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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 24, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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the 10:00 new zone ktvu starts now. breaking news tonight, shots rang out at a busy shopping center in livermore leaving one dead. after a chase, the search is on for the gunman. i am ken wayne. i am heather holmes. the breaking news spans several cities, starting ann livermore. that's where police are
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investigating a shooting in a shopping center parking lot at the street and railroad avenue just after seven tonight. the suspects drove off leaving this scene through several cities. deborah villalon is live in livermore with new information about the suspects on the list and the victim.>> reporter: the toyota you see right behind us is where the driver was shot as he sat behind the wheel. the man in the passenger seat was rushed to the hospital and is in surgery. both of them were fired on point-blank with an assault rifle. livermore police say they rushed to the scene getting in over line of 911 -- overload of 911 calls. this is a busy plaza with the safeway, cvs and other stores.
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witnesses say a dark bmw pulled up and a gunman described as a tall thin black man opened fire on them he then sped away. by that time, he had someone else in the car with him, but no one got a good look at that person. shoppers in the plaza were horrified as they rushed to the scene.>> the guy in the driver seat was hunched over the center console. he was bleeding a lot at the neck. the guy in the passenger seat was a larger guy and look like he was struggling with the firemen --. the firemen jammed open the door and took them out. >> is very dangerous and high risk. these types of incidents don't happen in livermore. we were very concerned decode genetics for this to come here and we don't know what it is, we tried to discover why they chose this location.
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>> reporter: livermore police by looking at mall surveillance video got the make and the plate on the suspects car right away and put that out. chp spotted it on 580 and chased it until it got off the freeway in oakland. it was speeding over 100 miles an hour and blowing through intersections. the pursuit was too mac dangerous to continue. this is the car, a gray or black 26√£2006 bmw 325 i, and this is the license plate. it has two red racing stripes and tinted windows. the man -- men inside are to be considered armed and dangerous. to do a double shooting in a public area is really shocking to the community and livermore police have several witnesses at the police station getting their statement and trying to get more details.>> troubling,
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no doubt. did police say anything about a motive?>> reporter: they say they have no idea until they know more about the suspects and more about the victims. they don't have any reports that there was any kind of exchange, a gun battle, or even a fight. i can tell you some people have said that the gunman got out of his car and got a backpack out of the victims car and took it with him as he sped away. i asked the sgt. about that, and he could not confirm it.>> the search continues for the suspects in that bmw. crews are mopping up after a two alarm warehouse fire in san carlo's. it started just before 7:45 in the 1000 block of american street. we had videos taken from witnesses. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. police say they have arrested a man in possession of a loaded gun reported stolen from a chp
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officer. sergio manriquez of san francisco was arrested after 5:30 last night in the mission district. the weapon was reported stolen last saturday from personal vehicle of an off duty highway patrol officer. the man was booked on charges including possession of stolen property, weapons possession, and probation violation. two officers are recovering from injuries after investigators say a man was trying to play grand theft auto in real life. cristina rendon on takes us through the chain of events, ending with shots fired on treasure island.>> reporter: a carjacked suv, hit and run, shots fired, and the dangers jump on the bay bridge are part of a crime spree that unfolded in san francisco.
