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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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convicted in iran. the questions that still need to be answered surrounding marin county native's closeed-door trial. >> this is ctvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. if you are just waking up. monday morning, october 19. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather on a monday morning. steve paulsen is here with a forecast. >> if you are away from the coast, it will be pretty warm. there is. patchy, san francisco. san mateo. anywhere around the bay and inland. i can't find any. at least not yet. temperatures will start to warm up pretty quick. and it is going to be above average on the temperatures. and north of that, it's clear. south of that, it will burn off. there are some areas where it could be pretty thick. we will watch this system for
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tomorrow. tomorrow night into wednesday. today it's too far south. fiftys for others. a little cool of some. nothing to the north today lots of sun. warm to hot near 90s. seventys and 80s closer to the water. 6:01. i saw green. >> for a lot of people, it looks good. some people aren't going. and let's go out and take a look at what we have with the bay bridge. and that is one of the ones that is already crowded. and 15 to 20-minute delay. the san mateo bridge traffic looks good. if you are driving on 80, steve is right. you do see a lot of traffic that is moving well. usually by now, we have seen
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some slow traffic here. 680. twenty-four. however, highway 4 is slow already. let's go gang to the desk. >> southwest airlines are not sure what they are face -- will face. people on hundreds of flights suffered through long delays yesterday. janine de la vega. how are things going so far. i know real will i long lines yesterday. >> yesterday. but things right now, this morning are looking pretty good. lines are moving quickly and so far, the sergeants at the southwest ticket counters are able to point out -- print out boarding passes. all flights are scheduled on time. southwest is still urging people to check in and print out their boarding passes at home before they come to the airport. the airline wants travelers to arrive two hours before their flight
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time. airline officials want to play it safe. 450 flights were delayed nationwide because of computer problems. the glitch impacted the airline's mobile app, website, and preservation centers. it caused long lines and frustrated traveler who is had to be issued handwritten boarding passes. bay area airports didn't experience too many delays. we asked passengers about it this morning. >> just go on to the website trying to check in for early check-in. i was not able to. it said the website was not accessible. didn't come in early to check in before my flight. >> it's fine. >>reporter: southwest says the cause of the problem is undetermined, but there is no indication that it was the result of a hack. so far, there are no delays at san jose, oakland, or fso. we have been scanning the flight depoor churrs on all three of these airports and things look good. we are looking at things nationwide. there are a couple of flight delays between 15 to 30
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minutes. a much better picture which seems to indicate southwest airlines does have a handle on things. we'll continue to stay on top of it just bosnians are always subject to change. we'll see if anything else develops throughout the morning. soar fa, so good. >> is anybody flying on southwest and at the airport. leapt us know. tweet janine or all of us here at ktvu. good to hear about it from different airports. 6:04 is the time. a marin county knave and washington post reporter who has benjaminned in iran for more than a year has been found guilty. a spokesman for the iranian judiciary says jason rosion was convicted but does not have the kerr tails of verdict. he's been held in iran for more than 14 months and faces more charges, the most serious of which is espionage. unclear if he was convicted on all charges or some of them. u.s. officials have heli criticized the trial which has been held behind closed doors. he effaces a sentence of up to 10 to 20
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years. time now is 6:04. the throe people accused of deadly shootings in soon francis co. they're expected to be brought back to the bay area tomorrow. morrison, shawn ah a-- angled and lyla. they were arrested last week in portland accused of killing 23- year-old audrey carrie in golden gate park. they're also accused of killing 67-year-old steven carter in the loma alta op space preserve in marin could bety. police say the murder weapon and other evidence was found with nodes suspects where they were arrested. the gun reportedly was stolen last month from an unmarked door parked near fischerman's war f. the three suspects are due to appear before a judge later this week. it was 15 years ago today that the uss coal was attacked by terrorists. seventeen americans sailers -- sailors were killed. mar than three dozen were hurt when suicide bombers blasted a hole in the side of that navy destroyer. the u.s.s. coal was refueling at
