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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 16, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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good morning, amy. it most assuredly is not. are you exci dehydration, headache, nausea and shame? yes. i also found a korean man's business card tucked into my cleavage. what happened last night? ah, memory impairment; the free prize at the bottom of every vodka bottle. sheldon? all right. last night you gave me some excellent advice regarding my problem here at home, you kissed me, and then vomited on and off for 40 minutes, following which you passed out on your bathroom floor. i then folded a towel under your head as a pillow, set your oven clock to the correct time because it was driving me crazy... ...and i left. okay.
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don't really know where we go from here. i suggest we treat our relationship as if it were a crashed computer and restore it to the last point we both agree it worked. terrific. thank you. (monkey chittering) they were out of menthols! get off my back! not easy living with a temperamental little primate. leonard: come on, priya, just admit i embarrass you! you're preaching to the choir, sister. captioning sponsored by cbs and warner bros. television captioned by media access group at wgbh
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♪ behind those flames is a man who is trapped. >> and he has no way out. >> see the tough choice to try to save his life. >> holy cow. >> a speeding motorcyclist is cut off and stopped. >> not six inches from that cop car. >> dude. >> the tense situation that comes with an amazing twist. a jaguar's out searching for a snack. >> just lurking in the grass. >> the spectacular move to snag a giant hors d'oeuvre.
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and two youtube titans team up for the baby food challenge. >> does it get worse from here? >> see why it's going to get so much worse. >> oh! this is in brazil. there's a man in that window on that top floor and there's a fire. and he has no way out but down. but watch what he does. you see, he's in this building, and this is where he's aiming the jump. >> oh, no. >> holy cow. >> you see this man. he jumps three stories down. when he lands on that roof you see the roof collapses. he goes right through. he suffered a fractured femur and burns and is hospitalized. you see them putting him in the ambulance taking him to the hospital. a sad, sad situation for this man. >> lucky for this guy to jump from a number of stories high. the only thing that really happened was a broken leg. that's pretty awesome result.
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this next video shot from a helmet cam on a firefighter in east st. louis, illinois. and this just gives you an appreciation for what firefighters have to do. this house is fully involved. just before midnight. they get called in. it's a vacant home but they've got quite the flames to deal with when they are putting this thing out. and they don't just let this house burn. this is a two-deck gun attack they have. two fire engine oz the scene. see the fire up the walls in this place. they make quick work of putting the fire out but they have some work to do. this is where you appreciate the gear. it's a constant rain of fire and debris. sometimes 2 by 4s coming down on these guys. this is a video that has disaster written all over it. you'll be able to hear nick's
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teeth start grinding. >> the guy identifies the speed limit here is 30. that's a school zone. he's going close to 60. look on the right-hand side. you'll notice a cop car. the cop car is going to notice him. but it's what happens then. >> whoa! >> comes all the way out. this guy was going way too fast. ends up not six inches from that cop car. >> sorry, man. i'm sorry. >> the rider is just like, oh, my goodness. i almost died but then starts apologizing at the same time. >> yeah, i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i'm not going anywhere. >> he could have killed that motorcyclist. i'm not saying what he did was right. he's doubling the speed limit. but that was a move the sheriff pulled. wouldn't it be great if the biker and cop could admit their mistake and everything would be fine? >> once everybody calms down, what happens then is a complete mea culpa by everybody. the audio is hard to finish but
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he does fill us in with a bit of the story. first of all, this cop recognized that he used to be the cop assigned to the school he went to. he knows this kid a little bit. it's all been a fact that the biker goes, yes, i was going too fast. i wouldn't have almost hit you if i wasn't going 60 and the cop was going -- >> i apologize. i shouldn't have been going that ga fast. >> apologies. >> didn't get a ticket. >> you're getting a ticket. you're going 60 in a school zone and could have hit a kid. >> gave him a ticket. your license plate is in the wrong place. needs to be moved. slow down but just be safe in the future. >> this could be summed up in one word. it's respect on both parts. so much going on in the wild, wild world around us. sometimes when you catch those rare moments, it is particularly
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special. check out this jaguar just lurking in the grass. he's got his eye on something. he's going to hone in on it a little more first making sure when he expends his energy on this attack it's not going to fail. boom! dives into the water for what? a cayman. check this out. >> no way. >> can you believe that? going after an animal pretty much of equal power and prowess, dragging it right out of the water? >> that was incredible. it was like an olympic diver the way he went in. and then comes out with basically a small alligator. >> i thought he'd come out with a fish or turtle or something more hors d'oeuvre like. >> he got the brontosaurus. >> this next video at falls lake is essentially the same exact thing except on a much smaller scale and maybe not as dramatic.
