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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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joining us, if you've been with us i'm pam cook. >> i'm brian police officeres in for -- flores in for dave clark. >> the strongest hurricane recorded. second or third strongest on pressure worldwide. >> i wouldn't take any planes. >> nobody is able to get out at this point. >> you have to ask the airlines when they stop. i would think soon. it's moving in this evening. >> we have again, one for the record weeks. catagory five, winds 200 miles an hour. from puerto vallarta and manslaughter nia will make -- manzanillo will make landfall. 88 the 91-degree water temps. it looks like it's taking a
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turn right now. 205 miles an hour, catagory five. it will weaken but not before 25 to 30-foot waves. 6 to 12 inches of isolated amounts of 2 feet. catastrophic fooding. we have a few low clouds. some of those are thing. higher clouds. 40s and 50s. there's some in the north bay. higher clouds here, a mix of sun and clouds, fox near the coast, some inland. lower 80s, 6:01, anything new to report. it's friday lightish, if you know what i mean. there's conditions weather than usual, let's begin on 80
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westbound from the carquinez ridge to the mcarthur bridge. when you get there you will see the traffic is backed up for 15 to 20 minute delay. we're seeing of that that looks good. san jose is a good-looking commute. let's go back to the desk. to a developing story. firefighters worked on a big apartment fire on sunset avenue near railroad avenue. starting at 2:30 this morning. no reports of injury, we'll continue to follow this and bring you new updates on air or online. the search is on for a man who stabbed three grocery store workers in pittsburg, investigators say that attacked happened as the workers were
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trying to stop the man from shoplifting. what happened and reaction from an employee. >> good morning to you. a group of employees here at this winco food store, tried to stop a man who was trying to steal shaving razors from the store, as they tried to stop the man from leaving the store he pulled out a knife and attacked those employy, three wound up publicking stabbed. this morn -- being stabbed. this man stabbed three employees during the confrontation just after 8:00 last night on north park boulevard in pittsburg. all three victims are expected to survive. the man grabbed the shaving
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razors as he tried to leave the workers stepped in. i spoke with a fellow employee and i asked if he would get involved if he saw someone shoplifting. >> depends, an elderly or child then of course, or a woman. but if it's a man i will let a man go on. if it's something i could stop yeah. depending on the situation. >> police say this confrontation escalated into a fight near the front of the store, and police say the man suspected of shoplifting used a medium sized knife to staff those three employees. all of them are expected to be okay. the search continues still this morning for the man behind this attack in a pittsburg grocery store last night. to a story in nashville,
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tennessee, a person has been killed and two other injured in a shooting. a fight over a dice game in an outdoor courtyard. a spokes person said the man who died was not enrolled in the school. two injured are students. police don't have a suspect in custody, this comes a week after three people were injured at an off campus party across the street from the college. a emergency response report is out after a deadly shooting at aconcagua -- sacramento city college. it took the college system 36 minutes to send out a potentially lifesaving message. the public safety officer could not remember the log on codes. the report recommends that the staff should have quarterly drills on how the warn the
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campus. staff members will discuss the recommendations next month. homes and resorts are boarded up as a category 5 hurricane is headed to mexico. it's the strongest hurricane observed in the pacific ocean. the impact it is having on flights in the area. >> good morning brian. we're here at the international terminal at sfo. there was a flight, alaska airlines supposed to fly to puerto vallarta, it has been canceled because of the heap. where you will see -- hurricane where you will see the impact is the connecting flights. all those flights have been canceled. huff huff is a cat -- hurricane patricia is a catagory five.
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it is supposed to make hand fall this afternoon or evening come 6 to 12 inches of rain. waves up to 39 feet may crash on the beach. local officials declared a state of emergency because of the flooding mudslides. people are boarding up windows and tourest are being evacuated. the hurricane has reached 200- mile-an-hour winds. it will be the most up tense storm on record. people are trying to get out of there. i checked the arrival flights. the majority check through lax. the only airline not showing a cancellation is aero mexico. those people will be greatful if the flight is on time.
