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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 14, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> lamar odom is still in the hospital for a second night after sheriffs officials say he binged on cocaine and pills similar to viagra. good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm heather holmes in for julie haener. new details. 911 recordings are helping to explain the medical emergency at a brothel in nevada that put lamar odom in the hospital. now odom is the estranged
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husband of chloe kardashian. while he once appeared in their reality tv show and celebrated an nba championship, he is now said to be in a fight for his life. we get some new developments from ktvu fox 2 news' noelle walker. she is live at oracle arena sand she spoke to the warriors interim head coach who played with him. >> reporter: luke walton was on the lakers with lamar odom and calls him his brother. he is hoping lamar odom can pull through and beat the odds. >> reporter: you are hearing newly released 911 recordings from the nevada brothel where former nba star lamar odom was found unconscious tuesday afternoon. >> i need you to hurry please. >> he is almost not breathing. >> reporter: the call give some insight in the moments he was found on the floor. >> he had blood coming from his nose and mouth along with a
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white substance. >> reporter: some of the blanks were filled in from a weekend at the brothel saying he had taken at least ten pill of a sexual enhancement supplement and even more according to some. >> he had been using cocaine. they confirmed his usage on saturday, but was unsure if it had continued to the weekend. >> reporter: odom has a history battling addiction. tmz which broke the story says this time he is fighting for his life. >> lamar has been on a path for a while now where unfortunately, a lot of people thought something like this might happen. >> reporter: at war weres open practice tonight, fans cheered their rising nba star like steph curry, but many had heavy hearts for lamar odom. >> i said a little prayer for him. >> reporter: for the man at the helm of the team luke walton,
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it hits home. >> he is one of my dearest friends in world. >> reporter: walton is a former teammate of his and calls him his brother. >> lamar has been through a lot of pain in his life. more so than anyone else i have come across. in my time here. and you know. addiction can be a scary thing. i hope he will be able to pull out of this thing. >> reporter: and odom's ex-wife chloe kardashian is said to be at his bedside. the sheriff said they drew his blood. what they are looking for is what drugs if any are in his system and how he obtained those drugs. >> definitely an investigation to follow in regard to this. noelle walker, thank you. messages of support meantime are pouring out over social media. nba great and former laker magic johnson tweeted what most people don't realize about lamar odom is that he is a
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better person than he is a basketball player. every year, lamar odom was with the lakers he would buy the rookies their first two to three custom suits. that is the type of guy he is. lebron james posted this picture on instagram with a message to odom saying i truly hope this isn't the last stop. you have so much to give. you never know what someone is going through unless you are walking in their shoes. stay with ktvu fox 2 news for continuing coverage on lamar odom's condition. we are posting updates on twitter, facebook and our mobile app. a huge sink hole in union city is causing big problems at an intersection. they just got worse. the sink hole is flooded with water and crews are not sure where the water was coming from. it was first noticed by a driver early this afternoon at the intersection of alvarado boulevard and new haven street.
