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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 23, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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♪ shining, shimmering, ♪ i cansplendid ♪the world ♪ tell me, princess, now when did ♪ ♪ you last let your heart decide ♪ ♪ a whole new world welcome to aulani, travel and leisure winner for top family hotel in the us. for special offers, visit or call your travel agent. push patricia gores a shore in mexico with winds at 150. the governor of the state says there is flooding and landslides but no deaths or major damage. patricia was one of the strongest hurricanes on record.
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the storm hit land 5.5 hours ago 80 miles south of puerto vallarta, sparing the city from a direct hit. heavy rains are expected all night long. but the coastal threat to villages is diminishing. julie is off tonight. we're going to start in the weather center with mark tamayo. where is it now and how strong? >> about 50 miles to the suth southeast -- southeast of puerto vallarta. the distance between san francisco and san jose. we're setting records with maximum sustained winds of 201 miles an hour! the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere. official landfall around 4:15 our time, about 55 miles west
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northwest of manzanillo. this is still a major hurricane, winds of 165 miles an hour. the progression moving to the north and the east, and thankfully, this has not been a slow-mover. it's been moving steadily. look at the history path. at last check, winds 130 miles an hour. the projected path, first thing tomorrow morning, saturday morning, 5:00 our time, winds around 70 miles an hour. this will continue to weaken quite a bit. when you get a major hurricane like this, the storm surge. a storm surge around 16 feet, and
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we'll probably see some damage around the resort towns tomorrow morning. monitoring the latest video feeds and social media posts coming out of mexico. no deaths have been reported, and they seem to be holding up well. >> people on the mexican coast have lost power. we're getting many images of the damage. >> reporter: powerful and potentially catastrophic. hurricane patricia's recording winds wiped out electric power along its path. some people riding out the storm gave the world a window seat through social media as they watched the hurricane move ashore. the destruction is unknown. the coastal threat is now
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diminishing. all day the mexican government helped more than 15,000 tourists move away from the coast. >> they came to the convention center, and they said it's not a safe place. >> reporter: some rushed to catch airline flights out before the airport closed at the resort town. >> if we dent make the flight, we're riding it out here. >> we have our water, food, we're going to be in meditation and sending prayers. >> reporter: astronaut scott kelly posted photos from the space station. patricia's shift from tropical storm to hurricane had people scrambling all day. those in
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the smaller villages are expected to be the hardest hit. the storm continues into the night. >> patricia is expected to move north through mexico. remnants could reach texas. officials there are warning we could see major flooding in the lone star state which has already been getting a lot of rain. >> imagine we're not going to see the full extent in mexico until tomorrow. how long till texas? >> officials were warning people to prepare now. they don't know how quickly it would come. it could be through this weekend. >> thanks. patricia is being compared to the strength of typhoon haiyan. it killed more than 6,000 people with winds as powerful as 195. when katrina slammed into new orleans, it was a category 3
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storm. hurricane andrew hit florida in 1992 as a cat 5. damage there exceeded $26 billion. flights from the united states to puerto vallarta were canceled today. airlines are working to reschedule when it's safe. a church in san jose is holding its doors open all night so people can pray for those in the path of the hurricane. [ singing ] >> parishioners went to a mass . some have ties to jalisco, and the area around puerto vallarta. the pastor says he's hoping people will find comfort with others. >> this reality is so immediate. the people are cut off from communication from the families
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for another reason. but this is worse. >> the sister of a church member sent pictures from their village near puerto vallarta as people waited for the hurricane to arrive. some evacuated and are safe but others were riding out the storm in a village. >> stay with us for finishing coverage of hurricane patricia. a vigil tonight for a student who drowned at the campus aquatic center ten days ago. he was an athlete who played water polo. but he was also so much more than that. [ music ] >> reporter: a parody rapper who titled his videos legendary, rare, and inspiration so they would get more views. >> reporter: millions of fans followed his music, and humor.
