the stiff s an jose in a new effort to make pedestrians safer is  looking at new technology. a revolutionary traffic center. and outside the entry way to marshal cabo park. the lights are dark until someone walks up and pushes a button across the street. then the signal turns and starting flashing ideal low. eventually, it turns is solid yellow and turns red. this video from the delaware department of transportation shows you how it works. many parts of the country already have these lights. and several bay areas of these plants that have them them. will, a new ensureness project for lift drivers will be announced later today. the state's insurance commissioner says it's the first of its kind for lift drivers. he plans to talk about the
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features of this product and when it will be available. that will be later this afternoon. well, today is the day. pumpkin growers face off in half moon bay to find out which giant pumpkin is the biggest of them all. ktvuen joins us now, and alley, you're talking do a farmer we are here in half moon bay. this beauty is 5 to 600 pounds. this is one of the contenders for the largest locally-grown pumpkins. the ones at the giant pumpkin weigh-off later today. they'll be close to 200 pounds. in is a special category for the locally grown ones. what does it take to grow a pumpkin like this? >> well, first, it's kind of seed, location, skill, weather, and luck. a lot of us kind of lost our luck this year with a lot of problems with our big
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pumpkins. >> you were telling me about that. you had a pumpkin that was too bigger than this earlier in the season. it split. is that because of the weather. >> it probably had an impact on it. we are not quite sure what happens. this is part of agriculture. we win some and lose some and it looks like we're losing some. we have a couple of back-ups. when those boys and girls come to town, they'll have plenty of pumpkins. >> most of the 2000-pounders come in up north, oregon, washington. >> we like to say sanoma and napa. we let them cross the border, and hopefully this year, they'll be a wonderful record for half moon bay here. >> and you have been doing this for years, growing pumpkins and competing in the different contests for the pumpkin festival here at half moon bay. why do you do it? why do you love it? >> it's very nurturing and spiritual. our grandkids have a couple to enter. they'll have to get up there and smile once in a while
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and see if we win prettiest. it's generational. everybody gets involved. we all share and tell most of our secrets. we probably keep 10 to 15% to ours. >> are you going to go ahead and cut it? is in a special way to cut it? >> we want to make sure we cut it all the way up to the -- you have been a good pumpkin. that's a big moment. >> now, along with this locally-grown pumpkins. they also have a contest for the most beautiful pumpkin. color, shape, i'm told are part of criteria. farmer john has six of the beautiful pumpkins on our way out. we'll bring that to you later this morning. >> hi alley. tell farmer john we're fans of his. he did a good job of that pumpkin. >> i will. our anchor dave clark says he's a big fan of you. good job with your
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pumpkin growing. passing along a compliment right there on there. >> and so amazing standing right there. you really see how big that pumpkin here. >> 510 similar tim -- 5:10. if laws in the country coming up in 20 minutes. which will soon be required to retrofit 15,000 buildings so they can survive a major earthquake. >> it is now the democrat's term. the preparations underway. tomorrow's first debate. and good morning. and we're looking at a commute here where traffic is going to be busy if you are driving on westbound 24. and traffic looks pretty good as you look up to the tunnel. >> temperatures going to get warm again. warm to hot on in monday. could be worse. and three days in a row of 100- degree heat. your monday forecast.
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this is going to be a big week. the party's first debate is tomorrow with hillary clinton trying to prove she is the frontrunner. right now her biggest challenger is enterer mount senator bernie sanders. he's more than 16 points behind clinton in the national polls. >> she's got a comfortable lead, but she is in jeopardy. there are questions about flip
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flopping. authenticity. questions about accessibility. and questions ability illogically positioning. >> joe biden says he is going to run for president. there's no plan to improve -- include him in tomorrow's debate unless he makes a last-minute bid. in the meantime, donald trump is being threatened with a lawsuit for playing songs of aerosmith. the lawyer for steven tyler sent two cease and desist letters to donald trump's campaign committee. steven tyler is a registered republican. his lawyer says the threat is not political or personal. it's a copyright issue. the group would look favorably on paul ryan if he decided to run for speaker of the house. ryan has said he is not interested in the position but he also said he would discuss is matter with
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his family in wisconsin over the weekend. the chairman says for the moment, his group is sticking with its endorsement of daniel webster. it was the freedom caucus that was largely responsible foron boehner's early retirement. a plan being considered to fight wildfires in california. no history of violent crimes can participate. there are about 3800 inmate firefighters in the state. preponderance proposal comes at as new data showing new violent incidents involving inmate firefighters in the past ten years. that includes riots, fights, and incidents involving weapons. prison officials say those incidents are rare. the suspects accused of killing a woman in san francisco and a man in fairfax are due back in the bay area tomorrow. police arrested shawn indaled and lyla
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allgood last week in portland accused of killing # 23-year-old audrey. >> and 67-year-old steve carter in marin county. police say they found evidence subpoena the in the thursday. an unmarked park parked last month. the three suspects are set to appear before a judge later this week. a military hell copper crashed in afghanistan, and five of the people onboard were killed. an afghe an security guard who saw the crash yesterday says the helicopter appeared to hit a monitoring balloon as it was landing at a nato base. two of those killed were members of the rural airforce. five people were hurt in the crash. so far, nato has not released the nationalities of the other service members who were killed p. all right.
