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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 19, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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we're talking live to warriors executive jerry west about the upcoming season and the teams run for another championship. >> plus they are two of the best known chefs around. we are checking in on what is cooking with bobby filet and michael simon. >> what is cooking good looking? and welcome to the 9 on this monday morning. it's kind of gray out there. we're also feeling warm and sunny. thank you for joining us today i'm gasia mikaelian alongside sal castaneda. while there is no replacing mike mibach enjoying a day off we welcome to the 9 for the first time brian flores. >> i'm told row you are the quarterback of this -- told you are the quarterback of this show. >> you were a marathon man. i have arranged for a fresh cup of coffee to be delivered. you are doing great. we love you being here. >> oh yeah this is going to come in handy. >> i'm excited because you get
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so excited for food and there is a big food segment. >> yes. we have michael simon and bobby filet. these are guys you have sign on tv. they are talking about cooking and one is talking about fast weeknight dinners. so we will talk to those guys in a minute. and we will talk to someone we heard more about the southwest airlines incident. apparently one passenger reclined their seat back and according top reports someone didn't like that at all and became physical so we will talk live i believe with someone who was on that plane. the fbi had to get involved. we are talking with jerry west. >> oakland a's and san francisco giants pitcher barry
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zito announced he is retiring from baseball, again. he announced his retirement online and on twitter. hi says i'm retiring today from baseball but i will never be too far away from the game that made me who i am. zito debuted with the a's when he was 22 years old in 2000 and won the cy young award in 2002. he signed with the giants in 2007 and we can't forget his great performance in the 2012 playoffs when he put away the st. louis cardinals. without that performance the giants do not win that world series. his retirement came across after the 2013 season with the giants returning to baseball with the national sounds. was called up to the a's near the end of the season. you remember what happened a few weeks ago. he won 165 games over 15 major league seasons. i think he is financially set. we will be hearing more about that. >> what i love about him he is
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a san diego boy. >> like you. >> born in las vegas but he also went to high school the university of san diego high school which is a great high school for baseball. and what i loved about him too he wasn't this over powering pitcher, he was this junk pitcher. his curveball was nasty. you couldn't hit him, it was great. let's switch to a story we are covering for you this morning. a flight was forced to turn around after a violent incident between two passengers. we had alex savidge on this story all day long and he was telling us how it ended in hours of delays for the passengers on board this flight. joining us live on the , if any, for the 9 justin nichols a passenger on board that flight. justin, first tell us what you saw and heard.
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>> well it was a long evening for everybody. our flight had originally been scheduled for 7:10 departure. that got delayed all the way to 9:50. so we ended up boarding the plane around 9:20, 9:30 and we ended up sitting on the plane for quite awhile still. about 10:00 we backed up from the gate and then we started to go down the runway not to take off but the plane kind of moves around. and the pilot had informed us we were not cleared for take off yet and we weren't in 10:30. so we all just hung out in the plane for a little bit. 10:30 comes around we are cleared for take off. so we head. we lift off and we're in the air for maybe five minutes and all this commotion starts going on. we were sitting on the plane far long time. so i like probably most of the
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people were trying to relax, go to sleep. and i had some earphones in and i'm half asleep and then suddenly i come to full consciousness and the whole cab is you know freaking out. and there is a lot of commotion. and when you're on a plane half asleep, that is not the first thing you want to see happen when you sit up. definitely still defending. and apparently started choking her and pulling her down into the seat. >> did you see any of this? did you website the physical choking and pulling down?
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>> i didn't see it start. you know. i wasn't really watching for something like this to happen. i was just kind of you know leaned up against the window with my eyes closed and everyone around me is loud and making noise. and they were only a couple four or five rows ahead of me. i was able to get up and see what was going on. >> did you see anybody try to restrain at man at all? or try to pull him away? >> well it didn't last very long. when they were broken apart i don't know if she got herself away from him. i don't think anyone intervened. people tend not to in situations like this. what i thought was odd and what makes me think this is probably just someone being aggravated.