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>> reporter: as his work was played at this vigil, friends laughed. levity mixed with sadness after losing him a week ago. >> the most ambiguous man i've ever met. he was relentless and positive but beyond, that he was just -- he never gave up. >> reporter: 24-year-old taken off life support last saturday several days after he was pulled from the san jose state pool during practice. he hadn't fallen or hit his head. just lost consciousness while doing laps. >> we spent lot of time together on the bench. because -- [ laughter ] >> that was us! we were bench players. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's a club team, and ryan was a new member. he let teammates discover his music as they discovered his personality. irrev rent, positive, hardworking. >> he would rise early with his headphones on, and his
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laptop, rapping in the corner, getting ready. >> usually i'm afraid to put himself out there and he was creative and people believed in that. and just crazy, very different guy. >> reporter: he made his way from community college to san jose state and was set to graduate in the state with an anthropology degree. he grew up in sunnyvale, and his parents were among those on campus. >> this is a hoot-free zone. zero hoots given. >> reporter: brother william set the tone with ryan's favorite phrase, zero hoots given. he pulled t-shirts promoting that philosophy, don't take anything too seriously. this for a guy who rapped about his favorite mcdonald's meal. his teammates hadn't known him
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long but say they'll never forget him. >> he was awesome. the funniest guy. we're going to carry on his legend. >> reporter: the team does a shoutout for ryan before every game. and the medical examiner has yet to say if there was an underlying reason why he lost consciousness in the pool. an outbreak ever shigella linked to a south bay restaurant has grown to 141 cases. and we're learning of a refrigeration problem at the restaurant. outbreak started at mariscos restaurant last week. during an inspection. inspectors found violations of health standards for improper cooling methods with its shrimp and octopus. they also found food partially
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cooked and potentially hazard out. >> we have had very little spread to others. just a handful of secondary cases. the reason the case increases is that there's a lag in reporting. >> at one point a dozen people were rushed to the icu. the pain was so bad, doctors had to give one patient morphine every four hours. police have made an arrest fire triple stabbing last night. authorities released these pictures. on the left, the suspect. on the right is a picture from the surveillance camera. police say employees at the winco food store tried to stop him but he started stabbing him. the victims were taken to a hospital. two are still there but should recover. police found him at his mother's house about 4:00 am and took him into custody without incident.
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he's facing charges of robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. police investigators in san leandro are looking at body cam footage from officers involved in a shooting today. the call was for a possible suicidal man. police sent crisis officers, hostage negotiators and an s.w.a.t. team. as they approached, someone started shooting. they're still not sure who fired. the man in the car was wounded but it's not known if he shot himself or if he was shot by officers. >> those police officers were forced into that corner and had to fire and protect themselves and the public. >> the suspect was taken to a trauma center and is expected to survive. when he's released he the face criminal charges. the zoo is being fined for the death of a young gorilla a year ago.
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a 16-month-old guerrilla was crushed when an employee closed a hydraulic door on her last november. she unexpected dart under the door as the animals were moved into night quarters after closing. today the u.s. government fined the zoo $1,750. incidents said the -- some say the incident was preventible. many people trying to figure out what they're going to wear! the top costumes. >> we'll highlight the coolest day of the weekend, and when we could be tracking a few sprinkles. >> more bart trains on the track. how the agency is hoping to ease overcrowding.
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bart is responding to record ridership by putting old trains on the track. >> reporter: in a bart repair center, mechanics are fixing this car that was for the heap. it was doubled four years ago. huge pieces bent and is twisted. >> it just collapsed. the one end. >> reporter: workers are refurbishing it to go back into service. >> good as new of
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>> reporter: as bart looks to ease the severe overcrowding. even those that were on the scrap heap. >> reporter: each car holds up to 140 passengers. >> adding as many trains as we can will just help a little bit. >> it's a lot of work of >> reporter: has returned to service 12 repaired cars with three more to go. this caused a fire two years ago. >> we had to figure out how we were going to cut the floor out. we had never replaced this portion before. >> reporter: the cars are tested before passengers set foot in them. >> we've done extensive testing on them. they're better than they were before. they're very safe to ride. >> reporter: the repairs have a potential downside with the trains going back into service. the splief spare parts could dry up.
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but mechanics say they can fabricate anything they need. >> we'll make it help. we're artists at finding what we need, the materials, we'll build it, make it, and return it to service. >> reporter: the last of these repair trains should be back on the tracks sometime by the beginning of next year. a civil suit against the highway patrol and two former bay area chp officers. it comes nine months after officer sean harrington admitted to accessing the cellphone was two women he stopped for dui. he then shared racingy pictures with other officers. he stole at least sick pictures from one woman and attached them to text messages he sent to himself. he resigned last year. he was sentenced to probation.