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5:17. i'm going to check back in with sal. we were talking about columbus day. a lot of schools do not have the day. >> that's right. >> so maybe lighter traffic. >> i hope so. some banks. not all banks. >> federal offices. some businesses don't have it. don't have to go, and i think we're going to get a little bit of a break. let's go outside and take a look at what we have now. you can see from our live pictures the traffic so far is looking good on highway 24. between walnut creek and oakland. and when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, we take a look at it now. there is a little bit of a back-up already on some of those outside lanes. i don't think it's going to be completely light. i know some people for sure do have to go. for example, if it were labor day or memorial day, you wouldn't see any people out there. there are some. if you are driving to westbound 580. you see some slow traffic west of 205. sit still looks good.
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5:18. let's bring steve in. >> very warm, sal. well above normal. that is correct. we do have clear skies except for a little bit of fog just hanging out by the san mateo coast. i don't think it has much of a chance. too much resistance. very warm air aloft. warm to hot into wednesday. today and tomorrow will probably be the warmest day. the higher clouds start to come in. sunny today. clouds coming up from the south. tuesday and wednesday. possibly rain to the south and higher humidity to us. so it will be mostly cloudy. muggy as we head towards wednesday. tuesday night into wednesday. fifty-eight to start in san francisco. we'll go for a high today of 80. ten degrees above average. a little bit of fog toward santa cruz. we can find a pretty impressive system. a low which has gone all the way to the pacific northwest over us. we could go saturday. southern california. and into arizona. new mexico. it could backtrack all the way off of baha and now expected to move in. if you didn't hear,
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downtown l. a. three days in a row at 100 degrees friday, saturday, and sunday. the longest stretch in 25 years for them. now they'll probably get torrential rain. water temperatures. fiftys and 6 0ás. these are five degrees above average. san francisco should be around 56. they have been running at 61 for a while. sixty-four half moon bay and also for montere. fifty santa rosa and napa. in the mid 50s. half moon bay, 55. fifty-two up at scotts valley. fifty-seven santa cruz. thirtys up in the mountains. fifty-one. they have cooled off a little bit. nothing from the north until maybe the weekend. this low will give us increasing clouds tomorrow, and it looks like we'll cloud it up tuesday night into wednesday. any rain should stay to the south and will linger down in southern california for the bulk of the week. lots of sun today. warm to hot. near 9 0ás for some. while inland. just some patchy fog. 95234 clearlake. ninetys for many. eight 0ás, 90s. upper 8 0ás.
5:21 am
ninetys. these are a good 10 to 12, 13 degrees above average for this time of year. temperatures continue to be way above average and they will through most of the week even on the coast looks pretty nice here. warm to hot as we head in a lot of cloud cover tuesday night and wednesday. clears it out thursday, and does look cooler by the weekend. >> all right, steve, thank you u. time now 5:21. questions about a deadly plane crash that happened in south lake tahoe. coming up in 20 minutes, what happened and where and why people who live nearby say it is happening far too often? >> also, we're learning more about the injury that forced warrior's coast to go on an indefinite leave of absence. up next, how he's coping up with the team while he's recovering.
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. a stuntwoman performs before the start of the a bank of america 500 in north carolina. this is a -- hanging by her feet from a hoop attached to a helicopter. no safety net or harness. she's using only the strength of her ankles and feet. the helicopter hovered over the track's infield. she is a seventh generation circus performer, the wife of the legendary flying family. >> wow. time now is 524 timty. dodger's second baseman is suspended.
