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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 13, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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in a remote village lived raymond. his internal clock was off, so he'd wake people for breakfast at all hours. while most we annoyed by raymond, one man was inspired. to serve breakfast all day with freshly cracked egg, ham, grilled bacon and savory sausage. the loaded breakfast sandwich. jack in the box. home of breakfast served all day. this. we're not coming to take away gu the 1:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> the democrats have their turn. the five candidates clashing at times but also showing unity. >> enough of the e-mails. let's look at the real issues facing america. [ laughter ]
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>> good evening, i'm keba arnold in tonight for julie. >> i'm frank somerville. hillary clinton and bernie sanders shared the spotlight tonight in the first democratic debate along with three other candidates who are considered long shots. though the presidential election is a little more than a year away, the primaries are near and voters are forming their opinions. >> ross has the story. >> reporter: democratic front runner shaking hands showing this was all about policy and not personal attacks. bernie sanders was able to stand on the same stage as bernie sanders. both left behind a big first impression on this first all important debate. >> the democratic candidates are here and they are ready to debate. >> reporter: it was the superbowl of democratic debates. >> in the heart of las vegas ... >> reporter: with screaming graphics. singing superstars. >> looking for ways to even the
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odds. >> reporter: and a kickoff with the odds on las vegas favorite hillary clinton. >> will you say anything to get elected. do you change your political identity? >> no. >> reporter: the first issue was gun control. >> is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? >> no. not at all. and it is time the entire country stood up against the nra. >> for all the shouting in the world, it is not going to do what i would hope all of us want. >> reporter: there was in fact little shouting during this debate. >> that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> enough with the e-mails. >> reporter: it was a touchdown with the aid innocence. >> enough with the e-mails. >> thank you bernie! thank you! [ laughter ] >> reporter: even the few
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attacks thrown in the debates fell flat. >> we need the best in ethical standards. >> secretary clinton, you want to respond? >> no. >> reporter: lincoln chafee may have gotten the fewest words in and gained the fewest yards followed perhaps by jim webb. >> this has not been equal time. >> reporter: governor o'malley may have made the biggest gains on issues like syria and military action. >> and we need to speak to the goodness within our country. >> reporter: in the end, there was much good agreement on most issues. >> do black lives matter? >> reporter: like racial inequality and crime and punishment. >> we need to combat institutional racism from top to bottom. >> we need a new, new deal for communities of color. >> reporter: income and equality. the economy, and wall street. >> raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> i'm with both senator sanders and governor o'malley in putting a lot of attention onto the banks. >> reporter: immigration
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reform. >> when you have 11 million undocumented people in this country, we need comprehensive immigration reform. we need a path toward citizenship. we need to take people out of the shadows. >> reporter: and the stark differences between democrats and republicans. >> there is such a difference between everything you are hearing here on this stage and what we hear from the republicans who have demonized hard working immigrants. >> donald trump, that carnival barker in the republican party. >> reporter: there was little hate on this stage. few personal attacks and many positions on policy and one front runner who doesn't appear to have faltered or a changed her lead. >> please join me in this campaign. please come and make it clear that america's best days are still ahead. >> reporter: well, the biggest winner of all may have been the democratic party in sharp contrast to the republicans,
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they covered so much ground with very few if any cheap shots. the big moment over the benghazi e-mails many are calling a gift to hillary clinton. people are saying why didn't you use that to your advantage? he said it was important to call it out for what it was. >> it is so interesting hearing him talk. he has no filter and it is refreshing i think. >> reporter: yes. sincerity. >> thanks ross. let's turn to the voters and the first opportunity to see all the democrats on stage at the same time. our team coverage picks up with jana katsuyama live in lafayette where three east bay democratic clubs joined for a debate watch party there at the library. >> reporter: and there were about 80 to 100 people who came here and what was so interesting is how many of them are still undecided. >> hello.
