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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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murder, with special circumstances of rape, robbery, and multiple murder. that means if convicted they could face life in prison without the possibility of parole or the death penalty. marin county prosecutors will decide later if it was something they could seek injection and very serious charges. also face charges of animal cruelty as they would be held here and arraigned as early as tomorrow heather. >> that was going to be my question as we knew when they would appear in court next. let's talk about the weapon involved, allegedly involved, which is really the crucial evidence in connecting both of these murders. >> reporter: that's right heather. the gun they were using, allegedly stolen from the car in san francisco and in fisherman's wharf. that this is the second highest profile slaying, involved in the stolen gun as we know that they find those killed at pier
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14 in san francisco and allegedly by the undocumented worker who was using a gun stolen by the bureau of land management and their agents. that the gun was stolen from their car as well and very serious charges to bring up a lot of issues about rolling the guns. of course in this case all the victims in marin and golden gate park that they did not know them according to the authorities. heather? >> and now to also know that they were able to connect these two crimes. the cause of the gun, are you talking to the other environment agencies out there in the bay area who might be looking at this trio in connection tonight cases they're working on? >> reporter: that's right heather. that it is a conclusion from all of them and the fairfield and golden gate park and of course that they were both found in wood areas. they were known to frequent those areas. so of course up and down here in northern california and all the authorities looking in to the files reasonably and perhaps going back in time
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several years to see if they would have unsolved cases that could be linked. >> all right, henry lee outside the marin county jail with the very latest. the three suspects are now back in marin county, thank you. now to the south bay where tonight the discovery of human remains has punted an investigation. they were found by a hiker over the weekend, not far from sherry's way, an unincorporated area. ktvu maureen naylor has the story new at 6:00. >> it's a summit. it's a secret. >> reporter: dog walker jamie beck noticed an unusual sight off the road at unincorporated los cados today. sheriff cars and crime tape. >> it isn't all that high traffic. to know that there were remains there. i mean that's really stunning. >> reporter: authorities say a human skull was found on this hillside in the santa cruz mountain about 30 feet from the road near what locals refer to
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as rattlesnake curve. santa cruz crime scene investigators arrived monday along with dogs to search the seclude area not far from lexington reservoir. the sheriff deputies blocked off the road expanding the crime scene with yellow tape. an e-mail went out to those who live in this area from the other neighbor who says that he discovered the human remains on sunday while hiking. >> this morning i saw an e- mail. >> reporter: that it is still unclear on who they would belong to, the gender or how old they are. >> it is discomforting, sad to hear that it would happen, so close to home. >> reporter: the people that would live here and those that were doing any work like myself
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or cleaning services, no way out. they would hope to identify who they would belong to. in the santa cruz mountains, maureen naylor ktvu fox 2 news. it happened on saturday as they were not identified yet, but that it is the aircraft that would belong to their 73-year- old man. the two victims appeared to be a man and a woman. they'll examine the dental records to identify those two victims. witnesses say that the plane crashed. they identified the cyclist that was struck and killed by the muni bus yesterday. the 47-year-old was riding in the middle of market street
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when they got caught used by the streetcars. falling off their bike and landed in the path of the bike as they are reviewing the surveillance videos to determine who was at fault for their accident. they will cover drivers, working for the ride sharing company lift. insurance commissioner says that his goal is to continue to put more plans like this one on the market for the other ride- share companies like uber. >> to buy the insurance and then on top of that it will be a lift driver. you can be covered for the entirety of your experience as the driver. farmer's insurance announced a similar product back in may. retiring, holding the post
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since 2012. before that he was a san francisco supervisor, running for mayor in 2011. the 60-year-old deputy hasn't ruled out returning to politics, but says they have no firm plans as of yet that the last day will be november 7th. layoffs expected as early as tomorrow. ktvu tom vacar now with what it could mean for the social media giant. >> reporter: twitter what was a once and free start up facing a reality of the cold stock market. >> and twitter is not growing at that rate, but wall street is expecting when it became public. >> the fact that twitter is not a profitable company that they are not getting that kind of leverage that i think that they would want that they are not
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growing as fast as they would want to cut back their expenses. >> reporter: they reported revenue of almost $1.4 billion last year and that they still lost $539 million in the last quarter where they lost another $137 million. >> it's like the balloon day that they would report their spending was up 37%. trying to show the jitters. that many of them were software engineers. >> reporter: they need to reinvent themselves and figure out how to atrack new people on board to keep them excited. it's not easy. >> it is easier to tap the other people in the field. >> that they are an important company. but unless they would get their house in order that they might not last on their own. >> they might be attracted to
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the larger company, and probably the summary payroll, which may be one of those possible outcomes of the rumored process. >> they would make the right moves. cutting their spending. >> reporter: if the companies would continue to lose money, if they continue to grow or revenues continue to grow, then wall street will not pressure them, but twitter, they have proven to be somewhat of a disappointment. twitter will not confirm or deny any layoffs. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. and a new line in california will force several schools to stop using their name redskins. the legislation signed by governor jerry brown will affect four schools that will include their high school in san andreas banning the use of the word redskins for school or athletic team names, mascots, and nicknames. the legislation stood up a lot of debate among people that said their term is offensive to
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native americans. but the school district says it's a sign of school spirit and one native american did that they said it is a source of pride. >> i'm a part of a trend, my dad is native american. and his tribe is fond of it as we would see it as more of an honor than the disgrace or the mockery. >> the national congress of american indians says it should be an example of schools and teams across the country, including the washington redskins. the law goes in to effect on january 1 of 2017. the cable car concerns, crossing a plan to ban cars on a busy san francisco street. >> it is just the concept. you know, no cost, no traffic for the people. no problem. >> the plan though that could cause a problem for drivers. >> it is such a great white. >> plus, a shark feeding caught on camera. what will make this so unusual is that it was all happening right near the dock on
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alcatraz. we'll talk to the little boy whose mom shot that video. back here with the temperatures that you'll be impressed with for early october. i'll let you know how hot it will get.