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cara liu is live. >> reporter: tonight, as crews investigated the cause of it, it started flooding. to add insult to injury, a second water leak has come up. they have only shut down one of the water leaks. >> reporter: a sink hole started filling up with water. workers scrambled trying to figure out where it was coming from. the issue started shortly before noon when a man reported driving over a small sink hole in the intersection of alvarado and new haven. it was about the size of a mini cooper. here is what it looked like at sky fox mid afternoon. it had grown and was drawing a crowd of neighbors looking on. >> shocked. can't believe that this is happening on my own street. very shocking. you see it on the news in other
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states or other towns. but i can't believe this is happening in my own town. >> reporter: by the start of the evening commute, the sink hole had buckled even more getting deeper and tripling in size to roughly ten by 12 feet. >> but it is scary since we live close by. and we drive down this road everyday. >> reporter: westbound alvarado boulevard has been shut down until further notice. fire trucks can still get out, but parents need to find a different spot to drop off their kids. >> allow for extra time. when picking up and dropping off over the next few days an for the remainder of the week. it is going to be pretty busy i imagine. >> reporter: crews worked for hours trying to pinpoint the cause. >> this is a complex problem. they will be back out here in the morning to then continue their investigation. but most of the time with sink holes, crews will have to dig all the way to the bottom of it in order to determine the cause. >> reporter: more than two
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dozen workers out here tonight trying to identify and fix this problem. the sanitary district tells me they have ruled out if this was a collapse of one of their pipes. they say the water was tested and it appears it is clean water and not sewage. workers also tell me there is a water line along the side of the road here that may be part of the issue. but they don't know yet whether it caused the sink hole or it was damaged because of the sink hole or both or something else altogether. but again, crews will be out here probably well into the night trying to figure it out and trying to make sure this intersection in this area is safe for residents. but police and firefighters ask everybody to try to avoid the westbound lanes of alvarado at least for the time being until they can get this fixed up. >> cara, you showed the pictures how the sink hole expanded. are they concerned it could grow even bigger? >> reporter: well, as far as we can tell, even though it is flooded with water right now,
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it doesn't appear to have grown by too much over the last few hours. but, crews don't know for sure until they identify exactly what caused this to begin with. >> cara, thank you. the trio of drifters accused of killing a hiker in marin and a backpacker in san francisco made its first court appearance today. they all had their heads shaved after being arrested. they were wearing red and white striped jump suits with their hands shackled at the waistment they sat stone faced and they say allygood looked scared. only lampley has a attorney who is a public defender. >> we ask everyone to remember that media coverage is not evidence and that there are all three defendants still entitled to the presages of innocence.
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>> lampley allegedly fired the gun on the two murders. the suspects are scheduled to return to court for arraignment on october 26 when they should all three have lawyers. a public professor has stepped down. professor of astronomy marcy resigned. the university called his resignation appropriate and his behavior inexcusable. a democratic debate last night drew 15 million viewers setting a record for democrats but far short of the 24 million who watched the republicans last month. >> and with the primarying nearing, its is another indication of the high interest in the upcoming election. jana katsuyama is here with a look at how the candidates and
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vice president joe biden are correcting with this. >> reporter: many are saying hillary clinton's performance in the debate proves she is still the democrat to beat. and today, everyone from the vice president to the gop candidates were weighing in. >> we are going to win! >> reporter: clinton's confidence at a party carried over in nevada. >> i want to work with unions like this in record tore create more of a pipeline. >> reporter: after doubts about her e-mails, voting record, and likability, her performance was said to be a step forward. even donald trump weighed in. >> i thought she did her job and got through the debate. >> reporter: vermont's senator bernie sanders continued proclaiming himself the democrat's nonestablishment choice at a rally in los angeles. >> what we are showing is we
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can run a people oriented campaign funded by the people. >> reporter: joe biden complimented them. >> i was proud. i thought they all did well. >> reporter: many experts say it is unlikely he will enter the race after clinton's strong showing. still, a fox news poll shows clinton trailing trump in a head to head battle by 5%. that same poll shows vice president biden leading trump by 13%. henry brady is the dean of uc berkeley's school of public policy says biden's poll numbers could change if he enters the race. >> he is doing well because nobody is thinking negative things about him. only positive things. but once he jumps in, all sorts of negative stuff will surface. >> reporter: the democratic debate helped highlight the differences between the two parties. >> it was basically a liberal versus liberal debate about who was going to give away the most
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free stuff. >> reporter: it is an open race for anything could happen. >> this system is designed partly to give a chance to outsiders. but what is remarkable is typically, they do tend to be people who have political experience. >> reporter: republicans get their turn again just two weeks from now. the next gop debate is in boulder, colorado on october 28. i will certainly be interesting to see what happens. >> it certainly will be. as we saw in last night's debate, it was policy focused. do you think that will translate into what we see in the upcoming republican debate? >> reporter: it is still a wide open field. but it is the third round of debates and the top gop candidates, it will come down to whether they can make 3%. it could be a smaller field. trump and carson never held public office, it is very likely they will be asked to be more specific and give more details about their policy to see if they are really up to becoming president. >> i think it is also going to be interesting to see the first post debate polls that i imagine will be coming out in the coming days.
