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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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clouds this morning. overall, lots of sunshine. our system is out here. it's not really training the remains of hurricane olaf. there enlies probably more clouds than any rain forecast. it does look mostly clear for halloween. i think saturday will be just fine. early next weeknight be different. i think this was american air 88. but fog at sfo forming fast, and i'm not surprised we're getting reports of that. the rainfall, we could sure ute it. we're not getting any yet. we'll see what cakes in for november. there are some early signs that maybe the pattern might change then. until then, we'll have sunshine. this system is lifting. thes going to weaken considerably. overall, look for temperatures today. fortys to 50s to start off with, and we'll end up with pretty much 7 0ás or very low 80s. and mostly sunny. and once that lifts, that will be all right. and hazy sunshine. fiftys, 70s, and 80s. >> we don't have much. we do have a limb bit of slowing, steve. we have bay bridge
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toll plaza. but nothing major. you have another half hour or so. and with you have to get it out there when it pulls on -- >> and let's go to the san mateo bridge. and that traffic looks good heading up to highway 17 p. san jose. two # 0. 101. and 85. and let's go back to the desk. we have developing news from the south bay. san jose firefighters are deem being a grass fire. ktvu fox news janine de la vega. in south san jose. what's happening? >> ewer standing on santa teresa road. we are north in bailey avenue. behind me, is -- >> and the tall dry grass. that is dry brush. and that was on fire in the distance because there are hills there. and you firefighters have knocked this fire down. and
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it started at around 3:00 this morning. and if in a ridge in santa teresa county park. fire justice of the peace fighter arrived. and with all the dry vegetation. cal fire was calmed in to help. and high powerlines. and we asked what was out in that area. >> there really isn't anything out there. it could be any of the normal causes of fire. a homeless encampment. and overheated equipment. we really have no idea. the closest homes to this area are about a half a mile to a mile away, so none of them were threatened. firefighters tell us that they are going to stay here for a little while because at least until dawn. because they want to get a helicopter up in the air once daylight breaks. they want to look at how this burned, how big it got,
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possibly how it started. they still need to investigate that. in the meantime, santa teresa road is still closeed from bailey to baillis. i know a lot of times this area uses a short- cut to 101, but they have it closed at least, they're saying, until dawn. it's going to be some restricted access. avoid this area if you normally use it as a shortcut to get down to the san jose area and beyond. back to you. >> all right. jeanine de la vega. we'll talk to you later. we're following a developing story in canada where a while-launching boat capsized killing at least five people. that boat sank off the coast of british colombia yesterday afternoon with 27 people onboard and one person is still missing. many of the survivors were taken to the hospital. some have already been released. but candidate -- canada's transportation safety board is still investigating this incident. the search continue this is morning for an oakland man suspected of a deadly shooting in livermore saturday night. police from livermore and oakland surrounded the
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suspect's home at center and eighth streets in west oakland for hours yesterday morning. they say the same bmw spotted at the shooting scene was parked behind the house. when the stand-off ended, the suspect was not inside. now, investigators released this photo of the suspected gunman. eighteen-year-old jason alexander brown. police say a second man was involved in the shooting, but they have not identified him yet. brown is suspected of shooting at a car with two people inside the -- with two people inside. this was just outside the cbs store in livermore. a man in his 20s died. another was injured. investigators are waiting to talk to him about a possible motive. in the meantime, anyone who sees brown should consider him armed and dangerous and calm 67911. time is 5:04. a be i czar story. the market was evacuated after a man threw a bag of what turned out to be paint, rubbing alcohol, and human waste into a store. it happened last night. police say the man threw the
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bag towards the meat counter at the harvest market about 6:00. then he ran away. the hazmat team was called in to i check it all out. the building was evacuated. >> no exposures to it. no one was splashed with the liquid. there were no injuries. no one was transported or troated here at the scene. >> now, a man who is connected to a store employee says the incident may have been an act of revenge by a man who was caught shoplifting at the market the day before. fire officials say they're investigating that report. >> for the first time the san jose city council tomorrow will consider stiff fines for illegal dumping around the city. city officials say dumping has risen sharply in recent years. the planning department is urging that people be identified is thousand for a first violation. $1500 for the second. and 3000. the only major bay area city without types for illegal dumping. time is 5:05. or 8:00's open world conference is now underway in
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sap francisco. allie rasmus, you're right there. or 8:00's billionaire founder -- oracle's billionaire founding. >> the billionaire founder of oracle kicked off this week's events at the conference. it started last night. the conference is expected to bring in about 60,000 people from 150 different countries. that goes without saying. expect a lot of heavy congestion and extra traffic throughout the area. there are sessions and demos at 18 different sites throughout the center. we can't see the center from where we are. we are at third and howard. the entire block is closed off. and there are sound stages, satellite trucks. trucks loading equipment and getting things ready for registration that starts at 7:00 this morning. here is a look at some of the road closures you can expect. howard street we just showed
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you between #rd and 49. petroleums and cyclists. taylor street and ellis street. bicycler detours for cyclists traveling westbound will have to turn north at second street and use market to continue west. and muny lines will be detoured for the entire week. warning about significant traffic congestion and a heavy pedestrian presence in the area. as we know, traffic is always an issue in san francisco, especially in this part of san francisco during the morning rush hour commute. and expect that to be more intense as the week goes on. and this conference goes until october 29th. >> thank. you. part of a computer parking lot will be closed because of a possibility of flooding. and in mill valley. crews plan to close the lower half of the lot until saturday.
