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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 12, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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. >> a man jumps to his death from the roof i -- of a well known hotel in san francisco where we've also learned that a housekeeper was viciously attacked. good evening, everyone. i'm hank summerville. >> a -- ana tack on a hotel made is
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having big repercussions on a major hotel. new at ten tonight, we are live now at the hotel, with how a man's suicide also plays into this story. >> heather, a jump from this high-rise hotel isn't something we would normally report on, but it turns out the man who took his life here crossed paths with a housekeeper who was assaulted. >> we were just grieving his loss at this point. >> jack lewis is re -- presiding over a gathering of 10000 cardiologists around the world, exploring research and break through devices, but what happened sunday at the headquarters hotel has his attention now. >> all i know is we lost a young staff person and are very much in grieving. >> as the conventioning -- convention was beginning, a 26-year-old employee jumped from
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the marriot's roof and died instantly, hitting a fifth floor deck. earlier that day, a housekeeper was choked and assaulted in a penthouse room where the young worker had previously been. the hotel workers union says if there's a connection. >> certainly, the proximity in both those events happening at the same time. >> it's one for the police to make. the housekeeper is in intensive acre at san francisco general hospital. >> we've spoken with the family. they are putting a very strong face on this. we're hopeful that, you know, they are -- she's going to make a full recovery. the union is going to make a full investigation to see what /staepz -- steps need to be taken, if any. >> well, i don't know about that, but i just know we're dealing with the loss of a young man. >> the young man is described -- identified as alexander damas of
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brooklyn. his boss said he wanted to be a doctor himself, and as far as he knew, had no instability or history of violence. >> none whatsoever, yeah; none whatsoever. he's just a nice young man. >> /pwe death the -- beneath the bustling convention, they -- the staff have a room set aside to meet with a grief counselor. >> it's just torn the staff up. people are just heart broken. >> management at the mar i can't tell -- mar /kwrot mar -- marriot marquis spoke to me off camera and confirmed the death of their employee, but beyond that, they're referring all questions to the police. >> already new developments -- new developments in -- tonight in those three drifters accused of murder. late today, a caravan of /srapbdz -- vans brought them back to marin.
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it's a murder investigation that involves three suspects, two victims and two other counties, but it all comes down to one district attorney filing charges. we are outside the marin county jail tonight with details why marin is taking the lead today. >> frank, the marin county district attorney received these cases first, and this is where those suspects are -- will make their first court appearances. they're scheduled to be arraigned on murder charges wednesday morning. >> they traveled more than 600 miles, from portland, oregon to san rafael, california. this is the end of the line for the murder suspects you see being led out of those white vans. the destination of this road trip, the marin county jail. >> any time someone, obviously is murdered in the fashion that happened here, it's something that gets everyone's attention. >> the marin county district attorney announced he filed double murder charges against
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morrison haze lampley, sean michael angold and lila scott alligood. on october 5th, a hiker was found shot to death in fair fox -- fairfax. the victim, steven carter. his stolen car would later link the suspects to another murder just two days earlier in san francisco's golden gate park. that victim, canadian backpacker audrey carey. >> the connection between what happened in san francisco and then what happened here in marin is extremely important. >> which is why marin county is charging and tri -- trying the trio for both murders. the double /kharpblgdz were filed -- charges were filed with special circumstances which potentially make this /#2r-d /#-d /#-d -- trio eligible for the death penalty. marin county is more apt to go after a death penalty than san francisco. in this case, clark says
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trying them together stream lines the prosecution. >> yes, you wouldn't try them twice. >> the marin d.a. says it's yet to be determined what penalty he will seek in this case. >> potentially, if they were found to be guilty, as -- as we've charged, with those special circumstances, the life without the possibility of parole becomes a possibility, as well as possiblily -- possiblily -- potentially death. >> so tonight -- today, the san fran district attorney's office released a statement saying the charges allows the marin county district attorney's office to file charges for murder. we will be working to bring justice to these families, but wednesday, the arraignment, the beginning of what's sure to be a very long legal road ahead. >> are you getting any sense on how the defense might proceed here? >> there are a couple of options. i talked with defense
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expert steven clark. he said they could try to have these cases tried in their respective county, where they happened. they could try to sever the cases, meaning tried separately, especially if one is seen as less culpable or a weaker case so that the evidence in the other two cases doesn't spill over to the one that might be seen maybe as the weaker case. >> did he talk about all -- one of them perhaps flipping and testifying against the other two? >> no, we didn't talk about that at all. we don't even know what defense attorneys these three have yet. there will be a lot of legal wranglings behind the scenes for sure, as generally happens in cases that have multiple defenses. >> all right. noelle, thank you. >> the n.b.a. champion golden state warriors announced today that they have made a deal for their new proposed arena in san francisco. they are buying the land from sales company -- from the company sales force.