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thank you jana katsuyama. you just watched empire. ly i will introduce you to an oakland native building his own empire in the bay area. >> there will be a lot of clouds out there as we head into thursday. partly to mostly cloudy throughout the day. temperatures are going to trend down. we will tell you how cool it will get in your neighborhood and if there is a chance for a sprinkle. >> up next though, counterfeit cash being passed in the north bay. the car accident that led the chp to dozens of bogus bills and the concerns now that there may be more. selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done.
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>> new at 10:00, counterfeit money being passed in the north bay. the highway patrol says when officers responded to a fender bender yesterday, they found dozens of fake $100 bills. ken wayne tells us this is not the first time count fit money has shown up there. he is in sonoma county. >> reporter: two men are in custody in sonoma county jail after a drug deal went bad. apparently, the pot was legit, but the cash was not. it started in the parking lot of the grayton casino tuesday. $4,500 for marijuana. one man got his dope. the other got his cash. >> once they got the marijuana and began to leave, the seller was suspicious of this money and started to realize this is probably fake. >> reporter: the dealer chased down the buyer resulting in a small accident on the golf course drive onramp to highway
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101. by the time the chp sorted things out, they realized they had two pounds of pot and 4500 bogus $100 bills. they also had one upset drug dealer who wanted officers to make things right. >> he wanted to get paid or he wanted his product back. >> reporter: it is hardly the first time bad bills have popped up in sonoma. this youtube video shows how to tell the difference between real and counterfeit bills. >> i don't want to take any $100 bills at all anymore. >> reporter: several businesses in windsor and wineries in the dry creek area were hit with counterfeit hundreds last month. leah wilson was surprised someone passed a fake bill at her girl's clothing boutique and she spread the word. >> i posted it on facebook. i couldn't believe i just got a fake $100 bill. >> you put the code, and if it rejects it, we give their money back and let them know we are not taking it. >> reporter: gas station clerk
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vicki mendoza checks every suspicious bill before accepting it. >> it happens even with $5 and $10 bills. >> reporter: a man was arrested at this gas station after passing fake hundreds. >> i think it a group of people. once they knew we were accepting it it started happening. but then it stopped. >> reporter: four men have been arrested so far. three for having counterfeit money and one for the sale of marijuana. the highway patrol says it notifies the secret service any time it comes across counterfeit money and in this case. agents are trying to determine where this money is coming from. live at the sonoma county jail, ken wayne, ktvu fox 2 news. the fbi is offering a reward in its search for a bank robber dubbed droopy face. he has committed as many as ten bank robberies in san francisco alone over the past eight years. he is called droopy face because of his droopy cheeks. the fbi says he passes a note
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to tellers demanding money and indicating he has a weapon. most of the robberies have happened in the china town area. if you have been at banks on clements street. the fbi is offering up to $5,000 for information leading to his arrest and prosecution. a new problem for sacramento sheriff ross. the sheriff failed a department firearm's test. as tara moriarty tells us, that makes him a sheriff without a gun. >> reporter: sworn employees will carry authorized handguns when on duty and in public. that is per policy and procedure. but ktvu fox 2 news has learned that september 18, sheriff ross mirkarimi failed his firearms requirement at the shooting range. >> we are sworn not just to shoot behind the desk. we are all required to go to the range and keep up what we call perishable skills because our job first and foremost is