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he sat back down. didn't say anything. >> and then it turned into a huge ordeal with the fbi being involved. justin nichols thank you for joining us live on the 9 and sharing your story. to hear from a witness a map on the plane there he described hours of delays leading up to the actual departure and we've all been on flights where things are taking a lot longer than they wish you were. >> this is so serious. this person if it's found he assaulted someone in the air it becomes a federal issue. he is in trouble. we don't know what happened. maybe there was provocation. if that person ended up assaulting, they are in trouble. >> the one thing i find surprising we haven't found any video or pictures. >> you would think somebody would tweet. >> yeah. >> it is still new. we will follow it.
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we'll have more for you throughout the day. >> we will switch gears here. this could be a critical week for hillary clinton as she continues her march toward the democratic nomination. she is about to square off with republicans in cop who are investigating the benghazi libya attacks which occurred during her watch. but they could provide fresh political thought around capitol hill. and hillary clinton is questioning the purpose of the committee she will be facing this week. >> they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the republican national committee with an overwhelming focus on trying to
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as they admitted drive down my poll numbers. the republican heading up the investigation says this is not -- >> what difference at this point does it make? >> clinton has challenged congress. >> he's going to want to see how he performs in that setting. whether there is a new fact
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that comes out. something very damming that makes her unattennable candidate. i just think even coming into this league it's a tough road to climb. >> hillary clinton may walk into this hearing this week brimming with confidence after what was seen as a strong debate performance last week. in washington doug lou saider fox news. some bay area residents will get a send off from the community this afternoon as they head to new york. they are leaving for a three day event called rise up october. they are also calling for an end of mass incarceration of people of color. >> pam cook is here to talk about what is at stake. they are upset about something.
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>> they definitely are. it's the usual thing trace upset about. it could be nerving for students as they head to class they are met with picket lines. it's a pretty active scene. it has been all morning long. this is at the cal state campus in the east bay. the group represents 25,000 professors, lexturers and coaches. this morning they are outside alerting students and staff about the vote. >> the issue is salary. the csu management is offering us a 2% valley increase and we are asking for a 5% salary increase. we think that is what is fair and people deserve a chance to catch up from the recession.
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>> the professors are out there this morning and the staff members they want to set an example for their students who will be professionals one day. and that is the 2% raise is in line with the other employees. i also just got off the phone with another one of the members of the faculty association with says they don't want a strike. they do hope to work out an agreement with the university. they are already gone through mediation. and there is public employees. >> thank you, pam. coming up on mornings on 2 the nine. he is a legend in the nba and an executive with the warriors. we talk to jerry west. >> a big under taking.
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sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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i love that song. i love that scene. let's do it again boys. the warriors will open their season at home against new orleans pelicans. never get used to that. right now all eyes are on head coach steph kerr as he recovers from a back injury. >> with more on the upcoming season we are joined by warriors executive and hall of famer jerry west. he is the man known as the logo in reference to his sill wet being incorporated to the nba logo. mr. west, good morning and thank you for joining us. i wanted to ask you right off
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the bat. is it true that you threatened to walk away from the warriors if they traded clay thompson for kevin love? >> a lot of people fabricate stories and that is another fabrication by the way. i think it -- this organization is a really good organization. i think everyone talks about the things that will be best for our franchise. everyone who is involved with making decisions from the owner to bob meyers to travis to kirk and myself. everyone who is involved has a right to speak their peace. i think that is a way these organizations work best. at the end of the day you know it was a trade that wasn't made which turned out to be really good for us. >> i want to talk to you about the state of basketball. a lot of people make these comparisons about the good old days. when you were playing it was the good old days. what do you think about the