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>> welcome. >> reporter: for some democrats, this was the perfect night out. wine, beer, pizza, and plenty of politics. >> i think democrats want to see real competition. you know. they want to see who are some of the best out there and what are some of the best ideas. >> reporter: east bay democrats came to the watch party with a range of opinions as wide as the screen. supporters of bernie sanders range in age from young students to seniors. >> what i like about bernie sanders is that he is standing for the american middle class which is endangered. he is standing for american democracy. >> reporter: backers of hillary clinton came with buttons and shirts and former governor martin o'malley supporters had a table. >> i support him because he is the only candidate who has 15 years of executive experience so he talks the talk and walks the walk. >> reporter: the watch party was cheers, not jeers. and people listened intently to
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the candidates laughing and clapping. the debate helps. shawn cruz will be a first time voter who is torn between a democrat and a republican. >> thinking about jeb bush or clinton. >> reporter: others are still weighing their options. >> i am on the fence. i was a very big obama supporter. i think i will go for hillary. >> reporter: o'malley who is far behind sanders and clinton seemed to surprised many tonight. >> i had not paid attention to him prior to the debate so i just like his views. >> reporter: for many voters it was a chance to hear and see what lesser known candidates such as lincoln chafee and jim webb had to offer. >> jim webb surprised me in the fact that he is so well versed on foreign relations. >> reporter: you can see the vigorous challenge from sanders and others and the breath within the democratic party. >> i think senator sanders has
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established himself as a formidable opponent so i'm very much enjoying the interaction between the two and i look forward to the coming debates ahead. >> reporter: and the next debate for the democrats is scheduled just one month away. november 14th. in des moines, iowa. jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. turning now to the analysis. you see james tailor there, chair of the department of politics in the university of san francisco. >> brian sovo. what do you think the headline is from tonight's debate? >> reporter: well, i think it is that clinton came in very well prepared and did the job she needed to do and she clearly separated herself from the rest of the field. at the end of the day, frank, there is not going to be a nomination for four of those people on the stage. hillary is in the mix. and maybe, the person who was
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watching with the most interest tonight was joe biden. >> let's ask you james. what do you think about bernie sanders? some calling this the moment of the night when he pretty much squashes the whole hillary clinton e-mail debate. let's move on. some are questioning why didn't he use that to his advantage? >> he just showed he is a principled individual. what he is try trying to convey to the american people ... [ audio difficulties ] >> reporter: not ancillary issues that might be more pert tent to those in washington dc and not regular americans. >> it is so interesting hearing bernie sanders speak. he is so raw and real. but do you think he convinced people that he is electable
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with tonight's performance? >> no. this country has a great taboo around the issue of socialism. i think the most serious america would be to be to take bernie sanders. they would realize he is seriously a socialist and not one they want to accuse of being a socialist like barack obama. that could be a problem. however, his brand of socialism is more akin to the new deal that hillary clinton called for tonight. and i hope national media will hold her to that. she made a profound statement when she said there will be a new new deal for people of color. that is something african- americans and civil rights leaders should hold her to. >> brian, to you now. hillary clinton went on the attack when it came to bernie sanders and gun control. and sanders seemed to be caught off guard like this. do you think it is something he should have been more prepared for? >> yes. obviously, he has a long record with respect to gun control. and, hillary, people have been
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watching her lately. that has been the issue especially with the umpqua college. and hillary tonight really hit all the marks as it were. hit all the issues. and about every ten minutes made sure she hit the republicans as well. >> brian, according to npr, hillary clinton had 31 minutes of air time. bernie sanders, 28. martin o'malley 17, jim webb 15, and lincoln chafee only nine minutes. do you think that is fair or should the candidates have had the same amount of time? jim webb spent much of his time saying i need more time. >> he did. he kept saying i need more time. a lot of this is geared to people that the electorate, pollsters, other people think actually have a chance of winning it. and so i think it breaks down that way. it did in the gop debates as well. donald trump had the majority of the face time there. i think people want to know if hillary clinton is the one to