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public safety. >> reporter: according to department regulations, anyone who fails the test has up to 21 calendar days of the original failure date to take it again but as of yet mirkarimi has not tried to do that an it has deputies furious. >> i found working with ross mirkarimi, there is one set of policies for himself and another set for the employees at the sheriff's department. >> reporter: we asked the sheriff to respond to these allegations with an on camera interview, but we are told he was unavailable for comment. his chief legal counsel says the sheriff is not required to carry a firearm by state law. if he does carry a department firearm, only then does he fall into the requirement for departmental requirement for qualification. if he choose to practice, he is not required to meet the departmentful requirement for qualification. >> the sheriff is basically saying he is above that. >> reporter: captain adams believes the sheriff will not suffer any fallout from his failure to carry a gun, but she
10:20 pm
hopes the public will have the last word. >> the fact the sheriff of san francisco doesn't see himself as a public safety officer. that is shocking. >> reporter: in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. beautiful sunset out there tonight. some pictures coming in. up in the north bay, a beautiful sunset. subtropical clouds out there. more pictures coming in as well. you have all throughout the bay area, we have had beautiful, beautiful sunsets. and, computer is not moving forward. but i will tell you this, the clouds out there now will thicken up tomorrow. we are looking for the chance of a few sprinkles. they will call it mostly cloudy to partly cloudy. we will talk specifically about the forecast that impacts your
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bay area weekend. slightly cooler and in the weekend more clouds roll in. we will have it all dialed in and i will see you back here. a puppy is now back where he belongs. we told you about the two month old pit bull named louie last week. isn't he cute? animal care and control tells us he was returned to the shelter last night. a good is samaritan reported someone letting him go on the street and offered to take him in. he is going back up for adoption soon. he is known for his work as a member of the group tony tony tony. [ singing ] ♪ [ music ] >> now, a bay area musician is giving back to his hometown. at 10:30, how is he using his passion to help others? >> and one of the wildest innings of baseball in baseball history. mark ibanez shows us the series of events. >> first, a computer glitch causes widespread delays at
10:22 pm
airports. what we are learning about what caused it.
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>> we have news to tell you about a glitch that caused widespread delays across the country. a computer system went down that checks passengers against a terror watch list. word began spreading about 5:0 tonight, but it was back in operation about an hour later. this glitch affected international travelers going through customs. passengers were checked manually and that took more time. as for the glitch, officials say it did not appear to be malicious in nature. we are learning more about three teenagers who were killed when their car slammed into a pole. azenith smith says one of the victims, a 15-year-old girl happened to be in the car because of a last minute
10:25 pm
decision that she made. >> reporter: scattered car parts and glass remain among a growing number of candles marking the spot where three young lives were lost. the coroner identified the victims as 18-year-old oscar ... >> i'm listening. i'm in the worst pain right now. i don't even know what to do anymore. i lost one of my closest friends. >> reporter: lopez says siriaca was going to take the bus home but she hitched a ride with friends. fourteens were riding in a stolen honda accord that appeared to be racing a dark colored acura. the honda lost control and
10:26 pm
crashed into a tree. cell phone images catch the wreckage after the crash. joe ramos is the father of anthony ramos. he said ramos was staying out of the juvenile detention center in morgan hill and had been caught riding the stolen cars before. >> he didn't learn his lesson. >> reporter: san jose police are still looking for the acua involved in the crashful it is unclear if drugs or alcohol played a role. at last check, a fourth victim, a 15-year-old is still in critical condition. in san jose, i'm azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. today, we learned the name of the man accused of starting those fires inside a san leandro wal-mart. antwan johnson was arrested tuesday on suspicion of arson.
10:27 pm
he is being held on $250,000 bail. police looked at surveillance video and said johnson poured lighter fluid around the store and set fire to some halloween costumes. he is due in court tomorrow in hayward. from the group tony, tony, tony, to helping kids who could use a helping hand. >> what's up california? and bring it in from there. >> up next, hear how a bay area musician is giving back. >> dozens of earthquakes rattled the east bay. we talk to an expert at 10:45.