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state of basketball now? >> you know it's a growing sport. obviously worldwide has become a factor particularly in asia people love basketball over there. and in europe they play very good basketball now. they have played for a long time over there. we have players from all over the world playing in the nba today. so telling you it's a worldwide game. i think the thing that has happened because it's so fun to watch to me it's like a ballet. a beautiful ballet and particularly when you have basketball played the right way. the game has changed tremendously. >> do you think the warriors have enough to repeat as champions? a lot of people were saying they did get lucky. that they are a perimeter shooting team and didn't have enough inside. but then other teams got hurt and didn't challenge them inside. what do you think about their chances to repeat? >> whoever said that we were lucky they caught to look in
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the mirror because they are coaching their own team. i think doc river said we were lucky. well, his team wasn't so lucky because they got beat by a team that we beat. there is always people that will analyze teams and try to make an assessment of a team what their strengths and weaknesses are. this is a very good team. highway had the best offensive team but we also had the best defensive team. the game has changed. there is not that many players that can throw the ball inside to that can score today. the game has just changed. and to say we were lucky is ridiculous. >> i agree with you. also talking about atrial fiblation. it's a condition you had in your playing days and i read that you were hyper ventilating at times. you had trouble sleeping. what do you want people to know about this condition? >> when i was a player the doctors care was as good as you
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could get and it's incredible today. i know when i was a player i had the doctors tell me i had an extra beat in my heart. i would hyper ventilate. they had me breathing in a paper bag which seems to be riding on a covered wagon. and when i became an executive where there is a lot more pressure on you to try to assemble a team, my heart was racing. i went to a doctor and they diagnosed me with a-fib. i was 55. i had to keep myself free from having a stroke. strokes are devastating. so at that point in time the doctors were medicating me. they were giving me blood thinners which were important for that care. and today i'm really pleased to be associated with jansen
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pharmaceuticals. they have created a website. which has a test on there to assess yourself for stroke risk. and you go on there and you need to do that and get back to your doctors. i'm a 2 by the way on the 8 questions. i'm only a 2. i wish i were a zero but unfortunately i'm not. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate what you have done to the warriors. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. and don't forget to go to the website and check your stroke risk. >> sure will. thank you jerry. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9 two of the biggest names in the kitchen join forces to help you create the most l gorgeous lunch ever.
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police have made similar searches at the german and atullian offices. french prosecutors say vw could be charged with aggravated deception. volkswagen faces class action lawsuits in the u.s. and is also being investigated by american authorities. way, way before there was
9:24 am
game cube or the wii there was nintendo nes and now there has been three decades since they started showing up at home across the country. the nintendo entertainment system turned 30 yesterday. the most popular games were duck hunt and super mario brothers. stay with us. more news after this.
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welcome back to the 9. if you can brunch for hours or need a fax dinner fix, celebrity chef bobby filet and michael simon have you covered. they are together for the first time and are live. welcome to the 9. my first question, who is the better chef? [ laughter ] >> michael. [ laughter ] >> you are so diplomatic.
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let's start earlier in the day. bobby let's talk about brunch. i'm looking through your cook book. you have really decadent recipes in there. double chocolate pancakes, crab cakes benedict. brunch has turned into an all day event for so many people. it's synonymous with luxury. >> well, yeah. synonymous with luxury but also laid back and it's a fun and festive meal. it's probably the most festive meal of the week. it always starts with a cocktail. you brought a really good point. you talk about the chocole pan cakes and things like that. it's the only meal you can put savory and sweet on the same table and everybody gets along. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> you don't have to wait for dessert. you don't have to finish all of your individual financials-- your vegetables it's on the table. and it goes really well with spicey egg dishes. today we are making astray da.