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deputy police chief says it happened when officers responded to a call of a man with a knife in the marina district saturday morning. >> the suspect fled and was able to make entry into the officers marked vehicle and stole the vehicle from the officers, still with the keys in the ignition.>> reporter: he led the police through the city, causing multiple crashes. on treasure island, and unmarked car was used to drop -- block the exit. he then drove on the sidewalk. officers opened fire but ms. exit. he then drove on the sidewalk. officers opened fire but ms. the suspect kept driving the vehicle until he rear-ended a cadillac. even that crash did not stop him. he jumped from the upper deck down to the lower deck. it is estimated to be about 40 feet. an officer jumped after him. >> there are steal markers, tree branches, etc. without any regard to his own personal safety, he continued to pursue the suspect.>> reporter: the man tried to carjack a motorist before
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getting arrested. it caused major backups with officers swarming the area, forcing people to change their plans. >> another neighbor said the only way she got off the island was to go into oakland and put her daughter on bart to go to work. the traffic was so bad. >> i am glad he was apprehended.>> reporter: all involved had minor injuries and are expected to be okay. the case has many departments investigating. cristina rendon, ktvu news,? walnut creek police are searching for suspects in an armed robbery. they got a call that two women had been robbed at gunpoint near monarch ridge port. investigators say they took a person drove off. nobody was hurt. the victim say the robbers were in their late teens, around 5
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foot seven within builds. they drove off in an older silver four-door car, something like a honda with yellow paper plates and black writing. a protest over increased jet noise over homes today.>> too loud.>> dozens of people demonstrated in front of terminal two. they say the faa changed light patterns, turning their quiet neighborhoods into noisy ones. one woman says the noise is so terrible in her neighborhood and she actually lives in the santa cruz mountains, nowhere near the airport.>> we live 60 miles away from any airport. it is as if we are living under a runway. >> i senior citizen neighbor has to take her hearing aid off to go out in the garden. >> the group says the increased noise is not only intolerable but unhealthy. it is also contributing to a drop in property values.>> a brush fire burned four fire burned 4 acres this afternoon,
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starting just after 2:30. a witness says crews were working on a fence when sparks from a tool it ignited brush in the area. far crews were on the scene in minutes, but the firebird quickly uphill. it took fighters more than an hour to get control fighting from the ground and air. a neighbor says the fire started close to his home.>> i was scared. we put all the valuables in the call -- car and were ready to take off. it was only a few hundred feet away.>> cruise -- crews were mopping up the area until 9:00. hurricane patricia is slowing after making landfall near where toe by our to -- portable yard a -- puerto vallarta. the storm is now turning out to be more of a headache than a disaster.>> reporter: they are cleaning up and digging out
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after the most powerful history -- hurricane in history slammed their shores. when her winds were high, approximately 165 miles per hour, hurricane patricia carved across a sparsely populated area. patricia made landfall in portable yard a -- puerto vallarta.>> we are talking a very powerful hurricane that threatens to damage puerto vallarta. we can conclude there are no major losses.>> reporter: even though thousands were evacuated, for most, the storm was more of a hassle. roadways are still being cleared, but the weather has already caused enormous traffic jams. >> i have been here since last night. all they say is they are cleaning the road.>> reporter: patricia has been weakening since making landfall friday. by saturday, the storm had
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winds of 35 miles an hour. the same system is bringing rain to already waterlogged texas. lauren green, fox news. want to check in with mark tamayo, watching our weather.>> hurricane patricia weakening rapidly at the same rate as it intensified. as you can see right now, here is a closer look. look out well defined the eye is. it pushed into the mexican coastline yesterday at 4:15. here is was left, some overall cloud cover weakening into a tropical depression earlier today with winds under 30 mph. right now, the action is focused on parts of texas. a lot of tropical moisture here. as a result, execs of rainfall. this could be the story all weekend long for sunday and
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monday. take a look at a few of the totals. out toward austin, over 5 inches of rain. austin, texas, over 5 inches of rain over 24 hours and even more of the forecast tomorrow. 8-10 inches, especially closer to the coastline. we do have a chance of a few sprinkles in our forecast tomorrow. we will have more coming up in a few minutes. the coast guard pulled two men from the water after their vote capsized at about 4:50 this morning in the delta. crews responded to a call about the capsized. a spokesman said one man was wearing a life jacket, the other was holding a duck decoy until they were picked up. the coast guard says neither man was seriously injured. a massive cleanup effort in one bay area city. the time and effort put in by
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volunteers would have cost nearly $1 million. it was also refurbish the part. the latest on an investigation into how a car ran into a homecoming parade in oklahoma, killing four. a terrifying situation caught on tape. the search is on for a man who boldly tried to kidnap a woman on her morning walk to the school.
