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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 22, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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a struggle ensued between the intruders and the homeowner. the two particulars were able to escape. deputies say the homeowner has a medical cannibus card and was apparently growing marijuana in his house. investigators suspect the burglars may have been after the marijuana. our ally rasmus is also there. she'll have a live report on this story at 5:30. >> you want to check in with steve for weather. you are saying that 737 at kick- off at levi stadium. >> that will be nice. >> great to worry about weatherwise. we do have some fog coming back. it's a lot more than we had yesterday. that's for sure. so cooler coasts in the city and around the bay. inland still looks stunny and mild to warm. a little bit more in the way of low cloud deck. it will burn back. i think we know the drill. getting late in the season. talking about coastal fog. that is what we have. a system came by weak as it may be and it's already beginning to fall apart. a few high clouds left. you can see some of the
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fog. high pressure will nose in for a day and a half. we'll focus our attention for the weekend. maybe some rain to the north bay early sunday. fortys and 50s. a few 40s. a lot of 50s. santa rosa says 49. there are some that are close. some fog. sanoma county airport and napa. mill valley is at 50. hillsburg also saying hey, we're at 50 as well. sunny to mostly sunny after that morning fog. nice to mild to were what. not much of a breeze. a little cooler for some especially over by the water. it will still be warm inland. sixtys, 70s, and 8 0ás. here he is at 5:01. >> thank you, steve, very much. we are looking at a commute that is not that bad. we're going to start off with the golden gate bridge. steve mentioned wealther and a little bit of fog. at the golden gate bridge, we don't have a lot of it. it looks like a nice drive heading to the toll plaza and into san francisco out of marin county. we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is getting a little bit heavier in some of
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those cash listens especially. we don't usually see the big crowds until 5:30. a look at the south bay here. traffic is night on the freeways. 105. 280. traffic is still recovering from some earlier accidents on 80 to . and we have a couple of things going on there already. at 5:02, let's go back to the desk. we are now learning that the pilot killed in the u.s. military jet crash in england we reported yesterday morning was from the bay area. the mayor grew up in castro valley, lives in san mateo. he graduate police department the university of san francisco in 2004. his sister tells us he loved being a pilot. sareen was flying an f-18 fighter jet like the one we are showing you here. he was returning from a six-month deployment when his plane went down yesterday in farmland just northeast of london. witnesses describe seeing a fireball moments after the crash. five other u.s. planes with
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sareen were safely the diverted to a nearby air base. british and american investigators are looking into the crash. a disturbing drug trend as a growing number of students are taking part in skittles parties. they are sampling various prescription pills and cold medications. ktvu alex savidge is here to explain how these can have serious consequences. >> just in the past couple of weeks, five marin county high school students have overdosed. school administrators and health officials. they are warning kids there about the dangers of abusing these medications. it seems more and more kids are getting high at so-called skitt elections parties. teens get ahold of prescription drugs often by raiding their parent's medicine cabinets, and they put those various pills into one single bowl, and everybody randomly samples them. in the last couple of weeks, three students
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got sick. two others got sick at sir francis drake high. all five students who oded, we understand, are going to be okay. now, kids say these skittle parties have been going on for at least the last year in marin county. although, some parents we talked to are just now learning about them. >> it just sounds like russian roulette. it's bad enough to take drugs when you know what they are. when you don't know what they are, you don't know what to tell the doctor the stupid thing you did. >>reporter: we're also told that over-the-counter cough sir ups are also being accused -- abused at these parties. they contain triple c. highlighting the danger, the marin county health department gave us some figures. they say 27 people died in drug poisoning in the county in 2013. so this is obviously an important reminder for parents to have a conversation with their kids about what can go wrong when you start abusing prescription drugs. >> well, and keep prescription
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drugs hidden away because -- it is very important. >> it might not be your mild. it could be friends. people who come over. >> anyone can get into those med skin cabinet -- cabinets. if you have the old prescription medications, to go give them back and they can be disposed of. >> right. i googled skittle parties. they're everywhere. >> not just here. >> the kids get the idea from other kids. thank you. time now is 5:05. expect a lot of company if you plan to be on the roads near levi stadium especially during the evening commute. we have been talking about it. that is because the niners are playing a home game that starts during rush hour. janine de la vega live at the stadium in santa clara. this will be the fir third time weekday commuters will have a -- to deal with traffic. hey bryan, it is. but it is the first time that the 49ers are going to be playing a week-night game in the 5:00 hour. precisely 5:25 here at home, and it's right in the middle of the commute tonight.