9:28 am
which is a bread pudding. it's a savory bread pudding. using bread from the night before and you take eggs and milk and then sort of layer that to make a custard. i put some spinach, cheese, and caramelized onions. it all goes into a casserole and bake it off and serve it family style. and when it's done, all i did was took cherry tomatoes, starletting to get a little bit colder on the east coast. cherry tomatoes all year round you put them in a pan very hot. they burst and they create their own chunky fresh tomato sauce. it's a good way to freshen it and brighten it up. and make home fries. >> and you mailed it. when i have my whole family over for brunch, i don't want to be making individual omelets. what you have demonstrate asked something you can make the flight before, stick it in the fridge and bake it and sit down at the table with your guests.
9:29 am
>> exactly. get you out of the kitchen. that is what is great about michaels dish as well. >> no one does brunch like bobby. what i did with my book it's 5- 5. i've been doing it season since one of the chew. so five years now. this is a seasonal book. it's five ingredients, under five minutes. it's about cooking food from scratch. getting it on the table quickly for your family. and like i always say my wife is vegetarian soy have to keep things healthy too. kale salad. and everything's favorite the grilled cheese. we have been making them for my son kyle since he was a little
9:30 am
guy. now he is older. we made a million different variations. >> michael i have to say your book always points out the importance of a well stocked pantry. just to pop in a few fresh ingredients. i have to tell let you go. i can practically smell it in the studio. i love talking with you both. i will see you both back on tv very soon. >> thank you. >> two big names in the kitchen. i was looking through their books and it's funny because we are parents of very young children and just getting dinner on the table in a weeknight. that is michael simon's book. >> maybe we should write a book. i have my secret. >> i need them. >> steve is laughing at me. >> i watch both of these guys. we have a little bit of rain. drizzle. it was peninsula, south bay. mostly cloudy and partly sunny. a cool down. a week ago we were in the 90s. that is not happening now. we do have some partly sunny skies. it will be clearing out and we
9:31 am
will get a north breeze. it does look warmer as we go into tuesday and wednesday. but not that bad. thursday and friday leveling off and cooler by the weekend. maybe some rain next week. >> all right. we'd love for it to come here. behind us the poor windows have been dry now. >> real backdrop. >> yes. we are following some of the top stories around the bay area. let's two to the newsroom where pam cook is standing by. good morning. >> yes. some of the stories we following for you today. an act of van callism at a san leandro apartment complex has not only been expensive for many people, it's making them worried about their safety. someone slashed tires on more than 30 cars and trucks at park side commons either saturday night or sunday morning. one man who lives there talked to us but didn't want to be identified but he says all four of his tires were slashed and he says the neighbors he talked to are nervous. >> pretty much everybody is on edge. people are not going to make it to work, to school.
9:32 am
a lot of money will have to be spent and all because of someone's nonsense. >> now that man says he and most of the people living there think they know who slashed the tires. they say there have been other problems with that person. he also says the mother of the suspected tire slasher lives at the complex and that she has a restraining order against her son. a private school on the peninsula is taking some controversial measures to protect its students. now according to the examiner, church of the highlands school in san bruno has hired armed guards in response to concerns about recent mass shootings. the security firm also says the guards are former law enforcement officers and military members who received more training than an average security guard. a new car pool lane from oakland to san leandro is now expected open tomorrow morning. the three mile sttch of
9:33 am
southbound interstate 880 between hegenberger road and marina boulevard. those are some of the stories we working on for you today here in the newsroom. gasia, sal, and brian back to you. >> thank you, pam. a vigil was held in san jose for the three teens that were killed in a street racing crash. about 100 people gathered to remember 18-year-old oscar toledo -- people at the vigil said they wanted to support their families and to try to raise money for the funeral expenses. >> we're just here to let the family know we're here and this is a sad time and they have ebb couragement with us and just to lift them up in this hard time.
9:34 am
a rot loath of people talk -- a lot of people talking about the condition of lamar odom. the former nba star regained kness on friday for the first time. the l.a. daily news quote sources saying the 35-year-old is breathing on his own and set to start physical therapy very soon. authorities are hoping blood tests will help them figure out what caused his collapse. he had reportedly been using cocaine and her ball sexual stimulant. >> you know it's interesting because the kardashian family is getting a lot of grief about this on twitter. and this lamar thing has blown up. i don't think right now is the time. i think everyone should be focusing on that young man. because he is young. he is 35 years old. he should be getting better. people are who they are.
