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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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unconscious at a brothel. family and friends, including the kardashians are gathered at his side right now. welcome, like you make me back. we start right now with the story out of union city, we are following a major intersection that is closed right now due to a sinkhole. this is happening right now. this is not -- now to some news on lamar odom. right now a news conference is being held in las vegas. let's listen in. >> a call came in to the dispatch center, first from in an employee of the love ranch and a second
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color, richard hunter, media director for the bunny ranch requested an ambulance for an unresponsive mail experiencing a medical emergency at the ranch. the ranch is located in crystal, nevada, 20 miles north of sedona. during that call the reporting parties informed the sheriffs office the mail had been using cocaine. they confirmed his usage on saturday but were unsure if it had continued to the weekend. they also informed us that he had used up to ten tablets of sexual performance enhancement supplements over the last three day period. he was on conscience, but breathing. -- he was unconscious
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but breathing. he had blood coming from his nose and his mouth, along with white substance. in ambulance from the fire and rescue service arrived and the patient identified as lamar odom was stabilized it very transported to desert view hospital. a sheriff office a detective arrived at the ranch at 3:00 and conducted in investigation on scene. the detect spoke with staff and the manager. after being treated by the physicians arrangements were made to transport mr. odom by helicopter. the helicopter landed at desert view hospital approximately for 37:00. however, mr. odom was unable to be transported in that fashion due
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to his stature. he was transported from the hospital by fire and rescue by ambulance. he was attended during the transport by a flight nurse. he arrived at sunrise hospital in las vegas, nevada at 6:00 p.m. at approximately 9:50 detect is applied for a search warrant for his blood. the search warrant was granted by a judge, detectives immediately drove to sunrise hospital and arrived at 12:15. they arrived to serve the search warrant. the search warrant was served. blood was drawn from
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mr. odom, the blood has been booked into the sheriff's office evidence and is awaiting submission to the las vegas police laboratory for processing. at this point the case is ongoing. we would like to extend our best wishes to mr. odom and his family and we are hoping for a speedy recovery. in a moment, he will hear 911 calls. at the conclusion of this briefing a copy of the 911 call and a copy of this press release will be available to you on our website. please feel free to download it.
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if you have any questions you can ask them immediately after the 911 call. since there are so many media representatives please choose your questions wisely. we are in a time crunch. david, would you play the tape? >> 911 what is your emergency? >> i need an ambulance. [inaudible]
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>> you are listening to the news conference, apparently the sheriffs department in nevada. they are giving us an update on the story regarding former nvr player lamar odom, who was hospitalized after being found unconscious at the love ranch about 60 miles outside of las vegas. >> it as we were listening to the sheriff describe what happened the phone calls came in and one of the employees described what had been
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going on with lamar odom. we believe he had been there since saturday. she talked about ten tablets of sexual enhancement he had been taking over a three- day period. we also heard reports of him having cocaine in his system. he was found in his room at the ranch unconscious but, still breathing. >> he was transported to a hospital in clark county. initially they wanted to airlift him but because of his size, he is 6'10" they were not able to do that so he was put in an ambulance and transported to the hospital. again, they asked for a search warrant for his blood, eventually they did get it. early this morning they put that blood into evidence. >> we were just looking at images that tmz had obtained. according to tmz they described his
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condition as critical, certainly harvey described it as him having a 50- 50 chance of survival. normal us -- numerous problems for organs failing. again, this is according to tmz and information they have obtained. >> lamar odom drafted by the clippers in 1999 and also played with the miami heat. we will continue to follow this developing story throughout the afternoon and into the evening. in san ramon the city has been rattled by earthquakes all day. the shaking began last night and continued this morning with several dozen earthquakes. ann rubin is in the neighborhood right now. what are the neighbor saying? >> reporter: let's go to the
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numbers, more than 30 earthquakes have rocked san ramon since yesterday and they show no signs of letting up. they have been steady but they have been small. the largest was a 3.0 this morning. experts call this phenomenon in earthquakes warm meaning, the events are uniform in size but clustered together. this one is centered around the country club area. experts can't say why this happens only that they are more likely with places that have complex fault patterns. >> it was like a shake. i was wondering if it was real. >> i have a stuffed i have a stuffed pink flamingo in my living room and he fell over. but, he was fine afterwards. >> since 1970 there have been four significant swarms in this area. the largest was in 1990 when
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they had 350 earthquakes over a span of 43 days. back to you. the most-watched democratic debate ever with more than 15 to .3 million viewers tuning in. -- the most-watched democratic they met -- it was the most-watched democratic debate ever with more than 15.3 million viewers tuning in. that is coming up next. we are talking about the fog that has returned. i will have all of the details on a cooler weather pattern coming up.