5:25 am
he's expected to miss the next two national league division play-off games. that's after he slid into the truck stop. right there.ful this was during saturday's game and broke his leg. and now, look at it again. was that fair? well, utley says he was just trying to break up a double late. the ump says that was a legal slide. however, major league baseball executive joe torre syces no, that was an illegal play. well, his agent says he's going to appeal and that may allow utley to play tonight in, no new york. the dodgers and the mets, by the way, they are tied at one game apiece in that best of five series. well, we're talking about the warrior's head coach now. a spinal fluid leak is the reason head coach steve curr has decided to take an indefinite leave of absence. now, he had surgery on his back in july. that was to repair a ruptured disk in his back he suffered during the nba finals.
5:26 am
during the surgery, though, there was a spinal fluid leak. he had a second surgery last month to repair that leak. but the coach says he is still having symptoms like headaches and a lack of energy. he won't put a timetable on when he'll be back. >> a sprained ankle. it's a little bit open-ended. everybody is very confident that everything will be fine. >> i have to get my health right before i can coach the team, before i can bring the energy that is necessary to koch the -- coach the team. >> we wish him the best. assistant coach luke walton is the interim head coach. he's checking not a portion of most of the practices. he's watching video of the warrior's exhibition games. the warriors open the season in just two weeks. time is 5:26. somebody is waking up $15 million richer and they may not even know it. we'll tell you where winning super lotto ticket was sold right here in
5:27 am
the bay area. >> plus, the bicyclist hit and killed by a lany bus in san francisco right on market street in the middle of the afternoon. yesterday. we'll tell you how a streetcar track may have played a role in this deadly crash. she was falling farther homeworand farther behind.ttle.
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because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. well comb back to mornings on 2. i'm pam cook. >> thank you for waking up with us. it is almost 5:30.
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let's check in with steve. it's going to be warm. >> warm to hot. warm to hot depending on where you are. clear on your tee toes. >> just about everywhere. >> mostly clear. the. >> we do have a little bit of fog. soon mateo and soon the cruise coast. by 9:00 or 10:00, it should be running. too much resistance and high pressure and temperatures will warm up pretty quick. still some there. it will favor that area and that's it. tomorrow, spinning to the south. today it's too far south. fiftys to near 60. mid 50s for everybody is pretty close. all quiet today. localities of sunshine. lots of sun today after some patchy fog along the coast. ninetys for the interior. and should be a quiet day. some people have the day off because some businesses and
5:31 am
schools are off for columbus day. let's go right to the bay bridge toll plaza. not everyone has the holiday. traffic is already crowded. usually by now those metering lights are on but they're not yet. those middle lanes are getting right through. when you see those lights stop, that is an indication that i have turned those meet or thing lights on. soon jose bridge looks good. no major problems to the peninsula and highway 101. looking at the commute for liver more. from liver more to castro valley, it's being a -- been a nice-looking drive. slow traffic. stop and go traffic. >> 5:31. let's go to the desk. >> a cyclist was killed after being hit by a muny bus. ktvu alex savage in the city to
5:32 am
talk about what happened. this cyclist was wearing a helmet. it wasn't enough. he was not riding in these marked bike lanes on market street on either side of the road. he was right in the middle of market street. that is when he fell from his bike and was hit by that bus. the mta says the bicyclist got his tire tuck stuck in one of nose steel outreaches. this happened just after 3:00 sunday afternoon yesterday here on market near 1s street. the whole street was shut down as san francisco police gathered evidence to piece together what happened. the bicyclist who died was a 48-year-old man. his name has not been released. obviously, the crash here in the middle of downtown san
5:33 am
francisco was -- san francisco was disturbing. especially just - week, i also fell on market street. >> now, passengers onboard that muny bus. they were evacuated to a different bus, and then interviewed about what they saw. investigators are looking at surveillance video from other buss and nearby businesses hoping that may shed some light on exactly what took place before in crash. this was the 23rd traffic death so far here in san francisco this year. the city's vision sow row plan the to end all traffic deaths by 2024 and in a statement that was put out. said this traffic death here, pam, shows that city leaders need to redouble their efforts,
5:34 am
focusing on what they say are the three es, engineering, education, and enforcement. >> all right. thank you, alex. good advice for everybody. the man accused of abandoning his daughter after a police chase that ended at a crash in oakland turned himself in to police. twenty-nine-year-old was taken into custody yesterday. now, he ran away after a high- speed chase and crash in oakland on thursday. police say he left his six-year-old daughter who was injured in the crash. now, if little girl is expected to make a full recovery. the santa clara county jail correction officers who are accused of murdering an inmate. they're due in court for apillarying tomorrow. matthew ferris were arrested last month on charges that they beat an inmate, michael tryee to death. the three deputies have each posted $1.5 million bail. they are facing possible life sentences
5:35 am
if they are convicted. investigators aring looing for answers after the deadly shooting of another memphis, tennessee police officer. officer terrence was heading to work and in group form when someone shot him multiple times right near his home in a suburban neighborhood. the 31-year-old allrejoined the memphis police department just about a year ago. he had a fiance who was four months' pregnant. a male suspect is in custody, but no charges have been filed. >> details are very sketchy. the investigation is ongoing. we do have one suspect in custody. >> alledge is the 49 american face plump to be fatally shot in the last four years. his death comes two months after officer shawn bolden was killed during a traffic stop. the suspect was arrested two days later. federal investigators are looking into what caused a plane crash in south lake tahoe to kill two people.