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the lot has had problems with flooding in the past, and some parking spaces along highway 1 will also be closed off. the bridge between oakland. it will be closed later this morning, and will stay closed most of the day. the high street bridge will be shut down for road repairs every weekday between 9:30 in the morning and 6:30 in the evening for the next month. it's a last faze of a road repair project. the bridge will be closed to all traffic, and that includes pedestrians. marine traffic under the bridge will also be limited. well, it's 5:08. we are still following this morning's big earthquake that was felt across afghanistan, pakistan, and india an. coming up in just 20 minutes, the latest on the damage and the chaos which is causingen even more devastation. >> more fighting among repub chains as they get ready for another debate this week. up next, how donald trump is attacking the religion of another candidate. >> good morning. we're looking at the commute here. traffic in the south bay is not too bad on northbound 280.
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we'll tell you a little bit more about that coming up. wellings, we're all set for thick fog this morning. we'll talk about a system on wednesday. looking ahead to halloween looks okay to me e. mostly clear. we'll have more on our wednesday system coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 5 # 1:00. republican presidential candidates get ready for another debate. some of the frontrunners are going after each other.
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among the democrats, bernie sanders now focused on hillary clinton. our reporter has the latest from the campaign trail. >> we are now within 100 days of the first nominating contest in iowa and new hampshire, and with that in mind, the frontrunners from both parties are doing what they can to claw their way to the top. after a lively weekend, hillary clinton will celebrate her 68th birthday today with a fund-raiser, but she probably shouldn't expect any gifts from her rival, bernie sanders, who after weeks of refusing to criticize clinton unleashed at a gathering of democrats in iowa letting on one issue off another. >> i am the only democratic candidate for president who does not have -- >> now, today some are trying to rewrite history by saying they voted for one antigay law to fight something worse. that's not the case. >> while sanders hay just now
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be taking off the gloves, among republicans, donald trump has been bare knuckle for a whole. he just took another shot at ben carson. he's leading trump in recent iowa polls questioning his religion. >> i'm presbyterian. that's down the middle of the road. seven-day, i don't know about. i just don't know ant. >> i refuse to get into the mud pit. while carson wouldn't go out to trump, jeb bush is another matter. >> and i could get other than sit around bug miserable. and me compelled to demonize them. >> and what trump do you want that? >> there is a new ap poll lab suggesting that republicans think he is their best bet in
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a general election. >> time now is 513 you. chris christie is apologizing. he's accused of being too loud on an amtrack train. the governor of new jersey was riding not a quiet car. passengers started complaining that he was talking too loud on his cell phone. aethrane crew told him to hang up the phone or move to another car. governor christie didn't realize he was in that quiet car. he did apologize. he moved to the cafe car and had continued making his calls. governor christy is going back to none income from washington where he appeared. the university of california is hold ago i forum input to get input on a policy of intolerance. that was after a previous policy proposed was criticized by jewish organizations for not going far enough to address antishamanism -- semitism on campuses.