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many people from the bay area are probably trapped there if they want to get out. the bay area family of a u.s. marine pilot are remembering their son. taj zairean was from -- sareen. he was killed wednesday after taking off from a base in england someone went wrong. he steered his jet away from a neighborhood. ejectth you'd he didn't survive. he was on the way back to the u.s. his father says he spoke with his son before the crash and they made plans to meet in san diego. >> his last works -- words were see you in two days.
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every child is very special to the parents. but i think she was way beyond that. his family described hims aoutgoing. they worried about his safety but he reminded them he chose to fly and he loved it. the county jail is exploring options on how to quip the deputies with body cameras. >> the mercury news reports among the issues are when the cameras will be turned on how it will be shared with the public. right now no jail in california has a body camera program but san francisco is working on one. a playoff is suing santa clara playoff for a traffic stop.
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the suit is asking for $2 million in damages. it stems from a two-year-old traffic stop that may have been ratio motivated. he was pulled over for not having a front license plate. he was grabbed and forced to sit on the curb. police officer have a habit of stopping undesirable car. the wait for a new bart station in the south way will get longer. the station which was expected to open at the end of the year is anticipated to go into service next year. the delay is because of testing. this will add 5 1/2 miles of new tracks. in the meantime bart is working
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on a project to make the current trains less crowded. bart officials say the cars will help them prepare for the opening of the new warm springs station. the project will allow for 800 more riders per car each day. >> the next amgen car of california will start in san diego and will end in sacramento. it starts may 15th. and there's one stage in santa rosa. the first time that shows won't be a -- san jose won't be a host city. >> hours popp hours of questioning, hillary clinton defends her action but runs into problems. a live report on the hearing in washington, d.c., over the ben
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yazzie attack. we're learning new details about the attack in sweden. why authorities think it was racially motivated. >> we're looking at a complete in flan where thereafter looking good. we'll show you about getting in. >> fog out there. a lot of cloud cover. any rain in the forecast?
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. 42 people were killed in a crash involving a tour bus truck. it happened in the country near bordow. they were mostly retired. the bus and truck had a head-on collision on aynoro road -- a narrow road. only eight poem survived the crash. authorities in sweden believe the attack at a school was racially motivated. a teacher and student died after being stabbed by the attacker. police believe there was a racist motive based on the way the 21-year-old attacker dressed. his behavior at the scene. the school was attended by mostly foreign born students.
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70 islamic state price years are free after troops raided anisesis compound. one u.s. service member died in the raid -- prisoners are free. paul ryan is officially running for house speaker. he made the announcement after pressure from fellow americans. he sent a little to his colleagues who said start with a clean cheat and to rebuild what's lost. he wants house rules changed to allow house members to oust a speaker and he wants to spend time with his family. >> across the board members are excited about ryan. they are ready the mobilize
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behind him in hopes he will unify everyone. >> ryan will run against dan webbster. republicans are expected to nominate a speaker on wednesday and a vote on thursday. if elected he will be the youngest house speaker in history. let's check in with sal. hopefully it's light. we were wondering the traffic jams are the theme. >> this is almost like a free- for-all. we said that you could send songs in your i-pod or iphone. >> now that does that mean to you. >> i have a lot of stuff. >> by the way, does anyone use an i-pod any more. >> i do. >> i do too. usually for working out. >> i use my phone and my i-pod. >> good morning.
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i will have that conversation one day i'm sure. >> let's take a look at what we have. between the car queenes bridge and the mcarthur bridge a 20 minute delay. when you get to toll plaza it's a 25 minute wait. it's not completely friday light but it not bad. we have slow traffic on the altamont pass, if you're on 580, doesn't look bad. 6:18. let's go to steve. >> i have my walkman. >> my goodness. can i make you a mixed tape? >> you can. we've fog, a lot toward santa clara valley the gilroy. in monterey and on the coast as
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well. plenty going on. cat gory five -- category 5 hurricane. hurricane olaf may give us rain on wednesday. catastrophic, no way the describe it. it will be devastation, 200 miles an hour plus wind. this will be a 30 and 40-mile wide area. it will be devastation here. moving northwest at 12. looks like it's taking the tush quick. it will be tonight as it moves onshore. once it hits the mountainous area it will weaken. it will be hard to get there. the power cut. waves 25 to 30 feet. it will be the story into tonight and tomorrow. that is a lot to do with it.