5:36 am
the -- crashed shortly after take-off saturday evening killing the two people onboard. records show there were 41-mile-per-hour wind gusts at the time of the crash, and if accident has heightened the fear of some people in the area. >> it's nerve-racking to live hoar and know plains are dropping on a regular basis. >> it's a difficult area to drive if you are not real experienced or the conditions are really poor. >> the national transportation safety board says it will review data recorders and work with the plane's manufacturer and analyze the sustain to determine the cause of the crash. now the el dorado county sheriff's office has not been able to identify the people who were inside that plane. time is now 5:36. a tree. a big tree in san francisco's north beach was due to be removed came crashing down over the weekend. it happened saturday morning between stockton. it was a ficus tree. it hit overhead muny
5:37 am
lines. no vehicles were damaged. no one was hurt. he told the bay city news the tree was one of nine ficus trees due to be removed in the next couple of months. christianson says she's working with the city to make sure those trees are taken down quickly. people in southern california are deal being record-breaking heat in southern california. the beaches were packed over the weekend. people trying to cool off in 100-degree temperatures. nine settings broke records over if weekend with temperatures up to 20 degrees above normal. the heat caused thousands of people to lose power, but it was restored to most of the homes yesterday morning. >> i don't have air conditioning. not if you don't really need it. you just kind of wacky heat wave days that are like maybe i'll reconsider. >>reporter: the forecast says relief is on the way. the weather is expected to cool off down there in the next
5:38 am
couple of days. there may be rain later this week. los angeles has passed on earthquake retrofit law in the country. the sweeping legislation requires about 15,000 buildings in the city to be retrofitted to better withstand violenten shaking. property owners of wood frame or soft-story buildings as they are calmed will have seven years to do the work. owners of concrete buildings will have 25 years to make the upgrade. l. a.'s mayor says past experience shows that voluntary retrofitting does not work. >> remember the sanoma quake. that one building that came down and killed somebody. that was a voluntary program and they didn't to do it. >> the work can be expensive. from 60,000 to wood apartments to misdemeanors for large concrete towers. the law allows owners to increase monthly rent by up to $75 to pay for those improvements. a street in salt lake city may soon be named in honor of the late san francisco supervisor and gay civil rights leader harvey
5:39 am
milk. city leaders have been working with lgbt groups on the initiative. the proposed street would be near other thoracic roarfares. and rosa parks. it h. protested the church's efforts to pass proposition l, the were toker gay marriage ban in california. time is 5:39. several cars in uc davis were vandalized in what campus police are investigating as a possible hate crime. police say someone slashed tires out in, keyed religious slurs into cars, it all happened in the university apartment complex saturday morning. now, police say a man was seen running through the complex at the time. >> it is pretty shocking, so i hope that it doesn't happen again, and hopefully they find whoever caused that. >> now, last week, the university released phonerrer information showing there were four hate crimes reported for the 2014 to 2015 school year including the
5:40 am
spray painting of a swastika on the wall of a jewish fraternity. well, around the country, the price of gasoline is kind of starting to level off. aaa reports the national average cost at the pump is $2.31 a gallon. down just four cents in the past four weeks. industry analysts say several small and steady increases in the cost of crude oil. that is why prices are not dropping more quickly. the bay had dropped 50 cents in the last four months. it's a different story here in the bay area. prices are down ant 20 cents in the past month. right now, the average price in san francisco is $3 a gallon. it's $2.86 everywhere else around the bay. that is down more than 75 cents from this time last year. did you buy a lotto ticket in san jose? >> no. >> neither did i. someone did, and they have not come forward to claim a $15 $15 million super lotto ticket.