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still very cool. this dude on his kayak was fishing and saw this snake swim right on by him. when he zoomed in he saw that snake caught the fish he was after. looks to me like some sort of bottomfeeder catfish tip of fish. dragging it by its tail. we don't see it consume the fish. almost looks like the snake is waiting patiently for the fish to just gasp for air. >> this next set of videos will leave you scratching your head. watch as this man in australia runs into the laundromat with three police officers chasing behind him. he grabs the knife off the washing machine. they rush around and spray him with red pepper spray. you'll see one pulls out his baton and strikes him. finally they're able to grab him and drag him out of the corner he tried to run into, and they arrest him. you'll never believe why they
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were chasing him in the first place. >> because he didn't separate his whites and colors. they take it really seriously in australia. >> no. he threatened to blow up the gas station across the way. >> dangerous game to play. threatening something like that in today's climate. moving over to russia, we've got this dash cam footage. i want you to pay attention to this red audi. you'll see the car stop. a guy gets out. comes around the back. you'll see he pushes this guy over and he's trying to throw him into the canal. >> how did that happen? >> and there you have it. if we pause the video here, you'll see he gets the guy over the railway. >> pedestrian crossing seems to be the plaqblack hole of troubl russia. >> i feel like the guy just tried to cross at a pedestrian crossing and impeded this audi a little too much.
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he threw him over the bridge. >> this is in a hospital. police looking for the suspect. nobody knows what triggered him to just want to throw somebody over the bridge. in honor of national ferrill cat day. >> these felines are going to get a meal. >> see the caregivers in action. plus, a stuntman takes to an overly fun level. >> it's a man. well, maybe i should say man-child. >> he turns a tumbling mat into an even greater idea.
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closed captioning provided by -- scious. [ female announcer ] gold bond rough & bumpy skin therapy. used daily, it reduces bumps 72%. gold bond. auto pilot systems have been in airplanes for decades, right? we don't seem to be too concerned about it. why now that it's becoming part
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of automobiles, does it seem so creepy and scary. this is tesla's new version of auto pilot. they aren't quite calling it an autonomous car yet because it doesn't drive from point a to point b but there's a mode you can turn on called auto pilot and the car will take over, even in new york city traffic. >> the car is watching. it sees -- the car knows where the person ahead of me is in the lane. i can see it here in the dash. >> think about how scary it is to drive in new york city traffic. if you've never done it it's frightening. a fursthand experience of tesla's new auto pilot. with the tesla engineer in the right-hand seat -- >> red light. but that was -- ooh that was interesting. >> you can see how nervous he is. >> is there a distinction between this autopilot or this out autonomous control as compared
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to something else? >> tesla has created a high end cruise control. complement of cameras and sensors and other technology to understand where the car is on the road and where other vehicles are. and i just love watching this man's experience for the first time of trusting the technology. >> it was slowing down on its own. >> that's incredible. >> that's weird that i started freaking ining out before the . >> the system will continue to get better because it will learn from other teslas on the road and the data they collect from each car using this system will only make it better. for national feral cat day, the guy that runs the coal and marmalade channel. they go out and feed nine colonies of feral cats each night. >> they do a great job making sure the colonies get fresh food and water every single night.
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they're out there driving around to all the different locations feeding, trapping and fixing the cats no matter what. >> fresh water, dry and wet cat food. some neighborhoods have a real problem with these feral cats and feeding them makes the population explode even more. >> the big problem is people not getting their cats fixed. so please spay and neuter, spay and neuter, spay and neuter. >> there are millions upon millions of feral cats in the united states alone. and what this group does is they go out and feed them but they also trap them and make sure they are spayed and neutered as well. >> good work. >> they're extremely dedicated people and the cats are extremely fortunate to have them. >> each week over 150 cats are cared for at these nine different locations. that means 315 pounds of dry food, 200-plus pounds of wet food and water that these cats are given. >> feral cats are just trying to survive, and i believe they have the right to live out their
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lives. stunt man, think of him like a british ninja. when he posted this video about a month ago with him and his buddies messing around with an air track. it's not a video i want to show you, though, because damian is a man. or maybe i should say man-child, much like us, nick, and he had the great idea. what about a gigantic slip n slide? >> it's just these guys being ridiculous. they are all gymnasts by the looks of their physique. they are getting into all kinds of ridiculous situations. it's just men being children. >> this is a huge business idea for somebody. >> it's a slip n slide with a trampoline built into it. it's a bouncy slip n slide. >> you can really commit to the jumps as well because it's bouncing as if you put out on your lawn you'll hurtuari yours.