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o rolf is moving north. question is where is the moisture going. that's key. some parts of california will get rain. for us the low cloud check is there. high clouds will filter in. 40s for some. half moon way 55. fairfield is in there as well. 47 in scotts valley. 20s up in truckee. 40s in arcadia to ukiah. a lot of high clouds. hazy sunshine. rain possible wednesday. higher clouds today. get a break by saturday
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afternoon. antirosa north. it looks like a weak system. we'll see if it makes it. fog for some. partly sunny and partly cloudy. temperature he the mid-80's. cloud cover on the increase. mostly sunny and partly cloudy. nice on monday. increasing clouds tuesday. putting standing desks at schools throughout california. the bay area woman's request to keep kids focused and active. >> shut down by the seahawks. the 49ers embarrassing loss. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
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are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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how do you become a superstar? saving superstars. with pg&e's free online home energy checkup. don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. visit and get started today. i get to pick the songs from the request. this is a good classic. a great up troy. bleeps with the traffic on the
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bridge coming in. one of my favorite songs. it the rolling stones. today's them is songs in your iphone . another way of saying songs that you like. if you want the hear a special song. hash tag ktvu on facebook, instagram or twitter. instagram is releasing a new video app, woomer hang -- boomerang competes with vine. it is stand alone app that the videos can be shared. people are creative. a few days after breaking their losing streak and seeing hope the 49ers were shut down by the seahawks. the seahawks took an early lead. their first drive of the game. 49ers did not score until a
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feel goaler to the end of the 3rd quarter. >> feels like we were in a fog. not the start you want. you are pissed off because you played so bad. hopefully next time will be better. the 49ers lay the rams if in st. louis. starting off 5-0 the cal bears lost 2 straight. the latest the bruins. >> giving me credit. >> the rue inns bet the bears 30-44. sacked five times in daal case
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most keep seeded. up next cal hosts usc on halloween. the warriors focus is opening night after beating the lake a lakers. detook control of it early. search final score was warriors 136, lakers 97. next up opening night. can you hear the woos. before the gem against new orleans. >> they are the most fun team to watch. sixing 27. >> they are eating our cats and or animals. the questions and components.
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>> what are your commute pet peeves. three are other a hiv etching. firefighters -- listening.
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. it is friday october 23. i'm brian police officeres in for dave clark. steve is working hard. >> there's a lot going on. >> there is. for our weather too. >> i appreciate the bruin colors on the tie. >> it was not by design. they didn't wear these colors last it. >> -- night. i'm not a fan of that. >> let's talk about the strongest hurricane reported for the atlantic and the pacific. pressure wise it's the second
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or third lowest. catastrophic. literally. this will go in arch puerto vallarta. you talk that 30, 40-mile wide radius there will be deaftation. this is off the scale chart. it is moving rapidry northwest. taking the turn as it moves between maps neo-and puerto vallarta. >> manzanillo. isolated amounts of 2 feet or more. fog is here. especially santa clara valley. 40s, 50s on the temps. temperature that will rebound. fog for some. partly soupy, 60s, 70s and low
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80s. >> you were talking about sports on the nine. joe fonzie will talk about the 49ers a little bit. it sounds dire, he may be up. >> a chico state grad. >> joe and i are living examples that you can make it at chico state. >> both of you are still broadcasters. >> week ask him the questions a lot of you have about the 49ers. >> some are not pretty. >> traffic will be okay if you're driving on 80 west mound. jowl see no problems on 80. 24 looks good. the bay bridge is standing out
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with slow traffic. drives west to mill pedestrian as and san jose. if you're on i-80 pipe successing it to get crede and low. >> we are following hurricane patricia. experts call it the strongest hurricane observed in the pacific ocean. now a catagory five. forecasters call it's a catastrophic hayne. patricia is expected to make hand fall this afternoon or tonight. >> people are boarding up windows and some tourist are being evacuated. the maximum sustained winds have increased to 200 miles an hour. an outbreak of she dwella
