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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 22, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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z a. welcome back to mornings on 2. thank you for joining us. we have developing news out of alameda county. sheriff deputies are still at a home for san lorenzo. they have been there for several hours. ktvu is there as well this morning. alley, a lot of activity. what's going on? >> well, not a whole lot of activity that we can actually see from here. you can see it looks a crime scene investigator with a flashlight up in front of the house. the investigation is focused on this home in san lorenzo on the corner of the grande. there are sheriff deputies cars out front and there is crime scene tape blocking the entrance of this house. there is no flashing light. officers apeer to be keeping a somewhat low profile. we don't get exactly what this
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inceleste grace is about. we have contacted alameda county sheriffs for more information. the deputies at the scene are not able to get us any information. all we know for sure is there are investigators inside this home in san lorenzo. they appear to be going through the home gathering evidence. we'll work on getting more information. back to you said. alley, we'll see you then. time now is 4:31. i love these cooler temperatures. i love the fact that it is getting darker. earlier for us. >> and that's true too. >> a familiar way of ball coming to weak system. and a few high clouds. and 60s and 70s. fog is there. it's not widespread.
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maybe. we'll look for a little system. you can see right there just dragging across. that's it. it will be mostly sunny. a few 40s to the north. i know santa rosa. fiftys everywhere else over down to san jose. fleemont is in there. oakland 54. fiftys to the east bay. pittsburg and antioch. we are running cooler compared to yesterday. black hawk 53. alamo 53. the weak system goes by. we'll focus on late saturday and up early sunday. a little cooler for some especially near the water. still mild to warm inland. eightys there. sixtys and 70s for the rest. good morning, sir. good morning to you. >> we are looking at a crash, steve. weir going to start off with in the
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east bay. it's eastbound l 0 in mcdonald. now the fire department and the medics have one of the right lanes closed. that would be eastbound heading up toward america please. there's still not a pig back-fun. and the traffic is for the most part clear except in one of those cash lanes, you can see the traffic is actually moving along very well in that area. there are no major problems driving through getting into san francisco. i'll see if i can pull up the map here that i want. yes, i do. this is the map of the 49ers and seahawks at levi's stadium. as you can see, it's very close to 237 and 101. and some of the other express ways there. plan ahead. the kick-off is tonight at 55:00. plan ahead. here is a look at top stories we are following. and she enjoyed taking through the schools. bay area marine corp.
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pilot died when his f-18 crashed. it's not known what caused his plane to go down. sareen graduated from usf. marin county is alerting teenagers and parents about the dangers of what are known as scuttles parties. the prescription pills passed around and sampled. five high school students are recovering from overdoses in recent weeks. two at sir francis drake high school. santa. the number of shigella cases connected to a san jose restaurant continues to grow. ninety-three suspected and confirmed cases. restaurant is closed and still trying to. a barefoot woman trying to steal a package of a voice. and the woman first picked
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up a pair of shoes that was left outside. and then she tried to take the package when she contempt manage she left it behind. police say the woman may have had a car waiting for her. anyone who recognizes her is asked to call concord police. and stealing their cameras. police say a man in his 50s are walking along mason street. a group of them grabbed him. did suspect got away in a white sedan. they are described as three men in their early 20s. the latest of similar robberies in their area. just last friday, another moon was robbed of his camera at flan sysco. and all of this in august when a tourist was robbed and shot in the shoulder when she chased after him who robbed him. berkeley police are investigating another report of an attempted.
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and three girls into his van on sunday. and they believe it is the same man and he is described as latino in late 20s to early 30s with dark hair and a scruffy face. black full-sized cargo van with no side or rear windows. the attempted abductions happened in the area of college avenue and webster. anyone with information is asked to call berkeley police. time is 4:36. raymond is scheduled for -- >> accused of groping killeds at a campus school. ryan lee mcí corr vie faces seven counts of lewd acts with a child under the age of 146789 investigators say mccorvey swam up to several young girl it is strawberry creek pool in august and groped them. police say the girls were between the ages of 9 and 14. bail has been set at $700,000. now, we want to warn you about some
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video in our next story. some people might find it shocking and graphic. ktvu has learned about several dent accident cans at fruitvale. the city released surveillance video of a man at a crossen why walk being hit by a car on monday night. now, fortunately, the pedestrian was stable to walk away from that collision. the driver helped him get back on his face feet and is not facing criminal charges. >> do you feel safe walking across the street? >> no, i don't. they go real fast through here. >> we have learned that a pedestrian was hit in the same crosswalk on new year's day. that driver fled the scene, and in july, a car sideswiped another car before crashing into another church at that same corner. now, the city installed traffic lights and are examining what else can be done to make that road safer. it will remove a series of controversial ads in san francisco that tells the city it should spend the
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money. now, one of the ads reads dear public library. we hope you use some of the $12 million in hotel taxes to keep the library open later. this is the amount guests can contribute in taxes to the stithe each year. some people find the tone of the ads insensitive and arrogant. >> many can't afford to live in the city as housing prices. the mayor for 500 teachers by 20/20. lee and the school district discussed renewing the next door program. down payment and low assistance to make buying a home in the city more affordable. it has greater tenant counseling and eviction assistance. the concept is considered in parts of the east bay as well and has
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been implemented mr. in santa clara. >> and shuts down to exposure to cancer causing fumes. this is a picture from firefighter's union website. lights that beat up gasoline generators. new lights are rechargeable led lights six times brighter. firefighters plan to show off their new equipment at 1:00 this afternoon. some students atrament state say they're feeling left out because of the school's popularity. enrollment is at more than 30,000 students. that is a record high. some students say they are having a difficult time registering for classes they want. >> you either take an absence of leave now, or you pretty much, you know, try to take it somewhere else. >> set enrollment records every year for the past three years. administrators attribute the increase to affordable tuition and an appeal of the area. they insist they are planning if the the few -- for
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the future by mapping out growth so the school doesn't get too big too fast. >> the president of california wants to reduce the number of california students who get into uc schools. the plan will apply to all campuses including the most difficult schools to get into which are uc berkeley and san jose. tonight toys conscious the battle to get out of last place in the nfl -- nck -- nfc. the 49ers just broke their four-game losing streak on sunday. the niners are six and a half points underdogs for the game. they are at home again at levi stadium. >> and a great, great -- he plays great football. and planning on the road. >> the game is set for 5:25 tonight.