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get behind. i know by polling, many people think so. but in contrast to bernie sanders. and so, people wanted to see how bernie sanders would do tonight. and i think that is why they got the majority of the face time. >> after the debate, i heard a group of undecided voters describe hillary as looking more presidential, but describing bernie sanders as being more passionate. could we possibly, possibly see a clinton sanders ticket? >> no. no. the vice president of the united states. the next one is not on that stage tonight. he or she was not on that stage tonight for sure. there is nothing that bernie sanders brings to the table for hillary except the very left flank that she can manufacture on her own given her long tradition of presenting herself as a progressive at times. so i don't think bernie sanders would be a suitable vice president for her. i think she will go younger. a kind of democrat who is like marco rubio. i think, the young man who is the head of the secretary of housing an urban development night be a good pick because he
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brings a powerful state of texas. he brings the latino vote. he is young in dynamic and he represents a new politics that is bound to come after the obama era. >> james, brian, we appreciate ewe both taking the time to talk to us. thank you. >> my pleasure. donald trump live tweeted during the debate. he took repeated jabs at the democratic candidates. in one tweet he writes sorry, there is no star on the stage tonight. and he took specific aim at hillary clinton writing the hardest thing she has to do is defend her bad decision making including iraq, vote, e-mails, et cetera. trump has more than 4 million followers on twitter. flames engulf halloween costumes inside a bay area wal- mart. the arson attack that filled those aisles with smoke. >> tracking the wednesday forecast. clouds come into the forecast and it is a little bit of a chance for a sprinkle. ly have the details on what you can expect. >> up first, a tough commute tonight after four separate
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train collisions that left two people dead. ♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. ♪
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>> four separate incidents involving bart, cal train, amtrak, and the vta. a person was struck and killed at 4:30 this afternoon by a vta train at the fruitvale station. they provided bus service for
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the commuters in the area. this was during the rescue effort and the investigation. another person died this evening on the bart track. the san bruno station reopened just about 90 minutes ago. two more incidents to report. an amtrak train headed to sacramento hit a car in santa clara. no one was seriously injured. ten minutes later someone was hit by a commuter train at the san mateo cal train station. police are hoping surveillance pictures will lead them to the driver who hit and killed a pedestrian and took off on south white road near
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james like high school. cara is live. >> reporter: neighbors say they heard the hit an run. they say it sounded like a trash bin had been run over. now, 15 hours later, investigators are working to identify the victim and track down the driver who fled the scene. neighbor and hairstylist roberto looked outside and saw someone driving off. then he and other neighbors saw a man lying in the road. a driver plowed into a pedestrian walking on white road near the sidewalk. the impact catapulted the victim about 50 feet. police released this foe oh of the man believed to be the hit and run driver. he was dressed in a black baseball cap and white t-shirt. the image came from a surveillance camera at a nearby
10:18 pm
bakery where workers got coffee and bread before the pedestrian was hit. investigators collected fingerprints and they are hoping it would enhance the surveillance video for more clues. the driver was in this pickup. it had construction equipment in the back and may have a missing or damaged front bumper. investigators say someone know it is driver and they are asking anyone with information to come forward. >> the bottom line is this. he ran over someone and he fled the scene. he could have done the right thing and stayed there and called for help. he didn't call for help. >> reporter: police estimated the victim was in his 60s . he could be somebody's father, grandfather, or loved one. again, if you have any information that could help out in this investigation, police are asking you to give them a call. frank? >> cara thank you. a solano county judge ordered the release of a man considered a sexual violent predator on transient status.