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the time. that hah tack was attributed to al gaada. a federal judge held sudan liable for it saying sudan provided material support of al qaada that helped make that bombing happen. last month, a u.s. appeals court ruled that three banks have to turn off funds from sudan for victims to help pay for a $315 $315 million award. golden gate bridge district officials will begin the process of finding a construction firm to build the suicide barrier. the bidding process starts tomorrow for if 76th million project. it just got the green light from the national park service on friday, and the construction will begin. the suicide barrier will be made up of giant field nets extending 20 feet below and 20 feet from both sides of the bridge. all right. our time is 6:06. a new insurance project for drivers of lift will be announced today. coo l cool's insurance commissioner says it first of
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its kind for drivers. he plans to talk about the features of the project and when it will be available later this afternoon. there is a revolutionary new traffic signal being tested in san jose in an effort to boost safety. it is on snail avenue right outside the entryway to the park. here is how it works. now, the lights are dark until a person who was walking pushes a button to cross the street. then the signal starts flashing yellow. eventually, it turns solid yellow then red which allows the person to safely cross the street. this video is from the delaware department of transportation. many parts of the country already have these lights and several pay area cities are planning to add them. all right. our time is now 6:07. still ahead, a cyclist hit and killed by a muny bus in san francisco. coming up at 6:30, we'll tell you what investigators said lead up to this crash on busy market street. >> a rare sighting in the waters near alkatraz. the reasons officials say a
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great white shark feeding on a sea lion might be a good sign for the bay. >> good morning. we aring looing at a commute here where traffic is going to be busy in some areas as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is slow there. we'll tell you a little bit more about the rest of the commute coming up. snowfall on the coast. that is about the only place it's going to be. warm temperatures. we'll show you how warm in monday and what's in store for the rest of the week.
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a surfer in hawaii had part of his left leg amputated after a shark attacked him. twenty-five-year-old collin cook was surfing friday at the north shore of oahu when that shark bit him. now, he was able to punch the shark, and that made it release his leg. another surfer brought him to shore. good samaritans helped stop the bleeding and they got him to the hospital. he is even smiling there. his left leg had to be amputated above the knee. one of his hands was also badly injured. >> his hand is the biggest concern right now because his -- he's missing the top of his middle finger, and he's got probably close to 300 stitches throughout his hand. and that is what they are worried about infection setting in. >> well -- what an amazing story. cook's family flew in from the east coast to be at his side. they say believe it or not, he's already taken a couple of steps with the help of a walker. warrior's head coach is
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talking more about the problem that has lead to him taking an indefinite leave of absence. now, we have surgery in july to repair a ruptured disk in his back that he suffered during the nba finals. during the surgery, he sustained a spinal fluid leak. he had a second surgery just last month to repair that leak, but he still is experiencing symptoms such as headaches and a loss of energy. he won't put up a timetable on his return. >> it's not a sprained ankle one to two weeks. there's no telling. it's sort of a -- it's a little bit open-ended but everybody is very confident that everything will be fine. i have to get anier my health right before i can coach the team. before i can bring the energy that is necessary to coach the team. >> now, assistant coach luke walton, bill walton's son acting as interim head coach. he's checking in on a portion of most practices and also watching video of the warrior's exhibition game and the warriors open their season in two weeks.
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well, dodger's second baseman suspended and is expected to miss the next two division play-off games because of the slide. he slid into mets shortstop during saturday's game, broke his leg. utley said he was trying to break two plays. the umpires ruled the slide legal, but then major league baseball executive joe torre says that was an illegal mr . utley's agent is going to appeal. that could allow utley to play tonight in new york. the dodgers and mets are tied at bun one game apiece. time is 613 fair and impartial tim. it may not be considered rare in the ocean but rare in the san francisco bay. a great white shark eating a sole inside of al coo as the. in a safe place with more on
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what that could mean for the health of san francisco bay. good morning. good morning. you know, all eyes were in the sky this weekend for sf fleet week. almoster there were some eyes on the water to catch what is considered a very rare sight in the bay. >> that's a great white. oh my gosh. >> eight to ten-foot white shark eating a seal or a sea lion. this was posted on youtube on saturday, october 10th. for all we know, this is a common occurrence in the open. shark experts say it's the first known predatory attack from a white shark inside the bay u. at least captured on video. some experpetrators say this is a good sign. >> in is actually a sign that maybe the san francisco bay is being a little healthier that you have top predators like white sharks coming in. >> they need to be stopped.