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stockton police say a teenage girl managed to fight off a kidnapper on her way to school. you can hear her screams recorded on a nearby surveillance camera. it happened as 6:30 yesterday morning.'s the 17-year-old was walking to mcnair high school, a man got out of the sedan, grabbed her, and tried to shove are inside. a neighbor says he heard the struggle and tried to help.>> she managed to get away and she was running. i said, do you need help? she was so scared she just kept running. >> other students will try to catch a ride to school until the attackers caught. he is described as a nation are letting them -- asian or latino. the car is a four door honda or toyota with silver paint, either a late 80s or early '90s
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model.>> it is horrific to hear the screams. and amtrak train killed a man in sacramento at 10:30 this morning. it had just left the sacramento's spacious when the can -- station when the conductor spotted someone on the tracks. he was unable to slow the train in time.>> an investigation underway after a car crashed into a crowded oklahoma state university's homecoming parade. the crash left four dead, including the two-year-old toddler. two dozen others were injured in the crash. lease of identified the driver as a dosha avery chambers. she is not a student of osu. police arrested her for driving under the influence. the homecoming game between oklahoma state and canvas still kicked off this afternoon but with a moment to honor today's victims.>> we are devastated by this incredible tragedy.
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the oklahoma state homecoming parade is probably one of the most wholesome, happy events in the country and to have it filed like this and these victims is a terrible tragedy. we reach out and embrace the victims and their families. >> officials are seeking witnesses to the crash or who have cell phone video of the incident. today is one your sense of violent california crime spree that left two deputies dead. it started when danny olive oil was shot and killed as he approached a parked car near a motel 6. this whole thing ended hours later and miles away and auburn when a plaster county deputy, michael davis junior, was shot and killed trying to apprehend the same suspects. the accused gunman, lewis monroy rock amonte and his wife remain in custody.
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they are accused of wounding a third deputy as well as a motorist. scott jones says his department continues to mourn the loss and is anxious for this case to move forward.>> i have told people to be patient. i know everybody wants justice very quickly, but that won't happen. the nature of the case is going to take likely years for them to see a verdict.>> the suspect is going under -- undergoing psychiatric evaluation. his wife faces accomplice charges. hundreds of volunteers turned out in richmond to help rebuild a park that is seen better days. john f. kennedy park got a massive facelift today. the park is getting 50 new trees, i 5000 ft.2 mural, on new play structure along with a out for fitness zone. organizers estimated the volunteer labor would've cost
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about $800,000. >> we have community partners, corporations, nonprofits, and residents coming together to love this part.>> today's work was part of national make a difference day in which volunteers from around the us unite to improve the quality of life in their communities. the race for president heats up a new leader in iowa. we will hear from ben carson as he braces for a new round of attacks from donald trump. government official searching for answers after a soldier killed in iraq. this is after obama stated there would be soldiers no longer involved in combat.>> a lot of clouds moving into the area, a lot of areas reporting mostly cloudy. i will breakdown chances of rain in your forecast.
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a shift in the republican race with ben carson leading donald trump in iowa. the retired surgeon took the top spot from trump in two separate polls released this week. carson leads with 28% support compared to 19% for trump. yesterday, the doctor was asked if he expects trump to attack him more. >> i guess it really depends on whether he is a gentleman or not. i guess we will find out. if he does attack me, i will continue to talk about the issues. i really don't buy into the whole attack your fellow republican thing. i am just not going to do that.>> carson is super low energy. >> trump didn't hold back last night, calling the poll a joke. he continues to maintain his lead in the national poll. the next debate is coming up
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wednesday and a strong poor performance -- performance will be especially critical. the body of joshua wheeler is back on american soil tonight. he died in a rock helping rescue scores of hostages held by isis. his death has touched off a controversy about american troops in iraq. >> reporter: the pentagon and white house are struggling to explain how a special ops soldier to die in a firefight but not in combat. the president promised last year that us troops would not have a combat mission, only a supporting role to train forces to fight isis. the pentagon says that is exactly what wheeler was doing during an operation to rescue hostages from a prison. when things went south, wheeler ran towards the gunfire to help his partners and was killed. his body was brought back to the us this afternoon.
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his family and the secretary of defense waited. yesterday, carter's actions were applauded. >> combat is complicated, but the story is as i related it already. this is someone who saw the team he was advising and assisting coming under attack. he rushed to help them and made it possible for them to be effective.>> reporter: they were ineffective. the mission was a success. the pentagon says it's important to realize that support to this operation does not represent a change in our policy. us forces are not in a rock on a combat-ish and and do not have boots on the ground. that said, wheeler will be entitled to combat death benefits even though technically he did not die in combat. he is survived by his wife and
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four signs. kristin fisher, fox news. a farm not able to serve its popular apple juice. response from the farm after the juice sickened people. a look back at the life of maureen o'hara.