9:35 am
they are trying to point blame. >> a lot of people have said by a lot of people no lamar odom as the husband to leo we kardashian. let's bring it home and talk about a sweet story. >> this small house was moved a block away. yesterday morning a crew picked up the home at the corner of martin luther king junior and 52nd street. children's hospital purchased the home after its owner died because it needed the land for a new out patient center. now the home has new owners. >> i think when you are moving a house, the main thing is where you are going to move it to. you don't want to move it very far. that worked out very well for us. >> hospital is paying the new owners $20,000 for moving expenses. it will cost just more than that for a foundation and building code updates. once that is done the couples plan to rent out the home.
9:36 am
jury selection begins in the federal racketeering trial for raymond shrimp boy chow. the trial gets under way next month. tara moriarty is joining us live from the federal building. >> reporter: actually this a half an hour jury selection will begin and opening statements will begin november 2nd. prosecutors have had to have that date pushed back. including soliciting murder charges in connection to the killing of a chinatown businessman allen long in 2006. the prosecution says it plans to link it to chow's criminal enterprises which means the death penalty could be on the table. chow's arrest in march of 2014 stemmed from a federal
9:37 am
indictment saying he headed a outreach. committed a series of crimes to further yee's political career. yee and jackson have since pleaded guilty to racketeering and other charges. seven defendants were supposed to be tried with chow but unexpected guilty pleas have forced the trial for chow to be made separate. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty back to you. the road to recovery can be a long one with military veterans. in palo alto eight years ago one organization began using cycling as a form of therapy. some 200 veterans are continuing that investigation. today they are riding from santa cruz to caramel.
9:38 am
>> reporter: every morning it's helmet on, shoes clicked in and out the door. blair reels junior looks like a pro on a racing bike but it took him a long time to get here when he woke up in a hospital ten years ago he wasn't sure he would walk again. >> hit with a car bomb and mety sacked from there to germany. i was in the u.s. army. >> reporter: june 2005 baghdad. >> this is a vehicle that we were in when we got hit. >> reporter: a traumatic brain injury and broken spinal cord. seven years and several systems later he was able to walk again with a brace but the psychological scars from his experience in iraq hadn't heeled. >> i don't remember the blast but i see it in my dreams. >> reporter: a physical
9:39 am
therapist told reels about a program called ride to recovery. a 500-mile bike ride. it takes veterans from palo alto to l.a.. it's to help veterans heal. >> we have double amputees. blind amputees. it doesn't matter they all ride and ride together. >> reel said at first he had his doubts. >> i kind of got in my own way and said i'm not good enough. >> reporter: he trained hard and proved himself wrong. that is reels during the ride last year. >> training in this event has helped me tremendously with my sleep. i don't take any psych meds. i got off of all of my pain medication. i just get on my bike the next day and all the anger and frustration that i had from my dreams i just take out on my bike. and then i come home and i feel
9:40 am
like i'm human again. >> reporter: after doing the race last year, he set a new goal for himself in 2015. graduate to a regular bike. >> i saw my buddy with no legs. he road up. i said if he can do it, i can do it. >> reporter: he is not only riding this upright bike he is a designated bike leader. to help those that need help. >> my goal this year is to push recumbent up over big sur. i've been practicing all year. i've been really looking forward to helping. >> the way people helped you last year. >> i'm looking to pay it forward. >> it's an amazing story. we heard what cycling does for blair reels junior and the change it has made in him. other people were also helped
9:41 am
by what he is doing. >> absolutely. this is a nonprofit. and it applies to veterans from any era really. but you have a lot of men and women in this race who are from the iraq and afghanistan conflicts but there is also gulf war veterans. theres is a vietnam veterans. and on the very last leg of the race probably the last half mile they will have a world war ii veteran taking part. and it's also for first responders who have been injured in the line of duty. they have just recently expanded it. >> and the physical ability is incredible. your machine can be modified to whatever body you have. and what a testament to their strength. >> absolutely. especially when you see them on the hand cycles. they are powering themselves. it's a 1300-foot incline over big sur so they are getting over that themselves. they get a little help with the push bars but it's a testament
9:42 am
to their strength. >> pretty inspiring. great story. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9 she is known as the 49ers fan girl. up next bewe talk to tracy -- up next we talk about tracy and her love for the team.