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the team was, quote, making a $1 mill -- $1 billion investment in san francisco. the team needs approval and environmental work before the work can begin. it's just south of at&t park in the mission neighborhood. the team hopes to play there in 2018. the university of southern california fired its athlete -- its head coach today because of alcohol problems. he reportedly showed up intoxicated at the team's practice field yesterday -- yet, but then, as more stories came up, sarkisian was fired. >> i asked him to take an indefinite leave of absence,
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and. >> he is going through a divorce. he publicly apologized back in august for showing up intoxicated at the u.s.c. event. he is reportedly now seeking treatment for alcohol abuse. >> governor jerry brown signed a bill into law today that prohibits smokeless tobacco as base -- baseball stadiums in california. it applies to snuff, dipping tobacco, and chew tobacco. it's for both players and fans in the stands. you -- the new law takes effect at all california stayed /kwruplz december 1st of next year. meanwhile -- stadiums december 1st of next year. according to the -- amoeba is competing for a license to open a fourth medical marijuana shop in berkeley. it would put that room in a room that's currently used for jazz
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and classical music. >> now to the south bay, where a v.t.a. construction project that was supposed to bring more business to san jose's little pu -- portugal's neighborhood, but the project is now behind schedule and will probably be over budget. >> this is what's putting the brakes of the business: a stalled bus route. construction began last week, the unfinished mess causing traffic headaches, so customers stay away. the mexico bakery sells sweet bread, not so sweet. the owner estimates his business has lost thousands of dollars. >> i am really /#2eud cked about the fact that the cta is not addressing the issue. >> what frustrates many of the owners is no one's out here working on this project.
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>> it was really kind of an unprecedented situation with this contractor. >> the v.t.a. parted ways with good fellow construction for safety reasons. the general contractor hit a gas line back in july, and they're know -- know -- now going out to bid for another contractor. the project won't be completed until december of next year. >> we have apologized to this community. we are very since -- sincere when it comes to understanding what the disruptions have been. >> the construction's been badly managed, and the businesses are really hurting. >> /sab hoes -- san jose mayor similar lai -- licardo is saying they are looking at long-term solutions. in san jose, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> at 10:30, the competition giving students exposure to the
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world of technology and stardom. >> /trarbg -- tracking that warm up on tuesday. we're going to get up there again. i'll show you which neighborhoods are going to be the hottest. >> up next, the presidential debate turns to the democrats. why some say this primary is wide open. some neighbors are energy saving superstars.
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how do you become a superstar? with pg&e's free online home energy checkup. don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. visit and get started today. . >> there have been two republican debates so far. tomorrow, it's the democrats' turn, with five candidates
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taking the stage for their first presidential debate. joining here is bernie sanders, martin o' malley, and others. we -- here, we tell you why there could be fireworks with clinton in the lead and others with not much to lose. >> it certainly could prove to be very interesting frank. being the first debate, we can expect these candidates not named hillary clinton that they'll be trying to introduce themselves and give their views to the american public. >> in the san francisco bay area, with a population that largely tilts left, some di -- die hard democrats still say they don't know who will get their vote in the primary. right now, in their minds, this primary is wide open, and many want to see how all five democratic candidates perform in tuesday's debate.