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frazier smith was convicted of assault with intent to commit rape and has been committed to a state hospital. two years ago, a court ordered smith to be released with conditions including he could not live near any schools. for the past several months t state's efforts to place him in housing in four separate counties has been met with resistance. so he will likely be moved from motel to motel every four to five days in the conditional release program. his release is set to happen november 30th. a 15 month long investigation has concluded that a russian made surface to air missile is what brought down a passenger jet over ukraine. remnants of malaysia airline was reconstructed. it was fired from an area controlled by pro russian separatists. many believe they were
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responsible. they say this tragedy could have been avoided if air space in that part of ukraine had been closed to passenger planes. on wall street today, the marts lost some steam. the dow jones fell 49 points. the nasdaq was down 42 as the bio tech sector was hammered again. the s&p 500 dropped 13. a lawsuit claims the nestle company is bottling water in california with a federal permit that expired 27 years ago. they are trying to stop bottling in a plant in river side county. nestle sells it under the name arrow head. they say they shouldn't be bottling it at all because of the drought. the u.s. forest service has not commented on the lawsuit. a spokeswoman for nestle says the permit remains in effect. a beautiful night out there this evening. this shot comes from jennifer. looks like she is down in the
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peninsula. the sunsets around the bay area with the subtropical clouds have been beautiful. if you get a chance, head out to the coast. and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the mild temperatures. it was hot today. we tied a record in san jose and kenfield. 93 in san jose. kenfield, 92. and here is the subtropical moisture coming from the lower latitudes. and this comes from the lower latitudes too up the north from the ridge of high pressure. a lot going on out in the pacific. maybe a sprinkle in the south bay tomorrow. it is not enough to change plans. the main plan tomorrow would be partly to mostly cloudy. highs would be cooler because of the cloud cover and more of an on shore flow t. current temperatures are mild to warm. because of the cloud cover. and as we head into your bay area tomorrow for san francisco, it will be in the mid 70s still downtown. 76 degrees for daytime high. partly to mostly cloudy all
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day. so tomorrow, cooler and clouds an changes further as we head into the bay area week. we will talk about that after a couple of breaks. playboy pulls the plug on the photos that made it famous. new information about the suspects in a two county killing spree. who authorities say pulled the trig. >> one of the eight remaining teams in the playoffs has reason to celebrate. the cubs did something at wrigley field they have never done before. >> and former laker and tv reality star lamar odom found unconscious in a brothel. the latest on his condition tonight. we live in a pick choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the columbus day sale. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow!
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>> former nba player lamar o tom is at a las vegas hospital after he was found unconscious inside a brothel in nevada. he is fighting for his life
10:25 pm
according to tmz. he is the ex-husband of chloe kardashian. authorities say that odom was at the love ranch south when he was found unresponsive. he was taken first to a local hospital, but was then transferred to las vegas about 60 miles away. the problem is he was too tall to fit in the helicopter. the ranch says he arrived alone saturday and had been partying with the girls for days. one report said he had been taking an herbal substitute for viagra. an oakland man is accused of leaking lighter fluid and starting a fire. this is cell phone sent to us of fire burning in the wal- mart. police say the man was pushing a canister around in a shopping cart that was dropping lighter fluid. it forced the evacuation of customers and employees around
10:26 pm
1:30 this afternoon. >> he was inside. they saw some sort of a container in the shopping cart that was leaking liquid as he pushed it throughout the store today. and that fluid is believed to be at least a quart sized if not a half gallon sized of charcoal lighter fluid. >> ktvu fox 2 news was there when he was taken into custody. police tell us he be face an arson charge. the store was closed for much of the afternoon. it was back open around 5:00. twitter made it official today. the company is laying off more than 300 employees. the ceo confirmed the news with a tweet. many employees learned their fate this morning when they discofferred they had been locked out of their e-mail accounts. 336 people in all are losing their jobs. they will get generous exit packages and help finding new jobs. he says twitter can grow faster as a leaner and more nimble company. playboy is about to
10:27 pm
eliminate the very thing that made it so popular in the first place. they will no longer have totally nude women. they will still be in provocative posing with less skin showing. they made it easier to use its website in public places by removing the nudes. that led to a four fold increase in the online audience. the call for police to undergo regular psychological screenings. then at 10:45, video of the dramatic shark attack in san francisco bay and what it shows that is unique. >> a somber vigil for the victims of two separate shootings. what we have learned about the three suspects due in court tomorrow.