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the niners will be taking on the seattle seahawks. the other weeknight home games have been scheduled at 7:00 p.m. and after, so this earlier game will have an impact on the roads. if you can, avoid 101 and the 237, and if you are planning to go to the game, you're encouraged to come to the stadium early. the parking lots at levi stadium open at 155 tip tim this afternoon. those who -- 1:55 this afternoon. those who can't come that early are encouraged to take public. and handling the thousands of football fans that join the regular riders during commute times during two previous weeknight games. the transit agency is adding ten additional trains that will go directly from mountainview. and santa teresa stations in san jose. once the game is over, the b, thea will send 12 extra trains to take vans home. cal train is providing two trains at the end of the game. but something important to note. ace shuttle customers will be impacted by tonight's game. commuters need to arrive
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20 minutes earlier than the regular posted time for the afternoon ride. that is because of those buses are operating 20 minutes earlier than normal to connect with other trains headed to levi. so, bring your patients -- patience either way because it's expected to be crowded, especially with the rivalry between the niners and the seahawks. so it will be very busy. bryan? no question about that. janine, thank. you. well, the 49ers are not the only local football team playing tonight. sal's alma mater cal taking on ucla. they're down at the rose bowl. come on, brewens. the 20ing the ranked bears 5-1. they are looking to contend in the packed 12 by browens. sadly, they were number 6 at one point. just a short time ago. >> yeah, yeah. >> dropped two straight games. and we have to show the highlights? really? well, a lot is on the line tonight for this nationally televised game kick-off is at 6:00 tonight. there are a lot of brewens up
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here. >> there are. >> and you have probably -- you are probably one of the bigger ones. >> what are you saying? >> oh my gosh. the biggest brewen fans. >> thank you u. >> anyway. it's 5:07, everybody. we are hearing from one of the women sickened by shigella tide to a san jose restaurant. up next, the question she has for that restaurant and how long her symptoms are expected to last. >> it's high stakes for hillary clinton. the tough questions she is expected to face at this hearing on the 2012 bengazi attacks getting underway at noon. good morning, we're looking at the mcarthur maze. we know et is the mac maze around these parts here. you can see traffic looks pretty good so far as you head around to the berkeley curve and to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> and your weather will look pretty good today. there is a little bit more in the way of some fog. we'll talk about a cooler forecast. it looks great for the 49ers and seahawks. no worries there.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. this may be one of the most important days of hillary clinton's political life. she is about to face off in congress today as they investigate the ben gazi attacks that occur during her tenure of secretary of state. doug -- joins us from capitol hill with a preview of today's hearing. doug? >> hey pam, good morning. and this is going to be a very long day for hillary clinton. this hearing starts in less than two hours, and it probably won't end
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until well past dark. >> a lot is on the line for hillary clinton as she'll ask questions about one of the most controversial episodes of her career. the ben gazi attack that claimed the lives of chris stevens and three other americans. >> what difference, at this point, does it make? >> clinton was combative during a previous appearance on ben gazi. this time her tactics may change questioning the legitimacy of the committee itself as she did during last week's debate. >> it is a partisan vehicle as admitted by mr. mccarthy to drive down my poll numbers. big surprise. >>reporter: hillary clinton is on a winning streak especially after joe biden's announcement he would not challenge her for the democratic nomination. today could prevent new hurdles as republicans will press clinton on why she didn't do more to beef
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up security in libya. >> it's entirely possible clinton could have new leafed and clinton's e- mail exchanges at the time. clinton has been away from the campaign trail presumably preparing for her testimony. and south carolina republican congressman who is spearheading the investigation has always been keeping a low profile. other republicans signal there will be tough questions ahead. >> what was going on all during that time. the deteriorating security situation was apparent to americans on the ground in libya. why didn't it break through to those official who is are responsible for their safety. there's a lot of e-mails, obviously, to discuss. can. >> there is a possibility of a revelation. had oilery clinton's private e-mail server came up during the course of the investigation. there's possible there may be something else. after that, this hearing may
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not change the needle much. >> it will be very interesting. we'll be following that all morning. >> police in sweden railroad releasing new details about a deadly attack. in western sweden. we just received new video from the school. a masked man went to the school with at least one large knife, possibly o two, including what may have been a sword. he stabbed to death a teacher and wounded another teacher and two other students before security shot him. there is knorr word on a motive. the back here at home, the number of shigella cases connected to a san jose restaurant continues to grow e. there are now 93 cases linked on fourth street. twenty-four of those cases are confirmed. the restaurant remains closeed as health inspectors look for the source of the infection.