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impressive earnings from some big tech companies gave wall street a boost today. strong earnings from google, microsoft, and amazon. >> shares of pandora went in the opposite direction. the streaming service issued an earnings forecast that was lower than expected and reached a $90 million settlement to pay royalties for songs from before 1972. halloween is nearly upon us us. now is the time to find the right costumes. paul chambers is in san francisco. you look sneap! >> reporter: that was jeffrey. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you got to feel
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the season. scaregrove wrapped up an hour ago. there were some really school tumz there. if you don't have one, we want to help you out. less than a week to get it together. here are some of the most popular ones this season. >> reporter: with halloween just a week away -- >> the best party of the year! you get to be exactly what you want to be. >> one of my favorite holidays >> reporter: a steady stream of people. >> halloween shopping of >> reporter: some people were putting the finishing touches on their outfit. others were just beginning to look for one. >> i want to wear a body suit costume this time. so i'm looking at bashing obashing a fet. >> i like the fact we get to dress up and can wear masks where no one knows who we really are of >> reporter: this store has
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plenty of masks. from president kennedy and obama to hillary clinton and trump. the costume option are limitless. google put out a list of the top costumes. the no. 1, harley quinn. now that you got your costume, you need a place to wear it. stern grove park was more of a scare grove as young and old came together to show off their outfits. >> i'm actually not going to dress up as harry potter for halloween. i'm going to dress up as a murderer. >> reporter: and that was coming from the haunted house inside scare grove. a lot of good times. a double twofer right here, if
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you're going to wear star wars this year, you can wear one in december when the movie comes out. >> you had me. i thought you were going to put that costume o. >> reporter: no way, buddy! [ laughter ] watching the weather closely for halloween. we have a hans for some rain to talk about in the bay area. another look at patricia. the satellite loop of the past 24 hours. the water temperatures surrounding this hurricane. right now across southern california we have a few high clouds paying us a visit and patchy fog. our live camera toward oakland. fair skies. a few extra high clouds expected for your saturday forecast. overnight lows starting out saturday morning in the upper
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40s in santa rosa and napa. one batch of clouds moving across the bay area in addition to the fog. and a few breaks in the clouds by saturday afternoon. a weak system falls apart over northern california into sunday. definitely more clouds, cooler temperatures, and sprinkles in the north bay. we'll look at long-range forecast. it's going to be the royals and the mets in the world series on fox starting next tuesday. a warning about counterfeit pills. the real-looking fakes.
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health officials issuing a warning. fake pillings sold on the street have been linked to at least one death and is a number of overdoses. they are sold as xanax. the pills look similar but are very different. they contain fentol, which is a powerful opiate stronger than morphine. at least three other people have been hospitalized suffering there severe comp complications. another 34-year-old woman was found dead and had some of those fake pills with her. her death is being investigated. the new steve jobs movie opened across the country. >> reporter: even now people make pill dwrimages here to -- pilgrimages here to the apple
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campus. >> we really appreciate his creativity, and we love apple. >> reporter: a new movie hopes to capture the essence of steve jobs. and people plan to be the among the first to see it. >> of course excited to watch it. i want to know more about steve jobs of >> reporter: for those who work at apple, the movie isn't generating enthusiasm. >> i am interested. i don't know if i'm going to go to a theater and watch it. once it gets out to netflix. >> reporter: mary met jobs in late 1983. >> it was an entertaining movie but it was fiction. it was not the steve jobs i knew. >> reporter: if the movie was your only introduction to jobs, you'd get the wrong impression. >> many conferrings never happened. the essence of jobs as a creative, powerful, and sometimesa, nothing person didn't really come through.
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>> reporter: there were still plenty of people who lined up early. julie williams says she wasn't disappointed. >> i thought it was good. it made him look like an okay guy. that's always the question is, he a jerk, but he was okay. smart guy. >> reporter: apple kwo founder steve wozniak was a consultant on the film. jobs' widow has called it fiction. a new baby boy despite a cancer diagnosis. >> he would not have happened if it wasn't for everything i went through. >> how she fulfilled her dreams of family.