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-- she koala has spread. cases all originated from the restaurant in downtown san jose. now martin chavez and his wife ate there and they have spent the last few days in the hospital. >> by the time i got to the hospital by bones were hurting. martin and his wife have filed lawsuits against the restaurant's owner. health officials are investigating the source of the outbreak. most of us have to take five day as week to drive two and from work. live with a peek of the pet
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believes and what control stance says it will take the fix them. >> hopefully you've been monitoring the pro congress. we started in berkley. now we're in san rafael. the put we're looking out for the contest end. the number 1 mate. cal trance and other steek holiers he'll a forum. all aimed at tackling the biggest issue for consumer. one is deferred maintenance. a full tie car pile up. cal lance said it never smud
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have happened. >> for me it's the traffic. especially one 01. it has incrossed. . >> officials say the most likely exclusion. involve drivers to cook keep into their pocket. will that one in the. to you can see still dark out here. you can see the traffic the move other slowly. as the morning progresses you can expect things will be slowing down. we'll bring you more cults and what caltraps is hoping do do.
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no we -- cal trance will implode the old support of the bridge. some of the steal and concrete per is below the water. crews will turn on compressors will proceed cause up byels. recusing the hock of improvision: implosion. it was a long day night for hillary clinton and grecian. there were heated discussion about her. doug lou satisfied ever is live with more on the meeting.
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>> are you tired after all of this. >> hillary clinton left after a long, long day in a crowded hearing room. >> so congressman. >> at one point her voice gave out. she did defend her actions and those kind of diplomatic operations carry wrist:00 and she bore the loss of four men. >> i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. her open the was even. while she others said publically that the atangs were
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spurred, an e-mail showed she knew immediately the nature of the incident. >> you can tell the truth like did you with your family, tell them it was an terrorist attack. there are been question for the by i request not see them, i did not approve them or deny them. >> there was an issue with sydney room enthat will. he played a roll as an adviser. >> especially us understand why boom especially that will had numb was alone. the whole night? >> yes, the whole night.
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>> and look, hillary clinton had a strong week or so. a strong debate last week. joe piece enchallenged tsp. >> thank you very much for that update. new this morning, in the presidential news the democratic presidential candidate pool down the three. lincoln chafee anowed he's dropping out. the feel is down the three. clinton, sanders and martin o'malley. jim web pulled out on t. >> some pet owners are worried and frustrated after missing
6:41 am
with 20 concerns. there were there attacks. for two hours a . in say the coyotes have to two. >> are we waiting and hoping or are we going to have to cop to feel nfl -- dogs and cats are taken off the leash. it's going to happen? many dog owners worry the limited off leash areas will shrink. >> san jose state will hold a candlite vigil to remember a student that died. 24-year-old ryan harman was
6:42 am
practicing with the battle polo team when he was found upper water. >> ! is your child overwhelmed at school. the three words that came up to most when students describe how they feel about their classes. . >> a san jose man walked in on a larry at his home. how he turned the fables before being shot. >> just to he you that 87 is getting busy. the my have rain, but a devastating hurricane moving into puerto vallarta.
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. as much as 8 inches of rain from central texas to san antonio. this is the flooding that's devastated areas of west texas. this is club be on -- lubbock. 60 miles an hour wind gusts of reports. power outage. a flash flood wash is in effect through the weekend. officials say five students
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were hospitalized after taking jiang action. two -- zap axe. concerns surfaced at lunch time yesterday. >> teachers stuff noticed five students aching in a way that gave them concern. >> it thought known how much they injected. >> now though the south bay a man is covering from a gun shot weaponed. hit happening in show. albert came home interrupting the clarey. he continue fronted the two hen and he was not in the shoulder. he called 911. the burglars left a burse a.