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a large turn-out is expected at the forum at ucla today. there have been several incidents at uc campuses recently including at uc davis somewhere swastikas were spraypainted on to a jewish fraternity house. it's looking like the los angeles high school rail project will miss its 2022 deadline and go over you its $68 billion budget. the los angeles times reports state officials -- 36 miles of tunnels in the mountains north of los angeles. the california high speed rail authority is behind schedule. time is 5:15. we're now just one day away from the start of the new nba season. the defending champion golden state warriors is steph curry. they will host the new orleans pell cans at oracle arena tomorrow night. the pell cans are hosted by foreign warriors warriors assistant coach. there's going to be a special pregame ceremony. the players will get their
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championship rings and the warriors will unvail the championship banner. tickets are available there you the warrior's website. cheapest tickets are just under $100. the raders are back to 500 after a win over the the san diego chargers. two touchdowns. the raders lead by half u. by 24 at the half time. they let them score 23 up points in the 4 had the quarter but still came away to win. the raders host the new york jets on sunday. q why do they make you do that story? >> we're up here in raders territory. time is 5:16. we're up here with sal. he knows about our monday morning commute. >> you see that michael crabthree. >> amari cooper. so, i don't you know, pam, that's okay.
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>> it happens. >> it happens. like you said. next week, they could be phenomenal. >> absolutely a different story. that is why they play the game. you thought it was for the money. >> that too. >> let's go out and take a look at the east shore freeway westbound 80 as you head out to the mcíarthur maze. not crowded enough to cause a big delay. eighteen minutes. not bad. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you'll see that traffic is beginning to get a little bill of indictment heavy. and 530 is when you see metering lights come on. unless it's too light. traffic seems to be okay. westbound 580 looks food with some slow traffic on the pass. and in the santa clara valley. 101. 280. and 85 are all doing very well. now, let's go to weather. >> we have some really big fog for some.
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it people seems to be forming. low clouds and fog and sfo and livermore. some areas where the fog has been forming. that's really -- the only fly in the ointment. >> it's not looking all that promising. good morning. steve martinez. fifty-three. cool, calm, and clear for mr. moon which tomorrow. tomorrow morning at 5:00 in the morning. not much going on right now except for that fog though. the remains of olaf not getting entrained into it. maybe some of the higher clouds but not a lot of lenger -- ener gist mostly sunny today. sixtys. seventys and low 80s. we'll increase the clouds wednesday. hos and 50s on your temperatures to near 60. gilroy 57. upper 40s scotts valley e. santa cruz
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at 53. seventeen. fifty-two. the overall, though, lots of sunshine today. tomorrow will increase those clouds, but morning clouds. sunny to mostly sunny. nice to mild to warm but some thick fog for the morning. seventys on these temperatures or very low 8 0ás. sixtys and 707s for others. tomorrow increasing clouds. we'll cloud it up wednesday morning looking to be the key day. if it does make it, i don't think it will ma'am to too much. clearing u. breezy thursday and friday. then saturday into early next week. and november, maybe some changes for rain. until then, not a whole lot. >> driving up the coast through carmel, drove right through a water spout. the first time i had ever seen one. >> off of carmel. >> okay. >> and time now is 5:19. and rtd, the made a smooth landing over the de-- at san jose. and the airways dreamliner.
5:20 am
and r#d, the. it was all just ahead of the release of a movie. star wars, the force awakens, and on december 18th. of all of the six star wars movies are available to watch on that plane. the jet in san jose. and the various financial destinations over the next several weeks. >> that's very cool. 520 fair and impartial tim is the time. a scary accident in mel pita. up next. why emergency responders say a periglider is lucky to be arrive.