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family and friends are mourning the death of three teenagers and praying for a fourth who survived a crash during a street race. the father of avila toledo could only stare at the trade that the tree that the car hit. a few minutes before 11:00 last night at the car smashed into a tree. police say it was racing another car that took off after the crash. also killed was san ramon and anthony ramos. another 15-year old is hospitalized. a friend of trent eight said she had a premonition. >> she was telling me that she did not feel right. she felt something was going to happen. she just wanted to go back to my house.
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>> then she said she decided to accept a ride home from the friend meanwhile, please trying to determine just how fast the car was going. they also said it had been stolen in san jose. three suspects in the killer of a hiker and tourist made their court appearance today. morrison lampley, sean angold and lila alligood walked in to court with their heads a shaved wearing striped jumpsuits. the judge did not allow cameras in the courtroom today, none of them entered a plea. those in the courtroom said lila alligood appeared extremely anxious. >> how would you feel? she turned 18 in july. this is overwhelming. >> the group is accused of
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killing yogurt instructor steven carter near fairfax on a popular hiking trail and also canadian tourist audrey carey. lampley is accused of pulling the trigger in both cases. a prominent external a accused of sexual harassment has stepped down. the professor resigned today, a six-month investigation by the university found he sexually harassed several students. the school was facing scrutiny for only reprimanding the man, according to a statement from the university they immediately accepted his resignation. bill martin joining us, bill, it felt a little humid today. >> it did, didn't it? we had a little bit of humidity. the sunset tonight is going to be beautiful. the humidity comes from all of that tropical moisture in the after this fear. -- the humidity comes from
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all of the tropical moisture in the atmosphere. tonight at the coast will see something similar to this. i think if you can get up on the hill you can get a good sunset shot. there is of the golden gate bridge. when i look at this it tells me the inversion is about 580 or something so it is a shallow inversion indicating a lot of warmth it inland. the high pressure is taking charge right now. it will weaken as we head into tomorrow. that will trend temperatures down. we have tropical moisture coming up from a tropical weather system from the south. that is what will make the sunset so nice tonight. you can see all of the clouds out there.
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maybe a sprinkle in the forecast. it would be drizzle or it would be light at this point unless you are south of monterey. 90 degrees right now in fairfield. 89 in walnut creek. not as warm today. look at the difference. today it is 4 degrees cooler in concord. 10 degrees cooler in napa. 8 degrees cooler in oakland. yesterday was hot. san jose tied a record at 93. tomorrow morning there is a high clouds and fog right here, that is tomorrow morning. here is tomorrow afternoon. cooler day tomorrow. lots of 80s, lots of 70s, along the coast you have your marine layer which will bring in the 50s. so, a nice looking day tomorrow but cooler. san francisco on thursday you are at 69
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degrees. oakland on thursday you are 76 degrees. not bad. san jose you will be around 83 degrees. partly to mostly cloudy. that is the theme, these tropical clouds might bring a sprinkle or two tonight and they be again on saturday morning. not a big deal but those clouds are a good indication that the atmosphere is doing but it is supposed to do when you have a very strong el niño. it is pumping a lot the moisture into the air and that is why it feels humid out there. that moisture is being imparted on our area. >> that makes sense. >> what do you think about the departure from today's highs? does it make sense?