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it's all because of the famous cable cars and the concerns about the cables they run on. >> now to explain how they could happen and the problems that it might cause. >> even the traffic near theturn around is often a nightmare. >> because you know that there
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is a lot of traffic. >> but that could soon change. under the proposal by the san francisco metropolitan transportation authority, all private automobiles would be ban on the street with the stretch to gary. >> i think it's a great idea. a great idea that i would love to see it happen. >> reporter: they would last for 18 months to see how it would work. but the agency believes that removing the cars would allow them to operate more efficiently. and that they also want to see whether that heavy traffic here has been responsible for causing that underground cables to fray more quickly than in previous years. >> it is a great concept, you know, no cause or traffic just the people. no problem. >> reporter: but the area also atracks the pedestrians who would seem to like that idea of eliminating their cars. >> it would be nice to have a little bit more of a pedestrian open space in this area. >> reporter: under the proposal the delivery trucks will be the only vehicle that will be around. or the other cars, including
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uber and lift that will need to drive around that area. at restaurant here just off powell the owner isn't sure what there mean for businesses. >> it could affect their hotels. there are a lot of things that they need to research before jumping right in to this. >> reporter: they are subject to vote in november. if approved, this plan could go in to event before thanksgiving in time for the busy holiday shopping season. in san francisco robert handa ktvu news. testing a new kind of traffic signal that is designed for pedestrian pricing. now hawk stands for high intensity activating crosswalk. first the solid yellow and then two solid red lights. drivers must wait for
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pedestrians to clear their lanes. but one jogger we talked to has her doubts about whether drivers will actually pay attention. >> the traffic safety officials say that it has been found to improve the pedestrian safety that there is one in san francisco with more to be set there. some folks in the east bay are noticing a change in their tap water along the 680 corridor from walnut creek south. some people say that the taste of their water from east bay mud is a little different now. some folks aren't happy with the new taste. >> back in the days when you would have stuff like that. the san francisco puc which
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also serves some east bay city is telling their customers that from october 11 through the 14th that they may notice a difference in their water. it is looking more like it had year's el niño will lead to a rainy winter in california. it's unpredictable. but they are now showing the 60% chance of above average rainfall in southern california and a 50% chance from the bay area to sequoia national park. now the term el niño and bill martin have told us that they would refer to the phenomenon that would happen once every 20 years. so let's bring in our chief meteorologist now and talk more about that. would you be in agreement that it looks like we could get a lot of rain? >> yes, all the signs, the great sunsets that we had last week is an indication of a good el niño year. if it sticks around in time for winter it will be game on.
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but yeah the indications from san francisco to the south. almost guarantee that they will get a lot of rain probably 200% above average. not hard to do as it will be much less than ours, a wet year, which is what we're hoping for. tomorrow the temperatures, on the warmer side. 92 in fairfield today. you've got 91. interesting how they are 91. 86 here in san francisco and 86. so you are five degrees cooler in san francisco verse verses anioch, just a lot of moisture. that it will be even further than this. that they would get up 8, 10,
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15,000 feet. so this moisture plume here will move in and with a few sprinkles. but that is what they are seeing there. the kind of thing you would expect in that el niño year no fog at the coast where it will be clear. an crock -- slightly warmer today with a degree or two. in some areas we would barely notice that change. 77 in oakland and napa. these are the highs tomorrow and the highs, the current temperatures, pardon me. the highs will be slightly warmer than this on monday. here is the satellite computer models, showing you the clouds in the north and that they would come up with that moisture controlling up from the storm that we showed you yesterday and that temperature footprint, the warm one. the 70s at half moon bay and the mid to upper 70s which is warm at their coast. the models, the long range
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models to throw that brush over it, but here we are saturday morning that they want to bring a little rain through it here, right? you can see all the moisture here. that is el niño too as that could happen for you there. but this will be coming from the tropical storm out in the pacific and the southern pacifics, coming up over the top to get caught up in the flow, which will be a good sign that things are going as lots could happen. that we could be, i almost for sure with southern california that they would, you know, almost everybody agrees that they would be well above rainfall. but the problem with that is all the reservoirs, that it will be 80% of their water supply. orraville, 200% of the rainfall average in southern california with a lot of flooding, basically the green lawns. but you won't have a lot of storage. hopefully they will see more of it here. >> that is what you would worry here. >> yes. >> the l.a.