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>> personal especially report a rash of break ins but the vicinities and scares them. >> it's oak, as longs a don't get hurt. they are carries guns. >> police have no leads on the suspects. anyone with information is asked the call police. right now it's 6:47. time to check in with gassia. >> good morning. coming up in the next hour, i'm sure you make sure the house of your baby, clots of exercise. >> i think newspaper moms may be doing the heavy lifting when it comes to pregnancy. the dad's health and habits
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influence the baby more than previously thought. before you drag dad to the me yetal hollywood happen. it's a back the future themed wedding. we'll have more of the celebration when i join you for a few. >> the. >> it. game wednesday we had a terror everyone kaye have the okay shough 'froel" a 30 mench drive have yesterday it was one 02 minutes to do that drive. there you would lets go do the
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toll plaza. et back:00 up for a 15 minute wait before you get on the span. we look at the santa clara valley. we can go to the maps. the road sensors are not firing up too much red. 85 cuss president look bad. let's go to steve. >> we'll get right to it. a power house heap, the strongest -- heap. and zero laugh may give us rain wednesday. first, you can't emfar size how catastrophic this will be. if there was a catagory tension that would.
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200-mile an hour winds. if you can imagine that moving on shore. if it 88 to 91 degrees, moving in tonight, 205 miles an hour. there will be in were of the areas catastrophic flooding. in the area where the i comes in. i think there will be devastations. as this moisture moves across mexico. it will move into texas over the went en. there's your ther. on laugh. the moisture moves north getting trained into the jetstream. this is some head facts and
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lost am. we have a lot of fog around. be careful! more tan kiln gil roy reports of fog. a lot of high clouds. a fuss hazy run. fog for some. part low soupy. most locations saying partly cloudy. we'll increase the louds of the nice on monday. increasing clouds on friday. >> beens the will the i think everything will be shut down. >> she was saying some flights
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looked debt be. >> 200 miles an hour winds. especially wig established resorts. can they ham that. some of the with from it's going to blowout windows. power will be out for a. >> you might remember the story. a woman gave birth on a los angeles bound flight. coming up in 20 minutes. the reap the airline may charge her a penalty. >> it made led lines when put on the market. how punch this
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it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. it's the weekend! love this song. it's a weird song. one of those songs that i do
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have in my car, i play once in awhile. i want to thank amanda, who around the tagged ktvu. this is a bump in. sals traffic jams. hit me up. hashtag ktvu. >> teenagers post this song with video of them. i can't feel my face. >> sal is on beat with the snaps. >> he was. two presidential hopefuls are part of san francisco's safir cal musical. >> saking them down. -- taking them down. >> there you go. beach blanket babylon. the actors poked fun of the presidential candidates.
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two of the many celebrities featured in the lineup. >> a bay area woman is raising money the add standing desks to schools. most classrooms replaced most of the traditional sitting desks with the standing desks. a parent behind the idea is working to raise $1 million for teachers who want the convert their classrooms. it costs $6,000 for one classroom. a shack in san francisco listed at $350,000 sold for above to asking price. this 765 home in the outer mission sold for $40,800,000. the home is actually an earthquake shaq build after the 19o six earthquake on the house people who lost their homes. many still exist. no word on what the buyer
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intends to do with this one. coming up on the 7:00 hour, a frightening wake-up call for people in solano county. the fire under investigation at an apartment. workers stabbed at in market in the east bay.
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we're talking commuter pet peeves. we'll tell you what caltrans is saying they will do about it. 7:00 on this friday morning good morning, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning, i'm brian flores in for dave clark. the weather story for today is. >> and the the weekend. it will be awful. how can you avoid that? category five if there was a category six


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