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pay woman was 100 feet in the air when she slammed into a bridge. these rescuers were able to hike her to a medivac hospital. she was flown to be treated for very serious injuries. emergency responders say she's lucky to be alive. >> the pilot was launched prematurely. >> so, it could have been far remain silent who, but no loss of consciousness. she's very lucky. >> we're willing to accept the risk because of how magical it is. it's not a common occurrence. the park ranger supervisor responds to a half dozen hangfloyder
5:25 am
accidents every year. a beloved family dog back with his owners after being lost in the wilderness for two months. there is hank, the australian shepard mix disappeared in a trip to a cabin in wyoming. he apparently got out through a back door that was open. the owners, tiffany and travis, they searched for hours but couldn't find him. as the weeks were going by and by, they had basically given up hope if hank was still alive. they even got a new puppy to try to take his place. the phone rang and they found out hang was still alive. >> his head is popping out the window. i don't know, surreal. hank was found walking around the freeway in wyoming. >> and a microchip that linked him back to his family. and taken to the vet and the groomers. and he lost around 20 pounds. look at
5:26 am
that. otherwise, he's in pretty good shape. a very disturbing discovery on the man's property in south carolina. thousands of guns were found. and the other property's authorities plan to serge. we're looking at the south bay commute. and as we take a look at 237. you can see traffic here looks good heading west. >> thick fog out there. otherwise, it sunny to mostly sunny. we're waiting for that system to the left to see if it will bring us rain on wednesday. ♪
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monday, other october 26th. >> we're going to have a pretty mild week. >> very mild. end of october here. >> that is what it is. >> sometimes we can have a heat wave in october. >> we had those a couple of weeks ago. we do have a lot of fog forming. watch out for that system on wednesday. looking pretty weak to me. we could get some rain. low clouds. thick fog. the remains of hurricane olaf not getting trained in through. it's holding back and weakening considerably. it's not in the mix for right now. fortys to 50s on your
5:30 am
temperatures. tomorrow, we'll increase the clouds. today, morning clouds and it will be sunny except for that fog. hazy sunshine. highs 60s and 70s and some low 80s. here is, isal at 5:29 in the morning. >> we're beginning to see some slow traffic. let's take a look at these five pictures. you can see traffic is going to be busy if you are driving not certain areas. 2:37 though. 237 doesn't look too bad. a nice-looking drive. no major problems here. at the bay bridge toll plaza just as we suspected. at about 5:30 is when we start seeing the back-ups here. we don't see anything out of the ordinary. still a ten-minute delay. this is 280 in san jose. flashing lightings. it still looks good as you drive into the west valley. time is 5:30. developing news in
5:31 am
the south bay. firefighters in san jose were doling with a fast-moving grass fire. let's get if latest from janine de la vega. what's is latest? >> >> well, firefighters are still out here. that i are watching the area that pushed. it was so dark out here earlier that all you could see was two orange fire loins burning up the ridge. >> 65 firefighters responded. cal fireworked together to get control of it and extinguish it. they burned about five to six acres of grass. there are no homes in t area. the closest neighborhoods will a half mile to a mile away. firefighters will stay on scene until dawn. >> when daylight occurs, we're going to get an airunit above it.
5:32 am
once daylight occurs, we'll be able to get a visual view on exactly where it moves to and from and also is there any hotspots s. there any potential from structure involvement. >> and fire officials do not know the cause or origin of the fire. a better idea once it gets wider outside. and mop-up stage making sure nothing sparks back up. santa teresa remains closed between bailey and ballista road. and it will stay that way at least for another hour. and sometimes santa teresa is used to the shortstop for people who want to come down here and get into san jose. >> and all right, janine. no one was hurt as far as you know? >> no h. no one was hurt. >> all right. janine de la vega in south san jose. and dozens of people were killed after a massive 7.5 earthquake. it was centered in
5:33 am
afghanistan. much of south sasha. alex savidge with more information in the office. >> this powerful quake was felt across afghanistan, pakistan. parts of indian. and 43 people have been killed. that number is likely to get up. they have been getting look at damage. collapse in kabul. hundreds of people have hurt. at least 12 towns in a girl's school were killed of the stampede. a shaking building. a shaking started just about 2:00 in the afternoon on monday. it was a 7.5 magnitude quake centered in northern afghanistan. 160 miles north of kabul. the open center was 130 miles deep. in some of the largest cities, people poured into the streets as office buildings continued shaking for what was reported to be about two minutes or so.