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the star of classic films including miracle on 34th st. has passed a right√£passed away. maureen o'hara died at the age of 95. we have more on her life.>> reporter: maureen o'hara was arguably the first female action sought -- star, dubbed the clean up technicolor. >> i have always played very
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strong, courageous, braes, a ridiculous women.>> reporter: she was born near dublin in 1920 in 1922 a businessman father and actress mother. she began acting at six. in 1939, a rishi received -- he received rave reviews for jamaica in. she made her debut as esmeralda in the hunchback of notre dame in the same year. she signed an rko contract. during the contract with 20th century fox, she started miracle on 34th st.>> have you had any experience?>> reporter: she starred in five films with john wayne, the first rio grande. in the 60s, o'hara took on projects including recording albums and broadway. and 9/16 to 1 -- in 1961, she
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starred in the parent trap. her third husband was perhaps the love of her life.>> he had a very wonderful exciting glamorous life. i became part of it and lived the adventures i had acted.>> reporter: she took a leave of absence from hollywood until christopher columbus coaxed her back for only the lonely.>> he is a good guy. >> if i accept it, he will think i am easy.>> reporter: she acted in smaller rolls throughout the rest of her career. she will always be remembered as the irish beauty who played headstrong heroines. david lewis bear, fox -- david lee miller, fox news. an event at ucsf children's hospital oakland was at the
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children's creativity museum in san francisco. those who attended were singing and dancing for those who cannot.>> young professionals are a unique group of people. we want to show them the impact they can have in a community.>> proceeds will help support programs at the hospital and enrich the lines -- lives of patients. more than 1000 people laced up for a 5k walk to fight breast cancer. the walk got underway this morning, organized by the american cancer society. the money goes to towards outreach for newly diagnosed patients, research, and screenings. >> the if -- the events are free and open to the public which makes them really successful. we like to celebrate
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multicultural events and we are here for education and to celebrate breast cancer survivors and to find a cure.>> ktvu's own tara moriarty emceed today's event. there is time to participate in next weekend's wall in san jose. to sign up or for more information, go to apple juice from a plaster ville farm is me being people -- making people six. why the owner of the farm thinks his customers could be at fault. are we looking at a rainy sunday? mark tamayo next with a look for the chances of rain through the weekend.
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apple hill is a tourist attraction, but a farm there has had to stop selling juice because it is making people sick. officials say the juice might contain e. coli. the owner of the farm is now offering an excuse for what's causing the illness.>> reporter: at a place famous for apples and apple juice, there was no juice being squeezed and served fresh today. these judge's -- drugs were brought in from another farm. seven people reported getting sick after drinking the farm's juice.>> it have on -- if it happened to my kids or my grandson, i would be upset.>> reporter: jerry owns high hill ranch and has made juicier for 50 years.