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>> new developments tonight involving the three drifters accused of deadly shootings. one in marin county, the others in golden gate park. >> rob roth went through the criminal complaint. who authorities think pulled the trigger in both killings ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ singing ] >> reporter: while friends and strangers held a quiet vigil for steve carter on the hiking trail with he was shot to death, the marin county district attorney issued the formal complaint against the three people accused of killing him and also of killing audrey kerry in golden gate park. the suspects all arrived from portland with their heads shaved. each faces two counts of murder with special circumstances along with other charges including robbery, car theft, animal cruelty. but for the first time, authorities revealed in the complaint they planned to reveal it was morrison hayes
10:31 pm
lampley who fired the gun killing both victims. >> the three identified individuals in the complaint are the ones we are alleging committed those murders. one of those individuals is charged with the actual use of the gun that is pulling the trigger and that is mr. lampley which is clear from the charging documents. as for the facts that ledtous that charging decision, i will not discuss outside of the court proceedings. >> reporter: lampley has a prior conviction in san diego. all three suspects could be convicted of the murder though only one of them pulled the trigger. the memorial now stands at the popular hiking trail where carter was killed clutching the leash of his doberman who was also shot but survived. they are devastated by what happened. >> he was confident an fun and
10:32 pm
loving. hi would give the shirt off his back for anyone. >> reporter: there was a prayer said for audrey kerry from golden gate park who came from canada. the suspects were accused of stealing her camping gear before shooting her. the case involves special circumstances and we asked if the district attorney is going to seek the death penalty. that decision is months away. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. some people living in san francisco near buena vista park recognized the three suspects there from seeing them on the streets and the supervisors say the area has been seeing more violence and drug abuse. >> i think what we are going to need is is a presence. a police presence that is consistent. to make people who are breaking the law uncomfortable. >> other residents say they often don't feel safe and they are asking the police department to step in. dennis hererra today announced an agreement for an creased security at a mcdonalds
10:33 pm
area in the ash berry neighborhood. it has been the center of several complaints. the mcdonalds on stanion street has agreed to have a security guard on duty and increase the number of security cameras, increase lighting and take reasonable measure to prevent loitering. police had received almost 1100 calls since just january of 2012 about problems right there around that restaurant. new at 10:00, a call tonight for oakland police officers to undergo psychological testing every five years. a civic organization called 100 black men of the bay area says the screenings could help prevent friction between police and the community. ktvu fox 2 news' paul chambers in oakland where the proposal was presented tonight. >> reporter: they said after police shootings of unarmed black men across the country, they came together with several suggestions hoping to bridge the divide between police and
10:34 pm
the community. should open police officers be required to undergo psychological testing? >> they are exposed to a lot of pressure and a lot of stress. >> reporter: that is why they want all officers to be screened and tested for psychological issues every five years. all officers have to pass a vigorous psych test before they are hired. >> once you are hired you are hired. unless there is a reason to trigger animal, an exam, there won't be another one. >> they may need additional evaluation and support. >> reporter: there could be conditions when the department head feels something traumatic in the officer's life affecting their ability to do their jobs. >> the compounding of issues. this is my 20th scene i have been to. for whatever critical event. that causes emotions to come
10:35 pm
up. >> reporter: since 100 black men found out their suggestions cannot be enforced, they still believe something should be done. >> we would push at least ask at a minimum for the officers to voluntarily come forward and do it. >> reporter: now one issue that came out of the meeting is there would be a wellness center built for oakland police officers, a resource for them to get an opportunity. it is considered a one shop stop where they can get information about anything from psychiatric information. the proposal is not happening as the police chief said. it is not required by law. you cannot require a police officer to undergo this testing. they can do it in major circumstances like an suffers involved shooting or a police shooting or when you have those things. something really traumatic to the officer's psyche. then they can require the
10:36 pm
testing. >> so in other words, this call won't go anywhere? >> reporter: i'm sorry frank what did you say? >> so this proposal won't go anywhere then is that my understanding here? >> reporter: basically, exactly. it was a proposal before a committee. they found out it cannot go into effect because of that reason because you cannot require these officers to take those tests. >> all right. i see. paul chambers in oakland. thank you paul. three santa clara county correctional officers accused of murder in the death of an inmate had a court appearance and they were met by at least one heckler.. they ignored the heckler. they are charged in the killing of michael tyree. the judge ordered them to stay away from the county jail and amay from inmates. they are set to return to court next month to enter pleas. the attorney for the victim's family spoke today outside of court. >> my clients are still heart-
10:37 pm
broken and sad and everyday, miss their brother. >> reporter: all three deputies are free on bail. now, if convicted of the murder of michael tyree, they face the possibility of life sentences. a cal professor accused of sexual harassment. the growing backlash over his response and how the university handled the allegations. >> we talked about your wednesday forecast and the clouds that will be moving in. now we will move forward and take a look at the temperatures as we move toward the end of the week. >> up first though, persistent questions about the new bay bridge. the vote today on the other hand whether to spend more money on repairs.