5:41 am
the sawway on branham lane sold that winning ticket to saturday night's drawing. the winning numbers are 21, 28, 33, 34, 37. meganumber 17. winners do have 180 days from the day of the drawing to claim their prize. and fleet week officially wraps up today. the blain gems are set to leave the bay area this morning after another spectacular performance over the skies of san francisco yesterday. tours of navy ships will continue at piers 30 and 32 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. there is also the high school band challenge. that will be at the golden gate music concourse at 10:00 this morning. time is 5:31. pork is off the menu at federal prisons. in our next half hour, why it's being taken off the menu and how the industry is responding. >> it's called the superbowl of pumpkin weigh-offs and it's happening today in half moon bay. we're going to be talking to the defending champion of the half moon bay biggest
5:42 am
pumpkin. the winner from last year. he's got another gourd out here today. we're going to hear from him coming up. >> things are getting busy in the east bay right now as we take a look at some of these commutes. this is highway 4. you can see some slow traffic building all the way to concord. >> mostly clear skies. a little bit of fog. everything is staying sunshine and warm. the hot conditions. what about the rest of the week. we'll faulk about it coming up. -- -- we'll talk about it coming up.
5:43 am
5:44 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. we are keeping an eye on the biggest baddest pumpkins from all over. they are rolling into half moon bay for in year's big weigh- off. >> look at those big boys right there. ktvu fox news is there now with the growers who will try, dare i say, to squash
5:45 am
the record. >> this is called the superbowl of pumpkin weigh-offs happening at half moon bay. it's the world championship pumpkin weigh-off, and these are the top contenders here behind us. these are close to 2000-pound pumpkins we are talking about. the ones in we are standing right next to. i want to show you right here. that is grown by farmer if, the defending champion have last year. he -- your pumpkin last year won the top prize. >> yes. >> how many pounds was it? >> 2058 pounds. >> how many times is this one? >> not enough. we're hoping it comes close to 1600. that's not going to make it. we're hoping for a top. it's nice to have a pumpkin that made it to the weigh-off. it's been a rough year. >> that is what we heard. we were talking to farmer john. he said that it's been a tough year for pumpkin growers in the bay area. why is that? >> it was tough for me. i don't know exactly. we had some really, really hot days
5:46 am
early in the year, and maybe weren't quite ready for that. then we got some really humid days that i wasn't used to and i think it brought some issues with that. that being said, there are other growers that are doing just fine. my little part of town wasn't so hot. >>reporter: now the world record for heaviest pumpkin is 2300 pounds. that was set in germany last year. you don't think yourself is going to take that top prize, but do you think there's a world record breaker somewhere in the crowd today. >> i don't know. i think we'll see some 2000-plus, but i don't know. >> all right. we'll have to wait and see. thanks very much. other these are some of the other contenders. along with the biggest pumpkin prize, a separate contest for most beautiful pumpkin. when we met with farmer john muller of half moon bay, he had six of those beauties on a flat bed
5:47 am
truck ready to introthem into the contest. aim told that shape and color. there is a really pretty red orange one. shape and color are some of the criteria for being one o. most beautiful pumpkins or judging a beautiful pumpkin. that is all happening later today. we're going to be out here all morning long. bahing to you guys. >> i'll take those two behind you. i'll take them for me. >> good luck carrying them. >> i this i they shine them all up and everything for the contest. >> they look good. >> probably a lot of seeds in there. a hospital of pies. >> absolutely u. i think all of us as reporters at one point or another. if you have been at ktvr long enough, have done that story. in fact, one year i did that story and my picture got in one of the local halfmoon bay papers. my little microphone flag. i was so proud of myself. >> that's cool. good morning, everyone. dave, to answer your question.
5:48 am
there is nothing major going on right now. i want to keep it that way. you know, sometimes we can't, but right now, traffic is actually doing pretty well. on the east shore freeway some people are not going today. some people don't have to go because of columbus day. the school or the bank or the business where you are may be celebrating. so that -- hopefully that will mean good traffic for the rest of us when you get to the bay bridge, a ten- minute delay before you make it to the span. ten to 15 minutes before you make it on to the bridge. contra costa county, westbound highway 4. a little bit of slow traffic coming up through because there have been a couple of minor crashes but pittsburg and baypoint not that bad right now. it is a nice-looking drive. 6080 looks good down to the walnut creek interchange. and again, the traffic on highway 4. westbound 4 and eighth street. they're clearing up that accident. it's going to be out of the lanes already.