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and the parking lot is open at 1:55 this afternoon. and right at the evening commute is getting going. so head down there early. >> head down there early. time now is 4:40. the rove rivalry of all rivalries. coming up in 20 minutes, we will have a preview of that big college football game in pass deana. and you got me so attractive. a symbol of hope. that mural we were talking about. up next, the unvailing of a mural. a special dedication of that young artist who was killed while working on that mural. good were monthing. we're looking at the east bay commute and so far traffic is move ago long pretty well as you head between walnut creek and england -- oakland. maybe you're going with oakland. mostly sunny here.
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temperatures in the 70s. a little cooler forecast for some today.
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a symbol of hope. part of the mural was portrayed in his honor. the mural on west street was designed by students on west oakland middle school. the message is of peace and power of community. >> troy to keep us from seeing this mural. because this mural is important. and for our community.
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>> antonio ramos was killed three weeks ago by someone who began arguing with him as he was painting the mural. the -- they have released the surveillance picture of someone they want to talk to but have not yet found him. a mural of a 13-year-old boy shot by a sheriff deputy has been moved to the site where he died. this 8 x 16-foot mural of andy lopez has gone up at the were cooer of motherland. tonight, the paper says at that candlelight vigil and community potluck will be held to mark the second anniversary of his death. andy lopez was shot and killed by a sheriff deputy on this day two years ago. the deputy mistook lopez's bb gun for an assault rifle. the deputy was cleared of wrongdoing -- wrongdoing. a man suspected of shooting an al bobber i can police officer. the 35-year-old suspect was caught up after a late-night manhunt. the shooting happened during a
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traffic stop. it's unclear what caused the gunman to specifically open fire. investigators say the officer deployed his taser before he was shot. he underwent a second hop asian -- operation overnight. also, a man has opinion charged with murder in connection with a road rage shooting that killed a four-year-old girl. police say 32-year-old tony torres confessed after he was taken into custody yesterday. four-year-old lily garcia. the man opened fire on the truck she was in with her father and brother. police say they leaved avenue roved an anonymous call. now to a south bay courtroom where panel emotional plea was made in the driver of a big rig. it happened in the santa cruz mountains more than a year ago. 911 emergency. >> there's been a terrible accident with a tractor-trailer truck on highway 17. >> a big rig piled up and took everything out. >> the ten cars were hit. seven people
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hurt. one man was killed. it happened when the man lost control of the tractor-trailer he was driving on highway 17 lazied july. now more than a year later he pled no contest to vehicular manslaughter, a charge resulting from the death of 29-year-old daniel mcguire of santa cruz. right now, it is 4:47. i want to check in with sal. what's brewing in traffic right now? >> oh, i see. i see. well, i'll tell you what is not brewing. ucla is not in the top 25. that is whatnot is brewing. >> number six at one point, sal. >> why don't you guys step outside here? >> steepest side. i'll take dear of traffic. last the cal fight song. >> i know longer likes are directed. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. well, ucla plays that fight song.