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they have never had a problem like this. he blamed a juice jug that customers for their samples from.>> people get free samples of juice. if it is traced back here, it will probably be that sample job and that is how it spread. it is not the apple juice in my opinion.>> reporter: officials strongly suspect e. coli. they are testing to confirm this. they say the common link among the seven people is they all drink unpasteurized used -- juice from the ranch.>> you don't want people getting sick over apple juice. >> most people didn't notice a different label on the juice in these jokes.>> it looks the same. i can't tell the difference.>> officials could have the results back to the end of the
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week. where better to get ready for halloween then the zoo? more on that in a minute. the forecast looks great for halloween. we are tracking a few clouds and possibly shower chances. nuchal -- beautiful looking out, some high clouds paying us a visit. you can see a few breaks in the overcast through the afternoon. a beautiful saturday evening even with the overcast. tomorrow, more clouds and cooler. tomorrow is definitely the coolest they of the weekend. today, temperatures topped out at 86 in livermore. tracking two systems in the pacific. you have heard a lot about here again -- hurricane patricia. here is hurricane olaf. it will not make landfall, but some of the moisture could impact the bay area. we have lots of clouds paying us a visit right now, mostly cloudy over northern california, blanketing the bay
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area. current numbers updated for 10:00, lots of 50s and some 60s. walnut creek, 57. i think san francisco downtown and santa rosa, 54. a live camera look towards oakland. the forecast for tonight, mostly cloudy, cooler as we talked about for sunday. tomorrow a chance of a sprinkle or light shower. not a big deal, but we could about rain chances of the five day forecast. overnight lows starting out tomorrow morning in the 40s and 50s. we could have some drizzles showing up near parts of the bay. a lot happening in the pacific. before patricia, we actually had hurricane olaf. we also trng this em offshore. we will get to those in a bid. this cold front approaches the bay area tomorrow. possibly a few sprinkles are
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showers tomorrow, especially in the north bay. for the morning hours, cooler conditions. monday and tuesday will be dry with thickening clouds and tuesday. wednesday, the next system approaches the coastline. the way the flow is set up can catch some of the moisture left over from olaf. with that, it could bump up rain chances as we head into the midweek forecast. not a done deal yet, but we will be watching for that wednesday. for tomorrow morning, lots of clouds, 6 am, activity out here. a chance for a sprinkle or light shower, especially in the north day. skies becoming partly cloudy, a bit of a breeze out there as well. winds around 20 miles an hour. here is the rain chance into wednesday. it looks like the system may split with some of the energy heading north and some south. it will be weaker by the time he gets to the bay area.
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we will iron out the details as we approach the week. temperatures tomorrow, lots of 70s. the warmest locations in the upper 70s. oakland, 73, san jose, 70 or. san francisco, upper 60s. you will notice a cool down in the forecast and a little bump in the numbers by monday. or clouds tuesday. we will keep an eye on the rain chance by wednesday. have you ever met and olaf?>> isn't that a dwarf? >> i thought it was a character from frozen.>> there you go.>> if we get any rainfall, it might be associated with hurricane olaf. >> thanks, mark. >> i thought you are testing my disney knowledge. no signs that the quake in the east bay has let out. a 3.1 magnitude quake hit san ramon at 12 back 44 this
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morning. seconds before that, 3.2 quake struck the same area. this is a look at all the activity in san ramon. more than 200 over the past seven days. scientists say there is no evidence to suggest that the small quakes are precursors to a big one. a cluster of sharks has been spotted off the san mateo county coast. according to the chronicle, 20 sharks were seen about 100 yards off pacifica. two helicopters spotted the cluster on october 16. most were between 10-15 feet long. some were his biggest 18 feet. on halloween, you like to see creepy crawly things. there are a lot of those at the san francisco zoo. they are kind of cute creepy crawly things. the annual festival brought in families to look at a halloween favorite display of bats.
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one was not shy about being hungry. a larva of a beatable. -- beetle. are you awake enough? yes.>> with all the costumes, it was sometimes hard to tell which creators -- critters were which. coming up next, college football saturday including a big upset in southern california. stanford looks for its sixth straight win as they host washington.
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fox two nissan sports wrap
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starts now.>> good evening. welcome does saturn eight sports wrap -- saturday night sports wrap. the mccaffrey's, both stanford grads, came to see their son and the cardinals host washington. stanford walks right down for their first touchdown. 21 yards and a score, set -- 7- 0 stanford. in the third quarter, is hogan to christian mccaffrey. watch mccaffrey on the way to a 50 yard score. he is the nation's leader in all-purpose yards and put up a big number tonight. this 7 yard run made it 31-7, stanford wins by -- 31-14. they are the last undefeated team in the conference. that is because of this.
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los angeles is psyched for another undefeated game. it was 14-0 in the second quarter when jones popped one for the trojans. he goes 18 yards. 21-14, the utes tried to read tie the game. travis wilson passes to the wrong guy. smith excites the trojan sideline as he takes it back for a score. the utes lose for the first time this year, 42-24 as the pac-12 south tightens up. washington state giving notice the cougars are no longer to be taken lightly. the cougars arizona with a perfectly executed screen. marks was in the end zone four times the day -- for the day. they outscor


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