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>> i like it. do you think it makes sense? >> i think it makes a lot of sense. >> thank you. coming up, a nationwide shortage that could mean more delays for air travelers. we will be right back after this.
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health officials say the flu vaccine is your best protection against getting the flu. there are a lot the reasons people do not get the shot. what is fact and what is fiction? >> reporter: flu outbreaks can happen as early as october so it is important to get vaccinated soon. common myths may prevent some people from getting the shot. one popular misconception is you can get the flu from the vaccine. but, the doctor says he flu shot contains noninfectious particles. >> it is really impossible to get it from the vaccine. people who do actually come down with influenza after getting the vaccine it may be because it takes two weeks for the vaccine to work. >> reporter: lots of viruses circulate this time of year but not all of them are the flu. collectives -- class it
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symptoms include fever, chill and fatigue and symptoms will start suddenly. she says influenza does not cause with diarrhea and vomiting in adults. >> influenza is a serious infection. although, children can sometimes get nausea, vomiting and diarrhea with influenza, it is unusual for adults. >> reporter: it is also fiction that flu shots don't work. signed hints can't all provide which ones will work but it does provide protection. >> the only vaccine that does not work well is one that you don't get. it is also variable from year to year as to how much protection we get from flu vaccine. getting the vaccine is a lot better than not getting a vaccine at all. with two weeks left until the start of the basketball season the golden state warriors are still celebrating their championship from last year.
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clay thompson was in san francisco today as the mayor presented the team with a key to the city. the presentation was also in part a welcome to the city just days after the warriors purchased land for a new arena in mission bay. >> there is excitement about this coming season already with us. we are looking well beyond these practice games, we are looking forward to the real games. this is what it means to the players, i know they i know they are looking forward to it and we are also looking forward, as a city to the next season and when the warriors create a new legacy in san francisco. >> the team president and general manager were also in attendance for the ceremony. they talk about the head coach's absence.
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>> he is a unique person. he has been successful at everything. in his life he has five championships as a player. he was a fantastic general manager. he is an elite broadcaster. so, he was at the pinnacle of everything that he has done so he knows how to succeed and win. right now we are just supporting him. he is going to a difficult time personally. we think about him as a human being more than a coach. but if you want to parlay that into how much we miss him, tremendously, steve kerr is an all-star person. he is an all-star coach and you can't replace him. so it is up to the players to take accountability. we believe in the rest of the coaching staff. but, there is no easy answer to that question. it is going to be difficult, it is going
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to be harder but that is the challenge we all have to face. our thoughts and prayers will stay with steve. we are confident he will be back but, in the meantime it is about getting him back to health and then we worry about the golden state warriors. >> steve kerr is on leave indefinitely after complications from surgery. there is no timetable for his return. today's event was not the only appearance by warriors. steph curry is playing at the johnny miller pro am in napa. this is all part of the open which is set to begin tomorrow. more than 15.3 million
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viewers tuned in the making last night's debate the most-watched ever. coming up, what the candidate said about some of the key issues. what our political analyst think is next for the candidates.