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i'll put the whole history on facebook. let's talk about it on facebook. good morning, everybody. i do want to mention since we are talking about football, that there is another football game tonight that will affect traffic until the bay area. we can go to the maps first if you can go out of order because that is the 49ers game and the seahawks tonight at 5:25. this is a lock at the san mateo bridge. if you're driving across the san mateo bridge, it looks pretty good. there are no major problems. as i mentioned, you need to plan for in because there will be a lot of people attending who don't normally fill this corridor. a lot of people come to the games. it's a nationally televised game. both teams have the same record. i think it's going to be a good one. for all you need to know is 101. 237. that whole area is not going to be good font. you see at least cal and ucla are now playing inspect bay area. you don't have to worry about that. the cal ucla game is at
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6:00. let's go to the toll plaza. you can see traffic here is not a big commute. again, all kid aside. tonight in the silicon valley, it's not going to be a great commute on any of those roads. steve? >> i'm going to stay as far away as possible, sal. >> i think you have given good advice all week long. >> the forecast is pretty good. it does look mostly clear. probably will be sunny anyway. temperatures in the 70s. we'll go 73 at kick-off today. mostly sunny. i doubt there will be anything going on. we do have a few high clouds and some fog. still some 80s inland. we lose that northeaster labrose. a cooler weekend. possible lain sunday and monday. i could think santa rosa north. right rain sunday. the further north, better opportunity. what we are loping is next wednesday.
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the problem is forecast models are not in sink. one is very wet. the other one splits the system. if that happens, part goes north. part goes south. guess who gets nothing? you get nothing. that would be us. which is pretty much the way it's been for four years. low clouds will stacked up on parts of the coast starting to fill in a little bit. some dry air is moving not. that's indicated right there. that will move in. still though, mostly sunny. look at this chopper -- whopper of a low. the hail reports out of new mexico stacked up to one and two and a half inches deep. it's in the texas panhandle. fiftys on the temperatures. fortys for a few. a lot of 50s. fifty-eight m. 52. fifty. morgan hill and gilroy. forty-eight scotts valley. fifty-two in santa claus. -- cruz. fifty-two. mostly sunny today except near the coast where they'll deal with some patchy fog. it does lock like temperatures will bump up a
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little bit for some well inland. the fog has come back. morning fog not widespread. but it's there. nice to mild. a little cool every. six 0ás. seventys for around the bay. temperatures continue to be above average for most unless you are over by the coast, then it's close to average or slightly above. about the same on friday. increasing clouds on friday. it will be cooler going into the weekend. >> the fight song. >> chico state wildcats fightsong. >> we're playing the better fight song here for tonight's game. >> enjoy it for a moment. >> there you go. thank you, guys. presidential candidate hillary clinton taking a break from the campaign trail. coming up in 20 minutes, tough questions she could face from congress surrounding
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the be a-- bengazi attack. >> an overpass crashed on to a bay area freeway. the one one contractor says it could mean bigger problems for california roads.
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a man buried in 12 feet of
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mud in the southern california storm. forty-nine-year-old's body was found tuesday in palmdale. he was driving on the road in the middle of a flash flood. witnesses called 911 after seeing his suv being swept away. concern about california roads is growing. 100-yards fell on to interstate 808 during rush hour on monday. amazingly, no one was seriously injured. a contractor said the other three fences locked precarious. could pell -- could spell trouble down the road. >> colorly, we need to take care of the asset that we have, but we also need to expand the system in kiwi key ways to deal with the growing population. >> this year alone, cal tran
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is looking at $6 billion in needed work that is being delayed because of lack of funds. cal tran will hold a public discussion tomorrow afternoon. golden state warriors interim head coach is preparing as if he'll be the head coach when the warriors open the regular season on tuesday. walton went over the time out rules with steve curr this week. he's getting familiar with managing minutes and line-ups. hopefully he is back before then. he didn't want to wait to prepare. there is still no timetable for when he will return from his love of absence. he's recovering from two back surgeries. the preseason finale is tonight. 4:56. coming up on our 5:00 hour. high school students popping random pills to get high. how this new trend is proving to be extremely dangerous, particularly many marin county.
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and we are learning new information about the pilot killed in a u.s. military jet crash in england. the ties he has here in the bay area. good morning. we're looking at the san francisco commute. so far it looks good here on e northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. we'll tell you more about the east bay commute when we come back. >> fog has come back to forts of the coast and the bay. it does look cooler for most of the day. the football forecast not bad at all. seventy-three at kick-off.
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good morning. developing news autoafter san lovenzo. the new information surrounding this. >> we are live at levi stadium where the 49ers will be taking on the seattle seahawks right in the middle of the afternoon commute. we'll tell you what areas to avoid and the traffic plan in place. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. it's 5:00, thursday, october 227. i'm pam cook. >> i'm bryan flores in for dave clark. we want to update you on a developing story. we are following you in san lorenso. two people broke into a home.
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a struggle ensued between the intruders and the homeowner. the two particulars were able to escape. deputies say the homeowner has a medical cannibus card and was apparently growing marijuana in his house. investigators suspect the burglars may have been after the marijuana. our ally rasmus is also there. she'll have a live report on this story at 5:30. >> you want to check in with steve for weather. you are saying that 737 at kick- off at levi stadium. >> that will be nice. >> great to worry about weatherwise. we do have some fog coming back. it's a lot more than we had yesterday. that's for sure. so cooler coasts in the city and around the bay. inland still looks stunny and mild to warm. a little bit more in the way of low cloud deck. it will burn back. i think we know the drill. getting late in the season. talking about coastal fog. that is what we have. a system came by weak as it may be and it's already beginning to fall apart. a few high clouds left


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