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-- they can't get past the bridge. >> i guess they can. >> well, researchers have tracked white sharks in the san francisco bay before. they continue to do so. now, our expert says they probably entered the front of the bay following their pray and then they typically exit. but as we take it back out here live, a lot of questions of people entering the water. the main question is the water safe? according to researchers, there was a better chance of you getting hit by a boat than getting bitten by a shark. but it has happened before as we have been reporting in accomplices. back to. you. bryan fro -- floor residence in san francisco. >> it is 61:00. very exciting for some wind surfers. people who enjoy the bay to see that out there. >> right. even though they say you are not really going to be a target statistically -- >> i think if your legs are kind of dangling in t water for a moment -- >> you wouldn't exactly feel
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comfortable out there. q yeah. good morning, everyone. you know what? today is columbus day. some people are not going to school or work or hoping that is going to mean lighter traffic for you. in case you do have to go. this is a look at highway 4 h. it does seem as if most people don't get in holiday, but some people do. highway 4 is moderately heavy. it does seem a little bit better than normal out in just by me looking at the maps. on some of the busiest commutes. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is looking the same. about a 20-minute delay getting on to bridge in san francisco. i'll tell you where it looks just a little burnt. let's go to the happen maps here. usually we see a little bit more slow traffic. hayward on 880. 580 to livermore and 680. it's there. not as bad as it normally is. i think that is what today is going to be. i think you're going to see slow traffic. it just isn't going to be as bad as it normally is. on this monday, we have mostly clear skies. some fog just hugging the
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coast. lookings to be filling in. and not much, if any, over the bay or inland. temperatures starting off in the 50s with a few host. north bay, and a couple up there. george mcícray is you he was bee keeping. he was checking his bees yesterday. they were gathering pollen and foraging like crazy. approximate e don't know if you saw the article in the chronicle talking about in the sea -- mar mottes have gone into hibernation. and that is something you don't see up this far. so very warm water. very strange things happening. we'll see. >> yeah, i know. brush it off. >> thank you. >> very good. warm to hot into wednesday. sunny today. clouds tuesday and
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wednesday. some rain in the south. higher humidity as we go into towards some tuesday night and wednesday as well. san francisco 58. going for 80 today. eighty-five won't last very long. i don't think much will make it to oakland. fifty-eight. we'll be go 84 downtown oakland as temperatures will be way above average. there is some of that fog starting to work its way to the best. it's going west. certainly not from west to east. the low all over the place for the last seven to ten days is finally backtracking and showing signs of heading towards southern california. fifty-nine bodega bay. sixty-one san francisco. we should be closer to 56. half moon became 364 h. montery sh 64. upper 40s for a few. fiftys for others -- others. and a few others for 50s. fifty-three danville. fifty-four. la fayette. so everyone is pretty close here. thirty-four up inner. no cold system until maybe the weekend when it will cool down. until then, we will focus our
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attention on this guy for tomorrow. not today though. lots of sun. it will be warm to hot. except patchy fog alock the coast. you'll find lots of 80s and 90s inland. it won't take long. morgan hill. san jose 87. seventys mainly on the coast. eightys on the peninsula. a few pushing the upper 8 0ás. high clouds tuesday. if there is any lain, san jose county south tuesday night into wednesday. it will be warm, muggy, and cooler by the weekend. >> i was up in beautiful -- met a lot of fans. you, pam, sal and bryan. >> i'm a big fan. >> i know you are. >> the reporter brett -- -- >> very pretty. >> it is beautiful. still areports of another possible hate crime. coming up in 22 minutes, how
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several cars were vandalized at a campus apartment complex. >> but first, no more pork in prison. the reason the federal government hassing taken bacon and other items off the menu. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