5:34 am
in pakistan, officials say at least 29 people were killed by falling roofs and wombs. the strong shaking. it also cut power in some areas. that is making it more difficult to accurately assess the areas. a 4.8 and 4.7. the shaking colonelling not morning. if response to this morning's quake, centered in northern afghanistan. the usgf has issued what it calls an ordinary care alert. that moans that significant casualties are likely and the damage potentially is widespread. it already appears that is the case. >> wow. time is 534. mike was out celebrating a birthday with friends. they ended up
5:35 am
at lou's beer club at restaurant in san jose. they were waiting for a ride home when shots were fired. his friends say he died there on the pavement. there was no fight. he was not robbed. a friend who was not there that night says he was the kind of guy who was friends with everybody. >> very compassionate guy. very happy. very outgoing. don't. built relationships very fast. he was very infectious. we have so many good memories because he was that good of a person. >> people have put candles and butterflies. the real estate where he worked. employees will be gathering to remember him. the three drifters in a backpack. and food, s lyla allgood will be assigned lawyers. the third suspect, morrison
5:36 am
lampley already has an attorney. the three are also expected to be arraigned on murder charges. prosecutors accused them of shooting and killing 23-year-old audrey carrie at golden gate park and 67-year-old steve carter on a hiking trail near fairfax. earlier this month. now, court documents alleged that lancely fired the gun in both cases. > >> time is now 5:36. five people were killed near josimite after an suv registered out of san jose colloided head- on with another car. the driver and three passengers in that suv died at the scene on highway 120 saturday night. another passenger, a 50-year-old woman from saratoga, suffered major injuries. the driver of that other vehicle, a # #-year-old man, also died there at the scene. his passenger is in the hospital. officials will try -- are trying to find out whether drugs or alcohol played a role in that crash. a 13-year-old girl from west sacramento is on life support this morning after being hit in the head by a bullet fired outside her
5:37 am
house. police say someone fired five shots into the home identified the 13-year- old.en #th grader at riverbank zoo. the family is pleading for someone to come forward with the information. >> it can remain anonymous. i don't care. we need to find out who did this to my niece. thirteen yores old. the old lady lives here and a 13-year-old. why? i don't understand. >> investigators are spoken to residents in the area but have little information to go on. they are not sure whether the shotter was on foot or in a car. it's not clear why or if the house was targeted. san francisco police want to find a man who was caught on surveillance cameras burglarizing an office. it happened earlier this month. this is a building on harrison street. you can see him using something to
5:38 am
smash the glass front door. then he walks inside, wanders around in the office. police say hi stole several laptop computers. if you recognize this man, call san francisco police. more concerns are surfacing about cracked rods on the bay bridge. new documents reveal more tiny cracks. experpetrators interviewed by the chronicle say the cracks mean the rods could fail or time. a cal tran engineer testimonies the paper he does not any the microcracking is an issue, but says the agency could do further testing of the rods. also today, san francisco supervisor london breed along with five people who live andwork will call for an investigation of a series of gas line breaks connects with the construction project. in have been five natural gas leaks and two sink homes associated with the construction project. crews are working story place water and suer lines. and in a news conference at
5:39 am
10:00 this morning, supervisor along with several neighborhood and business organize in iizations will call for a hearing to investigate the problem. hopefully the owner of a 1978 ferarri has good insurance. last note, that car burst into flames at a gas station in martinez. there it is. the car caught fire as the owner was gassing up. gay -- the gas station worker shut down the gas pumps. everybody ran far away. that is when the car somehow rolled away with a gas pump. that ferarri was a model 308m like the one you saw on the tv show magnum pi. it is badly burned. morello road near that gas station was closed for more than an hour after in, but no one was hurt. a groundbreaking ceremony in oakland. it will be the second outpatient center at the hospital. you might remember last week an
5:40 am
80-year-old house was moved from the site to make room for the project. spue construction is the first step in a ten-year expansion project. ucsf antioch says it will include rebuilding and modernitiesing -- modernizing the hospital to improve facilities for children and their families. time is 5:40. apple doing something different. they're stepping out of character to keep sales of its iphone 6s on a roll. >> oh, yes, watch in. how does he do that? steph curry. stop it. >> forget about the phones. he's amazing. >> apple is using sports and entertainment stars in commercials like the warriors steph curry. a no-look three pointer. how the 6 justice of the peace s phones are different. apple depended on technology to be
5:41 am
fascinating enough all by itself. the most recent ads, though, use celebrities to help demonstrate the newest devices. >> very cool. >> very. all right. 5:40 is the time right now. well, the search is on for a man suspected in a deadly shooting in the east bay. coming up in 20 minutes, the reason police could not find him even after a stand-off outside the house that lasted several hours. and up next, toyota reclaiming its title as the world's top auto maker. the big sales that pushed the company ahead of vw. good morning. we're looking at the commute here and in the east bay. not too bad on highway 24. it is getting more crowded on the way to the tunnel. >> well, we might be getting a little ahead of ourself. why not look ahead to the weekend. halloween looks mostly clear. wednesday could be a day for clouds and rain. we'll take a look at that coming up.