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at one point, 12 people were hospitalized in intensive care. one says it has been flooded with calls from infected patient who is want to sue the restaurant and at least two lawsuits have already been filed. they claim the restaurant owner was negligent in supervising employees who prepare food. the attorney in those cases says liz clients deserve to be compensated on medical expenses. he also expects more people to take more action. san jose police have cut ties with an officer who posted controversial comments on social media about the black lives matter movement. sources confirm that anyone threatening him more his family, he would use his quote god-given and law- appointed right and duty to kill you u. #copslives matter. >> the mercury news said it reached white, but he declined comment.
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>> wood stoves. the first of its kind ban. and 19,000 used wood for heat. and wood fires account for nearly 40% of pollution during the winter months. the district's ruling would ban new cleaner burning. a move will help improve air quality and people's health. >> trying to eliminate the matter. people breathe in directly to their lugs and -- lungs and go straight into the lung bloodstream. and happen frequent their health. >> and some areas of maren county, hundreds of people rely on wood as their primary source of heat. the changes are expected to take affect november 1 social security h 2016. this evening, wildlife experts will meet with people in san francisco concerned about the number of coyote sightings in the city.
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the group project coyote will lead the meeting to discuss how people can coexist with the animals. according to the san francisco examiner. and project coyote tells the pape near the number of reported sightings of coyotes are up. it could mean that a katie family has settled in and the they're starting to leave for their own families. tonight's meeting will be at -- >> they have also talk ted about drought. they're looking for food and water. >> we're talking about brewens. oh my. >> one thing that pam and i agree on is win or lose, we're going to stay true to our school. we're not jumping the band wagon. >> no. that is why i like college football. >> you don't jump the band wagon. >> yes. you stay with it. >> you stay with your team. good morning, everybody. let's go out and take a look at the commute.