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>> i think more than transparency. i don't think they've been very forth right /skph forthcoming. >> number one, it's not honesty, number two, it's about national security, and number three it -- it's not /kphepl -- economics. >> hillary clinton who's been the front runner since the start of the campaign will likely face questions about her -- benghazi and her e-mails when she was secretary of state. >> my expectation is bernie sanders will not go into attack mode against hillary clinton. it's just not his style, but that the other three might. again, they have -- they have much more to gain and they're not really going to get anywhere if they don't start getting some traction now. >> vermont independent senator -- vermont's independent senator
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bernie sanders have gained ground, but the others are still relatively unknown nationwide. san francisco democratic party official matt dorisy said it will just be good to finally have democrats in the debate headlines. >> i want to hear them give it to the republicans, and ultimately, that's good be -- going to be the proving ground for what is -- who's the best nominee. >> this is the result of whether vice-president joe biden will run, and some say he's running out of time, because most will cast their vote in the debate march 15th. it will be hosted in las vegas at the wynn hotel, and televised by c.n.n. >> anderson cooper will /phot -- moderate this debate. viewers will also be allowed to ask
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questions via facebook and instagram. >> well, a new poll seems -- was -- asked that jerry brown should run for president, and it's found that 39 percent approve, and 48 percent disapprove. the san francisco medical examiner today released the -- the name of a bike rider who was hit and killed by an muni bus on market street. investigators say mark hourier was hide -- riding in the middle of the street, his bike tire got caught in a rail used by the street cars. he fell and got -- unfortunately got caught in the path of a bus. a man who served as a santa clara county foster parent has been arrested on child sexual -- sex abuse charges and now police say they're trying to figure out if more victims are out there.
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59-year-old david norm -- norman elliot was arrested. investigators say he has been a foster parent in santa clara county for the past five years. >> a court in iran found washington post reporter and marin county reporter jason razaian guilty of espionage. >> he was detained with his wife and two other journalists, though three were later released. the washington post executive editor says the verdict is a grave i have -- injustice. his conviction comes as the iranian parliament
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tentatively backed the /tphaoubg deal reached. >> it's just a tragedy that an innocent man, ana credited journalist, a good /perb has become a victim. he -- person, has been -- become a victim. he has been caught up in this ca -- coalition of forces. >> he hold /tkaoulz u.s.iranian citizenship faces up to 20 years in jail. now of course his family wants to get him home and get him back to living a normal life, but after this conviction, it's unclear just when that will be. >> it's being called the biggest tech merger ever. dell and men low park -- menlo park provided -- private building partners --
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on wall street, the do you industrials were -- dow industrials were up reporting their seventh great -- straight up day. investors will be looking at a barrage of corporate earnings reports starting tomorrow. >> tracking a pretty warm night out there tonight. you're in oakland now looking back toward the bay bridge, and not many clouds to speak of, just a mild, beautiful evening. a few clouds will come in from this weather system tomorrow night, but there you have, a temperatures are a good five degrees warmer today than yesterday, and that leaves us with a day tomorrow like today. right now, it's 70 in concord, 71 in hayward, and this is the increase in temperatures tonight. it's a degree warmer in napa than it was last night. tomorrow night, it'll be
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about eve. -- even. these numbers, i'll show you the changes. they'll be about the same. the forecast model will show the reds coming to the coast. you see a little fog here by tomorrow night, right, so that'll change things around. tomorrow's going to be the warmest day, and then, a cool down after that. there are the 90's showing up in napa. -- napa, salinas and san jose. the water coming from your tap might not be what you're used to. still ahead, the change in smell and taste that people are starting to notice, and the reason for it. >> two former oakland a's played big roles tonight. our sports writer mark ibanez shows us how last year's a's are this year's stars. >> a skull found on a south -- south bay hillside, and the
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investigation into where it came from.