9:43 am
9:44 am
it's the music of champions. fox nfl sunday. the 49ers everybody just in case you missed it got a much needed win this weekend snapping a four game losing streak. collin kaepernick had a great
9:45 am
game yesterday. he threw for two touchdowns against the ravens. this is that td pass to patton in the second quarter. it was patton's first nfl touchdown by the way. the niners got 25-20 win. they held on. the seattle sea hawks are up next at levi stadium. both teams by the way have 2-4 records. tracy chandelier and her family traveled from san francisco to take on the l.a. rams. during that game something happened. she fell head over heel with joe montana. she is the 49ers fan girl. breaks down everything about the team and the nfl. watch. >> every time ben roethlisberger went back to pass he had time to go to starbucks before he threw the ball. >> he tackles everything football on her blog and flies to santa clara from l.a.
9:46 am
for every single home game. you must be happy with what happened yesterday tracy. >> i am. 2-4 who would have thought i would be so excited with 2-4. today i'm so happy do you know what difference that is from 1- 5. huge. >> take me back from 1990. what was it about joe montana? was it his ability? his physicality. >> i was 11 sol it was a little bit of both. i remember he took off his helmet and i thought he's so dreamy. and then i thought he is so good. i have never seen anybody play like that. i fell in love. >> and your family in southern california is like what are you talking about? >> yeah they are rams fans. i was like too bad for you guys. >> i have to ask you this. there was a quarterback controversy when joe montana was on his way out and steve
9:47 am
young came in. there was a big part that didn't like steve young. where were you in that camp? >> i actually was in the steve young camp. >> wow. really? >> i felt at that point it was time to move forward. i knew joe montana was at the end of his career. i appreciated everything he did for the 49ers but i knew at that time this is steve youngs turn. if this team will move forward, they have to give steve young the ball. >> tell us about your website. what do you do? >> covers the 49ers from a perspective of a fan. every week i do pod casts. i write. i started for fun to talk about what i love and then i was like this is so fun i'm going to make this my job. >> how do you sell football and the 49ers to someone who says you know what, outside of the super bowl i don't think i'm
9:48 am
going to watch those guys. >> i like to do some things that make it fun. i have done videos of looking cute at the game. i do a series called five fun facts. i bring in five fun facts about players and matchups. i do tracy's take. it brings people in. it's a little more fun if you are not so much in the game preview you have features you can enjoy. >> i have to ask you about collin kaepernick now. i know you have an opinion. >> i do. [ laughter ] >> some people are trying to make it out to be all of his fault that the team is doing well. and other people say that is not the case. where do you think it falls? >> i don't think it's all his fault. it's not a one man show. they've had a lot of troubles on the offensive line. he's had receivers dropping passes. i think there has been play calling issues. i think he has snapped back. he has worked through whatever he immediate to work through-- whatever he needs to work
9:49 am
through. we saw last week against the giants, we saw yesterday he just looks comfortable and confident. he is able to extend plays with his legs. he is is not relying on them solely. he is receiving his receivers down the field. i think he has worked through it. >> what do you think about levi stadium? the big controversy is this stadium was built in the santa clara area. there is some fans who like it and some who don't. what do you think about levi stadium? >> i think it's a great place to watch football. they need to start winning there. that will make people like i. they had a very mediocre season last year. they are 2-4. so we are excited. i think that will be the key. >> you walk into an nfl store and you see more stuff geared toward ladies than you did ten years ago. tell me about your blinged out jersey. >> my awesome friend bedazzled this for me.