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about 5:30 is that line. you start seeing some of these commutes look very busy. we have a few minutes to go know. this is a look at the commute at the toll plaza where the traffic is going to be busy u. fast track lanes are looking good. also looking at the commute on the san mateo bridge. sometimes these cameras get lost. and we found it again. westbound on 92. and on the east shore freeway. we have a couple of problems. richmond. and eastbound and westbound. and we haven't had any delays. traffic is still pretty light. and back all the way up the only traffic that is severe. and let's go to steve. >> and when one thing for fight
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songs. >> sounds like they're warming up. it is an old school. i don't think we play football anymore. >> i have one friend of mine. a pro football forecast tonight. sunny today. san jose. and 73. and not a worry. and the easiest forecast of the day. fog returns. eightys inland. cooler on the weekend. rain sunday, inland. >> and lake county. that will be light. wednesday the day. one forecast model. and it is very wet. and the american version we call the gfs lit splits the system,
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and we get nothing. that would be next wednesday. let's tackle it next week. we do have some low clouds around. and high clouds move through. today and tomorrow looks sunny. mostly sunny unless you are dealing with some fog. both say fog as well. there are some pockets where it is pretty thick. palo alto is at 51. danville. upper 50s for pittsburg and antioch. mid 50s la fayette. forty-nine in arcada. blue canyon is at 52. the south lake tahoe airport at 31 degreece. there are some chilly readings in the mountains. not too crazy. one system moves off. high pressure will build in for friday. this system begins to move up and over us. that won't affect us saturday into sunday. temperaturessic whiching in in the low to mid 80s. it's over by the bay that we see cooler
5:21 am
conditions because of the fog. a lot of high clouds on the way as we go to the weekend. maybe some light rain to the north. morning fog. nice to mild to warm if you are far enough away to any fog influence. seventys. eightys to the interior. we see 60s. seven 0ás. eightys. above average temperatures. and as we go into the weekend. >> you no longer have a football. they have an amazing women's soccer team. so have there you go. >> thank you, pam. it's 5:21. well, a package theft that went wrong. coming up in ten minutes, the surveillance video of a woman trying to steal a heavy package from an east bay home and what she got away with instead.
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is. to the bay area. the online retailer is launching its prime now on demand service promising one-hour deliveries from 8:00 a.m. to midnight for $7.99. if you can stand a little longer, two-hour delivery is free. now, to use this service, you have to be a subscribe tore amazon's annual $99 prime membership. prime now will be available today in most san francisco and san jose neighborhoods. amazon will expand to include service throughout palo alto.
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>> amazon introduced the one- hour delivery service in new york last december, and it has been expand into new markets ever since. coming up on 5:25 now, and youtube is giving users a chance to skip the advertising for a price. the new subscription plan is called youtube read. for $10 a month, user can say watch videos and listen to unlimited streaming music without advertising. and a presentation in los angeles, youtube will be able to download some videos to their mobile devices. all of youtube gaming. all of youtube music on any devoice wherefore you log in and exclusive access to new or original shows and movies and access to google play music. >> well, youtube says next year, it will also have original content from some of its biggest stars. the company, which is owned by google, will also keep offering its usual free videos with ads.
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sesame street paving the way for a preschooler with autism. the company company that produces the show says the character is being introdeuced as part of an effort. the character is designed to help those who deal with the developmental disorder. julia will be introduced or included in digital and printed storybooks. sesame. and. >> and two brown monkeys are drawing all kinds of ooos and aahs at a brazilian zoo. the first of the monkeys was born 30 days ago. the second one seen here just one week later. zookeepers have been caring for and feeding the wide-eyed infants with a special formula through a bottle. they are native to the north western youngments of brazil. and southern columbia, and northern peru as well as ecuador. it is a schism boll of hope and mid tragedy. designed by children
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and a special dedication. and a young artist killed while working on it. and alameda county sheriff deputies. last night, the homeowner came home to find two burglars inside. we'll have an update on the investigation coming up.
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welcome back. it is your friday eve.
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clouds saturday night and sunday. >> we do have a little bit more fog today. it's not going to make an impact. all systems are go. a nice forecast there. lots of sunshine. seventys by kick-off. it's still going to be in the 70s. it tails off pretty quick. and much longer now and the days are shorter. and i wouldn't worry about anything weatherwise. a few high clouds but a system that is falling afarm. they will cool off. the system didn't have much left to it. weak high pressure. napa airport. sanoma. sunny today. looks pretty nice. nice to mild
5:31 am
to some. eightys for sal. >> and something that popped up on scanners or screens. >> nothing major. we have a couple of things. fortunately, it is still a decent commute. you would probably know if it was something huge. >> and usually, the traffic here on 80. it slows down at ant 5:30. metering lights are turned on. and other bridges are all going to be relatively okay. in san francisco, it looks good approaching the 80s split. 5:31. let's go back to the desk. a developing story in alameda county. sheriff deputies remain on the scene of a home break microphone in. and there now as well.