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. >> well, a strange discovery in the hills above los gatos. a hiker found a human skill, and investigators are now trying to identify the remains. >> dog walker janie beck noticed an unusual site off montevideo road in los gatos, sheriff's officers and crime tape. >> that's really stunning. >> authorities say a human skull was found on this hillside in the santa cruz mountains about 30 feet from the road near what locals refer to as rattlesnake curve. >> santa clara /kaoepblt crime scene investigators arrived with cadaver dogs to investigate the
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area. an e-mail went out to those who live in the area, including this man, from another neighbor who says he discovered the /phaoupl -- human remains sunday while hiking. >> this /phaoerpbg, i saw an e-mail from a neighbor -- morning, i saw an e-mail from a neighbor in the area who does had a -- who does a lot of hiking. >> and -- authorities say it's still unclear who the remains belong to, the gender or how old they are. >> well, it's -- it's comforting. i mean it is -- it's sad to hear something like that happens, and especially so close to home. >> the coroner plans to ref the remains in hopes of identifying who they belong to. bay area guitar legend carlos santana gave students at an east bay middle school a class to remember. and there's only one santana. he was joined by his
10:26 pm
wife cindy on drums. -- drums at a middle school in san allen /tkroe. they -- leandro. carlos told the students about the music he likes. >> i like any music that gives me chills. that's the first and last thing of importance to any music. it has to give me chills. >> the keep music rocking provides money to san leandro school district to keep classes going. >> billion -- well, a busy street in san francisco may be closed to cars. why an issue with san francisco's famous cable cars are to blame. >> how leaders from tech and sports got together to help today.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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. >> new at ten, a quick pitch before a touch -- tough audience at students from under served communities get introduced to the start-up world. they had two minutes to make a pitch for their start-up. we are live in san francisco where the kids and young datsun -- adults saw a world that many haven't seen before. >> well, tonight was all about inspiring kids and giving them a chance to learn directly from start-up founders. >> they worked for weeks with the founders different start-ups, and tonight, 22 kids and young adults, got the chance to pitch those companies to a panel of celebrate -- celebrities and tech in/sraeutors. >> -- innovators. >> this kid crowd sourced a plan
10:30 pm
that helps neighborhood projects. another group included a dance performance. >> it's really great to be a part of the community and encourage youth to be interested in technology and also get insights into what goes into building a tech company. >> before we came here, we weren't necessarily aware of what they to. we're new to this, and it's neat to see how they get their -- come into their office and go about their work. >> it's a great opportunity for my brother and myself to kind of give back to people that might have been in a similar situation. before i wanted to be a football player, i wanted to be a scientist and build stuff. >> this is just another stepping
10:31 pm
stone, like interviewing, pitching their company. that's what they're going to have to do in the future. >> and the winner of tonight's challenge was the neighborhood h.o.a. group. the company will get a few months of free p.r., as well as a social media video with malcolm /sphaoeugt -- smith. we have learned that two students have been invited to stay on with the company, so some great news for them. >> yeah, great indeed. what a fantastic opportunity. >> three cities in california, including two in the bay area are putting up road blocks for an app that promises to fix your parking ticket. about 100000 useers -- users have signed up for fixed. it's an app that helps driver's and parkers to /tpaoeugt tickets -- fight tickets. the makers of the app have now decided to stop offer their services in the three cities. >> a class action is now pending
10:32 pm
in federal court that may force volkswagen to buy back millions of diesel vehicles here in california. it requires them to buy back or make restitution if they can't make repairs in a timely fashion. volkswagen estimates it will take a year to correct the software, and admitted rigging the software to pass he -- emission tests. people who receive social security may not see a ben -- an increase in benefit in 2016. the in -- in -- the increase is based on cola. this would be just the third time in 40 years that there /haept been a col -- cost of living increase. >> well, now to the east bay, where people are noticing something a little different about their tap water.