5:49 am
5:48. let's go to steve. >> all right. thank you. mostly clear out there this morning. a little bit of fog. not only on the san mateo santa cruz coast. after that, it's clear. fiftys on the temperatures. it won't take long to start warming up. warm to hot today into wednesday. the up only kicker is we will throw some higher clouds tuesday and wednesday. possibility of some rain. maybe to the south. i would any san jose south would probably be the northern extent of it. today all about sunshine warm-to-hot temperatures. i little hint of some patchy fog. oakland looks to be starting off clear. fifty-eight. we'll go 84 downdown and there will be a lot of upper 80s and 90s inland. see some of that fog enhancing a tiny bit right on off the golden gate. most of it toward san jos, santa cruz. this same low has been zigging and zagging all the way down from the pacific northwest
5:50 am
saturday. into southern california. arizona, inment until. and backtrack all the way off from baha. with looks like it wants to send in a lot to southern california which has been baking. fiftys on the temperature to near 60678949. fifty-two mill valley. fifty-five bodega bay. low 50s. fiftys. some of the higher elevations are in the 60s to near 70. very warmer. high pressure has been building in. no system from the north until the weekend. that will probably weaken but it will cool us off. all the attention goes to this low for tomorrow. increasing clouds. it looks like it wants to say more towards central and you southern california. eight 0ás and 9 0ás. ninety-five. nevada l 8. fairfield. ninety-one i. livermore 93. eighty-two
5:51 am
berkely. eighty-seven san jose. nine 0ás morgan hill and gilroy. seventys on the coast. eightys to upper 80s near 90. woodside and redwood city on the peninsula. any rain wednesday. >> we prefer tropical to mug gift it sounds nicer; right? tropical. >> all right, steve. 551 dim tim is the time. it's pet the i scarily. attacked by a shark amount a popular surf spot in hawaii. >> and i didn't know whether he was going to live or die. >> coming up in 25 minutes, how witnesses held save his life after he fought off that shark. >> coming up next, both bay area nfl teams lost this weekend. look at that. but we'll have more on the bright spots in the middle of defeat. ♪
5:52 am
5:53 am
great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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manning was interpret septembered twice by charles woodson. now at 39 years old. he's the oldest player in nfl history with more than one interception in the game. the efforts of the oakland defense was wasted. the broncos return for a touchdown. one of the best kickers missed two field goals. the broncos won 16-10. the 49er's losing streak is now at four games after a last-second loss to the new york giants. it seemed to find his footing in the second quarter. two touchdowns including that one to sellick.
5:56 am
the 49ers took the lead late in the fourth. a touchdown run. the giants quarterback eli manning did this. an incredible pass and incredible catch with 21 seconds left. the giants won 30-27. the 49ers will host the baltimore ravens next sunday. well, governor jerry brown has signed a bill that bans california public schools from using the name "redskins." the critics of the name say it should not be used because it dates from a time in california history when bounty hunters were rewarded for killing native americans. four schools still the use that name. they have got until january 1s, 2017, to select a new mascot. now, last year, a federal panel wrote the team trademark for the nfl's washington redskins should be canceled. what the team is challenging that decision. well, the final leg of the american
5:57 am
idol auditions what happened up this weekend in san francisco. thousands of hopefuls came out to audition over two days hoping ifer nary chance. picked the final batch of singers. they have been conducting auditions and cities and small towns since july. the san francisco auditions are some of the best. the final sen premiers in january right here. ktvu channel 2. plan ahead if you'll be flying southwest airlines today. we'll tell you more about technical problems that will cause hundreds of delays. we'll tell you how things aring looing at bay area airports this morning. and boosting production safety in san jose. the new traffic signal now being tested.
5:58 am
5:59 am
we'll tell you what the situation is like at bay area airports this morning.
6:00 am
>> a u.s. reporter accused -- convicted in iran. the questions that still need to be answered surrounding marin county native's closeed-door trial. >> this is ctvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. if you are just waking up. monday morning, october 19. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather on a monday morning. steve paulsen is here with a forecast. >> if you are away from the coast, it will be pretty warm. there is. patchy, san francisco. san mateo. anywhere around the bay and inland. i can't find any. at least not yet. temperatures will start to warm up pretty quick. and it is going to be above average on the temperatures. and north of that, it's clear. south of that, it will burn off. there are some areas where it could be pretty thick. we will watch this syst


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