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♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of
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their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. ♪ >> one of the men behind the muse sick helping to help
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others. dewayne wiggins is part of tony tony tony and now he is back helping out. he is serving kids in oakland. it is a story that is new at 10:00. >> reporter: they are making music for the next generation. and their mentor is an oakland native who has been where they want to be. >> what's up california? such and such. and bring it in from there. >> reporter: dewayne wiggins best known as tony tony tony. says it feels good to make a difference. and he is doing just that with his nonprofit. >> in terms of being effective in world, you have to be effective within your community. it means a lot to me. this is when i played my first talent show. >> reporter: hard work propelled him to stardom and now nearly three decades later.
10:31 pm
>> right across the street from where it all started is your new beginning. >> it is my new beginningful it is called mindseed. we are definitely planting some seeds in minds these days with the youth. we are right in the heart of it right now. >> reporter: inside, a green room, two rehearsal spaces, a recording studio and a collection of tony tony tony memorabilia. >> reporter: the children have access to all of the things inside the sound stage and the cost is nothing. >> this is 6,000 square foot sound stage where students learn every aspect of the music
10:32 pm
business from singing to writing a contract. that way they are set for the future. >> i feel very blessed to be able to play in this space and dewayne gives us his opportunity. >> it would be a sin for any of our groups. to not pass this information down. >> the kids are getting experience of a lifetime. people work hard everyday in their garage. and they never get this opportunity. and so, it is a blessing. >> he gives us free space and it is amazing he lets us do this. i'm glad we can be here doing what we love. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: what they love to do is make music that makes a difference. over the summer, the students took part in youth aid camp where they made this psa about california's drought. ♪ [ music ] [ singing ]
10:33 pm
>> they learned how to write script type stuff. we make sure these lyrics say something. but they end up going in there and putting it together. and producing a psa. >> reporter: and of course, there was no way i was going to let this opportunity to learn pass me by as the students became the teachers and taught me the drought dance. >> one more time. >> ready? >> six, seven, eight. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. [ laughter ] youth aid's goal is to keep children on a positive road and out of the streets so their voices will be heard and their talent appreciated. >> boy, a whole new respect there for dewayne wiggins. great stuff he is doing. on, you will find more
10:34 pm
information about youth ed. look for the story on our home page. jay-z was in a courtroom fighting copyright claims against one of his songs. an egyptian man claims the flute part was lifted from a song by his uncle without a licensing fee. jay-z said when they first found the song, they assumed it was in the public domain. later they paid $100,000 to emi music arabia for the license. we have developing newing to tell you about in the east bay where the highway patrol is responding to an accident in walnut creek. this crash involves a big rig and was reported just before 10:00 tonight on the connector ramp from 680 to highway 24. that ramp is blocked to traffic as investigators work to clear
10:35 pm
the scene. dozens of parents, teachers, and students from richmond charter schools protested demanding what they call educational justice. >> every student counts! >> they are asking the mayor and the city council to include charter school students in the richmond promise. it provides $30,000 of scholarshipping for college. currently, only public schools are included though city council says the charter schools are in fact public. >> richmond is like every other area. our parents are struggling with money and we want to send our children to college. our children are here everyday. we want to, you know, hope that they can get in as well. >> the california charter school association helped organize the demonstration. it says that many charter school students are low income. kids of color whose families struggle to afford college. up next, some serious
10:36 pm
allegations against a bay area photographer. plus ... >> we talked about the thursday forecast. and the cloud cover and the chance of a sprinkle as we move forward, there is another chance for a few sprinkles as well. i will detail those for you when you see me next. new developments from lake county. we know the estimated cost to repair all the damage from the valley fire and the figure is staggering. >> first, a startling revelation about who is on the fire lines here in california. why cal fire is calling for a full investigation.