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are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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6:22. a military helicopter carrying nato service members crashed in afghanistan killing five of the people onboard. an afghan security guard who witnessed the crash yesterday said the helicopter appeared to hit a monitoring balloon as it was landing in a nato base. two of those killed were members of the rural airforce. five people were injured in the crash. nato has not yet released the nationality of the other service members who were killed. >> time now is 6:23. a plan that would allow california inmates with violent paths to fight wildfires is being debated now. right now only inmates with no history of violent crimes can be in this program. there are about 3800 inmate firefighters in california. that is down from the past years. this proposal comes as new information shows there have been violent incidents involving inmate's firefighters in the past ten years including riots, fights, and incidents involving weapons. but prison officials say that
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is rare. this will be a big week for the democratic presidential candidates. the party's first debate is tomorrow, and hillary clinton will try to love he have is the frontrunner. right now, her biggest challenger is vermont senator bernie sanders. he is more than 16 points behind clinton in the national polls. >> she's got a comfortable lead, but she is in jeopardy. there are question egg about flip flopping, authenticity, questions about accessibility and questions about her ed logical positioning. >>reporter: vice president joe biden still hasn't said if he plans to run. no plans to include him in tomorrow's debate unless he makes a last-minute bid. donald trump is threatened with a lawsuit for playing area smith's. the lawyer for steven tyler sent two cease and desist letters. tyler is a registered
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republican. his lawyer says the through the is not political or personal. it's a copywright issue. the leader of the hardliners among house republicans said his group would look favorably on congressman paul ryan if he runs for speaker of the house. congressman ryan has said he's not interested. he also said he would talk about it with his family back in wisconsin over the weekend. the chairman of the you freedom caucus says for the moment, the group is sticking with open dorisment of daniel webster. it was the freedom caucus that was mainly responsible for outgoing speaker john boehner's early retirement. producer's angry to remove products. that means no more bacon, pork chops or ham. the bureau of prison says the decision was based on a survey of prisoner's food preferences. a spokesman for the national pork producer's council says he finds it hard to believe the survey would have a majority of any population saying quote, no
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thanks, i don't want any bacon. prison commissaries have packaged pork rinds and precooked bacon that inmates can actually pay for. time is 6:25. got to talk about money. a winning lottery ticket sold right here in the bay area. the big jackpot that has not been claimed as of you now. and it's the battle for the biggest gourd. we are in half moon bay for the world championship pumpkin weigh-off. this beauty right next to us may be one of the top contenders. we're going to talk to the man with plenty of energy growing it. coming up. we're looking at the south bay commute. right now, it looks pretty good. you see a little bit of congestion heading off to highway 17. >> except for a little bit of fogment. most locations will be well above normal on the temperatures. we'll show you how much and for how long it's going to last.
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i'm dave clark. thank you for joining us. it is almost 6:30. she says unless you're along the beach, i guess it's going to be pretty hot. >> pretty warm for this time of year. >> yeah, '80s and '09 was. not so bad over by san mateo. santa cruz coast. they have some fog. other than that, heading south, it's not too bad. not much f of a breeze. in fact, hardly in any in some locations showing a slight offshore. oakland airport northeast at five not too long ago. the fog is there. it's going east to west more so than what we are usually seeing. it won't make any impact for inplant area -- inatlanta areas. this is starting tuesday afternoon and evening into wednesday. rain will probably stay south. i'll deal with that tomorrow. fortys, 50s to 60. a lot of 50s here and a few 40s to the north. any system from the north.