5:32 am
and investigators think they may know what the intruders are happen. >> the investigation will focus on this home here behind us. you can see the police tape still up. there are still some investigators inside with the alameda county sheriff's farm. this began around 11:30 this night. this home is in san lorenzo. 11:30. the homeopener -- owner came home and discovered two burglars. the homeowner was growing about 200 pot plants inside his home. they believe that that is what the burglary may have been connected to. there was a struggle between the homeowner and two burglars. the homeowner grabbed a knife. it's not known if the burglars were stabbed. the two burglars ended up fleeing. no one has been arrested. and investigators have been gathering evidence and talking to the homeowner since then. he has been less than forthcoming
5:33 am
with information. and he has apparently told him he has a medical canfibus card. it's unclear where this was an illegal. and he was growing home. and more than allowed. and that is part of the investigation. and we are expecting to hear from alameda county sheriff spokesperson. and hopefully with some more information on the investigation. concord police call it an epic fail. trying to steal a package from a porch. it was too heavy for her. this is from a home on autumn oak circle on tuesday. the woman took six shoes left outside. then she tried to take that package. when she couldn't quite manage, she left it behind. she did, however, take the pair of chews. police say the woman may have had a car waiting for her. anyone who recognizes her is asked to
5:34 am
contact police. police say a man in his 50s was walk ago long mason street near broadway on tuesday when a group of men grabbed him and his camera. one man punched him in the face. another took his camera. the suspect got away in a white sedan that was waiting for them. it is the latest of similar robberies in that area of just last friday. another man was robbed in his camera in san francisco. and all of this follows the attack back in august p on ai tourist who was robbed of his camera and shot in the shoulder. that was after he chased the men who robbed him. berkeley police are investigating another report of an attempted kidnapping. it happened in the same area where a plan tried to lure three girls into his van on sunday. police say they believe this is the same man. he is described as latino in his late 20s to early 30s with dark hair and a scruffy face.
5:35 am
he was in a black full-sized cargo van with no side or rear windows. the attempted abductions happened in the area of college avenue and webster street. anyone with information is asked to call berkeley police. berkeley police have arrested a man suspected of groping kids at a campus pool. thirty-eight-year-old ryan lee mccorvey faces seven counts of lewd and will youive is you acts with a child under the age of 146789 he's a uc berkeley graduate student. he swam up to several young girls in strawberry canyon pool in august and then groped them. police also say the girls were between the ages of nine and 13 years old. bail has been set at $700,000. arraignment is scheduled for tomorrow. more than a hundred people gathered under an overpass yesterday to celebrate temperature completion of a mural that has become a symbol of hope and heartbreak. part of the mural is changed in ramos's honor. his portrait was displayed a few
5:36 am
feet from why he was shot and killed. the block-long pleural was designed by students from west oakland middle school for a project depicting oakland superheroes. the message is peace and the power of community. >> the tragedy. to keep us from finishing this mural. this mural is important for west oakland, ands the important for our community. >> antonio ramos was killed three weeks ago by someone who began arguing with him as he painted that mural. police have released this surveillance picture of a person they want to talk to, but have not yet found him. meantime, a mural of a 13-year-old boy who was shot and killed by a sheriff deputy in santa rosa has been moved to the site where he died. the press democrat reports a candlelight vigil and community pot luck will be held at moreland avenues to mark the second anniversary of his death. annie lopez was shot and killed by a sheriff deputy. the sheriff's department says
5:37 am
the deputy mistook lopez's bb gun for an assault rival. -- rifle. the deputy was cleared of wrongdoing. our next story contains some video that may not be suitable for everyone. ktvu has learned about several accidents at the intersection of fruitvale avenue aand east 17th street in oakland. now, the city released this surveillance video of a man at a crossen why walk. you see highlighted and then hit by a car. now, fortunately, the person was able to walk abay from the collision. the driver helped him get back on to his feet and is not facing any criminal charges. >> we do have to take greater caution. these streets in oakland can be a near death experience just trying to get across, and so the reality is we as pedestrians have to be more careful. >> now, we learned that a pedestrian was hit in the same crosswalk on new year's day. the driver fled the scene, and in july a car sideswiped another car before crashing into a church at the same corner.