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5:43. doctors said it was treatable and curable. he was working with the minnesota timberwolves.-did take a leave of absence from the team last month. it was his second stint stint with minnesota. he coached the washington wizards. he was known as a nice guy. flip saunders is survived by his wife, and his four children. the united auto workers and general motors have reached a new contract agreement. the deal avoid ace strike at least for now. local union leaders will meet in detroit on wednesday. if they approve the contract, it will be pass add long to union members to accept or reject. neither side is revealing
5:45 am
details of the agreement except to say that it is for four years. earlier this month, the union and feat chrysler agreed on a new contract that included a pay hike for senior workers to $30 an hour. toyota has reclaimed title as the world's top auto maker. 7.5 million vehicles from the start of the year and last month. that pushed it ahead of vw. all car makers have seen sales fly. the vw, of course, is having some problems because it was forced to stop selling diesel models after it was caught cheating on emissions test. time is 5:45. daredevil, rob be-- you can say he took a big leap in palm springs this weekend. >> hands up in the air. the son of evil canievel completed that 30- yard ramp to ramp jump saturday night. this was the scene at the spa
5:46 am
resort casino's barbecue festival. robbie did it. he celebrated months of so prity with that motorbike jump. his last stunt, actually, was four years aago. one of his best known studenter stunts, he jumped the grand canyon. >> i didn't see it. it was pretty dark. >> i was watching. it's hard to see them there -- him there. >> i suppose you saw it if you were there. >> yeah. >> i would hope. good morning, everybody. let's go out and take a look at what we have. we e we are starting off with a were monthing that is getting businesser is -- busier now. here we are almost 6:00. not quite. some slow traffic from baypoint to concord. more traffic on 680 as you
5:47 am
approach 24 to pleasant hill and walnut creek, we have a 15 to 20-minute delay before you make it on to the span. san jose looks good except for one little spot. some slow traffic up to the you 8980 interchange. eighty-five and 17. 280 are all looking good into that west valley. let's go to e steve in the weather center. >> we do have some thick fog. ape lot of reports on the coast and around the bay and inland from santa rosa and livermore. a bunch around the golden gate bridge. a friend of the show. thick fog in spots off the golden gate bridge near golden gate park. ocean beach and the sun set this morning. my goodness. that pretty well covers it. but also up in foggy west santa rosa at 5:30. in livermore maybe where you are. nice today. mostly sunny. hazy. we'll have increasing clouds
5:48 am
from that system. cloudy on wednesday. maybe some rain. but i think it's going to split right there. we talked about that last week. that is my fear. when you are in a dry pattern, it takes a lot to get something, and i just don't think that system has much left. host p. 50s to near 60. they have cooled off. that fog is there. keep that in mind. morning clouds. mostly sunny. nice to mild to warm. patchy thick fog. hazy die skies p. 6 0ás p. 7 0ás. and also some 8 0ás. temperatures are going to start staying on the mild to warm side today and tomorrow. then it will cloud up. thursday looked breezy. increasing clouds and cooler on sunday. >> all right. >> thank you. time now is 5:48. hurricane patricia may not have been the strongest storm after making landfall in mix coax but it -- but it was still deadly. at 6:15, you'll see the damage
5:49 am
that it left behind and how this storm could have been a lot worse. >> and actress amy schumer teaming up with very famous relatives to promote gun control. up next, the changes they are pushing for.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:51. an isis prison raided by kurdish. it has been reduced to rubble.