10:33 pm
the drought is changing the way the water /taeufts and smell. >> at the -- tastes and smell. >> -- smells. >> i asked if it was filtered, and they said it's east bay mud. i said no thank you. >> along the 680 corridor from walnut creek south, tap water is not what it used to be. >> kind of like back in the day when you'd go swimming or water-skiing and get it up your knows -- nose, tastes like that. >> the customers at this salon get bottled water. the water is even affecting some -- affecting -- affecting some hair. >> definitely made a difference for our /hoeur -- hair color clients. hair color is definitely not staying as long and turning different colors because of the mineral build you will -- build up. >> sometimes it's because it's from a different source so it has a different 'em -- chemical makeup. sometimes it tastes
10:34 pm
different because of this drought we're having, it increases the chance that we have algae in the /paur. >> the san francisco p.u.c. is warning its customers that from october 11th through the 14th, they may notice a difference in taste or odor. >> the drought has a lot of anticipated and sometimes unanticipated and unwelcome consequences. >> back at the fire house grill, the plan is to install a water filltration system. >> east bay mud seas -- says some people might be susceptible to the bad taste more than others. to me, it doesn't really taste or smell any different than other water. >> in danville, i'm john is an is a key, fox 2 news. >> the annual bad -- battle of the bands was today in golden -- wrapped up today in golden gate park. competing this year, bands from eight high schools,
10:35 pm
performing in the park. the event is sponsored by the local marines recruiting station and the fleet week association. there was a total of $28000 in prize money. the grand prize went to santa enter he is a high school -- the -- teresa high school. we talked about the tuesday warm up and now we're going to talk about some clouds and maybe the chance of a shower. i'll have the specifics. >> traffic -- new traffic signals to safeguard pedestrians. why they work, and why it may confuse people.
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/stkpwhrá a new kind of traffic light is up and running in san jose to try to people /kuft
10:38 pm
safe. it's called an h.a.w.k., and it -- first, you'll see a flashing yellow, then, a solid yellow, then two solid red lines. now drivers must wait for pedestrians -- pedestrians to clear their lane before proceeding, but one woman had her doubts. >> two people just ran the /hraoeulgt when -- light when they were crossing. >> traffic safety officials say that the light has been found to improve pedestrian safety. there's already one in san francisco, and -- with more set to be installed in other bay area cities. >> the state insurance commissioner announced a new policy that will cover driver's working for the ride share company lyft. the policy is through metlife, and it covers
10:39 pm
driver's all through the transaction. his goal is to put her plans on the market as an option for other ride sharing companies like uber. metlife isn't the only one offering this. progressive announced a similar insurance plan in may. he says he is retiring and is leaving on his own terms. the mayor's office says his last day will be november 7th. he's a former city supervisor. he also ran for mayor in 2011. he's 60 years old and says he hasn't ruled out returning to /phreubgs -- politics, but as of right now, he has no firm plans. the mayor has appointed deputy director of homeless issues sam da -- dodd to take ms. place. >> well, for the first time, we have a question, do great whites
10:40 pm
feed inside san francisco bay. >> this is video of the only documented case of a greet white attack on a sale or sea lion inside the golden gate. it was taken saturday near alcatraz island. >> it's not, like, every day someone seize a shark attack. >> i can't believe it would really be a great white, but the kids seemed sure, but i was seeing the finishes and the blood. >> in addition to it video, a ktvu sent a video of the same footage showing the action clearly and closer to show. marine biologists have confirmed that is a great white. >> that is -- it's right next to the /pwobg -- doc, and it looked like judging from the pictures, there were at
10:41 pm
