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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 15, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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a robber with an axe terr y terrifies customers. >> but watch this. >> a twist that will have you doing a double take. guys on two ultralight flights have a plan. >> they're onto something. >> the high drama bailout, all for a fist bump. she's not too excited about mom's trip until -- where she's going that brought her to tears.
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and a gift for the ladies. >> ladies, how much she loves me. >> not much right now. >> why they like him better after the video that's making women drool and men weep. >> i can't do that. that's just ridiculous. the only thing i can say about the two videos i'm about to show you is they are despicable. this is security footage from a jewelry store in russia. you see a customer walking in. as he's looking, trying to pick out jewelry items, the clerk comes out to help him. a second man walks in the door with an axe and starts smashing the cases. the clerk runs to take cover in the back. watch this, that first customer. >> oh, no. >> now comes our hero who's going to knock him over the head
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or something. >> no, the guy grabs for a bag. they drop seven trays of jewelry in, about $40,000 worth of jewelry. police are still looking for them. the clerk left completely puzzled. >> captain vigilanty wasn't wearing a face mask. police got a good look, maybe they'll find him. in argentina, this couple with a baby walk into a store. the woman walks out of the store, then you see the guy that was with her grab what looks like the neck of the clerk. a second man walks in the door. they both start beating the man. the woman then comes back into the store with the child still in her arms. and then she puts the child on the ground while she then starts filling a bag with stuff,
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merchandise from the store. >> so the baby was a decoy. >> a level of low we've never seen. >> the woman is still filling the bag with stolen merchandise. in the end they ended up getting away and police are still looking for these people. if you ever go down to mexico you can take these ultralight flights. there's vendors all over the beach, especially in the northern part of mexico, the sea of cortez. that's what our buddy rob did with his friend scott. they each went up in one of these ultralights. but they won't stay up in the air for very long. they've got a plan here. this is from "go world projects." you get a nice bird's eye view of that area of mexico, which is
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pretty nice indeed. >> this is the cool part. the two ultralights get nice and close to each other. once they're in formation, even though they're flying perfectly well -- >> they bail out. >> oh, no! >> they're onto something or on something. >> they're high on adventure. >> off they go. the beach starts coming up. they are able to fly right up to each other, give a quick little bump, how are you, brother, in midair. >> the ultimate bro event. >> they believe this stunt is the first time this has ever been done, they're the first to do something just like this. this comes to us from l.a. this intersection has three
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lanes. the right lane turns right. this guy in the jeep gets himself caught. someone very kindly lets the jeep in but the brown car says, no, get out of my way, i'm in a rush. >> the horror continues as the angry banana thrower goes left to where the jeep turns right. the 101 loops around. this guy enters the highway. if you take the next exhibit to the hollywood bowl, it reconnects with the same road the brown car is on. look on the bottom right hand corner. as both exits meet, look who's right next to each other. >> no way! >> for all the huffing and puffing and banana throwing, neither one of them got any further ahead of the other. >> we're not done yet. >> how does he know it's the
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same jeep? >> probably got a bit of a banana smear on the side. they end up stopping here. now he's like, i'm getting out of the car. the jeep, much calmer, starts pulling a you-y. >> wouldn't you be tempted to make a u-turn and keep following them? >> exactly. >> i want to see what happens. i have to go to nevada. >> teenage faces. why? >> i don't want to do anything. >> exactly. you guys remember when you were teens and your lame-o parents wanted you to go. >> did you forget? >> forget what? >> carrie underwood. >> how do you even get something like that?
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>> because she didn't know she was going. >> oh! >> we're going to carrie underwood. >> oh, really? >> we're leaving in two hours. >> and the teenager is like, whoa, i love you when you give me things! >> the mom told you she had to do charity work and they were going along for the trip when actually her dad will be doing the charity work. >> mom gets a thumbs up for dragging her along. this one is about to turn ten years old and she's a major taylor swift fan. the tickets are way out of mom and dad's budget. so she sold toys and clothes. it's about to pay off for all her hard work.
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>> dad's a good guy, right? >> i love the fact that she did as much as she could to get her there. the parents made up the difference. it's great. >> are you happy? this little cat became stuck in this -- it looks like it's a reservoir. >> the intricate rescue, next. plus oli has a way with the ladies. >> give it five seconds. >> see what has them feeling frisky. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. this is at an olive tree farm in spain. >> somehow this feral cat became stuck in this -- it looks like it's a reservoir. >> you see it's lined with a tarp all the way around, making it basically impossible for this thing to be able to climb back up. fortunately these people noticed it, and they're using rope and long pieces of wood to reach the cat. >> come on, kitty! >> meow! >> this is a feral cat, it is afraid of humans, not to mention it's been there for who knows
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how long, it's probably exhausted. so one of the guys has to climb down there to figure out a way to get the cat out of there. >> the cat is not simply going to let him pick him up and carry him out. >> right. >> grab a fistful of scruff on the back of the neck, turns the cat off. >> these guys are smart. they send the guy down some gloves. the guy is holding the log. the cat claws onto it. they're able to push the thing all the way to the top. >> the poor thing is wet and we know cats do not like being wet. >> you're all right now. there's a reason why when you go out your mom says, nothing ever good happens in a nightclub, because of activities like this. pay attention to the guy in the red circle. he gets up from the table and starts this unprovoked attack.