5:38 am
the city installed traffic lights is examining what else can be done to make the intersection safer. well, authorities have identified the man who was killed when his suv was buried in 12 feet of mud during last week's big southern california storm. forty-nine-year-old robert rasmus's body was found tuesday in palmdale. he was driveling on the road in the middle of a flash flood. witnesses called 911 after they saw his suv being swept away. >> it was coming straight up the road, and then all of a sudden, the water hit, and it just went ever over the car and turned it sideways. the van just went straight in. >>reporter: rasmus's family went to the site where his body was found. officials say their search efforts were delayed during the storm because conditions made it too difficult to get into the area. well, concerned about california roads and bridges is growing after the collapse of a guardrail fence on to interstate 880. one shun yards of steel fencing fell from the 23rd street overpass during rush hour on monday. fortunately, no one was seriously juried. now, a contractor tells ktvu news that the other
5:39 am
three fences on that same overpass look precarious. officials say deferred maintenance on california rodways could spell trouble down the road. clearly, we need to take care of the assets that we have, but we also need to expand the system in key ways to deal with the growing population. >> reporter: well, this year alone, cal tran is looking at almost $6 billion in needed work that has been delayed. cal tran will be holding a public dig quailings tomorrow afternoon at cal tran headquarters in oakland about how its limited money should be spent. san francisco firefighters using a new lighting system they say cuts down on their expore poechore to cancer- causing fumes. up until now, firefighters use lights that feed off gasoline generators that let out exhaust fumes. the new lights are rechargeable led lights and are six times brighter. firefight
5:40 am
replaysen to show off their new equipment at 1:00 this afternoon. a series of con to sorer -- virtual ads. now u one of the ads reads dear public library. we hope you use some of the $12 million in hotel taxes to keep the library open later. that is the amount air b and b guests contribute in taxes to the city each year. now, the ad is part of a campaign to fight proposition f on the san francisco ballot which would restrict short-term rentals. but some people find the ton of the ads insensitive and arrogant. air b and b is apologizing. many teachers in san francisco can't afford to live in the city as housing prices continue to rise. the mayor is trying to change that. the mayor announced a plan to help provide housing for 500 teachers by 20/20. lee and the san francisco unified school district also discussed renewing the federal teacher nextdoor policeman. now, that program provides down payment and loan assistance to make buying a home in the city
5:41 am
affordable. it also has greater tenant counseling and eviction assistance. the concept is being considered in parts ott other -- of the east bay and has already been immaterial policemenned in santa clara. if you are an art love, then you'll want to mark may 49 on your calendar. that is when officials from the san francisco museum of modern art say the newly expanded museum is set to rehope. it closed in june of 2013 to make room for the doris and donald fischer collection of contemporary art. museum managers say the new construction more than doubles the museum's gallery space making it the largest museum of its kind in the country. >> you ever had a bonfire, gone to a bonfire? they are kind of a traditional regroup in southern california. it's also a favorite here in san francisco. some say it'ser it's tradition. it could be changing. coming up at 6:00, the new rules being proposed for bonfires at ocean beach. after months of speculation, the fate of joe biden when it comes to the presidential race.
5:42 am
up next, the reason widen -- bodien says now is just not the right time. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute here. we're on highway 24 westbound. on 680. we'll show you 24 coming up. right now, 680 looks good. some fog has returned. overall, it's going to be a nice day. a little cooler for some. we have a very nice forecast for the 49ers tonight. sunny. mild and warm. seventy-five.