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>> new at 10:00, a professional photographer is facing jail time after an online investigation uncovered thousands of inappropriate images of children. dewayne ackerman was taken into custody last week. a searchover his home had computers and thumb drives with thousands of videos and images. investigators say ackerman also used hidden cameras to video unsuspects women in pier 39 and japan town in san francisco. the state attorney general's office is offering new tools to help victims of revenge important. when someone posts explicit
10:40 pm
pictures of an ex-spouse or relationship to get back at them. the website is called cyber exploitation. you can find a link on under web links. prison inmates with violent background haves been used to fight wild fires. california corrections officials have claimed only the nonviolent inmates are allowed to work on fire crews. but today, a corrections spokesman revealed prisoners with violent backgrounds make up nearly 40% of the firefighters and have been fighting fires since at least the 1990s . the officials blamed the misinformation on differing definitions of what constitutes a violent background. new software from tesla will turn the model s into something very close to a driverless car. the new auto pilot system will keep the car inside its lane an when necessary, make a lane change. lit maintain a safe distance
10:41 pm
from the car in front. and when it comes time to park, the system can tuck the tesla neatly against the curb. this comes as an update and will work on cars made within the past year. a swarm of small earthquakes leave some residents rattled. >> it is scary because is it leading up to something big sneer. >> what experts are telling us about what is behind all the shaking. >> plus chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking a chance of showers. he will have the complete forecast coming up.
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
>> a swarm out of small earthquakes has rattled the san ramon valley in the past two days. there have been 30 quakes in all near i-680. ann rubin talked with an expert
10:44 pm
about what all of this means. >> reporter: more than 30 earthquakes have rocked san ramon since yesterday and employees at bay books thought for sure they would be walking into a big mess this morning. >> when i heard there was that many, it crossed my mind. >> reporter: instead, there wasn't a book out of place nor a bottle at the liquor store next door. while the quake haves been steady, they have been small. the largest was a 3.0 at 8:14 a.m. >> i was sitting at my desk and it shook. i felt it very vividly. >> my bed shook but i didn't know it was right beneath my feet. >> reporter: they call this phenomenon an earthquake swarm. the events are small but clustered together. this one is around the crow canyon country club area near the calaveras fault zone. these are more likely in places with a maze of fault lines. >> it is the complex areas that have the swarms. >> and there is no telling how long it will last. >> we have had swarms that
10:45 pm
lasted several months. a swarm that lasts a few days, you know, it doesn't really raise our eyebrows much at all. >> reporter: presidents say it makes them a bit uneasy. >> you are a bit scared because is it leading up to something bigger? >> reporter: not necessarily, but it is a good remind tore be repaired. you have to be living here. >> good old california. >> reporter: since 1970, there have been four significant swarms in this area. the biggest of this was in alamo in 1990 when they had 350 earthquakes in a span of 42 days. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. the lake county office of emergency services said today there has been an overwhelming show of support for the victims of the valley fire and they are no longer accepting donations for the valley victims. the cost of the fire is estimated at $1.5 billion. the flames broke out back on september 12 and were not fully contained until october 6. the
10:46 pm
fire destroyed close to 2,000 structures. and we are tracking the temperatures from today. we had a couple of tied record temperatures yesterday. one in san jose was 93 degrees. cooler today by a good five and eight degrees. 94 in antioch. 84 napa. temperatures tomorrow, they are coming down a few more degrees. a bunch of sunset shots. it is so pretty. i just laid them out here for you. that is one out by point richmond. more sunsets. what we are looking at, the subtropical moisture that is spinning up from the south. it is dropping rain now. we have had thunderstorms all the way up from los angeles. santa barbara ramos. and here, you see the lightning strikes. so those come in a little closer. and a bunch of lightning strikes just west here. if you come in here, you can see some heavy showers. a little something coming in from the east bay. the scattered showers are a
10:47 pm
real possibility tonight. they won't be lingering very long. if you are in concord and antioch, you are probably getting a few light sprinkles right now. those sprinkles shouldn't last long. you see what they are doing. they are wrapping themselves around. but that is the story tonight. you might see more as we head into tomorrow. there is a lot going on in the pacific. we will cool the temperaturesful give us great sunsets but keep the numbers down. so we are into the 80s . here is tomorrow morning. tomorrow evening. some showers want to come across from sacramento. the rotation, normally everything comes in like this. here is friday morning. and you see friday afternoon. this thing gets sucked up into this. now watch the flow now. right?