6:30 am
until then, fuse and wednesday, it will be on this system coming frap the south which has been all over the place in the past seven to tech days. lots of sun. warm to hot. patchy fog along the coast. eightys. seventys and 80s closer to the water. still doing okay. at 6:30. >> est with, -- yes, we are okay. it's just a little bit lighter out there. some people are not going today. let's go out and take a look at what we are and you can traffic traffic is move ago long okay. if you are driving on 580, a little bit of slow traffic. 880 as hah slowed traffic. i'm agoer going to cycle to the fleeway. westbound 80 as you come up to toward the bridge. purchase there to the mcarthur maize. twenty-two minutes. usually by now, we have slower traffic. we'll fake it. thank you very much. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. and you can see traffic is backed up for about a 20-minute delay there with no major issues. highway 4 is getting a little bit of slow traffic now as you drive mostly through part of antioch
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and pittsburg and bay point. it gets better by the time you reach concord. 6:30. let's go back to the desk. a cyclist in san francisco was killed after being hit by a muny bus on market street and first. what are police saying about what happened? >>reporter: good morning to you. san francisco police are still investigating the circumstances that lead up to this deadly crash. what we do understand is the bicyclist who was killed yesterday afternoon was not riding not one of those marked bike lanes. he was riding in the center of the road. that is when he fell from his bike right in the middle of the road and was hit by a muny bus that was passing by. the mta believes that bicyclist got his tire stuck in a steel track. one of the ones used by the streetcars here in san francisco. that track caused his bike to come to a stop and the tumbled had
6:32 am
into the path of the bus. this happened near market on first street. the whole street had to be shut down as police gathered evidence and pieced together what happened. they interviewed passengers onboard that muny bus at the time. investigators say the bicyclist who died was a 48-year-old man whose name has not yet been released. some of the his fellow cyclists say they also chose to ride in the middle of market street, because sometimes it feels safer. >> the goal was to try to stay safe. if somebody does that they better know what buses that re, which way they are turning. you have to be aware at all times in every direction. >> it's very dangerous over here at market street. >> investigators also say surveillance video and other buses and nearby businesses could help to shed some light on what lead up to the crash. this was the 23rd traffic
6:33 am
death so far in year in san francisco. the city has a vision zero plan that you probably have heard about to try to end all traffic deaths or have a zero traffic deaths by 2024. now, in a statement, san francisco's bicycle coalition responded to this latest accident and said that the deadly crash shows the city leaders must reo double their efforts here with the vision zero plan in mind and they believe the city again should be focusing on what the coalition calls the three es, engineering, edge asian can, and also enforcement by the san francisco police department. >> all right. alex savidge, thank you. time is 6:33. a man who police say abandoned his daughter inside of a car that was being chased by police and later crashed. he is in custody this morning. san leandro police say the 29-year-old furnished himself in yesterday to oakland police. he was then transferred to san leandro
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police. he, according to police, ran away on thursday after a high-speed chase and crash in oakland. he apparently left his six-year- old daughter who was hurt in that crash. he -- she is expected to make a full recovery. the three former santa clara county jail correctional officers are charged with the hurt murder of an inmate. the three are all scheduled for plea hearings. they were arrested last month on charges that they arc if beat, theyree to death. the three have posted is $1.5 million in bail and face possible life sentences if convicted. time is 6:34. it's hot in southern california. people there dealing with record-breaking heat. the beaches were full. people trying to cool off. nine cities broke records over the weekend. temperatures were up 20 degrees above normal. that heat caused nows of people to lose power, but it was restored to most homes yesterday afternoon.
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>> i don't have air conditioning. not if you don't really need it. >> just these wacky heat wave days and you'll like maybe i will consider. relief is on the way. weather is expected to cool off in the next couple of days. there could be rain later this week. >> a three three in san francisco's north beach came crashing down over the weekend. it lapped saturday morning on column columbus aver. the tree hit overhead muny wires. no vehicles were damaged and no one was hurt. a spokeswoman for julie christiansen saw it happen. she tells bay city news the troop was one of nine ficuses scheduled to be removed. christiansen is working with the city to insure that the trees are removed quickly. we have some breaking news about the computer problems at southwest airlines. the
6:36 am