5:43 am
5:44 am
new this morning, safety regulators are meeting to discuss how to repair millions of recalled airbag inflaters. more than 23 million inflaters have been recalled in the u.s. alone. so far, fewer than 5 million of them have been replaced. investigators say eight people have been killed and more than a hundred injured by faulty
5:45 am
inflaters. political analysts say vice president joe biden's announcement that he is not going to run for president is a boost to hillary clinton's campaign. now, polls that inclouded biden showed clinton's numbers dropped with biden in the race. in his announcement, biden said it all came down to timing saying that while mourning the death of his son, he felt his window of opportunity to mount a winning campaign had closed. biden said that he would spend his last 15 months as vice president continuing to work on issues that matter alongside president obama who he praised. >> democrats should not only defend this record and protect this record. they should run on the record. >> hillary clinton responded to biden's announcement with atwitter saying at bp is a good friend and great man, that she's quote inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better. donald trump expressed gratitude in his own
5:46 am
way tweeting quote joe biden made the correct decision for him and his family u. i would rather run against hillary because her record is so bad. well, it seems increasingly likely that republican congressman paul ryan will be the next speaker of the house. ryan has the tentative support of the conservative freedom caucus. when the congressman met with conservatives tuesday, he told them he needed all house republicans to unify behind him. while conservatives are saying they could support ryan, they also say their votes are far from unconditional. >> are we there tonight yet? no. we have a little ways to go. but i'm willing to, you know, start those conversations because i trust paul. >> that we will vote for him, but we are not agreeing. >> in is no consensus on any preseasons that -- preconditions that he asks for. >> freedom caucus members want to change the procedures to make it easier to remove a speaker from office. ryan says that would
5:47 am
mange the job too difficult. house republicans are set to vote on the speakership next wednesday. >> all right, pam, thank you u. time now is 5:46. sal is keeping an eye on photographic. warning people about the afternoon commute. >> we have talked about it. janine is down there. we have mentioned the 49ers game. it's at 5:25 kick-off. levi stadium is very close to highway 2:37. let's take a look at what we have there. a look hat all of the commutes. this morning's commute is highway 24 is moderately heavy. it's not stop and go. it is moderately heavy. and in walnut creek in oakland. you'll definitely see some slow traffic. not a lot, but some. also looking at the commute here at the toll plaza. that has been slowing down. it's about a 15-minute delay before you actually make it on to the
5:48 am
span. we have been talking about that. steve has been mentioning the weather. gentleman mean is -- janine is standing not front of levi stadium. 237. 101. those commutes this afternoon are going to be very heavy. we have more people showing up for that nationally televised game. plan for slow traffic in that area tonight. you do have a nice forecast. sunny. seventy-five. some fog has come back to the coast. not a lot. even some inland. there are some reports especially up towards santa rosa. some fog. some reduced visibility. a few high clouds. weak system just fall ago part. cooler weekend. rain sunday, wednesday. and maybe sunday. north of santa rosa does not look like a big event. remains of hurricane olaf. one forecast model is very wet with the system. if that happens, we would get something nothing. we will see.
5:49 am
six days to go before it all comes together. fog there. mainly san francisco south. mostly sunny today. a limb bit of dry air coming in. upper host. fiftys for some. a lot of east. freemont, 512. a little chill in the morning air. fifty and 51 for gilroy and morgan hill. fifty-one saratoga. santa cruise at 55. fortys. twentys up in the mountains. blue canyon in the low 50s. sunny to mostly sunny. by the weekend, we'll start to usher in system in. it does look like it's going to stay to the north. it will be a cooler weekend. i'll mention some rain sunday morning. sunday morning. santa rosa north. toward lake county. then, we'll see what develops with that next system coming up. again, it won't be until probably late tuesday or wednesday. morning fog. it will be nice to mild to warm. a little cooler for some especially over by the bay. sixtys and
5:50 am
70s. pretty close here. north to south. eighty-three to 84. sixtys and 7 0ás. over by the bay, the morning fog. sunny on friday. then increasing clouds saturday. light rain to the north. mostly sunny on monday. tuesday and wednesday will be the key days next week. >> possible lain. -- rain. i sure hope so, but i don't like what i'm seeing. >> if it splits, it would be par for the course. it's been happening for four years. >> thank you, steve. it's 5:50. pizza delivery is about to change. in 25 minutes new car domino's is introducing. >> will coach cur by back for the warrior's season opener on tuesday. it's anyone's guess so far. how the team's interim coach is preparing for the big game.