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reaction starting to come in from last night's first
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democratic debate. unlike certain moments that the republicans had last night debate was a symbol of fear. >> reporter: in a city known for entertainment the hottest ticket in town was not your usual vegas they are, the five top democrats faced off in their parties first debate. while some pundits are saying hillary clinton came out on top, the biggest loser may have been vice president joe biden who is considering a late entry into the race. >> it makes it harder for him to make the case. hillary clinton -- >> reporter: hillary clinton even got a surprising bit of help from her top arrival. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your e-mails. >> reporter: that is not to say she did not have a target on
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her back. former rhode island governor lincoln chafee punches turk judgment over her vote authorizing the 2003 were in iraq. >> that is an indication of how someone will perform in the future. >> reporter: republican candidates are reacting saying, clinton should not be let off the on her e- mails. >> they may not care about it but the people in this country do. >> reporter: last night debate was the first of six democrats have agreed to. meanwhile, the republicans were square off again on october 28. >> our political analyst joins us now for more on this debate. let's start with the chatter that hillary clinton was the winner. do you think that she did win? >> it is easy sometimes to
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paint hillary clinton of a caricature until she stands on stage and talks about herself and what she wants to do. she clearly did that last night. so, i think she was the winner. >> brian, e-mails, my goodness, it seems like bernie sanders had a chance to take that topic to his advantage but instead he said let's forget it. let's stop talking about the e-mails. was at a good move? >> obviously the american public is interested in the e-mail controversy and so his taking a pass on it was sort of the theme of the night. there was not any real arguing back and forth. the one thing you did see was a lot of concentration on some issues and hitting the republicans on a regular basis. >> do you think they should have been more debate about the e- mails? >> no, the american people --
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most americans don't want to hear it. what they are thinking about is my job, my school, my kids safety. republicans care about the e- mails because they are trying to find anything to knock her down. it is really an issue that resonates with the right wing republican base. it is not relevant. >> in fairness that is not what the polling is showing. the polling shows that people are interested. they have a concern about her credibility and her honesty. whether it ends up being a issue are not is another thing. >> it is also a distraction. republicans who are not with the american people on most of the issues they have got to find a way to distract the campaign from the issues that favor president obama and the agenda that hillary clinton wants to carry forward. >> to your point that is what
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bernie sanders was saying. the people he talked to do not want to hear about the e-mails. but, brian what is the moment you took away with the last night? >> what you take away from the debate is there was only one person on the stage that will emerge as a national contender and that is hillary clinton. bernie sanders will not get the nomination. neither will the other three. in fact, a couple of them performed poorly last night. if anything you could take away that the race right benefit from someone who can discuss the issues with hillary clinton person to person with a lot the vigor. >> a question that i like to is what was the greatest threat to the us right now? hillary clinton said nuclear weapons. do you agree? >> there are a lot of different
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answers. we face a lot of challenges right now. to be forced to rank them it is hard to rank them. these are all important issues. we don't expect our president to be a one issue president. >> it is obviously for top priority if she says nuclear weapons. >> but, it is not her only priority and that is important. >> we have to talk about donald trump. he was tweeting throughout the entire thing. it took almost two hours for his name to come up. was at a good move by the candidates? >> donald trump does not need any more oxygen. he creates enough oxygen for himself. there is an old saying that if you are in the business of committing suicide don't step in and help them. the republican party is really struggling right now with donald trump at the top.
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it is reflecting some core values about the base of their party. there is really no reason for the democrats to jump into that. >> the campaigns have talked and they said let's focus on the issue. let's not bring donald trump or republicans in to it. let's talk about our issues. every so often let's hit the republicans but let's stay on our message and they did that. >> joe biden, is the outer in? >> the opening is much smaller now. the rationale was hillary clinton is not strong enough. last night she proved that she is. >> i think he could still be in. but he has got to be looking at it. >> thank you both. >> i think it would be healthy to have joe biden in. the more the merrier.
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he is the vice president of the united states. as we have reported thousands of people have been left homeless by buyers now, the evacuation centers have closed. coming up after the break we will tell you what fema is doing to give those people a new place to live. we are tracking fog that has moved in along the coast. we have a temperature trend that is going the other way. those details are coming up next. babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world.
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there are concerned that the valley fire in lake county could affect water quality for some living in napa county. the register says officials are worried that winter rain will wash ash and debris into the creek that feeds of the lake. they say the sediment can impact the pace of purity of the drinking water. authorities for look at the area to consider ways to minimize erosion. meanwhile, the valley fire and beautifier destroyed more than 1700 homes. as kimberly make doable reports fema is working to help to get the victims a new place to live. >> reporter: millions of dollars are flying into california since the president declared disaster areas. right now 16 mobile homes are sitting here, they are called temporary housing units.