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river is a drainage. >> thanks, bill. tonight, we have the answer to the questions of the great white sharks, do they feed inside san francisco bay? >> that is crazy. that is a great white. >> oh my god. >> holy crud. >> yes, what you're looking at here is the only documented case of a great white attack on either a seal or a sea lion inside the golden gate. this video taken on saturday from alcatraz island. keaton shindler and his mom were taking a trip as they found themselves in front row seats. >> it's near day is that someone sees a shark attack. >> i couldn't believe it. the kids seemed sure. i saw the fin and the blood and i was terrified of sharks. so i was a little bit nervous. >> oh my god. >> the video was shot as the group was waiting for the ferry to return from alcatraz. they said that the incident has influenced him and now he's thinking of becoming a marine biologist. those pictures are just amazing.
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>> something else. >> incredible. the 49ers back home from new york talking about their tough loss last night against the giants. a wild comeback to tell you about in the american league. mark has all the highlights coming up next in sports. and time now to check in with keba in the newsroom with a look at what we're working on for you at 7:00. >> well frank tonight new trouble for an american journalist from the bay area. today iranians court decisions that have vast hopes that he'll be getting out any time soon. this after already spending more than a year in prison. and also another emotional day for students at the oregon college that was the scene of a mass shooting 12 days ago asstudents and staff head back to class. these stories plus your top headlines coming up at 7:00 over on tv 36.
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the nba champion golden state warriors announced that they have a deal to buy a proposed mission bay arena land from software company sales force. terms of the deal were not announced, but the warriors president rick walsh said the team was making a $1 billion investment in san francisco. the warriors hoped to open the new arena in 2018. all right, let's talk about the baseball playoffs now. what a game here involving the astros and the royals? >> yes, absolutely. you know, you kind of feel the pain of the astro fans. it's been a long time since they had a winner as it looked like they had the ball game won and they would have clinched that series against kansas city the team that went to the world series against the giants last year wasn't to be, but this is the young shortstop that everybody is saying that it will be the next derek jeter. what a game that he had. carlos coralla with two-run
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shots knocking in four runs. at this point 5-2 astros. in the 8th inning, putting up five runs with a big play and a double play ball. and that guy, he couldn't feel it as you could see their reaction of the pitcher, tony not happy at all. 6-6. the 8th inning as they would continue with jose altuve a pretty good player. that it will be so close and that it will be 2-2 going back to kansas city with the final 9- 6. how does it make you feel to see this guy just living it up right now? the other home run that will be the 2nd of their series. and that it has been changed, the seven runs for them 8-4 as they would find their series against the rangers at 2-2 and that they be going back to
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canada. what a tough football week as they lost a tough one in denver and that they looked like they were going to pull one out for the national television audience, as they came from behind. the go ahead touchdown with about 1:45 left here, going up four points. just a little too much time. off the great night for them with that touchdown, the sensational catch. and even though that it will be much improved from the 49ers, it is definitely felt by one of the guys. >> the receivers are making plays. they took two steps and that you would remember that game that it will be so easy to do. that at the end of the day, that you're not allowed to be
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happy about it. >> a national play and more baseball highlights right now. >> and the cardinals. all right, thanks, mark. >> thank you for joining us, everyone, have a great night.
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jay: come on, let's go. we're gonna need a little extra time at airport security, 'cause i'm pretty sure they're gonna want to pat you down. manny's with his father for the weekend, so jay and i are flying to vegas. i'm a little torn because i want alone time with gloria, but i also like rubbing manny's head for good luck. i just need to send this e-mail to claire why i'm not working on the bake sale next week, but i can't say the real reason. why not? because she drives me crazy when she's in charge of these things. okay. we got a flight to catch, so let me help you out here. you tell me what you want to say to her, and i'll help you find a nice way to say it. i want to say... i can't work on the bake sale because you're a bossy control freak that looks down on my cupcakes, even though your lemon squares were very dry. [ keys clacking ]


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