airline announced it has fixed all of the problems. it expects operations to be normal today. there have been a few early- morning flight delays on the east coast and the u. s. we looked at long lines yesterday over the weekend. southwest says all the flights are back on schedule. there is no sign of the problem than this check-up situation was caused by hackers. more in our next hour. >> that's good news. here is some more good newt. a lot of excitement and really big pump dins in half moon tee day p. every year, those pumpkins get bigger and bigger. ktvu fox news is in half moon bay with one of the growers who hopes to take home the top prize. good morning, alley. >> it's true what you say. every year, the pumpkins do get bigger and bigger. you won the in this weigh-off 13 or 14 years ago. two o 001, 2003. the pumpkin that you won back then was about 1000, 1100 mound
6:37 am
pounds. now, you have one of the top contenders for the prize today. how much bigger is this pumpkin? how big is this guy? >> yeah, twice the size. but pretty close. >> maybe 2000 pounds, you think? >> i don't know quite that. but getting pretty close. >>reporter: there's a lot of buzz about your pumpkin. everybody is eyepauling it citing this one might be the winner. you're from oregon. how nerve-racking was the drive transporting this thing in your pick-up all the way from oregon. >> >> you do this for year. the hardest part is getting it in the truck. once in and shut down, it's a. not nerve- racking at all. it's a good drive. >>reporter: how did you get lucky this year? >> you know, the sun shined. we had a lot of sun. maybe a little too hot at times. it was early on sunny. with e got in the pitch
6:38 am
early and great doctor growing conditions. >> you're not a farmer by friday. o you do it as a hon by? >> just a hobby u. >> >>reporter: why do you do it? what's so great ant it? >> that's a good question. i love working outside. it's therapeutic for me and we're all competitors. to be able to do something that you can compete with. you see the pumpkins down here. it's a great group of people. you look forward to this time of year. >>reporter: how much energy did you put in this pumpkin? >> too much. >>reporter: well, maybe there will be a big pay-off for it. they are hoping there's a world breaking pumpkin festival today. the weigh-off today. the world record is about 2300 point pounds. not sure if we'll have to wait and see if any of these pumpkins are that heavy. there are still about $6 per pound for the heaviest pumpkin out here. so that is what we are talking about for the
6:39 am
pumpkins. about $12,000. it's a big pay-off. back to you guys. >> all right. alley ls p. we'll talk to you later. a winning $15 millioner superlotto ticket was sold at a grocery store in san jose. the safeway sold that winning ticket to saturday night's drawing. the winner has not claimed it yet. the winning numbers are 21, 28, 33, 34, and 37. the meganumbers are 17. the whoever won has 180 days from the day of the draw to claim their prize. well, the navy's blue angels are leaving the bay area today. the precision flying team gave another spectacular performance over the skies of san francisco. fleet week wraps up today. but there are still plenty to codo. tours of navy ships from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. today. there's also the high school band challenge at the
6:40 am
golden gate park music concourse. that is at 10:00 this morning. >> it was incredible. >> yeah. time is 6:39. dozens killed during a peace rally. it happened in turkey over the weekend. in our next half hour, the evidence investigators say they found that points to a possible link to isis. but first, two people killed in a plane crash in south lake tahoe. the problems people in the neighborhood say that they see all the time. good morning. we're looking at that east bay commute. and so far so good here on interstate 238830 in front of the coliseum see yum. traffic is looking very nicely. >> a lot of fog racing dune the coast. it's not going to be inland.ment it's dill going to be warm and hot. an increase crease in cloudsize or wednesday.
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he will. womanment -- welcome baubling. federal investigators are searching for what caused a plane crash in south lake tahoe that killed two people over the weekend. a single engine beach bonanza crashed shortly after take-off saturday evening killing the two people onboard. records show there were 41-mile -per-hour wind gusts at the time of the crash. the accident has heightened the fears of some people in the area. >> it is nerve-racking to liver here and know that planes are dropping on a regular basis. >> i have been told this is a difficult area to fly especially if you are not real experienced or if the conditions are really poor. >> now, the national
6:44 am
transportation safety board says it will review data recorders and work with the plane's manufacturer and also analyze the scene to determine the cause of the crash. the other auto county sheriff's office says it has not yet been able to identify the beam onboard that plane. time now just turning 6:44. uc davis police investigating another possible hate crime on campus. police say several cars were damaged saturday morning in a parking lot at a university apartment complex. tires were slashed and religious slurs were scraped into the side of the cars. police say a man was running through the apartment complex. for four hate crimes reported for the 2014 to 2015 school year including the spray painting of a swastika on the wall of a jewish fraternity. well, there are reports san francisco bay's twitter melee off employees this week. forbes magazine says there are several rumors that twitter ceo will cancel