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officials will decide which families qualify. >> the purpose is to take the units and allow families who have lost everything an opportunity to have a place to stay. >> reporter: the housing use it -- the housing units are 8 feet wide and 1-3 bedroom units. the bathrooms include a flushing toilet and a shower. >> it is more than just basic living. it is for people who have lost everything. so this is better than living in a shelter. >> reporter: fema ask that people not call these mobile homes. fema says he temporary homes being used for the valley fire victims are different than the ones he was after hurricane katrina.
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>> these are in upgrade. these are better built. they have to because you can imagine the miles just to get them from alabama here. >> reporter: right now there are 60 of these homes here. they say the ability to get more if the need is great. right now they are going through the paperwork to decide who qualifies to get one. if you feel to qualify and you have not registered for fema aid make sure that you do that. reporting in sacramento county, kimberly mcdougall. let's check in with our chief meteorologist bill martin. bill, soon enough it will feel like fall? >> yes, kind of a little bit more today and it will continue. the days are getting shorter so it is a little cooler overnight. this was a shot taken last night. again, it will be one of those nights again tonight because we will have a beautiful sunset.
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this is san francisco, what a beautiful picture. >> i like that sunset. >> so, there is a fog across the bay. that is a beautiful shot. you can see the container ship coming out of the fog. a shallow marine layer is bringing us some warm temperatures. it will be like that tomorrow or the next day because it is going to cool down. i just want to point out what is going on here. this is one heck of an active pacific. do we have rain in the forecast? maybe a few
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sprinkles. we even have sprinkles around the big sur area. but, it is not much of anything. but, the wheels are turning. there is stuff going on, there is moisture all over the place. in a minute we get a nice little troth in here to suck up some of that moisture. anyone in napa right -- 81 in napa. 93 in livermore. there is a fog forecast. you can see the tropical moisture coming in tomorrow morning. thursday there may be a sprinkle. friday morning, friday afternoon, then you see a switch in the motion and everything starts to go this way. saturday morning another chance for a sprinkle. it is a little early to see rain but it is kind of interesting to see the opportunities getting so close to us. cooler tomorrow by a few
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degrees. the five day forecast looks like a good one. it is funny about cats on the internet, i don't know. >> are you a cat guy? >> my father was a veterinarian so we had lots of animals but it is just fun. everyone has got a camera now. i saw that big mountain lion this morning. he was playing with a cat in a house. >> you are the cat video guy. >> are we on a right now? >> yes, this is a live. i will look at the mountain lion one. >> it is actually stunning, i will show you during the break. let's check in with stories we are working on for 5:00. frank, we are following develops out of nevada where lamar odom is
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fighting for his life. >> we have learned exactly what happened to lamar odom. police released new information including, the illegal drugs they say he used before he was found unconscious at a brothel in nevada. >> also, a touching story about showing gratitude. >> this is a nice story. the event was held in the east bay honoring first responders and reuniting them with the people that they have saved. i was there, it was really touching. one of the survivors is a 10-year old boy. we will have his story and hear from people who save them coming up at 5:00. coming up, a come back story, a wrestling idol is back on the mat and ready to compete for gold.