5:52 am
the defense department reduced video yesterday showing us an air strike. look at this. on thursday, in that prison in northern iraq. this happened just after the prison raid. a u.s. army master sergeant was killed during that mission. but 70 of the hostages were rescued. twenty of them were members of the iraqi security forces. sheriff deputies in south carolina are searching for more stolen weapons after making a huge gun seizure you. the list reads like a hunting story. and hunting rifle shotguns and plenty of ammunition. up to 10,000 firewarms found on the property near the north carolina border. officials believe moves of those weapons were stolen. the man is now under arrest. his neighbors are wondering why he would need that many weapons. >> there were 150 chain saws. probably 250 to 300 taxidermy mounts. >> somewhere between 7 and
5:53 am
10,000 stolen weapons. >> what was you thinking? why was you collecting that many firearms to start with. what were you planning on doing with them? you were you planning on starting a riot? >> the suspect's name. search warrants issued for a farm his father's. chuck schumer. and he's other getting some help from his famous cousin. yesterday, they teamed up talking about their proposal. and they want to expand background checks and close the loopholes. and at gun shows. back in july, during a showing of amy schumer's movie, train wreck, you may remember a man opened fire at a louisiana movie theater and killed two people and injured nine others. >> there is awe right in the no amendment is absolute i.
5:54 am
>> and 60 votes. sen toker schumer says he's got the support of 20 other senators. police are searching for three men accused of sexually assaulting a uc davis student. the victim is in her early 20s. she met the suspect thursday night at a restaurant. investigators say the men took the woman to davis community park where all three. >> en and two of the suspects are described as white males in their 20s. another is described as a mixed race also in his late 20s or early 30s. short hair. this week. it's part of his west coast tour. now, today, president michael higgins will give a private speech. he'll be at uc berkeley talking about global hunger.
5:55 am
then on wednesday, he plans to honor the six people who were killed in than burkely balcony collapse that happened near the uc perk lee campus back in june. five of those students were from ireland. president higgins is expected to personally meet with the first responders who helped in the aftermath of that balcony collapse. later in the week, he also traveled to silicon value low. he will tour the headquarters of google. over -- over the weekend, hundreds of veterans came together to visit the various war memorials around washington d.c. many of them world war ii vets. they were greeted with music from the era and volunteers dressed up in 1940s style. many of the vetten avenues who are well into their 90s are called memories -- recall memories from the battlefield. they also talked about how their sacrifices made america when it -- what it is now. >> we have a great country, and we want to do everything we can to keep it the way it
5:56 am
is today. we can worship as we please. we have the freedom that people died for. that is what i think of most. that up is what i think as a message to our young people today. remember. remember everyone that has layed down their life for our nation. >> some of the veterans were flown to washington for free by the nonprofit group honor flight. time now is 5:56 u. it was an unusual weekend at the movie neaters around the country as the top three movies -- they were holdovers from last weekend. >> let's pretend that this stapler is the hermes, and you are -- >> teddy. i'm the director of nasa. >> cool. teddy. >> "the martian" was number one again earning almost $16 million in its second week at box office. the movie starring matt damon is about the mission to rescue an
5:57 am
american astronaut who is accidentally stranded on mars. the movie "goose bumps" stayed in second place with "bridge of spies" starring tom hanks remaining in third place. one of the big disappointments, the movie "steve jobs." it opened in seventh place. it earned a little more than $7 million despite getting some pretty god reviews. well, coming up in our 6:00 hour. a powerful earthquake hit afghanistan or night. it could be felt all across it to asmall we're monitoring the situation from our newsroom. we'll get updates in a moment. we'll tell you about a periglider's trip that went terribly wrong. she slammed into that hillside in the south bay u. what the experts say happened too soon before that crash. we're looking at the morning commute and right now, it doesn't look too bad as you are driving on the san mateo bridge heading up to the peninsula. we'll tell you a little bit more about all of it coming up. >> some very thick fog.
5:58 am
numerous reports of that. once that lifts, it will be hazy sunshine. what about that system to the left? will it give us any rain? we'll talk about that.
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning. a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit afghanistan overnight. it shook buildings from kabul and killed dozens of people. >> expect heavy congestion in san francisco this week as the oracle brings an extra 60,000. road closures and detours from driver's cyclists. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> and thank you for joining us monday morning, october 26th. glime dave clark. we're ready. let's check egg weather and traffic. can steve paulsen is redirect examination i did. >> when you sign up in an old domain name, that is where everything is stored. now when you don't have that. >> it's out in because i autopsy not responding. it's because i can't. we're working on it


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