6:45 am
the company's expansion plan. what ever when jack dorcey released the quarterly financial report, he said there was good progress in making money, but twitter is not happy with the pace of growth of its users. twitter executives have made no comment on that report by forbes magazine. q we're going to follow that throughout the morning. 6:45 is the time. we're going to check in for the other stories we are following throughout the morning. hi. >> hi familiar and david. gasia. and a front yard of a texas city councilman's home that ends up with the city councilman getting phased. >> you're not doing what he's asking you to do. put your hands up. he's going to have to phase you. you're not doing like you're supposed to. >> what happened had police responding to the man's home and why police say they had to phase him. a new television show is tackling one of the bestest -- biggest mysteries. was the escape from al coo as the a success? the three escaped inmates have
6:46 am
that proves they made it. see you in a few for mornings on 2, pam and day. >> thank you, gasia. the denver broncos still undefeated after beating the raders despite a less than stellar performance from payton manning. the quarterback was intercepted twice. woodson had never intercepted manning before. at the age of 39, he's the oldest player in nfl history with more than one interception in the game. oakland defensive efforts were wasted though when the broncos return for a touchdown in the 49 all the way. that is the two missed field goals from sebastian and the broncos won 16-10. despite some improvements in the 49ers, their losing streak on the road continues against the new york giants. the quarterback seemed to find himself in the second half. here is a touchtown. he flew two much touchdowns. the niners took the lead late in the fourth with a touchdown run. and just bowling did in there. the giants
6:47 am
quartieren -- quarterback, eli manning threw a game-winning 12-yard touchtown right there. what a catch. twenty-one seconds left in the game. the giants won 30-27. next, the 49ers will host the baltimore ravens next sunday. that was a heartbreaker. >> yeah. that was a tough weekend for s actionl in particular. >> i was trying to the to bring it up to sal. >> first off. >> i'm right here. >> saturday and sunday. and this is when fans have to stick with their team. cal lost. i was disappointed. >> i wasn't going to bring that up either. >> the raders and the 49ers lost. in my opinion, the dodgers shouldn't have won. >> well. this is just my opinion. >> yeah. >> a dirty play. just one man talking here. >> that is a lot of talk. >> we'll see what happens. that is a lot of talk. >> exactly. >> you may disagree. that is just the way i feel. let's take a look at the
6:48 am
commute now. traffic is moving along slowly in some areas. it's getting a little bit of a break. in today's columbus day, some people aren't going to school or work. you may have to. it might be a little bit better for you on the way to oakland. between walnut creek and oakland still going to be seeing some slowing. it's just not quite as it would be on a monday. bay bridge, the same thing goes. instead of being a 20 or 25 of minute delay, it's more like 10 or 15 minutes before you make it on to the span. we have an injury accident northbound 85 in san jose. this is in saratoga. northbound 85. it is backing traffic up on 85. today, you have some decent alternates. 280 and 101 aren't that bad. so there's no need for you to have to use 85 at all. 6:48. let's go to steve. the san jose sharks won saturday night. >> you're right. they're playing well. >> thank you, sir. we have mostly clear skies. fog is racing down the coast. usually, we look for it to race up the coast. it's about point raised south.
6:49 am
very shallow e. san mateo, coast and inland. the leading edge of the higher clouds beginning to move in to southern california near san diego. we'll keep an eye on those for tuesday. it has been baking hot in southern california. los angeles, 100 degrees friday, saturday, and sunday. longest stretch of 100-degree temperatures in 25 years. they'll probably get a lot of rain wednesday and thursday. warm to hot into wednesday for us. sunny today. clouds on the increase tuesday into wednesday. to the south i would think wednesday morning. again higher humidity as we get clouds coming up from a low that started the pacific northwest to texas and came backtracking. fifty-eight. what's average for in time of year. seventy. fifty-four the record. the record was 91 in 1901. forty-eight in 1890. san jose looking for 84. starch -- average is 77. fifty-seven on low. should be 53. 693-2010 -- 93, 2010 that record high. the record ho lo is 35 in
6:50 am
1893. there is some of that fog and low clouds. thes going down the coast or off the coast. but about -- south. but north of that, it's clear. here are the lows -- lows that that work its way back of of approximate. that is the cloud ban we'll be waiting for tomorrow. fifty-nine to 64. very warm. it should be about 56 for san francisco. but we said they are five above in warm water off of monterey south. forty-nine in mapa. fifty-four half moon gay. fairfield. so everybody is pretty close here. fiftys even for gillroy and morgan hill. fifty-one scotts valley. warmer in higher elevations. santa cruz deal being some fog. five a5. any system from the north. not until maybe saturday. it looks like it will weaken considerably. the systems from the south has a lot of cover cover and maybe some rain, we would think it would favor southern and central and not us.