10:48 pm
as you go into saturday, this is a different system. extra tropical system. it slides through. and perhaps, bring us a few showers late in the day on saturday. none of this is significant unless you are up around lake tahoe where they will see woman rain up there. temperatures will be cooler. but it is encouraging to see all of this moisture and all of this dynamic activity kind of coalescing. because, it is, you know, the kind of thing we look forward to in an el niño system. it has to link up and phase in with one of our storm systems and it will. it will. it will happen soon enough as things get closer to us. it is interesting footprint out there right now. we will watch it for you. maybe a sprinkle tonight. maybe a little more tomorrow, maybe a little more saturday. >> thanks bill. >> up next, we have sports. but first ... ♪ [ music ] [ singing ] yep, another
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> the golden state warriors prove the area is golden state ground. mayor ed lee presented them with a key to the city.
10:52 pm
the presentation also helped welcome the warriors to san francisco coming days after the team purchased the land for a new proposed arena there in mission bay. mark is here in sports. two teams eliminated and two teams moving off. >> that's the thing. one of the bonuses about not having your team in it. you can relax and focus. but you see the misery on the loser's faces. the fans man. you know. just got to keep reminding yourself. it is just baseball. but it is a day of baseball reckoning. heartbreak and hysteria soon to follow. both of the teams down 2-0 come back to pop champagne on their own home field. johnny sensational, but made a little mistake to luis valbuena. 19 in a row. his mates from kansas city would do all the hitting down
10:53 pm
the stretch. they trail in the 5th inning. alex rios bounces one fair. and kansas city has the lead for good. but in the 8th inning, the coupe degrace. kendrys morales. that is way out to left center. that makes it 7-2. and the royals who went to the world series last year about ready the polish off another opponent. final out. george springer, deep fly to right and kansas city will pop corks and they will now meet toronto in kansas city friday. game one of the alcs. and, simply put, it is one of those games they will be talking about 20 or 30 years from now. high octain energy. weirdness. and one in a million baseball occurrence that has baseball scholars scouring the fine print to the rule book in
10:54 pm
toronto. most of it took place in the 7th inning. 2-2 game. 7th inning, texas had rougned odor at third. russell martin the catcher. threw the ball into shin-soo choo's bat. and then rougned odor came to the plate. it bounced weirdly toward third base. and there's the run. the umpires confirm and they realize that shin-soo choo was in the batter's box so the ball was in play. it was not interference. and toronto was down all of a sudden 3-2. you get another replay out of it. the fans of toronto feel they got jobs that started littering the field with every piece of debris you can imagine and the lousy part about that, besides being unruly, they hit that youngster. apparently, the guy who did it was apprehended. he is not hurt seriously. and then, thanks to three errors in texas in the bottom
10:55 pm
of the inning setting down that josh donaldson bloop to right. that was hardly anything compared to what jose bautista does. they call him johnny bat for a reason. a mammoth shot. three run blast to left center field and the grand bat flip right there. that enraged the texas rangers and their pitcher sam dyson at the plate. they are just trying to calm things down with the crowds. both benches empty. as i said, emotions high in the stands down on the field. but that wasn't going to change the final decision. 6-3 final as down goes wil vennable on strikes. they are going to kansas city for the start of the alcs friday night. how the mighty have fallen. we change to football just a
10:56 pm
couple of years ago, remember the 49ers, ravens, they hook up sunday. just a couple of 4-1 record. jim harbaugh onto his latest success in michigan. john harbaugh dealing with all kinds of problems but he has the coach seat down when he talks about niner offensive weapons. and the quarterback capital of course. >> i think he had a tremendous career. that is what you prepare for. when you have players of that caliber who play the way they have, you know what they are capable of doing. this runs back is just playing well. he is an ohio state guy. but that is okay. i guess. you know. >> yeah. >> sticking up for his brother here from michigan. but man, can you imagine? two years ago they were in the superbowl and the wolverines are number 12. >> see you later everybody. >> have a great night. >> goodnight.
10:57 pm
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