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>> that was so bizarre. he just stood up out of nowhere, like a laser. >> wait a minute. there was a girl nearby. is that what started this jerk? >> that had something to do with it. but watch this again. he knocks the guy out, goes back to the table, finishes his drink, and then decides to hurry out of the club. the man on the ground was in a coma for ten days and still suffers neurological trouble. they say the man who hit him, 19-year-old max grand bury, let pled guilty to grievous harm. >> that's so sad. this is a case of mistaken identity. this is malaysia. these guys approach him and he
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gets suspicious, but they grab him and kidnapped him. >> kidnapped him? >> yes. they get a phone call and somebody says, hey, you got the wrong guy. you see the victim here, he lives in number 1. they were supposed to grab the man in number 8. as soon as they got the phone call they forced him out of the car. and now they're looking for him. >> the guy in number 8, how scared are you right now? >> well, you move. >> move into number 1, because they've already hit that place, so now you're safe. ladies, how much do you love me? >> not much right now. >> no? >> right here. >> i'm not your favorite right now? >> no. >> give it five seconds. >> hey, now. >> i know exactly where that is. >> it's getting bigger. >> i'm sure it is.
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>> this is muscle beach, an area of venice beach that you see in movies all the time. these guys are going to do some interesting moving with their shirts off. >> all i have to say is, yes, lord. >> the whole thing they do is just on the kind of gym equipment that you see where they can do chin-ups and leg-raises. guys, you're drooling. >> i'm sorry, you're talking, i'm not listening. >> i looked around and there's three women like this. >> we are drawn to how impressive their gym moves are, their muscles, their arms. look at this. >> i figured you guys might like it. from the gym perspective, what they're doing is fantastic workouts. >> watch what he does right here, he does a pretty cool
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transfer. gets the chin up. i tried doing that one. that's hard. but i can't do that. that's ridiculous. if you didn't get enough, you can subscribe to the youtube channel. no one's lean looking at me. this is ridiculous. >> are you still here? a discovery show takes it old school. >> warriors follow these fishermen. they're taken to ancient hawaiian fishing scenes. and 100 years of h costumes in three minutes. >> see which era stirs your soul. but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my lower back pain. find a machine at
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ask your doctor if new, non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs and walgreens. the people featured in this discovery channel video are going old school. and i mean really old school, in the way they have chosen to fish. >> my family has been fishing for hundreds of years. for me it's a connection to my culture. >> they follow several fishermen taken to ancient hawaiian fishing locations. one of the women in the show is a free diver who can hold her breath for more than four minutes and can even dive down 150 feet. >> i guess i always get a little nervous when i dive. >> the danger that you face when you're in the ocean are endless. >> one of her biggest challenges
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is octopus. she's looking for an okctopusoc. she finds one under this rock. she grabs it, it releases this ink. >> i keep trying but they keep getting away. >> let's ask her all these questions directly, because "right this minute" welcomes her. why do you keep doing it? >> it's going back to a simpler way of life. >> how did you get into this and how does one train to be able to hold their breath for four minutes? >> i got into it as a really little girl. my dad was a free diver and fisherman and he used it to put food on the table. more than anything, it's about learning to relax, just slow
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down and tell your brain, it's okay, i got this. >> what about the dangers of free diving? >> i would say the number one danger of free diving is blacking out underwater. because you're doing this on a single breath of air, it doesn't take a lot for that air to run out. that is a number one danger, more than sharks, more than anything. >> you were able to find an okay p -- octopus. what's the key to that? >> that's the beauty of hunting like this. it gives you an indication of the underwater environment. to be that tuned in, it's an amazing feeling. >> be sure to watch "pacific warriors" on the discovery channel. fall is upon us.
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apple cider, pumpkins, and of course halloween costumes. let's take a look at 100 years of halloween costumes in just three minutes. >> wow. >> i'm not quite sure what that is. >> that's the stuff my nightmares are made up. >> we've got the witch, 1925. one of our favorites, minnie mouse. >> obviously mini used to be a zombie. >> a sexy devil from 1945. >> look, sexy kneecaps. >> this kitty cat might get too close. >> that's okay. >> raggedy ann not quite as sexy.
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>> this cost assuume is strange couture. >> they just put sexy in front of it because they want to wear lingerie outside. >> you're right. 2015, we're just going to all outbreak the internet. >> take me back to the '60s. that's the worst. >> that begs the question, what will all of you be for halloween? >> you're new, but we don't tell. >> i'm going as a ghost. dude decides to take his girl for a ride. >> pull over to the side of the road because of a little car dipping it.
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>> and eating it. >> cute idea. it's a foggy day, and your guy tells you we're going to go out for a ride. when the car stops, no problem.
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i got this, honey. that's what happened when this couple had to pull over to the side of the road. >> you'll notice as she goes over to check the tires, he jumps down to assist. >> it doesn't look at all suspicious, the way he's doing it. >> what about the car? >> that's great, but how do we get home? >> did they by any chance meet in a toyota when it was raining? >> he just planned his beautiful proposal and all of it came together. she's excited. >> i do find this to be really beautiful and romantic. it's foggy, it's cool, she's wearing a cute outfit. >> they're going to get married, have kids, and he has to sell the subaru. >> don't sell it, dude, keep it, you'll regret it.
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>> she's excited. >> the ring is beautiful. >> i have a fiance. >> that is subaru-mantic. >> thanks for watching, everyone. we'll see you on the next "right this
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live," harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: so lamar odom's condition has worsened because it hasn't gotten any better. we can explain that, but there have been reports out that lamar is doing better. as of this moment, that is just not true. it is not the case. there were some signs last night, hopeful signs because he squeezed khloe's hand and people thought, wow, he is getting better. charles: understandably, people are looking for some sign. they want a sign of hope here, but it turns out this one is not that. harvey: it looks like it may well have been an involuntary


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