6:51 am
it's possible morgan hims. ninetys on temperatures. there's absolutely no breeze whatsoever. seventys or 80s close tore the water. as you might imagine, these are way above average ifer in time of year. a good 12 or 15 for some. mid 9 0ás for a few. they don't someday there long, but they still hit that. zero sixs, 70s, 80s to upper 80s on the me tropical -- tropical. >> thank you. >> a lot of cloud cover on wednesday. clears up thursday. it does look cooler for the weekend. >> hardly anybody says oh man, it's muggy out here. >> that's true. >> or humid. it's hot. sorry, we're trying to be positive on this monday morning. >> yes. >> there we go. 6:51 is the time. a street is going to be named after harvey milk. where the late san francisco human rights receive. it's a city you might not expect.
6:52 am
this is the dawn of an old day.
6:53 am
because at&t and directv are offering
6:54 am
yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 6:54. the memphis police department is mourning the death of one of their own. the second memphis police officer killed in the last two months. terrence alledge was on his way to work yesterday in uniform. someone shot him several times near his home in the suburbs. the 31-year-old joined the memphis police department just over a year ago.
6:55 am
his fiance is four months' pregnant. family members say he loved what he did and his work and they don't know anyone who would want to hurt him. >> they say -- it's a very sad situation. everybody was drying. in going crazy. it's scary right here. >> now, the suspect is in custody, but no charges have been filed as yet. the officer is the 49 memphis police officer to be identify tally shot in the last four years. his death comes just 72 days after officer shawn bolton was killed during a traffic stop. a suspect in that case was arrested two days later. meantile, -- meantime, a suspect is in custody in a shooting outside the dallas cowboys stadium in arlington, texas. police say a fight broke out in the parking lot at at&t stadium after the cowboys lost to the patriots last night. the dallas morning news reports a man was taken to the hospital. he has life-threatening gunhot
6:56 am
ever shot bounds. alos angeles has passed the toughest earthquake retrofit law. it requires about 15,000 buildings to be retrofitted to better withstand violent shaking. plopperty owners of wood frame or soft-story buildings will have seven years to to the work. eners of concrete buildings will have 25 years to make the upgrade. l. a.'s major says past experience showing that voluntary retrofitting doesn't work. >> remember the sanoma quake? that was a voluntary program and they didn't do it. >> the retrofit work can be extensive. it allow -- expensives. allows to increase monthly rent up to 75er to pay for imlovements. a street in salt lake city may soon be named in honor of san francisco gay rights advocates harvey milk. they have been working with lgbt on the proposed initiative. it would be within other streets made ho to honor
6:57 am
dr. martin luther king jr., rosa parks, and see czar chai stories. it would be close to the morton temple where gay rights activists protested proposition 8. the were toker gay marriage banned in cool l l. the final gig of american idol wrapped up in san francisco. thousands of hopefuls came hoping ifer nary chance of fame and foreign. keith ubah, jennifer he ed. six final singers for in year's competition. they have been connecting auditions since july. >> it is not just about finding someone who is going to make a great record or be an incredible live act. i think it's about finding interesting people and talent and putting it all together to make a great show. >> now, urban said the san francisco auditions were some of the best he's seen since being on the show. the final season of idol premiers in january right here on ktvu channel 2. time is 6:57. still ahead, he's
6:58 am
been held in an iranian prison for more than a year. this morning, we're learning that a washington post converter fire extinguisher been gifting. what that means for the bay area natives. >> plus, keeping people a safe at the push of a button. the brand enough technology being tested in san jose. ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. a bicyclist hit and killed by a muni bus on market street until san francisco yesterday afternoon. the police are investigating here. we'll tell you how streetcar tracks may have played a role this this crash. >> a guilty verdict handed down by an iranian court in the case of a bay area man held in prison in iran for more than a year. the big questions still remaining all ahead on mornings on 2. 7:00 on this monday morning i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. i don't think you will need a long sleeve shirt today. >> probably not. maybe right off the coast for a few but other


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