5:51 am
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♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪
5:53 am
♪ well comb back to mornings on 2. a police officer is fighting for his life after he was shot during a traffic stop. the incident began with athe officer pulling over a motorcyclist last night. there was some type of altercation. the motorcyclist opened fire. the officer suffered critical injuries and underwent two emergency operations. at least 100 police officers took part in a manhunt
5:54 am
looking for that suspect. he was eventually taken into custody late last night. also, a man has been charged with murder in connection with that road rage shooting that killed a four- year-old girl. police say 32-year-old tony torrez confessed after he was taken into custody yesterday. four-year-old lily garcia was shot in the head tuesday afternoon when a man opened fire on the truck she was in with her father and brother. police say that they received an anonymous call that helped lead to the arrest. well, some growing pains at sacramento state. some students are complaining that they're not graduating on time because of the school's record enrollment. sak state has more than 30,000 students this fall semester. they're having a difficult time register forking for classes they need. >> and you pretty much just try to take it somewhere else. >> set enrollment records every year for the past three years.
5:55 am
administrators attribute the increase to affordable tuition and appeal of the area. they insist they are planning for the future by mapping out growth so the school does not get too big too fast. the president of the university of california wants to boost the number of california students who get into uc schools starting next fall. according to the l. a. times, jan et -- -- had will release details on the plan next month. she tells the paper the plan will apply to all campuses including the most difficult. u.c. berkeley and ucla. luke walton is getting ready in case he is still the interim head coach whether the golden statuaries open -- bar yours open the regular season. they went over the time out rules with steve curr this week. he's getting familiar with managing minutes and line-up autopsy on the court. mopefully, he's back before then. there the no timetable for. he is recovering from two back surgeries. the warrior's preseason finale
5:56 am
tonight against the lakers. the new york mets are the first team in the world series this year. they beat the chicago cubs last night 8-3 to sweep the national league championship series. -- series. i guess back-to-the-future 2 is wrong. daniel murphy had a home run for the sixth straight play-off games. the mets are in the world series for the first time since 2000 when they lost to the yankees. they will face either toronto or as ken lawrence, one of our directors ahopes. the royals do lead the alcs three games to two. they can advance the world series with a win in game six tomorrow. >> all right. we shall see. >> we shall see. right now, we're heading into our 6:00 hour, and a story coming up. concerns about a growing trend in marin county. high school students having parties where they pop random pills. the warning to kids and parents. we continue to follow that developing story in san lorenzo.
5:57 am
an attempted burglary. why the homeowner is under investigation. >> san jose looks good. that may change soon. we'll tell you why coming up. >> a little fog which has increased. temperatures aabove average. a little cooler for some. we'll have the numbers.
5:58 am
5:59 am
a marijuana grower at a home in san lorenzo. two burglars inside his house. we'll have an update from the sheriff's department on investigation coming up. also an attack at a school in sweden. a masked man stabbed a teacher to death and injured three others. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. it's just about 6:00, thursday morning. >> i'm bryan flores in for dave clark. let's get a quick look at weather and traffic. dave probably stepping outside enjoying the cooler weather. >> did you step outside? >> he usually posts some pictures of where he is.
6:00 am
relaxing and sleeping in. >> actually, he doesn't sleep in. he gets up early anyway. >> you know. i know. >> we do have a little bit cooler conditions for some. the fog is ramped up. there are some reports to the north bay. it's not just on the coast. it will be sunny today. and temperatures. and about the same for inland areas which is pushing into the 80s. we do have a little bit of fog and the higher clouds are zipping out of here. we'll hang on for another day. and 47 napa. forty-eight. fifty-one palo alto. fifty-two fremont. there are some cooler readings. some outside of sano -- sanoma. a little bit cooler towards the north. we have lost that breeze. temperatures, 60s, 80s -- 70s, and 80s. sixtys


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