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37-year old was a legend, a champion wrestler before high school. after his college career he gained weight and lost focus but, now he is dialed in. not only as a great father and a great coach but maybe a gold medalist. >> reporter: the man in the middle, matt corona, the coach inside the middle school gym is a more than just a coach. >> he says to be a leader. >> reporter: he is a role
4:50 pm
model, a father figure. >> get in the gym because you can't get today back. >> reporter: he was three years old, his technique, his talent led him to county championships. after college he lost his will to wrestle and gained weight. >> his dash -- my doctor said your weight is too high. >> reporter: at the same time his phone rang, an old wrestling friend was on the other end. >> i said it was like a light bulb went off in my head. i knew it was the way i could get myself under control. >> reporter: he trained, he ran, ran some more, and shed 60
4:51 pm
pounds. >> my motivation was my kids and my family. just wanting to put a punctuation on the end of my career and teach them the value of hard work and setting goals. >> reporter: with his son in his corner he finished third at the national championships in las vegas, securing his spot in the 2015 veterans freestyle world championships taking place this week. the high school wrestling coach well, he grew up idolizing matt corona. >> knowing how much he sacrificed means that much would to me. when i want to win. i want to bring home the gold. it is the ultimate goal for me. -- >> i want to bring home the gold. it is the ultimate goal for me.
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>> that has got to be quite the challenge for him. >> a 15 year layoff from wrestling. here he is a day away from possibly winning gold. it is a fantastic story. volkswagen says the software is in their newer models. this newer software is in 2016 diesel models. the company had already acknowledged software that she did emissions test so, this 2016 version could help exhaust systems run cleaner during emissions test. it is not clear if the software can be considered in attempt to trick testing. toyota taking on an ambitious plan to stop selling all gasoline powered cars by the
4:53 pm
year 2050. the automaker announced it hopes to sell only energy efficient cars by then. toyota wants to cut the average emission of its cars by 90%. to the expects to sell 50 billion hybrids in the next five years. a major crisis going on at airports. why airports are in desperate need of air traffic controllers and how the shortage could impact you.
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it is now being called a crisis. the understaffing of air traffic control towers. now it has reached its lowest point in 27 years. who the faa is blaming. >> reporter: if you think buying can be painful it is about to get worse. a chronic shortage of air traffic controllers has reached a crisis. that prices will lead to widespread flight delays if left on fixed. now, the controllers association says the nation's air traffic control towers are chronically understaffed. the union called the lack of controllers a crisis. they claim the faa it has failed to meet its hiring goals. leaving the number of controllers at its lowest level in 27 years. the faa says it shares the frustration but
4:57 pm
pointed finger at congress for the problem. they released a statement saying "the past government shut down and budget cuts closed the controller training academy for nine months. academy for nine months. that delayed initial training for several classes of a new air traffic controllers." but a business investigation found the faa shares part of the blame. in 2013 it was found traffic control candidates lowered the standards to become a controller and revamped its hiring practices in an effort to become more diverse. the shortage of air traffic controllers to lead to long delays for travelers. air traffic controllers had previously told the foxbusiness that shortage could lead to safety problems. >> once in a while a pilot will say
4:58 pm
we need to circle because air traffic control is so jammed up we can to land. it happens every day. it is just that the american public does not realize it. >> reporter: after the investigation first to broadcast the faa vice president in charge of safety resigned. in new york, i am adam shapiro. >> right now there are nearly 11,000 air traffic controllers nationwide. less than 3000 people are currently trading. let's send it over to heather and frank. you have more on that accident. >> it is just a heartbreaking site where three teenagers were killed. we are at the scene of the crash. heartbroken friends and family show up to tell us about those lives lost.
4:59 pm
>> reporter: frank what strikes me the most about this is just how young the victims are. now their friends, also very young, are grieving. i want to show you the pictures, the candles, and the posters they have placed throughout the day in memory of them. scattered car parts and shattered glass remain among a growing number of candles marking the spot where three young lives were lost. the coroner identified the victims as 18-year-old oscar, 15-year-old jaylene, and 15-
5:00 pm
year-old anthony, the loss unbearable for 15-year-old alex. >> honestly, i'm in the worst pain right now. i don't even know what to do anymore. i lost one of my closest friends. >> reporter: lopez said seriaco was going to take the bus but instead she decided to ride with friends. the honda lost control before crashing into a tree. joe ramos is the father of anthony ramos. >> don't tell me something happened to an known, i said. >> reporter: he said ramos was staying out


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