least two sharks taking part in this -- that. pump kin's. still ahead, this year's harvest, and the biggest pumpkin grown in the area right here. >> and we're tracking changes, when this hot weather may give way to wet weather. >> why transit leaders want to ban cars from two blocks near union square. ♪
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. . >> a new plan is being considered to ban cars on a two block stretch of one of the busiest streets in san francisco. ktvu's rob ross tells it all has to do with the cable cars and safety concerns about the cables they run on. >> even veteran cable car grip
10:44 pm
men say the traffic on this street say is awful. a new proposal by the san francisco metropolitan transportation authority, all private automobiles would be banned on powell street from a two block street from ellis street to geary. the s.f.m.t.s. -- s.f.m.t.a. said the ban would last for 18 months, when they would reevaluate. it also wants to see whether heavy traffic here has been responsible here for causing the underground cables to fray more like -- /kwaoeubgly than in previous years. >> it's very simple. no traffic, no cars, just the cable cars and the people. >> i think it would definitely be nice to have a little bit more pedestrian open space in this area. >> under the proposal, delivery trucks and taxis will be the only vehicles allowed on that
10:45 pm
part of powell. all other cards -- cars, including uber and lyft will have to drive around the area. this business owner isn't sure what it will mean. >> it could affect the hotels, how are they going to drop off people in front, how is it going to affect foot traffic. there's a lot of things i think they should research before they jump right into this. >> the s.f.m.t.a. board is expected to vote as early as vote -- november, and if approved, it could go into effect before the busy thanksgiving shopping season. >> here's your -- your temperatures warmed up nicely today. we had 91 in livermore, so it was a warm day today, like yesterday. what's interesting to note -- let's look at antioch at 91, and you go over here, san francisco
10:46 pm
and 86. there's a five degree spread between san francisco and antioch. typically, in the summer, there's a 30 to 40 degree /spraoed -- spread, but here, in the fall, you get the cool to mad -- moderate inland spots. out on the bay, there's no fog. out on the coast, there's no fog. it's going to be a mild over night, upper -- low 50's, mid7 -- 50's, and maybe some upper 40's. what we're tracking now will be these clouds from the south. these clouds will bring a slight chance of a sprinkle or two as we sort of head into the next 36 hours. that's not going to be a player for us, but there is another system that comes down from the north that could bring us some sprinkle will -- sprinkles as well. it's very fall like when you see the arrows coming this way, southeast wind, southeast wind.
10:47 pm
mostly calm winds, so everything's settling down. it's not summer name -- /tpheuplt. you're not getting the big dispairity between coast and inland. you're not getting that big feedback thing. it's cool over night inland, so you're starting to see the winds go the other way, they're blowing from the cooler air so -- to the warmer air, which is now the coast. that's what happens in the winter, too. so either way, tomorrow's going to be a nice day. slightly warmer. fog wants to come back tomorrow night, so that would signal that cooling, so tomorrow is going to be the warmest day, and then one -- wednesday comes down a few degrees. there's that tropical system that comes from -- in from l.a., and then, the next one, that comes in from here, so there's a little something going on. these are forecast highs for
10:48 pm
tomorrow. the five day forecast looks like a nice one. you're going to be plenty -- see plenty of sunshine. temperatures cool on wednesday, and then they wind their way down for friday and saturday, with a slight /khabs of a sprinkle -- chance of a sprinkle as we head into saturday. >> 1900 pounds of pumpkin. >> that's a lot of /pufr -- pumpkin. >> coming up, the winner of the hal moon bay pumpkin contest, and he's not even a professional gardener, he's an amateur. >> wow. oh, come on.
10:49 pm
♪ we call ourselves the freedom hikers. the turtle cove fin club. the team jet runners. what we do is fun. but so is what comes next. in fact what originally brought us together isn't the only thing that keeps us coming back. for friends who come together to reach for better we brew a superior tasting light beer with fewer carbs and calories. michelob ultra. the superior light beer.