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>> it has a runway and then branches out larger. >> you run out and can do your tumbles and a big area you can land. this one is a close-up of him sliding down on his face. >> face plant. >> i'm amazed sometimes these guys didn't get hurt. this time, you know, they don't get hurt because they're fit and flexible. it's ridiculous. it's not outrageous as far as some of his other ones but i found it very entertaining. and we need to start this company. she's at band practice when -- >> suddenly realizes that's my bro. >> the heartwarming moment between siblings. >> this erases all the fights they had. >> and a delivery truck driver making crazy overtaking moves, cutting into oncoming traffic. >> the psychotic scene that will make your draw drop.
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promotional consideration provided by -- i love these parties until heartburn hits. i need to kick acid with rolaids® advanced. it goes to work instantly on your worst heartburn, bloating, and gas. you're back! kick acid and gas with rolaids® advanced. a crowded commute on a road in chill ooh. notice this. check this driver out in a small delivery truck making his way aggressively through traffic, cutting around cars, making crazy overtaking moves. >> that's what you do on the way to a mission. yes, definitely what i'm talking about. >> cuts across the median. almost flips the truck over but now continues back the other way on a slightly more open road but not for long. he's going to come up to more traffic soon. >> this is like in a movie.
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you'd say this would never happen in real life, but it did. >> it sure did. the traffic cameras are manned. you can tell the cameras are zoning in following this guy's path of terror through the streets, smashing into cars now trying to squeeze between lanes and having no laregard for the cars he's hearing. >> what delivery is this, seriously? >> he goes underneath this bridge overpass hopping over curbs. eventually this truck comes to a stop as he wedges it up under this bridge overpass. the driver gets out in the red sweater making a run for it. he's in panic mode now trying to jack somebody else's car. people finally catch up to him. not police. bystanders saw what was going on. even some drivers whose car was hit by the trucker here. they get some justice right here. a mob begins to take him down in the middle of traffic kicking him and finally dragging him off the road.
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the driver had little sleep the night before. he woke up, took 25 pills described as anti-depressants and then jumped in the truck and took off. he also suffered a panic attack. people often talk about sacrifice when it comes to people serving in the armed services. it's a sacrifice that's shared by everyone in the family which is why these videos are always so much fun to watch. this one coming back from posting in korea going into a schoolroom where his younger sister is. >> aw. i see it already. it hasn't happened. >> the camera is rolling. they walk in. it's obviously a band practice. and this is where they missed a great opportunity to play the really uplifting music when his sister suddenly realizes, wait, that's my bro. can i leave? can i go hug him? >> she has her hands over her face. wait. you're actually here. >> she almost can't believe her
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eyes much like in this second video. also a soldier coming back from korea after 18 months. this dad just trying to get his son's attention but in a fun way. this is his boy here. the one starts playing around with his two buddies. there's somebody watching the game. that's his dad. the fun part about this video is just how dad does absolutely nothing and just waits for his son to notice. >> and he doesn't for a fair while. but the fun part comes once he runs right past his dad, totally ignored hum. he gets up off the floor. it's not a double take or triple, it's a quadruple as he can't quite believe his eyes. >> who is that guy? who is that guy? that guy is my dad. runs up, big hug. everybody is happy. congratulations to these guys and also thank you from everybody for your service. >> yea, man, for that. blind folds are on and time to take on another challenge. pete teamed up with roman atwood
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to conduct the baby food challenge. but see what happens when they give their ladies full control. >> how could they not see this
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that, too. it's just pumpkin confetti all over the place. determined raccoon. ♪ >> for many it's the thought of eating baby food we all go, eh, but we have no trouble feeding it to our children. serious pete teamed up with roman atwood to conduct the baby
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food challenge. they're going to eat baby food and try and guess what flavor it is. they support their ladies out to buy some baby food and set this challenge up. let's see who can guess best. >> roman gets the first one right. what's next? >> green beans. >> can they get it? oh. >> potato. >> pork and diarrhea. i've had it before. >> takes them a while to come up with it but eventually -- >> green beans. >> bingo. roman gets that one again. a little curious. the girls don't realize that this is a good opportunity to play a little joke on the boys. roman, not a fan of wasabi gets that mixed with custard and peach and mayo.
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>> how could they not see this coming? >> they're blind folded. >> tastes like an upcoming holiday. >> they need a few tastes of this one but finally get it. >> time for one last taste. and the girlss have one more twist up their sleeves. >> oh! >> they are stunned. >> cat food. >> roman, you got it. >> i didn't like it. >> really funny episode. if you want to see the entire thing go to and click on tv show. you can also use our mobile app. >> why did you trust us to do this? >> i never trusted you. so happy you can spend part


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