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three democratic candidates remain in the race for president. lincoln chaffey dropped out of the race. poles have shown his support below 2%. he is the second democrat to drop out this week. jim webb also withdrew. that leaves hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley. a poll shows clinton on top. sanders at 40%, and o'malley at 4%. a month ago the same poll had bernie sanders in front though. jeb intush cutting back on his chain because of dropping poll numbers. he is is cutting 45% of his budget. canceling fundraisers. bush is at just 5%.
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every year about 225,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the united states. for those who want children chemo can have devastating consequences. >> it was very tough. looking back. i got through it. >> reporter: he struggle began with a call from her doctor. >> it is cancerous. >> reporter: breast cancer. she had the bracka gene.
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>> i'm just 36. >> reporter: no time for questions. >> reporter: a double mastectomy and chemotherapy. it also would affect her egg quality and reserve. many women will enter menopause early. >> reporter: she was terrified that chemo would mean not adding another child to her family. she reached out to a doctor in san ramon. >> a very rapid cycle to get those eggs out of her body. >> reporter: the embryos went into storage. [ laughter ] >> reporter: she did another
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cycle and ended up with three more. when the time came to get them ready for pregnancy -- >> five out of six failed. >> reporter: only one healthy embryo left. >> one shot. and we knew if it didn't working there was no way we were coming back. >> reporter: unforgettable. she was pregnant. >> tears. waterworks. amazing.
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>> reporter: the family's joy and mother's miracle. >> she worked hard for and fought hard for of >> reporter: she would tackle all over again. >> he would not have happened. >> october is breast cancer awareness month. making strides against breast cancer begins at 8:00 am. we posted all the information
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on our website. the building comhigz may form a task force to look at issues raised by the balcony collapse in berkeley. members of the commission say they will begin a public process to look at developing stricter standards for balconies and other exposed building elements including waterproofing. there is an urgency to learn. >> the students who died will be honored next week in berkeley. five who died were from ireland. few extra clouds. long-range as well. tracking some rain.
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(vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. as far as a few hide clouds into the weekend. looking next week for the long- range amounts to bring us something in the chance category. on the satellite, a few high clouds across northern california. lots of moisture here. with that, more clouds. and into sunday, a chance for a
10:39 pm
few sprinkles. some 60s right now in san jose. 65. san francisco at 60. more 50s up in the north bay. napa 57. all of the moisture with patricia will be pushed out toward parts of texas this weekend. and they could have significant rainfall, possibly flooding issues as well. that'll be likely. rainfall on the order of 6-12 inches. in the bay area, partly cloudy skies, a live camera toward oakland. this weekend scattered high clouds. definitely cooler on sunday. tracking rain chances as well. you can see some activity in the pacific. some of the high clouds will continue to filter into the region tomorrow. saturday, no major changes from
10:40 pm
today. just scattered high clouds. then into sunday, this weak cold front falls apart over northern california. the chance of a light shower or sprinkle favoring the north bay. this tapping into moisture from hurricane olaf. and the moisture groups up with the overall system. that could translate to rain. still quite a few days out. forecast highs for tomorrow, saturday, santa rosa 78 degrees. vacaville 82. saturday the warmest day of the weekend. 77 in san jose. area was fog in the morning.
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partly cloudy, high clouds. temperatures in the 60s. your 5-day, a chance of a few sprinkles, drichl first things sunday -- drizzle, first thing sunday. rain chances around the bay area. >> good looking weekend. let's hope we get some rain on wednesday. you think it might be decent? >> more than a few sprinkles. good start. >> anything better than nothing. jason is here with tonight's sports. that'll do it for us. >> i'll head over to the sports set, and we'll go around the horn with a wide-ranging array of topics, football, basketball, and thanks to the giants, the royals' season last year ended in heartbreak. tonight they put themselves in a position to make amends.
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and is it time for the franers to deal their -- 49ers to deal their franchise quarterback? sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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a great, great game 6 in the american league championship series tonight. kansas city needs a win to advance. toronto needs a win to stay alive. bottom 2nd, 1-0 kansas city. david price deep to right center. the fan reaches over and is makes the catch. fan caleb
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humphreys says "greatest day of my life." salvador perez thinks he's got another kansas city homer. look at ben revere. great catch. certainly a highlight-worthy grab there. price, six and 2/3. five hits. three runs. 3-1 royals. ties it up, bataftda. fourth home run of the postseason. >> george brett checks his heart, checks his pulse. he's nervous. runners on


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