10:38 pm
the drought is affecting at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
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>> the agency that oversees the new eastern span of the bay bridge has decided to spend millions of dollars more to invest in the troubled anchor rods at the base of the tower.
10:40 pm
they are part of the seismic safety system. some of them were exposed to corrosive salt water. they voted to spend $2.8 million for more study of the rods to determine if they are safe. then, they would decide on what, if any repairs need to be done. the golden gate bridge district is taking bids on a controversial suicide net. plans call for a stainless steel net to be installed 20 feet below the sidewalk and installed outwards by 20 feet. the bid process will begin in january and could take several months. the bid will likely be awarded in the spring of next year with installation of the net expected if late 2017. the backlash is growing in a uc berkeley astronomy professor. they concluded as a result of the probe that jeffrey marcy had
10:41 pm
sexually harassed several students between 2001 and 2010. groups say he should be fired. students are also circulating a petition. he issued a public apology saying while i don't agree with each complaint, it is clear my behavior was unwelcome by some women. a new vaccine trial is about to begin in the united states. this aids vaccine was developed by the same scientists who proved that hiv triggered the disease. robert gallo made that connection in 1984 and has been working on a vaccine that has tested well on monkeys. the phase 1 trial will include 60 volunteers and test the safety and immune responsing of the vaccine. a strange sight to see later. what the behind these two hot
10:42 pm
air balloons here that appear to be upside down. >> bill martin is tracking changes in the forecast. when we could see some sprinkles around the bay. >> a shark breaches. a recent attack in the bay.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
>> we are getting yet another new look tonight at the rare sight in san francisco bay. a shark attacking its prey right in front of tourists. ktvu fox 2 news' john sasaki now with the latest video we obtained just today. >> this is one of the boats that carries visitors to and from alcatraz. >> reporter: it has a security camera that caught quite a spectacle. >> i have seen movies of sharks. but to see it in front of you is amazing. >> reporter: the camera caught the power of nature in its
10:45 pm
fiercest form. >> i saw the shark just come right up and i said oh my god. it's a shark! it's a big shark! i thought it was two sharks because it was big and long. i saw the torso in front. i saw the tail in the back. and, i was like astonished. oh my god, this is huge. >> reporter: you can see the big shark breaching the water with a seal or sea lion in its mouth. this is a first known openly viewed attack here by a great white ever. alcatraz viewers couldn't believe their eyes. >> for this to happen is maybe like, once in a lifetime. >> reporter: cell phone video shot from the dock that we saw over the weekend gave a closer look at the magnificent killing machine which experts say is up to ten feet long. buff it didn't catch the breach. >> it went under. it got the seal again. went under by the dock. i saw the body come up and it was big and round and gray and white on the bottom.
10:46 pm
i knew this was a big shot. >> reporter: they were eager to release this video knowing many people take the tour to see the history of alcatraz, many more may want to see nature in the making. i'm john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. and as you look out at our temperatures, a couple of tied temperatures. one tied in san jose. that was 1993 that tied a record. another record was tied up in kenfield, that was 92 that record. and a lot of heat at liver more at 101. 92 concord. san francisco, 87 degrees. it is hot out there. beautiful night. this is from ann. she actually works here at can can. unreal ktvu fox 2 news. even if you are not a professional like barbara, you could get a beautiful shot. another shot down on the waterfront. tomorrow night, it will be this nice as well. get the cameras ready. it is such a pretty city.
10:47 pm
such a pretty place we live in. it is hard not to admire when you get sunsets like that. it is subtropical moisture. what a beautiful night in oakland right? >> haven't been to open land. >> it is beautiful. always is beautiful. but it just has a whole new vibe to it if you have not been out this way. winds are blowing light slightly on sure. you have the moisture. this is what set up the sunset tonight. the clouds coming in. from a weak system. maybe sprinkles for us. most of it down from monterrey south. maybe a thundershower down around big sur. maybe a sprinkle here. it is not manager i would worry about. 77 in livermore. current numbers. san jose, tomorrow, will be warm. not as warm as that 93 we had today in san jose. but 84. air quality still good.