9:50 am
i am a girly girl who loves football. so for me this is the perfect thing to say who i am as a fan. there is so much merchandise for ladies and i think there is a lot out there. it's fun. >> if joe montana had played for the rams or raiders would you be a rams or raiders fan? >> that is a good question. i don't know. maybe. >> just saithe. >> no, no chance. i would have fallen in love with steve young. >> you are a 49ers girl. >> i bleed gold. >> thank you so much. you want to check out more of tracy's blog oat head over to our website at and click for it in the web link section. coming up a wedding called off at the last minute how the family of the bride turned this heartbreaking situation into an unforgettable night for dozens of families in need.
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we were just talking about the 49ers. we cannot forget the raider. they had a bithis weekend. some players will make a special visit to an oakland elementary school. it's part of the 17th annual nfl united way hometown huddle. marcel reese will speak to the students about staying active and healthy. they will also lead students in a football clinic. when was the last time you saw a movie?
9:54 am
>> my son is 7. [ laughter ] >> about last year i saw a movie with my daughter. >> it's been several years to me. >> the movies goose bumps scared its way to the top of the box office. the family friendly halloween comedy is based on the popular book series. took in more than $23 million in ticket sales. the frightful adventure knocked a matt damon movie the martian into second place. the bridge of spies, crimson piece, and hotel tran sill vienna 2 filled out the top five. bus riders got a scare after a four foot long snake got loose inside the bus. the snakes owner was on its way home after going to the pet store. but while he was on the bus the snake made its way out of his jacket and into a compartment under one of the bus seats. that forced the bus driver to pull over. everybody got out. watch as this woman sums up i know what you are thinking.
9:55 am
>> reminded me of snakes on the plane. now we have snakes on the bus. >> usually she falls asleep. i guess she wanted to crawl around. she crawled under the seat and i couldn't get her out of there. and she got stuck. >> it took about an hour for a police officer to find the snake and handed it back over to its owner. gets a hug from the owner but then just a few minutes later the owner is seen getting on another bus with the snake in the bag even though uncaged animals are not allowed on public buses. thank goodness we did not see snakes on a bus 2. >> what is a boa constrictor eat? >> i think it eats live bait. you buy mice at the -- we have a wise guy floor director. forget it. you buy live bait at the pet store. >> but you leave the snake home when you two to do that errand. >> i always leave my snake at
9:56 am
home when i go do my errand. [ laughter ] >> oh boy. we are talking about a woman in sacramento. she was supposed to get married but her wedding was called off at the last minute. so she was facing a day filled with heartbreak. however she turned it into a positive. less than a week before the ceremony her would be groom got cold feet and turned the whole thing off. instead of canceling her $35,000 wedding reception, the brides family invited the cities homeless popular to enjoy the meal at sacramento citizen hotel on saturday. a lot of people brought their own families to enjoy the salads, salmon, and try tips. >> when i found out on monday the wedding would not be taking place, it just seemed like this would be something we could do to give back. >> i think it's very generous to lose out on something so important and then give it to someone else. >> the bride also had a honeymoon trip planned so her and her mom headed to belize.
9:57 am
better off without that guy. >> everyone knows these peoples names so today i just looked him up. the gentleman. he's getting a lot of grief on social media. >> i bet. you must have an inkling. >> it helped out a lot of homeless families. >> yes. thank you for joining us for the 9 this morning. you want to come back tomorrow? >> i think i will come back tomorrow. >> let's do it. mike mibach has three days off. so you passed the test. thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here for the noon newscast. this is the dawn of an old day. because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show"! >> how you doin'? >> the kids have come to play. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect. >> my girls are always turned out. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ]


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