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. >> and/or or man and his nearly 2000 pound /tufrp kin were the big winners today at the annual half moon bay pumpkin weigh off. >> 1969 pounds. >> that's a by -- big pumpkin. >> he brought his giant gourd all the way from oregon to half moon bay. he'll win the $8000 grand price. he's not even a professional grower, he's a professional pilot. >> we don't have secrets. we work all year. i think we're all doing the same kind of thing. some -- we had really good weather, and i say my folks, my wife, they're
10:52 pm
always there. >> now a reddish orange perfectly symmetrical gourd there won the prize for the best looking pumpkin. all right. mark's here now, baseball playoffs will be better if the a's for the giants were in it, but it's still the playoffs. >> i am -- it was a huge baseball day. >> had to see that -- it -- i'm happy that the dodgers didn't win. >> 21 homers hit today. it's all -- an all time record for one day. giant fans, you ask them, if their team can't -- can't win the world series, what's the next best thing? dodgers losing. new york's mayor tweeting out, this is what happens when you play dirty, of course, referring to chase utley's so-called hard slide that broke
10:53 pm
the leg of mets short stop reuben tejada. tonight, he was introduced and got the warm welcome for the fan's early. of course, it looked bad early, three runs scoring on the yasmani grand -- /tkpwrapb /tkal -- grandal single. however, the dodgers are not able to celebrate for long. granderson atones for the shot to deep right center field. he'll end up with a double, everybody going to score. granderson ends up on the night with five r.b.i.'s. mets take the lead for good, scoring ten runs in the next seven innings. yoenis cespedes, mets manager -- management, take notes -- note, he does make a difference. game four, kershaw working for the dodgers tomorrow night. meanwhile, balls just /tphraeu --
10:54 pm
flying out of wrigley field. six homers they smack. chris bryant smacks one there, 4-2 against the cardinals, and they go back to back. anthony rizzo. cubs lead that series against st. louis, two games to one. meanwhile, american league watching the royals and astros this afternoon, you couldn't help but feel a little bit sorry for the houston fan's, watching the lead -- 6-2 lead melt. instead of clinching the a.l.d.s., they head back to kansas city tied at 2-2. ca -- carlos correa, oh, no, two runs score, that was the big play in the inning. /toeby -- tony sapp, the pitcher, just
10:55 pm
loses it, but he collects himself. nice play by jose altuve, but the go ahead run score. you see the houston fans, the series going to kansas city tied 2-2. imagine a's fans, mixed emotion about this visual, the american league soon to be most valuable player, josh donaldson, two run shot at toronto, seven runs in the first seven innings. they're also 2-2 going back to canada, and when i told -- tell you, monday night football, steelers pull out a next -- last second win, that's not hyper/tkhr-g -- hyperbole. check this out. down in san diego. philip rivers, picked by antwon blake. he goes in for the touchdown, does blake.
10:56 pm
10 /tk-b 7 steelers. rivers not happy, but now, trailing 20-17. pittsburgh has it at the half yard line. five seconds left, and they've got a time out. ben roethlisberger, and they decide -- decide to go for the play. check it out. he scores at the gun. look at how close that was, and they pull out the victory. a field goal would have tied it and sent it to overtime. bell scores, 24-20, steelers have it, and steve spurrier, former 49er retires from college football with carolina -- south carolina. that's it for the sporting lineup. >> and thank you for joining us tonight. up next, modern family. >> and join is for mornings on
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ow you're tired, but just think how good you're gonna feel tomorrow when you wake up and we have all-new shelf paper. i wish i didn't get what you were talking about, but i do. i just do. (cell phone rings) hey, who could be calling at this hour? (ring) oh. it's sal. mnh-mnh. (beep) no. not answering that. whatever earth-shattering drama she's going through can wait. (pounds on door) until she gets here. (pounding) oh, god. i hope we have vodka. we don't, mitchell. (pounding continues) sal was our best girlfriend from back in our party days, but over the years, we've kind of gone in different directions. we chose forward. uh, something's wrong with that door. okay, whatever. i have the most amazing news, and i'm super excited, but i won't be if you don't want me to be. ready? i'm getting married! oh, my gosh! congratulations! oh, wow! (high-pitched voice) i know! who's the guy? oh, the love of my life. oh, so you finally bagged your boss? oh! yes, but it's not him. and i don't work there anymore. mm.


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