10:48 pm
fire damage is manageable. as we look at the computer model tomorrow morning. high clouds. a little bit of fog and look for the reds. the high clouds coming this way, that is tropical stuff. it is cooler tomorrow. by a good five and eight degrees. now, this model, here is tomorrow morning. here is just the south. there is the fog. 6:00 tomorrow night. some green shows up. there we are thursday morning. continuing to project that subtropical moisture. showers around lake tahoe. thursday at 7:00. you get into friday morning and it keeps going. so this whole week is going to have that texture we have tonight as far as sunsets. high temperatures forecast for vacaville up to 88 degrees. five day forecast for the bay area weekend right there in view. a nice looking one right through the bay area. slightly cooler numbers. >> i want to see more of the pictures. >> gorgeous. up next, hot air balloons that appear to be upside down. we will explain what is behind it.
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>> okay, so look at this. two hot air balloons that appear to be flying upside down.
10:52 pm
the balloons are an advertising gimmick. the pilot is actually riding in a compartment that is hidden at the bottom. fest is an engineering and automotion company. mark ibanez is here with sports. dodgers fans are happy. mets fans are worried? >> you have been there. raw energy of new york city? i tell you what. it never made it to the ball diamonds for the mets. they looked a little subdued. faceing the likes of clayton kershaw will do that to you. his october shortcoming is a thing of the past at least for tonight and the dodgers have their own mr. october with a bat. gonzalez. a little soft fly ball to center that falls in the third inning. drives in the first run and another clutch hit is coming up. a former met. name of justin turner rakes it down the left field line.
10:53 pm
you will watch yoenis cespedes fool around down there. 3-0. kershaw got that inning rolling with a base hit for the dodgers. and on the mound per usual for him. seven innings, just three hits allowed, eight strikeouts. he gave up a home run to dave murphy. the methods only home run. solo. back to la. greinke for the dodgers on thursday night. they might still be going at it hard tonight in chicago. long suffering cub fans kind of lefting loose as their team muscles a step closer to the first world series for that team. 1908. these cubs not finessing their way deep. there is jim beluschi. brandon moss. they want to take the lead. tony cruz slides and he is a
10:54 pm
goner. jorge solar with a beautiful throw. 4-4 in the bottom of the 6th inning. anthony rizzo. deep and gone. and that's a solo shot and the lead for good. john cusack with a priceless reaction. that shot looked puny by comparison. kyle schwarber. looked like it hit the budweiser sign out there. they are living it up at wrigley. steve wins it. first cubs clinch ever at wrigley field. probably still going hard at it in chicago. they will play the winner of the mets dodgers. they had quite a few shark fans tell me the team didn't do nearly enough in the off season. but they picked up a guy by the name of jones. the rest of the nfl having
10:55 pm
trouble catching up with this jones. sharks 1-0 lead in dc tonight. by the way, the caps ovechkin did not play. san jose attacking mike brown. 2-0 in the second. tomny wingalls up next. shot on goal for the sharks and it is hurdle right there to put it back. couple of empty nethers later for the sharks. martin jones in the net. the off season acquisition. this guy making some great saves. no one scored against him in 178 minutes. san jose is outscoring their opponent so far, 12-1. keep it up with the joneses there. kind of like, a dress rehearsal, a couple of weeks from tonight. warriors hosting the new englands pelicans. there is work to be done between then and now. hard to capture the energy and adrenaline of the real game and the warriors didn't. but they had their moments like
10:56 pm
steph. picking the rookie. moudiay. you will see one of them here. a nice ball movement. they had their little glimpses of warrior play. draymond green. this guy boundless energy. talking about kenneth farried. watch him go up on the offensive board there. 22 points, 12 rebounds. a couple of weeks and the real opener at the oracle. back to baseball for a moment. this is the time of years that teams who didn't make it start feeling manager positions. they are interested in bud black or ron wotis. so good people working for you. others want him. that's the sporting life tonight. >> right. thank you. thanks for being here. modern family is up next. >> have a good one everyone.
10:57 pm
see you later.
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